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McLean Catholic Cemetery


Also known as St. Patrick's Cemetery and Roman Catholic Cemetery.
This cemetery is located on Gulf Hill Road, six tenths of a mile from the center of the village of McLean, Town of Groton, Tompkins County, NY.

According to The Centennial History of the Town of Dryden by Goodrich, the Roman Catholic Church was erected in 1851 at a cost of one thousand dollars, the site and that of the Catholic Cemetery near the Church was donated by Michael O'Byrne, his sister Catharine O'Byrne was the first burial.

Cemetery is semi-active.

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This record is as complete as possible at this time.

photograph of cemetery
(Photo by Cathy Knauff - taken Mar. 29th 2004)
(larger photo)

Please use Notes as a guide only!

Surname Given Name(s)/Relationship Date(s)/Age Notes
Carty Bridget 1828 - 1898 (Bridget Kane) May be wife of Luke Carty. 1880 living in Town of Dryden, Frank Corcoran age 64, b. Irelard, Laborer, Luke Carty age 42, b. Ireland, Farmer,  Bridget age 50, b. Ireland, Housekeeper.
Carty Susan 1873 - 1883  
Carty Joanna, daughter of Thomas Carty d. July 10, 18?? age 5? weeks Not found in 2004
Carty John d. May 4th, 1890 age 80 b. Roscommon Co., Ireland
Carty Mary G., his wife d. Aug. 18, 1870 age 65 b. Roscommon Co., Ireland
Casey William flag d. Dec. 25, 1877 age 70 Co. F. 109 Regt. NYSV
Corcoran Katie d. March 5, 1892 age ?  
Crain Elizabeth 1867-1938 (Elizabeth was the daughter of William O'Brien and Ann O'Byrne) See Letitia O'Brien, buried next to each other
Emmons William G. flag Sept. 17, 1920 - June 6, 1992 Son of Ralph & Ellen Emmons.  SG 7 US Army Air Corps World War II
Emmons Ralph L. Mar. 15, 1890 - Nov. 16, 1980 He was the United States Attorney for the Northern District of New York in the 1930's, appointed by FDR.  Son of Milton Emmons and Laura Stanton.  His grandfather was Lewis Emmons.  In 1900 he is found at home with his parents at Spafford, Onondaga Co., NY, District 82.
Emmons Ellen O. Nov. 13, 1889 - May 23, 1971 Ellen O'Brien Emmons, wife of Ralph L. Emmons and daughter of William O'Brien and Ann O'Byrne.  Known children for Ralph & Ellen were: R. Lewis, Mary, William, Charles, Anne, Paul, Frederic and Franklin (twins), Laura, unknown. (they had 10 children)
Emmons Laura died at 18 months in about 1931 Laura was buried next to her great grandparents Michael & Margaret O'Byrne, but has no marker. She was the daughter of Ralph & Ellen Emmons.
Emmons Joseph Frankin "Frank" b. March 24, 1929 d. Sept. 19, 2006 Son of Ralph & Ellen Emmons. He was a twin with Fred Emmons
Emmons Ralph Lewis Jr. "Lewy" b. Feb. 14, 1917 d. June 11, 2007 Son of Ralph & Ellen Emmons. His Obit.: "Lewy was an attorney by profession and a perpetual student. He worked with his father, Atty. Ralph Emmons, Sr. for many years in Binghamton. Some will remember him walking with a severe limp due to injuries sustained in the Battle of the Bulge in WWII, but not many know that he received the first artificial hip implant. He served in the Army Air Corps with the 517th Parachute Infantry Regiment and was a military