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Cooper Cemetery

Also known as: Brookton Baptist Cemetery.
Located on White Church Road, about 1/2 mile above Brooktondale.  Cemetery is on the corner of roadway.

Brooktondale (Town of Caroline), Tompkins County, NY.
This cemetery is semi-active.

This cemetery is as complete as possible.

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  Surname Given Name(s) Dates Notes
View stone Annis, Lora May d. Jan'y 12, 1905 ae 16y On same marker with Charles W. Annis
View stone Annis, Charles W. d. Nov. 1, 1900 ae 7m On same marker with Lora May Annis
  Annis, Vera 1917 - 1984 Vera C. Beardsley, born April 20, 1917 died April 12, 1984, daughter of Herman S. & Winifred N. (Fowler) Beardsley, wife of Roy Annis, married July 13, 1934 in Brooktondale, NY.
  Annis, Roy 1912- 1994 b. Sept. 16, 1912 d. Oct. 18, 1994, son of Fred A. & Vida (VanDeMark) Annis 
  Annis, Vida May d/o Roy & Vera Annis 1935-1942 Veda Mae Annis died Sept. 11, 1942, per Town of Caroline Death Records
  Annis Fred Alfred   died Sept. 27, 1932, per Town of Caroline Death records. His wife was Viola M. Vandemark, daughter of Valentine & Hattie M. Vandemark
  Atwood, George W. 1822 - 1900 George was a farmer and railroad official
  Atwood, Sarah A. (Hollister) w/o George Atwood 1824-1901 Sarah Ann Hollister, daughter of Isaac & Ruth (Winchell) Hollister. Married 1st William W. Clock, who died July 11, 1851 and was buried in Morris Chapel Cemetery, Town of Caroline, NY
  Atwood, Fanny 1857-1916 Fanny Atwood, per Town of Caroline death records, died Nov. 11, 1916, believe she was the daughter of George & Sarah A. (Hollister) Atwood
  Atwood, Emma E. d/o George W. & Sarah A. Atwood d. Mar. 31 1878 ae 16y 5m No other information
View stone Ault, John, Co. I 179 Reg. N.Y.S. Vol. d. Nov. 29, 1897 ae 72y 9m 11d Civil War Veteran
View stone Ault, Catherine A. w/o John Ault d. Dec. 6, 1873 ae 48y 11m 10d No other information
  Austin, Donald "D. J." b. Mar. 13, 1969 d. Jan. 26, 1975 son of Donald Duane & Connie (Watkins) Austin
  Bacon, George    
  Bacon, Homer    
  Bacon, Howard    
View stone Bacon, Fred d. Aug. 30, 1910 ae 48y Spanish American War
View stone Bacon, Mina E., w/o Fred Bacon d. ___ Mina E. VanDeMark, no birth or death dates listed on monument.
View stone Bacon, Agnes d/o of Fred & Mina Bacon d. Sept. 1, 1904 ae 9m 21d  
  Beardsley, Herman 1891 - 1980 Herman S. Beardsley, age 89, born April 27, 1891 in the Town of Danby, he died Dec. 11, 1980 in Cortland Memorial Hospital after an extended illness. He was the son of James & Ida Mae (Hall) Beardsley
  Beardsley, Winfred 1893 - 1963 Winfred Fowler, wife of Herman S. Beardsley. She was a Postal Clerk in Brooktondale
View stone Bedell, Sarah M. (Scott) w/o Abijah Bedell b. Sept 23, 1823 d. Dec 11, 1892 2nd wife of Abijah Bedell
View stone Bedell, Abijah b. Sept 8, 1807 d. Dec 23, 1869 no other information
View stone Bedell, Sally Ann (Cooper), w/o Abijah Bedell b. Dec. 29,1807 d. May 7, 1855 daughter of James & Mary (Gray) Cooper.  Believed to be the first burial in this cemetery.
