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Lane Cemetery

Also known as: White Church Cemetery, Hoose Cemetery

Location: On White Church Road, about a half of a mile from the intersection of Coddington Road. Left side on a bank.
Directions: From Brooktondale, go straight on White Church Rd, travel toward Coddington Rd.
Town of Caroline, Tompkins County, NY.
Cemetery still is active.

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This record is as complete as possible at this time.
Records are from walking the cemetery to record headstone inscriptions by JanMarie and Cathy Knauff on August 23, 1999, then again July 25, 2000.

photograph of cemetery
Photo by Cathy Knauff
(larger photo)

Please use Notes as a guide only!

Name/Relationship Birth/Death/Age Notes
Rice, Polly H. 1819-1901 Mother we miss thee
Rice, Mary M. d. July 5, 1884 age 36 yrs. Gone but not forgotten
Rice, Joel d. June 10, 1928 burial per Town of Caroline death & burial records. No headstone was found for this person.
Eravy, Reuben 1878-1914 Reuben J. Ervay died Nov. 21, 1914, per Town of Caroline death & burial records.
Eravy, Clinton 1902-1906 no other information
Eravy, Mamie 1875-1960 mother of Vern Eravy. Mamie had a twin sister, Ida who married Charlie Foote.
Eravy, Vern 1905-1941 found in the Town of Caroline Death & burial records, Clayton Vern Ervay, died May 17, 1941, believe this to be the same person.
Parker, Dwain E. 1870-1943 Dwain Edward Parker, b. Sept. 12, 1870 d. July 18, 1943, per Town of Caroline death & burial records.
Parker, Cora S., his wife 1870-1939 Per Town of Caroline, death & burial records: Mrs Cora Parker died Aug. 28, 1939, burial Lane Cemetery. Cora Schooley, born June 13, 1870, married Dec. 23, 1897 Dwain E. Parker.
Austin, Sylvester d. July 8, 1850 aged 65 yr's, 1 mo., 20 dy's When sinking in the arms of death, To Heaven he raised is eye, And calmly yield up his breath, For Joys above the sky.
Austin, Sarah, wife of Sylvester Austin died April 19, 1849 aged 58 yr's Sarah North
Austin, Lovina, daughter of Sylvester & Sarah Austin d. May 16, 1836 aged 15 yr's 2 mo's 8 dy's Note: slightly different from the old readings: Lovina, daughter of Sylvester & Sarah Austin d. Aug. 16, 1838 age 15 yr's.
Austin, Sarah C., wife of Ambrose Austin d. April 27, 1853 aged 28 yr's 7 mo's 16 dy's/TD> b. Sept. 11, 1824, dau. of Andrew & Elizabeth (Cheeseman) Hamilton. Ambrose was born Feb. 12, 1821 d. Dec. 17, 1899 in Hazelton, Shiawassee Co., MI. He married 2nd to Matilda A. Battiece in 1864.
Austin, Vinson L., son of Ambrose & Sarah C. Austin d. Feb. 2, 1845 aged 10 mo's, 15 dy's *see note at bottom of page for information on Austin burials.
Fuller, Wm. H. b. July 24, 1818 d. Sept. 25, 1898 no other information
Fuller, Sarah A., wife of Wm H. Fuller d. May 30, 1882 aged 59 yr's 10 mo's 10 dy's Servant of God, Well done, Thy glorious warfare past, The battles fought, the victory won, And thou art crowned at last.
Fuller, Abel B. d. Sept. 24, 1870 aged 78 yr's. no other information
Fuller, Elizabeth P., wife of Abel B. Fuller d. May 31, 1874 aged 70 yr's no other information
Fuller, Robert C.veteran's flag d. May 4, 1900 aged 62 yr's. Co. K. 26th NY Vol.
Eastman, Jane E., daughter of Zebina & Eleanor Eastman d. April 24, 1848 age 23 yr's 8 mo's 9 dy's no other information
Fuller, Jacob C.veteran's flag d. June 1, 1901 aged 71 yr's Veteran - G. A. R.
Fuller, Lydia J., his wife d. March 11, 1915 aged 82 yr's wife of Jacob C. Fuller
Johnson, Sarah Ann, wife of Charles W. Johnson d. Dec. 9, 1844 aged 18 yr's 6 mo's Tread softly near this ? mound, A rose perfume his hallowed ground, May garlandsdeck and mortals rise, to guard the grave where Sarah lies. (Daughter of Sanford & Sally Stevens) Her headstone was broken in July of 2000.
