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Adams Settlement Cemetery

Also known as: Mandeville Cemetery, and Vose Cemetery

Location - Route 96B past the town of Danby 1 mile. Take the first left, Steam Mill Rd. Steam Mill Rd. joins Nelson Rd. Travel north to four corners. At the four corners continue north. The Cemetery is on the right past the four corners on Nelson Road. Cemetery is on Nelson Rd between East Miller Rd & Hornbrook Rd.
Town of Danby, Tompkins County, NY.
Cemetery is active.

This record is as complete as possible at this time.
Cemetery records last updated April 29th 2003.

photograph of cemetery
(Photo by Cathy Knauff - April 29th 2003 )
(larger photo)

Please use Notes as a guide only!
Records are from Tompkins Co. Tombstone Inscriptions, by Dora Pope Worden (1920's)
Updated by those of Alan Chaffee, plus updated again April 29th 2003 by Janet M. Nash & Cathy Knauff.
See notes - if inscriptions seem to differ they are listed under notes.
See bottom of page for codes on Chaffee work.

Row/headstone # Name Birth/Death/Age Notes
Row One
(E.W. FENN) (Mother) no date same type of stone as #2
[ can't tell whether or not #1 & #2 are for names on #3 ]
#2 (W.H.S.) (Mary C.) no date same type of stone as #1
[can't tell whether or not #1 & 2 are for names on #3]
#3 -W- William SLOCUM died Sep. 3, 1887 aged 75 years son of Christopher & Elizabeth Williams Slocum, married 1st Chloe Maria Hawes, 2nd Almira Middaugh.
#3 -W- Maria HAWES his wife died Oct. 25, 1863 aged 46 years Chloe Maria Hawes,, born 1817, 1st wife of William Slocum.
#3 -S- Mary C. SLOCUM died May 2, 1863 aged 19 years Mary Chloe, born Jan. 1, 1844, daughter of William & Chloe Maria Hawes Slocum.
#3 -N- Eliz. SLOCUM FENN died Sep. 29, 1881 aged 45 years Elizabeth, born Aug. 6, 1836, daugther of William & Chloe Maria Hawes Slocum.
#4 Harriet C.,
adopted daughter of Christopher & Elisa SLOCUM
died June ____ stone broken [ *** Elisa is as written ]
[ From "Tompkins County Tombstone Inscriptions" indicates the following: SLOCUM, Harriet C. d. June 21, 1859 ae 17yr 19da ]
#5 Elizabeth, wife of Christopher SLOCUM died June 1, 1865 ae 84 y'rs 4 mo's 12 d's Elizabeth Williams, born Feb. 13, 1781, dau. of Benjamin Williams of Elizabeth, New Jersey.
#6 Christopher SLOCUM
died Sept. 21, 1845 aged 59 years 7 mo's 21 da's
"My children dear assemble here, A Father's grave to see,
Not long a go I dwelt with you, But soon you dwell with me."
born Feb. 1st 1786, son of Hull & Nancy Babcock Slocum. Christopher married Elizabeth Williams, their children were: William; Henderson, Christopher, Lucilla,and Charles.
#7 Charles H., son of Christopher & Elizabeth SLOCUM (C.H.S.) died Aug.10, 1856 ae 30 y'rs. born August 10, 1826.
#8 William HART died Sept. 10, 1843 aged 56 years 6 months 24 days
"How suddenly he was called away,
Eternity to view;
No time to regulate his house,
Or bid the world adieu."
No other information
#9 Abigail HART 1788-1880 No other information
#10 Richard, son of William & Abigail HART died Aug. 9, 1843 aged 23 years 5 months 27 days
"Tread softly o'er this sacred mound, A rose perfumes this beloved ground; May myrtle deck and garlands rise, To guard the tomb where Richard lies."
No other information
#11 Edward HART 1828-1895 No other information
#12 Imogene LANE HART 1828-1906 No other information
#13 Jane LOGAN(J.L.) died Oct. 16, 1877 aged 54 years Worden has surname as Lagan
#14 -W- James LOGAN
grave marker (Father)
died Mar. 12, 1896 aged 59 y'rs 6 m's No other information
#14 -W- Jane Ann, his wife
grave marker (Mother)
died Aug. 2, 1899 aged 62 y'rs No other information
#14 -S- Children Eliza died Mar. 13, 1859 aged 3 days dau. of James & Eliza LOGAN
#14 -S- Evens
grave marker (Evens)
died Sep. 21, 1868 aged 2 y'rs 6 m's son of James & Eliza LOGAN
Worden has Evans d. 1865
#14 -S- Alexander
grave marker (Alexander)
