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Ellis Hollow Cemetery

Location: Ellis Hollow Road
Directions: A new entrance was made from Peaceful Drive, off of Ellis Hollow Road at the back of the cemetery.
Work was done clearing many trees, brush, tall grass, etc,. It is much easier to see all the monuments, headstones now.
Town of Dryden, Tompkins County, NY.
Cemetery is semi inactive.

Map (Off-site from MapQuest)

This record is as complete as possible at this time (2008).

photograph of cemetery
Old entrance was on Ellis Hollow Road
Photo by Cathy Knauff
(larger photo)

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Name Birth/Death/Age Information on person/Notes
Abbott Harriet Elizabeth d. Aug. 7, 1862 ae 33 wife of Lochinvar Abbott [Harriet Elizabeth Hinman]
Allen, Harlow d. June 16, 1860 ae 44y 2 mo's Their daughter Lydia Ogden, is listed on their monument, see Ogden, Lydia
Allen, Sally Maria d. July 12, 1891, ae 73y 4 mo's wife of Harlow Allen
Bailey, John A. 1805-1899 (another record 1801-1899
Bailey, Sarah 1822-1901 (another record 1822-1886
Baker, Truman b. Sept. 25, 1827 d. Nov. 3, 1898 Pasters Handbook - F. Dusenberry; Married in Dryden on Feb. 5, 1852 Truman Baker age 24, from Dryden to Elizabeth JUne age 22, from Dryden, Wits: Jacob Crutts and Mr. Williams
Baker, Elizabeth June, wife of Truman Baker b. May 1, 1830 d. Oct. 29, 1886 (daughter of Soloman & JUlia Ann June)
Baker, Libbie (See Libbie Ribble) b. Mar. 7, 1859 d. Feb. 3, 1932 wife of Charles W. Ribble; daughter of Truman & Elizabeth (June) Baker
Bennett, W. E. 1854-1935 William E. Bennett, around 1880 a post office was established in William and Luthra Bennett's home (located today at 1780 Ellis Hollow Road) The Bennett's also operated a country store n their home. At At a later date he along with Mr. Ogden had a horse-drawn grocery wagon would go around Ellis Hollow to sell goods to the local people.
Bennett, Luthera C. 1839-1915 wife of W. E. Bennett
Bull, Ambrose b. March 19, 1798 d. Feb. 21, 18__ death was recorded as 1837 in earlier records, but this must be incorrect, he was still living in 1850 Dryden Census records. He is listed as 55 yrs., Catherine his wife age 48, Silvian? age 14 (female), James age 12, Ambrose Jr., age 9, John age 7.
Bull, Catherine (Kallam) b. Oct. 10, 1803 d. Sept. 10, 1890 wife of Ambrose Bull; daughter of James Kallam
Bull, Catherine b. April 26, 1832 d. March 27, 1848 On same monument as Ambrose & Catherine Bull
Bull, John E. b. April 24, 1843 - d. 1918 Co. 115 N.Y. Cav. He was the son of Ambrose & Catherine (Kallam) Bull. Record taken from Family Sketches, Landmarks of Tompkins Co., NY. 1892 Caroline Census: John E., age 48, Emma E., 47, Ida 19. John E. Bull
Bull, Emma E. VanPelt 1844-19__ wife of John E. Bull, married 1870. 1850 Dryden census lists Levi VanPelt age 39, wife Susan (Hollister) age 36, with children: Hiram age 15, William age 15, Mary age 11, Susan age 8, Emma age 4, Levi age 3. The Emma listed in this family seems to fit the Emma E. VanPelt buried here.
Bull, James C. b. April 29, 1832 d. Feb. 18, 1865 In 1850 Dryden census he was living with Ambrose & Catherine (Kallam) Bull
Butts, William H. b. 1888 d. Jan. 10, 1942 US Veteran
Case, Minnie L. 1866-1948 Headstone missed by earlier reading
Case, Fred H. 1863-1941 headstone missed by earlier reading
Clark, Hollis H. b. 1896 d. Nov. 30, 1975 He lived on Hunt Road
Clark, Mary E. 1904-1964 Mary E. Francis, wife of Hollis Clark
Cook, Georgie E. d. August 2, 1878, age 3 yrs., 6 mo's, 21 dys. son of Unknown & Lilly Cook (believe to be son of Levi Cook)
Cornelius, John W. b. Jan. 23, 1827 d. Sept. 2, 1911 son of John & Priscilla (Waite) Cornelius
Cornelius, Margery Anna b. July 28, 1838 d. Aug. 5, 1915 wife of John W. Cornelius
Cornelius, Robert b. April 13, 1855 d. June 17, 1924 son of John & Margery (Willsey) Cornelius, he married 2nd Hattie Brown, she is buried in Pleasant Grove Cem., Ithaca, NY.
