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Danby Presbyterian Cemetery

Also known as: Danby Congregational Cemetery and possibly Danby Village Cemetery. This cemetery may have originally started as the Jennings Family Burial Grounds but no documentation has been found to support this.

Location: Bald Hill Road.
In Danby, cemetery is located approximately 1/8th of a mile from Route 96B on Bald Hill Road, on the left side of the road. Follow drive to the old town barns, cemetery is above and to the left of the drive way.
Town of Danby, Tompkins County, NY.
Cemetery is inactive.

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photograph of cemetery
Photo by Cheryl Hall — September 2004
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  Row/Headstone # Name Birth/Death/Age Inscriptions and Notes
  Row One South
Mary An_, daughter of Josiah & Rosamond McFALL died Feb. 25, 1855, Ag'd 19 y'rs 6 mo 20 d's [cracked, lying on ground]
"Weep not dear friends that she hath gone
Eternal _______
So live that you when life is o'er
May meet your loved one there."
  #2 Rosamond, wife of Josiah McFALL died Feb. 9, 1878, Aged 74 yrs 10 mo's [cracked, lying on ground]
"Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord."
  #3 Resting in hope. Augustus I., s/o Josiah & Rosamond McFALL died Mar. 27, 1857, Æ. 20 y's 3 m's. (A.M.) (flag) (flag) [lying on ground]
"Go to thy rest in all thy glorious prime,
In full activity of zeal and power,
A Christian cannot died before his time,
The Lords appointment is the servants hour."
  #4 Libbie, Dau. of Josiah & Rosamond McFALL died Feb. 19, 1873, aged 19 y'rs 8 mo's (I.M.) [lying on ground]
"Gone but not forgotten."
  #5 Belia, dau'r of Henry H. & Sarah McFALL died Feb. 18, 1873, Æ. 10 y's 6 m's "Grandma's pet has gone."
[lying on ground]
  #6 Fred D. son of Andrew & Maria C. KNAPP died Dec. 6, 1862, Æ. 15 y'rs 2 mo's 26 d's "His sufferings are o'er."
[lying on ground]
  #7 Maria C. Wife of A.W. KNAPP died Feb. 3, 1880, Aged 62 y'rs "O'er the shining river,
In her bright angel home,
Dwelling with joy forever,
Waiting for us to come."

[lying on ground]
Maria CLARK, dau. of Uri CLARK and Hannah HYATT; granddaughter of Dea. Hezekiah CLARK.
  #8 Dexter W. KNAPP died Nov. 1. 1843, Aged 20 years 2 mo 22 days "Asleep in Jesus."
[lying on ground]
  #9 John COMPTON died May 18, 1860, Æ. 70 y'rs 11 mo & 21 days "I ask not to stay."
[lying on ground]
Believe this to be John COMPTON, b. 27 May 1789, New Jersey, s/o John & Abigail COMPTON. 1850 census for Danby has John COMPTON, 61, laborer, b. NJ, Matilda COMPTON, 42, b. NY, Lewis COMPTON, 3, b. NY.
  #10 (C.M.)   No other information
  #11 (D.B.)   No other information
  #12 Abiah, wife of Nelson WILLIAMS died July 8, 1827, Aged 27 y & 28 d "My youthful friends o may we meet
In that fair heavenly clime,
On everlasting sinless shores,
When we are call'd from time."

[lying on ground]
Abiah JENNINGS. Likely a daughter of Hudson or Benjamin JENNINGS and suspect Benjamin JENNINGS as she named a son Benjamin Jennings Williams. In 1800 census, Benjamin Jennings had a dau. that would fit as Abiah.
  #13 Dea. Hezekiah CLARK died Sept. 23, 1824, in the 73 year of his age [lying on ground] See his wife, #28 below.
Congregational church records have day of death as the 3rd. Gold, 1877, p. 76, Historical Records of Cornwall, CT, states that Hezekiah CLARK and David CLARK, two brothers, were deacons of the north Cornwall church. Came to Danby abt. 1803 from Cornwall, Litchfield Co., CT, See Landmarks. Gold, p. 273 has that he is the son of Ephraim CLARK who settled in Stratford, Fairfield Co., CT before coming to Cornwall, Litchfield Co., CT. Barbour, vol. 41 has Ephr[ai]m CLARK, Jr., m. Mehetable BEARDSLEE, both of Stratford, July 8, 1736. Hezekiah married Sylvia HILL, dau. of Uri HILL and Mary ROOT. Hezekiah Clark's Will.
  #14 The grave of Harriet N., wife of ABNER CASADAY She died June 30, 1841; aged 25 years 11 mo. & 3 da. "We lay the body in __
And bid it sleep in everl__"

(H.C.) [cracked, lying on ground]
  Row Two South
In memory of Andress ELDREDGE who died July 29, 1810 aged 22 yrs & 3 months "Friends and Physicians could not save
My dying body from the grave."

[lying on ground]
  #16 Sarah wife of Jonathan METTLER died May 15, 1877, Aged 76 years & 10 months. (S.M.)
  #17 __LIA __ Dau. of __than & Sarah _ETTLER died __n. 14, 1871 _E. 34 y's 5 m's & 14 days (J.F.M.) [cracked, lying on ground]
  #18 Esther EVARTS died July 22, 1878, Aged 74 years 2 months 22 days "Beloved in life and fresh in memory still."
[lying on ground]
  #19 Washington C. EVARTS died Sept. 9, 1872. Aged 70 years 2 mo. & 26 days "Dead but not forgotten."
[cracked, lying on ground]
  #20 ELIZA, Wife of Loverett J. CLARK died Mar. 10, 1851 Æ. 32 y'rs 5 mo 3 da [lying on ground]
  #21 In memory of Isaac T., Son of Littleton & Amy FURNSS died Jany 16th, 1811 Æ. 8 y [lying on ground]
  #22 Isibella daughter of Luther & Mary HALL died April 29, 1842, Aged 9 mo 10 d's [lying on ground]
Dau. of Luther HALL (s/o Leonard HALL and Sally LANDON, buried Danby Rural Cemetery) and Mary Darling BENNET(T) (parents unk.). Leonard & Sally HALL removed to Danby, NY abt. 1807/08 from Salisbury, Litchfield Co., CT. Probate records indicate Luther HALL was b. December 29, 1811, d. February 4, 1884, in Jackson Co., IL. Mary, b. abt. 1820, possibly in Pennsylvania, d. 19 Oct 1855, in Murphysboro Township, Jackson Co., IL.
  #23 Little Freddy   [lying on ground]
  #24 Thomas HYATT died Sept. 10, 1809, Aged 24 years 7 mo "Religion his Hope __
To a Father's Memory m__
This sacred Tri__ __?"

[lying on ground]
IGI Record has Thomas Hart HYATT, s/o Jesse and Sabary HYATT, b. October 2, 1785, New Hartford, Litchfield Co., CT, d. September 10, 1807.
  #25 In memory of Dea. Jesse HYATT who died July 18, 1835; aged 82 (J.H.) [cracked, lying on ground]
IGI record has Jesse HYATT, b. July 15, 1753, Norwalk, Fairfield Co., CT, m. June 10, 1779, New Hartford, Litchfield Co., CT to Sabary CHAPIN. Gold, 1877, p. 76, Historical Records of Cornwall, CT, states that Jesse HYATT was a deacon of the north Cornwall church.
  #26 In memory of Sabry Wife of Dea. Jesse HYATT Who died Sept. 16, 1828. Aged 73 years 2 mo. & 13 das [cracked, lying on ground]
Born July 7, 1755, New Hartford, Litchfield Co., CT to David CHAPIN and Martha ALLEN. Children b. in New Hartford, Litchfield Co., CT: Hannah, b. 1780; Nancy, b. Aug. 15, 1783; Thomas Hart, b. Oct. 2, 1785; Sabra, b. 1787; Abigail, b. Aug. 12, 1790; George, b. 1795; Sally, b. May 16, 1798. Esther Margaret, b. June 5, 1807, Danby, NY (IGI Record).
  #27 Sally HYATT died Jan. 16, 1864, aged 75 years "There is rest for the weary."
[lying on ground]
Probably unmarried dau. of Jesse and Sabry HYATT but if age at death and death date are correct, her birth year would be abt. 1789. IGI Record has Sally HYATT, dau. of Jesse HYATT and Sabary CHAPIN, b. May 16 1798, New Hartford, Litchfield Co., CT, d. January 16, 1864. In the 1860 Danby census, a Sally HYATT, age 72, b. CT was living in the home of Andrew and Maria (Clark) KNAPP.
  #28 Sylva, consort of Dea. Hezekiah CLARK died June 17, 1822 in the 66 year of her age [lying on ground]. See #13, her husband Hezekiah
Congregational church records have day of death as 18th.
Sylvia/Silvy HILL, b. February 9, 1757 in Goshen, Litchfield Co., CT to Uri HILL and Mary ROOT (Barbour). Had brothers, Seth, b. August 24, 1759 and Uri, b. August 19, 1760.
  #29 Alfonso WHITNEY died Nov. 29, 1880, aged 55 years  
  Row Three South
3 burials
Sarah E., dau. of Wm & Rachel FORD Died July 19, 1834 Æ. 3 mo. & 15 da.  
    Charles E. Died Sept. 23, 1843 Æ 3 mo. & 13 da.  
    Joseph Died Apr. 4, 1845 Æ. 3 mo. (S.F.) (C.F.)(J.F.)
[cracked, lying on ground]
2 burials
Sarah E wife of William P. BURDICK and daughter of William & Rachel FORD Died Aug. 22, 1851 In the 17 year of her age.  
    William A., son Æ. 2 mo. [cracked, lying on ground]
  #32 Ann Eliza wife of Perry YAPLE died May 17, 1851 Æ. 21 y'rs 8 mo.& 15 da "Brightly and fair, shone thy life's sunny morning
Painful afflictions beclouded thy room
Dark was thy evening; yet gloriously dawning
The bright star of Hope; lit thy path to the tomb."

