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Central Chapel Cemetery

Also known as: Schoonmaker and Leonard

Located on Central Chapel Road, about 2 miles south of Brooktondale.  Cemetery is located near the intersection of Brearley Hill Road.  The first burial in this cemetery was Moses Schoonmaker, 1815 (per headstone inscriptions).
Town of Caroline, Tompkins County, NY.

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This record is as complete as possible at this time.
This cemetery was completely restored in the summer of 2003.

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Please use Notes as a guide only!

  Surname Given Name(s) Notes
  Barnes, Hiram V. son of James J. & Anna M. Barnes, died Sept 18, 1848 age 10 months Notes: Town of Caroline Poormaster's book lists Hiram Barns died Sept 18, 1848 age 8 months died of Dropy on brain. 1850 Caroline census - Barnes, James age 25, Anna M., age 23, Rachel A., age 2, John age 15.
  Benson, John died Aug. 18, 1890, age 71 yrs. Notes: Headstone is clear to read. 1880 census Caroline, Tompkins Co., NY: John Benson age 60, born VT, father born in MA, mother born in MA., wife Jane 58, with E. VanDerMark (female) age 11 living in same household.
  Benson, Jane wife of John Benson, died March 4, 1886 age 4 yrs. Not listed in earlier records, headstone clear to read.
  Best, Charles A. veteran's flag Co. B 6th N.Y.H.A., died Nov. 28, 1911 age 62 years Earlier record stated 68 yrs., it clearly looks to be 62 yrs on inscription. 1880 Caroline Census records: Charles Best age 38, Rosina age 35, Fannie age 13, Addie age 11, Howard age 5.
  Best, Rosina wife of Charles Best, died Feb. 17, 1910 age 65 yrs. Notes: Rosina Perry, daughter of Joseph & Lovina Perry. Their dau. Fannie married Arthur W. Brink, son of Thomas & Maria Boyer Brink, per Town of Caroline marriage records. From the Town of Caroline marriage records, their son John Howard Best age 24, from Slaterville, born Town of Caroline, married Sept. 3, 1898 to Anna Maria Caveny age 19, from Brookton, born Brookton, dau. of James & Mary Holmes Caveny.
  Best, Addie G. daughter of Charles & Rosina Best, died Nov. 21, 1885 age 16 yrs. Not listed in earlier records
  Best, Ira 1806 - 1881 Not listed in earlier records
  Best, Caroline wife of Ira Best 1807 - 1888 Not listed in earlier records
 headstone Brown, Eugene born Sept 1852 died June 25, 1916 Son of James & Sarah Eliza (Lynch) Brown. His headstone recorded in earlier records was 1863-1917, this was not correct. His death date was listed in the Town of Caroline death and burial records. The family of Eugene and Mary had a new monument place on the graves of Eugene, Mary, and their two sons (Henry J. and Claude) in the fall of 2005. View photos by clicking on the camera to the left.  Eugene and Mary (Perry) Brown had the following children: Lillis Brown Gee, Henry J. Brown, Claude Brown, Eliza Brown Quick, Jabez Brown, Mabel Charlotte Brown, Martha Brown Fanning, George Brown (m. Ann Mabel "May" Quick), and Elouise Brown.
 headstone Brown, Mary Wife of Eugene Brown born May 1858 died June 14, 1931 Was in unmarked grave, family place new monument on familes unmarked graves. She was the daughter of Stephen & Hannah (Monroe) Perry. Cause of death was Mitral insufficiency. She was buried on June 17, 1931.
 headstone Brown, Henry J. "Hank" b. abt. 1883 died Nov. 19, 1938 son of Eugene & Mary (Perry) Brown.
 headstone Brown, Claude born abt. 1884 died Feb. 4, 1942 son of Eugene & Mary (Perry) Brown. He was married to ?, had a child, Josephine born abt. 1907.
headstone Burnett, Richard Alan born Dec. 29 1914 died Jan. 6, 1915 Inscription on Reed Monument
headstone Burnett, Elizabeth Reed born April 26 1908 died May 7, 1908 Inscription on Reed Monument
  Burd, Bert no headstone Record of burial from Town of Caroline death and burial records. Bert Burd died March 9, 1927, buried in Central Chapel Cemetery.
  Cooper, Henry son of G. B. & E. S. Cooper, died June 17, 1836 age 2 mos.
"How short the race our friend has run, Cut down in his bloom, The course but yesterday begun, Now finished in the tomb."
His headstone is next to Hiram Snyder and Ayers Stevens. Three children in a row.
  Davis, W. H. veteran's flag Co. G 15th N. Y. Cal. No dates His headstone only has W. H. Davis, with military record, no birth or death date are listed.
  Decker, Mary died Sept. 2, 1866 age 84 When the cemetery was restored, her headstone was found lying flat from a large tree growing on her grave. Every effort was made to reset this headtone in the same place, but efforts failed due to large roots. Her headstone was set near the foot of her grave in the next row. Her headstone is now located between Richard Leonard and John Nelson's graves.  See cemetery map for old and new location.
  DeLong, Eleanor died Dec. 28, 1849 age 88 yrs., 5 mo's 11 dy's Eleanor was the wife of Thomas Delong. She is found listed on the 1850 Caroline census, with her daughter and son-in-law (Cornelius & Mary Delong Turk). She is listed as Eleanor DeLong age 89 born Unknown. She is buried next to her daughter Mary DeLong Turk. She also had at least two sons, Jacob and Joseph DeLong
  Dorn, Florence H. Young wife of Eugene Dorn, born Nov. 25, 1861 died June 1, 1927 Listed on Young monument. Florence was the daughter of James & Adelia (Pierce) Young. Believe Eugene was the son of Seth Dorn of Danby. Eugene Dorn is buried in Evergreen Cemetery, Spencer, NY. Born July 11, 1862, with no death date, other wives were Etta L., 1867-1895: Ann Louise 1861-1913.
  Earlsey, Mary "Polly" wife of George Earsley, died Nov. 10, 1856 age 56 yrs., 7 mos., 19 dys. Mary Schoonmaker, born April 10, 1800, dau. of Moses & Jemima Schoonmaker. Headstone is in poor condition and very hard to read.
  Earsley, George No headstone found George Earsley's headstone was not found in 2003. Earlsey records state he is buried in this cemetery. He was the son of John & Eunice (Aldrich) Earsley, he has no dates listed in Earsley Genealogy. He died before 1850.
  Eastman, Cyrus veteran's flag Co. F 16 Reg't N. Y. V. born 1843 died 1917 Town of Caroline death and burial records lists his date of death as Mar. 29, 1917. He was the son of Charles C. & Polly Eastman. Charles and Polly are buried in Morris Chapel Cemetery, Town of Caroline.
  Eastman, Savilla wife of Cyrus Eastman, born 1844 died ____ No death date listed on monument. Town of Caroline death and burial records lists Savilla Eastman died Dec. 15, 1926, burial was in Central Chapel Cemetery. Savilla McWhorter, dau. of Gilbert & Sarah Jane McWhorter. Cyrus and Savilla had a son Gilbert C., he is buried in Mulks Cemetery, Slaterville, NY.
  Eastman, Mary G. daughter of Cyrus & Savilla Eastman, died April 3, 1867 age 12 days.
"Sleep on, sweet babe, and take your rest. God called thee at the hour when he thought best"
Her name is on the Eastman monument, plus she has a single headstone.