Cornelius, Susan A. Ogden b. Oct. 10, 1842 d. Sept. 4, 1903 First wife of Robert Cornelius, and daughter of Jacob & Eliza (Emmons) Ogden
Cumings, Catharine, wife of Willson Cumings d. Dec. 15, 1870 age 45 yrs. headstone lying flat, inscription is worn.
Darcy, Laura A. Bennett, wife of John Darcy 1843-1922 no other information
Davenport, William 1851-1910 no other information
Davenport, Addie E. (Rice), wife of William Davenport 1855-1957 no other information
Davenport, Arthur Clinton d. Dec. 4, 1962 age 85 yrs. son of Wm & Addie (Rice) Davenport
Ellis, Lyman S. b. April 15, 1828 d. May 26, 1906 son of Ira & Sarah (Sanford) Ellis, grandson of Judge John Ellis
Ellis, Mary E. Hunt, wife of Lyman S. Ellis b. Oct. 12, 1834 d. Feb. 5, 1912 [Lyman & Mary are listed on the Horton Hunt monument] daughter of Horton & Audera (Ford) Hunt
Ellis, Ruth I. b. April 18, 1877 d. Dec.30, 1952 On same monument with Lyman S. & Mary (Hunt) Ellis
Ellis, Ford b. Feb. 17, 1858 d. April 19, 1899 son of Lyman S. Ellis
Ellis, Ira b. July 14, 1860 d. Mar. 10, 1890 son of Lyman S. Ellis
Ellis, Burtie b. Apr. 21, 1870 d. Jan. 27, 1871 On same monument as Lyman S. & Mary (Hunt) Ellis
Ellis, Eddie b. Feb. 21, 1873 d. June 14, 1873 On same monument as Lyman S. & Mary (Hunt) Ellis
Ellis, John J. b. Aug. 27, 1818 d. June 22, 1893 son of Peleg & Ruth (Dawley) Ellis
Ellis, Loraine Boice, his wife b. March 13, 1822 d. July 15, 1884 wife of John J. Ellis
Ellis, Lillie J., (or Lillie R.,) his wife b. Oct. 23, 1851 or 1854 d. Feb. 8, 1890 2nd wife of John J. Ellis
Ellis, Jennie, daughter of John J. & Loraine Ellis b. Dec. 24, 1852 d. Jan. 14, 1853 her mother was Loraine Boice
Ellis, Maj. Peleg, US Veteran d. May 9, 1859 on his 84th year born May 9, 1775 (Ellis Hollow named for him), son of Gideon & Elizabeth (Arnold) Ellis. Ellis Hollow Lore is that Peleg was first buried in his family burial plot behind his home a short distance away. He was removed at a later date to Ellis Hollow Cemetery, along with some others in his family. View photo of his headstone
For more information on Peleg Ellis and family see the Ellis Hollow Community website.
Ellis, Ruth (Dawley), wife of Peleg Ellis d. Oct. 7, 1870 in her 93rd year born 1777. Marriage Peleg Ellis on Mar. 17, 1796. They had another daughter Betsey Ellis who died May 3, 1805 age 5 yrs., she was buried in the Ellis Family Burial Plot on Ellis Hollow Rd. This family plot is behind the Homestead built by Peleg and Ruth Ellis, called the Headwaters. View photo of her headstone
Ellis, Cathrine H. (Boice), 1st wife of John R. Ellis & daughter of A. & L. Boice. d. August 8, 1864 age 31 yr's 9 mo's 28 dy's born 1832 (A. & L. Boice, were Abram & Lois Nickerbocker Boice
Ellis, William 1872-1918 no other information
Francis, Albert J. d. Mar. 10, 1947 age 79 years old. no other information
Francis, G. Belle Miller or Milks, wife of Albert J. Francis 1875-1961 Name listed as Milks in obit.: Mrs. Georgia Belle Milks Francis, age 85 of Hunt Hill, Ellis Hollow, died at her home today, June 14, 1961.
