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Ludlowville Pine Grove Cemetery
(Old Section)

Also known as Pine Grove Cemetery

Ludlowville Pine Grove Cemetery has both "old" and "new" sections. The cemetery borders on Ludlowville Road and Rt. 34-B.
The old section (this record) is located in the hamlet of Ludlowville on Ludlowville Road (west hill).
Driving west on Ludlowville Road, the cemetery is on the left-hand side of the road. The entrance to the Annex (New Section) is located on Rt. 34-B (Ridge Road).
Town of Lansing, Tompkins County, NY.

This Old Section has only occasional burials, but is still active.

This record contains the burials in the Old Section only. When known, the lot owner and/or purchase date has been noted, as well as the block and lot (or section). The burials have been recorded in the order that the cemetery was walked, beginning in the north-west corner at the top of the cemetery. The first known burial was in 1804. Early burial records were destroyed by fire in the late 1800's.

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Map (Tax Map, off-site from Tompkins Co. Gov)

This record is as complete as possible at this time by recording headstone inscriptions and comparing those records to the burial records of the Ludlowville Pine Grove Cemetery Association.

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1907 Photo of Cemetery
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Please use Notes as a guide only!

Block/Lot/Section Given Name & Surname Date(s)/Age at Death Epitaphs/Inscriptions/Notes
A, Lot 5Riggs, Mrs. Marietta - purchased Mar. 2, 1903 (Riggs-Neyhart Lot)  
 Seymour Riggs1856 - Jan 1918 
 Maryette [Marietta] Neyhart Riggs1852 - July 1938Died in Lansing, Michigan
 Elizabeth Neyhart1817-1901 
 Small stone: Mother  
A, Lot 4Emmons, J. Ed - purchased February 26, 1903  
 Simon V. Emmons1819-1903 
 Susan, his wife1822-1907 
 Henry S., their son1847-1888 
 Small stones: Mother Father  
A, Lot 3Mack, Jay B. - purchased April 5, 1904; transferred one-half interest to Ernest Mack on Nov. 6, 1944  
 No headstones on lot  
 Lena Mack1904? Unsure if she is actually buried here
A, Lot 2Miller, Clinton E. - purchased April 9, 1897  
 Alpheus Miller1818-1896 
 Polly Luther, his wife1830-1917 
 Estelle J. Miller1852-1855 
 Clinton E. Miller1856-1931Burial Book: grave dug April 20, 1931
 Alvaretta Robison, his wife1858-1930Burial Book: grave dug April 27, 1930
 Small stones: Mother Father Clinton Alvaretta  
A, Lot 1Clark, James - purchased April 12, 1913  
 James Clark1865-1956 
 Alice Wilson, his wife1872-1916 
 Beatrice, daughter1895-1898 
B, Lot 1Bower, Charles F. - purchased September 19, 1893  
 Warren A.1871-1892 
 Charles F.1834-1913 
 Sarah Brown1831-1921 
B, Lot 2Bower, Helen M. (Bower-Bishop Lot), purchased July 18, 1893  
 Harrison Bowerd. May 3, 1892, ae 52y 
 Helen M. Bishop1850-1935Burial Book: grave dug July 19, 1935
 Emeline Bishop, mother of Helen1828-1906 
 Small Stones: Mother Father  
B, Lot 3Beebe, John C. - purchased March 30, 1909  
 John C. Beebe1839-1917 
 Elvira D. Benson Beebe1841 - Mar. 25, 1932 
B, Lot 4Haring, Delos C. - purchased June 25, 1895  
 Delos C. Haring veteran's flagMay 14, 1842 - Jul. 20, 1904Civil War. Co. A 3rd Regt. Arty. N.Y.
 Addie P. Benson, his wifeMar. 4, 1838 - Apr. 18, 1892 
 William D. Haring1878-1962 
 Susan M. Howell, his wife1881-1968 
C, Lot 1, N 1/2Stearns, James - purchased August 7, 1917  
 James H. Stearns1851-1921 
 Adelle D. Stearns1853-1936 
C, Lot 1, S 1/2Burger - Von Berger - Beckwith; purchased by Arvilla Beckwith March 15, 1917  
 Herbert N. Burger veteran's flag1859-1916Spanish American War;
Co. H, 11th Inf., 12 yrs. standing
Army in western forts
 Nellie B. (Bickal), his wife1878- 
 Charles F. Von Burger veteran's flagSep. 18, 1894 - Jul. 7, 1966New York Y2, U.S. Navy, World War I
 Arvilla Beckwith (separate stone)1843-1919 
C, Lot 2Howell, Charles D. - purchased April 30, 1894  
 Charles D. Howell1852-1917 
 Carrie Belle, his wife1860-1894 
 Harriet Cameron, his wife1856-1932 
 Anne Howell Ludlow Atwater1889-1960 
 Josephine L. Howell, daughter of Anne1887-1968 
 Helen Ludlow, daughter of Anne1969cremation; ashes buried on her mother's grave
C, Lot 3Van Patten, Samuel R. - purchased N � Dec. 8, 1894; S � May 28, 1900  
 Orlando S. Van PattenOct. 16, 1849 - 
 Ella L. Baker, his wifeAug. 19, 1853-Jan. 4, 1922 
C, Lot 4Barnes, Stephen I. Lot  
 Stephen I. BarnesDec. 20, 1833 -From "Landmarks of Tompkins County,
New York", 1894 (p. 145): Stephen I.
Barnes, b. Dec. 20, 1833, s/o Jeremiah
and Eleanor (Swartwood) Barnes in Erin,
Chemung County. Married Eunice M. Taylor,
d/o Ashley & Phoebe Taylor of llinois.
Four children: John born in Mar. 1870;
Fred m. Elizabeth Rumsey of Chemung
Co.; Fred born in Feb. 1861; Floyd born in
June 1864. Ruth d. in infancy. John
m. Lora Ferriss of Cayuga Co. Stephen I.
is one of eight children: Jacob, Rubin,
John, James R., Charles (died in the Army),
Elizabeth, Catharine & Ruth (twins).
Catharine m. Francis Smith of Lansing.
Eunice M. Barnes died Sep. 4, 1890.
 Eunice M. Taylor, his wife1834-1890 
 Ruth Barnes1868-1869 
D, Lot 1Morey, Hattie M. - purchased Jan. 2, 1896  
 No headstone; two small footers: L. M. and M. S.  
D, Lot 2Cannavan, David B. -  
 David B. Cannavan veteran's flagApr. 10, 1840 - Oct. 8, 1919Civil War
 Rhoda A. Collins, his wifeMar. 7, 1834 - Apr. 25, 1897 
 Cora M.Aug. 29, 1867 - Oct. 2, 1899 
D, Lot 3Page, Priscilla J. - purchased November 29, 1905  
 John W. Page1847-1906 
 Priscilla J., his wife1838-1923Burial Book: Buried September 14, 1923
D, Lot 4Van Schaick, Mary E. - purchased March 14, 1906  
 William O. Van Schaick1857-1906 
A, Lot 9Townley, Mrs. Josephine B. - purchased November 1, 1907  
 Wellmor M. Townley1849-1907 
 Josephine Brown, his wife1849-1913Year is a 3 made over a 4
 L. Garfield1881-1946 
 Bessie Doolittle, his wife1882-1977 
A, Lot 8Swayze, Charles B. - purchased June 1, 1903  
 Charles B. Swayze1849-1937 
 Melva Dora Fenner, his wife1856- 
 Small stone: Elva LaBar, wife of Glen F. Swayze  
A, Lot 7Howell, Mrs. Ella F. - purchased March 9, 1898  
 Milo L. Howell veteran's flagMar. 1, 1846 - Jan. 19, 1899Civil War - enlisted in U.S. Navy
1863; sailed aboard the Flagship
Lancaster & the North Carolina
 Ella Frances Bower, his wifeOct. 16, 1847 - Jan. 19, 1938 
 Jay J. BowerOct. 28, 1853 - Mar. 26, 1897 
 Anna Louise Mallory, his wifeApr. 4, 1860 - Jul. 24, 1918 
 Clara Bower Howell RedlineJan. 23, 1896 - Sep. 9, 1974 
B, Lots 5 and 6Townley, Manley & Jay - purchased March 20, 1884  
 Manley T. Townley1815 - Jun. 1, 1886, ae 71y, 11m 
 Elizabeth, his wife1826 - Dec. 26, 1896, ae 70y 
 George Townley1861-1927Burial Book: Grave dug Nov. 10, 1927
 Jay Townley1850-1931, ae 81yBurial Book: Grave dug March 11, 1931
 Minnie Wager Townley1870-1936 
 Hattie F., daughter of M. & J. Townleyd. Sep. 13, 1883, ae 11m, 16d 
 Grover (?)  
B, Lot 7Drake  
 Small stone between Drake and Townley  
 Nellie F. Drake1871-1951 
 Walter W. Drake1877-1912 
B, Lot 7Sperry, Marshall E. - purchased April 17, 1883  
 Marshall E. Sperry1847-1919 
 Claudied. Apr. 16, 1882, ae 8y, 8mOur Claudie we miss him
 An infant son of M.E. & Libbie Barr Sperryd. Sep. 25, 1869 
B, Lot 8Mitchell, J. J. - purchased January 10, 1874  
 John R. Mitchell1802-1878Walking in all the law blameless
 Nancy Atwater, his wife1811-1873 
 Frank A., son of J. R. & Nancy Mitchelld. Aug. 27, 1856, ae 7m 
C, Lot 5Godley - purchased November 1, 1875  
 William G. Godley veteran's flag (no marker) Civil War.
Ludlowville Post Master 1871-1882
 C. Peter Godley veteran's flag (no marker) Civil War
C, Lot 6Morey, Eliza & Sam - purchased March 23, 1882  
 Bennie, son of S. & M. B.? Moreyd. Oct. 5, 1881, ae 6y, 9m, 14d 
 Myron Morey1872-1934Burial Record: Grave dug on July 18, 1934
 Small stone: Mother Father  
C, Lot 7Mack & Cratsley - purchased May 21, 1877  
 George R. Cratsley1870-1940 
 Maud Mack Cratsley1877-1969 
 William B. Mackd. Dec. 15, 1845, ae 35y 
 Theresa, his wifed. Jan. 17, 1879, ae 62y 
C, Lot 8Mathews, Charles H. - purchased January 29, 1887  
 Mary E. Alger, wife of Charles H. MathewsDec. 26, 1864 - May 8, 1886Farewell
C, Lot 8Howell  
 Mary, wife of Sylvanus Howelld. Dec. 7, 1849 in the 89th yr. of her ageRemoved from Walker Family Cemetery,
across from 866 Ridge Road (Rt. 34-B)
C, Lot 8, S 1/2Walker-Powers, Lemuel, purchased November 1, 1873  
 Orpha, w/o Edward Walker, also of Cyrus Powersd. Sep. 16, 1850, ae 63y, 4m, 15dRemoved from Walker Family Cemetery,
across from 866 Ridge Road (Rt. 34-B)
C, Lot 8Lockerby, Guy - purchased April 30, 1892  
 Guy J. Lockerby (buried in Ithaca)  
 Ettie E., his wife1859-1892Ettie is Edith Hagin, d/o Barney Hagin
 Walter G. Lockerby1884-1892 
D, Lot 16Bailey, John H., purchased July 24, 1889  
 John H. Bailey1832-1909 
 Emily Blessing, his wife1831-1869 
 Catherine B. Guest, his wife1836-1927Burial Book: Grave dug July 13, 1927
 Fred J. Bailey1872-1964 
 Louise Eberhardt, his wife1869-1941 
D, Lot 17Wood, C. A., transferred from Geo. Hyde, Mar. 14, 1914  
 Emma E. 1870-1937 
 Clark Adrian1871-1957 
D, Lot 18LaBar, Henry B., purchased February 8, 1888  
 Henry B. LaBarOct. 26, 1819 - Mar. 4, 1895 
 Rebecca, his wifeMar. 11, 1821 - Feb. 4, 1888 
D, Lot 19 and 20Kranz, Joseph, purchased October 1, 1897  
 F. Joseph Kranzd. Jan. 12, 1896, ae. 19 yrs.Gone But Not Forgotten
 F. Joseph KranzMar. 18, 1848 - Apr. 18, 1922 
 Henrietta A. Beach, his wifeJul. 26, 1854 - Oct. 21, 1926Burial Book: Grave dug Oct. 24, 1926
 Infant daughter of Thomas & Mary McGill1908 
 Small stones: Mother Father Joseph  
D, Lot 21 and 22Morey, Mrs. Jessie, purchased February 17, 1900  
 Eugene B. Morey1858-1899 
A, Lot 13Mack, Edwina C., purchased September 16, 1911  
 George H. Mack1840-1933Burial Book: Grave dug May 1, 1933;
from Ovid, NY
 Edwina C. Corthell, his wife1848-1925Burial Book: Grave dug October 14, 1925;
from Ovid, NY
 J. B., their son1869-1910 
 Elizabeth S. Underwood, his wife1873-1930Burial Record: Grave dug Sep. 4, 1930
A, Lot 12Hockman, Archer, purchased April 27, 1905  
 Archer Hockman1848-1936 
 Eliza A. Miller, his wife1847-1905Inscribed: erected by Mary & Will