  Eighmey, Philip died June 23, 1894, age 88 yrs., 2 mo's 3 dys.
"My labours done, and securely laid in this my last retreat. Unheeded o'er my silent dust the storms of earth may beat"
His surname has also been found spelled Amy. Philip was the son of Benjamin & Janette Pamerton Eighmey. His parents are buried in Yates Cemetery, Slaterville Springs, NY.
  Eighmey, Caty died May 29, 1885 age 77 yrs., 2 mo's 16 dys.
"Asleep in Jesus, blessed sleep, From which none ever wakes to weep"
Name on monument with Philip Eighmey.
  Eighmey, Ann C. died Feb. 22, 1893 age 83 yrs. Believe she is the daughter of Benjamin & Janette Pamerton Eighmey, a sister to Philip. Her monument is next to Philip and Caty Eighmey. She was living with Philip in 1880, listed as his sister. She made her will Dec. 18th 1879, leaving most of her belongings to her niece Savilla Eastman, and Savilla's son, Gilbert Eastman, and cleared all loans owned to her by Cyrus Eastman.
  Ennest, Orrin died Nov. 24, 1889 age 76 yrs., 10 mo's 26 dys. Son of William & Elizabeth (Payne) Ennest. His children were: John Ennest b. abt 1835; Nancy B. Ennest born abt. 1836; Lyman Ennest born abt. 1841.
  Ennest, Lillis wife of Orrin Ennest, died Sept. 16, 1888 age 77 yrs., 6 mo's a clue to her maiden name may be in her son's name: Lyman Crum Ennest. In 1820 a Lyman Crum was living in the Town of Caroline. She may be a daughter of that Lyman Crum and named a son after her father. No proof.
  Ennest, William veteran's flag died March 2, 1863 age 84 yrs., 17 dys. War of 1812, born Feb. 13, 1779, son of Hartman & Elizabeth Hornbeck Ennest.
  Ennest, Elizabeth wife of William Ennest, died Sept. 17, 1886 age 99 yrs., 1 mo., 25 dys. Elizabeth Payne, born July 25, 1787, daughter of Thomas & Huldah (Virgil) Payne, her children were: Orrin, Unknown child and Augusta
  Ennest, Lyman C. veteran's flag Co. K 137th Reg't N. Y. Vol. born 1841 died 1915 Lyman Crum Ennest, born Sept. 1841, son of Orrin & Lillis Ennest, died Jan. 5th 1915, per Town of Caroline death and burial records. He enlisted Aug. 20, 1862.
  Gee, William veteran's flagCo. F. 76th Inf., born June 27, 1827 - no death date William Riley Gee, son of John H. & Martha Hopkins Gee. His first wife was Elmira A. Skinner, she is buried in Harford Cemetery, Cortland Co., NY. His name is on the Gee monument, but no death date is listed. He was still living in 1900. Not found in 1910.
  Gee, Tirzah wife of William R. Gee, born June 6, 1827 died July 2, 1902
"At Rest"
Believe her to be the daughter of Philip & Catharine Eighmey. She was the 2nd wife of William Gee.  She had no children of her own, but raised her stepson, John Gee.
  Genung, Enos died May 11, 1905 age 80 yrs., 2 mo's 15 dys. Enos H. Genung, born Feb. 26, 1825, son of Barnabas & Susannah (Johnson) Genung, born at Snyder Hill, Town of Dryden, Tompkins Co., NY. He lived on Snyder Hill, and Caroline, until about 1885, except for a few years during the 1860's when he resided in Barten Center. About 1885 he moved to Waverly, NY. He died at Waverly, NY. He married Sarepta C. Earlsey on April 7, 1850, their children were: Emma, George, Della, Priscilla, Luella and Reuben Genung.
  Genung, Sarepta wife of Enos H. Genung, died Sept. 18, 1882 age 55 yrs. Sarepta C. Earlsey, born June 21, 1827, daughter of George & Mary "Polly" (Schoonmaker) Earsley
  Gibbs, John no dates His name is on the headstone with his wife, with no dates for him. He may have married 2nd to Ida J. (_____), per 1900 census, John Gibbs born abt. 1849, married Ida J., abt 1894, she was born abt 1858.
  Gibbs, Mary E. Ivory wife of John Gibbs, died Jan. 25, 1891 age 44 yrs., 9 mo's 18 dys. Believe she was the daughter of Cornelius & Mary J. Ivory. 1880 Caroline census records: John Gibbs age 31, Mary E., age 32, Frank 4, Elma 2 months, with Frederick Quick age 21 farm laborer living in the same household. In 1892 the children of Mary E. and her husband were living with Daniel Quick age 71, Caroline L., age 60, Elma Gibbs are 12, Frank Gibbs age 16, John Gibbs age 43. Town of Caroline Marriage records state their dau. Elma Gibbs married Jan. 7, 1903 to William F. Millard of Newfield, son of Edgar & Jennie Rhodes Millard.
  Haddock, Julia wife of A. J. Haddock, died Sept. 1, 1867 age 37 years. I believe this is Julia Sullivan, daughter of John & Mary Carl Sullivan, she married Andrew Jackson Haddock.
  Haddock, Elida daughter of A. J. & Julia Haddock, died Oct. 26, 1877 age 15 yrs., 10 mo's.
"Over the shining river in her bright angel home, Dwelling with joy forever, waiting for us to come"
buried next to her mother.
  Hallock, Sarah daughter of William B. & Sarah Hallock, died Oct. 23, 1865 age 8 yrs., 8 mo's Her name is on the same headstone with her brother Arthur F. Hallock. Her parents were, William B. Hallock b. July 7, 1822 d. Mar. 29, 1901 and Sarah Flemming, b. Dec. 8, 1829 d. Oct. 19, 1910. They are buried in Curtis Cemetery (also known as Danby Rural Cemetery) Danby, NY with another dau. Rosa A. born Dec. 25, 1869 died Dec. 1, 1889. LDS records state, William B. Hallock was the son of Martin Hallock and Amelia Brown, he married Oct. 10, 1851 to Sarah Fleming.
  Hallock, Arthur son of William B. & Sarah Hallock, died Oct. 9, 1865 age 6 yrs., 9 mo's 8 dys. His name is on the same headstone as his sister Sarah L., see above.
  Hammilton, Joseph born Feb. 1, 1814 died Sept. 29, 1899 Son of Andrew & Elizabeth (Cheeseman) Hamilton. (Hamilton Genealogy) See photo of Joseph and his wife standing in front of the old Hamilton homestead on Brearley Hill.  His parents are buried in the Hamilton Family plot, to the right of the homestead on a back knoll.
  Hamilton, Anna E. Sullivan wife of Joseph Hamilton, born Sept. 27, 1815 died Oct. 9, 1881
What a joy transcending all below
Awaits the ransomed as they go
Tis only dust that dies
daughter of John & Mary Carl Sullivan - See Sullivan Genealogy
  Ivory, Uriah D. died August 20, 1866 age 27 yrs., 8 mo's 24 dys
"In life beloved, in death lamented."
His wife was Sarah E. Jansen, they married Nov. 24, 1863, believe he was the son of Cornelius & Mary J. Ivory.
  Ivory, Cornelius died Oct. 8, 1870 age 61 yrs., 6 mo's 1850 Caroline census: Cornelius Ivory age 41, Mary J., age 38, Letta C., age 18, Catherine A. age 16, Emeline L., age 14, Uriah age 11, Mary E., age 4.
