Revolutionary War Bounty Land
In "The Military Tract Of Central NY"
For The Area Within Tompkins County, New York

The following list displays the names of individuals who were balloted to receive Revolutionary War bounty land in the area known as "The Military Tract of Central New York". This chart displays only the names for bounty land areas that are NOW within the current boundaries of Tompkins County, NY. These names and related information were obtained from the book: The Balloting Book and Other Documents Relating to Military Bounty Lands, In The State Of New York-Pub. Albany: Printed By Packard & Van Benthuysen- 1825 (Source: Cayuga County Clerk's Office, Office of Records Management, 160 Genesee St, Auburn, NY 13021) Current town locations of military tract lots were obtained from a review of maps found in the book: "A Topographical Atlas of Tompkins County New York", Stone & Stewart Publishers, Philadelphia 1866.

A total of 310 Lots (containing 600 acres per lot) from the area known as the Military Tract  of Central NY, fall within the current boundaries of Tompkins County. From this total, 16 lots were cited as reserved for Gospel, Church or Schools. In the Township of Dryden, an additional 5 lots were NOT initially balloted due to boundary conflicts and were cited as 'Interferes With Massachusetts'. The remaining 289 bounty land lots and corresponding names are found on this list. Lots were balloted as bounty land to eligible soldiers or their heirs and assignees beginning in mid 1790.


