1868 - 1869

Lansing, Tompkins County, NY

rainbow bar


DETAILS: Name; Location; Occupation; Owned or leased


Algart, Philip, Five Corners, Cayuga Co. Farmer 77 ½
Allen, Nicholas T., Ludlowville, Farmer, 117
Arnold, Lauren B., Ithaca, Farmer 112
Atwater, John G., Lake Ridge Farmer 100
Atwater, Samuel T., North Lansing, Farmer 70
Austin, Betsey E.(Mrs.) South Lansing, farmer 2
Austin, Manning, Ludlowville, farmer, leases 77
Austin, Stephen, North Lansing, farmer, 19 & leases 80
Austin, William, South Lansing, farmer, leases 50
Austin, Wisner D., North Lansing , farmer 170


Bacon, Charles H., North Lansing, farmer, 106
Bacon, Daniel L., North Lansing, farmer, 220
Bailey, John H., Ludlowville, shoemaker
Baker, Albert, Lansingville, farmer, 180
Baker, Charles, Lansingville, shoemaker, farmer 1
Baker, Edwin S., Lansingville, farmer 100
Baker, Hyatt, Lansingville, cabinetmaker & farmer 21 ½
Baker, Joel, Lansingville (with Henry B. Dean,) farmer leases 194
Baker, Samuel D., Lansingville, farmer, 183
Baker, Stephen A., Ludlowville, carriage maker & general repairer
Baker, William P., Lansingville, wagon maker & farmer 1 ½
Baker, William S., Lansingville, farmer 170
Barnes, Jeremiah, Ludlowville, farmer 81 ½
Barr, David, Ludlowville, physician, surgeon & farmer 15
Bascom, Laura Mrs., Ludlowville, farmer 3
Beach, Lewis S., Lansingville, farmer with Reuben C. Beach
Beach, Reuben C., Lansingville, farmer 64
Beard, John, Lansingville, cooper & farmer 112
Beardsley, John, North Lansing, farmer 50
Beardsley, Perry H., North Lansing, farmer 18 ½
Beardsley, Roswell, North Lansing, general merchant, postmaster & farmer 48
Beckwith, Lafayette, Ludlowville, dealer in grain & farmer leases 5
Beebe, John, Ludlowville, (Haring & Beebe)
Benjamin Bros., Ludlowville, general merchants, agents for Singer Sewing machine
Benjamin, Charles J., Ludlowville, (Benjamin Bros) Town Clerk
Benjamin, George V., Ludlowville, (Benjamin Bros.)
Benjamin, Samuel, Ludlowville, lawyer & farmer, 153
Betts, Erastus, North Lansing, farmer, leases 18
Bickel, David, Lansingville, farmer, leases 35
Bickal, John, Lansingville, farmer leases 40
Bickal, Philander, Mrs., Ludlowville, farmer 1
Bickel, Sarah Mrs., Lansingville, farmer 24
Bigelow, Lydia Miss, Forest City, farmer 65
Bishop, Lambert, Ithaca, farmer 92
Blakley, Horace S., Lansingville, carpenter and joiner
Blakley, Marcus, North Lansing, farmer 88
Bloom, Catherine Mrs., Forest City, farmer 4
Bloom, Henry, Forest City, (with Simeon) farmer 150
Bloom, John, Forest City, farmer 177
Bloom, John Wesley, South Lansing, farmer leases 50
Bloom, Lewis E., Forest City, constable and farmer 177
Bloom, Simeon, Forest City, (with Henry) farmer 150
Bloom, Wesley, South Lansing, farmer 81
Bogardus, Andrew B., Forest City, (with Evert) farmer 180
Bogardus, Epinetus K., Forest City, farmer 92 ½
Bogardus, Evert, Forest City, (with Andrew B.) farmer 180
Bogardus, Hasbrouck, Libertyville, Ulster Co., farmer 30
Bogardus, Jacobus B., Forest City, farmer 147
Bogardus, J. Bruyn, Forest City, supervisor
Bower, Abram, Ludlowville, farmer 253
Bower, Adam, North Lansing, farmer leases 40
Bower, Adam C., North Lansing, farmer leases 50
Bower, Charles F., Ludlowville, farmer 65
Bower, Dana, North Lansing, farmer leases 57 ½
Bower, Edwin S., South Lansing, farmer 60
Bower, Eliza Mrs., Lansingville, farmer 100
Bower, George, North Lansing, farmer 101
Bower, Harrison, Ludlowville, farmer 100, & leases 100
Bower, Henry, South Lansing, farmer 126
Bower, Honteter, Five Corners, Cayuga Co., farmer 100
Bower, Jesse, Lansingville, farmer 140
Bower, John, Lansingville, farmer 109
Bower, Joseph, North Lansing, farmer 61
Bower, Mervin, Lansingville, farmer 62
Bower, Samuel, North Lansing, farmer 157
Bower, Susan Mrs., Ludlowville, farmer 2 ½
Bower, Willard C., Ludlowville, farmer 50
Bowers, Ezra, Ludlowville, farmer 295
Bowker, James, North Lansing, horse farrier & farmer 80
Bowker, Sally Mrs., North Lansing, farmer 42
Boyce, James K., South Lansing, farmer 95
Boyer, Charles, North Lansing, farmer 118
Boyer, Jacob, North Lansing, farmer leases 157
Boylis, Henry, North Lansing, farmer 35
Bradley, Anson, Ludlowville, painter
Bradley, Mary Miss, Ludlowville,milliner
Bristol, Mortimer M., Ludlowville, cabinet manuf. & undertaker
Brooks, Alfred, North Lansing, farmer 235
Brooks, Jefferson J., Lansingville, farmer 94
Brown, Albert D., Varna, farmer 25
Brown, Alexander, Ludlowville, Brown Bros.
Brown, Benjamin, Varna, farmer 119 ¾
Brown Bros., Ludlowville, ( Alexander P. and John) farmer 160
Brown, Calvin D., Ludlowville, Mrs. Mary Brown & Sons
Brown, Christopher J., Varna, farmer 38
Brown, Denton, North Lansing, farmer 46
Brown, Ebenezer E., North Lansing, farmer 65
Brown, George L., Ludlowville, Mrs. Mary Bown & Sons
Brown, George W., Ludlowville, carpenter
Brown, Horatio, Ludlowville, manuf. of lumber, farmer 193
Brown, Isaac, Ludlowville, sawyer
Brown, James M., Lake Ridge, farmer 82
Brown, John, Ludlowville, farmer 1 ½
Brown, John, Ludlowville, Brown Bros.
Brown, Joshua, Ludlowville, blacksmith, Justice of the Peace & farmer 2
Brown, Mary Mrs. & Sons, Ludlowville, (George L. & Calvin D.) farmer 75
Brown, Lovina Mrs., Varna, farmer 28
Brown, Mary Ann Mrs., Ludlowville, occupies 5
Brown, Newton, Varna, farmer 80
Brown, Richard, Forest City, farmer 48
Brown, Richard H., Varna, farmer 66
Brown, Samuel, Forest City, farmer 50
Bryant, Thaddeus R., South Lansing, farmer 22
Buchanan, Arad, Lake Ridge, farmer 1
Buck, Amos, East Lansing, farmer 110
Buck, Benson, East Lansing, farmer 120
Buck, Eli B, East Lansing, farmer 100
Buck, Hiram M., East Lansing, farmer 77
Buck, James G., East Lansing, farmer 150
Buck, Melinda Mrs., East Lansing, farmer 85
Buck, William N, East Lansing, postmaster, overseer of poor, farmer 71
Bunett, Margaret Mrs., Ludlowville, farmer 14
Bunnel, Henry, Lansingville, farmer 99
Burdick, John F., MD, Forest City, physician, farmer 160
Burger, William, Ludlowville, farmer 6
Burlingham, Maria Mrs.,Lake Ridge, farmer 1
Burns, Edwin, Lake Ridge, (with John) farmer 25
Burns, John, Lake Ridge, (with Edwin) farmer 25
Burns, Matthew, East Lansing, farmer 7
Burr, James A. & Co., Ludlowville, (William Mead) dealers in dry goods, groceries, drugs & general merchandise
Bush, Charles A., Ithaca, farmer leases 232
Bush, Charles B., Forest City, farmer 73
Bush, Daniel, Forest City, (with Stroud) farmer leases 125
Bush, Daniel S, Forest City, farmer 285
Bush, Edwin, Varna, farmer leases 150
Bush & Howell, Ludlowville, (Calvin M. Bush & Marion Howell) props. of meat market
Bush, Jesse, Ithaca, farmer leases 50
Bush, Maria Mrs. & Children, Ithaca, farmer 232
Bush, Peter, Forest City, farmer 100
Bush, Robert, Ithaca, farmer 426
Bush, Stroud, Forest City, (with Daniel) farmer leases 125
Bush, Susan Mrs., Forest City, farmer 10
Butler, Harriet Mrs., North Lansing, farmer 8
Bysher, Ann Miss, Ludlowville, farmer 9