died Oct. 1, 1868 aged 11 y'rs son of James & Eliza LOGAN
Row Two
grave marker (Father)
1812-1888 Worden has surname Hawland
#15 Emoline M., his wife
grave marker (Mother)
1815-1874 No other information
#15 Lyman E.
grave marker (Lyman E.)
1851-1874 No other information
#15 Mary E.
grave marker (Mary E.)
1855-1875 No other information
#16 Alfred, son of Jeremiah C. & Anna MANDEVILLE (A.M.) died Oct. 30, 1838
ae 15 y'rs 3 mo 10 days
No other information
#17 Anna, wife of Jeremiah C. MANDEVILLE (A.M.) died Feb. 8, 1859 ae 64 y'rs 10 mo 27 days Believe this to be Anna Atwater who was 1792, and married July 9th 1812.
#18 Christ is my hope
died March 7, 1848 aged 60 y'rs 2 mo 2 d Worden has 20 dys. Believe this is the son of Francis & Deborah (Clark) Mandeville.
#19 Harriet, wife of Wm. NELSON
died Sept. 3, 1884 ae 70y's 10 mo 11 d's
At Rest
Worden has d. Sept. 13, 1881 - Believe she was the dau. of Jeremiah C. Mandeville, he had a dau. Harriet and she is buried in the Mandeville plots.
#20 Jeremiah M., son of John & Lydia DENTON born Dec. 31, 1803 died Nov. 4, 1817 (J.D. O.D.) - one footstone
#20 Ornan, son of John & Hannah PARKHURST died Mar. 14, 1823 ae 11 y'rs. No other information
#21 Mary Ann, dau. of Wm. T. & Sarah BRADFORD (M.A.B.) died Oct. 2, 1829 ae 2y 20d Worden has d. 1820 age 2 yrs., 26 dys. Note: Sarah wife of William T. Bradford was Sarah Gardner.
#22 Harriet E. Dau. of Wm. T. & Sarah BRADFORD (H.E.B.) died Oct. 17, 1832 ae 1y 1m 6d Note: Sarah wife of William T. Bradford was Sarah Gardner.
#23 Abram T. son of Wm. T. & Sarah BRADFORD (A.T.B.) died Feb. 15, 1844 ae 9m & 2d Note: Sarah wife of William T. Bradford was Sarah Gardner.
died Aug. 1, 1828 aged 66 y'rs Worden has age 64 yrs
#25 Fanny, Dau. of Abram & Mary GARDNER died 1813 No other information
#26 Phebe wife of James GARDNER
died Jan. 1, 1810 aged 60 y'rs 2nd wife, maiden name unknown - Mother of Abraham & Asa Gardner. This seems to be the first burial in this cemetery (per headstone inscriptions)
#27 James GARDNER
died Feb. 1, 1829 aged 96 y'rs Worden has 91 yrs., this is incorrect. James Gardner was born Dec. 1733. Said to be a Revolutionary War Soldier
#28 Phebe GARDNER died Nov. 23, 1858 ae 91 years 6 mo. (S.C.B.) [ as is - on footstone ]
Phebe (Osborn) 3rd wife of James Gardner
#29 Mary wife of Abraham
died Dec. 16, 1855 aged 73 y'rs 8m 14d Mary wife of Abraham, two records of her maiden name given in the Gardner genealogy, Mary Ramson and Mary Bullock.
#30 Abraham GARDNER
died Apr. 10, 1861 AE 77 y'rs 4 mo & 12 days Abraham was the son of James & Phebe (unknown) Gardner.
#31 Fanny May, dau of N. W. & Fanny G. BARBER (F.B.) died Aug. 19, 1873 aged 5mo 23 d's
"Not lost but gone before."
No other information
#32 Mary Daughter of Wm & Ruth GARDNER
died Dec. 2, 1860 AE 17 y'rs 11 mo 2 days
"Remember now thy creator in the days of thy youth."
No other information
#33 Ruth wife of Wm. GARDNER
died Mar. ***, 1879 aged 57 y'rs
"One less to love on earth, ____
[ stone cracked & broken ]
*** one digit with a flat base 1, 2, 4 or 7
Gardner, Ruth (Tuthill) d. Mar. 1, 1879 ae 57y 3m 18d ]
#34 Wm. W. GARDNER died Mar. 13, 1881 AE 65 y'rs 5 mo's & 22 days
"At Rest"
No other information
Row Three
Dr. Jeremiah MORRISON born July 4, 1735 died Mar. 7, 1828 No other information
#35 Hannah, his wife born Nov. 3, 1745 died Mar. 2, 1828 No other information
Row Four
#36 -W-
(E. W. M.)
born Sept. 13, 1843 died Dec. 25, 1873 No other information
#36 -N- Carrie E., wife of E. W. MANDEVILLE
grave marker (Mother)
April 19, 1845 - Nov. 25, 1915 No other information
-1- Arthur, son of E. W. & C. E. MANDEVILLE died July 4, 1870 AE 13 mo's obnb No other information
#37 -2- Arthur
no date No other information
#38 David L. PITTS died Aug. 24, 1848 aged 37 years 4 months
"My kindred dear asemble here
My monument to see;
Not long ago I dwelt with you,
_____ son you'll dwell with me."
No other information
