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McLean Old Cemetery

Groton, Tompkins County, New York

This was formerly listed as two separate cemeteries - Old and New parts of McLean Cemetery. We now believe this (the combination of both) is actually the "OLD" part, and the "New" Cemetery, we are just now getting online - McLean Cemetery Burial Records 1914-1973. But hang on to your hat, there's still a mystery to figure out on this "Old" cemetery - so stayed tuned to the next development!

We also have made available various components on McLean Cemetery, click on blue link to find more information: A Brief History of McLean Cemetery. The following will be posted soon......McLean Cemetery Records from about 1900 to present, and the Plot Owner's Book.

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Allen, 		Helen, wife of Lathrop Allen			d. Nov. 10, 1859 ae 87y 3m 10d
Allen, 		Lathrop        					d. Dec. 20, 1857 ae 90yr 8m 5d
Allen, 		Mary, wife of Nelson Allen              	d. Feb. 11, 1852 ae 38 yr
Allen, 		Willard F., son of Nelson & Mary Allen     	d. Jan. 23, 1847 ae 1y 2m

Allyn, 		Hannah,	wife of J. Allyn			d. Mar. 18, 1839 ae 64y 5m
Allyn, 		Joshua						d. Mar. 26, 1840 ae 69y 8m

Appleby, 	Darius W.,  Co. C., 76th Reg. N.Y.V.		d. Mar. 31, 1911 ae 88y
Appleby, 	Jane,	wife of Darius Appleby			d. Sept. 28, 1876 ae 46y 2m 6d

Baker, 		Marilda, w/o John Baker				d. Nov. 19, 1845 ae 51y 10m 19d
Baker, 		Mr. Esek, s/o Samuel & Lucy Baker		d. Mar. 21, 1831 ae 24y

Ballard, 	Wrispy,	dau. o Adam & Abigail Ballard		d. Sept. 2, 1832 ae 1y

Batchelor,	David,						d. Jan. 31, 1836 ae 54y
Batchelor, 	Henry F., son of David & Susan Batchelor	d. Dec. 31, 1831 ae 54y 7m

Beach, 		Sarah, wife of Ezra G. Beach			d. Mar. 15, 1865 ae 37y 7m 14d

Beckwith, 	George						d. Feb. 28, 1850 ae 50y 2m

Beers, 		Ammon						d. Nov. 25, 1831 ae 59y
Beers, 		Amanda, d/o Grandison & Anna Beers		d. Nov. 10, 1832 ae 6y 8d
Beers, 		Harmon, s/o Grandsion & Anna Beers		d. Nov. 10, 1832 ae 4y

Benedict, 	Ann, w/o Hart Benedict, & d/o Frederick Smith	d. Nov. 9, 1857 ae 62y 7m 27d
Benedict, 	Davidson, son of John & H. Benedict		d. Sept. 27, 1831 ae 2y 2m 5d
Benedict,	Esther,	dau. of J. & H. Benedict		d. June 20, 1822 ae 17y 4d
Benedict, 	Hannah,	wife of John Benedict			d. June 5, 1841 ae 59y 11m 16d
Benedict, 	John						d. Mar. 18, 1846 ae 65y 1m 24d
Benedict, 	Mary,	dau. of J. & H. Benedict		d. Mar. 17, 1820 ae 2m 2d
Benedict, 	Thomas,						d. Jan. 9, 1841 ae 87y 10m 20d

Benham, 	Clara L., dau. of Isaac & Rosa D. Benham	b. Dec 26, 1869 d. Oct 20, 1873

Bennett, 	Chauncey,					d. Feb. 20, 1857 ae 61y 3m 23d

Bentley, 	Phoebe,	wife of Stephen Bentley,		d. June 13, 1857 ae 41y 3m
Bentley, 	Waty,						d. Aug. 14, 1827 ae 18y
Bentley, 	Barber,						d. Apr. 18, 1853 ae 57y
Bentley, 	Calvin, s/o Barber & Charlotte Bentley		d. Aug. 3, 1858 ae 32y
Bentley, 	Charlotte V., wife of Barber Bentley		d. Dec. 11, 1877 ae 74y
Bentley, 	George W., son of Barber & Charlotte Bentley	d. Jan. 2, 1850 ae 19y
Bentley, 	Henry C.,        				d. Dec. 4, 1851 ae 28y 2m 8d
Bentley, 	William G., son of Barber & Charlotte Bentley	d. Nov. 10, 1848 ae 20y

Bills, 		Daniel,						d. May 19, 1843 ae 60y 10m 13d
Bills, 		Elizabeth, wife of Daniel Bills,		d. Jan. 26, 1829 ae 43y 11m

Boynton, 	Abraham,					d. Oct. 25, 1847 ae 74y
Boynton, 	Anna M., 2nd wife of J. Boynton,		b. Jan. 1, 1811 d. May 11, 1873
Boynton, 	Arabelle, dau. of A. & B. Boynton,		d. May 13, 1834 ae 16y
Boynton, 	Betsey,	wife of Abraham Boynton,		d. May 30, 1824 ae 47y
Boynton, 	Betsey,	(Davis) 1st wife of John Boynton,	b. Aug 30, 1795 d. Jun 23, 1833
Boynton, 	John W.,					b. Apr 19, 1797 d. Aug 28, 1873
Boynton, 	John,						b. July 2, 1798 d. Apr 27, 1869
Boynton, 	Lois, (Parker), wife of J. W. Boynton		b. Aug 26, 1795 d. Jul 18, 1857
Boynton, 	Mary Helen, d/o George & Frank C. Boynton	d. Dec. 26, 1863 ae 1yr 5m 17d