Abbot		William				Milton	85	Lansing

Ackley		Joel				Ulysses	50	Enfield

Adams		James				Dryden	72	Dryden

Adams		William				Dryden	2	Dryden

Ademy		Henry				Dryden	64	Dryden

Anspach		Peter (Lieutenant)		Dryden	8	Dryden

Armstrong	Archibald			Locke	80	Groton

Atkins		Robert				Locke	92	Groton

Atkinson	James				Ulysses	7	Ulysses

Austin		Jeremiah			Milton	73	Lansing

Bacon		William				Milton	100	Lansing

Baker		John				Ulysses	49	Ithaca

Ballantine	William				Ulysses	44	Enfield

Ballard		Benoni				Dryden	53	Dryden

Banks		Benjamin			Milton	47	Lansing

Barrager	John				Ulysses	91	Ithaca

Bateman		John (Lieutenant)		Dryden	96	Dryden

Beekman		Terrick (Lieutenant)		Ulysses	48	Ithaca

Belknap		William (Lieutenant)		Milton	79	Lansing

Bell		John				Ulysses	27	Ulysses

Bicker		Henry				Ulysses	31	Ulysses

Black		Archibald			Milton	58	Lansing

Boyles		James				Milton	69	Lansing

Boyles		Job				Milton	67	Lansing

Brancil		Isaac				Ulysses	13	Ulysses

Breaden		John				Ulysses	26	Ulysses

Brooker		Walter				Dryden	48	Dryden

Brown		Joseph				Milton	68	Lansing

Bruyn		Jacobus S. (Lieut. Colonel)	Dryden	6	Dryden

Bruyn		Jacobus S. (Lieut. Colonel)	Milton	44	Lansing

Bull		William (Captain)		Ulysses	79	Ithaca

Burdine		Francis				Ulysses	80	Ithaca

Cambry		James				Dryden	19	Dryden

Campbell	John (Lieutenant)		Ulysses	22	Ulysses

Carney		Thomas				Dryden	35	Dryden

Carpenter	Nehemiah (Lieutenant)		Dryden	22	Dryden

Castleman	Christian			Dryden	17	Dryden

Chappel		Benjamin			Locke	86	Groton

Chase		Robert				Locke	97	Groton

Codwise		Christopher (Lieutenant)	Dryden	14	Dryden

Cook		Samuel (Surgeon)		Dryden	84	Dryden

Coon		Jacob				Milton	54	Lansing

Cooper		John				Dryden	71	Dryden

Cooper		John				Ulysses	41	Ithaca

Cornelius	John				Dryden	36	Dryden

Corter		Philip				Dryden	15	Dryden

Corwin		Silas				Milton	61	Lansing

Crekenboom	John				Ulysses	25	Ulysses

Crumm		Richard				Locke	96	Groton

Cummins		Cornelius			Dryden	81	Dryden

Cunningham	Archibald			Milton	77	Lansing

Danielson	Isaac				Ulysses	15	Ulysses

Davidson	John				Dryden	91	Dryden

Davis		John (Major)			Locke	93	Groton

Davis		Richard				Ulysses	39	Enfield

Dayton		Bennet				Ulysses	87	Ithaca

De Staatsman	Jean				Dryden	37	Dryden

Delamater	John				Milton	78	Lansing

Delezenne	Joseph (Captain)		Locke	63	Groton

Dennis		John				Dryden	95	Dryden

Denniston	Daniel (Lieutenant)		Ulysses	1	Ulysses

Denniston	George (Lieutenant)		Ulysses	12	Ulysses

Denniston	Thomas				Milton	72	Lansing

Diamond		William				Dryden	77	Dryden

Dickens		Peter				Milton	75	Lansing

Dingman		Adam				Dryden	59	Dryden

Dolton		John				Ulysses	51	Enfield

Donnovan	John				Locke	51	Groton

Doreshee	Anthony				Milton	82	Lansing

Doty		Isaac				Dryden	74	Dryden

Dow		Fondy (Ensign)			Locke	73	Groton

Dowlar		George				Ulysses	34	Enfield

Drake		Joshua				Milton	66	Lansing

Drummond	David				Locke	62	Groton

Duncan		James				Ulysses	65	Ithaca

Dunn		Alexander			Ulysses	71	Enfield

Dunscomb	Edward (Captain)		Ulysses	36	Enfield

Eagins		Joshua				Locke	69	Groton

Ellis		Jacob				Dryden	97	Dryden

Evance		John				Milton	64	Lansing

Finck		Andrew (Captain)		Dryden	38	Dryden

Fish		Nicholas (Major)		Dryden	85	Dryden

Fowler		Theodosius (Captain)		Dryden	69	Dryden

France		Peter				Locke	72	Groton

Franks		John (Paymaster)		Locke	82	Groton

Gall		Jack				Dryden	67	Dryden

Gano		John (Chaplain)			Dryden	1	Dryden

Gansevoort	Peter (Colonel)			Locke	60	Groton

Garret		James				Locke	88	Groton

Gasper		Peter				Dryden	88	Dryden

Gilbert		Benjamin (Lieutenant)		Ulysses	92	Ithaca

Gilmore		William				Milton	97	Lansing

Glen		Robert				Ulysses	67	Enfield

Glenny		William ((Lieutenant)		Dryden	82	Dryden

Goodwin		Abraham				Milton	60	Lansing

Graham		John (Major)			Ulysses	59	Enfield

Gregg		Thomas				Dryden	86	Dryden

Guion		Isaac (Lieutenant)		Ulysses	8	Ulysses

Guttrick	Christian			Milton	90	Lansing

Haburn		William				Ulysses	37	Enfield

Hallot		Jonah (Lieutenant)		Locke	74	Groton

