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Morris Chapel Cemetery

Also known as:
Leggett Cemetery

Located: On Middaugh Rd., about a quarter mile from the intersection of Middaugh & Coddington Roads.
This road was formerly named Leggett Road.
Town of Caroline, Tompkins County, NY.
Cemetery is inactive and in very poor condition.
This record is as complete as possible at this time.
Burials are from 1816 - 1902
(per headstone inscriptions)

photograph of cemetery
Photo by Janet Nash
(larger photo)

Please use Notes as a guide only!
In the very first row of this cemetery it appears there are
unmarked graves. There are over 100 burials in this cemetery.

Surname Headstone Inscription Notes
Smith, Sarah R. Smith
____ of ? H. & Mariah Smith
died Jan. 5, 1853 aged 18 dys.
Notes: Not in Elmer Lockwood's record. Father is ? H., this part of inscription is not clear. Record found this could be Wm. H. - Headstone is very faded and hard to read, see below
Smith, Jacob P., son of Wm. H. & Phebe Smith
died Jan. 5, 1853 aged 18 days.
Notes: Unclear if name is Sarah R. or Jacob P., seems to be same person because of death date and year as above.
Smith, William H. Smith
son of _. H. & Mariah Smith
died Aug. 12, 1834 aged 3 yrs.
Not in Elmer Lockwood's record ?H., this part of inscription is not clear. This could be Wm. H. for father.
Munger, James
died Aug. 24, 1848 aged 40 yrs., 3 mo., 7 dys.
Thou art gone to they rest, Mid scenes that are blest, They toilings and ____, I hasten to meet thee, While angels do greet thee, Where sickness and death are no more.
(Believe this could be the husband of Jane Munger age 49 in 1850 living in the Benjamin T. Leggett household) 1850 Caroline Census; Benjamin T. Leggett age 65 born VT; Living with him are the following; Jane Munger age 49; Reuben Munger age 12; and Charles Leggett age 12.
Deputron, Katura Huntington, wife of Joel Deputron
died Oct. 14, 1881 aged 82 yrs., 7 mo.
Notes: Daughter of John S. & Katurah Huntington, As per probate records of Katurah Huntington below. Dora Pope Worden's records have surname spelling as Deputson.
Deputron, Joel Deputron
died Jan.31, 1857 aged 58y 1m 5d
Notes: Lockwood's record state June 31, 1857. Dora Pope Worden's records have surname spelling as Deputson. 1850 Danby Census - Deputron, Joel age 51 born MA; Katurah age 51; Henry age 16; Malinda age 12; Calvin age 9; John age 7.
Deputron, Malinda Deputron
daughter of Joel & Katurah Deputron
died Aug. 21, 1856 age 17y 11m 26dys
Notes:Dora Pope Worden's records have surname spelling as Deputson.
Wood, In Memory of Orrin Wood Notes: Not recorded by Lockwood. Only a small part of this headstone was found in the edge of hedge near the field on the back side of the cemetery. No other part of the inscription was found.
Coy, Gilbert
May 17, 1841- May 17, 1842
This headstone is hand carved on a fieldstone. Notes: Coy's were living with Sheffield Coon's family in 1850, Town of Danby. Earlier records give d. May 11, 1842
Huntington, Katurah wife of John S. Huntington
died Feb. 8, 1850 age 87y 1m 14d
Notes: Lockwood's record state Feb. 8, 1839 age 88 yrs., 11 mo., 14 dys. This is not correct, Probate records in Tompkins Co., Court House has the following records: Katurah Huntington, from Dryden, NY. died Feb. 8, 1850, Probate Feb. 18, 1850. Son John Huntington; Heirs - Ann Bullock, Delaware Co.; Milla Stormes?, Knox Co., Ohio;Katurah Deputron, Tompkins Co., Fanny Buttler, Bradford Co., PA.;
Malinda Coy, Tompkins Co., NY.
Huntington, John S.
died Mar. 22, 1842 age 82 yrs., 5 mo.
No other information
Walton, John
died Aug. 1832 age 26 yrs.
Notes: Not recorded by Lockwood
Huntington, In Memory of Samuel Huntington who
died Aug. 25, 1839 age 43y 4m 26d
Notes: Lockwood records; age 13 yrs., 4 mo., 26 dys
Hooker, Harmon
son of Hezekiah & Lovice Hooker
died Dec. 25, 1841 age 23 yrs., 16 dys.
How precious to think that the grave cannot bind, Our wonderful energy - "March of the mind,"Altho this frail form may by sorrow be riven, Faith, stands as a helmsman, bound onward for heaven.
