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Civil War Veterans in Grove Cemetery

AGNEY, Irving Co A-89th Reg. NY Inf Vol 171
ALLEN, William Co A-109th Reg.NY Inf 198
ARCHER, Underhill   572
AUBLE, Thomas W   1028
AUSTIN, William Co G-109th Reg. NY Vol 501
AYERS, Oliver C. Died in battle of Altoona 386
BENNETT, E.C.   1027
BLOOMER, Hiram   790
BOARDMAN, Myron   1017
BOYCE, Pashal   665
BOYER, Arad Co I-37th NY Inf 356
BOYLEN, Alvah Co D-14th NY Vol 584
BRADLEY, Everal   262
BRADLEY, L.H.   674
BREWER, Benjamin   353
BREWER, William A  Co E-179th Reg NY Vol 371
BROWN, J.S. Co A-4th Del Inf 1089
BURCH, Oscar Co I-3rd Reg 194
BURDICK, Henry C. Battery L-3rd NY Artillery 337
CANNON, Robert Co A-89th Reg NY Vol 259
CANNON, Thomas Co C-50th NY Infantry 375
CARPENTER, Leonard Co G-146th Reg NY Vol 212
CHANDLER, Monmouth   563
CHURCH, Lewis Co A-9th Reg Heavy Artillery 222
CLARK, Daniel Grover   205
CLARK, Ira Co B-7th Reg Inf  
CLOCK, Herman Co M-58theg NY Vol 159
COLE, Charles L. Co G-109th Reg NY Vol 412
COLE, Frank A Co G-120th Reg NY vol 412
COMFORT, Merritt Co G-109th Reg NY Vol 574
CONKLIN, Addison Co S-94th Reg NY Vol 1089
CREQUE, Abram M. Co A-89th Reg NY Vol 357
CULBERTSON, William   650
CURRY, George V.   385
DAY, Elmon 36th Reg III Vol 241
DEAN, Oscar K. Co C-109th Reg NY vol 649
DIMICK, Jesse   520
DOCKSTADER, William Co E-75th Reg NY Vol 1089
DOTY, Isaac   376
DOWNING, George   96
DRUMMOND, Qillaim   1090
DUDLEY, Jason W. Co K-3rd Reg NY Vol 334
DURLING, Ira   78
DURLING, Oliver Co M-21st Reg NY Calvary 85
EARLE, Sylvanus   1051
EHLE, George Co K-50th NY Eng 446
EMMONS, Herman C   968
FERGASON, Irving Co E-21st Reg NY Vol 160
FISH, Charles   359
FRAZIER, William   274
FULLER, Wilson Co F-7th Reg NY Vol 79
GALLOP, Thomas   751
GIFFORD, Norman R.   301
GREEN, Rufus   175
HALL, Harriet   86
HALL, James E. Co C-109th Reg NY Vol 86
HALSEY, Franklin C. 16th NY Heavy Artiller 225
HALSEY, John J. Co C-2nd NY Calvary 225
HAWKES, George W.   971
HINKLEY, Henry L.   819
HOLCUMB, Escha   990
HOLLINGSHEAD, James Co F 50th Engineers 251
HOPKINS, D. Stewart 4th Delaware Infantry 424
HOVENCAMP, Silas Co I-23rd Regiment NY Vol 507
HOWARD, Charles W. Co K-5th Reg NY Vol 1089
HURLBUT, Moses Co G-109th Reg NY Vol 583
HUTCHINGS, Henry   253
JONES, Irving Co F-6th Iowa Calvary 152
KIFF, Charles   914
KIMPLE, William Co E-21st Reg NY Vol Calvary 315
KING, Samuel Co A-16th Reg NY Artillery 6
KIRTLAND, John   Vault
LASHIER, Henry C. Co G-109th NY Infantry 147
LEE, Stephen W. Co E-178th Reg NY Vol 160
LEWIS, J. Delos   100
LOZIER, William Co E-101st Reg NY Vol 1089
MABEY, Samuel   1090
MACK, William Co G-109th Reg NY Vol 474
MacMURRY, Charles   1014
MANNING, George D.   341
MASON, Edward   114
McCRACKEN, Andrew J.   340
McDONALD, Hugh   364
McCLURE, James Co G-148th NY Infantry  
MILLER, Lucious Co E-51st Reg NY Vol 1089
MILNE, James   1071
MURPHY, ALonzo W. Co C-126th NY Infantry 344
NELSON, G. H. Co I-32nd Reg NY Vol 317
NIXON, William   721
NORTHRUP, Charles Co M-50th Reg NY Vol 301
OGDEN, Stephen A prisoner in Florence S.C. 671
OSBORN, Alvah   51
PICKETTS, William Co C-38th Reg NJ Infantry 1089
PIERCE, Elias   723
PIERSON, Albert   937
PLOUGH, Edward Co G-109th Reg NY Vol 499
POTTS, John Co B-64th NY Infrantry 994
PRATT, George   165
RALLINGS, Benjamin   531
RICKETTS, William Co G-33rd Reg NJ Infantry 1089
ROBINSON, Charles Co I-137th Reg NY Vol 205
ROCKWELL, A. W, Jr. Died Hosp. Frederick, Md. 153
SAWYER, Hiran   280
SAWYER, Ovinza   519
SEARS, Abslum Co M-21st Reg NY Calvary 369
SHERWOOD, Stephen Co E-21st Reg Vol Calvary 682
SIRRINE, George Co I-137th Reg NY Vol 281
SLAUSON, Henry H. 137th NY Infantry 55
SMITH, M. Truman   1031
SPICER, Emerson Co F-5th NY Heavy Artillery 988
STANLEY, Charles   535
STEPHANS, Oscar   505
STILLWELL, Schuyler Co E-89th Reg NY Vol 438
STOVER, James   830
TAILBY, John Co A-89th Reg NY Vol 1089
TAILBY, William Co A-89th Reg NY Vol 655
TEED, George Co I-137th Reg NY Vol 79
TERRYBERRY, Duncan Co. H-15th NY Engineers 342
TICHNER, Ervin C. died in his country’s serv. 102
TREMAN, Dewitt Co G-109th Reg NY Vol 228
TUNISON, Abram V. Co E-148th Reg NY Vol 994
UPDIKE, Alvah   124
VanBUREN, Sydney W. Co F-50th Reg NY Vol 1089
VanDINE, William H. 21st NY Calvary 928
WEED, Eliphalet Co A-89th Reg NY Vol 212
WEEKS, Charles   231
WHIPPLE, George Co I-148th Reg NY Vol 189
WILCOX, Thomas G. Co B-50th Reg NY Vol 308
WILLIAM, John Co G-109th Reg NY Vol 1054
WILSON, James C. Co I-137th Reg NY Vol 263
WINGERD, John   674

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