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Crowbar Point Cemetery

Also known as:
Carman Cemetery;
Camp Comstock Plot;
Camp Bailiwick Plot

Town of Ulysses, Tompkins County, NY.
Crowbar Point Cemetery is nestled in the woods on the west side of Cayuga Lake in the town of Ulysses. It is located on the east side of Route 89 (Taughannock Boulevard), approximately five miles from the Ithaca City line.

As the tombstones are not visible from the road, some additional landmarks are in order. If you stand at West Side Gas and Grocery (on the west side of Route 89, near the Garrett Road intersection), look across the highway. You will look across a field of grass to a line of trees. The cemetery lies just inside that line of trees. As you approach, you will see a section of trees which juts out toward you with a small opening. Inside that opening lies the cemetery. The cemetery is approximately 25 yards square. Many stones were never marked or are faded to the point that inscriptions are no longer visible. Most stones are toppled and broken.

Cemetery is inactive.

photograph of cemetery
All photographs by Lara Fletcher
(larger photo)

Please use Notes as a guide only!

Crowbar Point Cemetery is named after the piece of land on which it sits (called Crowbar Point by local fishermen) which juts into the Cayuga Lake. It is also referred to as Carmen Cemetery. According to Steve Weaver - owner of the West Shore Gas and Grocery since 1965 - a map of the area dated approximately 1853 labels this land as being owned by the Carman family. Later the land was owned by Liberty Hyde Bailey. Currently, the land is privately owned by Cheryl Fletcher who gives permission for people to carefully and respectfully enter the cemetery.

Inscriptions are from the first stone encountered when entering the clearing (on the west end of the cemetery) and proceed in a circle to the right (south).

View Stone Gilletta, wife of John C Carman died Aug 15, 1846 In the 91st year of her age" This first stone is in the best condition of the cemetery. (Note: shows Gilletta Swartout, born May 26, 1756, wife of John C. Carman, and daughter of Cornelius & Elizabeth Terbos Swartout. John C. Carman died June 1823 in Fishkill, NY; Their children were: Elizabeth, John, Cornelius, Mary, James, John 2nd, Hannah.
View Stone G. C. ? A tall thin slab lies near with the initials "G C"
(Here my notes differ from that of the Historical Center, which states "HC". However, my digital camera shows the initial to be G. Either the person who wrote down the info for the Historical Center made a mistake, or there is another stone with similar initials which is now lost).
View Stone ? ? Next is a small stone with no writing and a slab lying on the ground with no writing.
  ? d. __________ 3 ms., 19 days. Next is a broken stone with faded inscription.
The only words I could read are "3 ms, 19 days".
View Stone ?   Next is a row of three stones with no inscriptions.
More small broken stones lie in the twigs.
View Stone In memory of Joanna, wife of S. F. Mix who died Feb 3, 1822 aged 39 years  
  ? ? Near Joanna lies a cluster of six small broken stones.
  ?   broken stone
  ? ? broken stone
  ? ? broken stone
  ? ? broken stone
  ? ? broken stone
View Stone In memory of Conrad Nose died Jan 7th 1822 in the 12nd year of his age The History Center notes read the above number as "79nd" year.
I could very well be wrong, and my digital photo does not show that number as it's lying on a broken section of the stone. Funny, neither 12 nor 79 should have an "nd" after it, so I suppose it could be something altogether different. Needs to be re-checked. (This may be - in his 72nd year of his age)
  ? ? One or more broken stones.
  In memory of Hetty, dau. of Joseph & Mary Mathews died Sept 14, 1821 aged 4 yrs., 9 mo's 14 dys. This inscription is from an earlier reading found at the DeWitt Historical Society, no date was listed on this record to when the inscription was read or by who.
  In memory of Daniel Gregory, son of Ezra & Martha Gregory who died April 20, 1825 in 25th year of his age. This inscription is from an earlier reading found at the DeWitt Historical Society, no date was listed on this record to when the inscription was read or by who.

Thank you Lara Fletcher for your donation of this cemetery record and the accompanying photographs.
Thank you Karen Dickson for forwarding this record on to us.

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