[cracked, lying on ground]
  #33 Nathan F. son of Ezra & Lucy MARTIN died April 24, 1846, aged 4 years 11 months 24 days [cracked, lying on ground]
  #34 (E.C.)   No other information
  #35 George H., son of J. R. & Clarissa SAGE died March 20, 1854 aged 2 years 6 months 20 days "Beneath this slab of marble,
George Henry tranquil lies;
Awaiting Gabriels trump,
To call him to the skies."

[lying on ground]
  #36 In memory of Elijah C.[or G.] son of Horace & Margery HUTCHINSON who died March 19, 1824 aged 1 year 3 mo. & 18 da [lying on ground]
  #37 In memory of Eliza Emma dau't of Horace & Margery HUTCHINSON who died Sept. 2. 1814. Aged 3 mo. & 3 da [cracked, lying on ground]
  #38 Adelaide J. wife of Myron B. HUTCHINSON died May 13, 1855 aged 31 years 4 months & 8 days [lying on ground]
  #39 In memory of Margery wife of Horace HUTCHINSON who died July 3, 1833 aged 38 years & 3 da's [cracked, lying on ground]
  #40 Martha wife of Horace HUTCHINSON died June 7, 1852, aged 58 years [cracked, lying on ground]
  #41 Nancy HAWES died Dec. 27, 1844, aged 61 years, 4 months & 12 days "__cious in the sight of the Lord is the death of the righteous."
(N.H.) [cracked, lying on ground]
Probably the wife of Philo HAWES, s/o Isaac HAWES.
  #42 In memory of Anna daughr of Benjan & Sally JENNINGS died Oct. 10 1811 Æ 6 y [cracked, lying on ground]
Benjamin JENNINGS came in 1802 and located in Beers Settlement. Oscar JENNINGS was his son, and the late Benjamin JENNINGS [m. Lydia Maria BEERS, dau. of Andrew BEERS and Ruth DURFEY] his grandson. He was from Cornwall, Conn., and settled on the farm now occupied by the family of William BUCKLAND. Benjamin JENNINGS was a member of assembly in 1827 and 1837, and a prominent and useful citizen, Landmarks. Born May 7, 1774, in Cornwall, Litchfield Co., CT to Lemuel JENNINGS and Abiah BIERCE (Starr, History of Cornwall, Connecticut, 1926). He d. July 2, 1856 in Danby (Jacob WILLSEY Journal). No headstone found.
  #43 __ M Anne dau. of Lewis & Mary BEARDSLEY died Sept. 14, 1834, Æ. 34 y [cracked, lying on ground]
Lewis BEARDSLEY located in the Beers Settlement neighborhood in 1802. Lewis Beardsley, b. Oct. 2, 1774 to Nehemiah & Rebecca Beardsley, m. Mary JENNINGS. Children: Darius, b. Jan. 11, 1799; Anna, b. Apr. 10, 1800, d. Sept. 4, 1834; Wells, b. Apr. 4, 1802, d. May 7, 1804; Wells, b. Oct. 19, 1805; Everet J., b. Nov. 25, 1807. Lewis Beardsley d. Nov. 21, 1839 (Nehemiah Beardsley Bible Records, The History Center in Tompkins Co.). Mary Beardsley d. 1846 (IGI Record). No headstones found for Lewis or Mary BEARDSLEY.
2 burials
Darius BEARDSLEY died Feb. 1, 1876, Æ. 77 years Son of Lewis & Mary (JENNINGS) BEARDSLEY, b. Conn. Burials of Darius, Naomi GRAVES, his wife, and son, Wallace (below) are also recorded in the Hayts Cemetery, Ithaca, NY as: Beardsley, Darius Jan. 11, 1799-Feb. 1, 1876; Beardsley, Naomia G., w/o Darius, Oct. 24, 1802-Mar. 20, 1896, Beardsley, Wallace, s/o Darius & Naomia July 22, 1834-Mar. 23, 1836. Source: IGI Record, The History Center in Tompkins County.
    Wallace, son of D. & Naomi BEARDSLEY died Mar. 20, 1836, Æ 20 months "Thy statutes have been my songs in the house of my pilgramage."
[lying on ground]
  Row Four South
5 burials
Seth DORN Died Mar. 29, 1915 aged 79 years 5 mo & 13 d'ys.  
  -W- Juliet his wife Died July 31, 1869 aged 26 years 7 mo & 8 d'ys.  
  -E- Augustus C. Died July 14, 1932 aged 67 years 1 mo.  
View stone -N- Elmer Died Oct. 18, 1863 aged 15 days.  
View stone -N- Miles A. Died June 19, 1885 aged 17 years 3 mo. & 8 d'ys. (MILES A.) (ELMER) (FATHER) (AUGUSTUS)
3 burials
In memory of my mother Abigail H. Who died June 10, 1840, Æ. 57 y'rs. by her son J. H. HAWES
"She remembered her Creator in the days of her youth."
"Of such is the kingdom of Heaven."
    Mary Jane, wife of J. Hart HAWES Died Oct. 25, 1853, Æ. 26 y'rs.  
    Ada Abigail, only dau. of J.H. & M.J. HAWES Æ. 3–½ y'rs.  
  #47 Isaac HAWES born Jan 14, 1785, died Jan 12 1855 "Behold and see as you pass by,
As you are now so once was I,
But as I am now so you must be,
Prepare for death and follow me."

(C.H.) [lying on ground]
  #48 Mr. Cyrus HAWES died Dec. 9, 1834, Æ. 28 y & 9 m [lying on ground]
  #49 Anna, wife of Isaac HAWES died April 27, 1831, aged 78 yrs 11 mos & 10 dys (A.H.) [lying on ground]
  #50 Isaac HAWES died April 6, 1832, aged 82 years, 10 months & 16 days [cracked, lying on ground]
  #51 In memory of D[ea?] Philo HAWES who died April 2, 1830 aged 51 y'rs 5 mos 1dy "Precious in the sight of the Lord are the death of his saints."
[lying on ground]
  #52 In memory of Sylvester Son of Sylvester & Olive ROPER who died Feb. 23, 1827 aged 2 years [lying on ground]. See burial #284.
  #53 In memory of Almira daughter of Thomas & Eunice ATWOOD died Dec. 12th, 1819. Aged 14 years "Farewell my young companions all
From death's arrest no age is free
Come read this fate upon my tomb
And then prepare to follow me."

(A.A.) [lying on ground]
  #54 In memory of Oliver PLATT who died Sept. 25, 1824, aged 26 years "A student in theology, of promising talents & exemplary piety."
[lying on ground]
2 burials
Bradford son of Uri & Harriet J. HILL died July 24, 1824, aged 2 years __* months 28 days. *[looks like a mistake was made and the engraver went way too deep when trying to correct]
    Infant son of Uri & Harriet J. HILL died April 9, 1827, Aged 27 days [lying on ground]
2 burials
died Sept. 3, 1851, aged 73 years 1 month & 12 days (U.H.) (H.J.H.)
    Hariet J. his wife died April 15, 1851, aged 58 years 4 months & 28 days [lying on ground]
  #57 Hiram C. son of James & Polly EVEREST died Aug. 16, 1835 Æ. 26 y'rs 10 mo 10 da (H.E.) [lying on ground]
  #58 Edward son of James & Polly EVEREST died Sept. 1, 1838 Æ. 23 y'rs 6 mo 19 da (E.E.) [lying on ground]
  Row One North
Ira ANGLE died April 11, 1867, Æ. 64 y'rs & 6 mo "Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord."
[lying on ground]
  #60 UNITED [hands holding]
veteran's flag Elijah RYANT
No Date [lying on ground]
Elijah Ryant b. abt. 1823. His widow, Elizabeth P. Ryant collected a pension for his war service. He was a Private, Co. K, 137th NY Regiment; enlisted August 22, 1862; wounded July 3, 1863, at Gettysburg; died of wound, July 17, 1863.
  #61 Emeline Louisa, wife of Miles C. MIX died Jan. 4, 1839, aged 28 years 1 mo 20 da "The bloom of youth, The pride of life,
The bles't of every pleasing worth;
Thou too; must die."

[lying on ground]
  #62 In memory of Andrew GASTON who died Dec. 23, 1830, in the 21 year of his age "Alas the brittle clay,
That built our bodies first,
And ev'ry month and ev'ry day,
Tis mould'ring back to dust."

[lying on ground]
  #63 In memory of Lucetta dautr of Alexr & Lydia GASTON who died July 11th in the 2nd year of her age "A bud nipt before the bloom."
[lying on ground]
  #64 James E. son of Josiah & Malisa TOLFREE died Jan. 6, 1848, aged 2 [or 3] 8 mo 1d [cracked, bottom missing, lying on ground]
  Row Two North
Juliaett wife of George MCKENZIE died May 16, 1839, aged 25 years & 8 months "And shall I say it is too soon,
To [?] for Heaven, or think of death
A flower may fade before 'tis noon,
And I this day resign my breath."

[lying on ground]
  #66 Betsey relict of William CHAPMAN born Oct. 10, 1796, died Mar. 3, 1880 [lying on ground]
  #67 Beloved in life Lamented in Death. Maria S. BROCK, wife of John C. WOLF died Mar. 23, 1846, Æ. 23 yrs 7 ms & 14 days A.B.Henry, Waterloo [lying on ground]
  Row Three North
In memory of Ezra CRANE who died March 10, 1848, aged 84 y'rs (E.C.) [lying on ground]
  #69 In memory of Sally, wife of _zra CRANE who died _ec. 23, 1843, __ed 68 years [cracked, lying on ground]
  #70 Mr. James COTTER died June 19, 1812, Æ. 39 y "Blessed are the dead who died in the Lord."
[lying on ground]
  #71 In memory of Herman & Sally SMITH who died Feb the 24, 1828, aged 21 years [lying on ground]
From 1920's records of Dora Pope Worden: Polly daughter of Heman or Herman & Sally SMITH who died Sept. 24, 1828 aged 24 years.
  #72 Sarah, wife of Elijah SMITH died March 28, 1837, aged 85 years 8 mo. & 6 da [lying on ground]
  #73 In memory of Sally SMITH wife of Herman SMITH & daughter of Elisha & Susannah EVEREST who died April 7th 1813, Æ. 33 "Of an amiable disposition & charitable,
benevolent heart, an affectionate
Wife & A tender Mother, with a firm
And unshaken confidence in the merits Of Christ
In faith she died, in dust she lies
But faith foresees that dust shall rise,
When Jesus calls while hope assumes
And boasts her joy among the tooms."

