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Denton Burying Ground

Also known as: Van de Bogart Cemetery.

Location: On Van de Bogart Road.
Denton Burying Ground & Denton Cemetery on the George Van de Bogert Farm are the same cemetery.
Town of Danby, Tompkins County, NY.
Cemetery is inactive.

This record is as complete as possible at this time.

photograph of cemetery
(Photo by Janet Nash)
(larger photo)

Please use any Notes as a guide only!
Records are from Tompkins Co. Tombstone Inscriptions, by Dora Pope Worden (1920's)
Updated by those of Alan Chaffee.
See bottom of page for codes on Chaffee work.

Row/Headstone # Name/Relationship Birth/Death/Age Inscriptions/Notes
Row One
Eliza E., Daughter of Louis & Loviney FORTNER Died July 30, 1816, Æ. 1 Year 5 Mo 7 Da (E.F.)(L.F.) ***** in ground
#1 __wis B., Son Of Louis & Loviney FORTNER Died May 28, 1832 Æ. 9 Mo 11 Da (E.F.)(L.F.) ***** in ground
Row Two
Daniel B. TURK Died Feb. 21, 1860 ag'd 20 Y'rs 7m & 22 d's "Behold And See As You Pass By,
As You Are Now So Once Was I,
As I Am Now Soon You Must Be,
Prepare To Die And Follow Me."
#3 Nancy M., wife of Daniel B. TURK Died Nov. 8, 1855 Æ. 23 Y'rs 3 Mo 28 Da "Gone But Not Forgotten."
#4 Hannah C., wife of John VANDEBOGERT Died June 1, 1841 aged 29 years 9 months 15 days "She's Planted In The Realms Of Rest,
Beneath A Stormless Sky;
Amid The Gardens Of The Blest,
Where Roses Never Die."

Row Three
Jemima, wife of William BABB Died Sept. 17, 1851 Æ. 93 Y's 4 M's 23 D "With Jesus Now I Am At Rest,
No Sorrow Do I Know;
In Heaven I Am Forever Blest,
Why Wish Me Here Below."
#6 *_ealthy R., daughter of Benjamin & Nancy D. ELLIOTT Died May 16, 1842 aged 16 years 3 mo's 8 days "When This You See Remember Me,
As I Am Now Soon You Must Be,
Prepare For Vast Eternity."

(* _.R.E.) *could be either H or W
#7 Elizabeth, wife of Stephen WILLIAMS Died Nov. 15, 1826 Æ. 46 Y (E.W.)
Row Four
Abigail, wife of Dea. Ephraim SMITH Died Jan. 21, 1848 In The 81 Year Of Her Age.  
#9 In Memory Of Dea. Ephraim SMITH Who Died Sept. 18, 1838 Aged 68 Years 10 Mo 16 Da "No Doubt His Soul To God Has Gone,
In Perfect Peace And Love
To Be With Christ For Evermore,
In Heavenly Courts Above."

#10 J.B. No Date ***** old slate fs or hs possibly
***** loose
#11 ***** missing
  *****slate fs
"Tompkins County Tombstone Inscriptions" indicate as a possible: Eldridge, Abigail, w/o Andreas Eldridge d. Oct. 18, 1823 ae 36y 1m 4d
Row Five
Sarah R., daughter of Nathan & Mary BENJAMIN Died Nov. 10, 1848, Æ. 4 Y'rs 2 Mo 25 Da "Sweet Little Flower For Earth Too Fair,
Has Gone To Heaven To Blossom There."

#13 Mercy, wife of David SMITH Died Aug. 29, 1849 Aged 78 Y's 4 M 15 Ds "Stop Reader As You Pass By,
As You Are Now So Once Was I;
As I Am Now Soon You Will Be,
Prepare For Death And Follow Me."

***** "4 M" Was Carved In Later
#14 David SMITH Died Oct. 12, 1854 Aged 82 Y'rs 11 Mo 19 D "Here I Lie Low In The Ground,
Until The Last Loud Trump Shall Sound."
Row Six
Patience Ann, dau. of Charles & Minerva BUSH Died Nov. 16, 1832 Æ. 1 Y  
#16 Abigail, daughter of E. M. & Mary A. AXFORD Died Aug. 15, 1839 Aged 9 Months 21 Days  
#17 Caroline H., Wife Of George JACKSON Died July 29, 1847 Æ. 32 Y'rs 10 Mo 3 Da (C.H.J.)
#18 John DENTON Born Nov. 27, 1772; Died Apr. 2, 1848 (J.D.)
#19 George F., Son Of George & Lavina DENTON Jan. 6, 1838, Æ. 6 Y'rs 3 Mo (G.D.)

From "Tompkins County Tombstone Inscriptions" indicates:

Axford, Harriet, d/o Montgomery & Mary Axford d. Mar. 23, 1853 ae 21y 8m 5d
Jackson, John D. s/o George & Caroline Jackson d. June 3, 1848 ae 8m 6d

The following soldiers of the Revolution are said to be buried in the Denton Burying Ground, but there are no markers to indicate it.

Hollister, Captain Thomas, no dates
Landon, ________, no dates
Mount, Matthias, no dates
Pumpelly, William, no dates
Smith, David, no dates

Alan Chaffee has kindly donated his Cemetery records to the Tompkins County, NYGenWeb site. We would like to take this time to thank him for his hard work and kindness to share his work with us. Alan is the Historian for the Town of Newfield, and has worked for years helping people find their relatives. Alan is truly an asset to Tompkins Co. researchers. Alan started his work of walking and recording headstone inscriptions in Tompkins Co., and a few other counties when he was about fifteen years old, he has continued this work for over thirty years.

Over these years he has help numerous people with their research. Many historians in the surrounding towns regard his work as excellent record keeping. We feel honored that Alan has agreed to share his records with us, and trust that his work will help you in your search for burials in Tompkins Co. Thank you Alan Chaffee for being a part of the Tompkins County, NYGenWeb team and trusting us with your most valuable records.

The number before the name is the number given for that burial, from the point of where Alan thought the entrance was of the cemetery starting with #1.

All cemetery writings have been transcribed to the best of the ability of the transcriber as appeared on the record.

hs headstone
stos same type of stone
( ) footstones or flag designation
fs as hs foot stone as headstone
fs footstone
fn foundation
AEt. aetatis = aged
obnb Over but not broken
[ ] Information from other source(s)
*** special note of importance
-_- stipulates a directional side of a tombstone

Thank you Terri Camp for transcribing the updates.
Thank you Janet Nash for transcribing the original records into digital format.

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