Campbell, Benjamin, (Ithaca), farmer 148
Campbell, Jerusha Mrs., (Lake Ridge) farmer 117
Case, Erasuts, (East Lansing) blacksmith
Castello, Ellen Miss, (Lake Ridge) artist
Cavanaugh, Charles A., (Ludlowville) blacksmith
Chittenden, Samuel P., (Five Corners, Cayuga Co.) farmer 100
Clark, Allen M., (Lansingville) farmer 6
Clark, Alonzo H. , (Ludlowville) town assessor and farmer 137
Clark, Gabriel, (East Lansing) mason
Clark, Stephen W., (Ludlowville) farmer 100
Clark, William W., (Ludlowville) farmer 87
Cohoom, Lewis, (Lansingville) farmer leases 5
Coleman, Lyman, (North Lansing) dealer in groceries and general merchandise
Collins, Hartson W., (Ithaca) lime manuf. And farmer 80
Collins, John, (South Lansing) farmer 9
Collins, John T., (South Lansing) farmer 123
Collins, John W. , (South Lansing) boatman
Collins, Smith, (South Lansing) farmer 70
Conklin, John H., (North Lansing) farmer leases 100
Connelly, Patrick, (South Lansing) farmer 8
Conner, William, (East Lansing) farmer 3
Conrad, Jesse H., (Ludlowville) (Conrad and Snyder) collector of taxes
Conrad & Snyder, (Ludlowville) (Jesse H. Conrad & Daniel Snyder) boots & shoes
Cook, Abram, (East Lansing) farmer 1 ½
Cook, George, (Forest City) farmer 60
Cornell, Charles N, (Lansingville) farmer leases 2 ½
Corwin, John, (Five Corners, Cayuga Co.) farmer 45
Cox, William T., (North Lansing) physician
Crittenden, Gilman D., (North Lansing) prop. North Lansing flouring mill
Crocker, David, (Five Corners, Cayuga Co.) farmer 140
Crocker, Frank, (Lansingville) farmer leases 88
Crocker, Mable A. Mrs., (Lansingville ) farmer 88
Croft, Frank, (Lansingville) shoemaker
Curtis, Josiah, (North Lansing) manuf of boots & shoes
Cutter, Geo. L., (East Lansing) farmer 43