  Ivory, Mary Jane wife of Cornelius Ivory, died March 15, 1882 age 69 yrs., 11 mo's "One less to love on earth. One mroe to wait in heaven" The late Mr. William Osburn of Speedville, NY made note of a record that Col Ivory of Blackman Hill married Mary J. VanIderstine. It is unknown if this is the correct Mary. More research is needed to prove this.
  Ivory, Herman son of Uriah D. & Sarah E. Ivory, died Sept. 4, 1866 age 1 yr., 6 mo's.
"Here lies little Herman beneath this sod. We have kissed the pale lips forever closed, and laid him down gently to rest"
  Jansen, Oliver died July 3, 1895, age 63 yrs., 4 mo's 10 dy's See below for notes on Sampson Jansen.
  Jansen, Harriet wife of Oliver Jansen, died Nov. 18, 1888 age 48 yrs., 1 mo., 12 dys. no other information
  Jansen, Henry born 1823 died 1904 born Jan. 15, 1823, believe he was the son of Daniel and Sally Jansen.
  Jansen, Hannah M. wife of Henry Jansen, born 1830 died 1869 Hannah McWhorter
  Jansen, Elizabeth M. wife of Henry Jansen born 1839 died 1900 Elizabeth M. Silsby
  Jansen, Sampson veteran's flag died May 9, 1876 age 86 yrs., 7 mo's War of 1812, son of Abraham & Catelyntje Sammon Jansen (surname has also been found spelled Johnson) His headstone was broken, lying flat on the ground, covered with sod. His headstone was repaired and reset. 1850 Caroline Census; Jansen, Sampson 61, Eliza 60, William 22, Oliver 18, Sally M. 30, Sampson Jr. age 23, Olive age 18.
  Jansen, Eliza wife of Sampson Jansen, died July 20, 1875 age 79 yrs. Listed on same headstone with Sampson. (Eliza Mosher)
  Jansen, Sarah E. wife of Alexander Shaff, born 1846 died 1884 On Jansen Monument
  Knapp, Jonah veteran's flag died Dec. 30, 1861 age 20 yrs., son of John & Susan Knapp Corp. 5th N. Y. CAV.; enl. Sept 6, 1861; died Dec. 24, 1861 of disease.
  Knapp, Emma J. died Dec. 28, 1861 age 16 yrs. daughter of John & Susan Knapp
  Knapp, Madison W. died May 5, 1877 age 23 yrs. son of John & Susan Knapp
  Knapp, J. L. died May 15, 1879 age 71 yrs. Believe this is John Knapp
  Lane, Emery A. veteran's flag Co. G. 15th Reg't N. Y. CAL. died July 16, 1866 age 28 yrs., 11 mo's 4 dys. Married Sept. 8th 1863 to Melissa E. (Stevens), she married 2nd Walter Norris, Melissa is buried next to the Lane burials, see Melissa Norris.
  Lane, Abram died May 4, 1885 age 83 yrs., 6 mo's 1850 Caroline Census; Lane, Abraham age 48, Charity age 46 (died 1858), Rachel A. age 17, Abraham E. age 13, Charles age 9. Charity Lane, wife of Abraham W. LANE, d. Nov. 9, 1858 age 55y 6m 17d and is buried in Yates Cemetery, Slaterville, with their son Charles Lane. Abram married 2nd to Catherine, see below.
  Lane, Catherine M. wife of Abram Lane, born July 5, 1809 died March 4, 1901 It is unknown what her maiden name was, she was married 1st to David Stevens, 2nd to Mr. Young and 3rd to Abram Lane. She had children by her first two marriages.
  Lee, Homer T. Unmarked Grave, died Dec. 6, 1916 Stillborn, this record is from Town of Caroline death and burial records.  Son of Homer Lee & Maude Lavina Shranger.
  Leonard, Infant son of Jacob & Ellinor Leonard, died April 18, 1845 Headstone was not found in 2003, this inscription is from an earlier record by Dora Pope Worden's list from the 1920's
headstone Leonard, Abram died Nov. 24, 1871 age 55 yrs.
"Be ye also fro in such an hour as ye think not the son of man cometh"
1860 Caroline Census: Leonard, Abram 43, Nellie 41, William 15, Amelia 14, John 12, Richard 10, George 8, Fred 5.  His obituary states he was found dead in Caroline, NY.
headstone Leonard, Nellie wife of Abram Leonard, died Aug. 27, 1895 age 76 yrs. Her death record in Town of Candor, Tioga Co., NY: Nellie Leonard, died Aug 27, 1895, age 76 yrs., born NY State, a widow, died Candor, NY; Cause was Paresis: Father: William VanInderstine, Mother: Helen Palen.  Doctor, W. C. Gallagher.  Buried in Central Chapel Cemetery, Tompkins Co., NY.  Record No. 61
headstone Leonard, George F. born 1852 died 1923 Town of Caroline death and burial records lists George F. Leonard died Jan. 26, 1923.
headstone Leonard, Frederick born 1855 died 1910 No other information
headstone Leonard, John born 1848 died 1919 Town of Caroline death and burial records state he died May 10, 1919, buried Central Chapel
headstone Leonard, Richard born 1850 died 1933 [32nd Degree Masonic Emblem] Town of Caroline death and burial records state he died Nov. 26, 1933, burial Central Chapel
headstone Leonard, Emma wife of Richard Leonard born 1850 died 1935 Town of Caroline death and burial records state she died June 21, 1935, burial Central Chapel.  Believe this is Emma Turk.
headstone Leonard, Carl Scott born Nov. 1877 died June 27, 1881
"Our Little Carl"
He is listed on the family monument, plus has a single headstone
headstone Leonard, William H. veteran's flag Co. G 15th Reg't N. Y. B., born 1844 died 1915 William H. Leonard, sergt., Co. G 15th Cav; enl. Sept. 9, 1863. Town of Caroline death and burial records states he died Aug. 12, 1915
headstone Leonard, Sarah A. Reed wife of William H. Leonard born 1844 died 1926  
  Lewis, James H. veteran's flag son of Alexander & R. M. Lewis, died March 17, 1864 age 16 yrs., 7 mo's Son of Alex and Rosetta Lewis. Military record: Private Co. A 109th N. Y. Reg't enl. Jan 4, 1864, died March 18, 1864 of disease.
  Lewis, Wm. Henry veteran's flag Co. A 109th Reg't N. Y. Vol., son of Alexander & R. M. Lewis, died May 13, 1864 age 21 yrs., 4 mo's Private, enl. Aug. 12, 1862, son of Alexander & Rosetta Lewis
  Lewis, Laura J. daughter of Alexander & R. M. Lewis, died June 30, 1864 age 19 yrs., 5 mo's No other information
  Lewis, Hannah died June 6, 1865 age 26 yrs., 6 mo's 26 dys. Living with Alexander & Lydia Lewis in 1860
  Lewis, Alexander died May 23, 1861 age 68 yrs.  
  Lewis, Lydia wife of Alexander Lewis, died Dec. 31, 1873 age 76 yrs.  
  Lewis, Alex veteran's flag died April 4, 1892 age 75 yrs. Believe him to be a veteran. Town of Caroline Veterans list a A. Lewis as a Civil War Veteran. 1860 census records, Alexander Lewis Jr., age 45, Rosetta 40, William 17, Laura 15, James 12, Ada 3.
  Lewis, Rosetta M. wife of Alexander Lewis, died Oct. 18, 1888 age 67 yrs.  