(S.S.) [lying on ground]
LDS Record has Sally EVEREST, b. 22 Oct 1780, Salisbury, Litchfield Co., CT to Elisha EVEREST, Jr. and Susannah CHAPMAN. Elisha Jr., b. 8 Nov 1752, Saybrook, Middlesex Co., CT, d. Bef. March 1825, Danby, NY (no headstone found), s/o Elisha EVEREST, b. 04 Nov 1716, Guilford, New Haven Co., CT and Lydia PRATT, b. 19 Jul 1715, Saybrook, Middlesex Co., CT, m. 2 Jan 1752, Saybrook, CT. Susannah CHAPMAN b. abt. 1755, d. 16 May 1832, Danby, NY (no headstone found).
  #74 In memory of Esther daughter of Joseph & Lucy BELCHER BERKSHIRE who died July 26th 1819 in the 15th year of her age "So dies the blooming flower"
[lying on ground]
  #75 Huds[on] JENNINGS died May 9, 1833, aged 49 Years [cracked, lying on ground]
s/o Lemuel JENNINGS & Abiah BIERCE, b. April 16, 1784, in Cornwall, Litchfield Co., CT. One source has that he married Dorothy Clark, born Aug. 20, 1782, dau. of David CLARK & Elizabeth NODINE. Town of Cornwall records give the date of marriage as October 7, 1804.
  #76 veteran's flag Prince DUPLEX died Oct. 29, 1825, aged 71 years [lying on ground]
Note: He is listed as DuplessiS in Abstract of Graves of Revolutionary War Patriots. Applied for pension April 27, 1818 at the age of 64y & 2m. He enlisted at Southington, Hartford, CT, serving in the Connecticut Line; engaged in the battles of Germantown and Monmouth. Pension papers state that he was a free man of color. He m. Lement PARKER in Wolcott, CT on Feb. 20, 1782. She was b. July 16, 1764 (see burial #199).
  #77 Hellen C. daughter of Ira & Esther ANGLE died Apr. 2, 1848 ae. 2 y'rs & 5 mo "Weep not, for Hellen is not dead,
But on her Savior's breast;
Has gently laid her infant head
And sweetly sunk to rest."

[lying on ground]
  No Row Four North      
  Row Five
"Gone to the better land." Nellie. [MUNSON plot] No Date [lying on ground]
  #79 Jane F. daughter of Ira & Catharine MUNSON died Oct. 6, 1852, aged 16 years 8 months & 11 days "Fair as a flower she lived
And bloomed as bright and pure as they
But like a flower the blight had touched
She early p[a]*ssed away."

[*chipped away; lying on ground]
  #80 Ira MUNSON died April 1, 1864, aged 71 years "Dear companion thou hast left me, here thy loss I deeply feel;
But 'tis God that hath bereft me,
He can all my sorrows heal."

[lying on ground]
  #81 Catharine wife of Ira MUNSON born June 8, 1793, died Aug. 6, 1879  
  #82 Clark A son of Reuben & Anna WOODFORD died Mar. 30, 1857 Æ. 16 y'rs 4 mo 11 da "We turn away to view,
The loved of earth in heaven."

[lying on ground]
  #83 John KINGSBURY died Sept. 27, 1858, aged 73 years (J.K.) [lying on ground]
  #84 Betsey wife of Chester W. LORD died Sept. 4, 1879 aged 90 y'rs Betsey KINGSBURY, dau. of Jacob KINGSBURY of Tyringham, Mass., and Sally SMITH. Dr. Jacob Kingsbury was the son of Stephen Kingsbury from Norfolk, CT. Sally Smith was from Salisbury, CT. Betsey was b. in 1789. (Pedigree of Jesse W. Foster in lines of Foster, Coggin, Farley, Phelps, Burritt, Curtiss, Lord, Smith, Webster, and allied families, George E. Foster, 1897, Chapter on One Line of the Lord Family).
  #85 Chester W. LORD died March 12, 1864, Æ. 78 years b. July 13, 1785; moved from Salisbury, Litchfield Co., CT to Danby in 1818, where he d. Mar. 12, 1864. Married Betsey KINGSBURY. Children: Charles Webster, Rev. Edward of Patchogue, Suffolk Co, NY, b. Mar. 29, 1821, m. Mary Jane SANDERS of Williamstown, MA, dau. of Anthony & Celinda Sanders from RI. (Pedigree of Jesse W. Foster in lines of Foster, Coggin, Farley, Phelps, Burritt, Curtiss, Lord, Smith, Webster, and allied families, George E. Foster, 1897, Chapter on One Line of the Lord Family).
  #86 Charles W. LORD died May 30, 1844 aged 24 years 9 months, & 23 days Charles Webster Lord, of Danby, NY, took his father's business, and removed to Ithaca, NY, where he d. without issue. He was b. Aug 7, 1818, at Danby, m. Jan. 7, 1840, Cordelia FORTNER of Danby, and d. May 30, 1844. (Pedigree of Jesse W. Foster in lines of Foster, Coggin, Farley, Phelps, Burritt, Curtiss, Lord, Smith, Webster, and allied families, George E. Foster, 1897, Chapter on One Line of the Lord Family).
  #87 Mrs. Jerusha, wife of Joel LORD died Feb. 1, 1821, Æ. 65 y Dau. of Noah WEBSTER Sr. & Mercy STEELE. She was b. in 1756 and was a sister to Noah WEBSTER, Jr., b. Oct. 16, 1758, author of A Dictionary of the English Language. (Webster Genealogy, by Noah Webster, New Haven, 1836, with Notes and Corrections by his great-grandson, Paul Leicester Ford, Brooklyn, NY, 1876).
  #88 veteran's flag Mr. Joel LORD died Dec. 22, 1821, Æ. 70 y He was a Revolutionary War Soldier. DAR Records have his dod as Dec. 22, 1824, aged 78 yrs. Son of David & Lydia LORD, b. Mar. 12, 1754 O.S. (Barbour Vol. 37); b. March 27, 1754, d. Dec. 22, 1824, aged 70 yrs. (Chapter on One Line of the Lord Family), in Salisbury, Litchfield, CT. Children: Chester Webster b. July 13, 1785, Jerusha, b. abt. 1790, Harley, b. 25 Jan. 1792 (Chapter on One Line...). Barbour has Olivia b. Jan. 14, 1782, d. Oct. 7, 1784 aged 3 yrs., Charles b. [ ] 1785, Jerusha b. Jan. 11, 1790, Harley b. Jan. 25, 1792.
  #89 Clarissa A. BOARDMAN died Jan. 5, 1867, Æ. 62 y'rs 6 mo's & 16 days "Sweet be my rest, till he bid me arise,
To hail him in triumph descending the skies."

[cracked, lying on ground]
Dau. of Uri CLARK and Hannah HYATT. See Burial #143.
  #90 The grave of Josiah BEERS who died May 8, 1841, aged 43 years 1 month and 9 days "He lived in humble faith in his God,
and was governed by Christian principles.
O Lord! thou art my God! I will exalt thee!
I will praise thy name!"

[lying on ground]
  #91 Uri C. son of Josiah & Clarissa A. BEERS died Oct. 31, 1834, Æ. 10 m 13 d "O how peaceful is the soul
Where angry billows never roll
Where all is calm serene at rest
As in the smiling infants breast"

[lying on ground]
  #92 Hannah, daugh. of Clarrissa A. & Josiah BEERS died Jan 31, 1825 Æ. 5 m 13 d "Sleep on sweet babe
And take thy rest,
God cal'd the home
When he thought best"
  #93 Jerome son of Josiah & Clarissa A. BEERS died Apr. 6, 1835, Æ. 3 y 8 m 19 d "So fond desires ___ rossed"
[cracked, lying on ground]
  #94 Hannah M. daughter of Birdsey & Sally CLARK died Sept. 8, 1832, Aged 2 years "Sleep on sweet child
And take thy rest,
God call'd the home
He thought it best."

[lying on ground]
  #95 Abner CASADAY died Aug. 29, 1852 Æ. 36 y'rs 4 mo. & 21 da "Blessed are the dead that die in the Lord."
  #96 Amanda K. Wife of Abner CASADAY died Oct. 16, 1852 Æ. 38 y'rs 6 mo 6 da "Great are the mysteries of God"
  #97 Abner K. son of Abner & Amanda CASADAY died May 24, 1852 Æ. 1 year & 5 mo "Suffer little children to come unto me and forbid them not for of such is the kingdom of Heaven."
[lying on ground]
  #98 In memory of Roxanna Pamelia, daughter of Luther & Polly SMITH died Oct. the 13 1827 Aged 7 months [lying on ground]
  #99 Mary J., dau. of Alonzo & Mary M. AUSTIN died Oct. 10, 1854, Æ. 2 mo "We saw thee & loved the sweet babe but to well
Nor dreamed thou were blooming to die
Till oer our bright visions the dark shadows fell
And we saw the in cold death lie"
  #100 Alice M., daughter of Alonzo & Mary M. AUSTIN died Oct. 17, 1856 Æ. 4 mo 6 da "Farewell thou little smiling babe,
Thy sufferings here are o'er;
No tear shall dim thine eye with grief,
Or pain molest thee more."
  #101 Ezra C. son of Luther & Polly SMITH died May 27[?], 1827 Æ. 14[?] y'rs 10 mo 5 da "__ death __ from pain;
He __"

[cracked, lying on ground]
  Row Six
veteran's flag Samuel A. ATWELL died April 10, 1864 aged 18 y'rs Co. M, 21 Regt. N.Y. Vol.
  #103 Salmon P. son of Nathaniel & Esther ROPER died Oct. 25, 1840, aged 23 years 11 days "The last dread scene is past the trials o'er,
and pain, and death, shall reach thy frame no more;
Thy spirit freed from every earthly care,
Shall in the love of thy Creator share."