Gates, Lillian Cowdell, wife of Paul Wallace Gates 1901-1990 no other information
Gates, Paul Wallace 1901-1999 d. Jan. 5, 1999
Gifford, Andrew J. d. Oct. 16, 1859 age 22 yrs., 5 mo., 28 dys. no other information
Gifford, Egbert d. Sept. 20, 1848 age 48 yrs. no other information
Gifford, Melissa, wife of Egbert Gifford d. Feb. 20, 1891 age 85 yrs. no other information
Gray, Rufus d. July 2, 1868 age 67 yrs., 9 mo's, 21 dys. [Per probate records, he was from Dryden, died July 1, 1868, probate Aug. 1, 1868, widow Asenath Gray, son Almon Gray, Dryden, dau., Emily Griffin, dau., Mary June of Caroline, son Allen Gray of Ithaca.
Gray, Asenath, wife of Almon Gray d. June 9, 1884 age 84 yrs., 20 dys headstone is the same as Robert Lawrence & Rufus Gray, all buried next to each other
Gray, Allen d. 23 April 1887

Stone is broken. Son of Rufus Gray. (Information from Carlos A. Fernandez-Gray, who has death information from Civil War records.)

Gray, Almon b. Feb. 19, 1824 d. Dec. 23, 1897 son of Rufus & Asenath Gray
Gray, Sarah A. Lawrence, his wife b. May 17, 1826 d. June 9, 1909 daughter of Robert Lawrence
Griffin, Clark H. 1860-1945 His obit. Griffin, Clark H. , d. May 22, 1945, age 85 of Varna. Survived by: widow, Jennie Griffin; 3 dau, Mrs. Leslie Banfield and Mrs. Ira Reed, both of Varna, and Mrs. Herbert Stevens of Ithaca. Son Harry L. Griffin of Varna.
Griffin, Mary (Cornelius), wife of Clark H. Griffin d. Oct. 4, 1886 age 21 yrs., 4 mo's, 21 dys. 1st wife of Clark H. Griffin & daughter of John & Margery (Willsey) Cornelius. She died in child birth having her only child, a dau., Eva Griffin, who married Leslie Banfield.
Griffin, Jennie (Teeter) 2nd wife of Clark Griffin 1866-1955 no other information
Griffin, Leonard C. 1836-1907 Pvt. Co. H 144 Regt. NY Vol.
Griffin, Emily Gray 1840-1925 wife of Leonard C. Griffin & daughter of Rufus Gray
Hemmingway, Walter V. P. 1831-1864 Co. G. 16th Regt. N.Y.V.
Hemmingway, Emily, his wife 1838-1901 wife of Walter V. P. Hemmingway
Hilbrant, Anna, daughter of Samuel & Mary Hilbrant d. June 12, 1872 age 21 yrs. Her name is on the headstone with Ida and Emma. Her mothermay have been Catherine English, 1st wife of Samuel Hildebrant, Catherine died in 1857. Samuel remarried to a Mary.
Hilbrant Ida, daughter of Samuel & Mary Hilbrant d. Dec. 22, 1869 age 6 Her name is on the headstone with Anna & Emma
Hilbrant, Emma J., daughter of Samuel & Mary Hilbrant d. Dec. 28, 1869, age 18 mo's. Her name is on the headstone with Anna & Ida.
Hoffman, Garton W. 1833-1899 listed as Carton is earlier records
Hoffman E. Adelaid, his wife 1849-1894 wife of Carton W. Hoffman
Hughes, Allen A. b. April 5, 1864 d. Jan. 27, 1937 Buried near Bennett graves. (Unmarked grave) s/o Aaron H. & Mary (Secore)Hughes/married Elmina Jane Thorp, Elmina his wife was the d/o Abner & Rhoda J. (Chatten) Thorp, Elmina buried else where. Allen was the father to Alice Mary Hughes wife of Aaron Howard Genung, they lived in Ellis Hollow,
Hurd, Wesley d. June 28, 18__, age 82 yrs. We cherish their memory still. Top of monument broken. Son of Asa Hurd. Still living in 1873. He was born abt. 1797, so he died about 1879. (Asa died May 20, 1844, his wife was listed as Olive at probate, unsure if this is the mother of Wesley. 
Hurd, Catharine L. Barber, wife of Wesley Hurd d. Sept. 15, 1888 age 58 yrs. See - VanDemark, Helen below for another daughter of Wesley and Catherine Hurd.