Notes: Lockwood's record; Harmon Hooker died Dec. 25, 1841. Danby 1850 census; Hooker, Ezekiah age 72, Louisa age 62, Sarah age 38, Elisha age 36, Weathy age 25, Franklin age 22.
Hooker, ElishaBR>died Nov. 24, 1884 aged 70 yrs., 6 mo. 19 days See Hooker family above
Cooper, Kizia Cooper
daughter of Charles & Betsey Cooper
died Oct. 12, 1842 age 23 yrs., 24 dys
Friends nor physicians could not save this mortal body from the grave, Nor can the grave condine it here, When Christ shall call it to appear.
Notes: Charles Cooper married Betsey North;1850 Caroline Census; Cooper, Charles age 66 born in CT; Betsey age 64; John A. D., age 35; Hannah age 37; Ruth age 25;with John Boice age 13 living with them.
Cooper, Jay A. Cooper
son of Charles & Betsey Cooper
d. Nov. 30, 1836 age 21y 8m 10d
Notes: Lockwood's record; d. Mar. 30, 1836; Worden's record; d. Mar. 30, 1836.
When blooming youth is snatched away, By death's resistless hand, Our hearts the mournful tribute pay, Which pity must demand.
S (Unknown) M. S. Footstone
Leggett, Mary C. Leggett
daughter of Benjamin T. & Elizabeth Leggett
died June 10, 1834 age 14y 5m 12d
When blooming youth is snatched away, By death's resistless hand, Our hearts the mounful Tribute pay, Which pity must demand.
No other information
Leggett, Charles B. Leggett
son of B. T. & E. Leggett
and twin brother to R. D. W. Leggett
died Oct. 28, 1816 age 10 mo., 5 dys
Notes: Lockwood's record; died Oct. 26, 1816
Leggett, R. D. W. Leggett
died June 4, 1838 age 22y 5m 12d
He thought none above him but the great, And good, none beneath him save the vile.
No other information
Leggett, Catharine D. W. Leggett
daughter of R. D. & Estira C. Leggett
died Apr. 22, 1839 age 5 mo., 25 dys
Sleep on sweet babe, And take thy rest, God call'd the home, When he thought best.
No other information
Leggett, Elizabeth Leggett
wife of Benjamin T. Leggett
died June 1, 1850 age 68y 9m 22d
Beloved when living, Lamented though dead, Her sanctifide spirit, To Jesus has fled.
Leggett, This headstone is no longer readable, the
slate on the face of the headstone has fallen off. Foot marker has B. T. L.
Notes: From the records of Elmer Lockwood, Benjamin T. Leggett died Feb. 3, 1852 age 62 yrs., 5 mo., 8 dys. Believe this to be the grave of Benjamin. This grave is right next to Elizabeth his wife, Lockwood recorded them to be side by side. 1850 Caroline Census; Benjamin T. Leggett age 65 born VT; Living with him are the following; Jane Munger age 49; Reuben Munger age 12; and Charles Leggett age 12. -see James Munger above.
Seeley, In Memory of Mary wife of Ebenezer Seely
who died Dec. 28, 1830 age 73 yrs., 11 mo.
Oh weeping nature where art thou, Beneath this stone you see, Oh I to the then quick must bow, fore death soon calls for me.
Notes: Ebenezer Seeley married Mary Bell born 1757
Seeley, veteran's flag Mr. Ebenezer Seely
died Nov. 13, 1833 age 78y 8m 17d
Notes: Revolutionary War Soldier (Land Bounty Rights)
Ebenezer Seeley was born Feb. 26, 1755, Connecticut.
Believe to be the son of Eliphalet & Mary (Scribner) Seeley.
He was married twice, first wife unknown, child by her was Ebenezer Jr. He married 2nd - Mary Bell, by whom he had the following children: Holly, Mary, James, Lyman, Samuel, Thaddeus, Abigail, and Hannah.
Seeley, Mary wife of Thaddeus Seely
died March 5, 1843 or 1848 aged 48y 2m 7d
Ye mourners who, in silent gloom, Bear your dear kindred to the tomb, Mourn not when Christians go to rest, They sleep in Jesus, and are blest.
Notes: Lockwood's record - died 1843
Thaddeus married Mary Gray, born Dec. 29, 1800.
Children; may be more, Jane, and Mary Q.
Seeley, Jane, daughter of Thaddeus & Mary Seely
died June 7, 1845 age 19 yrs., 13 dys.
Dear sister around they tomb we come to sleep.
Notes: Headstone very hard to make out year of death may not be correct, death year could be 1843.
Seeley, Anson G. Seely
Dec. 25, 1834 - Oct. 22, 1865
Asleep in Jesus blessed sleep.