Broadbrook, 	Anna,	(Beers), wife of Wm. Broadbrook,	d. Nov. 27, 1864 ae 64y
Broadbrook, 	Wm.,						d. Aug. 13, 1873 ae 80y

Brown, 		Elizabeth S., wife of John R. Brown		d. Aug. 21, 1865 ae 75y
Brown, 		John R., (He served in the 1812 war)		d. Sept. 2, 1872 ae 89y
Brown, 		John,	(He was in the Rev. War)		d. May 28, 1847 ae 88y
Brown, 		Josiah						b. Jun 16, 1774 d. Dec 12, 1815
Brown, 		Lucy,	wife of J. Brown			d. June 19, 1841 ae 81y
Brown, 		Margaret, wife of Josiah Brown,			b. June 8, 1786 d. Oct.26, 1867

Burdick, 	Esther E., dau. of A. & B. Burdick,      	d. May 15, 1853 ae 13y 3m 22d

Burton, 	Phebe, wife of Daniel Burton,        		d. Sept. 17, 1843 ae 73y

Byington, 	George H., s/o George & Charity Byington	d. Aug. 7, 1827 ae 2y
Byington, 	Betsey,	dau. of Jehial W. & Lois Byington	d. Sept. 1, 1832 ae 1y 5m 14d

Campbell, 	Catherine T., wife of E. L. Campbell		d. Mar. 16, 1851 ae 20y 6m

Castle, 	Catherine, wife of Simeon Castle                d. Mar. 19, 1855 ae 73y
Castle, 	Simeon,                                         d. July 23, 1859 ae 78y

Cheeseborough, 	Lydia Jane (Roger), wife of William 		d. June 16, 1850 ae 27y
Cheeseborough, 	Emulus, s/o William & Lydia J. 			d. Oct. 8, 1869 ae 20y
Cheeseborough, 	Marcia A., d/o William & Lydia Jane		d. Mar. 22, 1846
Cheesborough, 	Richard H., s/o Wm. & Lydia Cheesborough	d. May 5, 1843 ae 9m 7d

Clark, 		Erasmus D., son of R. A. & Sarah B. Clark	d. Aug. 14, 1878 ae 76y
Clark, 		Lucy,	wife of Wm. S. Clark,			d. Mar. 27, 1845 ae 63y
Clark, 		R. A.,						d. Feb. 3, 1883 ae 78y
Clark, 		Sarah,	wife of R. A. Clark,			b. Jan 13, 1816 d. Nov. 4, 1889
Clark, 		Charley E., son of C. V. & E. A. Clark,         d. Nov. 19, 1862 ae 6y 9m

Cobb, 		Nancy, wife of Thomas Cobb,                     d. Feb. 8, 1863 ae 76y

Cole, 		James H., son of Robert & Eliza Cole,           d. Dec. 23, 1862 ae 9y 4m 2d

Colgrove, 	George W., son of James C. & Amanda Colgrove	d. Nov. 24, 1851 ae 3m 25d

Conant, 	Catharine, wife of Daniel K. Conant,            d. May 7, 1846 ae 24y 8m 23d
Conant, 	John E., child of Daniel K. & Catharine Conant	d. Apr. 29, 1846 ae 2y 23d

Cone, 		Mary Ann, dau. of Abner & Faithy Cone		d. Mar. 7, 1826 ae 14y 2m 15d

Crittenden, 	Daniel						b. June 3, 1836 d. Mar 11, 1873
Crittenden, 	Mary M. (Marsh), wife of Chauncey Critenden	d. Apr. 1, 1845, ae 32 yr
Crittenden, 	Minerva E., dau. of Asa & Sally Crittenden	d. Feb. 18, 1835 ae 11y 2m 6d

Crosby, 	Sarah M.,					d. Apr. 9, 1858 ae 50y 3m 20d
Crosby, 	Sarah,	wife of Cyrenius Crosby,		d. Oct.1, 1859 in her 89th y

Darby, 		Thomas D., son of Thomas & Abigail Darby	d. Jan. 25, 1810 ae 9y 4m 26d
Darby, 		Uriva A.,					d. Feb. 12, 1839 ae 24y 6m 27d

Davis, 		Annis A., wife of Joseph Davis,			b. Feb. 11 1815 d. June 6, 1877
Davis, 		Hopsibic, wife of Hope Davis,			d. May 23, 1830 ae 27y
Davis, 		Sally,	wife of Nathan Davis,			d. Jan. 10, 1834 ae 46y
Davis, 		James,                                          d. May 2, 1843 ae 54y 7m 16d
Davis, 		Mary (Boynton), wife of John Lane Davis		d. Jan. 30, 1865 ae 61y
Davis, 		Melinda, wife of James Davis,                   d. Feb. 19, 1854 ae 63y 7m 12d
Davis, 		Nancy L, wife of Reuben Davis,                  d. Nov. 3, 1846 ae 22y