  Lindsey, Willie N. son of Joe & Frankie Lindsey, died Nov. 24, 1878 age 4 yrs., 5 mo's 8 dys.  
  Lindsey, Joe veteran's flag born 1840 died 1916 Town of Caroline death and burial records lists Joseph Lindsey died July 25, 1916
  Lindsey, Frankie
wife of Joe Lindsey, died March 22, 1895 age 47 yr's  Frankie wife is correct
  Lindsey, Hugh B. no dates on same monument as Joe, Frankie and Willie N. Lindsey
  Lynch, Isaac veteran's flagCo. A 6th N. Y. B. Art., born 1845 died 1916 Private; enl. Jan 1864. Town of Caroline death and burial records state he died Sept. 8, 1916, burial Central Chapel. Believe he was the son of John & Eliza Lynch.
  Lynch, Amelia A. wife of Isaac Lynch born Feb. 24, 1851 died July 3, 1881  
  Lynch, Edwin Z. son of Isaac & Amelia Lynch, born June 17, 1881 died Jan. 9, 1882  
  Lynch, William Henry veteran's flag 16th NY H. Art., died May 13, 1900 age 57 yrs., 11 mo's 25 dys.
In Memory of our beloved brother William Henry Lynch
Believe he was the son of John & Eliza Lynch
headstone Maynard, Charles B. veteran's flag died March 26, 1920 age 46 yrs This should be a Canadian flag on his grave. He was born May 4, 1875, son of Edward Maynard and Louise Perry. He signed up with the Canadian Epeditionary Forces in Toronto, Ontario on July 22, 1916 at age 42 and served in France. He was discharged on April 8, 1919 due to demobilization. His death on March 26, 1920 was due directly to his war service. He served with the 1st Construction Battalion: Canadian Labour Pool. He was honored with a grave marker from the Commonwealth War Graves Commission. His grave was unmarked for 81 years. He was married Dec. 2, 1899 to Minnie Foster, born abt. 1881, dau. of Miles & Adaline Orton Foster. Charles and Minnie had one dau. who died young, name unknown.
  Maynard, Edward Unmarked Grave born Sept. 15, 1839 died June 24, 1927, son of William & Caroline (Barden) Maynard. Family Bible records of the Maynard family state he is buried in this cemetery.
  Maynard, Louise (Perry) Unmarked Grave born 1839 died March 28, 1916, she is listed in Caroline death and burial record as being buried in this cemetery. She was the wife of Edward Maynard, and the daughter of Joseph & Lovina Perry. Her and Edward are said to be buried next to her parents.
  Maynard, Joseph William Unmarked Grave born April 11, 1871 died Feb 14, 1938, son of Edward and Louise Perry Maynard, he married Cora L. Personius, born 1877, daughter of David & Caroline Finch Personius. It is not known where Cora is buried.
  Maynard, Mildred Glayds Unmarked Grave died Dec. 21, 1928 - This burial is from the Town of Caroline death and burial records, it is unknown who she was, or how old she was when she died.
  McGillivray, Josiah No dates son of Hugh & Elizabeth (Chambers) McGillivray. His name only on Monument, unknown if he is buried here.
  McGillivray, Christiana wife of Josiah McGillivray, born 1841 died 1914 Christiana Lynch, daughter of John Lynch, died July 18, 1914
  McGillivray, Viola F. Only daughter of Josiah & Christiana McGillivray, died May 14, 1881 age 16 yrs., 8 mo's 24 dys. In Memory of our darling daughter
  McWhorter, Hannah wife of James McWhorter, died July 13, 1838 age 41 yrs., 6 mo's 12 dys. Believe she was Hannah Howell, dau. of Noble Howell and Tabitha Mapes.
  McWhorter, James died Sept. 23, 1858 age 60 yr's 1 mo 13 dy's James was born Oct. 10, 1797 at Warwick, Orange Co., NY. He married Jan 30, 1819 Hanna Howell, born abt. 1797.
  McWhorter, David B. born Oct. 25, 1832 Not buried here. He died 1931
  McWhorter, Amanda Hamilton wife of David McWhorter, born Nov. 23, 1841 died June 19, 1889 daughter of Joseph & Ann Elizabeth Sullivan Hamilton. See Joseph & Ann Hamilton listed above.
  McWhorter, Hulda C. born 1827 died 1890 Listed on Jansen Monument
  McWhorter, Leroy born Oct. 1, 1861 died Aug. 12, 1926 believe he is the son of John & Sarah Maria Earsley McWhorter
  McWhorter, Sylvia born May 27, 1863 died Nov. 2, 1945 believe she was the daughter of John & Sarah Maria Earsley McWhorter
  McWhorter, Gilbert died June 3, 1898 age 77 yrs. 1860 Caroline Census; McWhorter, Gilbert 42, Jane 39, Savilla 16, Jennet 11, Marritta 8.
  McWhorter, Sarah J. wife of Gilbert McWhorter, died March 26, 1894 age 73 yrs. Daughter of Benjamin & Janette (Pamerton) Eighmey 
  McWhorter, John died June 29, 1896 age 71 yrs. Caroline Census 1860: McWhorter, John 34, Sarah 28, Hulda 30, David 27
  McWhorter, Sarah M. wife of John McWhorter, died July 30, 1899 age 67 yrs. Believe this to be Sarah Maria Earsley, born 1832, she had two children Sylvia and Roy, see above, LeRoy and Sylvia McWhorter.
  Mulks, Charlotte S. wife of Moses Mulks, died June 16 or 18, 1876 age 51 yrs., 10 mo's 25 dys. daughter of James & Polly (Freeman) Paine, she was born abt 1824 in Caroline. She was the wife of Moses Mulks II, son of Benoni Mulks II and Nelly Muzier. Charlotte is buried next to her mother Polly.
  Nelson, Wm. H. son of John & Polly Nelson, died July 27, 1827 age 11 mo's
"Little Infant, take they rest, God called thee home when he thought best"
  Nelson, James Willis son of Wm & Rebecca Nelson, died Aug. 8, 1864 age 2 yrs., 1 mo.
"Gone but not forgotten"
  Nelson, John died May 7, 1859 age 67 yrs., 4 mo's 9 dys. 1850 Caroline Census; Nelson, John age 59, born Ire., Polly 69 born NJ., Adney Russell age 12, living with them, Helen Doty age 9, also living with them.
  Nelson, Polly wife of John Nelson, died Dec. 22, 1857 age 76 yrs., 5 mo's 5 dys.  
  Nelson, George J. born Feb. 29, 1824 died July 14, 1901 1850 Caroline census; George J. Nelson age 27, wife Harriet age 24, also living in the same household is James Jansen, age 14.
  Nelson, Susan Lewis wife of George Nelson, born March 8, 1836 died Oct. 7, 1905 A footmarker next to this monument has M. E. L., with no headstne found. Unknown whose burial this is.
  Nelson, William H. veteran's flag Co. H 15th Reg't N. Y. Engineers. Born April 7, 1829 died Dec. 16, 1903  
  Nelson, Jane died Aug. 8, 1864 age 2  
  Niver, Henry T. son of William & Mary B. Niver, died Aug. 26, 1853 age 3 yrs., 9 mo's 11 dys.
"Thy father mourns, thy mother sighs, Thy little brother weeps and cries. Rest, lovely babe, in Jesus, rest. Till we shall meet in the skies."
