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East Lawn Cemetery

Ithaca, Tompkins County, NY

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This cemetery is still being updated.

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Aerial Photo of East Lawn Cemetery
(from Bill Hecht)

_______,	Hannah, wife of Jacob _____		d. Feb. 12, 1844 ae 69y 10m 25d

Anderson, 	Eliza A., wife of James H. Anderson	d. May 11, 1843 ae 21y 2m 28d

Andrews,      	Gladys E.  				d. Jan. 22, 1985 ae 90

Armstrong,   	Ethel B.  w/o Leslie Armstrong 		d. Aug. 26, 1979 ae 85y
Armstrong,   	Leslie   				d. May 13, 1956 ae 65y

ARNOLD, 	Edward F.  				d. Jan. 1, 1999 ae ___

Atwater,        Louella A.  				d. Mar. 20, 1933 ae 78y 11m 6d
Atwater,        Josephine   				d. Feb. 22, 1963 ae 87y
Atwater,        Clarence Hall   			d. Apr. 19, 1942 ae 89y 8m 15d
Atwater,        Clarence Moffett  			d. Jan. 24, 1940 ae 54y 11m 18d

AVERY,  	Helen (Haas) w/o James W. (who d. 1959)	d. Apr. 18, 1998 ae 93y 
		[d/o Stanley E. & Mary B. (Milks) Haas]

Bacon, 		Doris (Hiscock) w/o Levi T.		d. Mar. 22, 1998 ae 97y
		(d/o E. Tracy & Charlotte (Eaton) Hiscock)

Bailey, 	John W., s/o Ernest & Mignonette Bailey d. Aug. 10, 1993 ae 67y

Baker,          Annie M. (Cooper) w/o James L. Baker  	d. Apr. 9, 1939 ae 90y 8m 23d
Baker,          Bert Bryan  				d. Aug. 16, 1955 ae 58y 22d
Baker,          Bert F.  				d. Jan. 22, 1955 ae 82y 10m 19d
Baker,          Charlie H.   				d. Sept. 5, 1922 ae 77y
Baker,          Clarence M.  Lot owner 			d. Dec. 19, 1943 ae 61y
Baker,          Delphine    				d. Mar. 13, 1943 ae 46y 6m 12d
Baker,          DeWitt W.  				d. Apr. 16, 1918 ae 66y
Baker,          Ella Caroline, w/o DeWitt Baker   	d. Nov. 23, 1889 ae 38y 
Baker,          Ellouise  T.  				d. July 31, 1939 ae 87y 8m 14d
Baker,          Forrest J. Baker  			d. Oct. 9, 1968 ae 92y
Baker,          Frances Gertrude (Travis)  		d. Aug.  29, 1889 ae 37y 6m
Baker,          Fred W.  				d. May 22, 1941 ae 81y 4m 15d
Baker,          George M.   				d. Dec. 1896 ae 43y
Baker,          Harry U., wife Ina M. Baker   		d. Nov. 2, 1970 ae 79y 10m 21d  
Baker,          Hazel  (Bowen)   			d. Dec. 3, 1972 ae 79y 3m 28d
Baker,          Ina S.    				d. Mar. 15, 1846 ae 60y
Baker           James L., wife Annie M. Cooper      	d. 1916 ae 69y 
Baker,          Jane  (Martin)  			d. June 28, 1911 ae 79y 11m 10d
Baker,          Jeremiah M.    				d. Oct. 27, 1882 ae 71y
Baker,          Jeremiah  Mulford   			d. June 28, 1948 ae 67y 10m 14d
Baker,          Jesse R.   				d. Aug. 25, 1977 ae 95y
Baker,          Loarraine, Infant(Lot owner C.M. Baker)	d. Jan. 20, 1916 ae 1d 
Baker,          Richard  S.   				d. May 24, 1969 ae 68y
Baker,          Mary Alice  w/o Richard S. Baker  	d. Apr. 30, 1978 ae 57y
Baker,          Mary J. (Helms) w/o Jeremiah Baker   	d. Aug. 29, 1883 ae 70y
Baker,          Mary  L. D.     			d. Jan. 13, 1945 ae 84y 4m 14d
Baker,          Mina A. Lot owner Fred Baker  		d. Aug. 25, 1896 ae 11y
Baker,          Nellie B.   				d. Aug. 17, 1883 ae 24y
Baker,          Oswald, s/o DeWitt & Ella (Banfield)    d. Feb. 17, 1962 ae 73y 4m 9d
Baker,          Ralph S.    				d. Apr. 5, 1969 ae 67y
Baker,          Theodore  J.  				d. May 31, 1925 ae 80y
Baker,          William  K.   				d. June 19, 1925 ae 52y 10m 24d

Bandfield, 	Peggy Eliza, d/o J.W. & Mary 		d. Jan. 2, 1844 ae 2y 10m 21d

Banfield,       Ada Amelia (Meddaugh) w/o Charles  	d. Oct. 12, 1947 ae 79y 8d
Banfield,       Arvena A.  w/o Dana U. Banfield  	d. Apr. 18, 1934 ae 57y 6m 22d
Banfield,       Charles   				d. July 12, 1956 ae 84y 9m 16d
Banfield,       Dana U.    				d. Dec. 28, 1944 ae 74y 4m 4d
Banfield,       David Uriah   				d. Feb. 14, 1911 ae 79y
Banfield,       Joseph Harrison 			d. June 15, 1901 ae 84y
Banfield,       Rose P. (Chaffee) 			d. June 21, 1928 ae 54y 6m 17d
Banfield,       Emily  (Krum)  w/o J. Harrison Banfield d. June 8, 1916 ae 94y
Banfield,       Harriet (VanLoan)  			d. Jan. 26, 1954 ae 86y 5m 1d
Banfield,       Mary  A.    				d. Feb. 16, 1911 ae 77y
Banfield,       William   				d. May 31, 1949 ae 81y 8m 11d

Barns, 	 	Minnie L. 				d. Feb. 21, 1934 ae 86y

Barr,           Fred  G.   				b. Apr. 16, 1858 d. Apr. 8, 1919

Bartlett,      Alonzo P. 				d. Mar. 6, 1951

Bassett,        Charles  P.  				d. Apr. 21, 1968 ae 68y
Bassett,        Florence S.  				d. Oct. 21, 1988 ae 91y

Beach,		Laurence H.				b. February 13, 1917 d. June 10, 2010, son of Stacey & Eva (Space) Beach
Beach,		Ruth L. VanPelt				b. Dec. 9, 1919 d. Mar. 12, 2010, wife of Laurence H. Beach (married June 21, 1940), d/o Willard Frank & Edna M. (Shevalier) VanPelt

Beam,           John Reed, lot owners-Edward & Carolyn Beam    d. Oct. 9, 1960 ae 7y 
Beam,           Millie E.    				d. July 28, 1913 ae 73y 9m