Dates, John D., (Ludlowville) lawyer and farmer 321
Davenport, Oliver, (Ludlowville)
Davis Brothers,, (Lake Ridge) (Samuel L. and Isaac) farmers 110
Davis, Isaac, (Lake Ridge) (Davis Brothers)
Davis, Jacob, (Ludlowville) farmer 128
Davis, James B., (Ludlowville) farmer 150
Davis, John, (Lansingville) carpenter and farmer 12
Davis, Joshua B., (Lake Ridge) farmer 33 and leases 208
Davis, Joshua, Sen., (Lake Ridge)
Davis, Lydia B. Mrs., (Ludlowville) farmer 156
Davis, Mary Mrs., (Ludlowville) farmer 60
Davis, Sally Mrs., (Lake Ridge) farmer 67
Davis, Samuel, (North Lansing) farmer 113
Davis, Samuel L., (Lake Ridge) (Davis Brothers)
Davis, William, (Lake Ridge) farmer 179
Davis, William, (Lake Ridge) (F. A. Perry and co.)
Dean, Henry B., (Lansingville) ( with Joel Baker) farmer leases 194
Dean, Warren H., (Lansingville) farmer 70
Dean, William A. (Ludlowville) farmer leases 1
Dearborn Bros. (North Lansing) (Frank& Riley) farmers 42
Dearborn, Frank (North Lansing) (Dearborn Bros)
Dearborn, Riley (North Lansing) (Dearborn Bros)
DeCamp, Calvin (North Lansing) farmer 65
DeCamp, Daniel (North Lansing) farmer 100
DeCamp, Daniel 2nd (North Lansing) farmer 94 ½
DeCamp, Harvey (East Lansing) farmer 52 ½
DeCamp, John (North Lansing) blacksmith
DeCamp, Morris (North Lansing) farmer 200
DeCamp, Wesley (Lansingville) prop. Lansingville Hotel
De Hart, William (South Lansing) farmer 48 ½
Dickerson, Daniel J. (Lake Ridge) farmer 63
Dolton, Eli (Ludlowville) farmer
Doolittle, Horace (Lansingville) farmer 109
Douglas, John W. (East Lansing) farmer 90
Douglas, Sarah A. (East Lansing) farmer 114
Drake, Catherine Mrs. (Forest City) farmer 13 ½
Drake, Francis (Ludlowville) farmer 63
Drake, Gabriel O. (South Lansing) farmer 64
Drake, George F. (South Lansing,) farmer 90
Drake, George W. (South Lansing) farmer 36
Drake, Henry B. (South Lansing) farmer 80
Drake, John D. Coo (Lake Ridge) farmer leases 275
Drake, John L. (South Lansing) boat builder and farmer 48
Drake, Phebe B. Mrs. (South Lansing) farmer 6
Drake, Rufus J. (Lansingville) farmer 40
Drake, Samuel S. (South Lansing) farmer 120
Drake, William (Forest City) farmer 83
Driscol, Thomas (Ithaca) farmer 50
Dusenberry, Francisco (Etna) Baptist Minister and farmer 74


Egan, Patrick (North Lansing) farmer 5
Emery, John (Ludlowville) moulder
Emmons, Harrison (Genoa, Cayuga Co.) (Snyder & Emmons)
Emmons, Isaac D. (Libertyville, Ulster Co.) farmer 6
Emmons, Josiah (Lansingville,) farmer 55
Emmons, Simon V. (Lansingville) manuf. Spokes
Emmons, Susan Mrs. (Lansingville) farmer 71 ¾
Ervy, Henry (Ithaca) farmer 88


