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Green and Mettler Cemetery

Location: Bald Hill Road, West Danby.
Town of Danby, Tompkins County, NY.
Cemetery is inactive.

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This record is as complete as possible at this time.

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photograph of cemetery
(Photo by Janet Nash - May 12, 2005)
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Please use any Notes as a guide only!
Records are from Tompkins Co. Tombstone Inscriptions, by Dora Pope Worden (1920's)
Updated by those of Alan Chaffee.
See bottom of page for codes on Chaffee work.

Row/Headstone # Name/Relationship Birth/Death/Age Inscriptions/Notes


Row One
Father - Anson GREEN 1850 - 1916  
#2 Mother - Esther, his wife 1858 - 1914  
Row Two
William E. YOUNG 1876-1900  
Row Three
Uriah YOUNG Born Dec. 23, 1846 Died Feb. 7, 1892  
#5 Delia A. YOUNG Born Jan. 29, 1851 Died May 21, 1892  
#5 George S. YOUNG Born May 19, 1890 Died June 24, 1890  
#6 (E.S.)   No Other Information
Row Four
Martin D. MEADDAUGH Died April 5, 1865 Age 64 years  
#8 Sally A. SEARS Born June 25, 1821 Died June 22, 1872 (stos as #4 & #5)
Row Five
William H. GREEN Died Dec. 21, 1858 Age 33 years (Headstone cracked)
#10 Martin D. MIDDAUGH Died April 5, 1865 Aged 64 years  
#10 Permelia A. his wife Died Oct. 8, 1894 Aged 75 years & 6 months (P.A.M.)
#11 Jane L., wife of John B. GREEN
& daughter of Henry & Jane McFALL
who died April 25, 1865 age 42 years In memory of
(Headstone cracked)
#12-E- Willard MABEE Died Oct. 26, 1894 aged 33 years  
#12-N- Fannie J., his wife 1860-1917  
Row Six
Lany, wife of William GREEN died June 28, 1870 aged 82 years (Headstone cracked) (L.G.)
#14 William GREEN died April 1, 1857 aged 67 years (W.G.)
#15 Ethelinday, wife of Orin GUNN died Dec. 10, 1856 age 39 years  
#16 Orrin GUNN died Sep. 22, 1857 aged 41 years  
#17 Miles GEORGIA died July 8, 1877 age 62 years "One less to love on earth
One more to meet in Heaven"

(Headstone cracked)(M.G.)
#18 Miles GEORGIA 1814-1877  
#18 Eliza his wife 1821-1907 (E.G.)


Row Seven
Mary A. MESSENGER 1829-1898  
#20-E- John B. GREEN Born Nov. 20, 1826 Died Aug. 3, 1906  
#20-E- Cathern, his wife Born Dec. 22, 1836 Died May 13, 1924  
#20-S- Willie Died Mar. 11, 1882 Age 15 years Children of John B. & Cathern GREEN
"Gone but not forgotten"
#20-S- Cora E. Died Mar. 7, 1882 Age 6 years Children of John B. & Cathern GREEN
"Gone but not forgotten"
#21-E- John J. METTLER Born Sep. 23, 1827 Died Nov. 22, 1900 (Father)(Mother)(Mary)
#21-E- Dorothy, his wife Born July 24, 1830 Died May 13, 1913 (Father)(Mother)(Mary)
#21-S- Mary E. daughter of J.J. & D. METTLER June 30, 1876 - Sept. 9, 1908  
#22 George E. METTLER Died July 18, 1899 Aged 60 years 6 mo & 10 ds  
#22 Martha F., his wife Died Feb. 7, 1920 Aged 76 years & 21 days  
#23 Frank METTLER 1872-1932  
#23 Mittie, his wife 1886-1918  

Sears, Erastus, b. Dec. 10, 1821, d. Apr. 10, 1889
Sears, John J., d. Nov. 8, 1881 ae 26 yr 21d
Sears, Sally A., b. Jun. 25, 1821 d. Jun. 22, 1892

Alan Chaffee has kindly donated his Cemetery records to the Tompkins County, NYGenWeb site. We would like to take this time to thank him for his hard work and kindness to share his work with us. Alan is the Historian for the Town of Newfield, and has worked for years helping people find their relatives. Alan is truly an asset to Tompkins Co. researchers. Alan started his work of walking and recording headstone inscriptions in Tompkins Co., and a few other counties when he was about fifteen years old, he has continued this work for over thirty years.

Over these years he has help numerous people with their research. Many historians in the surrounding towns regard his work as excellent record keeping. We feel honored that Alan has agreed to share his records with us, and trust that his work will help you in your search for burials in Tompkins Co. Thank you Alan Chaffee for being a part of the Tompkins County, NYGenWeb team and trusting us with your most valuable records.

The number before the name is the number given for that burial, from the point of where Alan thought the entrance was of the cemetery starting with #1.

All cemetery writings have been transcribed to the best of the ability of the transcriber as appeared on the record.

hs headstone
stos same type of stone
( ) footstones or flag designation
fs as hs foot stone as headstone
fs footstone
fn foundation
AEt. aetatis = aged
obnb Over but not broken
[ ] Information from other source(s)
*** special note of importance
-_- stipulates a directional side of a tombstone

Thank you Lynne Hyland for transcribing the updated records into digital format.
Thank you Janet Nash for transcribing the original records into digital format.

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