Hurd, Charles B. d. August 10, 1873 age 22 yrs. Name on Wesley Hurd monument. Per probate records-Charles B. Hurd of Dryden, Tompkins Co, NY., died Jan/Jun. 18, 1873, probate Sept. 16, 1873, father Wesley Hurd, no widow or children
Hurd, Parley P., son of W. & C. Hurd d. August 6, 1873 age 14 yrs. Name on Wesley Hurd monument
Hurd, Clara A., daughter of W. & C. Hurd d. July 30, 1873 age 16 yrs. Name on Wesley Hurd monument
Hurd, Amanda M., daughter of W. & C. Hurd d. June 28, 1873 age 12 yrs. Name on Wesley Hurd monument
Hunt, Horton b. May 21, 1807 d. Mar. 11, 1900 On same monument with Amos Ogden, and Lyman Ellis. 1850 Dryden Census records, show Horton Hunt age 43, Audera age 37, Mary age 16, Priscilla age 9.
Hunt, Audera Ford, his wife b. May 20, 1813 d. Jan. 15, 1885 wife of Horton Hunt
Hunt, Mary E. see reference notes See - Mary E. Hunt Ellis, wife Lyman Ellis
June, John B. 1834-1873 son of Soloman T. & Angeline (Bull) June. Probate record - John B. June of Caroline, NY, died Sept. 11, 1873, widow Mary J. (after his death Mary T. Stephens) dau., Julia age 15, sons, Truman B., age 13 George age 4.
June, Mary 1837-1924 Mary Gray, wife of John B. June & James Stevens, dau. of Rufus & Asenath Gray.
June, T. B. 1861-1943 Truman B. June, son of John B. & Mary Gray June
June, Nora (Cornelius), wife of Truman B. June 1868-1937 daughter of John & Margery (Willsey) Cornelius
June, Solomon T. d. June 12, 1873 age 68 yrs., 8 mo's 14 dys. 1850 Dryden Census, Soloman age 45, Angeline, age 35,Steven, 22, Elizabeth 20, Sally Ann 18, John 16, Joseph 14, Solomon Jr. 12, Jeremiah 10. Probate records - Solomon T., June, Caroline, NY, died June 12, 1873, probate Oct. 3, 1873, widow Angeline, dau. Eliza J., wife of Truman Baker, son Jeremiah B., of Dryden, NY., dau Irene V. Norris of Caroline, son John B. Une of Caroline, NY., (died Sept. 5, 1873)
June, Julia Ann, wife of Solomon T. June d. June 21, 1842 age 32 yrs., 5 mo's 6 dys. first wife of Solomon June
June, Angeline, wife of Solomon T. June d. Sept. 17, 1874 age 60 yrs., 1 mo., 19 dys. Angeline Bull, 2nd wife of Solomon T. June.
June, Stephen B. d. Sept. 24, 1859, age 32 yrs., 1 dy. son of Solomon & Julia Ann June
June, Solomon T., son of Solomon & Julia June d. Dec. 11, 1862, age 24 yrs., 7 mo's 24 dys. His headstone is lyinng on ground, broken
June, Julia Ann, daughter of Solomon & Julia June d. Nov. 14, 1857 age 21 yrs., 5 mo's 7 dys. Headstone is lying flat on ground and broken.
June, Sally Ann, daughter of Solomon & Julia Ann June d. Feb. 10, 1857, age 24 yrs., 8 mo's 23 dys. Top half of headstone gone, broken in half, lying on ground.
June, James M., son of Solomon & Angeline June d. June 14, 1849 age 11 mo's 20 dys. His mother was Angeline Bull
June, Abram, son of Solomon & Angeline June d. Jan. 16, 1863, age 6 yr's 1 mo 28 dy's his mother was Angeline Bull
June, Mary, wife of Jeremiah B. June d. Nov. 21, 1862 aged 20 yr's 5 mo's 22 dy's "She is gone, but not forgotten. Jeremiah married 2nd Sarah J. Gifford, dau. of Egbert & Melissa Gifford. 1870 Jeremiah was living in Caroline, NY; 1880 living in Ithaca, NY; by 1900 Jeremiah June matching, this Jeremiah is living in Cedar Rapids, Linn Co., Iowa.
