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East Lansing Cemetery

270 Luce Road, private property. The East Lansing Church was converted to a private home.
Town of Lansing, Tompkins County, NY
Cemetery is inactive.

Map (Tax Map, off-site from Tompkins Co. Gov)

This record is as complete as possible at this time.

The following headstone inscriptions were copied 9 August 1945 by S. M. Haring and I. H. Parish.
Alternate source(s) is so noted.
If conflicting data is included, it is in your best interest to do further research.

photograph of cemetery
Photo by Cheryl Hall, taken 8 Oct. 2010
(larger photo)

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  Surname Given Name(s) Date(s) Notes
  ADANY George, s/o ___ and Elizabeth A. d. Aug 25, 1844 age 4m 25d "Tompkins County Tombstone Inscriptions" has Adany, George J., s/o Ebenezer & Elizabeth - d. Aug 25, 1844 ae 5m
  ADANY Elizabeth, d/o ___ and Elizabeth A. d. Sept 7, 1846 age 2m 11d "Tompkins County Tombstone Inscriptions" has: Adany, Elizabeth, d/o E. & E. - d. Sept 7, 1846 ae 3m
  ALLEN Weston d. July 20, 1832 age 61y  
  ALLEN Mrs. Jemenise, wife d. Jan 5, 1836 age 6?-1-28 "Tompkins County Tombstone Inscriptions" has Jemina, w/o Weston Allen, d. Apr 5, 1836 ae 63 yr
  ALLEN Eliza, daughter of Elias & Sally A. d. Jun 3, 1838 age 1y 3m  
  ALLEN Hannah, daughter of Elias & Sally A. No dates  
  ALLEN Eben Oscar, son of David & Hannah d. Dec 7, 1835 age 2y  
  ALLEN Francis M., daughter of David & Hannah date illegible  
  ALLEN Phoebe Ann, daughter of David & Hannah d. Dec 11, 1835 age 8-4-21  
  ALLEN Sloney - son of David & Hannah d. Nov 28, 1835 age 11 months  
  BAKER Elizabeth, w/o Dr. Oliver Baker d. Nov 28, 1832 ae 40y 7m 26d From "Tompkins County Tombstone Inscriptions"
  BALDWIN Cordelia, wife of Lewis B. d. Sept 3, 1843 age 40y  
  BALDWIN Morrison, infant son of Lewis B. & Cordelia No Dates  
  BOWER George Feb 5, 1775 - Apr 1, 1843 ae 68 Born in Pennsylvania
  BOWER Elizabeth, wife d. July 13, 1857 age 78y  
  BOWER Henry, son d. Apr 6, 1832 age 22y  
  BOWER Catherine, daughter d. Jan 1, 1836 age 35y  
  BOWER James, son d. Sept 23, 1838 age 34y  
  BOWER Charles, son of Tillman & Martha F. d. Jul 29, 1839 age 6m  
  BROOKS Phoebe, wife of David Brooks d. Feb 11, 1860 age 67y 1m 7d  
  BROWN James William, s/o Benoni & Hannah L. d. Apr 29, 1831 ae 4 yr From "Tompkins County Tombstone Inscriptions"
  BUCK Asahel Aug 30, 1795 - Nov 26, 1866  
  BUCK Betsey CASE, wife Mar 26, 1799 - Sept 23, 1849  
  BUCK Lucy, daughter d. Dec 2, 1840 age 19y  
  BUCK Theron, son of S. B. & Catherine B. d. 1864 age 21d  
  BUCK Glen A., son of S. B. & Catherine B. d. Apr 6, 1868 age 5m  
  BUCK Melinda LUDLOW, wife of Asahel Apr 1, 1822 - May 20, 1906  
  BUCK Frank H. d. Feb 7, 1869 age 11y 6m "Tompkins County Tombstone Inscriptions" has: Buck, Franklin, d. Feb 7, 1869 ae 14 yr