  Bishop, Austin J. 1806-1870 son of John & Rhoda Bishop
  Bogardus, Ira 1846- no death date on stone. Ira Bogardus died Feb. 23, 1923 per Town of Caroline Death Records
  Bogardus, Charity, wife of Ira Bogardus 1845-1921 died Oct. 28, 1921
  Bogardus, Homer E. s/o Ira & Charity Bogardus 1879-1894 no other information
  Bogardus, Charles Harlen, s/o Ira & Charity Bogardus No headstone found died Nov. 18, 1938, record is from death & burial records, Town of Caroline.
  Bogardus, Harlan 1851-19__ no other information
  Bogardus, Sarah (Gregory) w/o Harlan Bogardus 1850-19__ May be the Sarah Bogardus who died Feb. 19, 1921, buried in this cemetery.
View stone Boice, Lewis d. Apr. 12, 1864 ae 61y 10m 3d  
  Boice, Emeline d. Jan. 9, 1860 ae 12y 6m daughter of Lewis & Sarah Boice
View stone Boice, Sarah H. w/o Lewis Boice d. Sept. 22, 1888 ae 83y 5m 18d  
View stone Boice, Adda, d/o L. & S. Boice d. Sept. 24, 1884 ae 37y 4m 13d Never married
  Boice, Luther d. Sept. 7, 1872 ae 44y 3m 18d son of Lewis & Sarah Boice
  Boice, Nancy   See Stevens, believe she is buried next to her parents, Lewis & Sarah Boice, there is a marker next to her parents with "MOTHER" written on it. She married William H. Stevens, she was born 1827 in Chenango Co., NY and died Nov. 4th 1891, her death cert., states she was buried in Brookton. There is no headstone found with her name on it.
  Boyce, Sarah D. 1843-1919 wife of John J. Boyce
  Boyce, Lilly M. d/o John & Vina Boyce d. July 22, 1876 ae 1y 2m an earlier record had 6yrs 2m
  Boyce, Sarah Delphine died April 20, 1919 See above, most likely same person as Sarah D., this record is from Town of Caroline Death records.
  Boyce, John J. 1845-1929 Town of Caroline Death records has a John Boyce buried in this cemetery who died Nov. 13, 1931, even though the headstone of John J. Boyce has died 1929, this could still be the same person.
  Boyce, Vina w/o John J. Boyce d. Apr. 27, 1878 age 25y 2m  
  Brock, John F. 1913 - 1989  
  Brock, Evelyn B. 1914 - 1998 Was the first women Town Clerk in the Town of Caroline, Tompkins Co., NY
  Brown, Darrell A. b. Mar. 10, 1915 - d. Jan. 11, 2011
son of Bert & Phemia (Teeter) Brown 
  Brown, Mary S. May 12, 1917 - Aug. 18, 1986 wife of Darrell A. Brown 
  Carpenter, Lucille w/o Charles T. Carpenter d. Oct. 28, 1875 ae 25y 8m 3d  
  Clock, Jennie w/o Clarence Clock 1853-19_  
  Clock, Charles F. d. Mar. 18, 1875 ae 47y  
  Clock, Ezelia (Cooper) w/o Charles Clock b. July 18, 1837 d. Feb 1, 1916  
  Clock, Clarence E. 1849-1901 son of William & Sally (Hollister) Clock
  Clock, Sarah D. d/o C.F. & E. Clock b. Nov 13, 1862 d. Jan 18, 1863 ae 1yr 2mo  
  Clock, Jennie E. d/o C.F.& E. Clock b. June 29, 1869 d. Dec 3, 1898  
  Cook, Keith b. March 16, 1899 d. Apr. 21, 1976 TECH US Army WWII
  Cook, Roberta T. 1912 - 2002 Roberta Thayer
  Cook, Maurice A. 1916 -  
  Cook, Garth Alvin b. Dec. 28, 1943 d. Mar. 25, 1995 US Navy
  Cook, Maxine Dorothy b. 1953 d. 1953
(per Town of Caroline Records) died Nov. 24, 1953
