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Gee Town Cemetery

Also known as: Gee Hill Cemetery

Town of Dryden, Tompkins Co., New York
Located on Gee Hill near Virgil, Cortland Co., line on Simms Hill Road, just west of Walker Road intersection. A sign in front of the cemetery reads:

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This cemetery is in very bad condition, many stones are broken and lying flat on the ground and from many earlier readings, there is no longer any sign of them being there.

photograph of cemetery
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Please use Notes as a guide only!

Surname Given Name(s) Notes
BACONTheodociad. Dec. 29, 1859 age 68 yrs., 7 mo., 19 dys.
[ note: b. May 10, 1791 d. Dec. 29, 1859 dau. of Joseph & Anna (BROWN)
SCOFIELD This stone is still readable, but lying flat on the ground "1999"]
BAKEREleazer B.d. Feb. 1, 1839, age 89 yrs., 11 mos. [Still readable in 1999]
BAKERPhebewife of Eleazer B. BAKER d. April 19, 1842 age 91 yrs., 2 mos. [Still readable in 1999, broken and laying flay on ground]
BLUEDanield. _________ 1847 (only readable writing in 1999) [note: 1993 records, d. May 30, 1847, in 75th yr. of his age.
BLUEMarywife of Daniel BLUE d. Nov. 30, 1848 in 75th yr. of her age. [Broken and lying flat on the ground, 1999]
BROWNIsaacStone gone in 1999 [note: 1984 Isaac BROWN d. April 13, 1851, age 75 yrs. Those That pass by remember you are born to die. The headstone was broke and lying flat on the ground.]
FITZHUGHCharlesd. ____________age 71 (?) yrs. (As per 1999, broke and writing almost gone.) [note: 1980’s stone was cracked and lying on the ground. 1980’s writing on headstone: In affectionate remembrance of CHARLES FITZHUGH who departed this life April ___ 1876 age 74 years. He has gone to his rest humbly Trusting in the mercy of his God.
Note: 1974 records state reading of As follows: d. April 2, 1876 age 74 yrs.
FITZHUGHAnnwife of Charles, d. Feb. 5, 1882 ___yrs., 11 mos., 25 dys. ( per 1999 walking of cemetery, stone was lying flat on ground)[note: 1984 records, d. Feb. 5, 1882 aged 74 yrs., 11 mos., 25 dys. ]
FITZHUGHJohn(headstone was gone in "1999")[note: 1974 found weathered and broken: John Fitzhugh son of Charles & Ann d. Jan. 16, 1861 aged 21 yrs., 11 mos., 28 dys. (Records from 1984 states he died 1864]
GEEMaryd. March 11, 1827 10 mos., 9 dys. (still readable in 1999)Daughter of Jonathan & Lorany GEE.
G.G.Footstone(there in 1999)
M.G.Footstone(there in 1999)
[note: Jonathan GEE b. Feb. 15, 1792 son of John & Mary (HUTCHINGS)
GEE married Lorany (BLUE). Jonathan GEE, his wife and his parents are Buried North Barton Cemetery, Tioga Co., NY: as per Charles M. Sandwick Sr. 1974 records.]
GIVENS_____arles ____of William(as per 1999 headstone reading, stone is broke, Cracked, lying flat on the ground.) [ note: 1984 reading: __HARLES __n of William & Aner GIVENS d. Oct. 31st 1828 age 4 yrs., 3 mos. This sprightly Child, a making stood. Stone in 1984, many broken pieces lying on the ground.
GIVENSGeorge Washingtond. March 13, 1837 age 7 yrs., 2 mos., 13 dys. Son of William & Aner GIVENS
GIVENSSarahd. June 29, 1849 age 2 yrs., 3 mos., Daughter of William & Aner GIVENS