  BUCK Julia, d/o A. & B. Buck d. Apr 1, 1864 ae 25y 3m From "Tompkins County Tombstone Inscriptions"
  BUCK James G. 1832-1910  
  BUCK Harriet H., wife 1834-1914  
  BUCK Charles L. 1857-19__  
  BUCK Nellie R., wife 1858-1889  
  BUCK Alva B. 1834-1907  
  BUCK Helen M. (Hatch), wife 1839-1865  
  BUCK Hattie E. (Hatch), wife 1843-1910  
  BUCK Deacon Daniel d. Apr 11, 1855 age 68y  
  BUCK Nancy, daughter d. Oct. 31, 1849 age 35y  
  BUCK Sally, wife d. May 7, 1838 age 48y "Tompkins County Tombstone Inscriptions" has Buck, Sally, w/o Deacon Daniel Buck - d. Feb 27, 1865 ae 80 yr
  BUCK Benjamin d. Feb 4, 1851 ae 88 yr From "Tompkins County Tombstone Inscriptions"
  BUCK Sally Ann, d/o Marvin & Hannah Buck d. Jan 28, 1840 ae 21 yr From "Tompkins County Tombstone Inscriptions"
  BUCK Hannah, w/o Marvin Buck d. Jan 9, 1829 ae 31 yr From "Tompkins County Tombstone Inscriptions"
  BUCK Ichabod, s/o Benjamin & Phebe Buck d. Sept 20, 1838 ae 39 yr From "Tompkins County Tombstone Inscriptions"
  BUCK Phebe, w/o Benjamin Buck d. Jul 22, 1833 ae 67 yr From "Tompkins County Tombstone Inscriptions"
  BUCKLEY Clarissa, w/o Hill Buckley d. ___ age 84y 1m  
  BUCKLEY Hiram H., s/o Lorenzo & Juliette E. B. d. Sept 30, 1863 age 4y 11d  
  CALEY Hugh, father 1835-1902  
  CALEY Edward 1869-1934  
  CALEY Clara 1877-1916  
  CALEY Margaret 1903-1924  
  CALEY Ebiha, son of ___ and Polly Caley ___ No Dates  
  CASE Andrew d. Mar 25, 1852 age 36y  
  CASE Esther, wife of John Case d. Apr 6, 1838 age 40y  
  CASE Harriet, daughter of John Case & Esther C. d. Sept 19, 1840 age 20y  
  CASE Theophilus d. Dec 5, 1836 age 71y  
  CASE Fred, s/o Erastus & Helen Case d. Aug 30, 1865 ae 15 mo From "Tompkins County Tombstone Inscriptions"
  CLARK Charles, son of N. J. & Elma C. d. Jun 18, 1843 age 2-21  
  COLTON Rhoda, wife of Reuben Colton d. Jan 22, 1844 age 74  
  COLTON Amanda, wife of Lorenzo Colton d. Feb 9, 1855 age 32-8-12 "Tompkins County Tombstone Inscriptions" has: Colton, Amanda, w/o Lorenzo Colton, d. Feb 9, 1888 ae 32 yr
  COLTON Charles, son of Aremel & Aurillo C. d. Jul 8, 1840 age 2y 4m 18d "Tompkins County Tombstone Inscriptions" has: Charles, s/o Orenel & Asrilla Colton with the same date
  CANKLIN Catherine, daughter of Gilbert & Catherine C. d. Apr 7, 1842 age 15 Perhaps CONKLIN??
  CONNOR William veteran's flag d. Aug 24, 1911 Co. K, N.Y. 179 Regt.
  CONNOR Margaret (Ryan), wife Jan 18, 1840 - Jun 1, 1882  
  CONNOR Mina E. Apr 28, 1869 - May 11, 1883  
  CONNOR George J. Mar 15, 1860 - Apr 7, 1905  
  CONNOR Mary (Beash), wife Oct 22, 1872 - Sept 8, 1906  
  DEARMAN George d. Feb 4, 1857 age 87y  
  DEARMAN Sarah, wife d. Mar. 31, 1870 age 79y  
  DEARMAN William d. Aug. 30, 1842 age 52y 8m 25d  
  DEARMAN Lucinda, wife of Henry D. d. Feb. 4, 1839 age 28y  
  DELHART Phoebe, wife of William Delhart Sept 25, 1829 - Aug 13, 1855 "Mother has gone to rest"
