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Ryant Family Burial Ground

Also known as: William Miller Farm Cemetery, Curtis Road Extension/Old Curtis Road Cemetery/Cummings/Cummins, Haycock (Haycook/Haycox), McFall Family Burial Ground.

Town of Danby, Tompkins County, NY.

Directions: The cemetery is located 7 tenths of a mile on to Curtis Road Extension. It is about 200 feet west of the road, 400 feet north from a Snowmobile Trail, in Danby State Forest.

Town of Danby, Tompkins County, NY.
Cemetery is inactive.

This record is as complete as possible (2004).

Family members buried here are Cummings, Dorn, Haycook, McFall, Powers, Ryant, Swansbrow, and VanGilder.
Inscriptions are starting from front row left to right.

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Notes as a guide only!

Surname Name/Relationship Birth/Death.Age Notes
Ryant Nancy C., daughter of Joseph & Liza J. Ryant died Sept. 30, 1852, AE 11 mo's 11 dy's Her headstone is still standing
Ryant Mabel, wife of Daniel Ryant died April 4, 1845, AE 84 yr's Her headstone is still standing. First burial in Cemetery per headstone inscriptions. Believe she was the mother of the Daniel Ryant buried in the next row.
2nd Row      
H. J. died ? foot marker only J. H., no headstone found, this grave may be John Haycook, son of John & Sarah (McFall) Haycook. See below.
Ryant Joseph died Dec. 4, 1890, aged 73 yrs., 10 mo's Monument is leaning and may fall over soon. The monument for Joseph also has his son, John W. Ryant's name listed on it. Per death cert.: He was the son of Daniel & Lydia (Lord) Ryant, information for the death cert., for Joseph was given by his daughter, Susie C. Cummings, she listed that he was buried in Ryant Burial Ground, Danby, NY.
Ryant John W. died July 16, 1891, aged 38 yrs., 6 dys son of Joseph Ryant. John's name is on monument with Joseph.
Ryant Daniel died Nov. 9, 1866, AE 81 yrs., 6 mo's His headstone is leaning up against the iron fence. Foot marker D. R. (believe he was the son of Daniel & Mabel Ryant)
Ryant Lydia, wife of Daniel Ryant died Nov. 4, 1855, AE 66 yr's 3 mo's "She made home happy" Her headstone is leaning up against the iron fence. Foot marker L. R. (Per death cert. of her son, she was Lydia Lord)
3rd Row      
Dorn Martha J., daughter of Brownel & Hannah Dorn died July 5, 1864, aged 11 yr's., 4 mo's 15 dy's Headstone is still standing. Martha's mother was Hannah McFall, daughter of Henry & Jane McFall. Her burial is in an area that has an iron fence around the McFall graves.
McFall Henry died June 12, 1866, AE 74 yrs. "May thee rest in peace" His headstone is lying flat on ground. This area is surrounded by an iron fence with the burials of Henry McFall, his wife Jane, and their granddaughter Martha Dorn
McFall Jane, wife of Henry McFall died Feb. 13, 1862, AE 63 yr's. 2 mo's 20 dy's Her headstone is lying flat on ground. Grave inside the iron fence area.
Powers Eleanor, daughter of Michael & Esther A. Powers died Feb. 19, 1861, AE 21 yrs., 20 dys Headstone is lying flat on ground, broken at her name. (2004) 20 dys were recorded, older record had 29 dys, older record spelled her name as Elinor. Inscription is clear, ELEANOR is the correct spelling on grave marker.
Powers Catharine E., wife of Patsey Powers died Oct. 14, 1876 AE 26 yrs., 7 mo's. Her headstone is lying flat on the ground. Patsey's 1st wife. She may be Catharine E. VanOstrand, daughter of Michael & Jane VanOstrand.
4th Row      
Haycook Sarah A., wife of John Haycook died Mar. 7, 1890, aged 69 yr's 5 mo's 4 dy's Sarah "Sally" Ann McFall, daughter of Henry & Jane McFall. Her headstone is lying flat on the ground. Surname spelled on these headstones is spelled HAYCOOK
Haycook ? ? Headstone is still standing, but too faded to read inscription.
Haycook Henry H. died March 11, 1872, age 30 yrs. Headstone is lying on ground. Son of John & Sarah (McFall) Haycook.
Haycook Nancy M., wife of Henry Haycook ?, aged 22 yrs. A large tree has fallen on her headstone, it is broken into several pieces, trunk of tree is over some parts of the headstone. Tree needs to be cut to gather other pieces of grave marker. The inscription listed at left is all that can be read (2004) Inscription from past records: Nancy, wife of Henry H. Haycock, died May 27, 1868, aged 22yrs.