  Cook, Jennie Esther 1921 - 1955
 (d. Oct. 21, 1955, per Town of Caroline Death Records)
View stone Cooper, Mary M. (Dobbins) 1842-1912 wife of Charles H. Cooper 
View stone Cooper, Charles d. Nov. 10, 1865 ae 81y  
View stone Cooper, Betsey (North), w/o Charles Cooper d. Sept. 28, 1864 ae 79y daughter of Orsenous North
  Cooper, John A. D. 1815-1898 son of Charles & Betsey (North) Cooper
View stone Cooper, William b. Sept 29, 1808 d. Apr 12,1901 son of Charles & Betsey (North) Cooper
View stone Cooper, Hiram
d. Apr. 7, 1890 ae 72y 11m son of Charles & Betsey (North) Cooper 
View stone Cooper, Roxana A. w/o Hiram Cooper d. Oct. 22, 1889 ae 67y 6m 3d Roxana A. Spaulding, daughter of William & Eunice Spaulding
View stone Cooper, Abigail D. (Seeley) w/o William Cooper b. Jan. 19, 1815 d. Oct 2, 1862 Daughter of Henry Seeley
  Cooper, Elosia d/o of William & Abigail Cooper d. July 7, 1864 ae 21y  
View stone Cooper, Phebe L., w/o William Cooper b. Apr 13, 1817 d. Feb 14, 1893 2nd wife of William Cooper. William, Abigail and Phebe's name all on same marker
  Cooper, Emily L. (Hill) w/o John A. D. Cooper 1830-1909  
View stone Cooper, Charles H. 1834-1921 Married Mary M. Dobbins 
View stone Cooper, Homer s/o William & Abigail Cooper d. July 1, 1871 ae 26y His headstone is starting to deface
  Crane, Squire Co. D. N.Y. H. Art. Civil War
  Cranmer, Mildred A. 1919 - 1964  
  Davis, William "Gone, but not forgotten" d. Apr. 6, 1876 ae 49y  
  Davis, Elizabeth, w/o John R. Davis d. July 21, 1868 ae 37y  
  Delmage, C. Lester Mar 10, 1918 - Jan 10, 1946 Vet. W W II (Clinton Lester Delmage)
  Delmage, Pearl "Mother" May 4, 1892 - Oct 13, 1953 Pearl Annis, daughter of Fred A. & Vida (VanDeMark) Annis, & wife of Clinton R. Delmage.  Married April 10, 1912 in Brookton, Town of Caroline, NY.  Clinton R. Delmage was the son of LeRoy & Mary J. (Marshall) Delmage. 
  Delmage, Herbert F. Aug. 17, 1918 - Nov 2, 1940  
  Delmage, Billy C. April 28, 1982  
  Delmage, David V. "Poppie" 1921 - 1979 C P L US Arym WWII Korea
  Delmage, LuAnn "Smokey" 1968 - 1969  
View stone Deputron, Hattie d/o Calvin & R. Deputron d. Nov. 13, 1885 ae 9y 7d On same marker as Birtha 
View stone Deputron, Birtha d/o Calvin & R. Deputron d. Nov. 23, 1886 ae 9y 10m 12d On same marker as Hattie
  Detrick Melvin    
  Detrick Anna, wife of Melvin b. 1917 - _____ daughter of John & Amanda Hendrickson
  Edson, Mary w/o Thomas Edson d. Feb 10, 1882 ae 56 or 66y 8m 10d  
  Edson, Thomas ? no marker found, Co. A 16th NY Art. - Civil War
  Fenner, Dorothy G. 1915-2003  
  Fenner, Collins 1908-1984  
  Fralick, Lucerne Co. C. 50th N.Y. Engs. Civil War  
  Fudger, Allen L. died Oct. 28, 2006 age 77 yrs son of George & Mary (Bacon) Fudger [married Florence Slutz]
  Gorton, Jay s/o W. J. & S. D. Gorton d. Mar. 1, 1883 ae 7y 6m 8d  
  Gorton, Phebe M. w/o Alonzo Gorton d. Feb. 4, 1888 ae 76y 3m Phebe M. Roe
  Gorton, William H. 1882-1957 Believe this is an error and the birth date should be 1828, needs to be checked again with the headstone.