Beardsley,      George Francis    			d. Feb. 2, 1895 ae 59y
Beardsley,      Mary B., Lot owner George F. 		d. Jan. 14, 1927 ae 85y 9m
Beardsley,      Jessie May,    "     "    "    		d. Feb. 13, 1894 ae 31y  

BEDDOE, 	Col. William A.   			d. Dec. 15, 1998 ae 76y
Bell,           Albert T.  				d. July 19, 1974 ae 40y
Bell,           Edna F.   				d. Feb. 25, 1961 ae 52y 8m 17d
Bell,		John H.  "Father"			b. Dec. 11, 1922; d. Nov. 8, 1996

BOVIER,		John Comfort
		b. Jan 20, 1826 at Wells, Bradford Co. PA; died July 10, 1897 at Ithaca

Briggs,       Thomas Roland,  (wife: Frances Ingalls)   b. Sept. 2, 1887 d. Aug. 9, 1952  

Brigham,        Horace D.  				d. May 18, 1882 ae 93y
Brigham,        Vera C.  lot owner Horace Brigham  	d. July 4, 1988 ? 

Brink,          Elias         				d. May 9, 1892 ae 72y
Brink,          Harriet J.  				d. May 27, 1901 ae 83y
Brink,          Jameson H.  Lot owner Robert E. Brink	d. Jan. 5, 1848 ae 1y 6m 14d  
Brink,          Marietta C.  				d. Feb. 22, 1902 ae 55y 11m
Brink, 	       	Robert Elias  				d. May 29, 1917 ae 66y

Brown, 		Hannah (Wilson) w/o William J. 		d. Feb 20, 1954 ae 85y

Bullard,        Blanche  E.   				b. 1886 d. Feb. 18, 1974 ae 88y
Bullard,        Carl R.   				b. 1886 d. Feb. 25, 1967 ae 80y
Bullard,        Florence  				1890-1931
Bullard,        Ben  					1856-1931
Bullard,        Eliza  					1864-1839

Burns,          John         				d. May 10, 1936 ae 83y 17d
Burns,          John Robert   				d. Apr. 16, 1945 ae 63y 11m
Burns,          Lena T.  Lot owner John Burns 		d. June 25, 1903 ae 15y

Campbell,       Anna B. (Heir of Wm Banfield) 		d. Nov. 11, 1970 ae 77y 11m 29d

Cleary,         Mrs. Stephen F.  			d. May 17, 1945

Cooper,         Velmont Claude  			1852-1880 ae 28
		(Lot owner Lois (Middaugh) Cooper)
Cooper,        	Lois K. (Middaugh) w/o Velmont Cooper 	1854-1912  
Cornelius,	Ada (Durbon)  				d. Feb. 19, 1958 ae 87y
Cornelius,      Dana  					d. Apr. 2, 1948 ae 56y 9m 7d
Cornelius,  	Lew R.  Y3 US Navy  W W II  		b. June 21, 1912 d. Sept. 17, 1978
Cornelius,      Nina A., w/o Dana H. Cornelius  	d. July 4, 1961 ae 69y 1m 25d
Cornelius,      Abigail (Osborn) w/o John Cornelius     d. abt. 1839  Unmarked grave
Cornelius,      John   Unmarked Grave 			d. abt. 1811 or 1813 
Cornelius,  	Jennie A., w/o Irvin Predmore & Clarence Rohrer  1870-1947

COUGHLIN, 	Robert A. Sr., U.S. Navy World War II   d. May 12, 1992 ae 65y
		(s/o Lawrence & Martha (Kerr) Coughlin) 

Covert,		Mary E.(Lee), d/o John & Minnie (Genung) d. Jan. 1923  

Cuffman, 	Mr. Jonathan				d. Jan. 8, 1827 ae 42y
		(next to Nelson & Polly Eaton)

Davis, 		Willilam J.				d. Nov. 25, 1951

DEAL, 		Josephine (Townley) 			d. Jan. 21, 1998 ae 86y
             	[w/o Willaim E. (who died 1954); d/o Garfield & Bessie (Doolittle) Townley]

Dennis,         Mary Louise   				d. Sept.  22, 1971
Dennis,         Roger, F.  				d. May 27, 1962 
Dennis,         Sherman N.   				d. May 24, 1938 ae 70y 1m 21d
Dennis,         Stanley S.  				d. May 1920 ae 4m
Dennis,         Sherman   				1860-1930
Dennis,         Evalena (Middaugh) w/o Sherman  	1861-1933
		(d/o Wessels & Catherine(Ostrander) Middaugh)
Dennis,         Stanley, s/o Roger & Mary L. (Messer) 	1919-1920

Dobbs, 		Ella F., w/o Albert W. Dobbs		d. Apr. 7, 1948 ae 85y

Dudley,        Frank T.    				b. Oct. 20, 1857  d.______ 82y

Durbon,         Susan J.  (Bateman), w/o James G.  	d. Sept. 16, 1897 ae 63
Durbon,         James G.   				1832-1891

Earl,           Fredrick J. Lot owner Dora L. Earl 	d. Mar. 28, 1931 ae 71y
Earl,           Mary E. Lot owner Dora L. Earl 		d. June 22, 1946 ae 90y   
Earl,           Dora L.  lived to be 100 yrs old	1883-1993
Earl,           Frederick J.  				1859-1931
Earl,           Mary E.  w/o of Frederick Earl  	1856-1946

Eaton,       	Adaline, Lot owner Apollos Eaton 	d. May 16, 1884 ae 50y    
Eaton,       	Amelia (Moser), w/o William Eaton  	d. Feb. 1, 1862 ae 26y   
Eaton,       	Apollos   				d. Dec. 29, 1859 ae 50y
Eaton,       	Charles    				d. _____________ ae 27y 8m
Eaton,       	Cora L.   				d. 1861 ae 3y 
Eaton,       	Eddie  					d. ____ ae 10m
Eaton,       	Emeline, d/o Apollos Eaton  		d. Feb. 9, 1901 ae 70y 
Eaton,       	Fred L.   				d. 1861 ae 5y
Eaton,       	George  H.  				d. Nov. 23, 1873 ae 27y
Eaton,       	Harriet N.  				d. Apr. 18, 1844 ae 3y
Eaton,       	Harvey    				d. July 31, 1880 ae 64y
Eaton,       	Maria d/o Apollos Eaton 		d. Feb. 28, 1902 ae 71y 
		 (2 records: d. Feb. 28, 1902 ae 61y)
Eaton,        	Maria (Tichenor)  w/o Apollos Eaton  	d. Nov. 20, 1862 ae 56y 10m
Eaton, 		Nelson					d. Dec. 25, 1842 ae 35y
Eaton, 		Polly, w/o Nelson			d. May 31, 1840 ae 30y 1m 10d
Eaton,        	Rachael (Ostrander), w/o Harvey Eaton  	d. May 9, 1886 ae 71y
Eaton, 		Lillie Delia, w/o William Mosher Eaton 	d. Jan. 22, 1946 ae 83y