intelligence staff officer, retiring on disability with the rank of Captain. He was awarded the Purple Heart Medal with oak leaf cluster, the Bronze Star Medal, and Combat Infantry Badge. Also awarded European-African-Middle Eastern Ribbon with 4 stars for campaigns in So. France, Rome-Arno, Ardennes, and Central Europe, one arrowhead for invasion of So. France, the American Defense Ribbon, American Theater Ribbon, and WWII Victory Ribbon. Lewy showed us that intense suffering can be borne; bravery comes in many forms; nothing is too difficult to learn; and humor is necessary always. He was devoted to God, his family, and his Catholic faith."
Fanning B.  no dates Mother
[Bridget Walpole, wife of Patrick Fanning]
Fanning P.  no dates Father
[Patrick Fanning, a member of Co. K, 137th NY Volunteer Infantry in the Civil War; he was an Irish immigrant, possibly naturalized in in 1859; enlisted in the Civil War 14 Aug 1862 at Groton; discharged 9 June 1865.]
Gibbons Austin d. Dec. 29, 1850 or 1860, ae 27y Native of Lewisborrough, Ireland.
Gibbons Michael 1826 - 1875  
Gibbons Mary J., his wife 1833 - 1899 wife of Michael Gibbons; she is found living in Truxton, Cortland Co., in 1880, Mary born Ire., age 49, Farming; John, son age 28, Catherine, dau., age 25, Mary, dau., age 22, Austin, son age 16, Ella, dau., age 13, Jeffry, son age 9, Anna, dau., age 5.
Gibbons Austin 1865-1932 1930 he is living with his sister Ella Miller, she is 62, and Austin Gibbons is 65
Greenan John 1862-1879  
Greenan Thomas 1864-1866  
Hawkins Charles 1862-1939 "In Memory of"
Hawkins Rev. George H. 1867-1949 "May his soul rest in peace"
Hawkins Catherine A. Burke 1865-1940  
Hunt Patrick d. Jan. 8, 1889 age 72  
Kane Patrick b. March 14, 1807; d. Dec. 12, 1896 "Father"In 1880 he is living in Groton; Pat Kane 73, Catherine 65, Kate 23, Thomas 18.
Kane Catharine Nolon d. Nov. 6, 1880 age 61y "Mother"
Kane Charles flag d. Jan. 24, 1872 age 22 Son of Patrick & Catherine Kane (Civil War Vet) Intestate Estates of Tompkins Co. NY 1850-1875 - Groton, NY, Died; Jan. 24, 1872 - Probate July 25, 1873. He was a U. S. Pensioner. Father, Patrick KANE
Kane Maria d. Sept. 24, 1903 age 60 yrs. Dau. of Patrick & Catherine Kane
Keefe Mathew d. May 18, 1875 age 11 yrs. From the records of Mary Ann Kane, death year may be 1876.
Keefe Cornellous D. or O. d.Jan. 9, 1866 age 34 yrs.  
Keenan Maggie d. April 6, 1883 age 9 yrs.  
Keenan Owen d. Feb. 17, 1875 age 39 yrs.  
Keenan Patrick d. Sept. 26, 1901 age 68 yrs.  
Keenan Hanora, wife of Patrick Keenan d. Jan. 5, 1921 age 87 yrs.  
Keenan Mother 1833-1921 Believe this is a marker for Hanora
Keenan M. C. 1870-1922 Near this footstone is Anna Monigan 1929
Keenan Michael d. Feb. 27, 1882 age 82 yrs. not found in 2004
Keenan John H., son of John & Hanorah Keenan d. Aug. 19, 1861 age 4 yrs. not found in 2004
Kelly Martin d. Apri. 27, 1871 on monument of James & Elizabeth Manion
Kelly Ann, his wife d. May 27, 1877 wife of Martin Kelly
Kennedy Ellen 1877-1957  
Kennedy Mary A. 1873-1958  
Kennedy Thomas 1845-1911 d. Aug. 8, 1911
Kennedy Anna W., his wife 1846-1918 wife of Thomas Kennedy, died Jan. 15, 1918
Kennedy Rosa 1886-1890  