Hamtramck	John F.				Locke	85	Groton

Hanson		Derrick (Captain)		Ulysses	53	Enfield

Hardmore	Francis (Lieutenant)		Ulysses	30	Ulysses

Harris		Henry				Ulysses	46	Enfield

Harris		James				Ulysses	58	Enfield

Hart		William				Dryden	51	Dryden

Havens		William				Dryden	46	Dryden

Henderson	Samuel				Locke	87	Groton

Henesey		John				Dryden	58	Dryden

Hesum		John				Milton	99	Lansing

Hicks		Benjamin (Captain)		Locke	75	Groton

Hill		Nicholas			Milton	63	Lansing

Holmes		Thomas				Ulysses	56	Ithaca

Hooglandt	Jeromus (Captain)		Ulysses	62	Enfield

Hooper		Jacob R.			Ulysses	68	Enfield

Howel		Ezekiel				Ulysses	47	Enfield

Hubbert		John (Ensign)			Locke	58	Groton

Humphrey	Alexander			Dryden	30	Dryden

Hunt		Joshua				Dryden	7	Dryden

Hunter		Robert (Lieutenant)		Dryden	87	Dryden

Huntley		Thomas				Milton	81	Lansing

Hutton		Christopher (Lieutenant)	Ulysses	4	Ulysses

Jacobs/Jacobson	Cornelins			Ulysses	45	Enfield

Jeffers		John				Dryden	55	Dryden

Johnston	Daniel				Locke	76	Groton

Johnston	James (Lieutenant)		Ulysses	3	Ulysses

Johnston	Nicholas			Dryden	73	Dryden

Jones		James				Dryden	41	Dryden

Jones		Thomas				Ulysses	16	Ulysses

Jun/Dayton Jun	Samuel (Dayton)			Ulysses	38	Enfield

Kelly		John				Dryden	13	Dryden

Kidd		Alexander			Ulysses	40	Ithaca

Knapp		Samuel				Milton	70	Lansing

Lamb		John (Colonel)			Milton	84	Lansing

Lansing		Gerrit (Ensign)			Ulysses	63	Enfield

Larraby		Elias				Dryden	49	Dryden

Lee		Jephtha				Ulysses	14	Ulysses

Lemmon		William				Locke	81	Groton

Leonard		Edward				Locke	55	Groton

Leonard		Robert				Dryden	70	Dryden

Lewis		Samuel (Lieutenant)		Ulysses	97	Ithaca

Lightfall	Lancaster			Ulysses	89	Ithaca

Logan		Samuel (Major)			Dryden	4	Dryden

Logan		Samuel (Major)			Dryden	66	Dryden

Logan		Samuel (Major)			Ulysses	61	Enfield

Lomas		Jacob				Dryden	50	Dryden

Loux		Hendrick			Ulysses	94	Ithaca

Lusk		John				Ulysses	9	Ulysses

Lynch		Owen				Dryden	68	Dryden

Lynch		William				Milton	93	Lansing

Machin		Thomas				Ulysses	32	Ulysses

Magee		Peter (Lieutenant)		Ulysses	85	Ithaca

Marshall	Elihu (Captain)			Dryden	21	Dryden

Marshall	Robert				Locke	89	Groton

Masson		Thomas				Milton	52	Lansing

Masson		Thomas				Milton	83	Lansing

M'Donald	Reynold				Ulysses	35	Enfield

M'Dormett	Cornelius			Ulysses	66	Enfield

M'Dougall	Alexander (Maj. Gen.)		Ulysses	81	Ithaca

M'Dougall	Stephen (Major)			Ulysses	74	Enfield

Miles		Elnathan			Ulysses	6	Ulysses

Minner		Moses				Milton	86	Lansing

Mitchell	Edward				Milton	91	Lansing

Moodie		Andrew (Captain)		Ulysses	88	Ithaca

Moore		Frederick			Milton	98	Lansing

Mordecai	Hale (Surgeon's Mate)		Locke	61	Groton

More		John				Dryden	31	Dryden

Morris		Robert				Ulysses	82	Ithaca

Mundon		John				Ulysses	52	Enfield

Neilson		John				Dryden	16	Dryden

Nelson		Jonathan			Ulysses	70	Enfield

Nestill		George				Locke	52	Groton

Nestill		Peter (Lieutenant)		Locke	99	Groton

Niven		Daniel (Captain)		Locke	59	Groton

Olendorph	Leonard				Dryden	61	Dryden

Oothoudt	Tilman				Dryden	10	Dryden

Orr		William				Ulysses	95	Ithaca

Osterhout	Isaac				Locke	83	Groton

Ostrander	Peter W.			Dryden	76	Dryden

Owens		Uriah				Ulysses	96	Ithaca

Padrick		John				Ulysses	73	Enfield

Pangburn	Milliam				Ulysses	83	Ithaca

Patterson	John				Dryden	11	Dryden

Pembroke	James				Dryden	57	Dryden

Perker		Edward				Dryden	43	Dryden

Perkins		James				Locke	70	Groton

Perkins		Joseph				Ulysses	75	Enfield

Peters		William (Ensign)		Milton	42	Lansing

Petit		Jabez				Dryden	47	Dryden

Pettit		Samuel				Ulysses	54	Enfield

Pickel		Henry				Ulysses	77	Enfield

Price		Benjamin			Milton	94	Lansing

Quick		Jacob				Ulysses	100	Ithaca

Reed		Jacob (Captain)			Dryden	45	Dryden

Reeves		Joseph				Milton	80	Lansing

Reins		John				Milton	46	Lansing

Restin		William				Milton	74	Lansing

Risley		David				Ulysses	90	Ithaca

Roase		Andrew				Ulysses	18	Ulysses

Roberts		Caleb				Milton	48	Lansing

Robicheau	James (Captain)			Dryden	34	Dryden