GIVENSInfantdaughter of William & Aner GIVENS d. Nov. 8, 1849 age 4 mos., 8 dys.[ Note: Charles Sandwick SR. writes in 1974 the headstone of Charles GIVENS was found broken in 1974, the stones of the other three children were missing in 1974 but were found in 1933 (The Parents of these children are buried in Cortland, NY. William Givens d. Jan. 7, 1881 aged 75 yrs., 8 mos., 4 dys., and his wife Anna b. March 10, 1806 d. May 15, 1884)
S.G. Footstone
I. G. Footstone
Three headstones found in this area, all broken and in pieces, all unreadable.
HOLLENBECKDella(stone not found in 1999) [note: 1984 found Della Daughter of Frederick & Mary A.HOLENBECK d. March 24, 1859 age 3 yrs., 3 mos., 12 days. Laying flat on ground, with footstones F. H. D. H., Della’s stone found in 1974 but not listed in 1933.
F. H. Footstone
D. H. Footstone
HUNTER________Son of David & Eleanor HUNTER d. Dec. 24, 1836 age 2 yrs., 4 mos., 24 dys., (broken & on ground 1999)[note: 1974 records show: Alexander son of David & Eleanor, d. Dec. 24 1836 age 2 yrs., 4 mos., 24 dys.]
HUNTERWilliamInfant brother who died March 3, 1833 (reading 1999) [ note: 1974 with an infant brother by his side, (on same stone as Alexander HUNTER]
HUNTERMr. Alexanderd. May 26, 1833 age 65 yrs., 6 months (in1999 with footstone A. H., fallen over and broken in half. [Note; 1974: Mr. Alexander Hunter d. May 26, 1933 age 65 yrs., 6 mos., lying flat on the ground.]
HUNTERNancy R.daughter of Alexander & Sarah M. HUNTER d. Jan. 11th 1820 age 1 yrs., 9 mos. ( 1999 reading) [note: 1974 records state 11 yrs., 9 mos., on same stone with an infant by her side who died Dec. 22nd 1827.] Sleep on fair babes And Take they rest, God called thee home when he thought best.
HUNTERGeroge N.son of Alexander & Sarah M. HUNTER, d. Sept. 19, 1834, 11 yrs.When Blooming youth is snatched away, by deaths resistless hand. Our hearts the mournful tribute pay which pity must demand. [note: cracked and lying flat on the ground in 1999]
HUNTER__ancy J.dau. fo J_seph & Marg., or Mary HUNTER, d. ___25, ___2dys.,(1984) not found in 1999.
1933: Nancy J. HUNTER, d. Dec. 25, 1843 or 1842
F. H. Footstones
N. R. H. Footstone
D. H. Footstone
G. N. H. Footstone
HUNTERDavidwife, Eleanor [note: not found in 1984 or 1999]
HUNTERJosephwife, Margaret [note: not found in 1984 or 1999]
HUTCHINGSJohnd. March 24, 1854 age 75 yrs., 5 mos., 23 dys., [note: found in 1999 lying flat on the ground]
HUTCHINGSAbigailwife of John HUTCHINGS d. June 27, 1837 age 57 yrs., 10mos., 23 dys. [note: found in 1999, broken, bottom half in pieces]
HUTCHINGSPollywife of Wm. HUTCHINGS, d. Oct. 30, 1841, age 35 yrs., 8 mo., 18 dys. (found in 1999)
Weep not for me my husband dear, because I leave your armes,
My work is done. I am going home, to reast on Jesuses chames ?.
Weep not for me my children dear.
Weep _____I am gone, For _____me buried here.
_____________round his Throne.
Weep not for me my Kindred Friends, Tis Jesus _____me home.
Why, weep not now my trials are o’er and I’m called home.
Weep not for me my Christians dear, _________called to die.
Death ______the only open door to joys above the sky.
Weep not for me ye carless ones, because I go away.
My lamp of life is not put out, but light in perfect day.