Dayton, 	Almeda A., d/o William & Deborah C. Dayton,	d. Feb. 1, 1862 ae 9y 6m 26d
Dayton, 	Daniel,						b. May 17, 1787 d. Jan. 1, 1864
Dayton, 	Delilah C., wife of Willson J. Dayton,		d. May 24, 1860 ae 28y 11m 7d
Dayton, 	Lucinda A., d/o Willson J. Delilah C. Dayton	d. Jan. 31, 1859 ae 1y 21d
Dayton, 	Sephronia, wife of Daniel Dayton,		b. Aug 12, 1807 d. Sept 3, 1886

De Coudres, 	Albert,						d. Apr. 7, 1863 ae 38y 7m 20d
De Coudres, 	George C., son of T. & M. De Coudres,		d. Feb. 9, 1843 ae 1m
De Coudres, 	Mary A., (Eagles) d/o T. & M. De Coudres,	d. Dec. 12, 1855 ae 43y
De Coudres, 	Mary,	wife of T. De Coudres,			d. July 20, 1876 ae 76y
De Coudres, 	Sarah,	dau. of T. & M. De Coudres,		d. Oct. 5, 1850 ae 15y 2m 10d
De Coudres, 	Thomas,						d. Feb. 21, 1856 ae 65y 21d
DeCoudres, 	John,	son of T. & M. DeCoudres,		d. Feb. 27, 1847 ae 25y 9m
DeCoudres, 	Rosina B., his second wife (Isaac Updike?),	1831-1902

Dickerson, 	Libbie, wife of Charles Dickerson,              d. Mar. 28, 1872 ae 18y

Edgcomb, 	Gilbert,	(Rev. Soldier),			d. Oct. 5, 1847 ae 85y 7m
Edgcomb, 	Lucy, w/o G. Edgcomb,				d. May 3, 1850 ae 84y
Edgcomb, 	Albert Augustus, child of E. & E. Edgcomb,	d. Sept. 18, 1842 ae 1y 6m
Edgcomb, 	Eliza (Breed), wife of E. Edgcomb,		d. Nov. 4, 1859 ae 57y
Edgecomb, 	Francis Herlbert, child of E. & E. Edgecomb,	d. Apr. 29, 1846 ae 8m
Edgecomb, 	Erastus,					b. Oct 15, 1803 d. Dec 29, 1865

Ellison, 	Margaret, wife of William Ellison,              d. Oct. 26, 1860 ae 80y
Ellison, 	William,  (a soldier of 1812)                   d. Apr. 7, 1867 ae 91y

Essex, 		Penelope, dau. of David E. & Hannah Essex	d. Nov. 28, 1832 ae 4y 15d

Fairchild, 	Mary Catherine,	d/o Samuel & E. M. Fairchild	d. July 8, 1845 ae 11m 9d

Fassett, 	Benjamin,                                       1780-1863

Fish, 		Harriet & Christina, daus of George & Clarissa Fish (No dates)

Fisher, 	Elzada,	dau. of Joseph & Catharine Fisher	d. Aug. 7, 1858 ae 17y

Fitts, 		Eliza, wife of Paschal Fitts,                	d. Feb. 11, 1863 ae 58y

Foote, 		Aesinoe,					d. Feb. 6, 1873 ae 77y
Foote, 		B. Edwin,					d. Oct. 25, 1857 ae 35y 5m 25d
Foote, 		James,						d. Nov. 18, 1854 ae 53y
Foote, 		Pamelia (Roberts), wife of James Foote		d. Oct. 4, 1883 ae 80y 4m 23d
Foote, 		Heber,                                      	d. Dec. 22, 1852 ae 65y
Foote, 		Lucy, wife of Heber Foote             		d. Mar. 31, 1864 ae 78y 1m 10d
Foote, 		Heber, son of Heber & Lucy Foote,               d. Feb. 27, 1849 ae 26y 2m 23d
Foote, 		Sarah Ann, wife of Justin Foote,                d. Oct. 3, 185__ (?) ae 31y

Ford, 		Mrs. Opelia, wife of Amos Ford,                 d. Oct. 2, 1831 ae 23y

Forsyth, 	Fremont, son of Wyatt & Lovina(?) Forsyth,      d. Oct. 11, 1862 ae 4y 23d
Forsyth, 	Henrietta, dau. of Wyatt & Lovina Forsyth,      d. July 9, 1864 ae 6m 2d
Forsyth, 	Robert,						d. July 25, 1866 ae 80y

Fortner, 	Harriet (Roberts), wife of A. K. Fortner	d. Aug. 29, 1871 ae 49y 5m 19d
		(& dau. of John B. & Phoebe Roberts)

Francis, 	Betsey, wife of Richard Francis,                d. Mar. 27, 1872
Francis, 	Charles, child of Richard & Betsey Francis      (no dates)
Francis, 	George L, child of Richard & Betsey Francis     (no dates)
Francis, 	James, child of Richard & Betsey Francis        (no dates)
Francis, 	Lucinda, child of Richard & Betsey Francis      (no dates)
Francis, 	Richard,                                     	d. June 7, 1850 ae 71y

