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Carl Family Burial Plot

Also known as: CARL - PAINE - QUICK

On east side of Brearley Hill Road, about 1.7 miles from its intersection with the Central Chapel and Shindagin Hollow Roads, then about a quarter mile east on an old abandoned road.
Town of Caroline, Tompkins Co. New York.

Cemetery is inactive.
This record is as complete as possible at this time.
Records are from headstone inscriptions done June 3, 2001.

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photograph of cemetery
(Photos by JanMarie - June 3, 2001)
(larger photo)

Please use Notes as a guide only!

Surname Given Name(s) Birth/Death Dates
Carl Wm died Sept. 20, 1855 aged 70 years. View Headstone of Wm Carl
Carl Elizabeth wife of Wm. Carl, died April 27, 1831 aged 42 years, 11 months  & 22 days. View Headstone of Elizabeth Carl.
Carl William E. died April 20, 1863 aged 22 years.
Paine Charlotte H. (CARL) wife of Chancey Paine, died July 21, 1849 aged 26 years 3 months & 28 days. View Headstone of Charlotte H. Carl Paine
Quick Benjamin died Nov. 14, 1826 aged 32 years. View Headstone of Benjamin Quick


Notes: All headstones in this plot were removed from the ground. None are broken, it is clear they were placed up against trees. All footstones are clearly in the original place. This cemetery is off Brearley Hill Road, down the path of abandoned road. At the top of the trail and a very short distance away is the burial ground of the Brearley family. A short distance down the hill on this old road, and just before going up another hill, there is a stream, about 50 feet or so before the stream is a path made of stone, going up the side hill on the right, the family burial ground of this Carl family is there about 50 feet from the old road. The house foundation can also be found about 100 feet from the burial plot going back toward Brearley Hill. This house was located on a 1853 map where the foundation is, but not showing on the 1866 map. One would believe that maybe the house burnt sometime between 1853-1866, or was taken down. The Brearley's lived next door. (per these maps)

Notes: Wm. Carl - (Stone is weathered) This headstone is the last one in the row. Footstone W. C. still in the ground. Headstone leaning up against a tree, footstone on one side of tree, headstone on the other side. Tree appears to be growing on his grave. Notes: 1850 Caroline Census records: Carle, William age 65 born NJ; Abagail age 60 born MA; Living in same household was, Jackson, Mary A., age 10, Allen, Charles age 15; (Abagail Carle, must be the second wife to William Carl).

Notes: Elizabeth Carl - Headstone for Elizabeth is leaning up against a tree next to Wm Carl's headstone. Footstone with E. C. in the ground next to the footstone of W. C.

Notes: William E. Carl - First headstone in burial plot - leaning up against a tree - with the headstone of Charlotte H. Carl wife of Chancy Paine's headstone next to his. Footstone W. E. C., in ground.

Notes: Charlotte H. Carl Paine - Her headstone is the 2nd one as you enter the family burial plot, and headstone is leaning up against a tree next to William E. Carl's headstone. There is a footstone with C. H. P. in the ground near this tree. Charlotte CARL PAINE, married Chauncey PAINE, son of James PAINE & Polly FREEMAN.

Notes: Benjamin Quick - From the book of Elmer Lockwood, he states the inscription had 32 years and 7 days. The lower part of this headstone can not be read now. Another headstone for a Benjamin Quick same death date, 2 years different in age was found in Central Chapel Cemetery located a short distrance of about 2 miles away.

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