June, Elmer E., son of J. B. & Mary June d. July ? 1873 age 11 yr's 6 mo's 18 dy's buried next to Mary, wife of Jeremiah B. June
Kellogg, Luella, daughter of Thomas N. & Sarah J. Kellogg d. Sept 30, 1862 age 7 yrs. no other information
Kellogg, Harriett A., daughter of Thomas N. & Sarah J. Kellogg d. Dec. 12, 1862 age 5 yrs. no other information
Kellogg, Thomas d. July 14, 1896 age 73 yrs. Thomas N., Kellogg, passed into the spiritual world on Monday afternoon, 13th inst., after a number of weeks of illness. Since the year 1858 he resided on his farm near Ellis, this county, having come to that place from Connecticut, where he was born in 1823. He was twice married and by his first marriage had three daughters and one son, all of whom are in that world in which he himself now is. His second wife, formerly Mrs. Rhoda Ellis Schutt, to whom he was married in 1868, survives him, living on the home farm with her son and son's family.
Kellogg, Sarah J., wife of T. N. Kellogg d. Dec. 27, 1867 age 44 yrs. wife of Thomas N. Kellogg
Kellogg, Rhoda, 2nd wife of T. N. Kellogg d. Sept. 24, 1906 age 75 yrs. Rhoda Ellis, married 1st Socrates Schutt, he was born abt. 1828 d. 1863.
Kennelly, Erma Perkins. 1890-1976 Mrs. Erma D. Kennelly, 86, of 602 Hudson St., died Monday, Aug 2, 1976, in Oak Hill Manor Nursing Home, after a long illness. Born in Caroline, daughter of the late Edward A. & Ella A. Oliver Perkins, she was the widow of Cornelius P. Kennelly. She had been a real estate broker in the Ithaca area for many years. Surviving are several nieces and nephews. Private services will be held at the convenience of the family. (Erma D. Perkins Kennelly was cremated and buried with her grandparents Edward A. & Jane (Boice) Perkins)
Lawrence, Robert d. July 1, 1867 age 88 yrs., 3 mo's, 27 dys Next to Gray headstones, was father of Sarah Gray, and Betsy Sherman, also buried in this cemetery.
Locke, Royal F. no dates no other information
Locke, Edna A., his wife 1880-1908 wife of Royal Locke
Loomis, John F. 1827-1892 NY Light Artillery
Loomis, Eliza Ashdown, his wife 1832-1910 wife of John F. Loomis
Loomis, Carl R. 1881-1915 no other information
Marshall, Warren F. 1908-1955 no other information
Marshall, Blanche P. 1910-_____ Blanche Piper, daughter of Augustus F. & Mary Dart Piper.
McMaster, James 1845-1923 In 1850 Dryden census, a James McMaster is found son of John & Marcy McMaster.
McMaster, Melissa 1848-1920 no other information
McMasters, Charles A. 1876-1901 no other information
McMasters, Cora E. 1873-1902 no other information
McMasters, Robert 1878-1949 no other information
Middaugh, George C. 1866-1932 son of Harrison & Elizabeth (Ellis) Middaugh
Middaugh, Harrison 1835-1900 son of Wessels & Martha (Harrington) Middaugh, born Sept. 20, 1835 died June 25, 1900.
Middaugh, Elizabeth Ellis, wife of Harrison Middaugh 1838-1918 daughter of Marenus & Sarah Ellis, death date could be 1919
Middaugh, Ruth, their daughter 1877-1899 daughter of Harrison & Elizabeth Middaugh
Middaugh, Anna A., daughter of Harrison & Elizabeth (Ellis) Middaugh 1870-1946 Anna Augusta Middaugh
Middaugh, Orrin 1819-1875 son of Wessels & Martha (Harrington) Middaugh. Born April 24, 1819 died June 16, 1875. Probate records - Orrin Middaugh, of Dryden, NY, died June 16, 1875, widow, Mary Ann (Snyder), Adm. (dau. of Henry Snyder and Mary Teeter), sons William H, Frank W., Fred, Orrin A., dau. Mary Ellen, Widow asks Ira Snyder as Co-Adm.
Middaugh, Mary Hellen, daughter of Orrin & Mary Ann Middaugh 1847-1857 Her mother was Mary Ann Snyder
Middaugh, Edward Elsworth, son of Orrin & Mary Ann Middaugh 1861-1863 his mother was Mary Ann Snyder
Middaugh, Orrin Adelbert 1858-1881 son of Orrin & Mary Ann (Snyder) Middaugh
Milks, Benjamin F. or E. d. Jan. 4, 1897 age 52 yrs. Per Milks family history, Benjamin was the son of William Jewett Milks and Mary Thomas. This record states that William Jewett Milks is also buried in this Cemetery, no headstone has been found for him. Benjamin was born March 13, 1845, Dryden, NY.