Fritts, 	Aaron Vough, son of Robert & Cordelia Fritts,   d. July 6, 1869 ae 17y 1m 14d

Garlick, 	Eli,                                            d. Apr. 3, 1868 ae 88y
Garlick, 	Milo,                                           d. July 1, 1873 ae 78
Garlick, 	Sarah Elizabeth, d/o Milo & Alinora Garlick	d. Sept. 13, 1867 ae 42y

Gibson, 	Anson,						d. Oct. 6, 1889 ae 99y

Giguet, 	Clarinda, wife of Louis B. Giguet,              d. Oct. 7, 1861, ae 64y 3m 14d
Giguet, 	Louis B.,                                       d. Sept. 13, 1873 ae 84y 7m 6d
Giguet, 	Mary, wife of T. U. Giguet			d. May 10, 1847

Grain, 		Emma, d/of Jonathan C. & Nancy (Pettis) Grain	1846-1847
Grain, 		Morris,	s/o Jonathan C. & Nancy Pettis Grain,	1843-1843
Grain, 		Newell,	child of Jonathan C. & Nancy Pettis 	1849-1863

Graves, 	Frances Laverna, dau. of Hiram & Mary Graves	d. Nov. 1, 1849 ae 5y 11m 5d
Graves, 	Martha M., dau. of H. & M. Graves,		d. Sept. 23, 1841 ae 3y 2m 21d

Green, 		Lois N. (Stone), wife of James W. Green,        b. Jul 18, 1833 d. May 14, 1867

Griswold, 	Mrs. Lucy,					d. July 10, 1844 ae 65y 6m 2d

Hamblim, 	William,                                       	d. Oct. 20, 1848 in his 38th y

Hanchet, 	Charley, son of F. F. & Catharine Hanchet,      d. Dec. 22, 1862 ae 6y 3m
Hanchet, 	Ella, dau. of F. F. & Catharine Hanchet,       	d. June 29, 1859 ae 6m
Hanchet, 	Frankie, son of F. F. & Catharine Hanchet,      d. May 26, 1865 ae 1 yr 8m
Hanchet, 	Harriet L., wife of E. Hanchet,                 d. Nov. 4, 1851 ae 35 yr
Hanchet, 	Azilda M., dau. of V. & H. Hanchet		b. Sept 8, 1833 d. Oct 26, 1834
Hanchet, 	Cyrus,						d. Feb. 26, 1863 ae 87y
Hanchet, 	Pilinda,		wife of Cyrus Hanchet,	d. Mar. 14, 1863 ae 82y
Hanchet, 	Robert Nelson,	Co.-----, (died in service)	b. Nov. 22, 1838 d. Apr 6, 1866 

Harris, 	Lucinda A., wife of Isaac Harris,		d. Feb.28, 1836 ae 33y
Harris, 	Silas,                                          d. Mar. 10, 1848 in his 80th y

Hart, 		Ada, dau. of John P. & Eliza M. Hart,           d. June 23, 1851 ae 15m
Hart, 		Deacon Amos,                                    d. Aug. 30, 1863 ae 87y
Hart, 		Eliza, wife of Israel Hart,                 	d. Feb. 22, 1834 1m 12d
Hart, 		George W.,                                      d. May 10, 1855 ae 34y 5m 28d
Hart, 		Hannah H., wife of Deacon Amos Hart,            d. June 24, 1859 ae 74y
Hart, 		Helen, dau. of John P. & Eliza M. Hart          d. May 30, 1863 ae 21y
Hart, 		Israel,                                         d. Apr. 20, 1861 ae 68y
Hart, 		John P.                                      	d. July 23, 1870 ae 54y
Hart, 		Ruth, wife of Dea. Amos Hart,                   d. May 7, 1840 ae 60y
Hart, 		Timothy, (born New Jersey Apr. 28, 1776) 	d. June 6, 1835 ae 69y 2m 8d
Hart, 		Edwin F.,					1827-1865
Hart, 		Jesse S., son of Joseph & Theodosia Hart	d. Dec. 15, 1843 ae 18y 4m 18d

Haskins, 	Helen M.                                       	1835-____
Haskins, 	Lavilla B.                                     	1867-1872

Head, 		Homer,	Co. C., 193rd Reg., N. Y. Vo. Inf.	(No date)

Hemingway, 	Ella,                                      	d. Mar. 20, 1874 ae 21y
Hemingway, 	Salome, wife of Samuel Hemingway,               d. Oct. 11, 1857 ae 86y
Hemingway, 	Samuel,                                   	d. July 28, 1851 ae 83y
Hemingway, 	Sergt. Orlando,                                 d. Oct. 15, 1863 ae 27y

Hile, 		George B., son of Thomas & Sarah Hile,		d. Sept. 21, 1866
Hile, 		Nancy R., wife of John Hile,                    d. Feb. 6, 1850 ae 20y 1m 1d