  DELHART Margaret, wife of William Delhart d. Jul 31, 1852 age 21y 5m 21d  
  DOUGLAS John W. 1857-1891  
  DOUGLAS John d. Jul 12, 1831 age 50y  
  DOUGLAS Sarah B., wife d. Apr 22, 1871 age 86y  
  DOUGLAS Chauncey d. Sept 22, 1864 age 49y  
  DOUGLAS Margaret, wife d. Jan 29, 1865 age 45y  
  DOUGLAS Emma M., d/o John & Mary Douglas d. Oct 20, 1869 ae 2y From "Tompkins County Tombstone Inscriptions"
  GRAVES Ellen A., wife of Alphonso Graves d. May 21, 1822 age 25y  
  GRAVES Emma M. 1861 - ___  
  GRAVES Ellen, d/o Alpheus & Ellen Graves d. May 21, 1872 ae 25y From "Tompkins County Tombstone Inscriptions"
  GRAVES Frank N., s/o Alpheus & Ellen Graves d. Apr 21, 1871 ae 3m From "Tompkins County Tombstone Inscriptions"
  GRAVES Nancy Maria, w/o Nelson Graves d. Mar 27, 1870 ae 44y 10m 7d From "Tompkins County Tombstone Inscriptions"
  HARING Cornelius d. Jan 9, 1824 age 79y 5m 15d  
  HARING Abraham d. May 21, 1836 age 46y 11m  
  HARING Betsey (Miller) d. Mar 26, 1862 age 71y 9m 24d wive of both Abraham & of James Miller
  HARING John d. Dec 18, 1900 age 89y  
  HARING Almina, wife d. Apr 13, 1875 age 63y  
  HARING James, son d. Jun 5, 1838 age 8m  
  HARING Chauncey Sept 1849 - Apr 14, 1895  
  HARING Nellie (Buck), wife Aug 17, 1851 - Jan 26, 1917  
  HARING James M. 1839-1916  
  HARING Jennie S. (Hatch), wife d. May 11, 1885 age 44y 2m 2d  
  HARING Elbert H., son d. 1880 in his 5th year  
  HARING Florence, daughter d. Sept 14, 1879 age 19m  
  HATCH Eda veteran's flag d. Dec 6, 1849 age 89y American Revolution
  HATCH Eunice d. Jun 19, 1848 age 85y "Tompkins County Tombstone Inscriptions" has: Hatch, Eunice, w/o of Eda Hatch, d. Dec 6, 1848 ae 85y
  HATCH Sally, daughter d. Dec 9, 1870 age 75y "Tompkins County Tombstone Inscriptions" has: Hatch, Sally, d/o E. & E. Hatch, d. Dec 19, 1870 ae 75y
  HATCH Eleazer 1808-1871  
  HATCH Maria (Haring), wife 1808-1853 "Tompkins County Tombstone Inscriptions" has: Hatch, Maria (Haring), w/o Eleazer Hatch with same dates
  HATCH Lorena (Buck), wife 1820-1906  
  HOWLAND Albert _____ No Dates Rootsweb gedcom has Albert Howland born 23 Mar 1857 in Delaware Co., NY; died 18 Aug 1934 in Lansing, Tompkins Co., NY; married Emma Harring in East Lansing, Tompkins County, NY on 11 Oct 1883.
  HOWLAND Emma, wife d. Sept 10, 1896 age 49y  
  HEDDEN Luther d. May 5, 1868 age 11y 3m "Tompkins County Tombstone Inscriptions" has: Luther, d. May 3, 1868 ae 81y 3m
  HEDDEN Sally, wife d. Oct 21, 1851 age 59y 6m "Tompkins County Tombstone Inscriptions" has: Sally, w/o Luther Hedden
  HEDDEN Rhoda Lawson, daughter d. Feb 8, 1847 age 24y 9m 29d "Tompkins County Tombstone Inscriptions" has: Rhoda Lamson, d/o Luther & Sally
  HEDDEN James M. d. Apr 11, 1844 age 29y 8m  
  HEDDEN Amy L., daughter of Jas and Eliza H. d. Nov 14, 1853 age 14y 4m 27d  
