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Speed's Farm Cemetery

Located on the Speed Family Homestead on Level Green Road about one half mile up from the Slaterville Road in the Town of Caroline. Known as the "Spring Farm".  Burial ground is to the left in the hedge of the Old Speed Homestead.
The early homestead of the Speeds from Virginia.
**There is a State Historical Marker in front of the Spring Farm**

Town of Caroline, Tompkins County, NY.
Cemetery is inactive and on private property.

This record is as complete as possible at this time.

Photo of cemetery
Photo by Cathy Knauff
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Name Inscription Notes
William Speed died June 27, 1835 (Seems odd that Susan below has same death date)
Mary Goodloe Harper wife of Dr. Joseph Speed,
born in Granville Co., N. C. and died in Caroline, Nov. 11, 1845, aged 71 yrs.
She was a sister to Gen. Robert Goodloe Harper
Dr. Joseph Speed Came to Caroline in 1825, but on the way back he stopped to visit a son, and died December 23, 1847 aged 74 yrs. Son of John Speed and Sarah Baird - he came to Town of Caroline with his Uncle Henry Speed who is buried in Caroline Centre Cemetery. Biography - Records and Memorials of the Speed Family, by Thomas Speed, Courier-Journal Job Printing Co., Louisville, Ky, 1892. Pg 34. He was a Physician and settled in Tompkins Co., NY. He was one of the earlier settlers in that area. Pg 34-45 covers his family and descendants. Per Landmarks of Tompkins Co., NY: The Town of Caroline was organized on February 22, 1811, when it was set off from Spencer, but did not become a part of Tompkins County until March 22, 1823. It recieved its name in honor of a daughter of Dr. Joseph Speed, one of the pioneers, she was Diana Caroline Speed who bacame the wife of Vincent Conrad.
Robert Harper Speed born in McLinburg Co., Va., Nov. 29, 1802 and died in Ithaca in 1829 son of Dr. Joseph Speed (note: McLinburg also spelled Mecklenburg)
Susan W. Hoard wife of William P. Speed, died in Caroline, June 27, 1835 aged 26 yrs. S. W. S. on footstone
See William Speed above
Doctor Jesse H. Patillo of Va. Born April 5, 1797 died in Caroline, November 22, 1824 No other information
James Richard Speed Killed by lightning, May 1864 aged 29 yrs. R. W. S. on footsotne. Landmarks of Tompkins Co., give death date as 1864 and that he was born in Caroline March 20th 1815.
son of Dr. Joseph Speed - his body was moved to Mulks Cemetery in Slaterville Springs, NY. His wife was Frances C. Peters of Ithaca. They had six children: Mary Caroline, Richard Peters, Robert, Henry Linn, Jessie Harper and Sallie Peters.

The bodies of several slaves whose graves are not marked are buried here.
See Speed's Farm Slave Burial Ground

Read about the Speed Family in Landmarks of Tompkins Co., NY.

Record of Elmer Lockwood - Transcribed by Janet M. Nash

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