Hill, 		Ambrose B., (children Ruth & Hanson),         	d. Mar. 26, 1861 ae 49y
Hill, 		Elias B.,					d. Aug. 18, 1857 ae 39y 4m 19d
Hill, 		Joseph,						d. Sept 12, 1853 ae 70y 11m 22d
Hill, 		Sarah,	wife of Joseph Hill			d. Apr. 8, 1874 ae 85y 10m
Hill, 		Thomas B.,	son of J. & S. Hill,		d. Dec. 10, 1850 ae 20y 8m 6d

Hobart, 	Burdette, son of Hamilton & Pearley Hobart	d. Feb. 6, 1843 ae 1y 2m 10d

Holmes, 	Mary Ann, wife of John A. Holmes,		d. Apr. 30, 1849 ae 30y 7m 13d

Howard, 	Benjamin,                             		d. May 30, 1840 ae 36y
Howard, 	Catherine, wife of Benjamin Howard,             d. Aug. 18, 1867 ae 36y

Howland, 	Ernest Earl, son of H. C. & H. M. Howland,      b. Oct 9, 1871 d. Jan. 29, 1872

Hurlburt, 	James,                                    	d. Sept. 6, 1852 ae 66y 9m 5d

Jarvis, 	Rachel,	 wife of Alex Jarvis,			d. Aug. 13, 1828 ae 34y 9m

Jones, 		Sally,	wife of Thomas Jones,			d. July 6, 1844 ae 27y 3m 21d

Kimbel, 	Truman, husband of Phebe Kimbel,                d. Jan. 1, 1826 ae 30y

Kinney, 	Charlotte, wife of William Kinney,              d. July 26, 1871 ae 65y
Kinney, 	George,                                        	d. May 21, 1848
Kinney, 	William,                                        d. Aug. 28, 1873 ae 76y
Kinney, 	Ann Elizabeth, wife of Abram Kinney,		d. May 15, 1859 ae 23y

Ladd, 		Celia Lioma, d/o Sullivan & Mary E. Ladd	d. Oct. 12, 1866 ae 5y 2m
Ladd, 		George W., s/o Benjamin F. & Susan Ladd,     	d. Jan. 18, 1848 ae 4y 6d
Ladd, 		Susan, w/o Benjamin F. Ladd,                	d. Mar. 9, 1866 ae 51y 8m 7d

Lanning, 	Ann,	dau. of Dr. & Serena R. Lanning,	(No date)
Lanning, 	George,	son of Dr. & Serena R. Lanning,		d. Sept. 9, 1851 ae 5y 7m 27d
Lanning, 	Gideon,	son of Dr. & Serena R. Lanning,		(No date)
Lanning, 	Marth,	dau. of Dr. & Serena R. Lanning,	(No date)
Lanning, 	Rev. Ralph,					d. Oct. 30, 1831 ae 43y
Lanning, 	two others, children of Dr. & Serena R. Lanning	(No date)

Lawrence, 	Leander,                                        d. Apr. 27, 1863 ae 22y 2m 21d
Lawrence, 	Samuel,                                         d. June 16, 1870 ae 73y 10m 2d

Lester, 	Deborah, dau. of Amos & Anna Lester,            d. Feb. 7, 1830 ae 68y 7m 4d

Lewis, 		Mary Anna & Maria Wilcox, (so recorded)		d. Feb. 31 (?), 1852 ae 22y

Lincoln, 	Sarah C., dau. of Milton & Sarah Lincoln,       d. Dec. 8, 1846 ae 22y
Lincoln, 	Sarah, wife of Milton Lincoln,                  d. Feb. 11, 1845 ae 44y

Lindsey, 	Catharine,	wife of David Lindsey,		d. Sept. 29, 1853 ae 36y 10d
Lindsey, 	David,						d. Sept. 27, 1848 ae 33y
Lindsey, 	George,						d. July 17, 1874 ae 46y
Lindsey, 	Mary Amelia, d/o David & Catharine Lindsey	d. Oct. 27, 1848 ae 9 m 25d

Lormer, 	Hugh,                                           d. Apr. 14, 1864 ae 52y
Lormer, 	James,                                          d. Mar. 17, 1864 ae 42y

Luckee, 	Thomas J.,					d. Feb. 14, 1860 ae 28y 7m 3d

Luther, 	Amelia,						d. Aug. 19, 1854 ae 60y
Luther, 	Charles, son of Wm. & Amelia Luther		d. Oct. 17, 1838 ae 10m 20d
Luther, 	William,					d. Dec. 10, 1867 ae 65y

Main, 		Emma L., dau. of Levant & Lucena M. Main,	d. Mar. 10, 186_ ae 9 m 5d
Main, 		Hallett S., Sgt Co. C. 76th Reg., N.Y. Vol.	d. Mar. 30, 1863 ae 29y
Main, 		Isaac,						d. Apr. 28, 1865 ae 76y 5m
Main, 		Merly,		wife of Isaac Main,		d. Apr. 12, 1850 ae 57y
Main, 		Asa,                                            d. Mar. 11, 1841 ae 72y
Main, 		Mrs. Content, wife of Asa Main Jr.              d. Sept. 29, 1828 ae 56y                  

Mallison, 	Amy R.,                                    	b. May 3, 1823 d. Sept 24, 1854
Mallison, 	Mary E., dau. of William F. & M. R. Mallison,   d. Apr. 7, 1870 ae 1y 11m 21d