Milks, Cornelia L. 1839-1913 wife of Benjamin Milks, she was the adopted daughter of Maria Straight James. At the time of her marriage to Benjamin Milks, she is listed as Mrs. Cornelia Belnap. Another record has her listed as Cornelia Gosper, with a son Chauncey Gosper, before she married Benjamin Milks.
Miller, George W. 1858-1924 George W. Miller, 65, ninth mayor of Ithaca and for 40 yrs., died suddenly at Dansville. His residence, was 502 North Tioga Street. Interment will be in the Ellis Hollow Cemetery. Mr. Miller was a native of Ithaca, having been born in this city on Sept. 25, 1858. His father, Thomas Grant Miller, and mother Anna Murdock Miller, came to this county from Scotland and settled in Ithaca in the early part of the 19th century. Surviving are his widow, and one son, Almon G. Miller; two grandchildren, George W., and Pauline L. Miller, all of this city.
Miller, Phebe A. Sherman, his wife 1855-1933 wife of George W. Miller & daughter of Betsy Sherman.
Miller, Jessie Mead 1885-1886 On monument with George & Phebe Miller, also has a separate headstone, see below.
Miller, Jessie M. b. July 5, 1885 d. August 13, 1886 daughter of George W. & Phebe A. Miller
Miller, A. D. b. August 3, 1807 d. Dec. 8, 1887 Abraham D. Miller - 1850 Dryden census lists Abraham D. Miller, age 42, Susan age 42, Hellen age 4.
Miller, Susan, his wife b. May 25, 1804 d. Nov. 15, 1891 wife of A. D. Miller
Miller, Hellen b. July 9, 1845 d. Dec. 5, 1881 most likely the daughter of Abraham & Susan Miller, believe she may be the one who married George Milks.
Monroe, Deborah J. b. May 18 1856, Dryden; d. Jan. 21, 1912 d/o Isaac Willsey and Sally Marie Cark
Monroe, Lyman d. July 2, 1862 age 8 yrs. death year may be 1869
Monroe, Frances d. July 11, 1862 no age listed
Monroe, William, son of John R. & Maria Monroe d. July 24, 1864 age 18 yrs., 10 mo's, 9 dys. This may be William Riley Monroe, born abt. 1845 son of John and Maria.
Monroe, John R. d. Sept. 7, 1877 age ? US Veteran, (He would have been abt 78 yr's old at death) 1850 Dryden census, John age 55, Mariah 36, Sally 16, Milo 14, John Jr. 11, Charity 9, Phebe 7, Riley 5, Mary 3, and Elizabeth 2 months.
Monroe, Maria, wife of John Monroe d. 1898 She was 36 years old in 1850 per Dryden census records
Northrop, William H. 1818-1905 William H. Northrup of Slaterville Springs, died at the home of his son George H. Northrup in. He was 87 years old. He is survived by three daughters. Mrs. Cornelia Register, of New York City; Mrs. Alice Ferrill of Watkins, Mrs. Grace (John) Dart of Ellis Hollow, and by one son George at whose home he died.
Northrop, Mary his wife 1822-1903 wife of William H. Northrop
Northrop, Julius Register 1868-1904 Listed on Northrop monument, name Julius Register, a grandson to William & Mary Northrop. From the obit. of William Northrop, it looks like Cornelia Northrop was his mother.
Norton, William H. b. Sept. 26, 1843 d. May 9, 1901 no other information
Norton, Mary A. Prosser, wife of William H. Norton b. Dec. 2, 1839 d. May 22, 1894 no other information
Norton, Eliza Ingram (OUR MOTHER) d. 1856 age 56 yrs. no other information
Ogden, Amos E. b. June 2, 1844 d. Feb. 16, 1899 son of Jacob & Eliza (Emmons) Ogden, he married a Lydia Allen 2nd.
Ogden, Priscilla Hunt, wife of Amos Ogden b. Nov. 2, 1841 d. March 17, 1874 Some researchers list her as Priscilla Hart, her name is clear on monument as HUNT. Name on same monument with Horton & Audera Hunt. Priscilla Hunt, daughter of Horton & Audra (Ford) Hunt
Ogden, Lydia A., wife of Amos E. Ogden 1840-1913 She is buried with her parents, Harlow & Sarah Maria Allen, her name is on the Allen monument.
Oliver, Polly Maria 1834-1920 Polly Maria Willsey, dau. of Simon Peter Sr. & Jeanette (Hall) Willsey, wife of Peter Oliver, who was the son of Adam & Arminda (Clark) Oliver. Polly was b. Jan. 11, 1834, family records state she died Sept. 5, 1915, unsure where the error is.