English, 	Ruth May (Barto) w/o Robert English 	d. July 31, 1987 ae 82y
		   (& d/o Lewis & Cora (Chase) Barto)
English,    	Robert M. s/o Elmer & Addie (Davenport)	d. Nov. 21, 1984 ae 73y
English,        Addie, (Davenport) w/o Elmer 		b. Mar. 17, 1867 d. June 22, 1922/3
English,        Corilla (Teeter)  w/o Jesse U. 		d. Sept. 3, 1909 ae 59y
English,        Ella (Crutts)  w/o Myron T. 		d. Aug. 19, 1962 ae 80y 13d
English,        Elmer, s/o John & Rebecca (Genung)	d. Mar. 24, 1945 ae 83y 15d 
English,        Jesse U.  				d. Oct. 1917 ae 69y
English,        Myron T.  				d. May 27, 1956 ae 74y 9m 23d

Farling,      Zada  w/o Montgomery Farling 		d. 1924 ae 65y

Ferriss, 	Bess R. w/o E.N.Ferriss			d. Oct 8, 1952

Furman, 	Lomira  				d. July 23, 1945 ae 93y

Gegg,           Forence Ada   				d. Nov. 26, 1971 ae 91y 2m 9d
Gegg,           William Ballard  			d. July 17, 1969 ae 87y
Gegg,           Charlotte (Genung), w/o Stanley Gegg   	b. Jan. 19, 1926 d. Sept. 10, 1988
		   (d/o George & Florence Genung)

Genung,        	Aaron Howard,   			b. May 25, 1901 d. Jan. 14, 1986
		(s/o Wilber A. & Jennie (Barrett) Genung)
Genung,        	Alice Mary, w/o  Aaron Howard		b. Mar. 28, 1903 d. Sept. 27, 1976
		(d/o Allen A. & Elmina (Thorp) Hughes) 
Genung,        	Daniel D.   (d. Ithaca)			b. July 29, 1859 d. ____ 
		(s/o George W. & Rebecca (Jewell) Genung)
Genung,        	George Francis 				d. Mar. 28, 1970 ae 76y
		(s/o Daniel & Ermina(Elsbree)Genung)
Genung,        	Milton E., 				d. June 13, 1905 ae 15y
		(s/o Daniel & Ermina(Elsbree)Genung)
Genung,        	Mina (Ermina) w/o Daniel D. 		b. Feb. 9, 1868 d. at Ithaca
Genung,        	Florence (Ogden) w/o George F. 		b. Nov. 4, 1891; d. Mar. 9, 1989 
Genung,        	Esther,   Never married 		b. Sept. 6, 1920; d. Jan. 3, 1997  
		(d/o George & Florence (Ogden) Genung)

Gleason,       	Edward,  Lot owner James L. Baker 	d. 1902 ae 54y
Gleason,       	Oriann A. (Lot owner James L. Baker  	d. 1916 ae 74y

Grant, 		Betsey, w/o Hosea Grant			d. Feb. 2, 1848 ae 54y

Hall,           Alfred G.  				d. May 8, 1979 ae 68y
Hall,           Dora Hall   				d. Nov. 9, 1966 ae 85y
Hall,           Burt J.   				1863-1901                
Hall,           Lida A. (Durbon)  w/o of Burt J. Hall  	1869-1959
HALL,     	Yvonne    (See Rehme, Yvonne, wife of Alfred Hall)

Hallett,        Cynthianne (Miller)  			1953-1978
		(d/o George & Catherene Miller)

Hammond, 	Lucinda, dau. of Daniel & Lucy Hammond  d. Mar. 7, 1835 ae 3y 2m 13d
Hammond,        Baby, still born (male) 		d. Jan. 16, 1930  
		(Lot owner George N. Pew)
Hammond,        Infant  still born (male) 		d. May 29, 1932  
		(Lot owner George N. Pew)

Harris,         Gertrude  				d. Aug. 13, 1933 ae 71y 5m 16d
Harris,         Grace M.  				d. Nov. 3, 1941 ae 58y 10m 7d
Harris,         Rena May   Lot owner  Walter R. Harris	d. ____________

Hart,           Amos Grant, s/o Samuel & Sarah Hart  	d. Feb. 18, 1931 ae 62y 
Hart,           Harrietta  D.    			d. June 19, 1876 ae 39y 6m
Hart,           Harry 	Lot owner John C. Hart 		d. Aug. 28, 1876 ae 3m 20d  
Hart,           James 	 Lot owner John C. Hart 	d. Aug. 31, 1873 ae 5m 17d 
Hart,           John C. Jr.   				d. May 20, 1906 ae 38y
Hart,           John C. Sr.  				d. Dec.  1882 ae 48y 5m
Hart,           Margaret F.  Lot owner John C. Hart	d. Jan. 5, 1864 ae 28y 
Hart,           Marion R.   				d. Nov. 20, 1953 ae 58y 9m 19d
Hart,           Maurice R.  				d. Aug. 29, 1970 ae 74y
Hart,           Russell J.  				d. July 29, 1931 ae 61y 10m 29d
Hart,           Roger Eugene, still born  		d. Apr. 7, 1933
		(Lot owner B. Joyce)  

Hason,          George Cornelius  			d. Nov. 11, 1966 ae 90y

Hazen,          Alice L. Lot owner Mary Legg  		d. Mar. 17, 1934 ae 70y  
Hazen,          Charlie  				b. Jan. 4, 1857; d. Sept. 7, 1938         
Hazen,          Clarence (Lot owner Mary Legg) 		d. Aug. 11, 1895 ae 6m
Hazen,          Delphine w /o Charles Hazen 		b. Dec. 6, 1856; d. Aug. 26, 1943
		  (d/o Hiram & Caroline (Willsey) Cornelius)                       
Hazen           Raymond H., s/o Charles & Delphine     	b. Jan. 8, 1878 d. Feb. 13, 1941
Hazen, 	        Francis A. (Earsley) w/o Robert R.  	1854-1946
		(d/o John & Henrietta (Pew) Earsley )
Hazen,         	Robert R.  s/o Harrison & Lydia (Huff)	1857-1909

Heuser,        Mrs. Gustave Fredrick  d/o Mr. & Mrs. E.D. Bohall  d. Oct. 18, 1934 ae 41y

Hildebrandt, 	John					d. Feb. 22, 1845 ae 53y
Hildebrandt,	Elizabeth, w/o John			d. Apr. 14, 1865 ae 74y
Hildebrandt,	John Jr.				d. May 6, 1825 ae 2y 10m 5d 
		s/o John and Elizabeth Hildebrandt
Hildebrant, 	Theodore H.  				d. Mar. 1924 ae 73y
Hildebrant, 	Hannah (Middaugh) w/o Theodore   	d. May 6, 1933 ae 81y
		(d/o Nelson & Elizabeth Middaugh)
Hildebrant, 	Eva N.  d/o Theodore Hildebrant  	d. 1924 ae 45y

Hildreth,      	Everett L.  				d. May 22, 1985 ae 85y

Hoffman, 	Catharine				b. Oct. 9, 1800; d. Sept. 25, 1812(?)