Maltbey, 	Marion B., dau. of Manson T. & Priscilla G. 	d. Aug. 15, 1831 ae 10m

Marsh, 		Daniel,                                      	d. Mar. 6, 1829 ae 49y
Marsh, 		Eliza B., dau. of David & Martha Marsh,         d. June 17, 1846 ae 27y
Marsh, 		Emma J. (Aldrich), wife of D. B. Marsh,       	b. Jun 11, 1846 d. Oct 20, 1866
Marsh, 		Martha, wife of Daniel Marsh,                   d. Apr. 13, 1875 ae 83y 4m 18d
Marsh, 		Mary Adeline (Boynton), wife of D. B. Marsh,    b. Apr 12, 1819 d. Jan. 9, 1846
Marsh, 		Mary Ann, dau. of Lewis & Cynthia Marsh,        d. Mar. 1827 ae 11m
______,(?)     	Mary Adelaide                                   d. Nov. 19, 1846 ae 3y 9m
Marsh, 		Daniel,	son of H. B. & Mary Marsh,		d. Jan. 6, 1857 ae 1y 6m
Marsh, 		Hiram B.,					b. Dec 25, 1825 d. Feb 12, 1872
Marsh, 		Jennie,	dau. of H. B. & Mary Marsh,		d. Oct., 1861 ae 10m

McKean, 	Patrick, son of John & Bridget McKean,          d. Apr. 5, 1850

McKee, 		Benjamin,					d. Nov. 10, 1874 ae 76y
McKee, 		Edith,						d. Sept. 22, 1834 ae 2m
McKee, 		Sarah Elizabeth, dau. of B. & A. McKee,		d. Dec 16, 1844 ae 10y 10m 16d
McKee, 		William, son of Benj. & Ann McKee,		d. Nov. 20, 1842 ae 14y 8m 20d
McKee, 		Amanda M.,                                 	1839-1846

McKenzie, 	Mehitable, wife of Elihu McKenzie,             	d. Sept. 16, 1872 ae 64y

McKinzie, 	George,                              		1787-1851
McKinzie, 	Mary, wife of George McKinzie,                  1780-1864

Millard, 	Eunice,	wife of Milo Millard,			1798-1851

Mineah, 	Betsey, wife of William C. Mineah,              d. July 11, 1857 ae 57y 8m 4d
Mineah, 	James M.,                                       d. Nov. 21, 1864 ae 31y 6m 4d
Mineah, 	James,                                         	d. July 9, 1857 ae 60y
Mineah, 	Mary,  wife of James Mineah,                    d. Feb. 27, 1874 ae 71y
Mineah, 	William C.,                 			d. Aug. 9, 1859 ae 60y 20d

Mix, 		Ethan,                                    	b. Nov. 4, 1787 d. Mar 25, 1870
Mix, 		Wealthy, wife of Ethan Mix,              	b. Jun 21, 1792 d. Nov 13, 1871
Mix, 		Ann, wife of Joseph Mix,			d. Oct. 7, 1852 ae 49y

Morehouse, 	Jane                                            d. June 2, 1859 ae 40y

Morgan, 	Electa,	wife of Wightman Morgan			d. Apr. 22, 1864 ae 67y
Morgan, 	Wightman,					d. Dec. 31, 1866 ae 80y
Morgan, 	Almira, child of Park A. & Jerusha Morgan,      d. Apr. 30, 1811 ae 5y 8m
Morgan, 	Betsey, wife of Heman Morgan (b. Dec.19,1814)	d. Oct. 6, 1844 ae 29y 11m 17d
Morgan, 	Cuthbright,   (b. Mar. 2, 1813) 		d. Apr. 15, 1867 ae 54y 1m 13d 
Morgan, 	Elizabeth, wife of Enoch Morgan,         	d. Oct. 27, 1870 ae 84y 9m 12d
Morgan, 	Enoch,       (b. Aug. 12, 1783) 		d. Sept 7, 1865 ae 82y 26d
Morgan, 	Jerusha, wife of Park A. Morgan,              	d. Jan. 11, 1843 ae 61y 3m 19d
Morgan, 	Marsena, child of Park A. & Jerusha Morgan,     d. July 12, 1826 ae 8m 27d
Morgan, 	Park A.,                                   	d. Aug. 6, 1843 ae 68y 11m 24d
Morgan, 	Sophia E.,                                  	d. Feb. 22, 1869 ae 24y 

Morrison, 	Bridget,					d. _________ ae	103y
Morrison, 	James,						d. _________ ae 78y

Mosher, 	Daniel,						d. Apr. 15, 1867 ae 73y
Mosher, 	Martha,						d. Apr. 4, 1853 ae 70y
Mosher, 	Minnie J., dau. of D. H. & E. Mosher		d. Apr. 19, 1869 ae 36y
Mosher, 	Rebecca, wife of D. Mosher,			d. Mar. 21, 1887 ae 90y 13d

Nash, 		Lois (Noyes), wife of Sylvester Nash		d. July 21, 1834 ae 26y 7m 6d
		(dau. of John & E. Noyes)