[lying on ground]
Roper Genealogy (1904) has Solomon Philander ROPER, b. October 14, 1817, d. October 25, 1840, s/o Nathanael ROPER and Esther HITCHCOCK.
  #104 Almira F daughter of Reuben & Jennette COLONY died Dec. 25, 1853 Æ. 16 y'rs 3 mo da "Joys departed spent with you
Hope renews the pleasing strain
That we soon shall meet again;
When this morbid body dies,
We shall meet beyond the skies."

[lying on ground]
  #105 Adelia M., daughter of James & Margaret BALDWIN died may 28, 1855 aged 13 years 2 months & 12 days "One we loved has left our number,
For the dark and silent tomb,
Closed her eyes in deathless slumber,
Faded in her early bloom."

[lying on ground]
  #106 "There is rest in Heaven. Holy Bible"
Esther, wife of Nathaniel ROPER
died May 21, 1866, Æ. 76 y'rs & 6 mo "Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord."
[cracked, lying on ground]
Esther HITCHCOCK, b. Sept. 4, 1790, d. May 30, 1866 (Roper Genealogy, 1904).
  #107 "There is rest in Heaven. Holy Bible"
Nathaniel ROPER
died Sept. 10, 1835, Æ. 43 y'rs & 5 mo "From all his labors now he rests,
In Gods Eternal Glory Blest."
[lying on ground]
Nathanael ROPER, brother of Sylvester ROPER and s/o Nathanael and _____ ROPER, b. April 23, 1792, m. Southington, Hartford Co., CT, January 26, 1812, Esther HITCHCOCK. Settled in Danby where he d. Sept. 10, 1835. Children b. in Danby: Charles, b. March 16, 1814, m. Sarah FARNSWORTH; Pheba, b. Sept. 29, 1816, d. Nov. 13, 1816; Solomon Philander, b. Oct. 14, 1817, d. Oct. 25, 1840; Esther, b. May 10, 1822, m. Benj. Franklin GRANT; Luther, b. Oct. 12, 1826, m. 1st Fanny Mariah EGBERT; 2nd, Emma L. BUSH. (Roper Genealogy, 1904).
  #108 Betsey wife of Stephen BIRCHARD died Sept. 6, 1864, Æ. 62 y'rs 4 mo's 19 days "Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord."
[lying on ground]
  #109 Stephen BIRCHARD died Aug. 2, 1868, Æ. 72 y'rs 8 mo. & 13 d's. "Be ye ready therefore also, for the son of man cometh at an hour when ye think not."
[lying on ground]
2 burials
Thomas SWARTOUT died Dec. 27, 1851 Æ. 71 y'rs 11 mo. & 9 da.  
    Sally, his wife died Sept. 18, 1850 Æ. 62 y'rs 8 mo. & 14 da. "Our Lord hath called and we obeyed,
To meet and with him dwell;
The last great debt we now have paid,
And bid the world farewell."
  #111 Prudence, daughter of Thomas & Sally SWARTOUT died May 29, 1847 Æ. 19 y'rs [lying on ground]
  #112 Betsey, daughter of Thomas & Sally SWARTOUT died May 2, 1832 Æ. 26 y'rs [lying on ground]
  Row Seven
Elizabeth E., wife of Birdsey WADHAMS died Mar. 18, 1853 Æ. 54 y'rs 6 mo & 9 da "Our Mother lies here."
  #114 Eunice A., daughter of B. & E.E. WADHAMS died Feb. 2, 1854 Æ. 26 y'rs 9 mo 12 da "Heaven is unchangeable."
  #115 Birdsey WADHAMS died Feb. 19, 1870, Aged 69 years & 6 months "Triumphant through faith."
  #116 Elijah MARSH died July 23d 1844, aged 79 years "Weep not for the dead neither bemoan him."
4 burials
Lemuel Whitney CLOUGH 1806-1883  
    His Wife, Caroline CLOCK 1808-1876  
    Mary Elizabeth 1832-1865  
    Harry Wilson 1855-1857  
  #118 Harriet M. BIERCE died Mar. 13, 1862, Æ. 50 years "At rest" [lying on ground]
  #119 Little Harry died Sept. 30, 1857, Æ. 2 y'rs & 5 mo's No other information
  #120 Rev. M. L. FARNSWORTH died Nov. 27 1838, aged 40 years "2 Tim. 4.7. I have kept the faith."
  #121 Henry CLUFF died June 28, 1856, aged 82 years & 6 months "He saw the wilderness changed
into fertile fields and peacefully
passed away, to his spirit home."

[lying on ground]
  #122 Susan A., daughter of Peter & Mary Ann PUFF died Dec. 1, 1852, aged 7 years 1 month 3 days  
  #123 –E– George F. FURNACE died July 17, 1840, age 33 y'rs #123; 7 burials, inscribed on one headstone.
  #123 –E– Isaac T., son of Lyttleton & Amy FURNACE died Jan. 16, 1811, age 8 y'rs 9 m's  
  #123 –S– Lyttleton F. CLARK died July 18, 1861, age 35 y'rs  
  #123 –S– Louisa PUGSLEY born Jan. 15, 1829, [blank]  
  #123 –W– John H. CLARK died July 26, 1855, age 54 y'rs 7 m's & 18 d'ys  
  #123 –W– Adelia F. CLARK died Feb. 4, 1878, age 74 y'rs "She hath done what she could."
  #123 –N– Amy FURNACE died Feb. 24, 1862, age 84 y'rs "She ruled her household with love,
And made it the abode of happiness."
2 burials
Birdsey CLARK Born Jan. 9, 1807, died Jan. 10, 1871  
    Sarah V., wife of John DUMOND, Daughter of Birdsey & Sally CLARK Born Jan. 6, 1833, died Sept. 29, 1869 [4 sided stone, obnb]
  #125 Caleb MERRITT died Apr, 26, 1852 Æ. 85 y'rs 7 mo's & 7 d's  
  #126 Elizabeth, wife of Caleb MERRITT died Sept. 16, 1851 Æ. 78 y'rs & 27 d's  
2 burials
Phebe C., his wife [blank]  
    Salmon COLEMAN died Dec. 16, 1866, Æ. 67 y'rs 5 mo. & 19 d's "Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord."
[lying on ground]
  #128 Elizabeth, wife of Jacobus FREAR died Dec. 28, 1854, Æ. 86 y. 11 m. & 6 d "Lord, I am pained, but I resign my body to thy will, 'tis Grace, 'tis wisdom all Devine, appoints the pains I felt."
  #129 Newell B. CRANDALL died July 28, 1869, Æ. 51 y'rs 6 mo's & 21 d's "Died at the house of T. R. VanGelder."
[lying on ground]
  #130 John EVENS died at Bradford, Pa., May 27, 1872 Aged 81* y'rs [*probably 81, lying on ground]
  #131 Dr. J. A. EVANS died Dec. 21, 1859, Æ. 30 y'rs 1 mo. & 18 days "For I reckon, that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us."
[lying on ground]
  #132 Sarah A. ROMAIN, wife of John EVANS died Nov. 8, 1850, aged 46 year_ 7* __ths & 18 days "Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord from henceforth: Yea, saith the spirit that they may rest from their labours; and their works do follow. Tis finished the conflict is past, The heaven born spirit is fled, Her wish is accomplished at last, For now she is intombed with"
[*probably 7, cracked, lying on ground]
  Row Eight
In memory of Susan Helen, dau. of John & Elizabeth SHERER who died May 28, 1834, aged 1* y. & 6 m. "__ smitten friends,
__re angels sent on errands full of love,
For us they languish for us they die,
And shall they languish shall they die in vain."

[*1 or 4, broken, lying on ground]
  #134 Erminda daughter of Joel & Millissant OLDFIELD died June 20, 1856 Æ. 12 y'rs 2 mo & 13 da. "This lovely bud, so young and fair,
Called hence by early doom,
Just came to show how sweet a flower
In paradise would bloom."