  HEDDEN Allmena, daughter of Jas and Eliza H. d. Nov 6, 1836 age 3y 8m 17d  
  HEDDEN Moses L. d. Aug 26, 1842  
  HEDDEN John d. ___, age 31-6-28  
  HEDDEN John d. Apr 20, 1862 age 81-2-11  
  HEDDEN Josiah d. Mar 20, 1846 ae 68y 10m 22d  
  HEDDEN Martha, daughter of J. and H. Hedden d. Apr 3, 1824 age 2y 1m 10d "Tompkins County Tombstone Inscriptions" has: Martha, d/o Josiah & Hannah
  HEDDEN Aaron d. May 7, 1825 age 72y 5m  
  HEDDEN Mary, wife d. Jun 18, 1824 age 38-9-5  
  HEDDEN Mary, daughter of Aaron H. 2nd d. Mar 17, 1825 age 18  
  HEDDEN Martha, daughter of Aaron and Polly H. d. Nov 10, 1860 age 5y 4m 21d "Tompkins County Tombstone Inscriptions" has: Martha, d. Nov 6, 1860 ae 36y 4m 2d
  HEDDEN Martha, wife of Aaron Hedden d. Jun 2, 1828 age 75y 8m 5d  
  HEDDEN Hannah d. Dec 6, 1836 age ?2y 25d "Tompkins County Tombstone Inscriptions" has: Hannah, d. Dec 6, 1830 ae 82y 25d
  HEDDEN Aaron d. Apr 20, 1864 ae 81y 2m 16d From "Tompkins County Tombstone Inscriptions"
  HEDDEN Hannah, w/o Aaron Hedden d. Mar 5, 1846 ae 40 yr From "Tompkins County Tombstone Inscriptions"
  HALMER Sarah M. d. Dec 17, 1854 age 40  
  HALMER Little Ella No Dates  
  HOLLISTER Melvin, s/o James & Melissa Hollister d. May 1, 1839 ae 2y From "Tompkins County Tombstone Inscriptions"
  HOLMES Sarah M. d. Dec 11, 1854 ae 40y From "Tompkins County Tombstone Inscriptions"
View Stone HOWE Mary, wife of Squire Howe d. Jun 7, 1838 age 41y 1m 1d  
  HOWE James T. veteran's flag d. Sept 15, 1863 ae 42y 5m 19d Co. K. 143 Regt N.Y.S.V.
  HOWE Manley N. veteran's flag Jun 12, 1842 - Apr 7, 1891 Co. K. 137 Regt. N.Y.S.V.
Enlisted August 15, 1862; Discharged November 19, 1865
  HOWE Angeline M. (Garkine) 1836-1908  
  HOWE Permelhay 1869-1970  
  HOWE Timothy d. May 2, 1829 age 76  
  HOWE Rezia H., wife d. Jan. 23, 1825 age 69y "Tompkins County Tombstone Inscriptions" has: Keziah, w/o Timothy, d. Jul 23, 1825
  HOWE Marrina d. Mar 1, 1821 age 83  
  HOWE Harrison, son of ____ & Betsey H. d. Feb 11, 1832 age 2y  
  HOWE Martin d. Jan 9, 1904 age 80y  
  HOWE Two children died 1832? Tompkins County Tombstone Inscriptions" has: Howe, Chester Franklin, s/o Martin & Zillah Howe, d. Feb 4, 1832 ae 5y 1m 10d
  HOWE Manley F. 1867 - 1870 From "Tompkins County Tombstone Inscriptions"
  HOWE Martin d. Jan 9, 1865, ae 80 yr From "Tompkins County Tombstone Inscriptions"
  HOWE Zillah, w/o Martin Howe d. Apr 30, 1862, ae 74 yr From "Tompkins County Tombstone Inscriptions"
  KNIGHT Eleanor, wife of ____ K. d. Jun 17, 1844 age 59-4-26  
  KELLY Dr. M. d. Jun 9, 1844 age 38y 1840 US census for Lansing, Tompkins, NY has a Manning Kelly. Rootsweb gedcom has Manning Kelly, born 29 Dec 1805, Ovid, Seneca, NY, died 9 Jun 1844, East Genoa, Cayuga, NY
  KELLY Ann, wife d. May 20, 1842 age 28y  
  KELLY Ellen, daughter d. Nov 11, 1847 age 2y  
  LUDLOW Theodore, son of Luther H. & Harriet D. d. Jul 1, 1852 age 12-8-15  