A, Lot 11Drake  
 John L. Drake1817-1902 
 Lydia M., his wife1830-1904 
A, Lot 10Pierson  
 Theophilus H. Pierson veteran's flag1838-1900Civil War
m. Dec. 1869
d. 1898 despite what tombstone says
From "Census records of the
Pierson Family of Newfield"
 Theodosia Rosebrook, his wife1851-1925Burial Record: Dug grave Dec. 31, 1925;
transit permit from State of Ohio
B, Lot 9Drake, Orlis B., purchased September 16, 1896 Lot deeded back to the cemetery assoc.
in 1944.
 Henry L. DrakeAug. 30, 1838 - Nov. 7, 1893 
B, Lot 10Ryan, George A. - purchased October 28, 1908  
 George A. Ryan veteran's flag1842-1921Civil War.
Corp., Co. G, 15th N.Y. Cav.
 Mary F. Shoemaker, his wife1846-1921 
 Henry D., their son1875-1893 
B, Lot 11Bradley, Mary J. - purchased July 11, 1892  
 Vacant lot  
B, Lot 11, S 1/2Jehu, Richard (Elizabeth),
purchased February 26, 1883
 Richard Jehud. Feb. 22, 1883, ae 65yHe sleeps the blessed sleep.
His Spirit is at rest.
While sorrowing friends around him weep.
He sleeps among the blessed.
 Mary B. Jehu, daughterJune 1926Burial Record: grave dug June 29, 1926
B, Lot 12Howell, Marion - purchased Jan. 16, 1883  
 Martha Benedict, his wife1840-1894 
C, Lot 9Hedden - Cook (Luther Hedden),
purchased September 30, 1877
 Luther Hedden1836-1908 
 Emily Morgan, his wife1840-1927Burial Record: Grave dug Nov. 18, 1927
 Rome W., son of L. & E. Heddend. Sep. 30, 1877, ae 19y, 2m 
 Mary Evalena Hedden, daughterNov. 7, 1865 - Feb. 2, 1892Wife of Fred S. Cook
C, Lot 10Bristol, Alice A. - purchased May 7, 1881  
 Mortimer Mills Bristol1822-1898Walter M. Bristol, s/o M. M. & Sylvia,
1862-1925, is buried on the Alonzo H. Clark
lot. He was adopted by the Clark's.
He married Edmona Kiper, Feb. 15, 1883.
 Sylvia Hewitt, 1st wife of M. M. Bristol1825-1872 
 Mary R. Hewitt, 2nd wife of M. M. Bristol1836-1886 
 Raymond Romayne, son of M.M. & Mary1880-1908 
 Alice Adele Bristol1858-1940Ludlowville Historian
 James Arthur Bristol1864-1940 
 Katharine Elizabeth Bristol1860-1944 
C, Lot 12, N 1/2Golden, Lucinda; transferred from
John Wildman, Oct. 19, 1875
 Benjamin GoldenSep. 15, 1839 - Jun. 1, 1909, ae 69y, 8m, 16dSleep in Jesus
 Lucinda Golden1850-1934Burial Book: Grave dug May 31, 1934
 Lucy C. Golden1811-1882 
 Owen J. Golden1812-1884 
 Jessie Z. Goldend. Jun. 11, 1878, ae 1y, 3m, 1dBuded on Earth to Bloom in Heaven
C, Lot 12, S 1/2Myers, Wm. Henry, Myers-Burger,
purchased July 21, 1875
 William Henry Myers veteran's flag1834-1919Civil War Private, Co. K, 3rd H. A.
 Lucinda, his wifed. July 20, 1875, ae 41yGone But Not Forgotten
 Charles D., their sonFeb. 15, 1859 - Dec. 23, 1878 
 Jossie P., daughterd. Aug. 12, 1875, ae 4y, 11m, 18dShe left this world to bloom in Heaven
 Helen A. Myers, wife of Herbert BurgerApr. 1, 1863 - Apr. 21, 1892, ae 29y, 20d 
 Edward George Myers1865-1935Burial Book: Grave dug April 21, 1935
D, Lot 31Cutter, Humphrey D. Estate, Willis,
purchased May 26, 1890
 Humphrey D. Cutterd. Aug. 30, 1883, ae 47y, 5m 
 Cornelia A. Willis, his wifed. Jan. 15, 1924, ae 89y, 6m 
 Melville W., sond. Jul. 3, 1895, ae 32 yr. 
 Ella E. Willis, sister of Corneliad. Aug. 8, 1875, ae 38y 
 Josie Willis, sister of Corneliad. Jan. 30, 1872, ae 29y 
D, Lot 32, N 1/2Lumbard - purchased July 10, 1896  
 Daniel J. Lumbard veteran's flag (no stone) Civil War; Private
 Sybil, his wife  
D, Lot 32, S 1/2Hedden, Clara J., purchased October 19, 1895  
 John HeddenSep. 17, 1825 - Jan. 28, 1892, ae 66y, 4m, 11d 
 Clara J., his wifeAug. 13, 1827 - Mar. 13, 1899, ae 71y, 7m 
D, Lot 33Campbell, Cora E., purchased November 17, 1891  
 John Newell CampbellDec. 24, 1855 - Oct. 5, 1891Brother of Frank Eugene Campbell; sons of
David & Jerusha Bower Campbell
 Cora R. Bush, his wifeDec. 11, 1866 - May 16, 1960 
D, Lot 34Smith, Jerry A., purchased August 21, 1896  
 Francis D. Smithd.Jul. 22, 1896, ae 88yAt Rest
 Catherine, his wife1836-1908 
 Monroe A.1857-1918 
 Hattie M., his wife1857 - Jan. 7, 1924Burial Book: Grave dug Jan. 7, 1924
A, Lot 16Laracy, Wm. & Mary, purchased August 1, 1905  
A, Lot 15Golden, Mrs. C. C., purchased January 1, 1927  
 Albert Golden1881-1948 
 Catherine Laracy1837-1905 
 Charles Chester Golden1879-1926Burial Book: Grave dug Nov. 15, 1926;
transit permit from Albany, NY
 Agatha Bell Golden1907-1930Burial Book: Grave dug Feb. 14, 1930;
transit permit from Albany, NY
 Melvina I. Golden1885 - Apr. 20, 1964 
B, Lot 13Burger, Adelbert, purchased January 17, 1888  
 Vacant lot  
B, Lot 14Golden, Lemi J., purchased September 21, 1911  
 Lemi J. Golden1875-1948 
 Cora E., his wife1872-1911 
 Minnie, his 2nd wife  
 Lemi Jay Golden, son of Lemi Sr. & Minnie1922-1936 
 A. H. Golden1850 - 
 Alice S., his wife1856-1894 
B, Lot 15, E 1/2Sperry, Alvah J. - purchased August 31, 1896  
 Alvah J. SperryNov. 26, 1860 - Nov. 2, 1920 
 Flora E. Teeter, his wifeJun. 7, 1861 - Dec. 25, 1948 
B, Lot 15, W 1/2Teeter, Henry A. (Alvah J. Sperry lot)  
 Henry A. TeeterFeb. 5, 1832 - Mar. 1, 1895 
 Elizabeth, his wifeSep. 15, 1836 - Jan. 7, 1921Parents of Flora E. Sperry
B, Lot 16Fritts, A. H. - purchased March 7, 1874  
 Alonzo H. FrittsApr. 22, 1845 - Jul. 1, 1921 
 Phoebe V. Drake, his wifeJun. 22, 1852 - May 27, 1925Burial Book: Grave dug May 29, 1925
 Their sons:  
 Johnny FrittsAug. 12, 1873 - Mar. 1, 1874 
 Floyd H. FrittsAug. 8, 1874 - Feb. 7, 1890 
 William B. FrittsFeb. 6, 1881 - May 25, 1923Burial Book: Grave dug May 26, 1923
 Charles FrittsJan. 18, 1889 - Feb. 20, 1889 
C, Lot 13, 1/2Thayer Lot  
 Daniel H. Thayer1830-1907Daniel Thayer came to Ludlowville at age 27.
Lived here for 50 years. Invented a mowing
machine, sold patent for $100,000. Also
invented a wind mill and others. Had an iron
foundry below Mechanics Hall Hill and a
wheel spoke factory a little below the falls.
 Margaret A. Miller, his wife1833-1917 
C, Lot 13, 1/2Bachelor, Nathan - purchased August 10, 1877  
 Nathan Bachelor1822-1899 
 Emily, his wife1823 - Aug. 11, 1877, ae 54y, 4m, 9d 
C, Lot 14Overocker, William & Sweazey, Calvin - purchased March 20, 1875  
 Calvin B. Sweazey1846 - Aug. 5, 1935Burial Book: Grave dug August 5, 1935
 Elzada, his wife1846-1922 
 Fred Sweazey, their son1869-1916 
 Minnie, his wife1876-1913 
 William Overocker1816-1881 
 Iantha, his wife1818-1875 
 Reeves, Mehitable  
 Mehitable Reevesd. Aug. 27., 1850, ae 87y 
C, Lot 15Woolley, Patience & Lodasca Estate - purchased March 1, 1875  
 Francis Woolleyd. May 8, 1851, ae 52y, 3m, 8d 
 W. Bates, son of J. O. & A. M. Deand. Feb. 29, 1880, ae 9m 
C, Lot 16, S 1/2Wood - Parish - purchased March 1, 1888 (E.B. White transferred to A.A. Wood)  
 Albert A. Wood1853-1906 
 Nellie E., his wife1862-1919 
 Isabelle H., daughter, and wife of James C. Parish1879-1967Ludlowville Historian after Alice Bristol.
Isabelle Parish spent many years
preserving the history of the
Town of Lansing. Her work has been published
and/or donated to the DeWitt Historical
Society. Many of her records can be found on this web site.
D, Lot 38Dates Lot  
 Charles H. DatesJan. 22, 1845 - Jan. 4, 1902 
 Caroline Patience Dates1855-1927Burial Book: Grave dug March 25, 1927
 William M., son of C. H. & C. P. DatesSep. 25, 1875 - May 17, 1893 
 Mary Bernice Brown1883-1927Burial Book: Grave dug Sep. 5, 1927
D, Lot 37Dates Lot  
 John D. DatesJun. 9, 1808 - May 5, 1885 
 Lecta J. Morehouse, his wifeApr. 1, 1809 - Oct. 1, 1903 
 William M. Dates1847-1899 
 Mary A. Holden, his wife1849-1914 
 Mary J.Jan. 24, 1850 - Aug. 15, 1876 
D, Lot 39Campbell, Frank E. - purchased May 11, 1887  
 Frank Eugene Campbell1852-1926Frank Eugene Campbell born in Lansing,
Dec. 8, 1852, oldest son of David Campbell
and and Jerusha Bower, d/o John Bower, Jr.
of Lansing. John Newell Campbell (second
son) d. Oct. 5, 1890 (35 yrs). Frank, in 1879
married Emma Hedden, d/o John Hedden of
Lansing. They had three children, Winifred
Clare, Ina Jerusha, Earle David; a fourth
child, Lina Camilla d. April 13, 1887 at 6 yrs.
of age.
 Emma Hedden Campbell, his wife1852-1943 
 Earle David Campbell, veteran's flag their sonApr. 19, 1891 - Jun. 2, 1946New York Pvt., 311 Repair Unit MTC,World War I
 Lina Camilla, daughter of F.E. & E. Campbelld. Apr. 13, 1887, ae 6y, 8m, 20d 
D, Lot 40Campbell, Jerusha - purchased January 25, 1895  
 David Campbell1823-1867Parents of John Newell & Frank Eugene
Campbell, p. 65, "Landmarks of Tompkins
County, New York", 1894
 Jerusha Bower, his wife1824-1907 
B, Lot 17, E 1/2Woolley, Mrs. Eugenia - purchased July 21, 1925; Mrs. Flora E. Buck bought W 1/2 of lot July 21, 1925  
 Eli Woolley1819-1899 
 Alucia Woolley1817-1896 
 Emmett E. Woolley1854-1923Burial Book: Grave dug April 29, 1923
 Eugenia K. Woolley1867-1925Burial Book: Grave dug Dec. 29, 1925
 Flora Woolley Buck1857-1943 
 Laura Woolley Krause1898 - Sep. 23, 1979 
B, Lot 18Knettles, John - purchased January 8, 1896  
 John T. Knettlesdied Feb. 1, 1875, ae 59y 
 Frances M., wife of John T.1827-1895 
 Capt. Anson W. Knettles veteran's flag1824-1898Civil War.
Co. C, 109th Regt. Inf., N.Y.S.V.
 Emma W.1858 - 1930Burial Book: Grave dug July 6, 1930
 Elizabeth W.1853-1941 
B, Lot 19Townley, Frank & Fred - purchased June 4, 1884 Old burial book has entry for digging grave for
Mrs. Agnes (Hagin) Townley, w/o Frank
Townley, on the John Townley lot, old
cemetery, Feb. 6, 1924. A second entry has:
John Robin, son of Frank & Agnes Townley.
 John A. Townleyd. Jan. 23, 1892, ae 80y 
 Mary A. Godley, his wifeAug. 5, 1821 - Mar. 9, 1909. ae 87y, 7m, 4d 
 Frank TownleyOct. 26, 1850 - Apr. 26, 1903 
 Helen Townley veteran's flagAug. 19, 1899 - Nov. 18, 1985Nurse Corps.
 Fred A. TownleyJan. 16, 1859 - Feb. 16, 1917 
 Elizabeth C.1857-1949 
 John C. Townley veteran's flagAug. 1, 1884 - Aug. 3, 1954New York M Engr (SG) HQ Det 23 Engrs,
World War I
 Elizabeth A.1926-1946 
B, Lot 20, W 1/2Sperry - Ticknor Lot  
 Caroline A. Sperry, wife of Walter TicknorAug. 26, 1832 - Jun. 6, 1879 
 Our baby son of W.H. & C.A. Ticknord. Mar. 13, 1873 
B, Lot 20, E 1/2Sperry - Ticknor, Sperry, Ferdinand C. - purchased November 1, 1880  
 Ferdinand C. SperryJan. 2, 1824 - May 4, 1901 
 Elizabeth Bower, wife of F.C. SperryJul 2., 1830 - Mar. 2, 1861 
 Earl A. Beckwith1888-1978 
 Helen M. Bennett, wife of E.A. Beckwith1895-1960 