[lying on ground]
  #135 James son of R. & J. COLONY died Aug. 1, 1848 Æ. 1 year & 11 mo [lying on ground]
  #136 Wilbert E. son of E. M. & M. T. WADHAMS died Nov. 5, 1879, aged 30 years [cracked, lying on ground]
  #137 Jane, wife of William FISH died July 6, 1862. Æ. 49 y'rs 4 mo's & 5 d's. [lying on ground]
  #138 Mother—Esther HYATT wife of C. C. HOWELL died Jan. 3, 1886 aged 79 y'rs Dau. of Jesse and Sabry CHAPIN HYATT, b. June 5, 1807; m. Charles Clark HOWELL, October 19, 1826.
  #139 Father—Charles C. HOWELL died June 7, 1882, aged 78 y'rs; 2 mo's & 14 d's. [lying on ground]
  #140 William G. HOWELL died Jan. 14, 1849, in his 41 year  
  #141 Sister Caroline B. HOWELL died June 13, 1880, aged 44 y'rs; 2 mo's & 13 d's  
  #142 Sarah, wife of D. G. HOWELL died Nov. 30, 1843, in the 66 year of her age  
2 burials
Uri CLARK died Apr. 28, 1868, Æ. 89 y's 6 mo. "Gone home to die no more."
Son of Hezekiah CLARK and Sylvia HILL, b. October 25, 1778, Cornwall, Litchfield Co., CT. Married Hannah HYATT on October 6, 1799. Uri Clark's Will.
    Hannah, his wife died May 12, 1870, Æ. 88 y's 8 mo. [lying on ground]
Hannah HYATT, b. abt 1780/81 in New Hartford, Litchfield Co., CT, to Jesse HYATT and Sabra CHAPIN. Baptized in the Congregational church, Danby, NY on July 5, 1807. Children received and baptized same date: John Hart, Clarissa, Abigail, Virgil Birdsay, Thomas Milton.
  #144 Henrietta daughter of H. C. & M. E. HANCOCK died Mar. 19, 1864 Æ. 6 y'rs 4 mo 20 d's [lying on ground]
  #145 David K., son of Peter & Mary Ann PUFF died Aug. 13, 1842, aged 1 year & 1 month [lying on ground]
2 burials
William P. BEERS 1812–1841  
    Maria H., his wife 1815–1897  
  #147 William BEERS died March 13, 1841 aged 28 years [lying on ground]
  #148–W Harriet S. HOWELL died Feb. 29, 1880, in her 70th year  
  #148–S Henry C. HOWELL died Sept. 13, 1839 age 7 mo's 8 d'ys  
  #148–N Hattie J. BOUTON 1850–1910  
  #149 Homer JENNINGS died May 28, 1874, Æ. 65 y'rs 3 mo's & 23 days Possibly a son of Benjamin & Sally JENNINGS.
  #150 Ruby A., wife of Homer JENNINGS & daughter of Calvin & Sally ABBEY died April 28, 1865 Æ. 58 y'rs 11 mo & 19 days  
  #151 In memory of Harriet Eliza, daughter of Calvin & Sally ABBEY who died May 1, 1840, in the 36 year of her age "Our Harriet too, is called away,
To leave her friends and all behind,
Her boddy to its native clay,
Her spirit to its God and friend.
It is our loss we mourn alas
Poor selfish mortals that we are
We will dry our tears and travel on
And soon we all shall meet here thare"
  #152 Isaac ABBEY died Feb. 1, 1843, Aged 45 years & 19 days "Boast not thyself of tomorrow, for thou knowest not what a day may bring forth. Prov. 27:1"
  #153 Sally, wife of Calvin ABBEY died April 4, 1857, aged 81 years 9 months & 25 days "But there is a hope my Mother,
Lives in my bleeding breast;
Since thy freed spirit has flown,
To its eternal rest."

[more epitaph in dirt]
  #154 Calvin ABBEY died Oct. 8, 1852, aged 77 years 7 months & 19 days "Thou art gone to the grave, and its mansions forsaking,
Perhaps thy tried spirit in doubt lingered long;
But the sun shine of heaven beam bright on thy waking,
And the song that the heard'st was the seraphins song.
Thou art gone to the grave, but 'twere wrong to deplore the.
When God was thy ransom, thy guardian and guide;
He gave thee, and took thee, and soon will restore thee,
Where death hath no sting. Since the saviour hath died"

An IGI Record has Calvin ABBEY, s/o Aaron ABBEY and Anna MAIN, b. Feb. 19, 1775, Hopington, Middlesex, MA, d. Oct. 8, 1852.
  #155 Lydia Maria ABBEY born Mar. 30, 1816, died Sept. 1, 1876  
  #156 Susan, wife of Silas PIERSON died May 28, 1849 Æ. 30 y'rs 1 mo. & 10 da "How sweet she _hone in sc_ life
As sister, mot_er, friend ____
She's don_ w___ h all below __on.
And shi_s before her Fathr's _hrone."

[very cracked, lying on ground]
  #157 Eliza daughter of Stephen & Eliza STARKS died Sept. 21, 1865 Æ. 14 y'rs 3 mo 16 d's "Ere sin could blast or sorrow fade,
Death came with friendly care,
This opening bud to Heaven conveyed,
And bade it blossom there."
2 burials
Phebe wife of S. STARKS Died Sep. 23, 1849, aged 49 y's.  
    Also Eliza wife of S. STARKS Died June 11, 1851, aged 40 y's.  
  Row Nine
Elijah S. son of Samuel & Esther AMES died June 12, 1847, aged 27 y'rs "I would not live alway, no welcome the tomb
Since Jesus has lain there I dread not its gloom
Then sweet be my rest till He bids me arise,
To hail Him in triumph descending the skies."

  #160 (C.A.W.)   No other information
  #161 Edward son of Sheldon & Eliza BIERCE died June 17, 1848 Æ. 2 y'rs & 14 da "Tears-alas they're unavailing,
Sighs–alas they're vain;
Father, let thy grace be given;
That we may in yonder heaven
Meet our boy again."

[lying on ground]
  #162 Robert Emmet son of Da. & Elizabeth MARSH Died Aug. 12th 1844 aged 10 mo 4 d's [lying on ground]
  #163 Elijah M. WADHAMS died Mar. 31, 1851, Æ. 25 y'rs. 9 mo. & 18 da "Farewell my friends I'm going home
My Jesus smiles & bids me come
Archangels beckons me away,
To sing Gods praise in endless day."

[lying on ground]
  #164 Charles W.[__] son of John H.[__] & Mary S.[__] BALDWIN died Sept. 17, 1863, __ed 8 y' 7 mo & 2[_]3* d. [*6,3,8,7–all good guesses; cracked, lying on ground]
  #165 Joseph R. HOWELL died Jan. 24, 1849, in his 39 year [lying on ground]
  #166 Preston H. son of H.C. & E.M. HANCOCK died Feb. 3, 1862, Æ. 2 y'rs 7 mo & 29 d's. [lying on ground]
  #167 (J.F.)   No other information
  #168 Ada M. daughter of Charles J. & Sarah D. HILL died Aug. 5, 1854, Aged 15 months & 3 days "We loved her."
[lying on ground]
  #169 Hannah M., wife of Charles J. HILL died May 3, 1848, aged 27 years 8 months 26 days  
  #170 Ellen A. daughter of Abner & Amanda CASADAY died Jan. 9, 1866 Æ. 19 years 21 d's "Meet me in Heaven."
[lying on ground]
  #171 -N- Allen J. GRANT
died June 29, 1893 aged 87 yrs. #171 -N- and #171 -W-, 4 burials inscribed on one headstone.
  #171 -N- Sarah A. his wife   "Not dead; but, Gone before."
  #171 -W- Allen GRANT died July 12, 1841 aged 3 yrs 9 mo 6 ds  
  #171 -W- Mary C. GRANT died Aug. 15, 1848 aged 3 yrs 2 mo 1 dy  
  #172 Mary C. daughter of Allen J. & Sarah GRANT died Aug. 15, 1848, aged 3 years 2 months & 1 day "Sleep on dear child thy work is done,
The mortal pang is past,"
  #173 Allen, son of Allen J. & Sarah GRANT died July 12, 1841, aged 3 years 9 mo 6 days "Here rests the sweetest bud of hope,
That e'er to human wish was given;
If thou wouldst know its present state,"

  #174 Sabry wife of Joseph FORD died April 13, 1852, in her 74 year "Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints."
  #175 Joseph FORD died Nov. 24, 1841, aged 66 years 6 months & 19 days "And now his breast to heave has ceased,
And heart and lungs are hushed to peace;
Some friendly hand the eyelids closed,
And left the clay to short repose."
  #176-W- Parents Isaac HAWES born May 21, 1749, died April 26, 1832. See Will of Isaac HAWES. One source has son of Isaac HAWES and Hannah TUCKER. Married Annah Whitlock on May 14, 1772. Of 12 children, 10 are shown as being born in Warren, Litchfield Co., CT (Rootsweb WorldConnect GedCom).
  #176-W- Parents Anna WITLOCK, his wife born May 17, 1752, died April 27, 1831.  
  #176-N- Sons Lyman born April 5, 1773, died July 23, 1857 Buried in Schoharie, NY
  #176-N- Sons Josiah born Feb. 22, 1777, died June 26, 1851 Buried at Sidney Plains, NY
  #176-N- Sons Philo born Nov. 1, 1778, died April 2, 1830.  
  #176-N- Sons Newton born Oct. 29, 1780 Erected A.D. 1869, by Horace HAWES of California. Born July 10, 1813, son of Newton, inscribed above.
  #176-E- Sons Prince born June 27, 1783, died Dec. 14, 1848 Buried in Greenwood, Brooklyn
  #176-E- Sons Isaac born Jan. 14, 1785, died Jan. 12, 1855  
  #176-E- Sons Enoch born April 10, 1790, died March 21, 1864 Buried at Claridon, O.
  #176-E- Sons Loman born March 17, 1792, died July 19, 1832 Buried at Maysville, Ky
  #176-S- Son Iram born Sept. 20, 1786  
  #176-S- Daughters Hannah born Dec. 17, 1774  
  #176-S- Daughters Chloe born May 8, 1788  
  #176-S- Daughters Polly born Sept. 22, 1793 J. G.* BATTERSON. Hartford. Ct.[* possibly "O" or "Q"]
  Row Ten
John BELL died Nov. 25, 1893, Æ. 80 ys 11 m & 8 d  
  #177 Matilda, his wife died Mar. 28, 1892, Æ. 87 ys 4 m & 8 d "Her toils are past her work is done
And she is with the blest
She fought the fight the victory won
And entered in to rest"

[lying on ground]
  #178 Mr. George K. YOUNG died Aug. 1, 1832, Æ. 25 y & 6 m  
2 burials
David CORTRIGHT died May 17, 1850, aged 68 years 4 months & 10 days. (D.C.) (E.C.) [cracked, lying on ground]
    Elizabeth his wife died Jan. 15, 1854, aged 71 years 11 months & 15 days  
  #180 Dorcas wife of Jonathan BOARDMAN died Aug. 16, 1849 AE. 46 y'rs 1 mo & 24 da (D.B.) [lying on ground]
  #181 ___ __TRIGHT died Oct. 22, 1851, aged 25 years & 17 days "Peaceful her gentle spirit fled
This tenament of clays.
To Jesus her immortal head,
And dwells in endless day."