Tucker, Wm. b. April 4, 1821 d. Feb. 15, 1898 son of Alanson Tucker
Tucker, Nancy M., his wife b. Dec. 4, 1823 d. Nov. 27, 1893 Nancy Bogardus, wife of Wm. Tucker, & daughter of Ephraim Nanning & Keturah (Van Meter) Bogardus.
Inman, Flora, wife of James E. Inman d. June 3, 1889 age 19 yr's daughter of H. E. & R. A. Baker
Inman, Alice, daughter of Flora Inman d. Dec. 7, 1889 age 1 yr., 6 mo's Headstone is broken.
Sanford, Lilly M., daughter of H. D. and Mary Sanford d. July 28, 1876 age 10 mo's Headstone not found in 2000
Pellam, Harlon E., son of A. P. & Emmeline Pellam d. NOv. 17, 1860 age 8 yr's 6 mo's 24 dy's  
Pellam, Harrison D., son of A. P. & Emmeline Pellam d. Nov. 21, 1860 aged 6 yr's 3 mo's 22 dy's Note: slightly different from the old reading: Harrison D., son of A. P. & Emeline Pellam, died Nov. 25, 1860 age 6 yr's 3 mo's
Mix, Loretta, wife of John Mix d. Dec. 20, 1854 age 24 yr's 6 mo's 19 dy's By death removed from early scenes, I slumber in the dust, And leave my family and friends, In God alone to trust. Note: Loretta Austin.
Mix, Henryveteran's flag b. July 11, 1826 d. July 16, 1864 Civil War [Note: son of Jonathan C. Mix & Sally A. Stevens]
Mix, Laura, his wife b. May 17, 1829 d. April 6, 1892 Laura Hoose, wife of Henry Mix. Dear parents, thou hast left us, Here your lose we deeply feel, But this God that hath ? us, He can all our sorrows heal.
Mix, Percy 1859-1930 d. April 26, 1930
Mix, Charles 1854-1917 Per Town of Caroline death & burial records: Charles E. Mix who died Sept. 28, 1916, and buried in Lane Cemetery.
Mix, Ida 1879-1962  
Stevens, Horace d. Sept. 30, 1876 age 39 yr's 4 mo's 23 dy's Weep not for him now at rest, Where care and pain no more annoy, Has reached the Heaven of blest, And realized immortal joy.
Stevens, Highland, son of Horace & Augusta Stevens d. Oct. 16, 1865 age 13 mo's 8 dy's  
Stevens, Mary A., daughter of George & Mary Stevens d. Feb. 25, 1869 age 7 yr's 8 mo's  
Stevens, Levi d. June 25, 1881 age 73 yr's Headstone is broken in half. 1880 census for Willseyville, Tioga Co., NY, lists Levi Stevens age 72, Elizabeth age 69, Augusta (dau-in-law) age 33, Frank age 13 (grandson), Albert age 8 (grandson)
Stevens, Elizabeth, wife of Levi Stevens d. Jan. 3, 1893 aged 81 yr's 11 mo's LDS records state she is Elizabeth Sawyer, married abt. 1832 to Levi Stevens.
Stevens, Harmon D. 1855-1934  
Stevens, Alice M. Sawyer, his wife 1859-1924 daughter of Warren & Abbie (Spear) Sawyer
Stevens, David b. Jan. 28, 1828 d. June 8, 1907 believe he is the son of Levi & Elizabeth Stevens - Note: slightly different from the old reading: David Stevens b. Jan. 28, 1828 d. Jan. 8, 1907
Stevens, Sarah Sawyer, his wife b. Nov. 20, 1833 d. March 31, 1903 wife of David Stevens & daughter of Henry & Hannah (Stevens) Sawyer
Stevens, James b. Jan. 15, 1810 d. Oct. 10, 1898 came to Caroline in 1818, born Hudson, Green Co., NY. Son of William & Huldah (Dann) Stevens.
Stevens, Clarissa, wife of James Stevens b. Dec. 16, 1819 d. Mar. 26, 1874 Clarissa Lee, their children were: Louisa, Charles, Harrison, Ira, Fedilia, Melissa, Martha, Jane & Marcelus W.