 L. Leroy Beckwith1853-1932Burial Book: Grave dug June 1, 1932
 Eva A. Sperry, wife of L.L. Beckwith1854-1934Burial Book: Grave dug Jan. 4, 1934
 Henry Clay June1847-1924Hired hand of Earl Beckwith; his wife, Emma
Smith June and son, William are buried in
old ground.
C, Lot 17Barr Lot, D. T. Barr - purchased March 10, 1876  
 Jane B. Brown, wife of Dr. D.T. BarrJul. 17, 1838 - Jul. 25, 1920, ae 82y, 8d 
 Father (David Thomas Barr)d. May 16, 1898, ae 85yFirst doctor
 Mother (Harriet Blake Barr)d. Mar. 9, 1876, ae 52y 
C, Lot 18, N 1/2Cook Lot, Catherine T. Cook - purchased November 1, 1873  
 Catherine T. Cook1826-1897their mother
 Mary E. Matsonae. 7 yr., 6 mo. 
 Alpheus J. Matsonae. 2 yr., 8 mo. 
 Fred C. Matsonae. 20 yr. 
C, Lot 19, N 1/2Benson-Halladay Lot, Susan Halladay - purchased May 4, 1878  
 Stephen H. Bensond. Nov. 27, 1844, ae 26y, 9m, 21d 
 Susan E.N. Halladay, wife of S.H. Bensond. Dec. 8, 1890, ae. 75 yr., 8 mo., 12 da. 
 Stephen H., son of S.H. & S.E.N. Bensond. Nov. 25, 1877, ae 33y., 1m, 19dLiving in Lawrence, Kansas at time of death
C, Lot 19, S 1/2North Lot  
 C. Howell North veteran's flagMar. 5, 1829 - Jan. 30, 1881, ae 51y, 10m, 15dCivil War
Co. K, 143 N.Y. Inf.
C, Lot 20Jennings-Clark Lot, Mrs. M. L. Jennings, Admin., - purchased December 31, 1874  
 L. Fordham Jennings1823-1873 
 Mary Louise Jennings1823-1875 
 Frank B. Jennings, son1865-1877 
 Louisa M. Jennings, daughter1859-1878 
 Benjamin F. Jennings, son1850-1905 
 Frank J. ClarkFeb. 14, 1849 - Jul. 26, 1896 
 Alice C. (Jennings) Clark, wife1847-1913d/o of L. F. & M. L. Jennings
D, Lot 41Townley Lot, Mary A. Townley (John Nelson) - purchased November 1, 1878  
 John N. Townley veteran's flagd. Oct. 19, 1878, ae 67yCaptain of Militia
 Mary A., his wifed. Dec. 5, 1881, ae 69y 
 Mary L. Townley, daughter of J.N. & M.A.d. Mar. 26, 1908, ae 74y 
 Sarah H. Thomas, daughter of J.N. & M.A.1844-1932 
 Nellie Thomas, daughter of Sarahd. May 6, 1886, ae 19y 
 Helen T. Thomas (no stone) Burial Book: Grave dug Nov. 2, 1932
D, Lot 42, E 1/2Chapman Lot  
 Newton D. Chapman, M.D.1867-1962 
 Lucie E. Lyon Chapman, his wife1872-1944 
 Dorothy L. Chapman1897-1969 
 Charles A. Hoffman veteran's flag1894-1954Veteran
 Margaret C. Hoffman1895-1977 
D, Lot 42, W 1/2Lyon (?) Lot - purchased June 1, 1875, transferred to F.R.L. Wright, May 30, 1882  
 Nelson E. Lyon1838-1907 
 Lucie R. Davis, his wife1835-1923 
 Elizabeth D. Lyon, daughter of N.E. & L.R.d. Aug. 28, 1869, ae 5m, 17d 
 Frances R. Lyon, daughter1867-1918wife of Preston F. Wright
D, Lot 43Todd Lot, A. H. Todd - purchased January 11, 1889  
 Sidney S. Todd1809-1888 
 Abby Holden, his wife1818-1892 
 Harlan Page ToddFeb. 15, 1845 - Aug. 15, 1845 
 Helen E. Thompson1846-1865 
 Helen Ada Young1863-1901w/o Frank A. Holden; granddaughter of
S. S. Todd
 Edwin C. Todd (no stone) Burial Book: Grave dug Feb. 13, 1932 (p. 25)
 Cornelia (no stone)d. Jan. 9, 1911 
D, Lot 44Allen Lot - purchased September 5, 1889  
 Nicholas Townley Allen1824-1907 
 Margaret Davis Allen1831-1889 
E, Lot 11Turner Lot - purchased March 27, 1916 First tool house was on this lot. H. Turner, a
native of England, father of Helen Rasbeck,
was a stone mason, and he built the archway
under Brick Yard and Crooked Roads.
 Henry Turner veteran's flag1844-1936Civil War. Co. F, 9th H. Art. Vol.
 Laura Ann Smith, his wife1844-1930 
E, Lot 1Brown Lot - John H. Brown - purchased 1915  
 John H. Brown1859-1924 
 Adah Teeter, his wife1867-1953 
 John H. Brown, their son1895-1964 
E, Lot 12Myers-Ladd-Dorrance Lot - Mrs. Frank Myers - purchased April 4, 1920  
 Franklin H. Myers1861-1920Mrs. Frank Myers married Merton Ladd and
is buried in Groton, NY. Mrs. Josephine
English had permanent care of Frances
Dorrance and Donald Ladd.
 Lois Irene Ladd1921-1938 
 Donald F. Ladd1911 - Nov. 3, 1978 
 Frances Ladd Dorrance1902-1979 
E, Lot 15Beckwith Lot (north side of driveway), Frank Beckwith - purchased November 27, 1915  
 Frank Beckwith1867-1929 
 Mertie Beckwith, wife1878-19� 
 Allan Warner Beckwith, son1915-1915 
F, Lot 3White Lot  
 Rev. Ward W. Whited. Nov. 19, 1853, ae 54y, 2mOneida Conference of the M. E.
 Mack Lot, Louisa E. Mack - purchased January 21, 1881  
 No stones  
F, Lot 2Clarke Lot  
 William W. Clarke1826-1899 
 Margaret B., his wife1826-1901 
 Ada L. Clarke, daughter1859-1892 
 Frederick S. Clarke, son1861-1893 
F, Lot 1Bower Lot (drive way)  
 Frank E. Bower1862-1951 
 Millie J. (Farlin), his wife1872-1956 
 Paul Bower, their son (no stone)Mar. 18, 1912-Dec. 18, 1984, ae. 72 yrs.Living at Daytona Beach, FL at time of
death; cremation
F, Lot 1Farlin Lot - purchased March 1, 1880 (drive way)  
 Our Frank, infant son of L. A. Farlinno dates 
F, Lot 4Mitchell Lot (drive way)  
 Edward Luther Mitchell1847-1867Blessed are the pure in heart, for they
shall see God
F, Lot 5 and 6Howell Lot  
 J. Frank Howelld. Nov. 10, 1893, ae 75y 
 Susan M., his wifed. Mar. 27, 1894, ae 76y 
 Hattie S., their daughter (small stone)d. Mar. 27, 1864, ae 7y 
 Edward Howelld. May 16, 1873, ae 84y 
 Edith, his wifed. Feb. 22, 1873, ae 84y 
F, Lot 7Hedden Lot - purchased March 1, 1880 (driveway)  
 Richard T. Hedden1809-1887 
 Emily, his wife1814-1895 
 Our Little Mary, dau. of Harland & Ann Heddend. Oct. 4, 1871, ae 8m 
F, Lot 7 (East?)Butts Lot? (could be end of Hedden lot)  
 Unknown child Burial of child brought by Elmer Butts in old
cemetery under pine trees - Elmer Butts
Acting Undertaker - p. 19 of old burial book
F, Lot 8Mead Lot  
 William Mead1835-1908 
 Harriet E. Terry, his wife1838-1925 
 William L., son1869-1938 
 Florence Hattie, daughterd. May 5, 1868, ae 3y, 20d 
F, Lot 9Townley Lot  
 Lewis Townleyd. Sep. 20, 1853, ae 66y, 10m, 17d 
 Hannah Alexander, wifed. Sep. 17, 1865, ae 79y, 10m, 27d 
F, Lot 10Bower Lot  
 Abram BowerNov. 10, 1805 - May 20, 1882 
 Francina D. Baker, his wifeFeb. 20, 1810 - Oct. 27, 1903 
 Henry L., sonOct. 1, 1832 - Mar. 5, 1835 
 Warren D., sonNov. 19, 1843 - Apr. 7, 1855 
 Harry A.Aug. 30, 1873 - Jan. 24, 1925 
 Anna Ford, his wifeJul. 12, 1878 - Dec. 21, 1956 
 Mary AnnaMay 1, 1850 - Apr. 23, 1945 
F, Lot 11Caine Lot (Mrs. Helen M. Watkins, for her brother) - purchased August 1, 1928  
 Charles Caine (no stone)1928p. 17 of Burial Book: Buried July 17, 1928
F, Lot 12Benjamin Lot  
 In Memory of Samuel BenjaminFeb. 18, 1801 - Sep. 8, 1876 
 Benjamin Lot  
 Lydia, wife of Samuel Benjamind. May 3, 1861, ae 54y, 11m, 22d 
 Maria E., only daughter of S. & L. Benjamind. Dec. 7, 1866, ae 22y, 11m, 4d 
 George V. Benjamin1836-1896 
F, Lot 1BMyers Lot(end of driveway at Pine Trees) 
 Margaret Clark Myers1854-1929d/o of Wm. & Mary Clark, wife of Henry
D. Myers; grave dug April 13, 1929, p. 19 of
old burial book
GWoodford Lot  
 Sybil, wife of Chauncy Woodfordd. Mar. 20, 1833, ae 38y, 7mAnother kind of wife most dead.
A sister fond, a friend sincere.
In silence sleep and moulders here.
By friendships. CW
GTempleton Lot  
 James B. Templetond. Oct. 13, 1854, ae 61y, 21dHe has reached that shore.
Where tempest never beat.
Nor billows roar.
 Catharine, wife of James Templetond. Jul. 7, 1829, ae 28y, 24d 
 Charlotte, wife of James Templetond. Jul. 28, 1846, ae 54yIn Memory of
GKnettles Lot  
 In Memory of two infant sons of John and Elizabeth Knettles Sleep on sweet babes.
And take your rest.
You were early called.
God's time is best.
 John D. Knettlesd. Apr. 3, 1836, ae 65y, 5m, 10d 
 Elizabeth, wife of John Knettlesd. Feb. 16, 1844, ae 66y, 7d 
GClark Lot  
 In Memory of Abigail, wife of Daniel A. Clark, who died, Jul. 28, 1831, ae 45y 
 Daniel A. Clark1775 - Apr. 14, 1855, ae 80y, 1m, 18dTwelve children, 6 were alive when Daniel
died: Alonzo Clark, Harriet Cain, Emeline
Stuart, Mary Ann Spencer, William Clark,
and Isabella Wood.
GStuart Lot  
 Emeline Clark, Wife of Benjamin StuartJan. 20, 1809 - Mar. 28, 1888 
 Henry L., son of B. & E. C. Stuartd. Oct. 12, 1875, ae 43y, 5m, 12dHenry L. died in Chicago as the result of
being clawed by a tiger in a circus where
he worked.
GDavis Lot (last lot in row 1)  
 Sarah Harper Clark, wife of Charles Davisd. Sep. 28, 1848, ae. 41 yr.Daughter of Daniel Clark
GCynthia Starksd. Mar. 1, 1829, ae 13y, 10m 
GIn Memory of 2 infants, a son and a daughter of John D. and Mary Ann Christie  
 The Sond. Dec. 27, 1821 
 The Daughterd. Sep. 9, 1822 
 Andrew J., son of J.D. & M. A.d. Apr. 1, 1829, ae 4m, 15d 
 Mary Elizabeth, dau. of J.D. & M.A.d. Aug. 4, 1833, ae 5m, 12d 
 John K., son of J.D. & M.A.d. Oct. 22, 1831, ae 8m, 6d 
GRoxy, dau. of Daniel & Abigail Clarkd. Nov. 23, 1809, ae 9y. 
GJames Caind. May 15, 1850, ae 50y, 22d 
 Harriet A. (Clark)d. Sep. 18, 1885, ae 84y, 3m 
 Alfred A. Caind. Jul. 11, 1883, ae. 60 yr., 11 mo., 10 da. 
 James E. Caind. Mar. 25, 1850, ae 25y, 1m, 13d 
 Edwin R. Caind. Oct. 10, 1874, ae 50y, 11m, 25d 
GMaria Davis, dau. of Charles & Sarah Davisd. Mar. 11, 1832, ae 5y, 5d 
 Louisa Davis, dau. of Charles & Sarah Davisd. Mar. 2, 1838, ae 3wks., 4d 
 Horatio J. Davis, son of Charles & Sarah Davisd. Apr. 26, 1847, ae 18y, 10m, 28d 
 Sarah E. Davisd. Feb. 14, 1873, ae 39yGone But Not Forgotten
 Lois Davisd. Feb. 8, 1837, ae 73y 
GElizabeth H. Lordd. May 4, 1839, ae 73y, 1m, 26dEntered into rest on the�
 Ann E. Lordd. Jul. 9, 1844, ae 20y, 1m, and 2dExchanged lasting sickness for
perpetual health on the�
G"Our Children" of G. Mead Letts and A. D. Letts  
 Hattie Lettsd. Aug. 31, 1874, ae 6m, 5d 
 Clatie Lettsd. Nov. 15, 1876, ae 5m, 5d 
 George Letts veteran's flag (stone broken)  Civil War
 Mrs. George Letts - no stoned. June 7, 1902, ae 58y 
GPhilemon L. Smith1814 - 1892 
 Mary Smith, 1st wife of P. L. Smithd. Nov. 29, 1848, ae 26y, 5m, 5d 
 Amy J. Smith, 2nd wife of P. L. Smithd. Jun. 22, 1861, ae 38y, 9m, 7d 
 David B. Smith, son of P.L. & Amy J. Smithd. Mar. 24, 1859, ae. 6 yr., 6 mo., 19 da. 
 Ella F. Smith, dau. of P.L. & Amy J. Smithd. Feb. 6, 1858, ae 1y, 1m, 14d 
GBridget Daugherty, wife of Thomas Daughertyd. Nov. 18, 1854, ae 81y, 20d 
 Andrew Daughertyd. Nov. 13, 1804, ae 7y, 6m, 14dIn Memory of Andrew, her son,
who departed this life.
O cease to weep my parents dear.
I am not dead but sleeping here.
From sorrow, toil and trouble free.
Prepare to die and follow me.