Honness,	Matthias				d. Feb. 21, 1848 ae 80y 5m 15d
Honness,	Elizabeth (Pew)				d. Oct. 15, 1837 ae 55y  6m 21d 
		w/o Matthias Honness; d/o William and Hannah (Leacy)

Hovington, 	Ellen J., d/o Harrison & Phebe		d. Feb. 23, 1843 ae 2y 3m 19d
Hovington, 	Jacob					d. Dec. 12, 1817 ae 46y 11m
Hovington, 	Reuben					d. Apr. 25, 1815 ae 41y 7m 6d

Hunt,           Marjorie (Slocum)  w/o Raymond Hunt  	d. May 31, 1985 ae 79y

Huntington,  	Agnes M.(Hazen) , w/o Joseph L. 	1900-1964
		(d/o Robert & Frances (Earsley) Hazen) 
Huntington, 	Joseph L. 				d. Mar. 7, 1979

Jewett,         Angeline (Lee) 				d. Apr. 9,1955 ae 60y 6m 2d
		(d/o John & Minnie (Genung) Lee)

KENNERSON, 	Beverly (Drake), w/o Robert L. 		Apr. 8, 1922-May 24, 1999
		(d/o Max & Madeline (Genter) Drake)

KERN, 		Rachel A. (Anderson)   			July 21, 1904 - Dec. 20, 1998  
		[d/o Alanson S. & Lillian (Underwood) Anderson III; w/o Gilbert Sturrock & w/o 		Sterling Kern (who died in 1987)]

Kirk,           Arthur J.   				d. Apr. 5, 1965 ae 86y
Kirk,           Elizabeth Ada   			d. May 28, 1974 ae 92y 4m 5d
Kirk,           Eva (English), w/o Arthur Kirk 		b. Aug. 24, 1891 d. Nov. 11, 1965 
		  (d/o Elmer & Addie (Davenport) English) 
Kirk,           George E. Lot owner Nellie Kirk (sister)d. June 5, 1973  
Kirk,           Helen  C.  1st w/o Arthur Kirk 		d. July 29, 1939 ae 58y 4m 16d
Kirk,           Nellie (Philips),  w/o Frank J. Kirk 	d. June 10, 1942 ae 84y 4m 9d

Knapp,          Alia I.  				d. Nov. 15, 1959 ae 79y
Knapp,          Cielia I.  Lot owner Harold Knapp	d. Nov. 15, 1959 ae 79y  
Knapp,          Charles E.  				d. May 30, 1960 ae 82y 11m 11d
Knapp,          Harold R.  				d. Oct. 8, 1981 ae 80y  
Knapp,          Kenneth  E.  				d. Sept. 4, 1953 ae 50y 1d

KUPKA, 		Gisela (Huttar), w/o Ludwig Richard	d. June 5, 1992 ae 91y
		(d/o Alfred & Anna (Pataki) Huttar) 

LAJZA, 		Elsie L. (Tvarotha)    			d. Feb. 2, 1998 ae 86y 
              	[w/o John J. Lajza (who d. 1995); d/o John & Barbara (Prohoska) Tvarotha]

Lee,            Fordyce A.  				d. July 17, 1984 ae 82y
Lee,            John   					bur. Aug. 21, 1921
Lee,            Leona M. Lot owner Claud Vliet 		d. July 29, 1972 ae 67y  

Locke,          Edna Annis, Lot owner Seba Sloughter (a brother) d. Oct. 21, 1908 ae 29y 

Lull, 		Raymond A. s/o Harold & Margaret (Martin)1916-1943 
		(died in a Bombing Mission)
Lull, 		Harold, s/o Clarence & Martha (Mulks) 	1877-1960

Lyon,           Minta  Lot owner Mary K. Tucker 	d. Dec. 17, 1952 ae 79y 9m 6d

MAU, 		Hulda Lydia   				d. Apr. 1, 1999 ae 98y  

Middaugh, 	Mr. Joseph Jr.				d. May 19, 1832 ae 28y 5m 14d
Middaugh, 	Elizabeth, w/o Joseph Middaugh		d. Dec. 12, 1843 ae 70y 4m 23d
Middaugh, 	Joseph					d. Apr. 4, 1880 ae 59y 9m 20d
Middaugh,       Benjamin. B., s/o Nelson & Elizabeth 	d. Feb. 18, 1931 ae 74y 8m 9d
Middaugh,       Eliza H. (Messer), w/o Benjamin  	d. Apr. 11, 1939 ae 74y 7m 25d
Middaugh,       Elizabeth,  Lot owner Lois Cooper  	d. Dec. 10, 1913 ae 86y   
Middaugh,       Wessels Stevenson
Middaugh,       Jane  (Palmer)
Middaugh,       Wessels Stephen
Middaugh,       Martha 
Middaugh,       Elizabeth
Middaugh, 	John Boice				1865-1924
		(s/o Wessels & Catherine (Ostrander) Middaugh )
Middaugh, 	Edna (Stevenson) w/o John B.  		1867-1940
		(d/o Joseph & Rhoda (Ellis) Stevenson)

Milks, 		Fred A.					d. July 24, 1945

Miller,         Almon G.   				1881 - 1958
Miller,         Agnes, w/o Almon Miller  		1888-1981 
		    (d/o David & Louisa (Genung) Cornelius)
Miller,         George W.   				1918-___
Miller,         Catherene (Whelan) w/o George W. Miller

Mitchell, 	Rachel, w/o Samuel R. 		d. Sept. 9, 1837 ae 27y 6m 25d
Mitchell, 	Charles, s/o Samuel & Rachel		d. May 20, 1827 ae 6m
Mitchell, 	John					b. Oct. 17, 1798; d. Mar. 1, 1886
Mitchell, 	Priscilla (Hutchinson), w/o John 	b. Jan. 6, 1809; d. Oct. 17, 1855
Mitchell, 	Julia, w/o John R.			d. Oct. 13, 1845 ae 45y
Mitchell, 	Rachel (Lindsay), w/o Samuel R. 	d. ____
Mitchell,       Omer L.  				d. Jan. 28, 1940 ae 71y 4m 5d
Mitchell, 	Omer  (wife: Minnie A. Onan) 		1867-1940  
		(s/o Samuel & Phebe (Ostrander) Mitchell)
Mitchell, 	Charles S.,   				b. Oct. 27, 1862; d. Dec. 17, 1962
		(s/o Samuel & Phebe (Ostrander) Mitchell) 
Mitchell, 	Margery M. (Smith) w/o Charles		1882-1961