Stevens, Marcelus W., son of James W. & Clarissa Stevens d. Sept. 24, 1855 age 3 yr's 10 mo's 19 dy's  
Stevens, Sanford Jr. d. Dec. 29th 1860 age 47 yr's b. Feb. 8, 1814, he married Maria Haskins, dau. of Abraham & Rachel (Marcile) Haskins.
Stevens, Harriet d. Nov. 15, 1871 aged 74 yr's daughter of William & Huldah (Dann) Stevens, born Nov. 10, 1800 in Conn.
Stevens, Lieueldon d. July 7, 1871 or 1877, aged 38 yr's, 9 mo's 20 dy's There is but one step between us and death, We are young but we must die. Perhaps our latter end is nigh, Lord, may early seek thy face, And find in Christ our Heavenly peace.
Stevens, Samuel d. Oct. 18, 1876 age 75 yr's 11 mo's 8 dy's son of William & Huldah (Dann) Stevens, born Nov. 10, 1800 in Conn.
Stevens, Louisa, wife of Samuel Stevens d. Sept. 17, 1837 age 26 yr's 2 mo's 3 dy's Mrs. Louisa Bracy, born July 14, 1811, married 1st Mr. Bracy
Stevens, Reuben D. 1881-1941 Town of Caroline death & burial records states his death date was June 19, 1941. 1920 Caroline census records lists Ruben D. Stevens age 38 yrs., living with Harmon D. & Alice Stevens, they are listed as his parnets.
Unknown Unknown Unmarked grave
Unknownveteran's flag Unknown Unmarked Grave, marked with a flag
Niver, Mary b. Sept. 11, 1811 d. Dec. 26, 1891 Grandmother, we miss thee
Bogardus, Lida 1877-1938 Town of Caroline death & burial records lists Lida Bogardus Foote, died Feb. 21, 1938, believe this is same person
Bogardus, Alvin 1845-1942 Per Town of Caroline death & burial records he died March 30, 1942
Bogardus, Elder Charles 1843-1925 son of Calvin & Maria Merrill Bogardus
Bogardus, Frances Lane, his wife 1846-1926 wife of Elder Charles Bogardus
Calvin Bogardus d. Nov. 10, 1869 aged 52 yr's 6 mo's 27 dy's "At Rest" he is gone to rest, our father dear, Why should we mourn or shed a tear? He's free from sorrow, grief and pain, Why should we wish him back again?"
Bogardus, Maria, wife of Calvin Bogardus d. Aug. 15, 1855 aged 31 yr's 5 mo's Maria Merrill, daughter of Marlin & Eunice (Stevens) Merrill, born March 14, 1824, she had 3 children: Charles, Ira and Salome Bogardus.
Bogardus, James A., son of Calvin & Amy M. Bogardus d. Sept. 23, 1875 age 14 yr's 9 mo's 27 dy's Our Jimmie is dead and gone and we are left to weep and mourn, Oh do rest one, you would stay but in a moment snatched away. Note: 10 year difference from the old reading: James A., son of Calvin & Amy M. Bogardus, d. Sept. 23, 1875 age 4 yr's 9 mo's 27 dy's. The old reading is not correct, the correct age age at death was 9 yr's
Bogardus, L. N. 1819-  
Bogardus, Rachel Ann, wife of N. Bogardus 1824-1897  
Bogardus, Mary 1860-1863  
Bogardus, Ellick E. 1854-1863  
Bogardus, Mary C., daughter of Lanning & Rachel Bogardus d. July 21, 1862 aged 8 or 3 yr's 6 mo's 21 dy's Gone when young and full of promise, Youngest darling, lovely one, Life without thee, O How lonely, (last line unreadable). I believe the Lanning should be Nanning for father's first name.
Ebert, Eliza, wife of John Ebert d. July 4, 1863 aged 53 yr's 3 mo's (age was unreadable July of 2000, age is from oler reading)
Ebert, Amy d. Sept. 14, 1881 age 74 yr's 8 mo's 14 dy's Blessed are the dead that die in the Lord for they rest from their labors and their works do follow them. (Amy Emma Stevens, born Jan. 1st 1807, dau. of William & Huldah (Dann) Stevens. Amy married 1st Abraham Lane, 2nd JOhn Ebert). Note: dates on headstone were unreadable in July of 2000.
