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Knapp Cemetery

Also known as: Ringwood Cemetery

Located on Ringwood Road
Town of Dryden, Tompkins County, NY.
Cemetery is inactive.

This record is as complete as possible at this time.

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Knapp Cemetery
Photos by Cheryl Hall (May 2006)
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  Surname Given Name(s)/Relationship Date(s)/Age
  Bailey Silas d. July 5, 1843 ae 36yr 4mo 23da
  Barrows Arvilla A., dau of Lyman & Betsey P. Barrows d. July 30, 1841 ae 4yr
  Barrows Charles L., son of Lyman & Betsey P. Barrows d. Aug. 4, 1841 ae 8yr 10mo 27da
  Barrows Rhoda R., dau of of Lyman & Betsey P. Barrows d. July 26, 1841, ae 6yr
  Barrows Uriah C., s/o Lyman & Betsey Barrows d. June 29, 1839 ae 2mo
  Benjamin Josiah d. Nov. 20, 1841 ae 44yr 9mo 6da
  Bogart Peter A., son of Aaron & Susan Bogart d. Apr. 25, 1842 ae 4yr 1mo
  Brotherton Betsey d. Aug. 4, 1872 ae 32yr
  Brotherton Mary E., dau of David & Betsey Brotherton d. Aug. 12, 1863 ae 5yr 9mo 12da
  Brotherton Rebecca, wife of Zalmon Brotherton d. June 17, 1852 ae 53yr 4mo 17da
  Brotherton Zalmon d. Sept. 27, 1865 ae 72yr
  Crapser Phebe M., wife of Eliphalet Crapser d. Mar. 14, 1852 ae 20yr 4mo 21d
  Crapser Eliza, wife of William H. Crapser d. Oct. 1, 1870 ae 61yr 11mo 15d
View Stone Crapser William H. d. Apr. 10, 1844 ae 36yr 3mo
  Duesenbury Betsey (Stone), wife of E.S. Duesenbury d. Dec. 19, 1872 ae 78yr
  Freeman Berthena, wife of Worthington Freeman d. Nov. 10, 1859 ae 46yr 7mo 7da
  Hemingway Daniel J., son of Joseph B. & Lydia Hemingway d. Nov. 30, 1840 ae 2yr
  Hemingway Eliza M., wife of Henry H. Hemingway d. July 5, 1856 ae 21yr 1mo 24d
  Hemingway Sarah S., dau of Samuel J. & Sally Hemingway d. Aug. 27, 1841 ae 1yr
  Hogoboom Susan S., w/o Henry Hogoboom d. suddenly on June 15, 1839 ae 23yr 4mo 5da
View Stone Johnson Satira M. (Crasper), wife of Thomas Johnson d. Aug. 10, 1879 ae 35yr 11m 11d
  Johnson Thomas b. July 5, 1832 d. Oct. 17, 1910
  Knapp George H., son of Cyrus & Helen Knapp d. Sept. 22, 1864 ae 2yr 1mo 17da
  Knapp Mary, dau of Newcomb & Polly Knapp d. May 4, 1849 ae 27yr 3mo 7da
  Knapp Newcomb d. Dec. 20, 1860 ae 82yr 1mo 27da
  Knapp Polly, wife of Newcomb Knapp d. Aug. 5, 1864 ae 80yr 4mo
  Morgan Thomas d. Feb. 13, 1873 ae 73yr 1mo 13da
  Morgan Amy, dau of Thomas & Isabella Morgan d. Nov. 23, 1846 ae 14yr 1mo 19da
  Morgan Daniel, son of Thomas & Isabella Morgan d. Dec. 6, 1846 ae 11yr 5mo 22da
  Morgan Harriet, dau of Thomas & Isabella Morgan d. Nov. 27, 1846 ae 4yr 11mo 5da
  Morgan William O., son of Thomas & Isabella Morgan d. Feb. 3, 1862 ae 10yr
  Rice Josiah d. June 1, 1864 ae 74yr 12da
View Stone Rice Nabby (Adams), wife of Josiah Rice d. Sept. 19, 1865 ae 73yr 8mo 27da
  Shephard Philip d. Apr. 16, 1853 ae 38yr 8mo 15da
  Shepherd Emiline, wife of Giles Shepherd d. Feb. 20, 1856 ae 72yr 10mo 5da
  Stone Polly, wife of Silas Stone d. May 28, 1843, in her 80th yr
  Todd Doughty, wife of George Todd d. Jan. 29, 1859 ae 78yr 9mo 26da
  Todd Elmira, dau of George & Doughty Todd d. Sept. 18, 1841 ae 17yr 1mo
View Stone Todd George d. Jan. 11, 1840 ae 62yr 2mo 15da

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