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Records of Tompkins County

Wills, Intestates, Bible, Church and Family Records

1817 - Mid 1839
Liber A thru C
with added wills and notes
concerning Tompkins County, New York
early families
as taken from LDS Roll 0853,070
copied, typed and indexed by
Catherine Machan Martin
All rights reserved
Catherine Machan Martin
Library of Congress Card Catalog number 95-76606

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These records are taken from the original records at the Surrogates' office in Ithaca and Auburn, New York as filmed by the Church of the Latter Day Saints.

This county before it was formed from Cayuga and Seneca Counties l7th of April 1817, was Montgomery County, New York. Three towns were annexed from Tioga the 22nd of March 1822, and a part of Schuyler County was taken off in 1854.

Caroline, Danby and Newfield were formed from Spencer, Tioga County the 22nd of February 1811. Because of the boundaries changing, it is said that "John, the son of Noah and Catharine (OSMUN) BEARDSLEY/LEE was born in Tioga, raised in Tompkins and died in Schuyler, New York and never moved once!"

Lansing was formed from Genoa, Cayuga County the 7th of April 1817 and before the 27th of January 1789 it was called "Milton". It became Genoa the 6th of April 1808 and Locke was taken off in 1802. Groton was formed from Locke, Cayuga County as "Division" the 7th of April 1817.

Ulysses was formed the 5th of March 1799. Dryden was taken off that in 1803 and Ithaca and Enfield in 1821. Hector, now in Schuyler County, was formed from Ovid, Seneca County 30th of March 1802 and is no longer a part of Tompkins County, as is part of Newfield, which is now in Schuyler County.

You will note in some of the wills the town and county of the person writing the will. This shows that at the time the will was written, it was written in that part of what later became Tompkins County and therefore pertains to the name of the town or place as it was called at the time they were living with the exception of the Northampton County, Pa. wills.

Every reasonable effort has been made to make this a book worthy of the 18 years that has gone into it, but like every book, there may be mistakes and for this, we apologize.

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