Mosher,     	Helen  w/o of John H. Mosher		_________
Mosher,      	John H.  				1858-1916

Morse,          Benjamin  				d. July 4, 1839

Munger, 	Margaret, w/o Tillotson			d. Apr. 8, 1832 ae 24y 3m 27d
Munger, 	James					d. Aug. 26, 1831 ae 58y 8m 14d

Murray, 	Joseph N.  				b. Jan. 11, 1939; d. Oct. 5, 1998
		(s/o Navin & Dorothy (Corgel) Murray)

Newman, 	James L. s/o Omar R. Newman 		d. Apr. 16, 1947 ae 23y

Ogden, 		Edith M. (Locke)		   	b. Oct. 1, 1874; d. May 20, 1964
		(d/o Henry D. & Mary (Gilbert) Locke)
Ogden, 		Florence P.  				d. May 2, 1962

Onan, 		Eliza, d/o Samuel & Betsey Onan		d. July 25, 1832
Onan, 		Samuel					d. Aug. 26, 1844 ae 61y

Orcutt,         Robert N., Lot owner Robert N. & Minnie Orcutt d. Jan.__ 1970 

Ostrander, 	Ira, s/o Abraham & Catharine 		d. Nov. 15, 1846 ae 24y 6m 18d
Ostrander, 	Mrs. Catharine, w/o Abraham 		d. Oct. 23, 1831 ae 42y
Ostrander, 	Maryetta, d/o Elias S. & Margaret	d. Mar. 10, 1824 ae 4y 5m 1d
Ostrander,      Arthur D. Ostrander  			d. June 30, 1946 ae 59y 4m 19d
Ostrander,      Bryron L.   				b. July 8, 1856 d. Oct. 13, 1919
Ostrander,      Cora  					d. Jan. 2, 1962 ae 81y 10m 28d
Ostrander,      Ida M.   				d. Nov. 15, 1944 ae 83y 11m 22d
Ostrander,      Levi   					d. July 5, 1884 ae 68y
Ostrander,      Mary C. (Snyder)  			d. Apr. 1, 1876 ae 37y 2m
Ostrander,  	Ezra M.     				b. Oct. 10, 1828 d. Apr. 14, 1911
Ostrander,  	Mary C. (Snyder) w/o Ezra Ostrander 	b. Feb. 4, 1839 d. Apr. 1, 1879

PAGE,  		Dawn Meta  w/o of Robert Page 		July 11, 1920-Oct. 18, 1994

Parcel, 	Mr. Remington				d. Dec. 20, 1828 ae 78y 8m

Parker,         Walter E.  				d. Feb. 10, 1970 ae 69y

Perry,          Helen (Cornelius) w/o Merritt J. Perry  d. Nov. 2, 1931 ae 77y
Perry,          Benjamin J., 				d. Dec. 29, 1912 ae 84y  
Perry,          Charles Truman   			d. May 23, 1925 ae 43y 1m 16d
Perry,          David S.  				d. Sept. 25, 1985 
Perry,          David Barns  				d. June 15, 1950 ae 76y 7m
Perry,          Elizabeth (Hall)   			d. Sept. 2, 1944 ae 72y 5m 19d
Perry,          Helen (Harris)  			d. Dec. 7, 1975 ae 73y 6m 6d
Perry,          Dorothy P. (Livermore) 			d. Nov. 2, 1980 ae 78y
Perry,          David Harris   				d. Aug. 3, 1969 ae 39y
Perry,         	George   				d. Nov. 3, 1975 ae 89y 6m 15d
Perry,         	Georginana B.   			d. Oct. 2, 1951 ae 91y 8m 1d
Perry,         	Helen Louise  (Cornelius)  		d. Oct. 29, 1931 ae 77y 7m 8d
Perry,         	Henrietta (Sweetlove)  			d. Feb. 7, 1942 ae 76y 7m 8d
Perry,        	Lewis C.  				d. Feb. 27, 1977 ae 85y
Perry,         	Lewis C.  				d. May 29, 1936 ae 72y 2m 26d
Perry,         	Margaret A.  				d. Dec. 28, 1900 ae 57y
Perry,         	Merritt T.    				Vault date  Jan. 7, 1922 ae 66y
Perry,         	Raymond Sweetlove Sr.  			d. July 18, 1964 ae 66y 5m 29d
Perry,         	Theodore    				d. Apr. 5 or 15, ae 1913 ae 73y
Perry,         	Thomas C.  				d. Aug. 2,  1941 ae 74y 8m 2d
Perry,         	William S.  				d. Feb. 16, 1931 ae 70y 3m 27d

Pew, 		Ann, infant d/o Dan & Phebe Ann Pew	b. & d. Sept. 7, 1834
Pew, 		Anna					d. Aug. 1, 1827 ae 46y 11m 12d
Pew, 		Hannah Jane, d/o Richard & Hannah	d. May 16, 1840 ae 3y 2m 21d
Pew, 		Infant, d/o Richard & Hannah		d. May 28, 1825 ae 16hr
Pew, 		James M., s/o Richard & Hannah		d. Sept. 23, 1848 ae 37y 1m 29d
Pew, 		Margaret R., dau. of William & Rachel	d. Feb. 1, 1833 ae 9y
Pew, 		Hannah, his wife			d. Oct. 4, 1841 ae 102y
Pew, 		Infant dau. of William & Hannah Pew	d. Nov. 16, 1822
Pew,            Infant  Lot owner  Richard Pew 		d. May 28, 1827 ae 16hr
Pew,            Beatrice   				d. Sept. 29, 1952 ae 62y 6m 28d
Pew,            Benjamin   				d. Apr. 29, 1891   
Pew,            Charles  S.    				d. May 7, 1891 ae 63y
Pew,            Della S.   				d. May 31, 1979 ae 77y
Pew,            Eliza W.  				d. Apr. 21, 1908 ae 75y
Pew,            Emery G. 	 			d. Sept. 26, 1969 ae 72y
Pew,            Franklin   				d. Dec. 17, 1870 ae 29y
Pew,            George E.   				d. July 5, 1963 ae 58y
Pew,            George N.  				d. Jan. 9, 1901 ae 61y
Pew,            Helen   Lot owner George N. Pew		d. Mar. 7, 1879 ae 1m 22d  
Pew,            Henry A.  				d. March 2 1911 ae 62y 4m
Pew,            Ida (Infant)   Lot owner John Pew 	d. Sept. 7, 1834 
Pew,            John   					d. Aug. 29, 1821 ae 42y 1m
Pew,            Julia H.  Lot owner Henry Pew		d. 1923 ae 66y  
Pew,            Lee    					d. Aug. 8, 1939 ae 59y 11m 7d
Pew,            Mary   Lot owner  George Pew  		d. Mar. 11, 1881 ae 1m 5d
Pew,            Mary  Lot owner George N. Pew  		d. 1919 ae 81y
Pew,            Mary (Osburn)  				d. Aug. 11, 1831 ae 20y 10m 13d
Pew,            Nancy   				d. May 28, 1858 ae 60y
Pew,            Nellie (Sherman) Lot owner Benjamin Pew d. May 28, 1858 ae 39y
Pew,            Rachel (Genung),  			d. Sept. 23, 1863 ae 73y 7m 19d
		    (w/o William Pew & Dennis Turner)
Pew,            Richard    				d. Aug. 23, 1868 ae 78y 4m 4d
Pew,            Roy     Lot owner Henry Pew	 	d. Aug. 26, 1877 ae 3m
Pew,            Samuel R.   				d. 1854 ae 37y
Pew, 		William					d. June 1, 1832 ae 46y 8m 6d
Pew, 		William	"First Pew Settler"		d. May 29, 1818 ae 66y 2m 10d
Pew,            William   				d. Apr. 23, 1904 ae 89y