Headstone in poor condition, very hard to read. Earlier record states death year was 1852
  Niver, Elisha In Memory of died Feb. 28, 1847 age 64 yrs., 9 mo's 10 dys. Town of Caroline Poormaster's book 1848, lists Elisha Niver, died Feb. 28th age 64 yrs., farmer, married, died of Consumption.
  Niver, Kezia wife of Elisha Niver, died Nov. 15, 1861 age 75 yrs., 8 mo's She was living with Harvey Niver in 1850.
  Niver, James H. died June 21, 1856 age 51 yrs. His headstone was broken in half, lying on ground. Repaired and reset 2003
  Niver, Mary wife of George Niver, died Dec. 29, 1854 age 27 yrs. age may be wrong. Headstone very faded, in bad condition.
  Niver, George died April 16, 1839 age 76 yrs., 5 mo's 22 dys.
"He is planted in the realms of rest where roses never die, Amidst the garden of the blessed, Beneath the stormless sky."
His will: George Niver of Caroline, died April 16, 1839 age 76 yrs. dated March 19 1839 - proved June 24, 1839: wife Julia; sons; John and Alexander T.; Daus; Catherine Vanamburg - mentions Julia Whitmore, now Upham (felt he owned it to them) wit: Samuel H. Dean, John Sullivan and Elisha Niver. Ex: Samuel H. Dean and Spencer Hungerford of Caroline. George Niver came to Caroline 15/16 years before. Will contested.
  Niver, Sarah wife of James Niver, died April 27, 1836, age 39 yrs., 4 mo's 4 dys. May be Sarah Terwilliger, daughter of Hugo Terwilliger and Elizabeth Decker, she was born Dec. 23, 1796
  Niver, Chas. E. son of James E. & Sarah Niver, died Aug. 16, 1836 age 4 mo's 1 dy. headstone repaired
  Niver, Francis A. son of James & Julia Niver, died Feb. 16, 1844 age 3 yrs., 2 mo's headstone repaired
  Niver, William born 1814 died 1875 In 1860 a Wm Niver is living with John Sullivan age 74, Mary Sullivan 73, Rilla Sullivan 35, John Sullivan 8, William Niver 45, Keziah Niver 75, Charles Niver 8, Elizabeth Niver 6, Ida Niver 3.
  Niver, Maria Harvey wife of William Niver, died 1859  
  Niver, James B. No dates  
  Norris, Melissa E. Dates on headstone listed as follows:
Daughter of David & Catherine Stevens, married 1st Emery Lane 2nd Walter Norris. Melissa had one child, Charles D. Norris, who married Eveline Turk.
  Paine, Frank died Nov. 5, 1893 age 65 yrs. Franklin Paine, son of James & Polly (Freeman) Paine
  Paine, Emeline wife of Frank Paine, died May 17, 1914 age 77 yrs. Believe earlier records listing her as Loory was in error, I believe she was Emeline Ivory, daughter of Cornelius & Mary Ivory. Her children were: Adelbert, Ida C., and Elva. (Their daughter Ida Cornelia married Aug. 22, 1894 George Frank Smith, son of Bradford Smith and Susan Hauslander.
  Paine, Adelbert son of Frank & Emeline Paine, died June 30, 1869 age 12 yrs.  
  Paine, Polly wife of James Paine, died Sept. 23, 1873 age 85 yrs. Headstone was covered with sod and broken. Now repaired and reset. Missed in earlier records. Her husband James Paine may also be buried here, he was still living in 1820, he was a soldier of 1812 War. It appears there is several graves on the left side of her grave. Her daughter Charlotte Mulks is buried at her right. 1. John James Paine b: 4 MAY 1808] 2. Silas F. Paine b: 14 SEP 1809] 3. Walter Paine b: 26 OCT 1811 in NY] 4. Washington Paine b: 17 NOV 1814] 5. Mary Paine b: 22 MAY 1816] 6. Chauncey Payne b: ABT 1818 in NY] 7. Paine b: BET. 1819 - 1820] 8. Phillip Henry Paine b: ABT 1821] 9. Adaline Payne b: BET. 1823 - 1825] 10. Josephine Paine b: ABT 1825] 11. Charlotte Payne b: ABT 1827 in NY] 12. Franklin Payne b: ABT 1828 in NY
  Payn, Edward died Oct. 27, 1879 age 80 yrs., 6 mo's
"Thy statutes have been my song in the house of my pilgrimage"
born Apr 27, 1799, 1st wife Sophia Armstrong 2nd wife Catherine Elizabeth Nelson, born Jan. 1817. Children by 1st marriage: Horace W., John Henry, Caroline, Marinda, Sophia wife of Edmund Dennis, Daruis, Silas A. Child by 2nd marriage: Addison W. Payne
  Payn, Adison W. veteran's flag Co. A 109 NY Vol., son of Edward & Catharine Payn died Nov. 8, 1862 age 18 yr's 6 mo's 6 dys. Two headstones are found for Adison, surname spelled Payne/Payn/Paine. Town of Caroline records: Addison W. Payne, was born Apr 22 1844 in Caroline, NY. He enlisted on Aug. 10, 1862, for a term of three years. He died of disease (inflammation of the lungs) His remains were conveyed home and buried in Central Chapel Cemetery.
  Perry, Joseph (2nd) veteran's flag died April 22, 1910 age 94 yrs. Private Co. B 179th NY Regt; enl. Sept. 5, 1864. 1860 Caroline Census: Perry, Joseph 42, Lovina 38, Louisa 19, Rosina 15, Eugene 7, William 74
  Perry, Lovina wife of Joseph Perry, died Sept. 10, 1890 age 69 yrs.
"A precious one from us has gone
A voice we loved is stilled
A place is vacant in our home
Which never can be filled"
She may be the daughter of Simeon & Rosina Perry, he states in his will he had a daughter Lavina, wife of Joseph Perry.
  Perry, Eugene son of J. & L. Perry, died Feb. 10, 1882 age 28 yrs. ""We are drifting on the tide while he has gained the shore." Name listed on Joseph & Lavina Perry's monument.
  Pierce, John born Jan. 16, 1804 died Jan. 27, 1883 son of Joshua Pierce who was born abt. 1768 in MA., died Sept. 19, 1849, Joshua is buried on the old homestead near Bush Rd & Shindagan Hollow Road. Joshua Pierce married an American Indian, b. MA
  Pierce, Mary A. wife of John Pierce, born July 9, 1808 died Sept. 9, 1882 Mary A. Howe; children of John and Mary: Albert, Samuel, Adelia
  Pierce, Albert born 1831 died 1907 son of John & Mary (Howe) Pierce

Pierce, Lucetta wife of Albert Pierce, born 1855 no death date on monument Lucetta "Lucy" Hill, born May 20, 1855 in Rome PA. Family records state she is not buried here, but Town of Caroline death and burial records state the following: Lucetta M. Pierce died Jan. 27, 1939, burial in Central Chapel Cemetery. Family records state she died in East Windsor, NY. She married 1st Henry Vought 2nd Albert Pierce.
  Pierce, Charles O. born 1879 died 1913 Charles Owen Pierce, son of Albert & Lucy (Hill) Pierce. Charles was killed at the age of 34 when a tree fell on him in the woods. Charles & Maude had 5 children: Ruth, Gladys, Pauline, Albert and Helen.
  Pierce, Maud L. wife of Charles O. Pierce born 1885 - no death date Not buried here. Maud Lavina Shranger is buried in Kings Cemetery, Ithaca, NY. She was adopted by Frank & Rose (Owens) Stevens. Maude married 2nd Homer Lee and had several more children by him: Homer Lee, Lloyd, Robert, Mary, Marie/Mariel, Ann, and Betty Lee.