Notes: Headstone is in bad condition and very hard to read.
Seeley, Ebenezer son of Holly & Esther Seeley
died Mar. 28, 1832 age 1y 4m 7d
Notes: Ebenezer Seeley son of Holly & Esther (Hedges) Seeley
Seeley, Mary I. , daughter of Thaddeus & Mary Seeley
died Jan. 28, 1852 age 23y 10m 23d
Headstone is very hard to read, very poor condition.
Crance, Mrs. Notes: From Lockwood's record - Mrs. Crance died about 1902, Northeast of Nancy VanEtten's grave. Not found in 2001
VanEtten, Richard VanEtten
died Aug. 10, 1870 aged 86y 3m 29d
Notes: 1850 Danby Census;
Richard VanEtten age 66 born NJ; Lucy age 64 born in CT;
Joel age 18. Next house; Robert C. VanEtten age 38; Louisa age 24;DeWitt F., age 3. Next house; George W. Van Etten age 24; Harriet age 20; Mary E. age 2; Louisa A. age 2 mo.
VanEtten, Elizabeth wife of Richard VanEtten
died Mar. 20, 1846 age 54y 9m 29d
Notes: Death year could be 1845 - hard to read inscription.
VanEtten, Eleanor L., daughter of John & Eleanor VanEtten, died Aug. 22, 1841 aged 8 yrs., 22 days.
Sleep on dear child and take they rest. God call'd the home when he thougth best.
No other information
Holmes, Sabrina A., wife of John A. Holmes
died Oct. 24, 1838 age 83y 8m 13d
No other information
Herick, Sacred to the memory of Milton Herick
who died April 12, 1837 age 30 yrs.

Beneath this stone till Christ shall bid him rise, A mutch loved husband, father, brother lies, In vain our tears, death came at Heavens command, ? rest unreadable.

Notes: Probate record - Tompkins Co., NY Court house. Milton Herrick, from Caroline, NY - Made will Apr. 10, 1837 - Probate June 8, 1837 - died April 12, 1837 age 33 yrs. Wife Delia Almira Herrick, Ex. - He mentions 1,200 acres owned by Col. Benj. Herrick in Radcliff's location, no wills of this. 600 acres Amos A. Herrick ; Mary A. Herrick, Sarah & Jane Herrick each willed $5. Exs. Delia Almira Herrick; Amos Adams of Cazenovia. Wits. James Ridgeway, Jane Ridgeway and Noah VanSickle.
Pelham, Isaac M.
died Feb. 3, 1838 aged 16 yrs., 6 mo.
Death is a debt to nature due, Which I have paid & so must you.
No other information
VanEtten, Louisa
Daughter of Joel & Eliza VanEtten
died May 21, 1862 age 2 mo., 20dys
Gone but not lost

No other information
Allen, George F.
son of _______& Elizabeth Allen
died ______________?
Notes: Headstone is just too worn to take any other information,
An early record of this inscription reads: George F., son of B. L. & Elizabeth Allen died March 25, 1850 aged 9 mo., 18 days.
VanEtten, Charles F.
son of _______& ______- Van Etten
died ______________?
Notes: Headstone is just too worn to take any other information,
An early record of this inscriptions reads: Charles F., son of David C. & Mariah Van Etten, died Oct. 17, 1852 aged 2 yrs.
Middaugh, Lois Edna Middaugh
daughter of G. W. & H. S. Middaugh
died Feb. 25, 1871 age 8 mo., 24 dys.
In heaven their angels do, always behold the face of my father which is in heaven.
Notes: Headstone was hard to read, believe this record to be correct with death date of 1871. Lockwood's record - died Feb. 25, 1871 age 8 mo., 24 dys.
Seeley, Holly Seeley
died Mar. 18, 1852 age 68 yrs., 8 mo., 7 dys
In not ___ death again to those whose life to God is given. Gladly to earth their eyes they close, to open them in heaven.