(J.J.C.) [cracked, lying on ground]
  #182 Elihu KEELER died June 16, 1853, Æ. 63 y'rs 4 mo & 25 da [lying on ground]
  #183 William FISH died Feb. 27, 1885, Æ. 75 y'rs 7 mo's & 19 d's "Even so father: for so it seemed good in thy sight. St. Mat. 11 C. 26 V." [lying on ground]
  #184 Lewis E. only son of Charles B. & Harriet KEELER died June 10, 1860 aged 3 years 5 m & 10 d "Ere sin could blast or sorrow fade,
Death came with friendly care,
This opening bud to Heaven conveyed,
And bade it blossom there."
  #185 Sarah BUCKLAND born March 21, 1836, died February 25, 1877 [lying on ground]
  #186 William BUCKLAND died April 17, 1863, Æ. 31 y'rs 6 mo's & 6 days "Man is like to vanity: his days are as a shadow that passeth away But the Lord is my defence and my God is the rock of my refuge."
[lying on ground]
  #187 Ada H, wife of Jonathan TOTTINGHAM died May 19, 1859, aged 78 years "Prepare to meet thy God."
[lying on ground]
  #188 Infant daughter of Wm. & Ophelia BUCKLAND died Nov. 6, 1858, Æ. 26 days "Of such is the kingdom of heaven"
  #189 Stephen BUCKLAND died Nov. 9, 1868, aged 69 years "Thanks be to God who giveth us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ."
[cracked, lying on ground]
  #190 Eveline, wife of Stephen BUCKLAND died _____ (EB) [cracked, lying on ground]
  #191-W- Emma daughter of Stephen & Eveline BUCKLAND died Jan. 15, 1872 aged 19 years D.H. Calhoun, No. 108 Fifth St Troy
  #191-E- Emma No dates "With her Saviour."
  #192 Marjary A. daughter of Alvin & Martha FULLER died Jan. 24, 1858, aged 20 years 8 months & 15 days "Remember thy creator in the days of thy youth."
[lying on ground]
  #193 William LEWIS died Mar. 29, 1859, ag'd 84 y'rs  
  #194 John S. HILL died July 30, 1860, aged 39 y'rs 1 mo & 20 d's (J.S.H.) [lying on ground]
  #195 Ann LEWIS wife of James Wm. VORHIS died Nov. 29, 1890, aged 69 years  
  #196 James Wm. VORHIS died March 31, 1870, aged 52 years & 2 months "We all do fade as a leaf."
  #197-W- Harvey D. MILLER died Oct. 5, 1873, Æ. 68 y'rs 9 mo's & 7 days "We all do fade as a leaf."
  #197-W- Emeline T. his wife died Oct. 2_*, 1886, Æ. 80 years. [*probably 2, slightly rotted]
  #197-N- John MILLER died Jan. 18, 1849, Æ. 82 y'rs 8 mo's & 6 days  
  #197-N- Sarah his wife died Aug. 26, 1858, Æ. 82 y'rs 2 mo's & 4 days  
  #197-S- Jerome T. son of Harvey D. & Emeline MILLER died June 2, 1846, Æ. 5 y'rs 9 mo's & 6 days  
  #197-S- Their infant son died Jan. 17, 1835, Æ. 5 mo's & 23 days. (H.D.)(S.M.)(M.A.V.)(J.T.M.)(E.T.M.)
  #198 Mary A. wife of Dea. John VORHIS died Mar. 31, 1867, aged 76 ye__ _ day [cracked, missing]
  #199 Lement DUPLEX died Jan. 4, 1847, aged 82 years 5 months & 19 days "___ died with a hope full of immortality
Ye living friends attend and see
Prepare for death and follow me."

Lement PARKER, b. July 16, 1764, m. Prince DUPLEX, a Revolutionary War Solider, Feb. 20, 1782 at Wolcott, CT (see burial #76). Four children survived her. Vashti E. CREED, Arsena DUPLEX, George DUPLEX, and Craty PATERSON.
  #200 Abigail, wife of Henry BAKER died Feb. 1_ 1849, in her 30 year "Oh in this changeful world,
Twill thus be ever;
Earth has no ties to strong, or dear,
For death to sever."

[lying on ground]
  #201 ___ P. _aughter of Reuben S. & Betsey R. WILLIAMS who died April 19, 1831, aged 1 yr & 3 mo. [lying on ground, found in hedge at side of cemetery]
Father likely Reuben Sackett WILLIAMS, s/o Sturges WILLIAMS and Deborah HATCH. Reuben Sackett, b. March 14, 1804 in Fairfield, CT, d. 1878 in Percival, Iowa (Rootsweb WorldConnect GEDCOM).
  Row Eleven
Jonathan BOARDMAN died Dec. 7, 1871 Æ. 77 y'rs [lying on ground]
  #203 William son of Jonathan & Dorcas BOARDMAN died Nov. 14, 1849 Æ. _ y'rs 2 mo 28 da  
  #204 William H. son of Augustus & Lucinda BOARDMAN died Feb. 10, 1859, ag'd 3 y'rs 1 m 10 d's [lying on ground]
  #205 Edward son of John & Matilda BELL died April 5, 1852, aged 8 years 11 months & 19 days [lying on ground]
  #206 Amy E. daughter of Charles B. & Amy A. KEELER died Dec. 2, 1848, Æ. 2 mo [lying on ground]
  #207 (S.K.)   [possibly goes with #211]
  #208 Alonzo son of Charles & Jane E KNICKERBACKER died Sept. 12, 1847 Æ. 1 year 10 mo 20 da (A.K.)
  #209 Amy Ann, wife of Charles B. KEELER died Oct. 8, 1848, Æ. 26 y'rs 1 mo. & 15 da [lying on ground]
  #210 Betsey, wife of Elihu KEELER died Dec. 1, 1860, Æ. 68 y'rs 4 mo & 28 da [lying on ground]
  #211 ________ Dec. 5, 1856, aged 46 years 4 months & 8 days "But God will redeem my,
Soul from the power of the grave,
for He shall receive me."

[missing piece, lying on ground]
  #212 (S.B.)   No other information
  #213 Julia M. daughter of Sidney & Susan FOSTER died Jan. 31, 1863, Æ. 4 y'rs 7 mo's & 22 d's "I want to be an angel,
And with the angels stand."
  #214 veteran's flag Our soldier boy Percival S., son of Sidney & Julia FOSTER, Of Co. A, 109 Reg't died Nov. 3, 1864, Æ. 19 y'rs 7 mo's & 6 days "His toils are past his work is done,
And he is fully blest,
He fought the fight the victory won,
And enters into rest."
  #215 Julia G., wife of Sidney FOSTER died Feb, 5, 1850, aged 31 years & 7 months "Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord."
  #216 Susan, wife of Sidney FOSTER died Sept. 16, 1881, Æ. 60 years [lying on ground]
  #217 Frances A., daughter of Sidney & Julia FOSTER died Sept. 19, 1843, aged 5 months and 6 days "As the sweet flower that scents the morn
But withers in the rising day
Thus lovely was the infants dawn
Thus swiftly fled its life away"
  #218 Thankful, wife of Dorus GRAVES died Feb. 21, 1854, in her 76 year "When faith is strong and conscience clear,
And visioned glories half appear,
'Tis joy, 'tis triumph then to die."
  #219 July G., daughter of Heman & Flora CLARK died Feb. 26, 1836, aged 1 year 5 months & 13 days "Short pain short greaf
dear babe was thine
Now joys eternal and devine."
  #220 Sarah A., wife of Stephen OWEN died July 27, 1872, aged 57 y'rs 9 m's & 9 d's "God is our strength."
[cracked, lying on ground]
  #221 Margaret, Wife of George MABEE and daughter of I. & M. SMITH died Dec. 30, 1857 aged 35 years & 3 days "Dearest sister thou hast left us,
Here thy loss we deeply feel,
But tis God that hath bereft us,
He can all our sorrows heal."
  #222 Dea. John VORHIS Died June 30, 1858, aged 66 years 7 mo & 20 days [lying on ground]
  #223 Isaac KIRKENDALL died Feb. 24, 1849, Æ. 62 y'rs 3 mo. & 10 da (I.K.)  According to Our County and Its People A History of the Valley and County of Chemung, Ausburn Towner, 1892, Mason, Syracuse, NY, p. 62 (Part VII Personal References), Isaac KIRKENDALL, b. NJ [abt. 14 Nov 1786], m. Mary SEEKAFOOSE. Children: Paul, Samuel [believe this might be Samuel, b. abt. 1813, Water Gap, PA, m. Hannah SWARTOUT, dau. of Abram & Thankful Swartout; bur. Kings Cemetery, Ithaca, NY, however, published history/genealogies disagree]; John [believe this to be John, b. abt. 1810 in PA, d. 11 Jun 1877, m. Margaret LAROW, dau. of Mahlon & Elizabeth LAROW of Newfield; bur. Westbrook Cem., Van Etten, NY. John left a will, with the heirs at law being brothers, Samuel and Paul of Danby; sisters, Eliza Ann LABAR of Havana, Schuyler Co., NY, Susan Van NORTWICK of Erin, Chemung Co., NY; Maria UNDERWOOD of Granville, Montcalm, MI and Louisa MANN, location unclear but possibly also living in Granville, Montcalm, MI. Named in his will was wife, Margaret; nephew Abraham KIRKENDALL to hold a legacy for brother, Paul KIRKENDALL for Paul's three daughters, Susan, Catherine, and Jane; Eliza Ann LABAR, w/o Julius LABAR; Austin KIRKENDALL; Sarah M. JENNINGS, w/o _____ JENNINGS and a daughter of Robert MANNING; Flavilla STEWART, w/o of Erastus STEWART; John P. LABAR, Samuel LABAR, Abraham KIRKENDALL, John S. KIRKENDALL; William KIRKENDALL, and John S. Van NORTWICK], David, Christopher, Eliza Ann, Maria, Louisa, & Susan. Paul, b. 8 Dec 1808, d. 16 Feb 1883, [bur. Swartwood Cem., Van Etten, NY], m. Margaret SINSABAUGH of Danby, dau. of Solomon & Catherine (DEYO) Sinsabaugh. Children: William, Catherine, Mary, Susan, and Samuel. William, b. 10 Mar 1847, Ithaca, NY, [d. 1912, bur. Swartwood Cem., Van Etten, NY], m. Philancy J., dau. of Nathaniel & Malinda (TENSE) GEORGIA. Mary [Jane, b. 1 Mar 1849, d. 27 Jun 1940, m. George M. EHLE, son of John Ehle & Teressa Ann ODELL, bur. Grove Cemetery, Trumansburg, NY. Susan, b. abt. 1843, d. 1927, m. Thomas LINDERMAN, b. abt. 1839, d. 1917, bur. Inlet Valley Cemetery, Ithaca, NY]. The book, The History of the Kuykendall Family, by G.B. Kuykendall, M.D., published 1919 claims that Samuel & Elizabeth KIRKENDALL were the parents of Samuel, John, Paul & Ann Eliza LABARR, and that the grandfather was Samuel KIRKENDALL who had brothers, Paul, Richard and Isaac. [NOTE: A recently obtained death certificate for Samuel Kirkendall, mentioned above as buried in Kings Cemetery, Ithaca, states that he was b. in NJ to Isaac KIRKENDALL of NJ and Elizabeth SHARPS of NJ. Obviously both cited sources contain some misinformation if the information given in the death cert. is correct.] [ ] personal research notes.
  #224 Henreeta, wife of Leonard WALLING died Aug. 3, 1845, aged 31 y'rs 3 mo's 18 d'ys "To weeping frinnds that all is well,
The long sought crow of glory won."