  Gorton, Mary d/o W. H. & M. L. Gorton d. Jan. 15, 1864 ae 2m  
  Gorton, Sarah D. 1847-1918 William H. Gorton, age 54, son of Alonzo & Phebe M. (Roe) Gorton, married Sarah J. Sanderson, daughter of John & Elnor (Evans) Sanderson on Oct 28, 1882
  Gorton, Mary L. w/o W.H. Gorton d. Apr. 10, 1880 ae 48y  
  Gorton, Phoebe M. 1885-____  
  Gorton, Alonzo d. Oct. 3, 1888? ae 72y 2m  
  Gorton, John F. s/o W. H. & M. L. Gorton d. Oct. 12, 1863 ae 1y 6m  
  Gorton, Charles s/o W. H. & M. L. Gorton d. Feb. 18, 1862 ae 2y 9m  
  Gorton, Walter J. 1845-1919 Per Town of Caroline Death Records, he died Jan. 21, 1919
  Gould, Alfred 1831-1909  
  Gould, Azuba Ann 1825-1891 Azuba, was the daughter of John & Rhoda (Austin) Bishop
  Graham, William T. 1854-1937 William Tuttle Graham, died April 11, 1937
  Graham, Ella R. (Cooper) w/o Wm. 1857-1931 Daughter of John A. D. Cooper & Mandana Heath
  Hazen, Abram S. d. Nov. 2, 1879 ae 70y 7m 22d born Mar. 11, 1809, son of Jacob & Ann (Smith) Hazen
  Hazen, Jane w/o A.S.Hazen, d. Nov. 10, 1879 ae 64y 1m 6d Jane Ingalls, wife of Abram Hazen, daughter of Peter & Nancy (Winters) Ingalls
  Head, Isaac 1832-1899 Co. K 137th Inf., Civil War
  Heath, William M.
1860-1928 William Martin Heath, son of Justus & Fances Heath 
  Heath, Maud w/o William Heath 1866-1947 Maud Jansen, dau. of Oliver & Amelia Allen Jansen
  Heath, Justus H. 1831-1921  
  Heath, Frances S. w/o Justus Heath 1839-1913 Frances Smith Fralick
  Heath, Ernest L. s/o Justus & Frances Heath 1864-1875  
  Heath, Claude d. Oct. 13, 1918 ae 16y Claude Edward Heath, per Town of Caroline Death Records
  Heath, Roger   May be Roger Heath, b. Dec. 7, 1917 d. Oct. 1972, per SS death index
  Hendrickson, John Jacob Nov. 20, 1886 - June 1957 son of George & Lorritta (Rightmire) Hendrickson
  Hendrickson, Amanda Elizabeth (Finch), wife of John Jacob March 8, 1894 - Oct. 5, 1953  
  Hendrickson, Arthur DeForest March 27, 1932 - June 5, 2007 Son of John & Amanda (Finch) Hendrickson
  Huson Leon S. died Sept. 23, 1914 age ? No headstone found, this record is from the Town of Caroline death & burial records.
  Johnson, Jodiah s/o C. & M. D. Johnson d. Jan. 13, 1863  
  Johnson, Martha D. w/o Cornelius Johnson d. June 10, 1862 ae 54?y 5m 13d  
  Jones, Maryellen d. July 31, 2010 age 54 yrs. daughter of Russell "Sonny" & Dolores Turk Clark
  Keeler, Inez d/o Albert & Sarah Keeler 1865-1876  
  Keeler, Frances child of Albert & Sarah Keeler 1868-1872  
  Keeler, Albert 1813- 1889 Believe his first wife Abigail is buried in Yates Cemetery, Slaterville Springs, NY.
  Keeler, Sarah w/o Albert Keeler 1829-1902  
  Kenyon, Archie L. 1884 - 1967 Per his marriage record he was the son of Chas. A. Kenyon, born Neb., he married
April 8th 1913 to Ina Mary Predmore, see below for her parents.
  Kenyon, Ina M. 1881 - 1959 Ina Predmore, born March 21, 1881, daughter of William & Ellen (Andrews) Predmore, and wife of Archie Kenyon. 