Pond, 		Miles A.  				d. Jan. 3, 1944 

Predmore,   	Clarence W.,			 	1890 - 1948
		(Prv 12th Co. 157 Depot Brigade)
Predmore,   	Charlotte M. Lot owner Jennie A. Predmore d. June 30, 1910 ae 19y 1m 4d
Predmore,    	Irving H.   				1867 - 1904
Predmore,    	Sylvia (Hyde)   			d. Dec. 24, 1963 ae 74y

Preswick,      	Priscilla   				b. May 29, 1864 d. Feb. 24, 1905  
Preswick, 	John W., s/o Joseph & Mary (Criddle)	1858-1943
Preswick, 	Cornelia, 				d. Sept. 8, 1946
		(d/o Henry W. & Amelia (Mitchell)Preswick)

PRITCHARD, 	Ruth F.,w/o LeRoy W. (he d. 1994)   	d. Mar 5, 1999 ae 93y

Reed, 		Abigail					d. July 27, 1842 ae 72y 5m 6d

REHME, 		Yvonne Louise Hall  			Dec. 28, 1912 - Aug. 2, 1999
                [d/o Laurent & Maria (Postel) Van Cant; w/o Alfred Hall (who d. 1979) & w/o 		Charles R. Rehme (who died in 1992)]

REULEIN, 	Seville Stanley Jr. "Bud"		d. May 25, 1999 ae 67y
		(s/o Seville S. & Mabel (Carpenter) Reulein)

Riker,          George J.   				d. 1922 ae 82y
Riker,          Frances Arlie Ryerson  			d. Feb. 28, 1965 ae 71y
Riker,          Melissa (Pew) w/o George Riker  	d. May 27, 1932 ae 82y

Rogers,         John Lawlor, M SGT US Army World War II b. Jan. 21, 1913 d. June 30, 1985
Rogers,         Pauline (Miller)   			b. Jan. 13, 1922

Rohrer,         Clarence  				d. Jan. 12, 1948 ae 57y 6m 12d
Rohrer,         Jennie (Cornelius) 			d. Apr. 16, 1947 ae 77y 4m 26d
		  (w/o Irving Predmore & Clarence Rohrer)

Root, 		William W.  				d. Apr.  26,____

Ross,           Burdette W.  				1858-1936
Ross,           Mary Alice (English), w/o Burette W. 	1858-1915     
 		    (d/o John & Rebecca (Genung) English)

Rowland, 	Joseph H.				d. Aug. 19, 1849 ae 43y

Schoonmaker,	Wm. H.				d. June 15, 1874 ae 45y 5m 11d
Schoonmaker,	Helen F. Pew			1839 - 1914
		w/o Wm. H. Schoonmaker  
		Note: d/o Benjamin and Nancy (Mitchell) Pew
		Other husbands to Helen F. Pew Schoonmaker
		were Mr. Way and John Snyder

Schutt, 	Mildred L.  				d. June 15, 1963 ae 73y

Shangle,        Iva (Snyder)  				1904-1932

Shaw, 		Myrtle Jane  				d. May 31, 1910 ae 52y

Shepard, 	John J. 				d. Sept. 10, 1948

Sherwood, 	Harold F. (wife: Esther Davenport) 	d. Jan. 17, 1957 ae 64y       

Shurger,        Addie L. (Whitlock)  w/o Edgar Shurger  d. Apr. 1, 1944 ae 77y 7m
Shurger,        Edgar J.   				d. Mar. 15, 1926 ae 66y
Shurger,        Warren C.  				d. Apr. 14, 1905 ae 45y

Slocum,         Infant  (male)  			d. _____________
Slocum,         Charles H.  				d. Oct. 21, 1912 ae 71y
Slocum,       	Sarah Louise (Cooper) w/o Charles	d. Nov. 16, 1931 ae 88y 6m 11d
Slocum,        	William D.  				d. 1864 ae 26y

Sloughter,     	Elwyn  S.  				d. Oct. 9, 1966 ae 83y
Sloughter,     	Lottie S.  				d. Feb. 24, 1909 ae 57y
Sloughter,     	Lura E.    w/o Seba Sloughter   	d. Feb. 29, 1964 ae 77y
Sloughter,     	Maude J.  				d. Oct. 7, 1973 ae 85y 4m 9d
Sloughter,     	Myron W. (Lot owner Seba & Lura) 	d. Nov. 20, 1908 ae 4m 4d  
Sloughter,     	Seba   					d. Sept. 6, 1972 ae 87y 7m 18d
Sloughter,     	Smith G.   				d. Apr. 6, 1941 ae 91y 7m 10d