#39 Mary Jane daughter of G. S. & Betsey EGBERT
died Mar. 1, 1853 AE 23 y'rs 4 mo 8 da No other information
#40 Betsey, wife of Gilbert S. EGBERT (B.E.) died Sept. 20, 1875 aged 70y'rs 7m's 28 d's
"United in life, in death were not separated"
No other information
#40a Footstone (G. E.) no date Footstone is still there, headstone not found. >From "Tompkins County Tombstone Inscriptions" Gilbert S. EGBERT d. Jan. 22, 1856 ae 58y 2m 6d
#41 Daniel LETTS 1835-1904 No other information
#41 His wife, Mary J. GILLITTE 1841-____ No other information
#41 John LETTS 1864-____ No other information
#41 His wife, Helen A. LEWIS 1870-____ No other information
Row Five
Edgar W. MANDEVILLE 1874-1937 No other information
#43 Martha BYRNE MANDEVILLE Feb. 23, 1873 - Aug. 28, 1952 No other information
#44 Frederick Byrne MANDEVILLE, M.D. Dec. 3, 1902 - Nov. 13, 1970 No other information
#44a Margery SCHWAB MANDEVILLE Aug. 12, 1910 - Oct. 19, 1986 No other information
#44b Edgar William MANDEVILLE Dec. 1, 1907 - Oct. 14, 1980 No other information
#45 Charles D., son of John D. & Laura MILLER died June 10, 1844 aged 20 years No other information
#46 John D. MILLER died April 14, 1861 aged 77 years No other information
#46 Laura, his wife died June 15, 1872 aged 77 years No other information
#47 rotted headstone no date ***rotted hs, blank fs, could be same as #48 (Believe this is Elizabeth (Gardner) Scott Griffin, wife of David Scott & Nehemiah Griffin. Elizabeth "Zibbie" Gardner, daughter of Abraham & Mary (Ransom) Gardner, who lived in Danby, Tompkins Co., NY. Zibbie was born March, 1809, died about 1902, she died at the Teeter Farm on the Enfield Road, Tompkins Co., NY - date unknown. She lived nearly 100 years, she was a dressmaker, and out lived her second husband by fifty years. More history on her family.
#48 Nehemiah GRIFFIN
died July 1, 1852 aged 43 years ***appears to be 4 m's 15 d's
*** the stone is cracked just below the tops of what appears to be 4 m's & 15 d's.
#49 David SCOTT
died April 7, 1836 aged 31 years
"Friends nor physicians could not save,
This mortal body from the grave,
Nor can the grave confine it her,***
When Christ shall bid it to appear."
*** "it her" as written
#50 Betsey, wife of William SMILEY
died ____rotted, not broken, AE. 66 y'rs 6 rotted Daughter of William & Margaret "Patty" Butler. [ From "Tompkins County Tombstone Inscriptions" indicates:
SMILEY, Betsey, w/o William d. Sept. 29, 1866 ae 66y 6m ]
#51 Ruth A., wife of Edward HALL
died Jan. 1, 1867 AE 64 y's 2m 21 days
"Here resteth a lov'd one in endless repose."
Daughter of William & Margaret "Patty" Butler. See Photo of her headstone
#52 Resting in hope
Andrew L. WADHAMS(A.W.)
died July 14, 1873 aged 50 years
"Go to thy rest in all thy glorious prime,
In full activity of zeal and power,
A chirstian cannot die before his time,
The Lord's appointment is the servant's hour."
No other information
#53 Gone Home
Catharine A., wife of Andrew WADHAMS
died May 24, 1874 aged 52 y's 9 m's 26 days
"Weep not for her who now at rest,
Where care and pain no more annoy,
Has reached the heaven of the blest,
And realized immortal joy."
No other information
Row Six Horatio HITCHCOCK July 21, 1820 - July 3, 1898 No other information
#54 Emma R., his wife July 26, 1837 - blank No other information
#55 -S- Lewis SCOTT
died Feb. 26, 1894 ae 84 y'rs No other information
#55 -N- Abigail HAMILTON
died Jan. 2, 1893 ae 74 y'rs No other information
#55 -W- William SCOTT 1833-1911 No other information
#55 Sarah, his wife 1844-blank No other information
#56 -S- E. M. AXFORD born Aug. 20, 1807 died Dec. 14, 1879 No other information
#56 -W- Mary A. AXFORD born Apr. 28, 1807 died Dec. 26, 1878 No other information
#56 -E- Ella C. AXFORD born Aug. 1, 1853 died May 16, 1881 No other information
#57 Lewis BEERS
died June 28, 1830 AE 39 y'rs 3 mo 4 da No other information