  Pollard, William died June 1, 1859 age 44 yrs., 28 dys.  
  Quick, Sarah wife of Jacobus Quick, died Dec. 16, 1854 age 75 yrs., 3 mo's 9 dys 2nd wife of Jacobus.
  Quick Jacobus died March 30, 1854 age 80 yrs., 25 dys. born July 5, 1773, Ulster Co., NY Married twice 1st Sarah Osterhoudt 2nd Sarah Roosa - his children (by which wife is unknown) Benjamin, Christian Catrina, Jacobus, Maria, Henricka, Susannah, Sarah, Johannes, Abram, Isaac, Richard, Josiah, Samantha.
  Quick, Sally daughter of Jacobus & Sarah Quick, died Nov. 5, 1826 age 20 yrs., 8 mo's 23 dys.  
headstone Quick, Benjamin died Nov. 14, 1826 age 34 yrs., 7 dys.
His gentle spirit soars away to dwell with God in endless day.
A tree has grown into his heastone, it is still standing but cracked from the force of the tree. Another headstone for Benjamin Quick is found on Brearley Hill in the Carl family plot, same death year, age is 36 yrs., 7 dys. He married twice, 1st wife unknown, but may have been a daughter of William Carl. His son Ira C. Quick, born 1820. He married 2nd Rebecca Hardy, born 1798, they had a child named Benjamin Henry Quick, b. Jan. 2, 1827, he was born just a few months after his father's death.
  Quick, Louise M. Evans wife of Richard S. Quick, died July 1, 1863 age 29, yrs., 2 mo's 25 dys. She was living with the James Quick's family age 16 in the year of 1850, Louise had no children.
  Quick, Richard S. died Feb. 6, 1892 age 73 yrs., 10 mo's 20 dys. Richard Scott Quick, son of Jacobus & Sarah Quick. Richard married 1st in the Town of Caroline, 1852 Louisa M. Evans, born abt. 1834. Richard married 2nd on May 4, 1864 to Mary A. Winchell, born Aug. 23, 1839 in Caroline, NY., died Sept. 12, 1893 in Brookton (now Brooktondale), NY, Children by Mary Winchell: Minnie Louise married George Young; Myra Cornelia 1867-1869; Hattie M. died 1869; Robert W. married Marjorie Ellis; Horace G. married Fay P. Sheldon; Louis H.,, married Georgia Bryant; Zaida married Walter C. WAre.
  Quick, Mary A. wife of Richard S. Quick born 1839 died 1893 Mary A. Winchell, born Aug. 23, 1839
  Quick, Myra C. died March 28, 1869 age 2 yrs., 14 dys born 1867 in Caroline, Tompkins Co., NY., daughter of Richard S. & Mary A. Winchell Quick
  Quick, Katie M. died March 22, 1869 age 6 mo's Family states this is Hattie M., daughter of Richard and Mary Winchell Quick.
  Quick, Richard R. son of Abram H. & Mary Quick, died May 20, 1861 death date is the only part of inscription that can be read, age is not readable.
  Quick, Charles born 1885 died 1925  
  Quick, Eliza born 1886 died 1926 wife of Charles Quick, daughter of Eugene & Mary (Perry) Brown. Eliza had a daughter from a previous relationship, her name was Anna Brown.
  Quick, William G. born 1880 died 1917  
  Quick, Wm Claude Unmarked grave Town of Caroline death and burial records lists Wm Claude Quick, died July 17, 1918, burial Central Chapel Cemetery.
  Quick, Wm H. veteran's flag born Oct. 14, 1820 died March 31, 1886
Low, death cometh quietly
POW, Private, Co. B 179th NY Reg't enl. Sept. 3, 1864, son of Frederick & Sarah (Earsley) Quick
  Quick, Angeline Dolson wife of Wm H. Quick, born April 2, 1819 died April 1, 1871
Thou art gone to the grave
Their children were: Frederick b. 1844, Charles, b. 1848
  Quick, John W. veteran's flag Co. B 21st NY Cav., Born & Died in Caroline. No dates on headstone. Private, enl. 1863, taken prisoner Feb 18, 1864; paroled Feb. 27, 1864, his headstone is the same as Simeon D. Quick's
  Quick, Simeon D. veteran's flag Co. B 109th Reg't. N. Y. S. Vol, Born in Caroline Died in Candor. 1850 Caroline Census: Simeon D. Quick age 27, Sarah age 28, Daniel F. 6, Eliza C. 4, Mary Quick age 68, born NJ. Also found for Town of Caroline, Tompkins Co., NY; Simeon D. Quick, private Co. D 143d NY Reg't; enl. Aug 1862; died Nov 29 1864 of disease, unknown if same person.
  Quick, Frederick veteran's flag born Nov. 26, 1791 died May 11, 1876
Gone but not forgotten
War of 1812
  Quick, Sarah Earsley wife of Frederick Quick, born July 10, 1801 died Nov. 3, 1887 daughter of John & Eunice (Aldrich) Earsley
  Quick, Daniel F. veteran's flag born 1843 died 1925  
  Quick, Frances B. born 1897 died 1913
Gone but not forgotten
He had a large monument which had fallen over, this monument was reset and is now in very good condition.
headstone Reed, James B. veteran's flagCorp., Co. A. 109th N.Y. Reg't.; enl Aug. 11, 1862. Born 1841 died 1875 1850 Caroline Census; Benton Reed 35, Mariah 31, James B. 9, Sarah A. 6, Julia C. 4
headstone Reed, Amelia E. wife of James Reed, born 1846 died 1923  
  Reed, Elizabeth born April 26, 1908 died May 7, 1908 Surname, must be Burnett; inscription reads: Elizabeth Reed Burnett, name on Reed Monument
  Reed, Benton died Nov. 3, 1888 age 73 yrs., 2 mo's 28 dys 1860 Caroline Census; Reed, Benton, age 45, Maria 41, James 18, Sarah 16, Julia 14, Herman 10, Cora 1
  Reed, Maria wife of Benton Reed, died Nov. 16, 1900 age 81 yr's 2 mo's 22 dys "Meet me there"
  Reed, Julia E. born 1846 died 1916 Town of Caroline death and burial records lists Julia E. Reed, died Aug. 25, 1916
  Reed, Herman D. son of B. & M. Reed, died Jan. 31, 1880, age 29 yrs., 4 mo's 4 dys.  
  Schoonmaker, Catherine died Sept. 3, 1866 age 68 yrs.  
  Schoonmaker, Benjamin son of Moses D. P. & Jemima Schoonmaker, died Jan. 16, 1828, age 17 yrs., 6 mo's 29 dys.  
  Schoonmaker, Moses D. P. died Oct. 15, 1815 age 41 yrs.
  Schoonmaker, Jemima wife of Moses D. P. Schoonmaker, died Jan. 21, 1836 age 58 yrs., 6 mo's 2 dys. Her headstone has a tree grown around it.
  Schoonmaker, Mary daughter of Jacob D. & Elleanor Schoonmaker, died July 13, 1851 age 22 dys Headstone is very worn and hard to read.
  Schoonmaker, J. D. died March 1, 1887 age 90 yrs. Jacob Dewitt Schoonmaker, son of Moses & Jemima Schoonmaker, his first wife was Susan Yaple who died young and is buried on the old Earsley Farm in Caroline. Her headstone was removed from her grave and is now on display in the Town of Caroline History Room.