[lying on ground]
  Row Twelve
A_nis wife of ____ died Sept. 3, 1865, Æ. 76 y'rs 2 mo. & 7 da [probably Annis, cracked, lying on ground]
  #226 Eddie   "Eddie will bloom again."
  #227 (B.__)   [broken fs]
  #228-229     [- are two headstones about 20" wide - they were set into 4' - 4 1/2' concrete foundations. They were apparently broken and placed into the concrete upside down so that no writing at all can be seen. They are about 8" - 228 and 10" - 229 out of the concrete.]
  #230 In memory of Belinda Y., daughter of Eleazer & Marilday TAYLOR who died Dec. 27, 1829, aged 13 years 5 months & 9 days  
  #231 Harvy DEFOREST died June 6, 1828, Æ. 38 y'rs 9 mo. & 9 da [lying on ground]
  #232 __ wife of __ias KNICKERBOCKER died July 14, 1856, Æ. 75 y'rs 7 mo's & 5 d's [cracked, lying on ground]
  #233 (B.K.)   [fs, similar to # 232 so it could belong to it]
  #234 (W.B.)   [marble fs]
  #235 (A.K.)   No other information
  #236 Lorenzo D., son of A.C. & A.M. HASKINS died Aug. 24, 1853, Æ. 2 y'rs & 8 mo  
  #237-E- Carra Adell, daughter of Selah R. & Matilda HORTON died April 3, 1859 aged 1 year 9 months & 19 days  
  #237-W- Our little Della No Dates "Bud of fairest promise,
Niped in early bloom;
Flown from earthly sorrow,
And joined the heavenly throng"
  #238 George, son of Leverett & Eliza CLARK died Aug. 22, 1852, Æ. 1 year & 6 mo (G.C.) [lying on ground]
  #239 Eugene, son of Benjamin & Elizabeth GIFFORD died Sept. 6, 1842, aged 1 year 7 mo's, & 14 d's  
  #240 Hersey DAKIN died May 23, 1864, aged 83 years 3 months & 13 days "The righteous hath hope in his death."
  #241 Polley S., wife of Hersey DAKIN died Aug. 30, 1856, Æ. 72 y'rs 1 mo. & 11 da "Behold as you pass by,
As you are now, so once was I,
As I am now, so you must be,
Prepare for death and follow me."
  #242 Hebron MABEE died Feb. 22, 1863, Æ. 42 y'rs & 2 mo "M_ dear wife & childre_
r_ember the one that ha_ left
y_ never to see your mor_"

[repair braces? on stone obscure inscription, lying on ground]
  #243 Elerat, Son of Stephen & Sary Ann OWEN died June 1,* 1856, aged 4 y "Our fond desires are often crossed
And parents hopes in death are lost."

[* or 4]
  #244 Margaret his wife died Jan. 10, 1871, Æ. 82 y's 4 m's & 10 days [top of stone missing, lying on ground]
  #245 James, son of John & Catherine OWEN died March 23, 1841, aged 23 years  
  #246 Eliza M., wife of Edward OWEN died Aug. 27, 1854, in her 32 year [lying on ground]
  #247 Emma Adel, daughter of Edward & Susan OWEN died Dec. 1, 1858, Æ. 9 mo. & 9 da.  
  #248 (M.W.S.)   [slate adult, no other slate stone in whole cemetery to which this fs can belong except #249(?)]
  #249   ___ of her age [adult slate, peeled, lying on ground]
  #250 William A., son of ___ & Henrietta WALLING died __ 18, 18__ aged [lying on ground]
"Tompkins County Tombstone Inscriptions" indicates:
WALLING, William A., son of Constant & Henrietta d. Aug 8, 1844, ae 2mo 5da
  #251 Jospeh FREEMAN died July 22, 1832, Æ. 55 years & 7 months "Death is a debt
To nature due
Which I have paid
And so must you"
  Row Thirteen
2 burials
Oscar JENNINGS died May 4, 1893 aged 81 y'rs, 6 m's, 14 d's. Son of Benjamin and Sally JENNINGS
    Adelia F. his wife died May 6, 1893 aged 80 y'rs, 5 m's, 14 d's. Daughter of Joseph and Abigail JUDSON
  #253 Fred, son of O. & A.F. JENNINGS died Dec. 20, 1863, Æ. 10 y. 11 m. & 12 d. "Gone home"
[off foundation]
  #254 Sarah M. wife of Rev. H. CARPENTER, & daughter of O. & A.F. JENNINGS died Mar. 25, 1872 aged 29 years also infant daughter "God knows best I can trust Him."
  #255 Rev. Henry CARPENTER born Nov. 25, 1822, died Jan. 26, 1884 "He lived for Christ,
He died for Christ,
He is with Christ."

  #256 Kittie MCPHERSON born Mar. 8, 1866 died Feb. 12, 1912  
  #257 Mary A. SMITH wife of William MCPHERSON born July 31, 1822, died Feb. 27, 1891 (M.M.)
  #258 Wm. H. MCPHERSON died Nov. 19, 1877, aged 65 years "God has spoken, come and see."
(W.H.McP.) [lying on ground]
  #259 Hettie M. daughter of Wm. H. & Mary Ann MCPHERSON died Apr. 20, 1859 Æ. 3 y'rs & 9 mo "Twas sad to see that bright winged __
So early hush her song;
And fold her weary wings to rest,
In the cold grave alone."
  #260 Horace W. son of Wm. H. & Mary Ann MCPHERSON died Dec. 23, 1845, aged 21 months & 4 days. "Thou wast nurtured carefully
And watered with the dew,
Of all lifes warm affections
Unchangable and true:
But autumns gales have wafted thee
Where summer blossoms lie
Alas my beautiful ____
Shall fade away and die"
  #261 Rachel daughter of Jonathan __ Sarah METTLER died Dec 7th ___* [looks like 181?, peeled slate but recognizable, lying on ground]
  #262 Jonathan METTLER died Apr. 27, 1861 Æ 64 y'rs 1 mo. & 29 days [lying on ground]
  #263 Joseph JUDSON died Feb. 19, 1862, Æ. 79 "From all his labors now he rests,
In God's eternal Glory Blest."

Joseph JUDSON came to Danby in 1797, age 15, indentured to Dr. Lewis Beers, pioneer of the Beers Settlement in Danby. See Landmarks.
Joseph JUDSON, b. August 20, 1782, Stratford, Fairfield, CT to William JUDSON & Rachel FOOTE. Joseph m. Abigail HYATT, dau. of Jesse & Sabra (Chapin) HYATT, November 1, 1807. Abigail is supposed to be buried here but no headstone has been found. Abigail, b. Aug. 12, 1790, d. Oct. 5, 1882. Children: Elbert JUDSON, b. Sept. 11, 1808, d. Mar. 3, 1883; m. Eliza WOODFORD (see burials #285); Harriet JUDSON, b. Oct. 17, 1810, m. Robert HOWELL of Detroit, MI, s/o William HOWELL and Ellen SUTPHIN; Adelia JUDSON, b. Nov. 22, 1812, m. Oscar JENNINGS (see burials #252); Maria JUDSON, b. July 10, 1815, m. William Pitt BEERS, s/o Stephen BEERS, Jr. & Elizabeth DAVIS; Stockton Benjamin JUDSON, b. April 16, 1818, d. Jan. 20, 1907, m. Mary Elizabeth HILLS, d/o Edwin Langdon HILLS & Mary BENJAMIN, of Onondaga Co., NY. Source: The History Center in Tompkins County.
  #264 "Let music charm me last on earth And greet me first in Heaven."C. Edgar OTTMAN the pastor's son died Aug. 6, 1859, aged 18 years & 26 days "Life's transient day with me is o'er,
And I have gained the heavenly shore."

[lying on ground]
2 burials
Thomas BROCK died May 22, 1869, aged 75 years  
    Phebe WOODRUFF his wife died Mar. 20, 1884 aged 89 years  
2 burials
Abel B. BAKER 1821-1867  
    Lovinia G. his wife 1828-1905  
        [Between #266 and #267 are 6 or 7 graves where stones and foundations were obviously moved away. Mr. Slaight said that he didn't know who was buried there or where the stones were but that they had shoved the foundations into the bushes.]
2 burials
Deborah wife of Sturgis WILLIAMS died March 10, 1850 Aged 74 years  
    Sturgis WILLIAMS Died May 3, 1856 Aged 86 years "They set as sets the morning star, which goes
Not down behind the darkened west, nor hides
Obscured among the tempest of thy sky,
But melts away into the light of heaven."