#58 Anna, wife of Lewis BEERS
died Feb. 5, 1857 ae 58 y'rs 9 mo & ____ [ From "Tompkins County Tombstone Inscriptions" indicates:
BEERS, Anna, wife of Lewis d. Feb. 5, 1857 ae 58y 9m 12d ]
#59 Sybil A., wife of Isaac BEERS(S.A.B.) died Nov. 16, 1874 ae 48 y'rs 1 m & 20 d's
"O sweet is the season of rest,
When life's ____ journey is o'er,
Mortalit's troubles are past,
And there's bliss on the heavenly shore."
No other information
#60 Isaac BEERS(I.B.) died Jan. 16, 1902 ae 79 y'rs 11m 21 d's No other information
#61 Philure, daughter of Benjamin & Roxey BANKER
died July 2, 1840 aged 23 years 7 m'ths 14 days
"Twas death's own dart that pierced my heart
When I was in my prime
When this you see grieve not for me
Twas God's appointed time."
No other information
Row Seven
Samantha M. LAMOUREAUX, wife of Warren HANFORD died May 24, 1917 aged 83 y'rs 11 mo's 13 d's No other information
#63 Warren HANFORD died Sept 4, 1881 aged 53 y'rs 7 m's 6 d's No other information
#64 Mary HANFORD March 11, 1853 - Feb. 12, 1940 No other information
#65 -W- Theron W. SLOCUM (Father) Oct. 24, 1847 - May 13, 1917 Theron Webster Slocum, son of Christopher & Eliza Grant Slocum.
#65 -W- Ella, his wife (Mother) Mar. 2, 1851 - Apr. 7, 1921 Ella McGillivray, daughter of George & Olive Sheffield McGillivray, of Enfield, NY. Her obit. states: Ella M. Slocum died April 8, 1922 age 72 years
#65 -E- Archie T., son of T.W. & E. SLOCUM
grave marker (Archie)
died Oct. 23, 1900 age 23 y'rs No other information
#65 -N- M. Eliza dau of T. W. & E. SLOCUM
grave marker (Eliza)
died July 20, 1880 ae 4y 11m 29d born July 22, 1875, Slocum genealogy states she died July 19th.
#66 Nelson MANDEVILLE 1816-1875 No other information
#66 Elizabeth Ann HANFORD, his wife 1821-1912 [Obit.
Elizabeth Ann Mandeville born Dec. 3, 1821 d. Sept. 30, 1912, she was
buried in the Family Plot in the cemetery on the home farm.]
#67 -W- Andrew J. BEERS dieb*** Feb. 24, 1891 ae 66 ys 1m 3ds
Forever with the Lord
*** as written
No other information
#67 -S- Samanthan DEMMON wife of Andrew J. BEERS died Aug. 17, 1858 ae 31 ys 5ds Died in the Lord No other information
#67 -N- Jemima RIGHTMIRE, wife of Andrew J. BEERS died May 17, 1885 ae 45 ys 2ms 4ds At Rest in Jesus No other information
#68 Mary CLAP died Jan. 10, 1860 ae 33 y'rs 5mo 22d's No other information
#69 Moses CLAP died Nov. 12, 1860 ae 38 y'rs 24 d's No other information
Row Eight
Gershom HANFORD (G.H.) Feb. 10, 1820 - Dec. 14, 1898 No other information
#70 Lucille G., his wife
grave marker (Mother)
Sep. 15, 1821 - Aug. 14, 1888 No other information
#71 -W- George W. HADDOCK born Mar. 14, 1824 No other information
#71 -W- Virginia C. ELLISON, his wife born Mar. 6, 1841 No other information
#71 -N- Andrew J. STINARD born June 1, 1863 No other information
#71 -N- Vilettie E. HADDOCK, his wife born Nov. 17, 1862 died Oct. 6, 1889 No other information
#72 John CONRAD 1853-1903 No other information
#73 Adda L., his wife 1858-1917 No other information
#74 Orla, their son 1884-1914 No other information
Row Nine
John J. MILLER 1837-1917 No other information
#75 Mary E., his wife 1849-1926 No other information
#76 Royden Mandeville VOSE
New York Colonel 306 Inf 77 Devision Medical Corps World War I
October 18, 1879 - December 19, 1950 (flag in stone) (FLT)
#77 VOSE MELCHEN no date ***Mrs. Melchen, Dr. Vose's dau., said that the land for the cemetery was deeded to the town by her ancestor (the Mandevilles) in 1827. Elisabeth Vose Melchen age 79 of 723 Nelson Rd., died Monday, Dec. 24, 2001 at Cayuga Medical Center. Born Oct. 27, 1922 in Ithaca, she was the daughter of the late Dr. Royden M. & Ethelyn Chase Vose.
#78 Katherine C. SCHALLER 1897-1966 No other information
Row - unknown Grace Elizabeth BOWER 1892-1980 No other information
Unknown row Eugene Brown 1910-1910 (unmarked grave) infant son of Jabe & Mertie Ellston Brown