Father was a blacksmith & made an iron
fence that was put around their graves.
The fence was taken down for scrap iron
during World War II.
GWilliam June, son of Emma June1881 - 1913Note: Father buried on Sperry-Beckwith Lot
GLufanny S. Cratsley, dau. of John E. & Elizabeth Cratsleyd. Apr. 9, 1846, ae 19y, 9m, 9d 
 Margaret Cratsley, dau. of John E. & Elizabeth Cratsleyd. Sep. 3, 1836, ae. 19 yr., 8 mo., 17 da. 
GAlonzo H. Clark, son of Daniel ClarkDec. 28, 1822 - Sep. 16, 1896, ae 73y, 8m, 19d 
 Emeline Terry, 1st wife of Alonzo Clarkd. Apr. 8, 1854, ae 29y, 9d 
 Susan Terry, 2nd wife of Alonzo ClarkSep. 27, 1834 - Nov. 15, 1919, ae 85y, 1m, 14d 
GWalter Bristol, son of M. M. & Sylvia Bristol1862 - 1925Their son in devotion.
Adopted by Alonzo H. Clark.
GMary Ann Van Auken, wife of Harrison EmmonsJul. 26, 1830 - Jan. 5, 1896 
 Emma June, mother1856 - 1919Husband buried on Sperry-Beckwith Lot
GElla J. Van Patten, dau. of S.S. & Susan Van Pattend. Feb. 16, 1860, ae 3y, 4m 
GIra Terryd. Jun. 21, 1863, ae 60y 
 Susan Terry, wifed. Sep. 17, 1889, ae 85y 
 George Edward Terry, sond. Jan. 31, 1902, ae 74y 
GAggie Hedden, wife of Aaron Heddend. Sep. 1, 1867, ae 23y, 3d 
GSilas K. NewtonJan. 17, 1792 - Aug. 20, 1880, ae 88y, 7m, 3d 
 Samuel B. Newton, sonSep. 13, 1813 - Feb. 9, 1889, ae 75y, 4m, 26d 
 Annis Newton, wife of Silas K. Newtond. Mar. 7, 1872, ae 81y, 7m, 14d 
GMargaret M. Townley, daughterd. Oct. 20, 1851, ae 1y, 2m, 21dd/o of Charles & Margaret Townley
 Arthur R. Townley, sond. Jul. 16, 1862, ae 3y, 2ms/o of Charles & Margaret Townley
GOressa Myers, dau. of Lyman & Carrie Myersd. Sep. 4, 1892, ae 3m, 15dSmall white round log-shaped stone
G, Lot 15Bartlett Lot - purchased May 28, 1928  
 Henry C. Bartlett, brotherae 30y (no dates) 
 George M. Bartlett1850- 
 Ellen Oatley, Mother1830 - 1899 
GWilliam E. Walker, son of William E. & Lydia C. Walkerd. Jan. 21, 1842, ae 1y, 1m, 22dThough thy presence was endearing.
Though thy absence was deplored.
At the Saviour's bright appearing.
We shall meet to part no more.
GMary Ann Brown, dau. of Wm. & Catharine Brownd. Aug. 24, 1849, ae 47y, 6m 
 Joannah Brown, dau. of Wm. & Catharine Brownd. Apr. 10, 1848, ae 43y 
 William Brown, Jr.d. Dec. 8, 1862, ae 58ydied in his 58th year.
GWilliam Brownd. Sep. 24, 1833, ae 66y, 3dFarewell my children one and mine known
a fathers love. Prepare to leave this earthly
ball and dwell with me above.
 Catharine, wife of Wm. Brownd. Feb. 14, 1831, ae 52ydied in the 52 years of her life
 Rebecca, dau. of Wm. & Catharine Brownd. Aug. 10, 1837, ae 21y, 9mFarewell sister, thou hast left us.
Here thy loss we deeply feel.
It tis God that hath bereft us.
___ can all our sorrows heal.
GHelen Amelia Wagerd. Dec. 5, 1861, ae 15yr 10m, 8dYoungest dau. of Benjamin & Malinda Wager
GLieut. P. B. Wager veteran's flagd. Oct. 22, 1861, ae 26y, 9m, 21dLieut. P. B. Wager, of the 32 Regt. NYS
Vol. Eldest son of Benjamin and Malinda
Wager. In the service of the U.S.A. near
Alexandria, Va. As an officer - a thorough
military disciplinarian. As a counselor - wise
and sagacious. As a gentleman - cautious
and urban. As a friend - gentle and
sympathizing. Dulce et decorum est pro
patria moris.
Died of typhoid fever at the
front. Exhibited marked courage at "Bull Run
and Manassas" July 18-21, 1861.
GBenjamin WagerFeb. 24, 1810 - Feb. 16, 1867 
 Malinda, wife of B. WagerSep. 9, 1812 - Aug. 19, 1851Great and _____
 Frances M., wife of B. Wager1822 - 1902 
GBower - Templeton Lot  
 Peter Bowerd. Feb. 13, 1865, ae 66y, 10m, 6d 
 Rachel Bower, wife of Peter Bowerd. Apr. 30, 1882, ae 79y, 1m 
 James B. Templetond. Sep. 5, 1865, ae 16y, 4mI see a hand you cannot see.
That bekons me away.
I hear a voice you cannot hear.
That bids me not to stay.