Parker, Holmes W. 1866-1940 no other information
Parker, Maude A. 1871-1946 Maude A. Stevenson
Perkins, Edward A. d. April 22, 1859 age 41 yrs., 11 mo's US Veteran (b. May 22, 1818)
Perkins, Jane M., wife of Edward A. Perkins d. April 13, 1863 age 45 yrs., 7 mo's, 11 dys. Jane M. Boice, born Sept. 2, 1818, dau. of Abraham & Lois (Nickerbocker) Boice
Pierce, Emily Perrigo, wife of J. M. Pierce d. (looks like Dec.) 1872 age 34 yr's 24 dy's [Headstone is broken, lying on ground] Emily Perrigo Pierce, wife of Julius M. Pierce 1838-1871, dau. of William & Anna (Cuffman) Perrigo
Piper, Augustus F. 1879-1945 1918 draft registration card, states he was born Nov. 6, 1879. 1920 Ithaca census lists: Augustus F. Piper age 40, Mary wife age 39, Merton, son age 12, Blanche, dau., age 9. In 1930 they are still living in Ithaca: Augustus F. Piper age 50, Mary wife age 49, Merton, son age 22, Frances, dau-in-law age 23, Blanche, dau., age 19 single. [Thanks to Robert Piper, we know know Augustus F. Piper was born Nov 6, 1879 died Nov. 14, 1945, son of David & Ellen (Nichols) Piper.  Thank you Robert for sharing your family information]. 
Piper, Mary Dart 1880-1957 wife of Augustus F. Piper
Piper, Arthur C. 1877-1962 No other information.
Pritchard, Zelle E. 1881-1966 Zelle E. Middaugh, b. Feb. 23, 1881 d. JUne 28, 1966, dau. of Harrison & Elizabeth (Ellis) Middaugh & wife of Sidney R. Pritchard
Pritchard, Sidney R. 1879-1957 son of James E. & Susan M. Pritchard
Prosser, Phebe E., dau. of Ichabod & Catharine Prosser d. April 4, 1882 age 17 yrs. no other information
Register, Julius 1868-1904 see Northrop, Julius Register
Ribble, Libbie Baker, wife of Charles W. Ribble b. Mar. 7, 1859 d. Feb. 3, 1932 dau. of Truman & Elizabeth (June) Baker, listed with Baker burials.
Ribble, Charles W. b. Sept. 7, 1851 d. Jan. 2, 1920 no other information
Schutt, Earl K. d. Feb. 2, 1902 age 16 yrs. buried next to Rhoda (Ellis) Schutt Kellogg.
Schutt, Cora, wife of Archie Schutt 1873-1901 birth date may be 1876
Sherman, Betsy J. 1829-1915 Betsy Lawrence. Name on Gray monument, she was a sister to Sarah Lawrence Gray, dau. of Robert Lawrence.
Sherman, William D. 1852-1911 son of Betsy J. Lawrence Sherman
Sherman, Hiram A. 1850-1917 son of Betsy J. Lawrence Sherman
Smith, Carrie R., child of John M. & Ann H. Smith d. Mar. 22, 1862 age 8 yr's 4 mo's Her headstone is in Ellis family burial area. She also has a marker at East Lawn Cemetery, where her parents, John & Ann (Ellis) Smith are buried. Carrie was a granddaughter to Peleg & Ruth Ellis.
Unknown, Lillie no dates nothing else is written on marker. Burial next to Carrie R. Smith
Sprague, Catharine, wife of Joseph Sprague d. Dec. 27, 1871 age 63 yr's headstone broken and lying on ground.
Sprague, Joseph d. June 6, 1881 age 79 yr's 1850 Dryden census, lists Joseph Sprague age 48, Catherine 41, Lavina 23, Lavina 18, Catherine 9. Person living next door is Loviah Sprague age 73, Rhoda age 30.
Sprague, Loviah b. Aug. 12, 1827 d. Mar. 20, 1895 headstone lying on ground
Stevens, Seth d. Mar. 9, 1861 age 75 yr's Born in CT
Stevens, Mary, his wife d. Sept. 16, 1875 age 76 yr's In 1850 Dryden Census, lists Seth Stevens age 63 born in CT., with wife Mary age 50, Smith, son 22, Fitch age 20, Orson age 18, Olivia age 9.
