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Was Associated with the Christian Church (1821)
Enfield, Tompkins County, NY
approx. 1/2 mile south on Enfield Main Road
right side of the road

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Bagley, 	James						d. June 7, 1843 ae 51y 5m 21d
Bagley, 	Almira, dau. of James and Elsie 		d. June 7, 1847 ae 21y 1m 20d
Bagley, 	Juliana, dau. of James and Elsie		d. Apr. 22, 1845 ae 11 y 6m
Bagley, 	Pametia, dau. of James and Elsie 		d. Mar. 22, 1846 ae 17 yr 8m

Bailey,		Horace J., son of James and Sally 		d. Apr. 30, 1853 ae 19y 9m 15d
Bailey, 	Justus S., son of James and Sally 		d. Jan. 31, 1853 ae 22y 10m
Bailey, 	Lucinda C, dau. of James and Sally		d. Oct. 14, 1852 ae 26y 10m 7d

Baker, 		Henry L., son of Obediah C. and Rachel		d. Dec.11, 1842 ae 22y 1m 25d
Baker, 		Judah, a Revolutionary Soldier 			d. May 7, 1851 ae 88y 2m 10d
		(One of the 1st settlers of Enfield)
Baker, 		Lydia, w/o Judah				d. July 10, 1863 ae 93y 8m 13d
Baker, 		Minnie, dau. of John M. and Sarah		d. Mar. 20, 1882 ae 2y 21d

Beach, 		_____ , son of David and Rebecca		d. Sept. 7, 1827

Bennett, 	Jane						d. Nov. 2, 1861 ae 50y 21d

Booth, 		Cornelia, dau. of Asahel and Amy		d. July 10, 1830 ae 1y 5d

Branner, 	Elizabeth, dau. of John and Minerva		d. May 31, 1842 ae 6y 4m 7d 

Broas,		Deacon John P.					1804-1872
Broas,		Naomi, w/o John P.				d. Feb. 21, 1851 ae 43y 8m 28d
		  (and dau. of Joel and Mary Bassett)
Broas, 		Alice, dau. of John P. and Sarah 		d. Apr. 18, 1856 ae 12d

Brown, 		Alfred, son of Silas and Polly			d. July 29, 1849 ae 21y 7d
Brown, 		Lyman E.					d. Mar. 27, 1861 ae 28y 10m 22d
Brown, 		Dwight S., son of L. E. and A. C.		d. Nov. 24, 1854 ae 1y 4m 22d
Brown, 		Sally Ann, w/o Daniel (?)			d. Feb. 10, 1833 ae 31y 1m 3d

Byrum, 		Maria, w/o Eleazear				d. Dec. 10, 1858 ae 44y 5m 1d
Byrum, 		Sarah J., dau. of Eleazear and Maria		d. Dec. 21, 1854 ae 1y 6m 22d
Byrum, 		Oliver W. 					d. Sept. 27, 1875
Byrum, 		Jane C., w/o Oliver W.				d. Apr. 26, 1849 ae 34y 1m 2d 

Chadwick, 	Rev. Jabez	(b. in Lee, Mass.)		Aug. 14, 1779 - Feb. 20, 1857

Chase, 		Alice F., dau. of William C. & Margaret S. 	d. May 8, 1853 ae 11m 8d
Chase, 		James Sage, M.D., son of Rev. Ezra & Julia 	d. June 11. 1864 ae 40y 10m 2d

Clary, 		Olive, w/o Miles				d. Aug. 1, 1830 ae 29 yr

Cowen, 		Deborah A.					d. Feb. 6, I861 ae 49y 6m 4d
Cowen, 		Lewis						d. Aug. 19, 1860 ae 76 yr 14d
Cowen, 		Esther, w/o Lewis 				d. Aug. 22, 1857 ae 68y 8m 13d
Cowen, 		William						d. Jan. 16, 1864 ae 48 yr 2m

Currey, 	Jane, w/o William				d. Nov. 1, 1864 ae 91y 7m 19d

Emmett, 	George, son of Moses and Abigail		d. Sept. 13, 1842 ae 1m 17d
Emmett, 	Thomas A., son of Moses and Abigail 		d. July 21, 1850 ae 3y 11m 8d

Fish, 		Charlotte, w/o Samuel				d. Oct. 13, 1848 ae 42y 4m 26d
Fish, 		Elizabeth, w/o Samuel				d. Nov. 12, 1834 ae 39y 5m 24d
Fish, 		Edwin, son of G. and L.				d. Dec. 13, 1854 ae 8y 2m 23d 
Fish, 		Mary, dau. of G. and L.				d. Dec. 8, 1854 ae 3y 3m 17d

Fisher, 	Stephen, M.D.					d. Aug. 3, 1843 ae 45y

Ford, 		Harriet M., dau. of Edwin and Sally Ann		d. Mar. 28, 1842 ae 9y 8m 25d
Ford, 		Little Francis Ella, dau. of Edwin and Sally Ann
Ford, 		Julius H., son of Edwin and Sally Ann		d. Dec. 24, 1854 ae 19y 6m 28d

Gray, 		Cyrus						d. Dec. 25, 1858 ae 63y 2m 8d
Gray, 		Peace, w/o Cyrus				d. Oct. 25, 1860 ae 74y 4m
Gray, 		Robert, son of Cyrus and Peace			d. May 10, 1833 ae 2 yr 2m 18d
Gray, 		William H., son of Cyrus and Peace 		d. Mar. 25, 1850 ae 21y 5m 11d

