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Rich Family Burial Plot

Located on north side of Gulf Creek Road, about 1/2 mile from South Road. Burial plot is on a knoll with large maple trees behind the old homestead. On private property, landowner should be asked before visiting this area.

Town of Caroline, Tompkins County, NY. Cemetery is a family burial ground, is inactive.

Map (Off-site from MapQuest)

Burial plot is in poor condition and over grown. Grave markers are broken, with some fallen over. This record is as complete as possible at this time. View photo of our little helper.

photograph of cemetery
(Photo by Janet Nash - taken May 2003)
(larger photo)

Please use Notes as a guide only!

Evans, Benjamind. March 26, 1854, age 36 years 
Rich, Mr. Joeld. September 5, 1820, ae 47y 10m 10dHis wife Sarah Norton is buried in Caroline Center Cemetery with her 2nd husband James Preston.
Rich, Mr. Horace H.d. March 3, 1826, ae 23y 9mHorace was the son of Joel & Sarah Rich
Rich, Julia, daughter of Martin & Philenia Richd. September 12, 1843, ae 13y 2m 21dJulia was killed by a train.  Her mother was Philena Jones.
Rich, ____?son of Joel & Sarah Rich, died Aug. __, 1813 age 2 yrs., 10 mo.This headstone is lying flat on the ground, with top part of inscription weathered and no readable.
Smith, Joel R., son of Ansel & Brenda Smithd. October 30, 1853, ae 27y 11m 23d 
Preston, Edward R., son of Campbell & Roxanna Prestond. September 4, 1830, ae 2y 14dNote: Roxanna Rich married Campbell Alexander Preston. Roxanna was the daughter of Joel and Sarah Norton Rich. Her husband Campbell A. Preston was the son of James Preston, the second husband of Roxanna's mother Sarah Norton. (Campell & Roxanna are buried in Caroline Center Cemetery a short distance down the road from the Rich Family Burial Plot.
  ?Inscription on a stone otherwise unreadable:
"Death is a debt to Nature due
Which I have paid
And so must you".
Schylh? no other information listed on marker, inscription is very weathered and hard to read.
J. B. R. no other information - footmarker only, no headstone found
J. R. no other information - footmarker only, no headstone found

Map of headstone placement in Rich Family Burial Plot. Stone fence surrounding each side of the burial ground.

J. R. J. B. R.          
      ? son of Joel & Sarah Rich     Julia Rich
        Mr. Joel Rich Mr. Horace H. Rich  
      Edward Preston SCHYLH? Joel Smith Benjamin Evans

Large 200 year old maple trees also surround the cemetery.

This burial ground was located by my nephews, Matthew & Jason Nash on May 29th 2004. Matt drew a map of it's location and gave it to me, and later that day my daughter-in-law (Jennifer Nash), my grandson (Hunter Nash, age 4), and myself (Janet M. Nash) set out to find this burial ground. Once it was located we recorded the headstone inscriptions to the best of our ability. Thank you Mathew, Jason, Jennifer & Hunter Nash for helping us locate and record the headstone inscriptions for this family burial plot.

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