Farlin, Chauncey P. (Ludlowville,) physician, surgeon and coroner
Fassett, Alonzo (North Lansing) farmer 60
Fenner, Barney (Lake Ridge) farmer 150
Fenner, Casper (Lake Ridge) farmer 265
Field, Alanson (South Lansing) farmer 100 and leases 35
Field, Eliza Mrs. (South Lansing) farmer 35
Field, Henry E. (Ludlowville) farmer leases 14
Field, Peter E. (South Lansing) farmer with Alanson Field
Field, Samuel B. (South Lansing) farmer 106
Fitch, Henry (North Lansing) justice of the peace and farmer leases 100
Fitch, William R. (North Lansing) farmer 100
Fitzgerald, John (South Lansing) blacksmith
Fletcher, Abel (Lansingville) farmer 4
Fletcher, Allen (Lansingville) farmer 50
Fletcher Dana W. (Lansingville) painter
Fletcher, Phebe Mrs. (Lansingville) farmer 17
Freece, Joseph (North Lansing) blacksmith and farmer 25
Frees, Daniel (North Lansing) farmer leases 10
French, Sarah Mrs. (North Lansing) farmer 75
Fritz, Charles (Lansingville) carpenter and farmer leases 6


Gee, Hiram (Ludlowville) Methodist clergyman
Gibbs, Elias T. (Forest City) farmer 145 and leases 65
Gibbs, John W. (Forest City) auctioneer and farmer 87
Gibbs, Naney Mrs. (Forest City) farmer 65
Gibbs, Newell (South Lansing) farmer 100
Gilkey, Frank (North Lansing) (with Henry Newman) farmer leases 130
Goodwin, Seward I. (Libertyville, Ulster Co.) lumber manufacturer and farmer 1
Graves, Nelson (East Lansing) farmer 22
Green, George W. (Ludlowville) farmer 5 ¾ and leases 5
Green, Lamar (Lake Ridge) manuf. Lumber and farmer 110
Green & Willing (Lake Ridge) lumber manufs and dealers
Gregory, Sally Mrs. (Lake Ridge) farmer 21


Hagin, Barnard M . (South Lansing) dealer in grain and farmer 39

Hagin, Charles G. (South Lansing) dealer in grain, wool, & c. and farmer 98 Hall, Darius M.D. (Lansingville) justice of the peace, notary public and farmer 67
Hamilton, Arthur S. (Lansingville) farmer 75
Hamilton, John W. (Lansingville) farmer 125
Hammon, James (Lansingville) shoemaker and farmer 20
Hargin, Charles (Lake Ridge) fisherman
Haring & Beebe (Ludlowville) (Delos Haring and John Beebe) farmers 300
Haring, Delos (Ludlowville) (Haring and Beebe)
Haring, John (East Lansing) farmer 160
Harvey, Rachel (Lake Ridge) farmer 1 ½
Haskin, Clinton A. (Lansingville) engineer, surveyor and farmer 90
Haskins, William A. (Ithaca) carriage manuf and farmer 55
Haskins, William S. (Lansingville) prop of Salmon creek flouring mill and farmer 255
Hays, Henry (South Lansing) farmer 50
Head, John (South Lansing) mason and farmer 8
Head, Joseph (South Lansing) farmer 53
Hedden, Isaac (East Lansing) farmer 90
Hedden, John (Ludlowville) boatman
Hedden, Luther (Ludlowville) farmer 20
Hedden, Luther 2nd (South Lansing) farmer 110
Hedden, Richard T. (Ludlowville) farmer 98
Hedden, Wright A. (Lake Ridge) lumber and grain dealer, storage and forwarding & farmer 51
Herrick, Hiram (Libertyville, Ulster Co.) farmer leases 120
Hilliard, Catharine Mrs. (Lake Ridge ) farmer 1
Hilliard, Isaac (Five Corners, Cayuga Co.) farmer leases 140
Hockman, Daniel (Ludlowville) farmer 107
Holden, Charles N. (Ludlowville) farmer 50
Holden, Hiram S. (Lansingville) farmer 295
Holden, John (North Lansing) farmer 300
Holden, John (North Lansing) farmer 360
Holden, William (North Lansing) farmer 165
Howard, Daniel (Lansingville) farmer 4 and leases 2
Howe, Electa (East Lansing) farmer 50
Howe, John (South Lansing) farmer 15
Howell, Alanson T. (Ludlowville) retired cabinet maker and farmer 1
Howell, James F. (Ludlowville) boatman
Howser, Anson (North Lansing) blacksmith and farmer 2
Howser, Charles (North Lansing) farmer 17
Howser, Esther Mrs. (North Lansing) farmer 5
Howser, Henry (North Lansing) farmer 68
Humphrey, Charles (South Lansing) painter and farmer 3
Hunt, Michael (Forest City) farmer 4
Huson, John (Ludlowville) shoemaker and farmer 8