  Kenyon, Glenn C. 1914 - 1996  
  Kenyon, Louise E., wife of Glenn C. Kenyon 1918 - 1971 Louise E. Stevens
  Kenyon, Glenn H. 1939 - 2003 Son of Glenn C. & Louise (Stevens) Kenyon, b. July 16, 1939 d. Oct. 2, 2003
  Kinsman, Clarence   burial per Town of Caroline Death Records, d. Dec. 19, 1929 (no headstone found)
  Kinsman, Mina E.   burial per Town of Caroline Death Records, d. June 28, 1937 (no headstone found)
  Lahrn, George A. 1957 - 1976 Surname maybe Lahr
View stone Lane, Jane E. w/o Isaac Lane b. Jan. 15, 1827 d. ____ No death on monument
View stone Lane, Isaac b. Oct 21, 1823 d. Apr 16, 1886  
  Ledger, Larry James Mar. 11, 1957 - Mar. 16, 1975  
  Ledger, Joseph NY Sgt. HQ Co. 14 Inf. WWI May 13, 1890 - Dec. 18, 1961  
  Ledger, Margaret V. M. Oct. 7, 1887 - July 11, 1971  
  Lehto, Vilho H. SS GT US Army WW II Dec. 28, 1918 - May 22, 1977  
  Losey, May, dau., of Maurice & Amelia Losey d. Aug. 2, 1872 ae 6y 9m 12d  
  Losey, Benjamin b. Jun 12, 1816 d. Mar 13, 1896  
  Losey, Helen M. w/o Benjamin Losey b. June 8, 1826 d.____ No death date listed
  Losey, Emma J. d/o Benjamin & Helen M. Losey d. Nov. 8, 1864 ae 17y 1m 16d  
  Madden, John 1821-1886  
  Madden, Ruth S. (Cooper), w/o John Madden 1825-1911 Daughter of Charles & Betsey (North) Cooper
  Mandeville, Mary E. infant d/o Theodore & Hattie Mandeville    
  Mandeville, Hattie (Ault) w/o Theodore Mandeville d. Dec. 19, ____  
  Mapes, Sarah E. d. Nov. 4, 1887 ae 32y 3m  
  Mapes, Charles H. d. Sept. 19, 1886 ae 2y 1m  
  Martin, Roxanna (Hendrickson) 1883-1957 Daughter of George & Lorritta (Rightmire) Hendrickson (per Town of Caroline Death Records, she died July 24, 1957
  Martin, John N. 1874-1943 Per Town of Caroline Death Records, he died Sept. 21, 1943
  McGraw, Mary Iola d/o John & Lucy M. McGraw d. June 28, 1870 ae 3y 20d  
  McKean, C.W. d. July 24, 1872 ae 59 yr  
  Miller, Eliza (Thurston) w/o Harley Miller 1849-1930  
  Miller, Emeline (Bishop) w/o James F. Miller b. Oct. 7, 1808 d. Nov 5, 1892 Daughter of John & Rhoda Bishop
  Miller, Melissa b. Jan 20, 1837 d. Sep 16, 1865  
  Miller, Sarah (Roe) w/o Harley Miller 1846-1884 Newspaper clipping notice of their marriage: Harley L. Miller of Caroline married at Motts Corners on Feb. 5, 1867 to Sarah E. Rowe [Roe] of Motts Corners. 