Head, 		Merry E., w/o Dr. Peter				d. May 4, 1853 ae 33y 2m 9d

Hollister, 	Justin G.					June 23, 1792 - Aug. 17, 1864

Holley,		Andrew J.,					b. 1827; d. May 5, 1891
Holley,		Sofia,						b. July 23, 1824; d. Mar. 20, 1906
		(d/o Sanford and Sofia Rodgers Conklin & w/o Andrew Holley)

Hanmer, 	Richard H., son of Nicholas and Lydia		d. May 19, 1842 ae 1y 2m

Hooper, 	John						d. Feb. 22, 1829 ae 29y 4d
Hooper, 	Stephen, son of John and Jemimah		d. Aug. 5, 1829 ae 1y 4m 17d

Irwin, 		Lydia, w/o William				d. Apr. 27, 1851 ae 75 yr

Kinnan, 	David						d. Sept. 27, 1846 ae 52 yr

Lovell, 	Amy, dau. of Moses and Susannah			d. Feb. 13, 1852
Lovell, 	Susannah, 					ae 4 yr

Newbury, 	Diantha, w/o Archibald 				d. July 21, 1853 ae 69y 5mo 26d
Newbury, 	John						d. Mar. 21, 1830 ae 52yr 7 mo
Newbury, 	Abigail, w/o John				d. Apr. 19, 18-- ae 67y 3m 18d
Newbury, 	Pamelia, dau. of John and Abigail		d. Aug. 29, 1834 ae 25y 3m 6d
Newbury, 	Maria, dau. of John and Abigail			d. Dec. I, 1840 ae 38y 6m 10d
Newbury, 	Sarah, w/o Egbert				d. June 7, 1858 ae 35y 3m 23d

Purdy, 		Rachel, w/o Lewis				d. Jan. 7, 1839, ae 51 yr 25da

Quick, 		John H., Co. G., 109 Reg., N. Y. Vol. 		1845-1899
Quick, 		Joshua, son of Henry and Fanny			d. Oct. 2, 1837 ae 1 yr 2 mo
Quick,		Stephen D., son of Henry and Fanny		d. Apr. 29, 1841 ae 3y 1m 8d

Rumsey,		Jared V.,                   			b. 1913 d.1990
Rumsey,		Margaret H. (wife of Jared) 			b. 1916
        	married 2/12/36

Rumsey,		Thomas Eugene                  			1962-1992
Rumsey,		Ralph R.                       			1923-1997

Rumsey,		Walter F.                      			1914-1968
Rumsey,		Mabel E. (wife of Walter)      			1917-

Rumsey,		Albert L.                      			1833-1906
Rumsey,		Mary A. (wife of Albert)       	  		1834-1893
Rumsey,		Lyda B.						1858-1896 
		(daughter of Albert and Mary, and wife of J.R. Updike)

Sanders, 	Joseph						d. Feb. 4, 1862 ae 71y 6m 29d

Saxton, 	Frances A., dau. of J. A. and A. M.		d. Sept. 16, 1848 ae 1y 11m 16d
Saxton, 	Ledra P.					Aug. 25, 1836 - May 26, 1880
Saxton, 	Orpha, w/o John					d. Feb. 24, 1859 ae 66y 11m 5d

Stanley, 	William F., son of Eli and Lillets		d. Oct. 30, 1848 ae 5y 1m 23d

Sterling, 	James						d. Feb. 25, 1844 ae 77y 3m 30d

Van Dorn, 	Deborah, w/o Obadiah Chase			d. June 20, 1887 ae 74 yr
Van Dorn, 	Mary Irwin, w/o Peter				d. Aug. 31, 1834 ae 45 yr

Wafer, 		Mary, mother of James and Moses 		d. May 7, 1832 ae 69y
Wafer, 		Abigail, w/o Moses				d. May 24, 1849 ae 28y 10m 14d
Wafer, 		Mary Elizabeth, dau. of Moses and Abigail	d. May 22, 1850 ae 1y 2m 1d

Williams, 	Henrietta, dau. of C. S. and Mary 		Nov. 26, 1846 - Feb. 10, 1853
Williams, 	Emiline, dau. of C. S. and Mary 		Oct. 13, 1850 - July 7, 1853
Williams, 	Elizabeth, w/o Isaac	 			d. June 10, 1849, ae 87 yr

Williamson,	James S., son of Nelsen & Sally			d. Mar. 10, 1845 ae 3y 6m 25d
Williamson, 	Fidealy, 2nd dau. of Nelsen and Sally		d. Mar. 19, 1849 ae 3 yr
Williamson,	Christopher C., s/o Nelson & Sally		d. March 2, 1860 age 4 yrs., 8m 5d
Williamson,	Sarah, d/o Nelson & Sally			d. March 6, 1860 6 yrs., 7m 28d

Wood, 		Mary, w/o Hezekiah				d. Nov. 13, 1864 ae 57y 2m 3d

Wooley, 	Aaron V., son of William and Sarah E. 		d. Mar. 3, 1853 ae 5y 9m 4d

	Thank you Carl Hommel for transcribing these records into digital format.
	Updates were donated by Pete Nester and Marion Kobre for the Tompkins Co., NYGenWeb Project.

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