Smith,          Albert Clinton   			d. Apr. 1, 1958 ae 63y 1m 14d
Smith,          Alice Y.  				d. Feb. 1, 1939 ae 52y 3m 10d
Smith,          Amly S.  				d. May 25, 1975 ae 88y
Smith,          Ann H. (Ellis) w/o John M. Smith  	b. May 19, 1822 d. Feb. 28, 1900
Smith,          Anna  					d. Mar. 15, 1934 ae 55y 9m 25d
Smith,          Carrie D. (Willsey) w/o Nolan M. Smith  d. June 13, 1892 ae 31y 1m 14d
Smith,          Carrie R., d/o John & Ann Smith  	b. Nov. 1853 d. Mar. 25, 1862  
Smith,          Charles   				d. Feb. 16, 1928 ae 90y 7m 9d
Smith,          Christine R.    Lot owner Wm. M. Smith	1832 - 1902
Smith,          Clara B. Lot owner Eugene S. Smith 	d. Feb. 18, 1940 ae 67y
Smith,          Earl Edmond   				d. Dec. 31, 1931 ae 7d
Smith,          Edgar A.   				d. Feb. 12, 1954 ae 68y 4m 4d
Smith,          Edward H.  				d. 1910 ae 83y
Smith,          Edward Herbert   			1857-1894
Smith,         	Eliza lot owner Chas Smith  		d. Dec. 27, 1919 ae 84y 6m 8d 
Smith,         	Elizabeth Warren, lot owner Fred D. Smith d. Nov. 4, 1934 ae 60y 
Smith,         	Ella Mae, w/o  A. Clifford Smith   	d. Dec. 8, 1987 ae 80y 
Smith,         	Ellwood Watson   			d. Aug. 9, 1964 ae 61y
Smith,         	Eugene S.  				d. Nov. 14, 1932 ae 64y
Smith,         	Floyd T.  				d. July 13, 1959 ae 62y 8m 15d
Smith,         	Frances B.  				d. Aug. 31, 1976 ae 75y
Smith,         	George Wallace   			d. Jan. 18, 1964 ae 56y
Smith,         	Harry   				d. Mar. 10, 1977 ae 73y
Smith,         	Helen A.   				d. Feb. 28, 1903 ae 65y
Smith,         	Horace I.   				b. Apr. 5, 1829 d. Sept. 21, 1894 
Smith,         	Howard W.  				d. Apr. 28, 1969 ae 75y
Smith,         	Ida  					d. Mar. 26, 1913 ae 30y
Smith,         	James A.  				d. June 13, 1892 ae 31y
Smith,         	Jennie F. 				d. Mar. 11, 1977 ae 87y 5m 16d
Smith,         	Jessie  Lot owner Wm. M. Smith 		1856-1918     
Smith,         	John E.  				d. Apr. 15, 1955 ae 71y 8m 5d
Smith,         	John James   				d. Dec. 14, 1931 ae 2 da
Smith,         	John M.  				b. Mar. 11, 1821; d. Mar. 15, 1895
Smith,         	Laura   				d. Mar. 19, 1973 ae 89y
Smith,         	Leon     				bur. July 18, 1918
Smith,         	Mabel (Entrikin)  			d. Feb. 17, 1969 ae 66y
Smith,         	Margery A.  				d. Apr. 26, 1943 ae 89y 4d
Smith,         	Mary E. (Gay) w/o Horace I. Smith  	b. Aug. 6, 1832; d. Feb. 3, 1915
Smith,         	Merton H.  				d. Mar. 13, 1932 ae 36y
Smith,         	Nester Freman, w/o Myrtle (Banfield)	d. Jan. 2, 1978 ae 74y 
Smith,         	Norman  				d. Dec. 28, 1960 ae 68y
Smith,         	Percy J.  				d. July 8, 1902 ae 74y
Smith,         	Phidelia (Ostrander)   			d. 1904 ae 80y
Smith,         	Ralph C.    				bur. Aug. 29, 1921 
Smith,         	Ralph C.  				d. Feb. 18, 1970 ae 77y
Smith,         	Robert M.  				d. Sept. 18, 1944 ae 24y 1m 28d
Smith,         	Ruby Green   				d. May 13, 1960 ae 82y 4m 7d
Smith,         	Ruth P.    				d. Jan. 11, 1979 ae 82y 9m 24d
Smith,         	Sydney A.  				d. Apr. 30, 1961 ae 82y
Smith,         	Ward Ervay   lot owner  D. F. Cook 	d. 1918 ae 11y
Smith,          William M.  				d. Oct. 15, 1910 ae 83y

Snyder,         Addie M.(Banfield), w/o Frank D. Snyder 1866-1940
Snyder,         Adelaide, buried w/Levi & Mary Snyder	Apr. 25, 1852-Oct. 1, 1876
Snyder,         Adelbert  				d. Oct. 16, 1904 ae 54y
Snyder,         Carrie  Lot owner M.E. Snyder 		d. June 22, 1935 ae 57y
Snyder,         Clarence A.  				1883-1960
Snyder,         Donald Richard,  			Oct 17, 1922-Aug. 7, 1923 
		(Lot owner Maurice E. Snyder)
Snyder,         Eleanor L.   				1884-1961
		(buried next to Clarence A. Snyder)
Snyder,         Eugene W.  				1837-1909
Snyder,         Frank D., s/o Jacob & Electa Sndyer 	1857-1950  
Snyder,         Hannah O.  				1840-1863
		(buried next to Eugene W. Snyder)
Snyder,         Hannah (Ostrander),   			d. Dec. 25, 1863 ae 23y 
		(Lot owner Wm. Ostrander) 
Snyder,         Hester (Preswick), w/o William H.	Jan. 1, 1857-Aug. 4, 1933
		(Lot owner Joseph Preswick) 
Snyder,         Levi        				Jan. 12, 1811-Jan. 22, 1892
Snyder,         M. Antonette  				1905-____
Snyder,         M. Evelyn, Lot owner Paul H. Snyder  	d. Nov. 3, 1986 ae 86y  
Snyder,         Margaret buried next to Virgil Snyder  	Oct. 28, 1876-Aug. 12, 1954
Snyder,         Mary A.  w/o Levi Snyder  		July 27, 1812-Jan. 28, 1837 or 1887
Snyder,         Maurice E.  				1899-1974
Snyder, 	Milton E.   				d. _______ ae 54y
Snyder,         Myrtie E., w/o Milton E. Snyder  	d. Sept. 12, 1948 ae 76y 7m 23d 
Snyder,         Infant, Lot owner Maurice E. Snyder  	d. Nov. 27, 1929  
Snyder,         Paul H.   				d. Apr. 19, 1977 ae 79y 4d
Snyder,         Reuben N.   				1901-____
Snyder,         Stella S.  				1901-____
Snyder,         Virgil   				b. Nov. 9, 1869; d. Jan. 4, 1950
Snyder,         William Harry   			d. Sept. 25, 1930 ae 59y 11m 19d  

Sniper,         Charles  G.  				d. Dec. 31, 1954 ae 71y 3m 23d

Sternberg, 	Emily A., d/o  H. & S. Sternberg	1826-1842
Sternberg, 	Moses,  s/o H. & S. Sternberg		d. Aug. 29, 1849 ae 1y 4d
Sternberg, 	Stephen, s/o H. & S. Sternberg		d. Feb. 25, 1841 ae 9y 5m 1d
Sternberg, 	Ophelia A., d/o Elias & Gitter (?)	d. Oct. 8, 1835 ae 5m 8d

Stevens,        Benjamin A.  				d. Sept. 25, 1936 ae 83y 20d
Stevens,        Carlton   				d. Aug. 26, 1966 ae 81y
Stevens,        Laura B.  				d. Feb. 25, 1962 ae 71y
Stevens,        Leroy  J.  				d. Apr. 1, 1953 ae 71y
Stevens,        James Edwin  				d. Feb. 24, 1892 ae 11y 9m
Stevens,        Nettie A. Lot owner Benj. Stevens 	d. July 4, 1929 ae 72y 9m 1d 
Stevens,        Pearl B. lot owner Leroy Stevens 	d. Jan. 16, 1937 ae 52y 10m 26d 
Stevens,        Wm.   					d. 1902

STURROCK,  	See - Kern, Rachel L.