Stevens, Smith d. July 10, 1902 age 74 yr's See above in notes of Mary Stevens
Stevens, Cynthia, his wife d. Feb. 24, 1902 age 68 yr's Cynthia Lewis
Stevens, Jane, dau. of Smith & Cynthia Stevens d. Mar. 18, 1889 age 47 yr's earlier record states she died 1889 age 47 yrs.
Stevens, Cora Alice, daughter of Smith & Cynthia Stevens b. July 23, 1854 d. June 14, 1862 Note: an earlier record done by Dora Pope Worden, lists Cora Alice was b. July 23, 1854 d. June 14, 1862.
Tichenor, J. A. b. Mar. 9, 1822 d. July 8, 1897 Joseph Addison Tichenor, son of Isaac & Mary (Magee) Tichenor. Family records state he died July 6, 1897. He married 1st Catherine Ostrander, b. Nov. 22, 1824 d. Feb. 6, 1852, dau. of William & Nancy (Crutts) Ostrander. Her grave was not found in this cemetery.
Tichenor, Mary E. Harris, his wife b. Mar. 3, 1832 d. Jan. 30, 1923 Mary Elizabeth Harris, 2nd wife of Joseph Tichenor.
Tichenor, Fena, daughter of J. A. & M. E. Tichenor d. Nov. 17, 1862 age 7 yrs., 3 mo's Family bible records Mary Delephine Tichenor, born Aug. 7, 1854 d. Nov. of 1861, believe this is Fena.
Tichenor, Rena, daughter of J. A. & M. E. Tichenor d. Nov. 13, 1862 age 7 yrs., 3 mo's Family bible records name Catherine Irene Tichenor b. Aug. 7, 1854 d. NOv. 1861, beleive this is Rena.
Tichenor, Sallie A., wife of Elmer A. Tichenor d. Mar. 20, 1871 age 29 yrs. 9 mo's Sallie A. Davenport, wife of Elmer Augustine Tichenor, he was born Mar. 12, 1845 d. Feb. 8, 1885, unsure where he is buried.
VanDemark, Helen d. April 25, 1901 age 48 yrs., 1 mo., 22 dys Per the Town of Candor, Tioga Co., NY death record of Helen Hurd, daughter of Wesley & Katherine (Barber) Hurd, born in Town of Dryden, NY, died in Town of Candor, Tioga Co., NY., buried in Ellis Hollow Cemetery, Dryden, NY. No headstone has been found for her, she must be in an unmarked grave. Her parents are buried here, see Hurd, Wesley.  1900 census for Candor, Tioga Co., NY the only Helen VanDemark found was: Wilson Vandemark 47, b. abt. July 1852; Helen M., his wife b. Mar. 1853, age 47; Orin C., son b. Dec. 1878 age 21; Kate L., dau., b. May 1881, age 19; Leon B., b. Dec. 1893, age 6.  This same Wilson Vandemark is widower by 1910.
Welsh, Thomas W. B. 1886-1939 Thomas Whitney Benson Welsh, son of Blanton Charles & Emily Benson Welsh.
Welsh, Jennie L. Ellis, his wife 1888-1947 Jennie Loraine Ellis, daughter of Warren J. & Lucy Hungerford Ellis, wife of Thomas W. B. Welsh.
Worden, Peter d. Mar. 11, 1875 age 65 yr's 9 mo's Peter was married twice, 1st wf. Statira Ford, 2nd wf. Mahala Ellis. Peter, Statira, Mahala, and George C. are all listed on the Worden Monument. 1850 Dryden census lists Peter Worden age 41, Mahala age 43, Laura age 10, Mary age 8, Estelle age 4.
Worden, Mahala, wife of Peter Worden d. Mar. 4, 1890 age 82 yr's 8 mo's 16 dy's [Name on Peter Worden monument] Mahala Ellis, daughter of Peleg & Ruth Dawley Ellis
Worden, Statira Ford, wife of Peter Worden d. May 10, 1837 age 22 yr's 8 mo's must have been 1st wife of Peter Worden, listed on Peter Worden monument
Worden, George C., son of Peter & Statira Worden d. Aug. 1837 age 2 yr's Inscription reads, died in Aug. 1837 in his 2 year. Listed on Peter Worden monument.
Wright, Cynthia Monroe b. 1849, Dryden; d. April 26, 1917 daughter of Isaac Wilssey and Sally Marie Clark Monroe

These records were donated by JanMarie, born and raised in good old Ellis Hollow!
Records rechecked by Janet M. Nash & Alan Chaffee on April 23, 2005.
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