S/oJames & Lydia Templeton,
and grandson of Peter Bower.
GG. W. Newton veteran's flag1820 - 1886Civil War. Calvary Dragoon
 Adaline Newton1813 - 1893 
 Son and daughter of Delaney Newton  
 Overturned stone  
GMary A. Demund, dau. of Stimson & Mary Demundd. May 2, 1871, ae 42y 
 Rachel M. Demund, dau. of Stimson & Mary Demundd. Sep. 16, 1861, ae 38y, 7m, 28dGone But Not Forgotten
 Demund, Our Motherd. Nov. 24, 1872, ae 66y 
GAmasa Wood1809 - Jan. 14, 1895, ae 86yThey were married on Dec. 5, 1838 at the
tavern built by Thomas Ludlow. Amasa
Wood was a teacher, cabinet maker,
undertaker, and for 3 years (1849-1852)
Postmaster of Ludlowville. After Isabella died,
he married Amelia Parsons Spencer Walker
(1833-1876). They had one son, Glen Ernest
(1867-1903). He married third, Juliet Steele
Ross (1822-1895) on March 15, 1877.
 Isabella Harper, 1st wife of Amasa Woodd. Jan. 8, 1865, ae 48y, 1m, 15ddaughter of Daniel Clark
GNeddie Woodd. Sep. 10, 1860, ae 2y, 1mChildren of Clark and Jennie Wood
 Minnie Woodd. Aug. 31, 1861, ae 11m, 3dChildren of Clark and Jennie Wood
 Clark Wood1846 - 1914 
 Jane Wood1844 - 1917 
 Frances L. Wood, dau. of David WoodFeb. 4, 1836 - Sep. 25, 1920, ae 84y 7m 21d 
 Glen E. Wood, son of Amasa & Amelia WoodNov. 9, 1867 - Sep. 2, 1903, ae 35y, 9m, 23d 
GSarah Brown1853 - 1928 
 Lydia Brown1855 - 1930Burial Book: Grave dug June 1, 1930
 Emma Brown1862 - 1934 
 Horatio Brown1825 - 1902Brown Headstone. Erected by John &
inscribed on top of headstone
 Louisa Davis, wife of Horatio Brown1826 - 1880 
 Frances Brown, infant daughter1858 
 John Brown1807 - 1883 
 Alexander Brown1813 - 1886 
GBrown - Sprout Lot  
 Lydia Brownd. Feb. 13, 1856 
 John Brownd. Feb. 13, 1852, ae 82yin the 82nd yr. of his age
 Wm. Brownd. April 13, 1832, ae 27y, 2m, 4d 
 Oliver Brownd. Jun. 21, 1833, ae 10y, 10m, 8d 
 Dyar Brownd. Jun. 28, 1833, ae 16y, 9m, 27d 
 Elizabeth Sprout, wife of Robert Sproutd. Nov. 14, 1848, ae 79yin the 79th yr. of her age
GJohn Brownd. Jun. 14, 1816, ae 83y 
GH. Brown Lot  
 Marian Brown Lodeman, MD, dau. of Horatio Brown1851 - 1927Burial Book: Grave dug Nov. 10, 1927
 Frank E. Lodeman1864 - 1908 
GJane H. Kuyper, wife of Anthony Kuyperd. May 29, 1861, ae 47y, 8m, 8d 
GCharles Moreyno dates 
 Sylvia A. Morey, his wifed. Oct. 31, 1905, ae 61y, 5m, 7d 
GKiper - Kuyper Lot  
 Mary M. Kiper, wife of John H. Kiperd. Nov. 17, 1868, ae 87y, 11m, 10d 
 John H. Kiperd. Dec. 12, 1870, ae 88y, 11m, 4dBlessed Are the Pure in Heart
 Mary Ann Kuyper, their daughterd. Feb. 15, 1863, ae 36y, 11m 
GJoanna Bunnelld. Mar. 23, 1899, ae 76y 
 George Bunnelld. Feb. 11, 1865, ae 70y, 4m, 3d 
GJefferson, Our Little Ida May, daughter of T. & E. Jeffersond. Sep. 14, 1857, ae 2y, 7m, 16dBud of Forest Blossom.
Nipped in early bloom.
Flown from Earthly sorrow.
Joined the Heavenly throne.
 Sanford Jeffersond. Mar. 19, 1856, ae 32y, 5m 
H, Lot 25Calvin Burrd. Jan. 17, 1887, ae 98yDied in New York City
 Emily Burr, his wifed. Mar. 26, 1825, ae 24y 
 James Burr, their sond. Jan. 7, 1821, ae 6m 
 William Burr, their sond. Sep. 22, 1822, ae 6m 
 Joseph H. Burrd. Jan. 25, 1824, ae 34y 
 Emily M. Burr, dau. of Calvin & Emily Burrd. May 25, 1846, ae 21y, 2m, 7d 
 Mary Millerd. Nov. 11, 1849, ae 73y 
H, Lot 5Harriet M. Mack, wife of N. H. Mackd. Oct. 8, 1869, ae 47y, 9m, 8d 
H, Lot 5Jemima Townley Allen1799 - 1888 
 Susan Jane Allen1833 - 1919 
 Rev. Nathan AllenMar. 9, 1820 - Oct. 24, 1864 
 Ebenezer AllenMay 16, 1794 - Feb. 12, 1864 
 Diana Allen, wife of James A. Allend. Jun. 9, 1851, ae 22y, 9m, 17d 
 James A. Allend. Sep. 24, 1854, ae 26y, 10m, 13d 
H, Lot 4Edward C. Howell Lot - purchased February 28, 1933  
 Edward C. Howell1883 - 1934 
 Edna Howell Brown1888 - Nov. 3, 1964, ae 76y 
 Harriette Christy Howell1912 - 1932Burial Book: Harriette Christie Howell d.
Nov. 13, 1932, buried on Mar. 4, 1933.
 Ann Melissa Christie, dau. of Jonathan S. & Charlotte Christied. May 23, 1840, ae 11m, 1d 
H, Lot 2Charlotte J. Van Auken, dau. of Aaron B. & Abigail Van Aukend. Apr. 9, 1850, ae 11y, 9m, 11dThis lovely bud so young and full.
Called hence by early doom.
Just came to show how sweet a flower.
In paradise would bloom.