Haycook Addie May, daughter of Henry H. & Nancy Haycook died Dec. 10, 1872 age 6 yrs., 4 mo's Headstone is broken under the inscription of 6 yr's., 4 mo's., inscription may have dys listed, bottom part of this headstone was not found. Top part of headstone was sitting in the base.
VanGilder Charlie W., son of J. W. & Ann E.VanGilder died Feb. 28, 1869, AE 4yrs., 2 mo's "Safe in they fold" Not found in earlier records. Headstone in 4th row leaned up against a tree. The other VanGilder burials are right behind this tree in the next row. Believe his parents were: James W. & Ann E. VanGilder.
5th Row      
Powers Anna E., wife of Patsey Powers 1848 - 1892 "AT REST" small monument, still standing. (older record gave birth year as 1846) Patsey's 2nd wife. Patsey Powers & his 3rd wife are buried in Danby Rural (Curtis)Cemetery. Believe Anna married first James W. VanGilder, who is buried next to her. (She may have been Anna E. Ryant, daughter of Joseph Ryant.  Patsey Powers married 3rd Alice C. Montgomery, 1st she married J. B. Mosher.
VanGilder James W. died Jan. 18, 1876, AE 29 yr's 6 mo's His headstone is leaning up against a tree. His age was recorded in older records as 20, but it looks more like 29 yrs. At the top of his grave marker is an anchor. Believe he may have married Anna, also buried here 2nd wife of Patsey Powers. She is buried next to James VanGilder. A flag found in this cemetery may be for him, believe he was in the Civil War.
VanGilder William died May 26, 1867, AE 60 yr's., 7 mo's., 14 dy's "They rest from Their ______" Headstone still standing. Top of grave marker is a open bible. His widow Lydia, died Jan. 14, 1871, sons listed in her will were James W., Isaac, daus; Nancy Swansbrough; Mary J. Van Gelder, and Esther Ann Cooper. Lydia his wife may also be buried here, no other burial place has been found for her at this time. Surname also found spelled VanGelder.
Records listed here are from older records, they were not found in 2004, unsure location of burial.
Haycook John J., son of John & Sarah Haycook died Nov. 15, 1872, aged 18 yr's. His mother was Sarah McFall, not found in 2004. A footmarker was found with J. H., this marker was found near Joseph Ryant's burial.
Haycook Henry died May 27, 1868, age 22 yr's I believe this is incorrect, and should read: Nancy M., wife of Henry H. Haycook, died May 27, 1868 aged 22 yrs. Her headstone is broken, in several pieces, the part where Nancy is written is broken away from where Henry Haycook is inscribed. The same death date and age is recorded on both.
Cummings Clarence C. died April 18, 1876, age 5 yrs., 1 mo. Not found in 2004.  Susan C., daughter of Joseph Ryant married John J. Cummings. He was the son of Jacob & Hetty Ann (Ryant) Cummings.
Swansbrow ? ? No Swansbrow/Swansbrough burial was found in this burial ground in 2004, but was listed in an earlier record as having that family buried here. This family does seem to be connected with theVanGilder/VanGelder family - See notes under William VanGilder.

Burial Map

Back of burial ground is at base of the hill.

      Anna E.
  James L.
d. 1876
d. 1867
Sarah A.
d. 1890
unknown Henry H.
d. 1872
Nancy M.
d. 1868
Addie May
d. 1872
  Charlie W.
d. 1869
d. 1864
d. 1866
d. 1862
d. 1861
d. 1876
d. 1890
d. 1891
d. 1866
d. 1855
          Nancy C.
d. 1852
d. 1845

Front of burial ground is about 200 feet from the Old Curtis Road.

This cemetery was found and recorded on October 3rd 2004 by Cheryl Hall, Janet M. Nash Stephen L. Nash Sr.
Mabel Ryant was the first person buried here, per headstone inscriptions.
She was followed in death by Nancy C. Ryant, then Lydia Ryant. At the time this burial plot was recorded there were many leaves covering the headstones. We made every effort to uncover what we could find. 
It does appear to have some unmarked graves in this burial plot.
We believe this was first the Ryant Burial ground, other names for this burial plot from the landowners as time went by.
Thank you Cheryl Hall and Stephen L. Nash Sr., for helping preserve the history of this burial ground.
Transcribed by Janet M. Nash

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