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Grant Farm Cemetery

Located on Smily Hill Road. From Michigan Hollow Road, turn left onto Signor Road, when you see an old dirt road on the left, this is McFall Road. Turn left on McFall Road, travel abt. 2.2 miles up this road. This is state land, you will find a pull off on the right hand side of the road, park there. Walk a short distance up this road, there is a white square marker on a tree (left side of road), a short distance past the white marker is a NY State Lands sign. The burial plot is about 500 feet up the hill on the left side on of McFall Road. Burial plot is marked out by a stone fence around the graves. Note: Smiley Hill is an off season road, not in good condition. If you do not have a four wheel drive vehicle, best to walk this road.
Town of Danby, Tompkins County, NY.
Cemetery is inactive.

This record is as complete as possible at this time.

photograph of cemetery
(Photos by Elaine Cortright)
(larger photo)

Please use Notes as a guide only!

Surname Given Name(s) Notes
Burial ? no dates There are two field stones, one used for what appears to be a headstone marker, and another used for a foot marker. These markers are right next to the grave of John Grant. The markers are about 2 1/2 feet apart.  This would most likely be the grave of an infant. - no other information
John Grant died May 29, 1847 age 74 yrs. 1825 John Grant is living with no wife. (His first wife Persilla had died in 1822). One daughter under the age of 16, with another female living in household not married, age? On the top of John's grave there seems to be two markers. They are set about 2 feet apart unsure what the meaning of this would be, unless it is an infant buried on his grave. See his headstone
Phebe wife of John Grant died Sept. 6, 1851 age 74 yrs. In 1825 Danby census John Grant was not married. He would have married his 2nd wife Phebe some time after 1825. On an old record of the headstone inscriptions Phebe is listed as Phebe Brock. This is not listed on her headstone. 1850 Danby census lists: Grant, Phebe age 75, with 2000 value, living in her household is Brock, Polly age 47. See her headstone
Persilla wife of John Grant died Aug. 1822 age 50 yrs. There is no day of the month listed on her headstone. An earlier record listed she died on th 22nd of Aug., but that is not on her headstone. See her headstone

The records for this burial plot were made possible by the following people on August 16th 2003.

Jonathan Paul "J. P." & Erica Cortright
(J. P. Cortright found this cemetery when hiking on state land , he was our quide to locate the cemetery)

Ross & Elaine Cortright
(Ross & Elaine also had found this cemetery at an earlier date, unable to re-locate this cemetery, they made arrangements with J. P. to find the corrrect location. Elaine Cortright took the pictures of the headstones.)

Stephen & Janet M. Nash
(Headstone inscriptions were recorded by Janet M. Nash, and transcribed by the same)
All of the above searched this location for any missed headstones, none were found.

I would like to thank all of the above for their help in locating this cemetery and
helping preserve the history of the Grant family buried here.

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