T. N. Perkins.
 Aaron B. Van AukenJan. 13, 1799 - Oct. 18, 1877 
 Abigail Christie, his wifeOct. 18, 1805 - Oct. 17, 1886 
H, Lot 1Mary P. Ballard, wife of Charles Morrell1816 - 1847 
H, Lot 8Joshua Jennings, son of Dea. Joshua JenningsJun. 7, 1787 - Jun. 28, 1854 
 Jane H. Jennings, wife of Deacon Joshua JenningsOct. 9, 1790 - Apr. 23, 1860 
H, Lot 8Julia Jennings, dau. of Joshua & Jane JenningsJul. 18, 1828 - Nov. 18, 1849 
 Deacon Joshua JenningsAug. 1756 - Feb. 27, 1832 
HMary Bower, dau. of John & Elizabeth Bowerd. Jun. 11, 1865, ae 16y 
 John Bower 2ndd. Sep. 11, 1864, ae 65y 
 Calvin Bower, son of John & Betsey Bowerd. Jul. 6, 1853, ae 23y, 9m, 9d 
 Charles Bower, son of John & Betsey Bowerd. Jan. 11, 1854, ae 22y, 15d 
 Elizabeth Bower, wife of John Bower 2ndd. Jun. 1_, ____, ae 58y, 10m, 8dday & year of death illegible
 Broken stone, half containing name missing  
HLyman L. Myers1850 - 1904 
 Carrie B. Myers, his wife1850 - 1899, ae 39y 
Hsmall stones:  
 P. A. Mc  
 N. C.  
HNelson B. Reeves, son of Moses & Susan Reevesd. Dec. 3, 1854, ae 2(3?)y, _m, 3d 
HHere lies Sally, dau. of Abraham & Mary Fulkersond. Jul. 3, 1818, ae 29y 
 Here lies Abraham Fulkersond. Jun. 4, 1818, ae 71y 
H6 slate stones - no visible inscriptions  
HMary Adealia Wager, dau. of John & Nancy Wagerd. Jan. 8, 1840, ae 4y, 1m, 11d 
H, Lot 14 NIn Memory of Benjamin Giffin who departed this lifeMar. 30, 1820, ae 21y, 7m, 8dFriends nor physicians could not save.
This mortal body from the grave.
Nor can the grave confine it here.
When Christ commands it must appear.
HJosiah R., son of Peter & Elizabeth P. Robinsond. Jul. 29, 1837, ae 5y, 5m, 5dSleep on sweet infant.
Pain no more shall rack.
Thy little frame &.
Thou will wake no more.
To taste the cup of bitterness.
H, Lot 20Mae Alexander Lot - purchased March 31, 1900  
 Dudley B. Alexander1876 - 1899 
HThomas H. McGill veteran's flagJul. 3, 1873 - Oct. 16, 1933William J. McGill, born July 3, 1848, died
October 19, 1913; served in Civil
, New York 5th Regiment, Co. D.;
became citizen October 19, 1888; married
Ann Doyle May 26, 1868. He was the third
son of Thomas McGill and Sara McCann,
Kingston, Canada. William and Ann had 5
children from 1869 to 1878. Thomas H.
McGill was their third child. Most are buried
in St. Joseph's Cemetery in Auburn
(Cayuga Co.), NY.
 Mary A. Kranz, his wifeDec. 10, 1875 - May 28, 1915 
HGeorge E. Howell (son of J.F. & S.M.)1855 - 1927Burial Book: Grave dug May 27, 1927
 Hattie L. (Gillette), his wife1858 - June 1933Burial Book: Grave dug June 28, 1933;
died in Massachusetts
HFrank N. (son of J.F. & S.M.) Howell1860 - 1957 
 Frances C. Emery, his wife1860 - 1936 
 John Emery, veteran's flag father of Frances Emery Howell1832 - 1906Civil War
 Jane H. Emery, his wife1836 - 1894 
 Samuel Emery, son of John & Jane Emery1857 - 1861 
HAnderson Godleyd. Oct. 28, 1862, ae __y, 7m, 28d 
HRuth, wife of Elias Aberd. Oct. 17, 1856, ae 60y 
 Elias Aberd. 1833 or 1839, ae 45y, 2m 
 Howell G. Morehoused. Apr. 10, 1874, ae 51y 
 Mrs. Phebe, wife of Gideon Morehoused. May 14, 1812, ae 42y 
HGideon Morehoused. Mar. 8, 1842, ae 71y, 6m 
 Lecta Morehouse, wife of Gideon Morehoused. May 28, 1853, ae 74y, 4m, 2dLecta Conger married Pierson Morehouse in
1797; married second Gideon Morehouse in
1813. She had 7 children by each marriage.
 Mr. Pierson Morehoused. Oct. 5, 181, ae 36y 
D, Lot 47 and H, Lot 17McCormick, Kate, estate of Mrs. Ruth Reed - purchased Sep. 22, 1909  
 Art McCormickno dates 
 Kate Baker McCormick, his wifeno dates 
 Bessie McCormickd. 1898, ae 18y 
 In Memory of Phoebe Ann , wife of David McCormick who d. May 18, 1832, ae 22y 
 David McCormickd. Nov. 22, 1876, ae 73y, 3m, 6d 
 William McCormick, 1 day old son of David & Maryd. Apr. 30, 1834 
 Err McCormick, son of Betsey & Davidd. Nov. 30, 1844, ae 6m, 20d 
 Nancy McCormick, 2nd wife of David McCormickd. Jan.(Jun?) 25, 1837, ae 26y, 11m, 25dHow sweet she shone in social life.
As Mother, Sister, Friend and wife.
She's done with all below the sun.
And shines before her fathers throne.
 Ann Eliza Hoytd. Oct. 21, 1857, ae 19yAdopted d/o of Betsey & David McCormick
 Mortimer D. McCormick, son of David & Nancyd. Aug. 23, 1835, ae 5m, 7dSleep on sweet baby and take thy rest.
Till Jesus comes to call thee blest.
 3 broken slate stones Possible that Adra McCormick, died
Sep. 12, 1928, and is buried here.
H, Lot 19John D. Christie, Father1796 - 1866 
 Mary Ann, wife of John D. Christie, Mother1798 - 1882 
 Charles C. Benjamin1829 - 1906 
 Margaret Christie Benjamin, his wife1834 - 1911 
 Minnie, dau of C. & M. BenjaminOct. 3, 1864 - Jan. 26, 1868"____________.
Try to ________.
Think of me as baby sleeping.
Not as dead but gone before.
 Walter, son of Charles & Maggie BenjaminSep. 24, 1870 - Sep. 14, 1871 
I, Lot 15Alva J. SperryJul. 3, 1797 - Mar. 6, 1884 
 Maria P. Tuttle, his wifeMar. 6, 1793 - May 17, 1876 
 Adelia O. Moe, daughterAug. 17, 1817 - Apr. 11, 1906w/o Caleb Sweazy & John Moe. John
Moe buried in Genoa (Cayuga Co.), NY
I, Lot 15Alva J., son of Caleb and Adelia Sweazeyd. Feb. 19, 1842, ae 3y, 9m, 22dDeath may the hands of life unloose.
But won't dissolve our love.
Millions of Infant souls compose the family above.
 Henry F., son of Caleb and Adelia Sweazeyd. Feb. 24, 1842, ae 5y, 11m, 11dTheir feeble frames my power shall raise.
And mould with Heavenly skill.
I'll give them long use to sing my praise.
And hands to do my will.
ICharlotte H., dau of Lorenzo & Charlotte H. Myersd. Feb. 19, 1864, ae 8y, 5m, 6dGranddaughter of A. J. Sperry
 Lorenzo Myers1826 - 1910 
 Polly Maria, dau of L. & C.H. Myersd. Apr. 22, 18__year illegible
 Frankie A., dau of James H. Myersd. Aug. 18, 1862, ae 8y, 9m, 1d 
 Charlotte H., wife of Lorenzo Myersd. Mar. 27, 1856, ae 27y, 4m, 19dShe was a dutiful daughter, a loving wife.
A tender parent and an affectionate friend.
I, Lot 14Knettles, Mrs. John - purchased Aug. 1, 1928  
 John P. Knettles1865 - 1928 
 Delta H., his wife1870 - 1960 
I, Lot 13Croft Lot - purchased October 14, 1915  
 Fred D. Croft1879 - 1915 
 Florence R. Myers, his wife1876 - 1956 
 Claude Webster Croft, their son1905 - Jan. 8, 1987Claude and Josephine Mary had 2 sons: Fred
W. Croft of Baltimore and Bruce N. Croft of
Minneapolis. Josephine Mary was born in
Italy and had a brother, Donald Scalia, and a
sister, Jean Osborn.
 Josephine Mary Croft, wife of Claude Croft1910 - Aug. 1986 
I, Lot 16George Wager veteran's flag1838 - 1912Civil War
 Harriet Brown, his wife1842 - 1919 
 Ann Brownno dates, ae 47y 
I, Lot 17Our Little Freddieno dates 
IEgbert, son of Norman and Abigail Stowelld. Mar. 4, 1856, ae 3y, 11m, 19d 
IEugenia A., dau of S.B. & Hester Hayesd. Jun. 8, 1858, ae 8y, 9m, 28d 
IJohn Wildrickd. May 8, 1853, ae 71y 
 Our Motherd. Sep. 5, 1865, ae 46y, 6m, 10d 
I, Lot 20Elizabeth Weaver1802 - 1872 
 Barney Moore, her son1845 - 1916 
Between I and JBaby Alex, son of Matthew & Aliene Shulman1982 - 1983 
Section Jlong empty space to small stone, possibly a footer with: J N  
J, Lot 9Jesse Robinsd. Feb. 10, 1868, ae 78y, 8m 
 Catharine, his wifed. May 13, 1863, ae 70y, 9mWe cherish their memory still
 John Robinsd. Jun. 6, 1838, ae. 77 yr., 5 mo., 6 da.Gone But Not Forgotten
J, Lot 10Abner PresseyDec. 8, 1809 - Feb. 3, 1872 
 Rachel, his wifeMar. 14, 1813 - Aug. 15, 1884 
 Harvey W., their sond. Dec. 25, 1839, ae. 10 mo., 9 da. 
 Lydia Ann, their dau.d. Nov. 21, 1870, ae 21y, 4m, 11d 
J, Lot 2Isaac N. Emmonsd. Feb. 29, 1864, ae 68yOur Mother and Father
 Anna B., his wifed. Mar. 5, 1858, ae 67y 
 Peter W., son of I.N. & A. Emmonsd. Mar. 13, 1836, ae 6m 
 Clarissa J., wife of Joseph Emmonsd. Dec. 11, 1867, ae 43y, 9m, 7d 
J, Lot 2Louisa E. Mack Lot - purchased January 2, 1881  
 John W. MackJun. 27, 1836 - Jun. 7, 1903 
 Louisa, his wifeJan 18, 1829 - Nov. 20, 1891old record had yr of death 1881
 Minnie, wife of E. E. PloughMar. 9, 1862 - Mar. 3, 1885 
 Lucy, 2nd wife of J. W. MackSep. 7, 1837 - Mar. 30, 1904 
J, Lot 3James Carman1809 - 1863 
 Saphrona, his wife1808 - 1904 
 Adelia M. Carman, 2nd wife of Ferdinand Sperry1836 - 1908 
J, Lot 7Calvin D. Bower1841 - 1908 
 George L. Bower1837 - 1915 
 Sarah M. Van Zandt, his wife1847 - 1915 
 Joseph, son of G. L. & S. Bowerd. Sep. 19, 1882, ae 4m 
 Joseph W. Bowerd. Sep. 17, 1861, ae 62y 
 Mary, his wifed. Oct. 8, 1890, ae 88y 
J, Lot 5Solomon Price veteran's flagd. Jan. 25, 1887, ae 82yCivil War
discharged for being too old
 Polly J., wife of Solomon Priced. Feb. 14, 1873, ae 55y, 10m, 26d 
 William H. Price veteran's flagd. Jan. 18, 1900, ae 56yCivil War
Co. G, 2nd Regt., NYS Vol.
 Olive Wood Price1847 - 1917 
J, Lot 8Webster Croft1849 - 1939 
 Mary Etta, his wife1847 - 1915 
JLucinda, wife of Joseph Kratzerd. Aug. 25, 1894, ae 70y 
JNelson Crittendend. Apr. 28, 18_4, ae 7_y 
 Matilda, his wifed. Apr. 15, 1882, ae 69y 
JHoratio Nelson Ludlowd. Mar. 31, 1874, ae 51y 
 George Ludlowd. Apr. 19, 1871, ae 83y 
 Infant son of Horatio & Elizabeth Ludlowd. Feb. 26, 1861 
 Francis, son of George & Betsey Ludlowd. Feb. 22, 1842, ae 4y, 8m, 15d 
 Betsey Ludlow, wife of George Ludlowd. May 2, 1868, ae 82y 
J, Lot 4Edson W. Bower, son of Willard & Marilla Bowerd. Jun. 7, 1863, ae 12y, 9m, 15d 
 Edith A Bower, daughter1853 - 1935Burial Book: Grave dug Nov. 23, 1935; p. 37.
 Hattie Bower Carroll, dau & wife of Richard Carroll1859 - 1914 
 Marilla Cazar, wife of W. C. Bower1820 - 1904 
 W. C. Bower1819 - 1903 
 Marshall C. Bower1857 - 1907 
JElvira Wood1853 - 1905 
 Jerome Wood1849 - 1918 
JAaron WoodNov. 26, 1824 - Aug. 20, 1898 
 Mary A., wife of Aaron WoodFeb. 26, 1829 - Jan. 12, 1880 
 Rachel A. Wod, dau. of Aaron & Mary Woodd. Oct. 18, 1864, ae 9y, 9m, 24d 
JMary Jane Woodd. Jul. 26, 1902, ae 74y 
JEmily, wife of John D. Draked. Dec. 2, 1866, ae 49y, 4m, 17d 
JMrs. Harriet, consort of David R. Wigginsd. Apr. 2, 1837, ae 22y, 2m, 7d 
JWilliam II, son of Alexander & Margaret Grayd. Aug. 30, 1847, ae 6m, 14d 
J, Lot 6Helen Brown Morse1842 - 1922 
 Stephen G. Brown veteran's flag1897 - 1950Veteran, WW I
 Luella A. Brown1868 - 1958 
 George Brown1847 - 1909 
 Helen Agusta Shephard, dau. of Mary Brown Shephard1856 - 1931Burial Book: p.24. Grave dug Nov. 19, 1931
 Mary Brown Shephard1828 - 1900 
 Margaret Brown Ormsby1838 - 1896 
 Florean Ormsby, dates 
 Clarissa Brown, wife of Joshua Brown1808 - 1864 
 Joshua Brown1803 - 1890 
 Ann Brownno dates 
JPreston G. DeibertJan. 22, 1902 - May 4, 1902 
JJohn Murphy veteran's flagd. Apr. 21, 1907, ae 59yCivil War.
Co. G, 15th Regt., NY CAV, NYS Vol.
 Nancy Murphyd. Jun. 8, 1932 
JElizabeth Scott, wife of Francis Scottd. Feb. 26, 1843, ae 78y, 1m, 11dBlessed are the dead which die in the Lord.
From henceforth yea saith the spirit that they.
May rest from their labours and their.
Works do follow them.
 next slate stone unreadable  
J, Lot 8Barr - Foulkes Lot - purchased July 23, 1913  
 Charles A. Barr1859 - 1938 
 Harriet D. Barr, his wife1866 - Jan. 14, 1944 
 Jesse A. Floulkes1882 - 
 Blanche L. Barr, his wife1883 - 1907 
JHorace, son of William Van Burgerd. Mar. 12, 1840, ae 18y, 7m, 13d 
JWilliam N. Burger veteran's flag1830 - 1915Civil War.
Co. G., 15th Regt., NY CAL
 Sarah A., 1st wife of William N. Burger1834 - 1868 
 Charity Malone, 2nd wife of William N. Burger1835 - 1917 
JFredrick 2 small round top stones, no inscriptions
JEmma Beach Barnes, wife of John Barnes1838 - 1927Burial Book: Grave dug June 30, 1927