  LUDLOW Charles T., son of John & Rebecca d. Sept 18, 1840 age 22y 23d  
  LUDLOW Our Hattie No Dates  
  LUDLOW Julia d. Jun 1, 1866 age 19y "Tompkins County Tombstone Inscriptions" has: Ludlow, Julia, d. Jan 1, 1866, ae 49y
  LUDLOW Rebecca T. d. Jan 8, 1865, ae 69y From "Tompkins County Tombstone Inscriptions"
  MANN Richard Jr., son of Richard & Esther d. Dec. 7, 1844 age 24y 8m 17d  
  MILLER George W. d. 1892 age 68y  
  MILLER Pruella, wife d. 1899 age 72y  
  MILLER Olivia, daughter & w/o George Parlais d. 1882 age 30y  
  MILLER Harrison, son of D. O. and Rachel d. Feb. 16, 1827 age 12d  
  MILLER Harriet, daughter of David O. & Rachel d. Apr 28, 1852 age 28y "Tompkins County Tombstone Inscriptions" has: Miller, Harriet, d/o David O. & Rachel, d. Dec 28, 1852 ae 28y
  MILLER Tannel P., daughter of M. B. & E. P. d. Mar 3, 1856 age 9y "Tompkins County Tombstone Inscriptions" has: Fanny P., d. Mar 30, 1856 ae 9y
  MILLER Betsey (Haring), w/o James d. Mar 26, 1862 ae 71yr 9mo 24d From "Tompkins County Tombstone Inscriptions"
  MILLER Huldah, d/o D.O. & Rachel d. Dec 25, 1834 ae 14y From "Tompkins County Tombstone Inscriptions"
  MINIER George E. d. Nov 2, 1854 age 23y 2m 7d  
  MOE Hiram M. D. Feb 22, 1802 - Nov 8, 1849  
  MOE Mrs. Elsey M., wife of Hiram d. Jan 13, 1836 age 23y 9m 25d daughter of David & Rachel Close
  MOE Olive, wife d. Feb 10, 1846 age 38y 1m 7d  
  MOE Hiram Gardner M., son of Olive & Hiram d. Dec 17, 1843 age 39y 7m 23d  
  MORRISON Lavina B. (Hedden), wife of Alphonso M. d. Apr 23, 1847 age 30y 23d daughter of Josiah and Hannah Hedden
  MORRISON Deborah, wife of Lansing Morrison d. Dec 31, 1829 age 27y 10m "Tompkins County Tombstone Inscriptions" has: Morrison, Doborah, w/o Lansing Morrison, d. Aug 31, 1829 ae 27y
  MORRISON George, son of Thomas and Electa Morrison d. Oct 22, 1836 age 1y 6m  
  MORRISON Eliza, w/o Lansing Morrison d. Feb 2, 1825 ae 27y From "Tompkins County Tombstone Inscriptions"
  NEWMAN Henry d. Jul 11, 1868 age 87y  
  NEWMAN Margaret, wife d. Dec 2, 1857 age 75y  
  NOTTINGHAM Sarah d. ___ age 75y or 95y  
View Stone NOTTINGHAM Charles, son of William and Sally Nottingham d. Aug 26, 1854 age 20y 9m 17d  
  OZMUN Electa J., wife of Abraham O. d. May 10, 1850 age 35y 2m 2d  
  PARKINS William B. 1807-1885  
  PERKINS Mr. Collins No Dates  
  PERKINS Mrs. Collins No Dates  
  PERKINS Willis 1883 - 1962 From "Tompkins County Tombstone Inscriptions"
  PERKINS Anna 1887 - 1962 From "Tompkins County Tombstone Inscriptions"
  PHILLIP Margaret, wife of John Phillip d. Jan 26, 1830 age 35y 16d  
  PHILLIPS Clarrisa, d/o John & Margaret Phillips d. Mar 25, 1830 ae 5y 2m 25d From "Tompkins County Tombstone Inscriptions"
  PEIRCE Isaac Apr 10, 1827 - Sept 26, 1891 Rootsweb gedcom has Isaac PIERCE, son of Joseph and Polly (Howe) Pierce, died Sep 26, 1891 in Lansing, Tompkins, NY.