  Miller, Harley L. 1843-1924 Co. A 50 NY Inf. Civil War
  Miller, James F. b. Jan. 6, 1807 d. Mar 8, 1865  
  Miller, Frances A.   Per Town of Caroline Death Records, died Nov. 6, 1943
  Miller, Ford   Per Town of Caroline Death Records, died Oct. 16, 1946
  Parker, Herbert W. 1908-1974 b. Aug. 7, 1908 d. Dec. 1974
  Parker, Helen I (Young) 1916-2009 She  married 1st Mr. Orton 2nd Herbert W. Parker.  Helen died Dec. 11, 2009
  Parker, John B. 1905-1979  
  Parker, John Jr. 1935-____ This is most likely the John Wesley Parker on the Town of Caroline Death Records who died Nov. 8, 1935
  Parker, Maynard W. May 14, 1915 - May 11, 1988 Son of Walter J. & Clara (Dinehart) Parker
  Parker, Ruth M. (Kramer) w/o Maynard W. Parker Sept 24, 1924 - Feb 17, 1997 Married March 16, 1946
  Parker, Esther D. 1910-____  
  Parker, James LaVerne Oct. 26 1959 - Oct. 28, 1959 On same stone with Maynard & Ruth Parker
  Parker, Clara, wife of Walter Parker b. abt. 1875 d. July 8, 1937 Obit.: Caroline Depot - Mrs. Walter Parker died July 8th. She was Clara Dinehart. For a good many years she lived with Mrs. Jennings in Danby. She leaves besides her husband, a mother Mrs. Hoteling of Corning, five sons, John, Herbert, Robert, Maynard and Russell; 3 daughters, Mrs. Grace Schooley, Mrs. Mildren Frost, and Sara Parker. Mr. Sherman of the Nazarine Church conducted the service. Miss Dora Hilker and Mr. Vernon Hilker, Mrs. E. P. Kinsman and daughter Dawn Marie, Mrs. R. Parker and son Richard and Mrs. Hettie Vandemark a great, great aunt.
  Perry, Anna M. w/o Moses Perry d. Mar. 11, 1863 ae 72y  
View stone Personeus, Marcia E., w/o C. W. Personius d. Dec. 18, 1875 ae 27y  
  Personeus, Freddie, s/o Charles & Marcia Personius d. Oct. 6, 1888 ae___  
  Pierce, Julius M.   b. April 25, 1827 d. March 4, 1906, married 1st Emily Perrigo, who is buried in Ellis Hollow Cemetery, Dryden, NY., married 2nd Sarah ? (No headstone was found for Julius, his obit states he was buried in Brookton Baptist Cemetery
  Potter, Wallace F., NY PFC 409 Inf. 103 Inf. Div. WWII b. Feb. 17, 1921 d. Feb. 28, 1949 Wallace Frank Potter 
  Potter, Grace
b. Jan. 17, 1911 d. Sept 15, 1979  daughter of Walter & Clara (Dinehart) Parker.
  Predmore, Myron B. 1876-19__ Myron Bert Predmore, b. Dec. 3, 1876, son of William R. & Ellen Jane (Andrews) Predmore and husband to Margaret P. Hollister & Pearl M. Preston.  One would wonder if Margaret P. and Pearl M. may be the same person?
  Predmore, Margaret 1885-1935 Per marriage record: Margaret P. Hollister, born Jan. 21, 1885 in Candor, Tioga Co., NY.  Married Jan. 21, 1909 at Brookton (now Brooktondale) she was the daughter of Harvey & Sabelia (Ferris) Hollister.  At the time  she married Myron B. Predmore b. in Lodi, NY, son of Wm & Ella (Andrews) Predmore, it was the first marriage for both Myron and Margaret.  Wits. to their marriage were, Simon & Carrie L. Roe.
  Predmore, William Harold   Per Town of Caroline Death Records he died April 7, 1941.  Myron & Margaret Predmore had a son Harold W. Predmore, born abt. 1911. This may be their son.
  Predmore, Grace E. 1920-2004  
  Predmore, Harold W. b. Feb. 22, 1911 d. May 20, 2006  
  Predmore, Baby   Baby, no dates, next to Harold W. & Grace Predmore graves
  Reed, H. C., Co. 4 109 N.Y. Inf. Believe this to be Hiram C. Reed, no dates on headstone
  Reed, L. C., Co 4 109 N.Y. Inf. Believe this to be Leonard S. Reed, no dates on headstone
  Reed, Kenneth 1899-1900  
  Roe, James Corp. Co. A. 109th N. Y. Inf.  