 John Barnesd. Feb. 12, 1875, ae 47y, 3m, 7d 
 Abbie, dau. of John & Emma Barnesd. Apr. 15, 1876, ae 1y, 5m, 25d 
 Ruthno dates 
 Small round top stone, no inscription  
 Eleanor, wife of Jeremiah Barnesd. Aug. 27, 1860, ae 57y, 1m, 21d 
 Florano dates; ae 6y, 5m, 29d 
 Charles D. Barnes, veteran's flag son of Jeremiah & Eleanord. Apr. 12, 1862, ae 17y, 5m, 2dCivil War.
Died in U.S.S. Hospital, Alexandra, Va.
JMary Avery, wife of Squire Averyd. Jan. 13, 1858, ae 78y, 3m 
 Our Little Charleyno dates 
JMartin Murphy veteran's flagd. Jun. 15, 1866, ae 26yCivil War.
Co. G., 109th Regt., NYS Vol.
 Edmond, veteran's flag son of Martin & Joanna Murphyd. Nov. 29, 1862, ae 21y, 2m, 25dFlag at grave. Civil War. There is something wrong
with the dates/ages, if Edmond is a
son of Martin; possibly the broken stone
is the father's headstone, and there
was also a son named Martin.
 Thomas, son of Martin & Joanna Murphyd.d Aug. 28, 1851, ae 1y 
 Broken stone, footer J.M., likely Joanna Murphy  
 Broken stone, "We miss our dear father"  
JJohn Benson, Fatherd. Oct. 20, 1883, ae 49y __m, 5d 
 Erastus M. Benson1890John J. Booth, undertaker for Erastus
Benson, 1890; November 6, 1890, p. 119
Supervisor's Proceedings
 John W. Benson1899 
 Edna Flynn Lyons Thomas, dau. of Henry Benson1907 - 1965 
 Mary E. Mudge1887-1940 
 4 footers, one reads J.B.: It is said they are all buried here in a
row, only 3 having stones
 Maria, Mother  
K, Lot 7James B. Luce veteran's flag d. Oct. 18, 1900, ae 76yCivil War.
Co. F, 179th Reg. NY INF.
Military headstone, repaired by
the Sons of Civil War Veterans, Sydney
Camp #41, July 2000
 Marietta, wifeno dates 
K, Lot 1Wright Slocum1851 - Oct. 1934 
 John L., son of A. & R. Slocum1855 - 1869 
 Albert Slocum1812 - 1896 
 Roxanna Townley, his wife1823 - 1892 
K, Lot 2Slocum, Our little Pet Lambae 2y (no dates) 
K, Lot 3Alice M. Slocum, dau. of Albert & Ann Slocumd. Oct. 15, 1860, ae 16yTread lightly around this old green sod.
Where Alice sleeping lies.
Her souls ascended up to God.
Herself(?) in the skyes.
K, Lot 4Caroline, Dau. of Albert & Ann Slocumd. Mar. 4, 1851, ae 4y, 4m 
K, Lot 5Caroline, Dau. of Nichols & Deborah Slocum date of death cemented into base
K, Lot 6Nichols Slocum stone not inscribed with date of death
KCharles R. Mills1848 - 1930s/o of Eliza Myers & Robert Mills. Eliza
Myers, oldest dau. of Andrew Myers
KL. H. Fenner, M.D.d. Apr. 28, 1858, ae 41y, 3m, 28d 
 Arvilla Love, his wife1823 - 1913Arvilla Myers married first L.H. Fenner,
second Love.
 Helen A., dau. of L.H. & A.M. Fennerd. Mar. 4, 1845, ae 3y, 19d 
KArvilla (first name only) small white stone  
KAlonzo, son of Andrew & Mandana Myersd. Jun. 6, 1834, ae 17y, 7m, 23d 
KAlonzo Duane, son of Robert & Eliza Millsd. May 25, 1843, ae 3y, 7m, 11d 
KAdelbert, son of Robert & Eliza Millsd. Sep. 23, 1841, ae 4y, 4m, 25d 
KJesse, son of John & Sally Myers, whod. Dec. 22, 1827, ae 15y, 5m, 10dIn Memory of
KAndrew Myers, Jr.d. Apr. 2, 1864, ae 73y, 8m, 29dAndrew Sr. drowned about 1813 when his
boat sank off of Union Springs, Cayuga Lake.
He was abt. 60 yrs. old. His wife was
Betsy Storms.
 Mandana, wife of Andrew Myers, Jr.d. Mar. 16, 1876, ae 81y, 4m, 21dMandana was a Mack. Mandana and
Andrew Myers had 12 children. First Louisa
died at 2-1/2 yrs. old, 1815; Arvilla died the
same year at almost 1 yr. old; Alonzo lived to
be 17 yrs. old, 1834. George, in the Army,
died on the Mississippi River, 1876. Luther
and Bengo became spiritualists. Luther was
Minnie Myers' father; Minnie died Aug. 6,
1938 at 82 yrs. of age.
 Henry Myersd. Oct. 6, 1898, ae 70yHenry married Margaret Clark
KMinnie L. Myers1855 - 1938 
 Margaret Myers1829 - 1905 
 Luther Myers1820 - 1912Father of Minnie and Alice.
 Eliza A. (Slocum) Myers1853 - 1931Burial Book, p. 24: Grave dug Nov. 11, 1931
for Eliza Alcina Myers
 Bengo C. Myers1835 - 1918Bengo Myers married Eliza Slocum
KMabel, dau. of George & Grace Smithd. Jan. 11, 1901, ae 2y, 4d 
KSamuel Meadd. Aug. 6, 1855, ae 40y, 3m 
 Louisa M., wife of Samuel MeadDec. 8, 1811 - Jan. 26, 1889 
 Caroline, dau. of Samuel & Louisa Meadd. Jun. 6, 1850, ae 8y, 10m, 15d 
 Sarah, wife of John Meadd. Oct. 20, 1843, ae 25y, 7m, 6dHow sweet she shown in social life.
As Sister, mother, friend, and wife.
She's done with all below the sun.
And shines before her father's throne.
 Rebecca, wife of Robert Meadd. Apr. 15, 1842, ae 60y 
 Robert Meadd. Jun. 25, 1831, ae 65y, 4m, 2d 
 ____________, Son of Robert & Rebecca Meadd. May 7, 1825, ae. 17 yr., 1 mo., 17 da. 
K (East fence)Green Lot - purchased August 1909 Headstone reset, November 1999
by Sarah C. McKane
 George W. Green1844 - 1909 
 Adelaide A., his wife1844 - 1912 
 Parkhurst - purchased February 14, 1909  
 George L. Parkhurstd. Jan. 8, 1900, ae 36yAt Rest
KLevi E. Carver, veteran's flag son of E.L. & M. Carverd. Feb. 29, 186(1 or 4)Died a soldier in the Civil War
 Saphronia, our sisterdates illegibleAs finds the lovely flowers of June.
As perish autumns early leaves.
As this a sweet Jehoious tune.
Which some angelic spirit breathes.
Sp___ hath the loved one of our hand.
Gone to the bright, the better land.
 Mad-------nd. Mar. 5, 1868, ae 59yStone broken, no last name found
KNoah Grant1815 - 1898 
 Prudence N., his wife1816 - 1896 
 Their sons  
 Smith1842 - 1907 
 Norman1848 - 1908 
 Bower Lot - purchased November 6, 1877  
D, Lot 49Ezra BowerOct. 26, 1827 - Sep. 11, 1877 
 Cora Bower HoldenOct. 3, 1868 - Jun. 1966 
 Harriet Ruth Holden, dau. of C.N. & Ruth Holden1861 - 1905 
 Adelbert Lyon Holden, son of C.N. & Ruth Holden1855 - 1935Burial Book: Grave dug Dec. 24, 1935
D, Lot 35, N 1/2Phoebe A. Ludlow Lot - purchased September 27, 1899  
 Oliver W. Ludlowd. Aug. 17, 1900, ae 69y 
 Phoebe A. Rodney, his wifeno dates 
D, Lot 35, S 1/2Libbie Smith Lot - purchased March 17, 1902  
 Philly Smithd. Mar. 12, 1902, ae 50y 
 Libbie, his wifed. Apr. 21, 1903, ae 49y 
D, Lot 45Andrew M. Fenner Lot - purchased July 23, 1898  
 Andrew M. Fenner veteran's flagMar. 18, 1846 - Jul. 7, 1898Flag at grave. Civil War
 Annie M. Havens, his wifeFeb. 22, 1854 - Feb. 11, 1928From Burial Book: Died at Tracy City,
Tennessee, grave dug February 15, 1928
D, Lot 46Sam D. Baker Lot - purchased January 1, 1900  
 Samuel D. Baker1826 - 1905 
 Louise Maria Beardsley, his wife1827 - 1901 
 Grace Baker Storm, their daughter1863 - 1909 
 Clara Storm Brown1894 - 1960 
D, Lot 48Frank A. Drake Lot - purchased June 19, 1902  
 Edwin T. Drake veteran's flagd. Feb. 20, 1899, ae 66yCivil War
Co. G, 46th Regt., ILL. Vol.
 Ella Barnes Drake, Mother1851 - 1917 
 Presbyterian Section  
Row 2Wm. Edwin, son of Philip & Julia C. Frenchd. Feb. 23, 1837, ae 5m, 15d 
 Rodney L., son of Philip & Julia Frenchd. Dec. 23, 1846, ae 19y, 9m, 3d 
 Philip, son of Philip & Julia Frenchd. Oct. 19, 1832, ae 6m, 20d 
Row 3Magdalene, dau. of Joseph E. & Christiana Northd. Nov. 19, 1831, ae 1y, 1m, 13dChristiana North, d/o Henry Teeter
 Jerome, her brotherd. Apr. 14, 1838, ae 1y, 10m, 22d 
 Alice L., daughterd. May 22, ____, ae 6yStone had been repaired; concrete
covers the year.
 Joshua NorthMay 1, 1786 - May 6, 1865 
 Jemiah NorthSep. 21, 1789 - May 2, 1840 
Row 4John Hedden, son of Capt. Aaron Heddend. Oct. 9, 1841, ae 49y, 5m, 16d 
 Magdalene Davis, wife of John Hedden whod. Jun. 16, 1831, ae. 31 yr., 1 mo., 11 da.In Memory of
 infant son of John & Magdalene Heddenb. Jun. 6, 1831, d. same day 
 Aaron Hedden, sond. Feb. 12, 1845, ae 25y, 2m, 27d 
 Naomi Jane Hedden, daughterd. Dec. 28, 1837, ae 16y, 2m, 26d 
Row 4Eleanor, wife of Nathan A. Crawfordd. Jun. 1, 1836, ae 37y, 8m 
Row 4Naomi, wife of Thomas Northd. Aug. 25, 1844, ae 82y, 7m, 28dChildren are missing her.
A mothers grave to see.
Not long ago I dwelt with you.
But soon you'll dwell with me.
Row 4Sally, wife of Roger Northd. Jan. 10, 1826, ae 28y, 3m, 8d 
Row 5Malvena, daughter of Elisha & Mary Deldnod. Feb. 26, 1826, ae 26yIn _____ dawn of life she wisely sought her God.
And the straight path of thorny value trod.
_____ they too gentle to offend.
_____ to all the good a friend.
Row 5J. C. Morehoused. Mar. 30, 1842, ae 43y 
Row 5Cynthia, daughter of _.M. Morehouse whod. Jul. 30, 1824, ae 1y, 4m, 6dIn Memory of
Row 5Lewis Jenkins, son of Benjamin & Susan R. Joy, whod. Mar. 11, 1825, ae 17m, 20dIn Memory of
Row 5Harriet, dau. of Benjamin & Susan R. Joyd. Nov. 30, 1826, ae 9m, 19dBenjamin Joy married Susan Morehouse, d/o
Gideon Morehouse, in January 1823. They
built their home between the Presbyterian
Church and the school in Ludlowville.
 Bengo Collyer, son of Benjamin & Susan Joyd. Apr. 18, 1832, ae 1y, 9dIn Memory of
Row 5Willie, son of A. and E.M. Mandellno datesGrandson of Elizabeth and Rev.
Albert Mandell of Aurora
Row 6Laura W. Bascomd. Nov. 22, 1870, ae 81y 
 Mary, dau. of Rev. John & Laura Bascomd. July 22, 1849, ae 30y 
Row 7Robert Fauverd. Aug. 31, 1881, ae 80y 
 Hester, his wifed. Oct. 18, 1860, ae 63y 
 Charles Fauverd. Mar. 31, 1865 
Row 7Fannie Dewittd. Jan. 21, 1892, ae 69y 
Row 8John I. Brokawd. Apr. 18, 1849, ae 35y, 9m, 21d 
 Ludwick, son of John I. & Emily Brokawd. Nov. 5, 1844, ae 4y, 5m, 22d 
 Emily, wife of John I. Brokawd. Nov. 23, 1850, ae 32y, 6m, 5d 
 Hattie Belle, dau. of Wm. & M. Brokawd. Sep. 1863, ae 6m 
Row 9Thomas Ludlow veteran's flagd. Mar. 25, 1838, ae 72y 9mAmerican Revolutionary Soldier
Blessed are the dead
Major Thomas Ludlow, born in 1762 was
26 yrs. old when he came to Ludlowville.
A native of Long Island, he married Julia
Cooper, sister of Judge William Cooper of
Cooperstown, NY, who was the father of
James Fenimore Cooper. Thomas and
Julia had 8 children.
 Julia, wife of Thomas Ludlowd. May 21, 1849, ae 81y, 3m, 3d 
 Julia Ann Ludlowd. May 23, 1818, ae 13y, 4m, 19d 
 Benjamin F. Ludlowd. July 14, 1835, ae 28y, 1m, 10d 
 Jehiel Ludlowd. Aug. 11, 1839, ae 43y, 11m, 18d 
Row 10Lewis Tooker, whod. Jan. 3, 1823, ae 29y, 9mIn Memory of
 William Henry, son of Lewis & Cynthia Tooker, whod. May 28, 1819, ae 1y, 5m 
 Worn stone illegible
Row 11Charles H. Eddyd. Mar. 28, 1838, ae 1y, 9m, 25d 
 Elizabeth, wife of Asa Eddyd. Mar. 9, 1832, ae 34y, 11m, 12d 
 Mary Louise d. _____, 1838(?)broken slate stone
Row 12Christopher Hockmand. Jun. 4, 1853, ae 57y, 6m, 23d 
 Catharine, wife of Christopher Hockmand. May 26, 1884, ae. 78 yr., 5 mo., 10 da. 
 Daniel 1822 - 1893 
 Martha, wife of Daniel Hockmand. Jun. 16, 1865, ae 37y, 1_ m, 2d 
Row 13Capt. James L. Townley veteran's flagd. Oct. 30, 1826, ae 33y, 8m, 28dWar of 1812
 Almira, wife of James L. Townleyd. May 15, 1827, ae 29y, 10m, 18d 
Row 14John Greelyd. Nov. 6, 1893, ae 70y 
Row 14Mary, dau. of Josiah and Gertrude Westmillerd. Mar. 13, 1843, ae 7y, 5m, 17d 
 Harriet Newell, dau. of Josiah & Gertrude Westmillerd. Aug. 21, 1839, ae 5wk.Sleep on sweet baby and take thy rest.
Tis God that calls when he thinks best.
Row 15Arcieci Giuseppemorto 19 Aprile 1915 
East side hillCharles Vail1904 
East side hillElmer R. Hakes1884 - 1906 
East side hillAlford BolinMay 24, 1859 - Feb. 19, 1899born in Sweden
East side hillEdward J. Shook, son of Joseph & Elizabeth ShookOct. 21, 1874 - Sep. 13, 1896 
 From old record; not found in 2001:  
 James ______d. May 7, 1821 
 William _____d. Sep. 22, 1822, ae 6m 
 Phillip _____d. Oct. 19, 1832, ae 6m 20d, s/o Phillip _____ 
 Alamanson Allend. Mar. 28, 1839, ae 27y 5m 
 Flora Price Morey d. Nov. 14, 1933, ae 56y w/o Jay Morey
d/o William & Olive Price
This burial is in the Annex (new section).