Beard, George H. 1870-1908  
Beard, Bertha Bogardus, his wife 1877-1944 wife of George H. Beard. Bertha died Aug. 11, 1944, per Town of Caroline death & burial records. She was a World War I Red Cross worker.
Lane, Richard C. d. July 2, 1872 age 83 yrs.  
Lane, Eaedy, wife of Richard C. Lane d. Feb. 16, 1848 age 54 yr's 6 mo's 15 dy's Partner dear and children near, Weep not for me but pray, This dust shall rise above the skies, In the last coming day.
Lane, Naoma Ann 1818-1905 she may have been a daughter of Richard Lane. 1850 Caroline census, she is living in his holdhold.
Lane, Jacob b. April 3, 1820 d. May 25, 1906  
Lane, Sarah, his wife b. Jan. 3, 1823 d. Feb. 11, 1890 wife of Jacob Lane
Spaulding, Leonard d. Aug. 24, 1861 age 42 yr's 8 mo's son of William & Eunice (Cowell) Spaulding, born Dec. 24, 1817
Spaulding, Catharine, wife of Leonard Spaulding d. Nov. 9, 1875 aged 60 yr's 13 dy's Catharine Lane, married Nov. 23, 1845
Benjamin, John d. June 15, 1841 age 57 yr's An earlier record by Dora Pope Worden had date of June 17, 1846.
Benjamin, Franklin, son of John & Eliza Benjamin d. May ? 1848 inscription is hard to read, death date looks like 1818, but I believe it should be 1848, the strike on the 4 not showing.
Hoose, Charles W. d. April 25, 1872 age 68 yr's 1 mo 1 dy His headstone is broken
Hoose, Nancy, wife of Charles Hoose d. Sept. 27, 1852 age 50 yr's 4 mo's 2 dy's Children dear, assemble here, A mother's grave to see; Not long ago I dwelled with thee, But soon you'll dwell with me.
Hoose, Charles b. April 2, 1830 d. Aug. 21, 1908  
Hoose, Lucinda, his wife b. Nov. 6, 1840 d. Sept. 17, 1891 wife of Charles Hoose
Hoose, Frank 1867-1940  
Hoose, Ida A. 1876-1934  
Hoose, Harrison b. July 2, 1840 d. May 12, 1920  
Hoose, Mary Sarson, his wife b. Sept. 8, 1848 d. June 6, 1910 wife of Harrison Hoose
Hoose, Mary, wife of Joseph Franks b. April 18, 1833 d. June 24, 1907/TD>  
Franks, Joseph born at Newcastle, England May 28, 1828 died Dec. 13, 1885  
Whitley, Andrew J. 1825 or 1826-1908  
Whitley, Susan Hoose, his wife 1825-19__ wife of Andrew J. Whitley
Schooley, Nathaniel d. April 6, 1890 aged 66 yrs. He married 1st Matilda Sawyer, daughter of Henry & Hannah (Stevens) Sawyer, it is believed she is also buried here in an unmarked grave. She died May 28th 1857, per diary of Jacob Willsey, he wrote: "N. Schooley's wife died May 28th 1857". Her grave has not yet been located, but it is believe she was buried near her parents in this cemetery.
Schooley, Juliaett Myers, wife of Nathaniel Schooley d. April 4, 1912 age 80 yrs. She was his 2nd wife
Schooley, Edmund b. Nov. 22, 1854 d. Nov. 27, 1907 son of Nathaniel & Matilda (Sawyer) Schooley. He married Josephine Elizabeth Owen. He died in the Town of Candor, Tioga Co., NY. They had three children: William, Charles and Elbert.
Schooley, Josephine, wife of Edmund Schooley b. Dec. 31, 1854 d. Aug. 3, 1929 Town of Caroline death & burial records list a Josephine Downing being buried in this cemetery death date was Aug. 3, 1929. Josephine may have married 2nd to a Mr. Downing.
Merrell,, Eunice, wife of Marlin Merrell d. Jan. 6, 1870 age 71 yr's 3 mo's 25 dy's also spelled Merrill. Eunice was born Sept. 12, 1798, he stone is no loner readable, she was the daughter of William & Huldah (Dann) Stevens. "Her toils are past, her work is done, And she is fully blest, She fought the fight, the victory one, And enters into rest.