  Roe, Addie d/o George & Julia Roe d. Aug. 22, 1871 ae 2y 25d  
  Roe, Mary d. Feb. 19, 1878 ae 89y  
  Roe, Simon 1849-1923 son of James & Sarah (Personius) Roe
  Roe, Carrie Louise (Clock) w/o Simon Roe 1868-1927 daughter of Charles & Ezelia (Cooper) Clock
  Ross, Martin J. 1869-1957 His obituary: The Rev. Martin James Ross, 88, of Brooktondale, died Friday, June 28, at this home.  He had served as pastor of the Baptist Church of Brooktondale in the earlier days of his ministry.  He wass also superintendent of the City Rescue Mission, Binghamton, for 15 years.  From Binghamton he moved to Brooktondale where he organized the Church of the Nazarene, and later held postorates elsewhere. Fifteen years ago, he retired to his home.  He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Bertha Ross and one daughter, Mrs Howard B. Miller, both of Brooktondale; one great-granddaughter and three grandchildren.  Funeral services were held yesterday at 2 p.m. at the Church of the Nazarene, Brooktondale.  The Rev. Renard D. Smith, district superintendent of the church officiated.  Burial was in Cooper Cemetery, Brooktondale.
  Ross, Bertha w/o Martin Ross 1876-19__  
  Rosevink, Sheri L. (Clark) Oct. 20, 1961 - Nov. 20, 1992  
View stone Rounsevell, Leroy 1885-1972 son of Judson & Anna (Salisbury) Rounsevell
View stone Rounsevell, Ruth (Cooper) 1884-1951 Ruth Edna, daughter of Charles H. & Mary (Dobbins) Cooper, died Sept. 29, 1951 per Town of Caroline Death Records.
  Schooley, Yvonne Nancy   Per Town of Caroline Death Records she died March 12, 1953
  Seelover, William   no other information
  Seely, Alonzo d. Jan. 18, 1881 ae 30y 7m  
  Seely, George W. 1821-1903  
  Shurter, Helen (Roe) 1848-1877  
  Shurter, Louise Infant d/o Helen Roe Shurter No dates  
  Spaulding, Fanny w/o Phineas Spaulding 1829-1911 Fanny Chamberlain
View stone Spaulding, Truman b. Oct 24, 1819 d. Apr 17, 1889 Son of William & Eunice Cowell Spaulding
View stone Spaulding, Eunice w/o Rev. William Spaulding d. Nov. 1, 1873 ae 78y 1m 18d Eunice Cowell 
View stone Spaulding, Hannah C., w/o Truman Spaulding b. Dec. 14, 1812 d. Dec. 1, 1893 daugther of Charles & Betsey (North) Spaulding
View stone Spaulding, Rev. William
d. Sept. 3, 1877 ae 82y 10d  
  Spaulding, Phineas 1824-1897 son of Rev. William & Eunice Cowell Spaulding 
  Stevens, Edward E. 1852-1931 son of William & Nancy (Boice) Stevens, died Jan. 1, 1931
  Stevens, W. H.
b. Feb 20, 1823 d. Aug 21, 1904 William, son of Amos & Laura Stevens
  Stevens, Nancy 1827 - 1891 Nancy Boice, wife of William H. Stevens, unmarked grave, believe she is buried next to her parents, Lewis & Sarah Boice. Nancy was born in Chenango Co., NY., died Nov. 4th 1891, per death cert., this cert. states she was buried in Brookton. Next to her parents there is a marker with only MOTHER marked on it. There is no other marker found with her name on it.
  Stevens, Minnie L., w/o Ira Stevens 1866-1919 daughter of William H. & Nancy (Boice) Stevens, she died April 22, 1919
  Stevens, Ira 1850-1920 son of James & Clarrisa Stevens
  Stevens, Philinda (Foote) w/o Edward Stevens 1852-1893 1st wife of Edward Stevens
  Stevens, Lena M., wife of Edward Stevens 1879 - 1971 2nd wife of Edward Stevens
  Stevens, Georgianna H. w/o James I. Stevens b. 1894 d. Dec. 10. 1971 daughter of George & Lorritta (Rightmire) Hendrickson, married James I. Stevens on Dec. 16, 1913 in Brookton (now Brooktondale).
