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Brown District Cemetery

Also known as: Brown Cemetery

Location: Warren Road, North of Airport. Located on Cornell University property.
Town of Lansing, Tompkins County, NY.
Cemetery is inactive.

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This record is as complete as possible at this time.

Headstone inscriptions were copied by S. Harring & Isabelle Parish, November 14, 1952.

photograph of cemetery
Cemetery is behind fence in the trees.
Photo by Cathy Knauff
(larger photo)

Please use Notes as a guide only!

Surname Given Name Birth/Death Dates Notes
Anthony Mrs. Margaret Dec. 24, 1827 age 67 yr  
Anthony Amelia Ann, wife of ______ Anthony died - unreadable  
Arnold Melissa B., w/o Lauren B. Arnold Apr 21, 1866, age 46 yr This stone is meant to be a token.
That the ties of love are still unbroken.
Going from earth to Heaven above.
Increases tenderness and love.
Bishop Mary, w/o James Bishop b. Jan 12, 1765 d. Oct 30, 1855  
Bishop James b. April 30, 1751 d. Aug. 13, 1827 veteran's flag Revolutionary War Soldier
Bishop Flavilla d. Nov 23, 1865, age 40 yr  
Bishop Rilla departed this life Sept. 12, 1848; no age  
Bishop Newton (no dates) age 42 yr  
Bishop Dear Sister age 26 no dates.  
Bishop Nancy, w/o Thomas Bishop b. May 2, 1796, d. Sept 13, 1857  
Bishop ________? d. Oct 16, 1866, age 76 yr  
Bishop Cinthia, w/o Lambert Bishop d. Jan 31, 1862, age 60 yr  
Bishop Edgar, s/o Lambert & Cinthia Bishop d. Dec. 11, 1853, age 20 yr  
Bishop Horace, s/o Lambert & Cinthia Bishop d. Dec. 21, 1852, age 18 yr  
Bishop Lambert d. Aug 21, 1869, age 69 yr  
Brown Isaiah d. Aug 2, 1865 age 55yr 5m 13da  
Brown Sally, w/o Isaiah Brown d. Mar 8, 1854 age 40yr 8mo 10da  
Brown George, son of Luther & Sarah Brown died Oct. 1, 1848 age 1 yr  
Brown Elizabeth, w/o Samuel R. Brown d. July 21, 1840, age 79 yr Elizabeth Miller
Brown Samuel R. d. July 4, 1833 Samuel R. Brown — Will Dec. 7, 1831. Probate Aug. 26, 1833; Died July 4, 1833 age about 76 — View Probate record
Brown Sarah d. Aug. 2, 1865 aged 55yr 5mo 13dy  
Brown Aaron d. Aug. 4, 1850 age 52yr 10m 13da  
Brown Huldah, w/o Aaron Brown d. Sept. 14, 1861 age 64y 2m 26da  
Brown Anna, d/o Aaron & Huldah Brown d. Feb. 25, 1855 age 32y 11m 21da  
Brown Christopher d. Dec. 4, 1849 age 66yr 5m Married Mary Snyder, dau. of Christopher Snyder
Brown Mary, wife of Christopher Brown d. Aug 14, 1825 age 40 yr dau. of Christopher Snyder (her father is buried in Robertson Cemetery, Dryden, NY)
Brown Elisabeth, d/o Christopher & Mary Brown d. Mar 9, 1829 age 24yr  
Brown Samuel, s/o Christopher & Aletha Brown d. Aug 18, 1851 age 18yr 2mo 6da  
Brown John d. Mar. 16, 1844, age 28 yr  
Brown Arad d. Apr 18, 1856 age 38yr 9m 18da  
Brown Frank, s/o Arad & Mary A. Brown d. Nov  15, 1855 or 1857, age 8 mo "Happy Frank, Early bless,
rest with Papa, darling rest".
Brown Biermtha, d/o Aaron & Huldah Brown d. Oct. 11, 1828 age 44yr 8m 23da  
Brown Edwin L., s/o Arad & Mary A. Brown d. Apr 2, 1868 age 18 yr  
Brown Fanny M., w/o Arad Brown d. Dec 25, 1845 age 27yr 4m 27da  
Brown Norman, s/o Arad & Fanny Brown d. Mar 13, 1842 ae 8mo 18da  
Brown Samuel d. July 4, 1857 age 68yr 5mo 4da  
Brown Jane, w/o Samuel Brown d. Mar 27, 1848 age 50 yr  
Brown Mrs. James d. Apr 16, 1873 age 51 yr (See below Mr. James Brown)
Brown Mr. James d. April 16, 1873 age 51 "Friends and physicians could not save.
This mortal body from the grave.
Nor can the grave ______ him here,
when Christ shall call."