Notes: Headstone is very weathered, will not be readable much longer. Son of Ebenezer & (______) Seeley, married Esther Hedges. 1850 Caroline Census; Holly Seeley age 67 born CT; Esther age 57 born MA; Mary age 19;Hannah age 18; James age 15. Probate records - Tompkins Co. Court House -Holly Seely, of Caroline, NY, died Mar. 18, 1852, his widow Esther;children; Hannah, Mary and James Seeley (all minors)
Seeley, Esther wife of Holly Seeley
died April 4th , 1864 aged 67 yrs, 3 mo. 16dys.
Esther Hedges married Holly Seeley. Lockwood's record has the following information; died April 4, 1861 aged 67 yrs., 5 mo., 16 dys. 1860 Caroline Census; James Seeley age 25; Esther Seeley age 66; Mary Seeley age 29; Hannah Seeley age 27.
Seeley, Ebenezer, son of Holly & Esther Seeley
died Mar. 28, 1832, aged 1 yr., 4 mo., 7 dys.
Notes: 2nd headstone found for Ebenezer Seeley son of Holly & Esther Seeley - See above
Little, Saloma A., daughter of John & Amanda Little
died June 25, 1857 aged 6 yrs., 8 mo., 27 dys.
No other information
Little, Maryett, daughter of John & Lydia A. Little
died Aug. 16, 1842 aged 1 yr., 6 mo., 5 dys
Notes:Worden's record states the following;
Maibyett, dau. of John and Lydia A. Little, died Aug. 16, 1842 ae 1yr 6m 5d.
UnKnown unmarked Grave Notes: Lockwood's records has John Little with no dates next to Maryett Little
Little, Lydia Ann, wife of John Little
died Apr. 13, 1843 aged 22 yrs., 5 mo., 16 dys
She's gone and will no more return, She's gone and left me here to mourn, She's gon'e, she's gon'e to join the blest. I trust she's gone to endless rest.
No other information
UnKnown Unmarked grave No other information
UnKnown Unmarked grave No other information
Tucker, Juliaett wife of William Tucker
died June 27, 1843 aged 20 yrs., 11 dys
Friends nor physicians could not save this mortal body from the grave, Nor can the grave condine it here, When Christ shall bid it to appear.
No other information
UnKnown Unreadable Headstone No other information
Tucker, Andrew son of Almon & Abigail Tucker
died July 5, 1843 aged 5 mo., 18 dys
Sleep child thy peaceful sleep, Thou art in mercy early call'd away, While we alas are left to weep, Who in this world of trouble still must stay.
No other information
Tucker, John H., son of Almon & Abigail Tucker
died Sept. 22, 1846 aged 2 yrs., 1 mo., 5 dys
No other information
Tucker, Abigail wife of Almon Tucker
died Oct. 13, 1846 aged 27 yrs., 1 mo., 4 dys
Born on the wings of faith and love, She longed to pass daths gloomy vale; That she might find her rest above, Where joys celestial never fail.
No other information
Tucker, Mary A., wife of Almon Tucker
died Sept. 19, 1854 aged 32 yrs., 6 mo.
My gentle spirit soars away, to dwell with God in endless day.
Notes:1850 Danby Census; Tucker, Almon age 38; Mary A., age 29; William age 9; Saloma A., age 2.
Adams, In token of departed worth to the memory of Lodema beloved wife of Gerardus A. Adams of Norwalk CT who departed this life January 1st 1855 aged 26 years.
She was one of the best of wives. The memory of the just is blessed.
Notes: Believe this to be Lodema Stevens. See below notes on Harvey Stevens
Stevens, Rhue Amy wife of Amos Stevens
died Dec. 23, 1844 aged 81 yrs., 9 mo., 15 dys
Farewell my children to the world, Where you must yet remain; The Lord of host, is our defence. Untill we do meet again.
No other information
Lee, Anna Lee wife of Chauncey Lee
died July 29, 1853 aged 53 yrs., 2 mo., 6 dys
Peasceful her gentle spirit fled, This tenement of clay; To Jesus her immortal head, And dwell in endless day.