Kennedy Edward 1824-1885  
Kennedy Ellen, his wife 1826-1888 wife of Edward Kennedy
Killman Amy C. d. June 21, 1935 wife of John Killman
Killman Bridget d. Aug. 11, 1922 wife of Patrick Killman
Madden Ellen, wife of Patrick Madden d. Mar. 3, 1865 age 45 yrs. In the records of Mary Ann Kane, she recorded Anna, wife of Patrick Madden, died Mar. 3, 1865 age 45 yrs. It was read as Ellen in 2004.
Madden Patrick d. July 25, 1876 age 76 yrs.  
Madden Ann M., his wife d. Jan. 28, 1884 age 49 yrs. wife of Patrick Madden
Madden John J. d. Nov. 17, 1891 age 25 yrs.  
Madden Wm d. Oct. 19,1905 age 37 yrs. Records of Mary Ann Kane, she wrote he died Oct. 19, 1903 age 32 yrs.
Manion James flag d. Feb. 20, 1884 age 45 yrs. Next to this monument is another headstone for him: James Manyon died Feb. 20, 1884 aged 45 yrs. 1 mo 11 or 14 dys.
McCarthy Patrick 1846 - 1888  
McCarthy John 1854-1928  
McCarthy Rose, his wife 1860-1940 Daughter of Michael & Margaret O'Byrne
McCarthy Mary E., dau 1880-1884  
McCarthy Margaret dau 1887-1888  
McCarthy William J., son 1893 - 1917  
McDermott James 1836 - 1910  
McDermott Bridget, his wife 1837 - 1909  
McDermott Patrick d. July 19, 1920 age 92  
McDermott Mary McGuire, his wife d. May 4, 1921 age 83 yrs., 9 mo.  
McDermott Kittie d. Jan. 16, 1886 age 21 yrs.  
McDermott Michael d. March 3, 1866 age 18  
McGuire John 1887 - 1888  
McGuire Mary Ann 1854-1926  
McGuire Catharine d. April 11, 1889 age 79  
McGuire John 1848-1907  
McGuire Kate 1884-1897  
McMahon Marie 1890-1957 buried next to Charles & Margaret C. O'Byrne, Marie was the daughter of Charles O'Byrne, and wife of Robert McMahon (Note: She is buried near the front gate, where she wanted to be buried, so she could be the "first one out on Resurrection Day!")
McMahon Robert 1886-1977  
Monaghan Philipp 1850 - 1881  
Monaghan Mary 1872-1894  
Monaghan James O' Hearn 1868-1947 Suname O'Hearn ?
Monigan Anna 1929 no other date - near M. C. Keenan
Mullen John d. Aug. 20, 1883 age 43 yrs. Native of Ireland
Mullen Bridget Colwell, his wife d. Aug. 31, 1898 age 60 1880 Dryden, John Mullen age 32. Brigget age 40, with Michael age 6.
M. L. M. no dates Footmarker only
Murray Thomas d. April 12, 1876 age 46  
Neary Mary Theresa b. Jan. 19, 1849 d. Oct. 30, 1923 with Ellen O'Byrne Risley
Neary John, son of John & Mary Neary d. Aug. 22, 1869 age 1 yr., 6 mos buried next to Michael & Margaret O'Byrne
Risley Ellen O'Byrne Risley b. Oct. 3, 1853 d. Feb. 23, 1924 with Mary Theresa Neary (both daughters of Michael & Margaret O'Byrne)
O'Brien William M.  b. Dec.. 19, 1845 d. June 8, 1922  
O'Brien Ann, his wife b. Aug. 16, 1850 d. Dec. 5, 1935 Ann O'BYRNE, his wife and daugther of Michael & Margaret O'Byrne
O'Brien Mother no date  
O'Brien Father no date  
O'Brien Letitia 1871-1936 wife of William O'Brien, buried next to Elizabeth Crain who I believe is her sister in law.
O'Byrne Catharine d. June 22, 1843 age 26 yrs. Native of Ireland. (First Burial, burial land donated by her brother Michael O'Byrne) She had been listed as Catharine O. Bryne in earlier records.
O'Byrne Michael b. April 19, 1807 d. Mar. 30, 1886 donated land for where cemetery is.