Ingsley, Jane Mrs. (North Lansing) tailoress and farmer 12
Ives, Almon C. (South Lansing) general merchant, constable, post master & farmer 13 ½
Ives, Lorenzo D. (North Lansing) farmer 140


Jacobs, Charles (North Lansing) farmer with Mrs. Maria Jacobs
Jacobs, Henry (North Lansing) farmer
Jacobs, Jesse (North Lansing) farmer 82
Jacobs, Maria Mrs. (North Lansing) farmer 94
Jehu, Richard (Ludlowville) miller
Jennings, L.F. (Ludlowville) farmer 190
Jones, Robert (North Lansing) farmer 9


Karn, Peter, (North Lansing) farmer 128
Kelly, Dennis (North Lansing) prop. Of North Lansing Hotel and farmer 1
Kelly, Nelson (North Lansing) manuf of boots and shoes and farmer 12
Kelly, Patrick (Lansingville) farmer 208 and leases 200
Kent, Lorenzo (North Lansing) farmer leases 10
Kentz, Daniel (South Lansing) butcher
Kiper, Anthony (Lake Ridge) farmer leases 100
Kiper, John (Lake Ridge) farmer 100
Knettles, Albert S. (South Lansing) dealer in grain and farmer 245
Knettles, Henry (South Lansing) commissioner of highways and farmer 117
Knettles, John T. (South Lansing) farmer 130
Koplin, Angeline (Libertyville, Ulster Co.) farmer 120


Labar, Charles (Ithaca) farmer 46
Labar, Henry B. (South Lansing) farmer leases 245
Labar, James (Forest City) carpenter and farmer 61 ¾
Labar, John (Ithaca) farmer 50
Lane, John J. (East Lansing) carpenter and farmer 20
Lane, Robert (North Lansing) farmer 150
Lane, William (North Lansing) farmer 300
Lanterman, Sally Mrs. ( East Lansing) farmer 50
Learn, Daniel (North Lansing) farmer 130
Lester, Elihu A. (Five Corners, Cayuga Co.,) farmer 73
Linderman, Jacob S. (North Lansing) farmer 82
Lobdell, Ebenezer (Lansingville) farmer 121 ½
Lobdell, Jacob (East Lansing) farmer 68 ¾
Lobdell, Stephen I. (North Lansing) carpenter and farmer 12
Longcoy, Julius (North Lansing) farmer 4
Loomis, Lewis A. (South Lansing) carpenter and joiner and farmer 50
Loomis, Mary J. Mrs. (South Lansing) farmer 10
Loucks, Davis S. (Ludlowville) blacksmith
Lowe, Moses (Ludlowville) farmer leases 200
Luce, Israel (Forest City) plaster manuf and farmer 125
Luce, James (Forest City) farmer 25
Ludlow, Horatio N. (Ludlowville) farmer 78
Lumbard, Daniel J. (Ludlowville) shoemaker
Lyon, Calvin (Ludlowville) carpenter


Mack, Gilson (South Lansing) lime burner and farmer 2
Mack, John W. (Ludlowville) farmer 22
Magoris, Patt (East Lansing) farmer 153 ½
Mallory, Charles (South Lansing) miller and farmer 10
Mallory, Henry (South Lansing) boatman and farmer 80
Malony, James (North Lansing) farmer 50
Malony, Nathan (North Lansing) farmer 1
Manning, Daniel O. (Forest City) farmer 80
Manning, Ephraim 2nd (Forest City) farmer 24 ½
Mapes, Thomas J. (East Lansing) farmer 94 ½
Marsele, Frank (South Lansing) boatman and farmer
McCormick, David (Lake Ridge) farmer 106
McKinney, Amos H. (Ithaca) farmer 123
McKinney, James M. (Ithaca) plaster manuf and farmer 180
McKinney, Maggie Miss (Ithaca) farmer 70
Mead, John (South Lansing) farmer 175
Mead, John M. (South Lansing) farmer 97
Mead, Mary Miss (Ludlowville) milliner
Mead, William (Ludlowville) (James A. Burr & Co.)
Merrow, William (Lansingville) farmer 8
Metzker, Eva Mrs. (North Lansing) farmer 3
Miller, Almira Mrs . (East Lansing) farmer 52 ½
Miller, Alpheus (North Lansing) farmer 33 ½
Miller, Barndy (Ludlowville) wagon maker
Miller, Edmund S. (Lansingville) miller
Miller, Frank M. (East Lansing) (M.B. Miller & Son)
Miller, George W. (East Lansing) assessor and farmer 6
Miller, Henry (South Lansing) prop of Central Exchange hotel and farmer 6
Miller, Irvin (East Lansing) (with Palmer) farmer 157
Miller, M. B. & Son (East Lansing) (Marvin B. and Frank M.) blacksmiths and farmers 25
Miller, Marvin B. (East Lansing) (M. B. Miller & Son)
Miller, Melchia (North Lansing) farmer 100
Miller Myron (North Lansing) farmer 50
Miller, Palmer (East Lansing) (with Irving) farmer 157
Miller, Peter (North Lansing) farmer 115
Miller, Rensselaer (East Lansing) farmer 200
Miller, Simon (North Lansing)
Minier, Clement S. (South Lansing) farmer 65
Minier, Henry (South Lansing) farmer 8
Minier, John E. (South Lansing) farmer 6
Mitchell, Chloe Mrs. (Lake Ridge) farmer 415
Mitchell, George H. (Ludlowville) prop of the Ludlowville flouring mill,planing mill, axe handle factory & saw mill
Mitchell, J.J. (Ludlowville) W.U. Telegraph Operator
Mitchell, Sally Miss (Lake Ridge) farmer 275
Mitchell, Sarah Ann Mrs. (Ludlowville) boarding house
Moe, John (Lake Ridge) general dealer and farmer 47
Moore, William H. (North Lansing) miller
Morey, Charles (Ludlowville) farmer leases 67
Morey, Mary (Lake Ridge) farmer 60
Morey, Samuel (Ludlowville) farmer 250
Morgan, Edwin (Ludlowville) farmer 62
Morgan, Edwin G. (South Lansing) farmer 68
Morgan, Miles A. (Ludlowville) carpenter and joiner and farmer 1
Morris, Zimri (Ithaca) farmer 90
Morrison, Sydney M. (South Lansing) farmer 103
Mourn, Frank (North Lansing) farmer 14
Mulligan, John (Ludlowville) blacksmith
Munson, Moses (East Lansing) farmer 51
Murphy, Martin (Ludlowville) farmer 2
Murray, Lewis H. (Lansingville) farmer 6
Myers, Alonzo (North Lansing) mason and farmer 1
Myers, Harrison (South Lansing) mason and farmer 1
Myers, Henry (Ludlowville) flouring and saw mills, dealer in grain, lumber and c.