Notes: Believe Anna Lee to be Anna Stevens.
1850 Danby Census; Chauncey Lee and family were living with Abraham Clock and family. See notes below for Abraham Clock. Chauncey Lee age 53 born in CT; Anna Lee age 50; Harvey Lee age 24; Reuben Lee age 19; Mary A. Lee age ?; Lorretta Lee age 9.
Lee, Harvey Lee
died Sept. 15, 1870 aged 42 yrs.
Notes: Believe he was the son of Chauncey Lee and Anna Stevens
Hanford, Mary daughter of D. P. Hanford,
died Oct. 20, 1836 aged 2 yrs.
No other information
Hanford, Daniel, died Sept. 30, 1844 aged 52 yrs. No other information
Hanford, Polly, wife of Daniel Hanford, died Mar. 31, 1872 aged 73 yrs. No other information
Clock, Sarah wife of Abraham Clock
died June 4, 1859 in the 73rd year of her age
Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil for thou art with me.
No other information
Clock, Sarah A., daughter of Abraham & Sarah Clock, died Nov. 6, 1847 aged 31 yrs., 11 mo., 8 dys.
Friends & physicians could not save, This mortal body from the grave; Nor can the grave confine it here, When Christ shall call it to appear.
No other information
Clock, Abraham
died Feb. 12, 1857 In the 74th year of his age
Mark the perfect man and behold the ___, For the end of that man is peace.
Notes: 1850 Danby Census; Abraham Clock ae 67; Sarah Clock ae 63 born in CT; Ann M. Clock ae 30; Charles Clock ae 23, with the family of Chauncey Lee living in the same household, see above under notes for Anna Lee wife of Chauncey Lee.
Clock, William W.
died July 11, 1851 aged 30 yrs., 8 mo. 7 dys.
Oh grave! No pain nor grief, nor anzious fear, Invade they bounds, no mortal woes, Can reach the peaceful sleeper here, While angels watch the soft repose.
Notes: William Clock married Sarah Hollister, she married 2nd after the death of William Clock to George Atwood. 1850 Caroline Census; William W. Clock ae 30; Sarah A. Clock ae 25; Clarence E. Clock ae 11 months;1860 Caroline Census; George Atwood ae 34 Rail Road Man; Sarah ae 33; Clair Clock ae 10; Julia Atwood ae 3; Emma Atwood ae 1 year. Sarah was buried in Cooper Cemetery, Town of Caroline, NY with her 2nd husband: As follows; George W. Atwood, 1822 - 1900; Sarah A. (Hollister) wife of George Atwood 1824-1901
Clock, William W., son of William W. & Sarah Clock
died Sept. 23, 1853 age 3 yrs., 7 mo.
Let not your tears sorely riven, For another gem in the Saviors crown, and another soul in heaven
No other information
Weed, Sally Ann
died Mar. 26, 1877 aged 60 yrs., 8 mo.
One less to love on earth, One more to meet in heaven.
Notes: See below under notes for Henry Weed
Weed, John
died Oct. 20, 1866 aged 38 yrs., 9 mo. 21 dys
Gone but not forgotten. Gone to thy rest in heaven.

Notes: See below under notes for Henry Weed
Weed, Mary wife of Henry Weed
died April 25, 1851 or 1854 aged 65 yrs., 11 mo., 10 or 20 dys
Here lies my wife she was kind to me, I wrote these lines that all might see; And take a patern by her good, And be prepared to dwell with God.
Notes: See below under notes for Henry Weed
Mary Seeley, daughter of Ebenezer & Mary Bell Seeley married Henry Weed. Another record found states she died Aug. 25, 1852, I do not believe the headstone is that unclear, but weathering, could cause the inscription to be read incorrect.
Weed, Henry
died May 11, 1865 aged 85 yrs., 11 mo., 3 dys
Notes: 1850 Caroline Census; Henry Weed age 72; Mary Weed age 65; Sally A. Weed age 33; Hannah Weed age 24; John Weed age 21.
Unknown Unmarked Grave Notes: No headstone found; Lockwood records state that the wife of John Weed also buried here; Mary Weed, wife of John Weed, died Apr. 25, 1851 aged 65 yrs., 11 mo., 10 dys. (believe that was in error of wife of Henry, they both have same death dates and age.
Unknown Headstone can not be read No other information
Unknown Unmarked Grave No other information
Young, Andrew
died Mar. 21, 1881 aged 66 yrs.
Notes: 1850 Caroline Census; Andrew Young age 35; Eliza J. Young age 36; Levi Young age 13; Reuben B. Young age 9; Saloma A. Young age 5; Frank Young age 3; David Johnson age 22 also living in same household.
Young, We Cherish her memory still.
Sarah wife of Andrew Young
died Mar. 17, 1872 or 1873 aged 61 yrs., 14 dys.
To live in hearts we leave hehind is not to die.
Notes: Lockwood's record states death year of 1873
Young, Helen A. daughter of Andrew & Eliza J. Young
died Mar. 8, 1858 or 1859, aged 5 yrs., 10 mo., 16 dys
Gone but not forgotten

