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Bower Cemetery

Also known as: Guernsey Family Plot

Storm Road, North Lansing
Cemetery is near 185 Storm Road (southwest of North Lansing). Storm Road is off of Rt. 34, and across from the North Lansing School Road.
Town of Lansing, Tompkins County, NY.
Cemetery is inactive. All of the headstones have been removed from this burial site. It is said that they were used to line the basement walls of a local residence.

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Copied October 10, 1952 by S. Haring & I. Parish. Donated to the Tompkins Co. NYGenWeb site by Alan Chaffee. This record is as complete as possible at this time.

photograph of cemetery
Photo by Cheryl Hall - October 4, 2004
(larger photo)

Please use Notes as a guide only!

Surname Given Name(s)/Relationship Date(s)/Age Inscriptions/Notes
Bowker In Memory of Catherine S., daughter of
Clinton & Mary Bowker
d. June 21, 1840, ae 4y 2m 1d Records of Dorothy Ostrander indicate
age at death as 4y 1m 27d.
Brooks Sacred to the Memory of
Abraham Brooks
d. Sept. 5, 1833, ae 34y 3m 25d  
Brooks Sacred to the Memory of
Margaret, wife of James Brooks
d. April 11, 1843, ae 64y  
Curtis In Memory of Joshia Curtis d. April 3, 1831, ae 45y 6m Calm be his sleep, May the tall grass wave lightly
Above the meek bosom that bless us of you
Like a bird it has found a region more brightly
To nestle its ____, but glare in no more.
Curtis David, son of J. & R. Curtis d. Sept. 2, 1827, ae 7m 12d Oh weep not for the friend that pass
In the lonesome graves
As breezes sweep the withered gray
Along the ______ wave
For thy pleasures may depart
And lonely tho on earth thow art
A _____ await the lonely heart
When friends rejoin in heaven
Douglas In Memory of Arminta Douglas d. Nov. 26, 1837, ae 18y 9m  
Fulmer In Memory of George Fulmer d. Sept. 7, 1818, ae 48y Surname could be Palmer or Tulmer
Reynolds In Memory of Miss L. B.
Dau. of Elder E.J. & C. Reynolds
d. Aug. 19, 1838, ae 3y 8m 3d Please sleep, our daughter, peaceful be thy rest
And while the rod shall flourish on thy breast
Thy mould ____ dust shall guardian keep
And naught disturb thy hollowed peaceful sleep
Till times trump shall ____ thy ashes rise
And burnt into life and seize his immortal praise.
Gibbs In Memory of Sarah, wife of
Barnabas Gibbs
d. Aug. 14, 1837, ae 23y As you are now so once was I
As I am now so you must be.
  John _________ May 4, 1792 - Apr. 20, 1832  
________   1805  
Wood Henry B, 1800 - Nov. 26, 1818, ae 18y 6m In Memory of 3 sons and 2 daughters of
Abraham and Mary (Breese) Wood*
Wood Hannah 1796 - May 25, 1801, ae 4y 9m died in New Jersey
Wood Sylvester 1814 - June 6, 1815, ae 1y 6m  
Wood Ruth 1818 - Dec. 13, 1818, ae 7y 4m Apparent error in record for birth or death year
Wood Calvin 1818 - July 14, 1818, ae 8m 4d Apparent error in record for birth or death year
Jacobs Polly M., wife of John Jacobs May 1, 1792 - Apr. 4, 1832 Added from the records of Dorothy Ostrander.

Thank you Janet Nash for transcribing these records into digital format.
*Thank you Beth Easterwood for your corrections, December 17, 1999.
Thank you Juanita Griffin for donating the records of Dorothy Ostrander, past Town of Groton Historian (2003).
Thank you Cheryl Hall for updating the record (October 2004).

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