Roome		Benjamin			Locke	95	Groton

Russell		William				Ulysses	20	Ulysses

Ryker		Abraham (Captain)		Dryden	93	Dryden

Sacket		Samuel (Captain)		Ulysses	11	Ulysses

Sampson		Ezekiel (Lieutenant)		Dryden	79	Dryden

Saylors		Jacob				Dryden	20	Dryden

Sceodore	John				Milton	88	Lansing

Schuyler	Derrick				Ulysses	78	Ithaca

Schuyler	Derrick (Ensign)		Ulysses	57	Ithaca

Shepherd	John (Captain)			Dryden	65	Dryden

Sherlock	John				Locke	90	Groton

Sherwood	Andrew				Dryden	9	Dryden

Silkirk		James				Locke	56	Groton

Simmons		Joshua				Ulysses	21	Ulysses

Sliter		John				Locke	91	Groton

Slone		Hugh				Dryden	80	Dryden

Smith		Archibald			Milton	51	Lansing

Smith		David				Milton	76	Lansing

Smith		Israel (Captain)		Ulysses	69	Enfield

Smith		John				Dryden	32	Dryden

Smith		John				Milton	89	Lansing

Smith		John (Lieutennant)		Ulysses	72	Enfield

Smith		Samuel				Dryden	23	Dryden

Smith		William S. (Lieut. Col.)	Ulysses	84	Ithaca

Sniffen		Amos				Ulysses	64	Ithaca

Southard	John				Milton	96	Lansing

Stagg		John				Milton	41	Lansing

Stevens		Theodore			Dryden	54	Dryden

Stoutinger	George				Milton	62	Lansing

Swartwout	Cornelius (Lieutenant)		Dryden	3	Dryden

Talbert		William				Ulysses	33	Ulysses

Talman		Peter (Captain)			Locke	84	Groton

Taylor		John				Dryden	62	Dryden

Ten Brook	Adam (Ensign)			Milton	59	Lansing

Thomas		John				Locke	78	Groton

Thompson	Andrew (Lieutenant)		Milton	57	Lansing

Thompson	William				Dryden	75	Dryden

Thompson	William				Milton	65	Lansing

Travice		Abraham				Ulysses	42	Enfield

Trimmins	Abner				Ulysses	2	Ulysses

Troutt		Michael				Locke	68	Groton

Tully		Samuel				Locke	79	Groton

Tunisson	Garrit (Surgeon)		Ulysses	29	Ulysses

Turner		Peter				Dryden	18	Dryden

Van Bunschoten	Elias (Captain)			Dryden	5	Dryden

Van Bunschotin	Elias (Captain)			Milton	71	Lansing

Van Hoosen	Garrett				Milton	92	Lansing

Van Norman	Isaac				Dryden	28	Dryden

Van Rensselaer	Nicholas (Capt.)		Milton	87	Lansing

Van Rensselaer	Nicholas (Captain)		Milton	45	Lansing

Van Schaick	Goose (Colonel)			Ulysses	17	Ulysses

Van Sice	John				Dryden	56	Dryden

Van Slyck	Martin				Dryden	78	Dryden

Van Wort	Henry (Lieutenant)		Ulysses	76	Enfield

Vanderburgh	Bartholomew (Ens.)		Dryden	39	Dryden

Vanderburgh	Henry (Captain)			Dryden	44	Dryden

Vanderwerkin	James				Dryden	83	Dryden

Vaney		Vincent				Locke	67	Groton

Verrian		John				Dryden	27	Dryden

Vincent		Joseph				Milton	49	Lansing

Ward		Zaddoc				Dryden	42	Dryden

Waring		Benjamin			Locke	66	Groton

Weaver		Adam				Dryden	24	Dryden

Weaver		David				Ulysses	19	Ulysses

Webb		William				Milton	55	Lansing

Weekly		Samuel				Ulysses	93	Ithaca

Weissenfels	Charles F. (Lieutenant)		Locke	77	Groton

Welch		John				Ulysses	86	Ithaca

Wheeler		Henry				Dryden	25	Dryden

Wheeler		William				Milton	53	Lansing

Whelp		Anthony (Lieutenant)		Locke	64	Groton

Whitmore	James				Locke	100	Groton

Wilbert		Jacob				Locke	57	Groton

Willet		Marinus (Lieut. Colonel)	Ulysses	55	Enfield

Williams	Henry A. (Lieutenant)		Ulysses	28	Ulysses

Wilsey		William				Milton	95	Lansing

Wilson		James				Ulysses	43	Enfield

Wilson		Robert (Ensign)			Locke	71	Groton

Witon / Whiting	Elijah				Locke	65	Groton

Wood		James				Dryden	40	Dryden

Woodcock	Peter				Dryden	92	Dryden

Wright		Jacob (Captain)			Ulysses	99	Ithaca

Wright		Jotham (Lieutenant)		Locke	54	Groton

Wright		Samuel				Dryden	26	Dryden

Wynkoop		Jacobus (Captain)		Locke	53	Groton

Yeomans		Moses (Lieutenant)		Dryden	12	Dryden

Yingling	John F.				Milton	43	Lansing

Note: This chart displays only the names of individuals who were balloted to receive Revolutionary War bounty land for areas of the Military Tract that are within the current boundaries of Tompkins County, NY.

Additional websites with information about 'The Military Tract' can be found at Cayuga County NYGenWeb Project by clicking HERE or on the Seneca County NYGenWeb Project by clicking HERE.

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