Notes: This date could be Mar. 8th, but the space before the 8 appears to be for another number, this day of the month could be 8, 18 or 28, the 8 was clear. Headstone was worn.
Young, Eliza J., wife of Andrew Young
died Oct. 8, 1862 aged 48 yrs., 5 mo., 26 dys
No other information
Haskins, Saloma A. wife of H. D. Haskins
died Apr. 25, 1863 aged 17 yrs., 11 mo., 17 dys
Notes: Believe this could be the Saloma A. Young,
daughter of Andrew & Eliza Young above.
Young, Frank
died ____17, 1864? Looks like 16 yrs.
(headstone is broken and unreadable)
Notes: Lockwood records; Frank Young - Nov. 12, 1864 rest of inscription could not be read. Iff this is Frank son of Andrew & Eliza Young, he was age 3 in 1850, making his age about 16/17 yrs in 1864.
Young, Saloma wife of Christian Young
died Jan. 30, 1865 aged 83 yrs., 4 mo., 23 dys.
Far from affliction toil and care, The happy soul is fled, The breathless clay shell slumber there, Among the silent dead.
Notes: Not recorded by Lockwood
Young, Christian
died Mar. 12, 1872 aged 83yrs., 4 mo. 23 dys
Notes: Death date could be 1873, age 85 yrs.
Headstone inscription was very hard to read.
1850 Danby Census; Christian Young age 68; Saloma Young age 68 born CT. Headstone not recorded by Lockwood.
Stevens, Harvey
died April 21, 1857 aged 68 yrs.
Notes: Harvey Stevens is in the next row directly behind Rhue Amy Stevens, who is believed to be his mother. Another headstone was found for Harvey buried next to Harvey's grave. Only a small corner of the headstone could be seen. When sod was removed a 2nd headstone with the same inscription was found for Harvey with a corner broken off of the headstone marker. The headstone that is standing has the inscription for Mary Stevens also. 1850 Caroline Census; Harvey Stevens age 62; Mehitable Stevens age 62; Anna Stevens age 38; Mary Stevens age 32; Lodema Stevens age 22; David S. Stevens age 17; with William Schutt age 12 and Charles Schutt age 8 living in same household.
Stevens, Mary, died May 12, 1857 aged 42 yrs. Notes: On headstone of Harvey's Stevens
Stevens, Mehetable wife of Harvey Stevens
died Sept. 17, 1864 aged 76 yrs.
My home is in heaven
Notes: 1860 Caroline Census; L. D. Stevens age 27; Lucy Stevens age 21; Lily Stevens age 8; Mehitable Stevens age 71; also living in the same household were; Anna Schutt age 48; Charles Schutt age 19; Samuel Bogardus age 17.
Smith, veteran's flag Reuben D. W.
103 Reg. N. Y. Vol.
died Nov. 16, 1863 aged 22 yrs 1 mo., 19 dys.
His sun went down in cloudless skies, Assured upon the morn to rise, In lovelier array; But not like earth's declinning light, The ____where he now shall glow, (rest unreadable)
Notes: From 1850 Caroline Census; Reuben D. Smith son of William & Phebe Smith was age 9 at that time.
Smith, William H.
died Feb. 19, 1857 aged 57 yrs., 29 dys
Therefore be ye also ready for in such an hour as ye think not the son of man cometh.
Notes: 1850 Caroline Census; William H. Smith age 50 yrs., born PA; Phebe Smith age 36;Mary E. Smith age 15; Sarah J. Smith age 13; Benjamin Smith age 11; Reuben D. Smith age 9; William H. Smith age 7; Garrett P. Smith age 4;Martha C. Smith age 2. In 1860 Town of Caroline, Phebe Smith is living with no husband;Phebe Smith age 46; Mary age 25; Sarah age 22; Reuben age 18;William age 17; Garret age 15; Martha age 12; Francis age 10; Clinton age 6.
McPherson, Amy Elizabeth, daughter of H. & S. McPherson
1835 - 1888
Notes: See below under notes for Hugh S. McPherson, I believe this is Elizabeth McPherson in the 1850 Danby Census.
McPherson, Hugh S.
died May 9, 1857 aged 47 yrs., 21 dys
Notes: 1850 Danby Census; Hugh S. McPherson age 40; Sarah McPherson age 38; Elizabeth McPherson age 15; Adeline McPherson age 13; Harrison McPherson age 11. Probate records, Tompkins County Court House; Daniel McPherson died Sept. 8, 1839, made his will June 26, 1833, Probate July 23, 1840; wife Amy McPherson; Sons; Duncan; William; Alexander; Daniel; John; Hugh. Daus; Esther; Catherine; Phebe; Exs. Amy McPherson and Duncan McPherson; Wits; Andrew Taylor, Eli Taylor and Richard R. Manning. From this probate record I believe that Hugh may be the son of Daniel & Amy McPherson.
McPherson, Sarah wife of Hugh S. McPherson
died Oct. 1, 1859 aged 43 yrs., 9 mo., 12 dys
No other information
Eastman, Julia E., daughter of C. C. & Polly Eastman
died Dec. 24, 1867 aged 27 yrs.
No other information
Eastman, Sheffield C., son of C. C. & Polly Eastman
died May 22, 1858 aged 25 yrs., 9 mo. 2 dys
No other information
Eastman, Polly wife of Charles C. Eastman
died Dec. 3, 1862 aged 54 yrs., 9 mo., 18 dys
Notes: Her headstone was found broken in two different locations - the top half was found under sod next to the grave of Charles Eastman her husband, the bottom half of her headstone was found lying face up on the hill one row up from her husband's grave. Both broken parts of this headstone were placed against the headstone of Charles Eastman (2001)
Eastman, Charles C.
born Aug. 5, 1807 died May 22, 1890
Notes: 1850 Danby Census; Charles C. Eastman age 43; Polly age 40; Amos age 20; Sheffield age 17; John M. age 15; Charles H. age 13; Juliaett age 11; Hannah age 8; Cyrus age 8.
Coon, Hannah wife of Sheffield Coon
died Oct. 23, 1853 aged 72 yrs.
Notes: 1850 Danby Census; Sheffield Coon age 67 born R. I.; Hannah age 69 born N.J.; living in the same household; David Coy age 47; Melinda Coy age 45; Sarah A. Coy age 21; Lodema Coy age 18; Jesse Coy age 15; Samuel Coy age 13.
Sage, veteran's flag Robert
Eldest son of John B. & Clarissa T. Sage
Died at Annapolis Juction Sept. 13, 1862 aged 20 yrs., 1 mo., 6 dys. Robert was a member of Co. A. 109th Reg. N. Y. S. V.
The ensign of freedom, Oh, long may she wave while flowers are blooming, in the brave soldier's grave.
Notes: 1850 Danby Census; John R. Sage age 41; Clarissa age 31; Matilda age 11; Adelia age 9; Robert age 8; Mary age 6; John R. age 4; with the following living in the same household, Thomas S. Campain age 26; Andrew Burnside age 21; William McMacky age 19.
Allen, Emma J. , daughter of E. P. & Jane C. Allen
died Mar. 9, 1862 aged 11 yrs., 8 mo., __dys (looks like 9 days)
Notes: 1850 Caroline Census; Edward Allen age 28; Jane Allen age 23; Mary L. Allen age 3; Emmie Allen age 1 mo.
Allen, George F., son of B. L. & Elizabeth Allen
died March 25, 1860 no age
Notes: Not found in 2001 - found in 1920's by Worden
Allen, George E. son of E. P. & Jane C. Allen
died Jan. 8, 1867 aged 2 or 7 yrs., 5 mo.
One less to love on earth, One more to meet in Heaven