  Schoonmaker, Eleanor wife of J. D. Schoonmaker, died Feb. 17, 1886 age 82 yrs.  
  Schoonmaker, Philip his son, died Nov. 20, 1854 age 29 yrs. The above inscription is on the Schoonmaker monument. When we were restoring this cemetery a second headstone was found for Philip, inscription had: Farewell child, wife and father He was the son of Jacob & Susan Yaple Schoonmaker. Philip married Mary Ann Smith, daughter of Wm & Polly (Vickery) Smith, she married 2nd Charles William Scutt, son of Abram & Delight (Bishop) Scutt. Abram & Delight are also buried in this cemetery.
  Schoonmaker, J. J. born 1848 died 1905 Newspaper clipping: John J. Schoonmaker of Central Chapel died May 1905 aged 57 yrs.
  Schoonmaker, Mary A. wife of J. J. Schoonmaker, born 1854 - no death date listed Believe this is the Mary A. Schoonmaker listed in the Town of Caroline, death and burial records: Mary A. Schoonmaker, died April 11, 1937, burial Central Chapel Cemetery.
  Schoonmaker, Edna M. daughter of J. J. & Mary A. Schoonmaker, born 1884 died 1905  
  Scutt, Abram died May 29, 1856 age 53 His headstone was broken and in very poor condition and could not be repaired, it was placed flat on the gound in gravel. Believe he was the son of Jeremiah Schutt/Scutt and Susanna Fosburg. He was born May 27, 1803
  Scutt, Delight wife of Abram Scutt, died March 7, 1902, age 91 yrs., 9 mo's 20 yrs. Delight Bishop, daughter of John & Rhoda Bishop. Her headstone was also broken and in poor condition, it could not be repaired when the cemetery was restored in 2003. It was placed flat on the ground, set in gravel. See Bishop Genealogy
  Scutt, Gilbert E. born 1834 died 1920 son of Abram & Delight Bishop Scutt. He died April 12, 1920
  Shaff, Sarah E. wife of Alexander Shaff, born 1846 died 1884 Sarah E. Jansen, on Jansen Monument
  Snyder, Hiram H. son of Samuel & Catharine Snyder, died Nov. 21, 1835 age 15 yrs., 2 mo's 23 dys. Samuel & Catherine Snyder moved to Tioga Co., NY. A record found in "Wills, Church, Bible & Cemetery Records for Schneider/Snyder by Catherine Machan Martin, of Sarah M. Snyder, wife of Samuel Snyder, died Feb. 26, 1873 age 65 yrs., buried in this cemetery, but no other record has been found, nor a headstone, unsure if that information was correct.
  Spaulding, Alonzo Unmarked Grave Town of Caroline death and burial records lists Alonzo Spaulding, died May 26, 1925, burial Central Chapel Cemetery.
  Spaulding, Nancy E. Unmarked Grave Town of Caroline death and burial records lists Nancy E. Spaulding died May 30, 1925, burial Central Chapel Cemetery.
  Stevens, Ayers C. son of David & Catherine M. Stevens, died Jan. 2, 1846 age 2 yrs., 6 mos. His father was buried in Garrett Mandeville Cemetery, his mother remarried Abram Lane for her third husband. Town of Caroline Poormaster's book lists his death date as Jan. 2, 1848 age 2 1/2 years, died of Inflamation in brain.
  Sullivan, John died Nov. 18, 1865 age 79 yrs., 11 mo's See Sullivan Genealogy
  Sullivan, Mary wife of J. Sullivan, died March 3, 1867 age 50 yrs., 3 mo's  
  Sullivan, Mary wife of John Sullivan, died May 12, 1870 age 82 yrs.  
  Sullivan, David died June 10, 1892 age 73 yrs., 7 mo's 1850 Caroline Census; Sullivan, David 37, Mary 34, Abram C. 11, Mary A. 4, born Pa., Mary Chambers age 66 born Pa., was also living with them.
headstone Sullivan, Mary J. wife of David Sullivan, died May 30, 1867 age 50 yrs., 8 mo's 3 dys. "She is gone, our mother dear
Why should we mourn or shed a tear?
She's free from trouble, grief and pain
Why should we wish her back again?"
  Sullivan, Lucinda T. his wife, died Feb. 22, 1897 age 72 wife of David Sullivan, he married Feb. 7, 1887 Lucinda T. Knapp
  Sullivan, Sarah M. wife of David Sullivan, died May 9, 1882 age 65 yrs. "One less to love on earth,
One more to meet in heaven.
  Swica, Mary Unmarked Grave Town of Caroline death and burial records lists Mary Swica died Jan. 21 1932, burial Central Chapel Cemetery. 1930 Caroline Census: Simon Swica 44, born Poland, Mary wife, born abt. 1889 age 40, also born Poland, with son Stanley age 15, born Penn., another son Frank age 14, born Penn.
  Turk, Rev. Cornelius veteran's flag died Aug. 1, 1860 age 79 yrs., 13 dys Found in New York Military Equipment Claims, War of 1812: Cornelius Turk, Residence of appicant, Caroline, NY, amount allowed $60.00.
  Turk, Mary wife of Cornelius Turk, died Sept. 2, 1866 age 83 yrs., 7 mo's 23 dys. Mary Delong, daughter of Eleanor Delong. Her name is on Turk Monument
  Turk, Arthur J. son of Zachariah & Mary Turk, died June 3, 1864 age 11 mo's 14 dys  
  Turk, Lottie U. daughter of John D. & Ann Turk, died Sept. 21, 1866 age 8 mo's 13 dys.  
  Turk, Theodore son of John D. & Ann Turk, died Dec. 16, 1851 age 8 yrs., 2 mo's 26 dys.  
  Turk, Frances M. daughter of Zachariah & Mary L. Turk, died Nov. 25, 1861 age 13 yrs., 3 mo's " God wanted our bright angel more
And from the midst of grief's alarm
He carried Frances tenderly to rest in Jesus' arm."
  Turk, Isaac veteran's flag died Aug 3, 1890 age 75 yrs., 9 mo's 22 dys. Civil War?
  Turk, Adaline wife of Isaac Turk, died March 25, 1877 age 36 yrs., 1 mo 23 dys. Adaline Dean/Doan
  Turk, George W. died Oct. 3, 1886 age 23 yrs., 4 mo's 25 dys. Believe he was the son of Isaac & Adaline Turk.
  Turk, Marcellus died Jan. 7, 1890 age 31 yrs., 2 mo's 4 dys. Living with Zachariah Turk in 1860, age 1 year, could be Zachariah's son.
  Turk, John D. born 1819 did 1901 Caroline Census 1860: Turk, John 40, Ann 32, Eliza 14, Emeline 11, Theordore 7, Barney 4, Monford 4 months.
  Turk, Anna wife of John D. Turk born 1827 died 1892 Anna Finch ~ Town of Caroline marriage records: Montford Turk from Slaterville Springs, NY., age 24, born Slaterville Springs, NY; a carpenter, son of John Turk and Anna Finch, married Nov. 11, 1883 to Rebecca Osborn from Port Crane, NY, age 19, born Port Crane, NY, daughter of Benjamin Osborn & Unice Randall.