Alan Chaffee has kindly donated his Cemetery records to the Tompkins County, NYGenWeb site. We would like to take this time to thank him for his hard work and kindness to share his work with us. Alan is the Historian for the Town of Newfield, and has worked for years helping people find their relatives. Alan is truly an asset to Tompkins Co. researchers. Alan started his work of walking and recording headstone inscriptions in Tompkins Co., and a few other counties when he was about fifteen years old, he has continued this work for over thirty years.

Over these years he has help numerous people with their research. Many historians in the surrounding towns regard his work as excellent record keeping. We feel honored that Alan has agreed to share his records with us, and trust that his work will help you in your search for burials in Tompkins Co. Thank you Alan Chaffee for being a part of the Tompkins County, NYGenWeb team and trusting us with your most valuable records.

The number before the name is the number given for that burial, from the point of where Alan thought the entrance was of the cemetery starting with # 1.

He also has row numbers are from West to East. And Stones in rows go North to South.

All cemetery writings have been transcribed to the best of the ability of the transcriber as appeared on the record.

Updates to Alan's records were done on April 29th 2003 by Janet M. Nash & Cathy Knauff.

Update: From Lee Snow of Ithaca, NY for the Slocum Family, sent in March 2006. Thank you Lee!

hs headstone
stos same type of stone
( ) footstones or flag designation
fs as hs foot stone as headstone
fs footstone
fn foundation
AEt. aetatis = aged
obnb Over but not broken
[ ] Information from other source(s)
*** special note of importance
-_- stipulates a directional side of a tombstone

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