Nelson, Sarah Mrs. (Ludlowville) dressmaker
Newman, George (South Lansing) farmer 196
Newman, Henry (North Lansing) (with Frank Gilkey) farmer leases 130
Newton, George W. (Ludlowville) tailor
Newton, Silas K. (Ludlowville) saddle and harness maker and farmer 3
North, C. Howell (Ludlowville) farmer 150
NORTH LANSING HOTEL (North Lansing) Dennis Kelly prop.
Norton, Jehiel (South Lansing) forwarder, boatman and farmer leases 80
Norton, Jonathan H. (South Lansing) dealer in grain, forwarder and farmer 142
Niver, Abram (North Lansing) blacksmith


Ogden, Jacob (Forest City) farmer 12
Ogmun, Jacob (North Lansing) farmer leases 100
Osmun, Abram (North Lansing) manuf of lumber and farmer 340
Osmun, Charles H. (North Lansing) farmer leases 140
Osmun, Emily Miss (North Lansing) farmer 1
Osmun, Ira (North Lansing) constable and farmer 100
Osmun,. Jerema I. (North Lansing ) farmer 100
Overaker, William (Ludlowville) farmer leases 4


Parsons, Loretta (Ithaca) (with Sally) farmer 25
Parsons, Nelson (North Lansing) farmer 85
Parsons, Sally (Ithaca) (with Loretta) farmer 25
Patchen, David (Lake Ridge) farmer 1
Patchen, Lewis (Lake Ridge) farmer 1 1/8
Patterson, James (North Lansing) farmer 50
Patterson, William (North Lansing) farmer 35
Perry, F. A. & Co. (Lake Ridge) (Freeman A. Perry Jr. & William Davis ) dealers in dry goods,
groceries, hardware, crockery, notions & c.
Perry, Freeman, Sen. (Lake Ridge) shoemaker
Perry, Freeman A. Jr. (Lake Ridge) (F.A.Perry & Co.) post master
Perry, Hiram B. (Lake Ridge) farmer 125 and leases 60
Plough, Henry H. (Ludlowville) dealer in eggs and country produce
Pratt, John W. Rev. (Lansingville) local preacher and farmer 100
Pressey, Abner (Ludlowville) carpenter
Price, Solomon (Ludlowville) shoemaker


Reeves, Moses (South Lansing) (Reeves & Young)
Reeves & Young (South Lansing) (Moses Reeves and Daniel O. Young) farmers 171
Rhoades, Dana (North Lansing) farmer 60
Rhodes, Henry (North Lansing) 236
Rhodes, Isaac (Lake Ridge) carpenter and farmer 50
Rhodes, Jacob F. (North Lansing) school teacher and farmer leases 50
Roberts, James H. (Ludlowville) farmer leases 128
Robertson, Thomas (Forest City) farmer 115
Robins, David H. (Ludlowville) carriage maker
Robins, William J. (South Lansing) carriage maker
Robinson, David (North Lansing) farmer 4
Robinson, Israel (North Lansing) farmer 17
Robinson, Samuel (South Lansing) miller and farmer 60
Rogers, Eunice B. Mrs. (North Lansing) farmer 14
Rogers, Polly Miss (East Lansing) weaver and farmer 14
Ross, Charles (North Lansing) farmer 13
Ross, James (North Lansing) farmer 33
Ross, Thomas (North Lansing) farmer 29
Royal, James B. (North Lansing) farmer 57 ½
Royal, John (North Lansing) farmer 50