O'Byrne Margaret, his wife b. June 4, 1826 d. Aug. 15, 1901 Wife of Michael O'Byrne. Their children that are buried in this cemetery were: Mary Theresa (Neary); Ann (O'Brien -- wife of William); Patrick; Charles; Ellen (Risley); Rose, wife of John McCarthy
O'Byrne Mathew b. Mar. 4, 1805 d. Nov. 23, 1890  
O'Byrne Patrick T. 1852-1928 son of Michael & Margaret O'Byrne 
O'Byrne Elizabeth, dau. of Michael & Margaret O'Byrne d. Sept. 28, 1860 age 14 yrs., 1 mo., 14 dys.  
O'Byrne Charles 1863-1935 son of Michael & Margaret O'Byrne.  Marie & Robert McMahon are buried next to him
O'Byrne Margaret C. 1863-1934  
O'Conner Mary, wife of John O'Connor d. Jan. 9, 1851, age 45y O'Conner on Monument, O'Connor with wife of John
O'Conner John no dates  
O'Connor Margaret d. Aug. 18, 1888 age 81 yrs.  
O'Connor Michael d. Mar. 10, 1874 age 67 yrs.  
O'Connor Ellen Conlon, his wife d. July 7, 1864 age 56 yrs.  
O'Connor E. M. no dates footmarker only
O'Donoghue Patrick Executed Sept. 2, 1853 age 61 Executed for murder in Cortlandville Village, buried in O'Byrne lot; grave marked with slate, no inscription. (he murderd Mrs. Daniel Kinney and her young daughter Amanda. He was b. in Munster Proince, Ireland, he was abt. 61 yrs old at the time of his death) He emigrated to the US in 1825 and he became a citizen in 1838. His wife was Geneva Brooks. They had ten children.
O'Hearn See, Monaghan, James 1868-1947  
Sheridan Andrew O. d. May 15, 1886 age 20  
Stoddard Mary F., dau. of Frank & Sara McDermott Stoddard 1911 the only date listed on marker is 1911
Tierney Patrick d. Dec. 29, 1859, ae 29y A Native of Lewisborrough, Ireland
Tierney Bridget d. Sep. 11, 1862, ae 67y A Native of Lewisborrough, Ireland
Walls John d. May 5, 1881 age 65 yrs  
Walls Lizzie, daughter of John & Ann Walls d. Nov. 6, 1874 age 13 or 18 yrs.  
Walls Eliza Graham d. Oct. 8, 1872 age 35 yrs  
Walpole Mathew d. Sept. 16, 1875 age 48 yrs  
Walpole Farrell, son of Mathew & Bridget Walpole d. Aug. 30, 1860 age 16  
Walpole James 1804-1878  
Walpole Anna Mc Cartin, his wife 1827- 1895  
Walpole Bridget, daughter 1858-1862  
Walpole Martin no dates  
Unknown Henry no dates Name only, near burial of John Walls - from the records of Mary Ann Kane, this is Henry Kennedy.
Unknown Austin no dates name only, near front of cemetery on right.
Unknown ? ? Slate marker with no inscription, located in front of the cemetery on the right.

Thank you Madeline Carey for sharing the records of Mary Ann Kane with the Tompkins Co., NYGen Web Site.
When Mary Ann Kane's records were used, they are added under notes.
Thank you Sharon (Emmons) O'Connor for corrections and updates to the family of Michael & Margaret O'Byrne families.
Thank you Frances S. Drisko for sharing information about the Fannings.
These records were gathered from the headstone inscriptions on March 29th 2004 by Janet M. Nash & Cathy Knauff.
The cemetery is located in Town of Dryden, Tompkins Co., NY. It is just over the Town line between Dryden and Groton townships. Town of Groton is in charge of this Cemetery. I believe that St. Anthony's Catholic Church in Groton holds the records.

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