Sweet, 		Durward T.  				d. Jan. 7, 1918 ae 29y

SZARSZEWSKI, 	Donald W.,  [married Joan Barnes]	Feb. 17, 1942-June 19, 1999  
		(s/o Chester & Helen (Skowronski) Szarszewski)

Thompkins, 	Arthur Newton s/o Bradley & Ann E. 	d. Jan. 27, 1947 ae 85 yr

Tichenor, 	Charles H., s/o Caleb & Clarissa 	d. Dec. 10, 1840 ae 3y 10m 10d
Tichenor,       Horace H., s/o Caleb & Clarissa 	1840-1888
Tichenor, 	Mary, w/o Isaac Tichenor		d. Aug. 2, 1844 ae 61y 7m 12d
Tichenor, 	Phebe					b. Nov. 15, 1801; d. Apr. 28, 1837
Tichenor,      	Caleb   				1796-1860
Tichenor,      	Clarissa (Cooper), w/o Caleb Tichenor  	1814-1898
                    (d/o Joseph & Ruth(Smith)Cooper)
Tichenor,       Ella A. (Pollay)  w/o Horace Tichenor   1853-1914

Thompson,    	Anna (Onan) Austin  			b. July 12, 1874; d. Apr. 8, 1946
Thompson, 	Anna May 				d. Apr. 8, 1946 ae 71y

Tottey,         Edna (Willsey) lot owner Alfred G. Tottey d. Dec. 20, 1963 ae 50y

Tucker,         Mary K.   				d. 1915 ae 70y
Tucker,         Rueben G.  				d. Nov. 10, 1906 ae 61y

Turk,           Barbara Neigh   			d. Nov. 28, 1977 ae 54y
Turk,           Maud Lena   				d. Sept. 29, 1909 ae 9m 21d
Turk,           Wm. H.  				d. Jan. 28, 1943 ae 55y 10m 14d

VanDerHave, 	Ruth Elizabeth  			d. Mar. 1, 1998 ae 92y

Vliet, 		Margery A.  				d. Apr. 18, 1963

Welch, 		Cora Emma (Senecal)  			b. Jan. 14, 1867; d. July 30, 1952
		(d/o Stephen & Margaret (Fitzsimmons) Senecal)

Westervelt,   	Anna Crozier   				d. Oct. 12, 1946 ae 78y 1m 27d
Westervelt,   	Delmont E.  				d. Nov. 6, 1957 ae 89y 5m 4d
Westervelt,   	Georgiana Root  			d. Mar. 4, 1968 ae 69y
Westervelt,   	Julia S.  				d. Sept. 3, 1983 ae 81y
Westervelt,   	Ralph Earl " Dr."   			d. Dec. 11, 1971 ae 40 
Westervelt,   	Winnie L.  				d. Sept. 11, 1925 ae 40y 4m 26d

Wigsten,        Murray, s/o Frank & Catherine (Walsh)   d. Jan. 3, 1987
Wigsten,        Edna C.(Cornelius)  			d. Oct. 14, 1977 ae 75y
                  (d/o Clarence & Ada (Durbon)Cornelius)

Wheeler, 	Ralph Hicks  				d. Mar. 20, 1962 ae 78y

Williams, 	Cornelia  				b. Oct. 4, 1867; d. Sept. 28, 1957

WILSON, 	Lillian (Nelson), w/o Thomas John 	b. June 16, 1918; d. May 4, 1999
             	(d/o Gustav & Anna (Barbanas) Nelson)

Whitlock,	Alonzo   				d. Apr. 22, 1913 ae 72y
Whitlock,  	Charinda, lot owner Alonzo Whitlock   	d. 1914 ae 79y 
Whitlock,      	Eveline, lot owner George M. Whitlock  	d. May 19, 1906 ae 56y  
Whitlock,      	George M.   				d. Dec. 1, 1925 ae 91y
Whitlock,      	Harriet N. (Morse), w/o George M. 	d. Oct. 29, 1902 ae 65y
	           (d/o Benjamin & Elizabeth (Pew) Morse)
Whitlock,      	Jesse, lot owner Alonzo Whitlock   	d. June 5, 1901 ae 89y  
Whitlock,      	Mary A., lot owner Alonzo Whitlock  	d. Sept.  16, 1897 ae 80y  
Whitlock,      	Willie, s/o George & Harriet Morse   	b. Sept. 2, 1868 d. Oct. 20, 1868

Willsey,       	Bertram I., s/o Clayton & Carrie(Walker)d. Jan. 11, 1974 ae 66y 
Willsey,       	Harriet L.(Pease)  w/o Lynn S. 		d. July 28, 1956 ae 83y
Willsey,       	Lillian A.(Quick) w/o Warren D.		1852-1929
Willsey,       	Lynn S., s/o Simon P. & Martha (Banfield) d. Mar. 12, 1972 ae 88y 10m 16d
Willsey,       	Martha J. (Banfield) w/o Simon P. 	d. Mar. 9, 1926 ae 83y
                    (d/o James W. & Mary (Pew) Banfield)
Willsey,       	Mary E., lot owner Nolan Smith   	d. May 5, 1941 ae 69y
Willsey,       	Simon Peter, s/o Simon P. & Jenette (Hall)d. July 25, 1914 ae 77y
Willsey,       	Verne Warren, s/o Simon & Martha J.	d. Mar.  14, 1966 ae 84y
Willsey,       	Veda (Perkins), w/o Verne Willsey  	d. Mar. 20, 1947 ae 63y 5m 21d
              	    (d/o Edward & Ella (Oliver) Perkins) 
Willsey,       	Warren D., s/o Simon P & Jenette 	d. Jan. 8, 1885 ae 45y 

Wolff, 		Adolph					d. Apr. 22, 1953

Wood, 	       	Mary I., w/o O.S. Wood		d. Mar. 10, 1842 ae 21y

Thank you Bonnie Lamkin for transcribing these records into digital format.
Thank you Janet Nash for updating these records.
Thank you Mary Connelly for updating these records.

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