The location is unknown for the following burials (records for Hedden lot not found):
Anis Belle Hedden, p. 10, old book of burials, Pine Grove, dug grave January 21, 1926 on Hedden Lot.
Maria Bell Hawley, dug grave November 17, 1931, p. 24 old burial book. Buried on father's lot. She delivered the mail in Ludlowville. Picked up the mail at the Ludlowville Depot in Myers and brought it to Ludlowville by horse and wagon, and calling out "make way for the mail".
Infant daughter of George Varga, dug grave July 19, 1923 (from old burial book).

Following burials are thought to be on the Clark-Luce Lot (records for this lot not found)
Louis Swayze, infant son of Leonard and Lenora Luce Swayze. August 30, 1934, digging grave for Leonard Swayze baby on Mrs. Dave Clark's lot - Luce Lot. P. 32 of old burial book.
Viola Luce, d. Apr. 23, 1905, ae 14 y; d/o of Mary Kinney Luce Clark
Mary Kinney Luce Clark (dates unknown). Her 1st husband d. Sept. 28, 1904. Lew Luce drowned in Cayuga Lake

Nina (Christofferson) McAndrews and her late husband, Pat, spent several years clearing the old ground, and cleaning headstones in this old section of the Ludlowville Pine Grove Cemetery. Nina has recorded the cemetery by walking it and reading headstone inscriptions. Nina, along with her sister, Sarah (Christofferson) McKane finished recording the cemetery in the summer of 2001. In the fall of 2001, Nina, Sarah, and Cheryl walked the cemetery comparing Nina's records to the headstones as an additional check. In February 2003, the Ludlowville Pine Grove Cemetery Association donated their burial records. This record is a combination of Nina's records and the burial records of the Ludlowville Pine Grove Cemetery Association.

Thank you Ina Sutfin for transcribing the original records into digital format (1998).
Thank you Olive Hoffman for sharing your family records.
Thank you Nina (Christofferson) McAndrews for donating your records (2001).
Thank you Ludlowville Pine Grove Cemetery Assocation for donating burial records (2003).
Updated record transcribed by Cheryl Hall (2003).

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