Merrell, Marlin b. July 11, 1800 d. Nov. 2, 1888 son of Cabel & Hannah (Carrington) Merrill, he married on Sept. 17, 1820 to Eunice Stevens. Their children were: Maria, Alvin, James, Ira, and Marlin.
Merrell, James Nelson, son of Alvin & Augusta Merrell d. Nov. 2, 1856 age 7 mo's 18 dy's his mother was Augusta Haskins
Merrell, Mary Jane, dau. of Alvin & Augusta Merrell d. Aug. 17, 1855 age 1 yr., 10 mo's 25 dy's Her mothe was Augusta Haskins. "This lovely bud so young and fair, Called home by early doom, Came to show how sweet a flower, In Paradise could bloom.
Merrill, Marlin Nelson 1834-1883 son of Marlin & Eunice (Stevens) Merrill/Merrell, born May 27, 1834 died Feb. 23, 1883
Merrill, Ann E. Lyon, his wife 1836-1913 wife of Marlin Nelson Merrill, dau. of Jacob S. & Abigial (Sission) Lyon, b. May 1, 1836 d. Feb. 14, 1913.
Merrill, Dorothy, daughter of John J. & Ina S. Merrill b. Mar. 2, 1900 d. Feb. 11, 1904 her mother was Ina B. Sawyer
Stanley, John N. 1829-1899  
Stanley, Maria E., wife of John N. Stanley 1833-1906 later wife of D. B. McWhorter
Stanley, William L., son of J. N. & M. E. Stanley d. Feb. 13, 1881 aged 19 yr's 8 mo's 22 dy's  
Stanley, Melvin A., son of J. N. & M. E. Stanley d. Feb. 9, 1881 aged 12 yr's 3 mo's 23 dy's  
Sawyer, Henry d. Jan. 18, 1884 aged 76 yr's "A Light from our house is gone, A voice we loved is stilled, A place is vacant in our hearts, That never can be filled"
Sawyer, Hannah, wife of Henry Sawyer d. May 10, 1876 aged 69 yr's "She is gone to rest, Our mother dear, Why should we mourn or shed a tear? She's free from sorrow, grief and pain, Why should we wish her back again?" (Hannah Stevens)
Sawyer, Mary A., daughter of W. & A. Sawyer d. March 10, 1886 age 17 yr's 1 mo., 3 dy's "We loved her"
Sawyer, Fred B. 1864-1923 died Aug. 28, 1923 per Town of Caroline death & burial records.
Sawyer, Hettie Schooley, his wife 1867-1951 wife of Fred B. Sawyer
Sawyer, George H., son of F. B. & Hettie Sawyer d. Nov. 20, 1900 age 13 yr's "One less at home, the charmed circle broken, A dear face missed day by day from its usual place, But cleansed, saved, perfected by grace, One more in heaven"
Barto, Benjamin B. b. April 5, 1812 d. Mar. 10, 1900 He has gone, our father dear, Why should we mourn or shed a tear? He's free from sorrow, grief and pain, Why should we wish him back again?"
Barto, Ruth Ann b. Feb. 17, 1831 d. Nov. 21, 1883 The base of stone is broken
Barto, Sarah M. b. Mar. 5, 1863 d. July 12, 1883 "Gone, but not forgotten"
Sawyer, Sarah L., wife of S. O. Sawyer d. Dec. 7, 1831 or 1833 age 24 yr's 2 mo's 25 dy's  
Sawyer, Warren 1834-1917 died Dec. 15, 1917 - per Town of Caroline death & burial records.
Sawyer, Abba Speers, his wife no death date on headstone wife of Warren Sawyer. Town of Caroline death & burial records lists Abbie Sawyer died May 7, 1927 buried in Lane Cemetery. She was living with her daughter Alice Stevens in 1920 age 80 yrs old.
Tinker, Martin Buel Jr. MD Colonelveteran's flag b. Mar. 6, 1906 d. July 2, 1982 Medical Corps US Army WWII
Tinker, Mary Davis Ridgway, MD b. Oct. 24, 1908 Dr. Mary is still living in December of 2005, she is a well known Doctor in the Town of Caroline Area, loved by all who know her.