[note: Polly wife of William Hutchings: according to the Scofield family records, Polly SCOFIELD b. Oct. 29, 1782 d. Oct. 30, 1841, daughter of Joseph & Ann (BROWN) SCOFIELD, married William HUTCHINGS, This Polly is believed to be the same Polly as buried here]
MASONHarrison J.d. Nov. 30, 1846, age 6 yrs., 1 mo., 27 dys. Son of Edward and Lettitia MASON ( found in 1999)
MILLERHenryd. ____________71 ? yrs.
found broken in half and lying flat on ground)
[note: 1984 records, d. April 17, 1860 age 74 yrs. with a footstone H. M.]
MILLEROlived. Nov. 5, 1854 age 59 yrs., 6 mos., 29 dys. (1999 lying on ground)[note: 1974 records state this stone was missing at that time, but was found in 1984 and again in 1999, 1974 records state: Olive SCOFIELD, b. April 16, 1795 d. Nov. 5, 1854, daughter of Ananias and Martha (WATERS) SCOFIELD married first ______EARLE: 2ND Henry MILLER of Virgil, NY. The writer is stating he felt readings of her headstone recorded in 1933 were read incorrectly and given as Nov. 5, 1831 as death date. As per readings 1984 and 1999 dates were taken from the headstone as Nov. 5, 1854 59 yrs., 6 mos., 29 days.
MILLSPrudencewife of Holms MILLS d. May 4, 1836 age 62 yrs (per 1999 reading) Her gentle spirt soars away, To dwell with God in endless day.[ note: as per 1974 records, Prudence SCOFIELD b. May 20, 1775, d. May 4, or 9,1836, daughter of Joseph and Anna (BROWN) SCOFIELD. Prudence married Holmes MILLS ].
SCOFIELDAnaniasd. Aug. 29, 1847 age 76 yrs., 7 mo., 15 dys. Wives Patty: Hannah: [note: Ananias b. Jan. 14, 1771, son of Joseph & Anna (BROWN) SCOFIELD married 1st Martha (WATERS) "Patty" b. June 20, 1773. Married Hannah __________b. abt. 1781 or 1782.
SCOFIELDAnaniasson of David & Mary SCOFIELD d. Aug. 3, 1832 age 1 yr., 10 mo., 26 dys. [ Headstone lying flat on the ground in 1999].
SCOFIELDEdwardIn Memory of Edward Scofield who died June 20, 1839 age 35 yrs., 1 mo., 27 dys. [note: Edward b. April 25, 1804, son of Ananias & Martha (WATERS) SCOFIELD. Stone is broken into three parts, bottom of stone is missing, as of 1999].
SCOFIELDHannahwife of Ananias SCOFIELD d. _______1839 age 57 yrs., [note: above is from headstone reading in 1999, stone is lying on ground: 1984 records show death date, Feb. 24, 1839].
SCOFIELDHenry[note: not found in 1999; 1984 records show, d. July 12, 1822 age 9 mo., 15 dys. Son of Joseph & Sally].
SCOFIELDJosephwife Ann (BROWN)
* See end of burials for write up on Joseph and Anna
SCOFIELDPattywife of Ananias SCOFIELD d. Sept. 30, 1830, 57 yrs., 3 mo.
Afflictions sore long time I bore, Physicians were in vain, Till God was pleased to give me ease and free me from my pain.
SCOFIELDMaryd. Sept. 29, 1883 age 83 yrs., [note: headstone in 1999, lying flat on the ground: Mary SCOFIELD b. Dec. 22, 1800 unmarried,, dau. of Ananias & Martha (WATERS) SCOFIELD].
SCOFIELDSally (MILLER)d. Sept. 30, 1830 age 37 yrs., 7 mo., 9 dys. [note: 1999, found: 1974 notes; wife of Joseph SCOFIELD Joseph Scofield b. July 11, 1798 d. ______, son of Ananias & Martha (WATERS) SCOFIELD. Married Sarah MILLER "Sally" b. Feb. 21, 1793].
SCOFIELDMary Ann (WINTERS)wife of David SCOFIELD d. Dec. 14, 1838 age 25 yrs.,[note: not found in 1999: 1984 found lying flat on ground].
SCOFIELDDavidb. Sept. 18, 1802 d. July 3, 1892 [note: found in 1984, not found in 1999; notes from 1984 David was the son of Ananias & Martha "Patty" (WATERS) SCOFIELD married 1st Mary Ann WINTERS, Born Jan. 12, 1813, married 2nd Hannah BOUTON born 1806 d. April 5, 1874].
SCOFIELDW.d. Feb. 6, 1853 age 70 yrs., 10 mo., 22 dys. ( 1999 findings, broke on ground ) [note: 1974 records states 40 yrs., old: 1984 records state 40 yrs., old. In both records stone was found lying flat on the ground in two parts. 1974 records state this was Williston SCOFIELD b. March 14, 1812 d. Feb. 6, 1853, son of Ananias and Martha (WATERS) SCOFIELD. Married Mary Jane______, had a son b. abt. 1844 or 1845.
SCOFIELDWalter[note: In 1999 this stone was broken in half could note read surname Only Walter who died Nov. 29, 1849, 10 wks. This stone is next to W. Scofield’s stone.
SHERMANNathanCo. E 185th Reg. NY Vol. d. Feb. 27, 1901 age 58 yrs. Small unmarked field stone next to this grave. (1999)
SHERMANSamuel R.son of Nathan & Mary SHERMAN d. April 3, 1843 age 38 yrs., 10 dys.
Who redeemeth the life from destruction who crowneth thee With Loving Kindness and Tender mercies.
Joseph Scofield: Anna (Brown) his wife. Their tombstones were not found in 1933, 1974, 1984 nor 1999.
Records of the Scofield family state that Joseph and Anna are buried in Gee Hill Cemetery, Dryden, NY. They came from Stamford CT. about 1802 and settled on Gee Hill where Joseph bought 200 acres in Lot 30, while his son Ananias bought 100 Acres nearby in Lot 20, both in the Town of Dryden. As records in Feb. 1803 in Liber E, pages 363 and 361, Cayuga County Deeds.
Joseph Scofield b. June 14, 1738 d. Oct. 30, 1818, he was a soldier in the American Revolution; Son of Joseph and Mary (HOIT) SCOFIELD. Joseph married Dec. 14, 1765, Anna BROWN b. 1746 d. March 7, 1827. (Joseph’s years of birth and death as given this record differ from those dated in the DAR Patriot Index b. 1739 d. 1836. However, there is evidence indicating that Anna was a widow by 1820.) It is clear that early burials in this cemetery may not be listed. Unless other records were recorded before 1933 their burial places will go unknown.
These cemetery records have been done to the best of our knowledge and are as complete as they can be made with the records from the past and by the reading of the headstones that are still left in a readable condition. From seeing the condition of this cemetery it is believed that with in a short time this cemetery will no longer hold the history of the burials for viewing. For that reason we are fortunate that this cemetery was recorded many years ago.

The information for this cemetery is from walking and recording the headstones in this cemetery on September 19th 1999 by Janet M. Nash, and compared by three other sources of records in the attempt to preserve the records of this cemetery and the memories of the people buried here.
The sources are as follows.
A list of inscriptions by Katherine Worden Crutts, April 24th 1933
Charles M. Sandwick Sr., & Raymond Rockefeller, July 27th 1974
Alan Chaffee 1884

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