Notes: 1850 Caroline Census; Edward Allen age 28; Jane Allen age 23; Mary L. Allen age 3; Emmie Allen age 1 month. See above for another child of E. P. & Jane C. Allen - Allen, Emma J. , daughter of E. P. & Jane C. Allen.
Allen, Mina L., daughter of E. P. & Jane C. Allen
died Dec. 28, 1863 aged 2 or 7 yrs., 5 mo., 20 dys
Notes: See above for another child of E. P. & Jane C. Allen
Richards, John E., died Nov. 30, 1864 aged 15 yrs., 8 mo., 22 dys On same headstone with Edwin E. Richards - Children of John W. & Judith S. Richards - see below for other name on this headstone.
Richards, Edwin E., died Feb. 11, 1875 aged 21 yrs., 3 mo. On same headstone with John E. Richards - see above - Children of John W. & Judith S. Richards written at the bottom of headstone.
Marsh, Charles Burtis
b. Apr. 27, 1870 d. Oct. _, 1870
Notes: On same headstone as Woodworth Marsh, the headstone has two writings, with the names spelled in a rounded manner at top of the marker - At bottom of this headstone it reads - Children of E. C. & Hattie Marsh. See below for other name on headstone
Marsh, Woodworth
October 17, 1872 - Sept. 17, 1873
See above for other name on same headstone. At bottom of this headstone it reads - Children of E. C. & Hattie Marsh
Little, Ann wife of Robert Little
died Oct. 18, 1862 aged 75 yrs., 5 mo., 28 dys
No other information
Little, Hannah wife of ______
died 188_
Notes: Elmer Lockwood's records has the following;
Hannah wife of Robert Little died Oct. 12, 1862 age 75 yrs., 28 dys. Believe this is Hannah wife of Simeon Little who died June 19, 1883 aged 67 yrs.
Little, Robert
died March 14, 1868, age 88 yrs., 5 mo.
Notes: 1850 Danby Census; Robert Little age 73 yrs., born in N.J.; Ann Little age 63 born in N. J.
Van Etten, Eleanor L., dau. of John & Eleanor Van Etten
died Aug. 22, 1841 age 8 yrs., 22 dys.
Notes: 1850 Danby Census; Eleanor Van Etten age 67 born in IRE.; with the following living in the same household; Jane Rumsey age 42; Peter Van Etten age 21; Mary Rumsey age 7.
Van Etten, Joel
born March 5, 1832 died June 7, 1904
No other information
Van Etten, Eliza wife of Joel Van Etten
died June 30, 1866, aged 29 yrs., 3 mo., 5 dys.
No other information
Van Etten, Nancy wife of Joel Van Etten
died April 10, 1891 aged 53 yrs.
No other information

