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The Soldiers’ Monument
Danby, New York

The Soldiers’ Monument is located in front of the Town of Danby Offices, Route 96B, Danby, New York. The Monument stands in honor of those men from the Town of Danby who enlisted in the Union Army, and gave their lives during the Civil War. The following piece is taken from the History of Tioga, Chemung, Tompkins, and Schuyler Counties, New York, Philadelphia: Everts and Ensign, 1879, pp. 470-471; the names, dates of death and ages of the men, as listed in the book, have been checked and verified against the Monument itself.

"On the 4th of July, 1866, was organized the "Soldiers’ Monument Association of the town of Danby." It was a fitting day on which to form an association, the object of which was to perpetuate the memory of those gallant dead who entered the Union army from this town. The events that conspire to glorify the national birthday were similar in their aim and purposes to those which made it incumbent upon the people, as a sacred duty, to raise the noble shaft, and to engrave on it the names of those who fought and died to sustain the flag, and to uphold the institutions that their forefathers had suffered so much to declare inviolate and invincible just ninety years before. It was meant that this tribute should be paid the noble dead, just as it is right and proper to observe amid profound and general rejoicings the anniversary of the natal day of the "land of the free and the home of the brave." The directors of this patriotic enterprise were Charles B. KEELER, President; E. L. B. CURTIS, Levi C. BEERS, John L. HANCE, and Rev. Warren MEYO. The expense fund was inaugurated by a picnic, which was followed at intervals by other similar gatherings, dances, and literary and social entertainments, at which all contributed a little to the noble object. By these various means a sum aggregating about $1900 was raised, which, by vote of the people (which though resulting in a goodly majority, yet to the shame of those who covertly opposed it was not unanimous), was increased to $3000. A building committee, composed of E. L. B. CURTIS, John L. HANCE, and Josiah HAWES, was chosen, with authority to negotiate for the erection of a suitable monument. They finally agreed upon one, and it was duly raised with appropriate ceremonies. It is twenty-nine feet high, of pure Italian marble, with granite base. On it are engraved the names, dates of death, and ages of forty-five who heroically sacrificed their lives in striving to preserve the Union, and to uphold the greatest of all its institutions, ¾ Liberty. Fervently we all utter the appropriate wish, ¾ "May they rest in peace."

137th Infantry

Company K

Ephraim DUNHAM, died November 18, 1862, aged 21

Charles F. STODDARD, died December 23, 1862, aged 23

Benj. CLARK, died July 2, 1863, aged 19

Alex B. HANCE, died October 29, 1863, aged 26

J. Willis HANCE, of Co. D, died October 29, 1863, aged 20

Sergeant Hudson JENNINGS, died November 27, 1863, aged 24

Elijah RYANT, died July 17, 1864, aged 42

139th Infantry

Company I

Bradford C. HALLETT, died September 30, 1864, aged 23

Christopher P. PIATT, Jr., died November 24, 1864, aged 30

Chas. J. VORHIS, died April 2, 1865, aged 21

Daniel B. CARSON, died April 13, 1865, aged 22

William OSTRANDER, died April 23, 1865, aged 30

109th Infantry

Company A

Hebron MABEE, died February 21, 1864, aged 34

Corporal Samuel C. BOGARDUS, died March 3, 1864, aged 20

Daniel S. BRIGGS, died March 16, 1864, aged 51

Harrison LITTLE, died May 12, 1864, aged 22

John G. NICHOLS, died May 12, 1864, aged 24

Daniel H. McPHERSON, died August 2, 1864, aged 24

Wm. H. De BELL, died August 19, 1864, aged 20

Reuben D. YOUNG, died August 31, 1864, aged 21

Abram R. MORSE, died October 3, 1864, aged 39

Percival S. FOSTER, died November 3, 1864, aged 20

Julius OSTRANDER, died November 22, 1864, aged 21

Marcus CRONCE, died January 25, 1864, aged 18

Theodore T. ANGLE, died January 25, 1864, aged 24

Robert W. SAGE, died September 13, 1862, aged 20

47th Infantry

Company K

Chas. H. RYANT, died June 17, 1864, aged 21

64th Infantry

Company K

Horace K. DUMOND, died July 2, 1863, aged 23

76th Infantry

Company F

Henry H. McFALL, died December 13, 1862, aged 22

86th Infantry

Company C

George W. WRIGHT, died November 29, 1863, aged 22

109th Infantry

Company K

Ira MARTIN, died July 2, 1863, aged 19

Charles K. SWARTOUT, died May 2, 1863, aged 23

21st Cavalry

Company M

Samuel A. ATWELL, died April 10, 1864, aged 18

Hamilt. A. SCHUYLER, died August 16, 1864 (age not listed)

Company L

Fernando STANLEY, died March 24, 1864, aged 26

6th Artillery

Company B

Lafayette CRONCE, died July 17, 1864, aged 20

Peter WESTERVELT, died February 24, 1865, aged 29

16th Artillery

Company A

Thos. EDSON, died January 30, 1864, aged 26

John DEPUTRON, died April 25, 1864, aged 20

Company B

Irus HANFORD, died March 20, 1865, aged 39

Hiram HANFORD, died September 23, 1864, aged 27

Homer C. CLOUGH, died December 24, 1862, aged 19

Chas. WHITMARSH, died (date missing), aged 30

Signal Corps

Wm. L. VORHIS, died November 30, 1863, aged 19

Pennsylvania Regiment

Edwin L. BEACH, died April 27, 1864, aged 28

Material donated and transcribed by Cheryl Hall.
Thank you Cheryl for donating and transcribing this material for the Tompkins Co., NYGenWeb Site.

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