Ridgway, Joseph D. 1862-1943 Per Town of Caroline death & burial records, Joseph D. Ridgway died Dec. 22, 1943
Ridgway, Walter 1875-1948 Per Town of Caroline death & burial records, Walter Ridgway died May 6, 1948
Ridgway, Prue, his wife 1882-1967 wife of Walter Ridgway
Ridgway, Walter, son of Walter & Prue Ridgway 1910-1916 died Sept. 28, 1916
Lawrence, Jane b. Sept. 8, 1917 d. December 3, 2005 Jane Ridgway, married Jan. 3, 1942 wife of Mason Lawrence
Lawrence, William Mason b. Oct. 2, 1918 d. Aug. 6, 1998  
Littleton, Joan Mary Lawrence 1943-1969 daughter of Mason & Jane Ridgway Lawrence
Stevenson, Leonard J. 1886-1951 died Aug. 17, 1951 - per Town of Dryden Caroline death & burial records.
Stevenson, Mary P. 1891-1979  
Stevenson, Robert L.veteran's flag b. Sept. 23, 1920 d. Aug. 16, 1995 PFC US Army WWII
Stevenson, Edith L. b. April 21, 1880 d. Aug. 29, 1969  
Seeley, Rebecca A., wife of George W. Seeley b. April 6, 1829 d. June 2, 1856 broken headstone
Stevenson, Father no dates  
Stevenson, Mother no dates  
North, Neoma d. Aug. 30, 1858 aged 94 yrs. "In memory of our Grandmother Neoma North, who died August 30, 1858, aged 94 years. Blessed are the dead who died in the Lord.
Rightmeyer, James - Kate - Lina no dates Children of Joel & Janette Rightmeyer
Tid, Franklin, son of John & Eliza Tid d. Aug. 27, 1848 age 1 yr., 7 mo's  
Mathews, Charles H. d. Oct. 11, 1895 age 32 yr's  
Stevens, Charles H. d. May 28, 1928 no headstone found for this person, death date is from Town of Caroline death & burial records.
Beardsley, Ida May d. May 2, 1929 No headstone found for this person, death date is from the Town of Caroline death and burial records. 1914 NY Farm directory Ida M. is listed as the wife of Hazelitt J. Beardsley, living in the Town of Caroline. 1920 Caroline census, she is found as May E. Beardsley age 50 yrs., wife of Hazelett J. Beardsley. She would be about 59 yr's old when she died.
Beardsley, James Hazelitt d. July 18, 1948 No headstone was found for this person, death date is from Town of Caroline death and burial records. He also went by Hazelitt J. Beardsley. He would have been abt 98 yrs. old when he died.
Beardsley, Chester d. May 2, 1914 No headstone found for this person, death date is from the Town of Caroline death and burial records.
Downing, Josephine d. Aug. 3, 1929 Schooley, Josephine, wife of Edmond/Edmund Schooley has same death date. May be the same person This record is from the Town of Caroline death and burial records.
Morgan, Ada d. Nov. 8, 1934 no headstone found for this person, record of this burial is from the Town of Caroline death & burial records.
Foote, Lida Bogardus d. Feb. 21, 1938 record of his burial is from the Town of Caroline death & burial records, see Lida Bogardus, may be same person.
Hoose, Charles d. Mar. 3, 1940 Record of this burial is from the town of Caroline death and burial records, no headstone was found for this person.
Stevens, Harrison d. Oct. 8, 1948 Believe he was the son of James & Clarissa Stevens, no headstone was found for this person, record of death is from the Town of Caroline death and buial records.
Stevenson, Anna d. Oct. 17, 1928 No headstone was found, death date is from the Town of Caroline death and burial records, believe she was wife of John L. Stevenson.
Stevenson, John L. d. July 8, 1929 No headstone was found, death date is from the Town of Caroline death and burial records.

*Note: Austin headstones were found in July 2000, except for Sarah wife of Ambrose, and her headstone was near a bank lying flat on the ground, broken and covered with debris. These headstones were found in 1920's (Worden's records), again in the 1950's (Lockwood's records).
Reference; The records of Dora Worden and Elmer Lockwood were used to compare headstone inscriptions that were in question. Other sources use to preserve this record were family records of the Stevens, Ridgway, Schooley, Sawyer, families.
Updates for this record were done by JanMarie in 2005.

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