  Turk, Barney J. son of J. D. & A. Turk, died Nov. 22, 1861, age 4 yr's 5 mo's 24 dys. When the cemetery was restored, Barney's little monument was reset. Under his monument was found pieces of another grave marker, the only part of this marker that could be read was: Sidney, son of Elezar & Harriet. No surname could be read. It is unknown if this headstone was from this cemetery or if it was just used as a foundation to set the monument.
  Willard, Orea son of F. W. & Jemima Willard, died Sept. 25, 1857 age 3 yrs., 12 dys Headstone very worn in 2003, buried in the Schoonmaker plot. Two older records of Worden and Lockwood, lists his age as 3 mo's 12 dys (Worden's records) 2nd record states dates were died Sept. 25, 1877 age 3 yrs., 12 dys. Every effort to read this heastone was taken in 2003, and I believe the correct date and age was 1857, age 3 yrs., 12 dys.
  Willard, Franklin W. died Dec. 19, 1905 age 78 yrs. Franklin W. Willard was the son of John & Deborah Hungerford Willard, he was born Aug. 30, 1827. He married Jemima Earlsey. Children of Franklin & Jemima (Earsley Willard were: George, Mary, Everett, Orea, Charles, Curtis, Elno.
  Willard, Jemima Earsley wife of Franklin W. Willard, died Dec. 4, 1905 age 72 yrs. Daughter of George & Mary "Polly" (Schoonmaker) Earsley, born Nov. 14, 1833.
  Willard, infant daughter of F. W. & J. Willard, no dates Not found in 2003, this record is from Elmer Lockwood's record.
  Willard, Charles A. Unmarked Grave son of Franklin & Jemima (Earsley) Willard. He was born Aug. 18, 1861. Town of Caroline death and burial records lists: Charles A. Willard died March 27, 1920, burial Central Chapel Cemetery.
  Willard, Elno Unmarked Grave son of Franklin W. & Jemima (Earsley) Willard, born July 26, 1867. Town of Caroline death and burial records lists: Elno Willard died May 9, 1931, burial Central Chapel Cemetery. (I believe his wife was Jennie)
  Willard, John Unmarked Grave Per family records of the Willard family, he and his wife are buried in Central Chapel Cemetery. John was from Vermont, and died of apolexy after living in the Town of Caroline for 47 years. Birth and death date are unknown. He was the father of Franklin W. Williard, listed above.
  Willard, Deborah (Hungerford) Unmarked Grave wife of John Willard, per family records of the Willard family, she is buried here. Unknown birth and death dates.
  Williams, Florence J. born Oct. 29, 1929 died Nov. 4, 1929 Small ceramic angel sitting on this grave. Town of Caroline death and burial records lists Florence Jean Williams died Nov. 4, 1930, burial Central Chapel Cemetery. It is unknown who her parents were.
  Yaple, Alice May daughter of C. E. & Charlotte E. Yaple, died June 16, 1864, age 5 yrs., 5 mo's 9 dys. 1860 Caroline Census lists: Charles Yaple age 25, Charlotte age 24, Alice 2, with Lucinda Yates age 22 living in their home. I believe Charlotte was Charlotte Yates. Lucinda was her sister. Charlotte Yates was the daughter of Amariah & Phebe (Reed) Yates.
  Yaple, Mrs. Jane wife of Peter Yaple, died May 7, 1830 age 23 yrs. Jane Hazen Schoonmaker, 1st wife of Peter Yaple. Peter married 2nd Lydia Bush Smith, 3rd Abbie Ward Patterson. Peter was the son of Philip & Mary (Earsley) Yaple.
  Yaple, William born Nov. 16, 1804 died July 8, 1889 son of Philip & Mary (Earsley) Yaple
  Yaple, Affa wife of William Yaple, born April 27, 1806 died Dec. 8, 1882 Affie Snow Wood: Children of William & Affie Yaple were: Sarah Maria, married John McWhorter, John James married Mary Head; George W. married Mary Jordan; William Franklin married Ella L. Eastman
  Yaple, George W. born 1839 died 1926 Large monument with George, Mary & Freddie listed on it. George W. Yaple was born July 16, 1839 died Jan. 5, 1926 age 86 yrs.
  Yaple, Mary E. Jordan wife of George Yaple born 1844 died 1916 daughter of John Jordan; children of George and Mary were: John W., and William M. Yaple.
  Yaple, Fredie D. Their son, son of G. W. & M. E. Yaple, died May 27, 1873 age 20 mo's 20 dys. His name is on Yaple monument, plus he has a single headstone.
  Yaple, Wm. F. veteran's flag Co I 179th N. Y. Inf. No dates May be William Franklin Yaple, son of William & Affie Wood Yaple, born 1842 died Oct. 5, 1922.
  Yaple, Elva wife of John Yaple, born May 31, 1874 died March 22, 1898  
  Yaple, Eleanor M. daughter of John & Elva Yaple, born Mar. 10, 1898 died Oct. 10, 1898  
  Young, Adelia Pierce wife of James Young, born Feb. 20, 1834 died Oct. 20, 1910 Believe she was the daughter of John & Mary (Howe) Pierce. They had a son Reynolds Young
  Young, James S. born Jan. 26, 1832 died Jan. 20, 1909 Son of Catherine (_______). His mother was married at least three times, 1st Mr. Young, 2nd David Stevens, 3rd Abram Lane.
  Young, Reynolds B. born Oct. 2, 1859 died June 6, 1925 son of James & Adelia (Pierce) Young
  Young, Minnie Schooley
wife of Reynolds B. Young, born June 25 1865 died July 11, 1918 daughter of Nathaniel & Juleitta (Myers) Schooley
  Young, Rita M. born Dec. 11, 1898 died Aug. 15, 1984 daughter of Reynolds & Minnie (Schooley) Young. (Last known burial in this cemetery

Dennis Whittaker & Janet M. Nash restored this cemetery (2003). Headstones and monuments, were reset, broken and cracked headstones were repaired. This project took started in the spring and was not completed until late fall. Janet M. Nash was also the fund raiser for this project, and helped Dennis Whittaker with monument repair, clean up of cemetery, recording inscriptions, and made a map of headstone location.  Mike Munch helped lift some of the heavy monuments.  James Weaver helped remove debris and help at some of the finishing touches needed after restoring the cemetery. Donations of money and materials for restoring the cemetery were made by Janet M. Nash, Florence Starr, Elaine Crispell Genung, Anna Hines, Cindy Whittaker, Duree Evans and JanMarie.
A thank you to all of the people that bought books from JanMarie, all profit went to the Cemetery Clean Up Project.
Thank you Barry Goodrich for making a new gate for the cemetery.
Thank you Greg Harrington for keeping the cemetery mowed for many years.  The Town of Caroline is know taking care of hiring the mowing done 3 times a year.
Elmer Lockwood recorded the headstone inscriptions of this cemetery in the year of 1960. I have used his records as a reference when the headstone could not be read or found. Mr. Lockwood did not record all headstone inscriptions of this cemetery. Dora Pope Worden also recorded headstone inscriptions of this cemetery in the 1920's, but she missed some of the burials too.  By walking in this cemetery, it is clear there are still many unmarked graves. This cemetery record was recorded from the headstone inscriptions on June 13, 2001 - by JanMarie & Cathy Knauff, and updated in the summer of 2003 while the cemetery was being restored. More burials which are unmarked were added from The Town of Caroline death and burial records for the years of 1914-1958.
Research was done by Janet M. Nash.

Thank you Stacey Foote for donating your Leonard, Reed, Burnett, Quick and Sullivan headstone photos.

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