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Blackman Cemetery

Also known as Keith Cemetery.

Town of Caroline, Tompkins Co. NY
Located on south side of Goodrich Hill Road, about a quarter mile west of the West Branch Owego Creek.
Cemetery is inactive.

photograph of cemetery
(larger photo)

Please use Notes as a guide only!

Surname Given Name(s) Dates
  In memory of Lydia Blanchard who died Aug. 10, 1822 ae 44 yrs.
[note: she was the daughter of Abraham & Sarah Loomis Blackman]
BLACKMAN Rhoda In Memory of Rhoda, wife of Abraham Blackman died July 9, 1839 aged 67 yrs.
daughter of Eleazer & Mary (Legg Green) Keith
Behold, my friends, as you pass by,
As you are now, so once was I,
As I am now, soon you will be,
So prepare to follow me.
BLACKMAN Abraham d. July 19, 1853 ae 86y 9m 11da
Let faith appease each rising fear,
Each anxious doubt and ______,
Thy maker will beside thee be,
A maker true and good.
BLACKMAN, William Henry, son of Abraham & Rhoda died June 20, 1829 [note: born Feb. 26, 1812]
"In Memory of Wm Henry "
Rhoda, daughter of Henry & Elvira Blackman died Apr. 30, 1847 ae 1mo
Eli d. Jan. (or Jun.) 13, 1847 ae 62y 1m 24d
My children dear, assemble here,
A father's grave to see.
Not long ago I dwelt with you;
But soon you will dwell with me.
Susannah (Jenks) wife Eli Blackman died Oct. 10, 1851 ae 55 yr
Levi d. March 6, 1860 ae 70 yr
GREEN Mary In memory of Mary, wife of Hezekiah Green, who d. Mar. 10, 1841 ae 98y 5m 9d
[she was Mary Legg, also wife of Eleizer Keith]
KEITH Luther In memory of Luther Keith, who died on the 11 day of April, 1812 age 36 years
[note: son of Eleizer & Mary (Legg) Keith]
RAWSON Lyman died July 23, 1826 ae 54 yr
Deborah, wife of Lyman Rawson died Mar. 16, 1851 ae 75 yr 11da
[Deborah Keith, daughter of Eleizer & Mary Legg Keith]
TYLER Timothy b. May 2, 1775 died Dec. 16, 1866
Eunice, his wife b. Apr. 9, 1764 d. May 22, 1817
In memory of Eunice, consort of Timothy Tyler d. May 22, 1817 ae 53 yr
[note: Eunice Rawson]
Cynthia T. Tyler b. Mar. 8, 1804 d. May 17, 1882
Eunice C. b. Feb. 29, 1806 d. May 11, 1812
Hiram W. b.Mar. 23, 1802 d. Jan. 29, 1883

Transcribed by Janet Nash.

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