Sabin, Walter G. (Ludlowville) shoemaker
Sanford, Ephraim (North Lansing) farmer leases 1
Schenck, Mary Mrs. (East Lansing) farmer 32
Schooley, Nathaniel (Lansingville) farmer 16 and leases 17
Scott, Hiram (Ludlowville) farmer 1
Seamon, Cornelius (South Lansing) blacksmith
Seamon, James E. (Libertyville, Ulster Co., ) farmer leases 20
Searls, James B. (North Lansing) farmer 70
Searles, Walter (Ludlowville) farmer 103
Seely, Warren (Ludlowville) prop of Ludlowville Hotel
Sellen, Jerome (Lansingville) farmer 20
Shaw, Eliza Mrs. (South Lansing) farmer 44
Shergur, Joseph (South Lansing) lime burner and farmer 53
Shoemaker, Henry (Ludlowville) farmer 100
Shoemaker, Jacob (South Lansing) manuf of lumber and farmer 160
Singer, Samuel (North Lansing) farmer 60
Singer, William A. (North Lansing) carpenter
Slocum, Albert (Lansingville) farmer 95
Smith, Aaron B. (Lansingville) farmer leases 100
Smith Ananias (Ludlowville) farmer 39 ½
Smith, Asa W. (Ludlowville) dentist
Smith, Austin T. (South Lansing) auctioneer and farmer leases 315
Smith, Edward (Five Corners, Cayuga Co.,) farmer 70
Smith Edwin S. (Lansingville) farmer 110
Smith, Hanford (Lake Ridge) farmer 139
Smith, Henry (Ludlowville) weaver
Smith, Isaac L. (Five Corners, Cayuga Co.,) farmer 75
Smith, Jerod M. (Lake Ridge) farmer leases 30
Smith, John W. (Lansingville) constable and farmer
Smith, Philemon L. (Ludlowville) post master and boot and shoe dealer
Smith, Rufus H. (Ludlowville) farmer 46 and leases 39 ½
Smith, Samuel H. (Lake Ridge) farmer leases 139
Smith, Samuel S. (Lansingville) farmer 2 ½
Smith, Sarah Miss (Lansingville) farmer 110
Smith, William (Forest City) farmer leases 100
Snyder, Daniel (Genoa, Cayuga Co.) (Snyder & Emmons), (Conrad & Snyder, Ludlowville)
tanner & currier, farmer 180 in Lansing & 150 in Genoa, CayugaCo.
Snyder & Emmons, (North Lansing) (Daniel Snyder and Harrison Emmons) tobaconists
Snyder, Sylvester (Varna) farmer 85
Sperry, Alvah J. (Lake Ridge) farmer 215
Sperry, Alvah J. (Ludlowville) ( M.E. & A.J. Sperry)
Sperry, M.E. & A.J. (Ludlowville) (Marshall E. and Alvah J.) dealers in hardware
Sperry, Marshall E. (Ludlowville) (M. E. & A.J. Sperry)
Stark, John (South Lansing) carpenter and farmer 1
Starr, Daniel (Lake Ridge) farmer leases 74
Starr, Joseph M. (Lake Ridge) painter
Steemburg, Isaac P. (East Lansing) farmer 88
Steinburg, Charles H. (East Lansing) farmer 220
Stewart, Emeline Mrs. (Ludlowville) farmer 60
Storm, Frederick (Lansingville) post master, dealer in general merchandise and farmer 100
Storms, Abel (Ludlowville) farmer 200
Storms, John (Lansingville) farmer 7
Stout, Sheldon W. (Lansingville) produce dealer, butcher and farmer 18
Stout, Wilmer (Lansingville)
Stubbs, Royal (South Lansing) farmer leases 13
Sullivan, Daniel (Lansingville) farmer 120
Swartwood, Leroy (Five Corners, Cayuga Co.,) farmer 30
Sweasey, Sally Mrs. (Lansingville) farmer 7
Sweazey, Calvin (Ludlowville) (with Jacob) farmer 75
Sweazey, Jacob (North Lansing) farmer 84
Sweazey, Jacob (Ludlowville) (with Calvin) farmer 75
Sweazey, Thomas (North Lansing) farmer 18
Sweazey, Thomas (Ludlowville) farmer 110