(it is unclear if this is Mr. or Mrs James Brown)
Brown Phinetta F., w/o Reuben Brown d. Jan 15, 1866 age 44yr 6m 25da  
Brown Reuben d. Jan 17, 1869 age 47yr 2m 22da  
Brown Eunice, w/o Benony Brown d. Mar 25, 1812 age 88 yr Record is found that Benony Brown is also buried here.
His headstone was not located.
Brown Eunice no dates (may be same as above)
Brown Samuel, son of Eunice & ______ no dates  
Brown Christopher no dates  
Cary Esther Elizabeth, d/o Samuel H. & Esther Cary d. Apr. 29, 1831 age 6 yr  
Grant Mary, w/o Wheeler Grant d. Apr 10, 1857, age 59y 6mo 15da  
Grant Wheeler d. May 14, 1866, age 78 yr  
Green Washington d. Jan 15, 1848 age 25 yr  
Hogan Mrs. Phebe, wife of James B. Hogan d. Sept. 21, 1832 age 25yr 25da  
Howe Ann b. Apr 10, 1796 d. Mar 12, 1883  
Howe Arad J. d. Nov. 22, 1843 age 20yr 11mo 28da "My parents kind and brothers dear,
My sisters, I must leave you here,
For sure you can see,
Prepare to die and follow me."
Manning Permelia Ann, w/o Jesse Manning d. July 29, 1845 age 27 yr  
Parson Sally, wife of Thompson Parson d. May 8, 1858 age 82 yr  
Parson Thompson d. Oct 4, 1855 age 80 yr  
Taylor Catherine, w/o Abraham Taylor d. Feb 4, 1823 age 41 yr  
Teeter Infant dau. of Elias & Rachel Teeter d. May 17, 1827 age 3 mo Elias is believed to be the son of Elizabeth (Beidelman) Teeter. It is unknown who Rachel, his wife, was.
Welch Hannah, w/o Walter B. Welch d. Sept 26, 1848 age 57 yr "My flesh shall slumber in the grave.
Till the last trumpets joyful sound.
When in my Saviors shape arise.
And bid farewell to all below the skies."
Welch Mary Ann, d/o Walter B & Hannah Welch d. Dec. 24, 1835 ae 17 yr  
Woodruff Mary M., d/o T.T. & Eliza A. Woodruff d. Dec. 7, 1843 ae 8 yr  
Woodruff Timothy J., s/o T.T. & Elisabeth Woodruff d. Dec 14, 1843 ae 3 yr  
Woodruff Timothy d. May 23, 1823 ae 57 yr  
Note: Historical marker near Etna Grange Hall: Home of Henry LaBarr 1755-1749 — A Revolutionary soldier — He purchased land here in 1817, and built this house about 1832. He is buried in Asbury Cemetery, Lansing, NY.

First record was transcribed by Harold Hooper from the records of Dora Pope Worden. Thank you Harold.
This record was transcribed by Janet M. Nash for the Tompkins Co., NYGenWeb Site using the records of Isabelle Parish.

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