(S.W. D.W.)
Sturges WILLIAMS, b. January 16, 1770, s/o Reuben and Hulda WILLIAMS, m. Deborah HATCH, Sept. 22, 1796 in Cornwall, Litchfield Co., CT (Rootsweb WorldConnect GEDCOM).
  #268 H. H. WILLIAMS born Oct. 8, 1842, died June 17, 1858 "Gone but not forgotten."
[lying on ground]
  #269 Mary Ann wife of Jones OSTRANDER died July 14, 1851 Æ. 32 y'rs 2 mo & 10 da  
  #270 Susan M. daughter of Jones & Mary Ann OSTRANDER died Apr. 9, 1856 Æ. 15 y'rs  
  #271 Ida E. daughter of Jones & Mary Ann OSTRANDER died June 6, 1864, Æ. 15 y'rs 5 mo  
  #272 Johnny E son of Jones & Marcia T. OSTRANDER died May 8, 1860, Æ. 10 mo & 21 da  
  #273 Marcia T. CARPENTER his wife died Nov. 6, 1895 64 years [lying on ground]
  #274 Jones OSTRANDER died Aug. 12, 1884 Æ. 69 years  
  #275 Elisabeth, daughter of Simeon L. & Rosannah SHEPHARD died Mar. 4, 1865, Æ. 12 y'rs 10 mo & 21 d's "Death has rob'd us of one of our precious jewels."
  #276 Hattie May daughter of S.L. & Rosannah SHEPHARD died April 23, 1875, Æ. 9 y'rs 7 mo & 28 d's "Oh little feet that weary not
I wait for them no more
I am drifting on the tide,
But they have reached the shore."
2 burials
Simeon L. SHEPHARD 1812-1904  
    Rosannah his wife 1821-1902  
  #278 Herman son of E. & F. OWEN died Sept. 24, 1865, Æ. 20 y'rs 10 mo's & 11 d's (H.O.)
  #279 Elijah OWEN died June 3, 1871, Æ. 67 y'rs 1 mo & 1 day "Asleep in Jesus blessed sleep,
From which none ever wake to weep"

[very cracked]
  #280 Patience, Wife of Nathaniel MCDONALD Died Sept. 14, 1905 aged 86 years Dau. of Noah HOLLISTER and Olive HUTCHINSON, b. Jun. 2, 1819
  #281 Nathaniel MCDONALD died Nov. 9, 1854 aged 38 years  
  #282 Noah HOLLISTER died Feb. 16, 1883 aged 95 y'rs 6 mo & 6 days [lying on ground]
Son of Joseph HOLLISTER & Patience HOLLISTER, (dau. of Nathaniel HOLLISTER), b. in Glastonbury, CT, Aug. 10, 1787, m. at Salisbury, Litchfield, CT, Olive HUTCHINSON, Nov. 22, 1810. In 1816, Noah removed from Salisbury to Danby, NY. He settled first in what is known as the "Hall Settlement," about three miles south of Danby Village, where he remained but a short time when he removed to the site where the village of Danby now stands. Children: Horace Hutchinson, b. Sept. 9, 1811, m. Sarah Ann EVEREST abt. 1836; Walter S., b. Apr. 15, 1813, m. Deborah CANFIELD in 1842/43; Martin Galusha, b. Mar. 1, 1815, d. Sept. 30, 1816; Mary H., b. Jun. 10, 1817, m. Henry BAKER; Patience, b. Jun. 2, 1819, m. ____ McDONALD; 2d Stephen STARK,; Caroline E., b. May 5, 1821, m. David D. WILSON; Lydia G., b. Mar. 30, 1825, m. John HOLLISTER; Henry Martyn, b. Dec. 2, 1830, unm. in 1879; connected with a hotel in Truckee, Cal. (Hollister Family of America, 1886).
  #283 Olive H. wife of Noah HOLLISTER died Nov. 27, 1862 Æ. 73 [lying on ground]
Olive HUTCHINSON, Feb. 27, 1789, in Salisbury, Litchfield, CT to Asa HUTCHINSON & Lydia GALUSHA; related to the musical "Hutchinson Family". She d. Feb. 2, 1870. (Hollister Family of America, 1886; Barbour, Vol. 37)
  #284 Sylvester ROPER died Oct. 29, 1862, aged 73 years "Servant of God, well done."
[lying on ground] (S.F.) (H.D.) (S.O.) (P.S.F.)
[four loose fs at edge of cemetery near the trunk of a large maple]
Born 1789 in Southington, Hartford Co., CT to Nathanael and ____ ROPER. Married 1811 to Olive ATWOOD, b. 1791, Mansfield, Tolland Co., CT. Olive d. in Danby, April 13, 1865 (headstone not found). Children, with one exception, born Danby, NY: Eliza, b. May 2, 1813, m. Ebenezer C. VICKERY; Sophronia, b. July 19, 1815, m. David CHADWICK; Almira, b. August 26, 1821, d. December 30, 1831; Sylvester, b. April 11, 1825, d. February 23, 1827; Clara, b. June 25, 1827; Sylvester Atwood, b. December 2, 1832, m. Harriet A. BEERS (The Ropers of Sterling and Rutland, 1904)
  #285 -W-
3 burials
Elbert JUDSON died Mar. 3, 1883, Æ. 74 y'rs  
  -S- Eliza E. WOODFORD his wife died Apr. 17, 1895 Æ. 81 yrs  
  -N- H. Libbie, dau. of Elbert & E.E. JUDSON died Sept. 26, 1862, Æ. 19 y'rs (MOTHER) (FATHER) (H. LIBBIE)
  #286 Elbert son of Joseph & Martha JUDSON died June 14, 1870, aged 3 weeks & 6 days [lying on ground]
  #287 Samuel C., son of Isaac & Sarah A. BOGARDUS died Mar. 3, 1864 Æ. 21 y'rs 4 mo & 8 days "Brothers may you rest together in Heaven." (S.C.B.)
  #288 Charles C. son of Isaac & Sarah A. BOGARDUS died Feb. 15, 1860 Æ. 18 y'rs 3 mo & 21 days [lying on ground]
  #289 Sarah A. BOGARDUS wife of Birdsey WADHAMS born April 4, 1810, died March 20, 1884 [lying on ground]
  #290 -W- Charles son of Julius & Margaret BIERCE died Oct. 1,* 1862, Æ. 2 y'rs & 1* mo
[* may be 4]
  -E- Charlie [4 lines very bad]  
  #291 -W- Mary Calista only child of T.H. & H.E. HOWELL died Feb. 3, 1864, Æ. 3 y'rs 2 mo & 27 d's "Will you come to this beautiful land."
  -E- Our Kittie    
  #292 Marilda wife of Eleazer TAYLOR died Dec. 22, 1874 Æ. 88 y'rs 10 mo & 8 days "I know that my Redeemer liveth."
  #293 Eleazer TAYLOR died April 21, 1874, Æ. 88 y'rs 6 mo & 21 days "The memory of the just is blessed."
[lying on ground, flag]
2 burials
Deacon Lewis B. HANFORD born April 9, 1818, died Nov. 30, 1865  
    His wife Harriet EVEREST born March 8, 1821, died Jan. 11, 1899  
  #295 -1- Lewis Atwater son of Lewis B. & Harriet HANFORD died Feb. 12, 1863, Æ. 1 y'r 1 mo & 12 d's  
  -2- Our baby   "Gone to be an angel"
  #296 Esther L. wife of William T. SWARTOUT died May 14, 1893 aged 82 years 11mos 14ds  
  #297 William T. SWARTOUT died April 27, 1888, aged 79 years 10 ms & 7 ds  
  #298 -S- Byron PIERSON born Nov. 7, 1851 died Feb. 27, 1863 "Gone but not forgotten."
  -N- Nettie F. PIERSON born Feb. 22, 1861 died Mar. 1, 1863 "Asleep in Jesus."
These listings were found in "Tompkins County Tombstone Inscriptions" book (1891)

COBURN, Chester K., son of Chester & Phebe d. Sept. 27, 1824 ae 10y 3m
GIFFORD, Eugene, son of Benjamin & Elizabeth d. Sept. 6, 1842 ae 1y
HALL, Charles A., son of Luther & Mary d. Sept. 12, 1845 ae 2y 10d (see burial #22)
SHEPERD, Hannah, wife of Jonathan B. d. Sept. 18, 1842 in her 62nd y.

Alan Chaffee has kindly donated his Cemetery records to the Tompkins County, NYGenWeb site. We would like to take this time to thank him for his hard work and kindness to share his work with us. Alan is the Historian for the Town of Newfield, and has worked for years helping people find their relatives. Alan is truly an asset to Tompkins Co. researchers. Alan started his work of walking and recording headstone inscriptions in Tompkins Co., and a few other counties when he was about fifteen years old, he has continued this work for over thirty years.

Over these years he has help numerous people with their research. Many historians in the surrounding towns regard his work as excellent record keeping. We feel honored that Alan has agreed to share his records with us, and trust that his work will help you in your search for burials in Tompkins Co. Thank you Alan Chaffee for being a part of the Tompkins County, NYGenWeb team and trusting us with your most valuable records.

The number before the name is the number given for that burial, from the point of where Alan thought the entrance was of the cemetery starting with # 1.

hs headstone
stos same type of stone
( ) footstones or flag designation
fs as hs foot stone as headstone
fs footstone
fn foundation
Æ. aetatis = aged
obnb Over but not broken
[ ] Information from other source(s)
*** special note of importance
-_- stipulates a directional side of a tombstone

Melinda Cornwell transcribed the original records into digital format.
Thank you Virginia Peterson for transcribing updates.
Cheryl Hall updated file and added genealogical notes. All notes in [ ] are from personal research and should be used as a guide only (July 2006).

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