Neill, 		Mary Jane, dau. of John & Hopey Neill,          d. Sept. 9, 1832 ae 2y 21d

Noble, 		Electy, dau. of Ephraim & Elizabeth Noble,      d. Feb. 12, 1840 ae 25y 9m 2d
Noble, 		Letitia, dau. of Ephraim & Elizabeth Noble,     d. Apr. 1, 1844 ae 2y 8m
Noble, 		Elizabeth, wife of Ephraim Noble,               d. May 9, 1844 ae 57y 3m
Noble, 		Charles C., s/o Ezekial H. & Ann Noble		d. Mar. 31, 1875 ae 14y 4m 4d
Noble, 		George B., s/o G. & S. Noble,			d. Sept. 22, 1841 ae 9m 22d
Noble, 		William W., s/o Garret H. & Salina M. Noble,	d. Sept. 4, 1846 ae 4m 11d

Noyes, 		Edward,						d. Feb. 10, 1862 ae 71y
Noyes, 		Eliza,	wife of E. Noyes,   (perhaps d. 1865)	d. Feb. 2, 1845? ae 77y
Noyes, 		John,						(No dates)
Noyes, 		Mary E., dau. of J. & E. Noyes,			d. Oct. 27, 1851 ae 4_ 1_(?)

Nye, 		Emory,	son of W. & C. Nye,			d. Apr. 5, 1857 ae 10m 8d
Nye, 		Russell D., s/o Warren & Cordelia Nye		d. Dec. 11, 1860 ae 8y 3m 15d

Paine, 		Betsey,	wife of Benj. Paine,			d. Apr. 10, 1837 ae 31y 2m 5d

Per Lee, 	Dr. John,					d. Dec. 17, 1886 ae 90y 6m 7d
Per Lee, 	Julia Ann, wife of Dr. John Per Lee,		d. Apr. 30, 1852 ae 54y 5m

Perlee, 	Willie I.,son of Edmund & Mary Perlee,		d. Mar. 24, 1869 ae 9y 8m

Pettis, 	Clara A.,					d. Aug. 25, 1868 ae 3y
Pettis, 	Emma J.,					d. Jan. 3, 1872 ae 3y
Pettis, 	William H.,					d. Sept.__, 1871 ae 13y
Pettis, 	Ebenezer Jr.,                                   d. Mar 20, 1841 ae 50y
Pettis, 	Polly, wife of Ebenezer Pettis, Jr.,            d. Mar. 18, 1874 ae 78y
Pettis, 	Mary H., dau. of Ebenezer & Polly Pettis,       d. Aug. 8, 1847 ae 14y 11m 21d
Pettis, 	Ebenezer,                                       1748-1829
Pettis, 	Eunice,  wife of Ebenezer Pettis,               1754-1841
Pettis, 	Lorenzo B., son of Ebenezer & Polly Pettis, 	d. July 14, 1864 ae 28y
			(d. at Andersonville Prison)			

Plant, 		Ida J., d/o Joel & Margaret L. Plant,           d. Oct. 3, 1864 ae 13y 7m 10d

Pratt, 		Lovisa (Buckley), wife of Zerah Pratt		d. July 21, 1850 ae 31y

Read, 		Laura, dau. of Jesse & Betsey Read,         	d. Mar. 12, 1827 ae 6y 10m

Reynolds, 	Dea. Solomon,                       		d. Oct. 22, 1844 ae 59y
Reynolds, 	Polly, wife of Soloman Reynolds                 d. Oct. 12, 1849 ae 58y

Richmond, 	Harriet (Bradley), wife of Zenas Richmond	d. Jan. 29, 1868 ae 65y 2m 5d

Roberts, 	Phoebe,	wife of John B. Roberts,		d. Sept. 1, 1857 ae 72y

Robinson,	Dr. Almon					1813-1889
Robinson,	Eliza (Fassett)					1817-1902

Rogers, 	Mary Ann, dau. of Erastus & Polly Rogers	d. Apr. 30, 1831 ae 8y 7m
Rogers, 	Erastus, (Polly Bentley, his wife)              d. Jan. 5, 1858 ae 61y
Rogers, 	Stephen,                                	d. June 18, 1866 ae 46y

Ronk, 		George,		son of S. & S. Ronk,		d. Oct. 25, 1856 ae 3y 6m
Ronk, 		Seamon D.,					d. June 23, 1864 ae 42y 3m
Ronk, 		Susanna (Hart), wife of S. D. Ronk		d. Mar. 24, 1887 ae 67y

Sher_____(?),	W. Perry,   (a soldier)                         d. Nov. 4, 1863 ae 24y 1m 20d

Sherwood, 	Amy, wife of John Sherwood,                     d. May 9, 1888 ae 82y
Sherwood, 	John,                                           d. Aug. 12, 1872 ae 70y 2m

Simpson, 	John H.,                                        d. Dec. 12, 1871 ae 55y
Simpson, 	Marilla (Castle), wife of John H. Simpson,      d. Mar. 28, 1877 ae 51y

