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Duesenbury Cemetery

Location: Hunt Hill Road
Directions: Turning off Midline Road on to Hunt
Hill Road, cemetery is on the left hand side of road on a high bank.

Town of Dryden, Tompkins County, NY.

Cemetery is inactive.

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Surname Given Name(s)/Relationship Date(s)/Age Inscriptions/Notes
Deuel Sally Ann, dau. of Morgan & Lydia Deuel d. Oct. 12, 1850 ae 20y 8m 26d  
Deuel Morgan d. Mar. 17, 1864 ae 63y 8m  
Deuel Lydia , wife of Morgan Deuel d. Feb. 28, 1866 ae 67y 11m 17d  
Deuel Ruth A. wife of Wm B. or R. Deuel d. Apr. 28, 1859 ae 29yr  
Deuel Willie, son of Wm & Ruth Deuel d. Feb. 19, 1860 3 yr 2da  
Deuel Reuben d. May 2, 1827 age 66y 10m 13d  
Deuel Amy, wife of Reuben Deuel d. Aug. 13, 1843 ae 79y 1m 26d  
Deuel Oliver C. son of David D. & Ruth Ann Deuel d. Nov. 17, 1848 age 2y  
Deuel David D. son of David D. & Ruth Ann Deuel d. Nov. 22, 1848 age 4y  
Duesenbury Arnold d. Mar. 30, 1859 age 53y 8m 3d  
Duesenbury Elizabeth , wife of Henry Duesenbury d. Mar. 14, 1864 age 76y 1m 4d  
Duesenbury H. G. or C. d. June 4, 1854 age 68y  
Duesenbury Mary, dau. of Jacob & Anna Duesenbury d. Apr. 6, 1877 age 66yr 6m 21da  
Duesenbury Anna, wife of Jacob Duesenbury d. Oct. 18, 1858 ae 88y 7m 18d  
Duesenbury Eleanor Judd, dau. of Jacob & Anna Duesenbury d. Sept. 24, 1881 ae 91y 5m 6d  
Duesenbury Jacob d. Oct. 28, 1846 ae 88y 2m 6d  
Elliot Susanna H. wife of James Elliot d. Oct. 23, 1846 ae 60y 4m 26d  
Freeman George, son of Jerome & Margaret Freeman d. May 12, 1866 ae 12 yrs., 4 mo's 4 dys.  
Overacker Michael d. July 23, 1862 ae 80y 7m 2d Veteran of War of 1812 [son of John Wendell Overacker & Anna Nautchie Weatherwax]
Overacker Mary, wife of Michael Overacker d. Apr. 27, 1858 ae 64yr 27da [Mary "Polly" Hoffman]
Overacker Mrs. Syntha, wife of Jacob Overacker d. July 24, 1835 ae 40y 10m 19d  
Overacker Albert d. Apr. 16, 1852 ae 63y 8m 16d [Son of John Wendell Overacker & Anna Nautchie Weatherwax]
Overacker Mary Avery, wife of Albert Overacker d. Apr.27, 1858 ae 64y 2m 27d  
Overacker Isaac d. Apr. 4, 1864 ae 38y 5m 15d Private, 143 d Inf., Co I ; Must. Nov. 8, 1862 Three Years, died of disease.
[son of Albert Overacker & Mary Avery - Married Julia Cole ]
Overacker Mr. John Wendall d. Dec. 10, 1834 ae 76y 7m 17d Rev. War (b. May 27, 1758 Dutchess Co. Schaghticoke, NY, Son of Michael Overacker & Anna Barbara Stover)
Overacker Anna, wife of John W. Overacker d. Apr. 19, 1844 ae 82y 6m 11d [Anna Nautchie Weatherwax , b. Oct. 30, 1761 , married Dec. 21, 1779, Daughter of John M. Weiderwacks & Hanna Primer]
Overacker Alida d. Aug.30, 1841 age 28y 5m 27d dau. of Michael & Ann Overacker [b. Feb. 3, 1813]
Rose Caty, wife of Peter I. Rose d. Oct. 1, 1856 ae 66y 2m 9d  
Rose James d. July 25, 1856 ae 25y 11d  
Scutt Zelotes M. d. June 23, 1850 ae 23 yrs., 20 dys.  
Stewart James d. Mar. 11, 1821 ae 70y 8m ? (1871)  
Stewart Helen, dau of James & Helen Stewart d. Oct. 25, 1849 ae 10yr 1da  
Stewart Phebe, wife of Oliver Stewart d. June 19, 1853 ae 40 yrs., 9 mo's 19 dys.  

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