Tarbell, Abram H. (North Lansing) farmer 99
Tarbell, Almon M. (North Lansing) farmer 68
Tarbell, Johnson M. (North Lansing) farmer 67
Tarbell, Silas B. (North Lansing) manuf of lumber, cider and flax & farmer 4
Tauver, Robert A. (Ludlowville) farmer 2
Teeter, Andrew (Libertyville, Ulster Co.) lumber manuf and farmer 202
Teeter, Andrew (Ludlowville) (with Henry) farmer 128
Teeter, Franklin (Ludlowville) farmer 43
Teeter, George W. (Forest City) farmer 170
Teeter, Harrison (Five Corners, Cayuga Co.) farmer 150
Teeter, Henry (Ludlowville) (with Andrew) farmer 128
Teeter, Jacob (Ludlowville) farmer 57
Teeter, Jefferson (South Lansing) farmer 84
Teeter, Letty Mrs. (Ludlowville) farmer 50
Teeter, Peter (Ludlowville) farmer 40
Teeter, Polly Mrs. (North Lansing) farmer 5
Teeter, Richard (Lansingville) farmer 91
Teeter, Sally Mrs. (Libertyville, Ulster Co.,) farmer 20
Teeter, Vincent (Libertyville, Ulster Co.,) farmer 92
Teeter, Warren (Ludlowville) farmer 45
Teeter, William (South Lansing) farmer 120
Teeter, Zeno M. (East Lansing) farmer leases 11 ½
Terpening, Permelia Mrs. (South Lansing) farmer 60
Terry, Susan Mrs. (Ludlowville) farmer 1
Thayer, Daniel H. (Ludlowville) manuf of agricultural implements, dealer in groceries, provisions, hardware & c.
Tichenor, Charles (Forest City) (with John) farmer 110
Tichenor, Daniel (North Lansing) mason and farmer 1
Tichenor, Fleming (South Lansing) boatman
Tichenor, John (Forest City) (with Charles) farmer 110
Tichenor, Nancy Mrs. (South Lansing) farmer 50
Todd, Josiah (Lake Ridge) farmer 150
Todd, Sydney S. (Ludlowville) farmer 80
Tompkins, Charles A. (North Lansing) farmer 56
Townley, Aaron H. (South Lansing) farmer 300
Townley, Charles (Ludlowville) farmer 84
Townley, James (Lake Ridge) prop of Lake Ridge hotel and farmer 33 ½
Townley, John A. (Ludlowville) farmer 215
Townley, John N. (Ludlowville) farmer 160
Townley, Lewis J. (North Lansing) farmer 109 Townley, Manley (Ludlowville) farmer 176
Townley, Oliver P. (South Lansing) farmer 310
Trimmer, Adam (North Lansing) farmer 50
Tucker, Almon (Lansingville) farmer leases 110
Tuthill, David (Lake Ridge) farmer 71


Vanauken, Aaron B. (Ludlowville) groceries and provisions
Vandermark, Herman L. (South Lansing) cooper and farmer 14
Vanpatten, Samuel S. (Ludlowville) cooper


Wager, Frances M. Mrs. (Ludlowville) farmer 45
Waldo, Eugene (Ludlowville) millwright, book keeper and school teacher
Warner, George H. (Lansingville) blacksmith and farmer 1
Weaver, Amaziah (Ludlowville) mason
Weaver, Joseph (North Lansing) farmer 7
Weaver, Mosher (North Lansing) mason and farmer 1 ¼
Webster, Jonathan (South Lansing) carpenter and farmer 1
Welch, Henry B. (Varna) farmer 49
Western Union Telegraph Co. office in James A. Burr’s store, J.J. Mitchell, operator
White, E. Bates (Ludlowville) farmer 109
Wilcox, _____ (Forest City) farmer 40
Wildman, John N. (Ludlowville) farmer 58
Wilkinson, Robert C. (Forest City) farmer 1
Williams, Egbert (North Lansing) farmer 109
Williams, George (North Lansing) farmer 70
Williams, Harrison (Lake Ridge) farmer 90
Williams, Isaac H. (South Lansing) farmer 190
Williams, Nathan (North Lansing) farmer 60
Williams, William B. (South Lansing) farmer 59
Williamson, Benton (Lake Ridge) farmer leases 117
Williamson, Charles H. (South Lansing) boatman
Willing,________ (Lake Ridge) (Green & Willing)
Willing, Henry (Lake Ridge) farmer 11 ½
Willis, Charles (North Lansing) cooper
Willis, Jacob (North Lansing) cooper and farmer 31
Wilson, John J. (Lake Ridge) farmer with Mrs. Chloe Mitchell
Wood, Aaron (Ludlowville) shoemaker and farmer leases 121
Wood, Amasa (Ludlowville) cabinet maker, sorghum manuf, and farmer 121
Wood, Daniel C. (Ludlowville) farmer 8 ½
Wood, Lavina (East Lansing) weaver and farmer 30
Woodbury, James M. (South Lansing) justice of the peace and farmer 5
Woods, Frank (Ludlowville) shoemaker
Wooley, Austin (Lansingville) farmer 20
Wooley, Edwin (Ludlowville) farmer 140
Wooley, Eli (Lake Ridge) farmer 118
Wyckoff, Ira (South Lansing) farmer 150
Wyckoff, John W. (South Lansing) manuf of brooms, and farmer 101


Young, David O. (South Lansing) farmer

Thank you Ina Sutfin for transcribing these records into digital format.

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