Every effort was made to record as many burials as possible. The order of burial records are starting from the upper hill side of the cemetery at entrance by road. Starting at first row to the end near the hedge, then recording from the hedge back toward the road. In 1960 Elmer Lockwood recorded the headstone inscriptions given to him by the Middaugh family who were the owners of this cemetery at that time. His records have been used as a reference only to help record unmarked graves or inscription errors for this record. Dora Pope Worden also recorded inscriptions from headstones around Tompkins Co., Morris Chapel cemetery was one she recorded in the 1920's. Her work has also been used as a reference.

Please take note: All records below are recorded to the best of our ability. When reading the old inscriptions that are worn, weathered, and broken it is very hard at times todetermine dates. Once time has gone by for many years some headstones are just too hard to transcribe the inscriptions. We have tried to re-check all headstones for the best reading that is possible. Many 4's now look like 1's, many 8 look like 3's, and even some 5's are now looking like 2's. We hope anyone that may view these records will understand if mistakes on the inscriptions are found. It is our hope to preserve the history of the people that are buried here. When more information could be found on those buried here, it is written under the notes for that burial.

Thank you Bonnie Lamkin for transcribing the original records of Dora Pope Worden.
Cemetery Records are from walking in this cemetery to record
the headstone inscriptions on June 18, 2001
by Janet M. Nash & Cathy Knauff. Re-checked May 2003 by Janet M. Nash
We found many unmarked graves where the headstones have broken,
fallen, or only the base is left.

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