  Stevens, James I. b. 1892 d. Mar. 14, 1961 ae 69y son of Ira & Minnie (Stevens) Stevens
  Stevens, Adah   Per Town of Caroline Death Records, died June 12, 1955
  Thompson, Thomas 1925 - 1972  
  Thompson, Fern U. 1930 - 2004  
  Tyner, Glenn H. 1911 - 2002  
  Tyner, E. Ruth 1915 - 2009
wife of Glenn H. Tyner, died March 18, 2009 
View stone Vandemark, Philena w/o William Vandemark 1846-1867 Philena A. Welch, on same marker with Wm., and Adaline C. Vandemark
View stone Vandemark, Almira w/o Jacob Vandemark d. Dec. 27, 1841 ae 32y Almira Carney
View stone Vandemark, Margaret, w/o Jacob Vandemark d. Feb. 8, 1856 ae 29y His 2nd wife, Margaret Brown
View stone Vandemark, Horace s/o Jacob & Almira Vandemark d. Feb. 5, 1851 ae 17y  
View stone Vandemark, Jacob d. Dec. 15, 1873 ae 71y Son of Benjamin & Jemima Personius Vandemark
View stone Vandemark, Thomas 1831-1912 Co. K 109th NY Inf., Civil War, son of Jacob & Almira Carney Vandemark, he married Susan Cutting
  Vandemark, Almira, dau., of Thomas & P. A. Vandemark d. Jan. 24, 1860 age 9m 7d  
View stone Vandemark, William 1840-____ no death date on marker, son of Jacob & Almia Carney Vandemark/Vandermark. Town of Caroline death records has a William Vandemark who died May 6, 1923 buried in this cemetery, may be the same William Vandemark.
View stone Vandemark, Adaline C. w/o William Vandemark 1843-1906 Adaline Lindsey (William, Philena and Adaline all share the same marker.
  Vandemark, Alfred s/o Elisha & Christiana Vandemark d. Oct. 6, 1864 ae 6m  
  Vandemark, Phebe A. w/o Thomas Vandemark d. Oct. 18, 1861 ae 22y 3m 7d Phebe Crawford
View stone Vandermark, Christiana M. w/o Elisha Vandermark d. Aug. 31, 1873 ae 40y 5m Christiana E. Brooks
View stone Vandermark, Hiram Corp. Co G. 50 N. Y. Inf. born abt. 1843 died Feb. 4, 1926, son of James & Rachel Personius Vandermark
  Vandemark, Phebe Ann d. Feb. 27, 1923 This record is from Town of Caroline Death Records. This may be Phebe Ann Dennis, wife of Hiram Vandemark, born abt. 1837 daughter of Peter & Anna Voorhis Dennis.
  Vandemark, Valentine d. May 11, 1936 b. abt. 1846, son of James & Rachel Personius Vandemark
  Vandemark, Hattie M., wife of Valentine Vandemark d. Sept. 15th 1927 no headstone found, record from Town of Caroline Death Records
View stone Vandemark, Harriet M., wife of Thom's Vandemark
died July 12 or 17, 1870, age ? 4 m's ? d's
  Watkins, Roger L. New York PFC US Army WWII BSM b. Nov. 17, 1921 d. Aug. 13, 1972 son of Raymond L. & Laura Woodard Watkins 
  Watkins, Helen 1920 - Helen Czerenda, wife of Roger L. Watkins
  Welch, Eliza w/o William M. Welch b. Oct 12, 1816 d. Oct 18, 1865  
  Welch, Naomi Ann w/o William M. Welch 1827-1896 daughter of William & Eunice Spaulding 
  Welch, William M. 1821-1897  
  Zimmer, Lloyd H. b. Feb. 22, 1929 d. Jan. 14, 2000  

This cemetery update was done by Janet Nash & Cathy Knauff from the headstone inscription in this cemetery and updating some of the records from the Town of Caroline Death Records for unmarked graves. Photos of the cemetery were taken by Cathy Knauff and Cheryl Hall
Thank you Jerri Rote for sending in corrections for Ruth and Leroy Rounsevell.
Thank you Diana Cole for your Hendrickson updates.

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