  PEIRCE Joseph May 22, 1789 - Nov 25, 1861 Rootsweb gedcom has Joseph PIERCE born May 22, 1789 in Connecticut, died Nov 25, 1861, in Groton, Tompkins, NY
  PEIRCE Polly, wife May 22, 1792 - Jun 3, 1868 Rootsweb gedcom has Polly (HOWE) PIERCE, daughter of Timothy Howe, born May 22, 1792 in Herkimer Co., NY, died Jun 3 1868 in Groton, Tompkins, NY
  ROGERS Polly d. Oct 19, 1872 age 63y  
  ROYAL John veteran's flag d. 1834 age 79y American Revolution
"Tompkins County Tombstone Inscriptions" has: John d. Sept 13, 1834 ae 79y
  RYDER Delilah Aug 24, 1800 - May 29, 1825  
  SEARLS Braddick d. Feb 27, 1865 age 95y or 90y "Tompkins County Tombstone Inscriptions" has name as SEARLES
  SEARLS Elizabeth B., wife No Dates  
  SEARLS Caroline, daughter d. Oct 1, 1841 ae 37y  
  SEARLS Betsey, daughter d. Jul 24, 1847 age 11y  
  SEARLS Caroline, daughter d. Dec 1, 1811 age 3  
  SEARLS Elijah, son of Denison and Lucretia Searls d. Mar 9, 1841 age 12y  
  SHOAP Phillip d. Jan 1, 1857 age 50y "Tompkins County Tombstone Inscriptions" has surname as SHOOP
  SHOAP Nancy, wife d. Jun 18, 1884 age 80y  
  SHOAP Samantha, daughter d. Feb 1, 1829 age 1y  
  SMITH Rebecca (Hedden), wife of Edwin S. d. Jun 20, 1845 age 27y 6m 9d daughter of L. & S. Hedden
  SMITH Almira M. (Hedden), wife of Edwin d. Mar 16, 1847 age 33y 11m daughter of J and H Hedden; "Tompkins County Tombstone Inscriptions" has d/o Josiah & Hannah Hedden
  SMITH Allen, son of E. S. & Almira S.   d. ___ age 4m
  STAPLES Catherine b. Apr 17, 1786; d. 1829 "Tompkins County Tombstone Inscriptions" has Catherine, Apr 22, 1786-Sep 30, 182_
  STARMS Olive, wife of Frederick S. d. Mar 11, 1848 age 67y "Tompkins County Tombstone Inscriptions" has surname as STORMS; Storms, Olive, w/o Frederick Storms, d. Mar 11, 1848 ae 67y 7m 28d
  STARMS Almira, daughter d. Nov 4, 1841 age 21y "Tompkins County Tombstone Inscriptions" has Storms, Almira J., d/o Olive Storms, d. Nov 4, 1841 ae 21y
  STARMS Millie, daughter d. 1829 age 22  
  STARMS Elizabeth d. May 13, 1859 age 57y "Tompkins County Tombstone Inscriptions" has Storms, Elizabeth, d. Jul 13, 1859 ae 57y 2m
  STORMS Sally, d/o Frederick & Olive Storms d. May 3, 1829 ae 2y 1m 7d From "Tompkins County Tombstone Inscriptions"
  STEARMS Sarah D. 1847-1907  
  TEETER Henry d. Jul 17, 1844 age 30y 6m 17d  
  TEETER Mary d. Sept 19, 1891 age 76y  
View Stone TOWNLEY Richard Esq. veteran's flag d. Jan. 1, 1840 age 76y American Revolution
  TOWNLEY Polly, wife d. Sept 23, 1825 age 59y 2m  
View Stone TOWNLEY Polly B., d/o Henry & Elizabeth d. Jun 13, 1837 age 15y  
  TOWNLEY Fay, son of A. H. & O. Townely d. Mar 20, 1844 age 2y 4m 14d  
View Stone TOWNLEY Richard Jr. d. Oct 24, 1853 age 65y 9m 24d  
View Stone TOWNLEY Susan, wife d. Jan 26, 1852 age 66y 9m 21d  
  TOWNLEY Charles veteran's flag 1762 or 3-1817  
  TOWNLEY Elizabeth 1764-1845  
  TOWNLEY Mary, w/o James MORRISON Feb 17, 1789 - Jul 10, 1867 James Morrison was b. Oct 15, 1796; d. Nov 25 1870
  TRIMMER Mrs. Emeline, wife of Isaac Trimmer d. Aug 30, 1837 age 22y 7m 11d  
  WAGER Glinny, son of Frank & Fannie Wager d. Sept. 18, 1890 age 1y "Tompkins County Tombstone Inscriptions" has Wager, "Glenny", s/o Frank & Fannie Wager, d. Sept 9, 1890 ae 1y 2m (On the Stearns lot)
  WAGER Charles No Dates "Tompkins County Tombstone Inscriptions" has Wager, Charles 1874-1949
  WAGER Mabel S. 1898-19__ From "Tompkins County Tombstone Inscriptions"
  WEALEY David d. Jul 4, 1905 age 78y  
  WEALEY _____ , wife d. Jun 2, 1901 age 78y  
  WILLIAMS Lydia, wife of Ebiha Williams d. June 28, 1843 age 83 "Tompkins County Tombstone Inscriptions" has Williams, Lydia, w/o Elisha Williams, d. Jun 28, 1843 ae 83y 11m
  WOOD Simeon 1854-1928  

Thank you Harold Hooper and Peggy Ball for transcribing these records into digital format.
Thank you Olive Hoffman for providing the Wager information.
Thank you Andrew Halladay for donating photographs of the Townley, Howe and Notthingham headstones.

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