Slauson, 	Fletcher (or Fleetcher),			d. Aug. 19, 1832 ae 29y 1m 16d

Smith, 		Abel,						d. Dec. 15, 1859 ae 68y 3m 1d
Smith, 		Alfred M., son of Ansel & Polly Smith		d. Oct. 18, 1846 ae 2m 18d
Smith, 		Ann,	wife of Abel Smith,			d. Nov. l8, 1844 ae 48y
Smith, 		Britta,	wife of Abel Smith,			d. Feb. 20, 1855 ae 37y 5m 9d
Smith, 		Hannah, dau. of Abel & Anna Smith         	d. Apr. 8, 1856 ae 35y 9m 8d
Smith, 		Hannah,	wife of Frederick Smith,		d. Jan. 15, 1846 ae 73y 9m
Smith, 		Joseph,						d. Aug. 8, 1830 ae 56y 10m 26d
Smith, 		James C.,                                	d. Mar. 13, 1854 ae 63y
_____,?		_____(dau. of Theodore & Adelia Smith?)   	d. Oct. 1, 1858 ae 2m 4d
Smith, 		Aaron B, son of David D. & Catharine Smith	d. June 4, 1833 ae 16y 5m 19d
Smith, 		Adelia Ann(Francis), wife of Theodore Smith	d. Aug. 2, 1858 ae 26y 6m 10d
		(and d/o Patterson & Julia Ann Francis)	
Smith, 		Gideon B., son of George F. & Mary Smith	d. Oct. 4, 1848 ae 18yr 5m 23d
Smith, 		Hannah (Nervey), wife of James C. Smith		d. Mar. 22, 1862 ae 71y 4m 12d
			(b. in Staffordshire, Eng.)

Spaulding, 	Electa,	wife of L. Spaulding,			d. June 4, 1832 ae 39y
Spaulding, 	Lois,	wife of Luther Spaulding,		d. Sept. 6, 1828 ae 39y 6m
Spaulding, 	Louisa,	dau. of Luther Spaulding		d. May 30, 1831 ae 24y

Stanton, 	Annie,	wife of Robert Stanton,			d. Apr. 23, 1846 ae 73y
Stanton, 	Clarinda A.,dau. of A. T & Abby Stanton,	d. July 11, 1853, ae 31y
Stanton, 	Deliphine,dau. of Robert H. & Miriam Stanton,	d. Sept. 21, 1856
Stanton, 	Edith L.,dau. of Robert & Miriam Stanton,	d. Jan. 28, 1864 ae 14y 4m 1d
Stanton, 	Robert,						d. July 28, 1850, ae 82y
Stanton, 	Charles H.,                            		d. Feb. 22, 1859 ae 50y
Stanton, 	Ethan,                                  	d. Mar. 4, 1861 ae 88y
Stanton, 	Nancy,  wife of Ethan Stanton,                  d. Dec. 17, 1870 ae 84y 9m

Starr, 		Electa Ann, wife of Samuel H. Starr,            d. Feb. 20, 1842 ae 38y 6m 9d
Starr, 		Porteus P.                                      d. Oct. 16, 1846 ae 37y 3m 22d
Starr, 		R., wife of S. Starr,                    	b. Nov 20, 1774 d. Oct 21, 1862
Starr, 		S.                              		b. Sept 27, 1770 d.Jul 26, 1860
Starr, 		Samuel H.,                     			d. Nov. 22, 1863 ae 66y

Steadman, 	Hattie M.,					b. Jan. 9, 1859 d. Apr 12, 1871

Stedman, 	Lydia, wife of Samuel Stedman                  	d. June 5, 1831 ae 33y 9m 16d
Stedman, 	Samuel,                                         d. Apr. 14, 1870 ae 75y 5m 8d

Stout, 		Sally, wife of Abram L. Stout,                  d. Feb. 22, 1846 ae 36y
Stout, 		Mary,	wife of Spencer Stout,			d. Mar. 3, 1846 ae 58y 9m 21d

Stoaet(?), 	Mary, wife of Furman J. Stoaet(?),             	d. Nov. 10, 1866 ae 48y

Teed, 		Hila, wife of Andrus Teed,                      d. July 4, 1844 ae 66y 9m 10d

Telyea, 	Marsena A., (a soldier) s/o Eli & Eunice 	d. Aug. 17, 1864 ae 22y
Telyea, 	Marslyvia C., d/o Eli & Eunice C. Telyea,       d. May 20, 1865 ae 21y 1m

Terry, 		Phebe, wife of Elisha Terry,                    d. Apr. 14, 1837 ae 91y 2m 28d

Thomas, 	Peter, son of John & Anna Thomas,              	d. Feb. 1853 ae 29y 4m 20d

Thompson,	________, son of Gary & Hannah Thompson,	d. Aug. 9, 1860 ae 4y 6m 17d

Tiffany, 	William,                         		d. Oct. 22, 1866 ae 49y 7m 10d

Todd, 		James S.,                                       1781-1829
Todd, 		Mercy, wife of James S. Todd,                   1795-1856

Townley, 	Eve, wife of Smith Townley,                     b. Dec 10, 1790 d. Jun 22, 1869
Townley, 	Smith,                                          d. Jan. 3, 1868 ae 76y 3m 26d
Townley, 	William H.,                                     d. Feb. 2, 1819 ae 3y 9m

Tyler, 		Sarah, wife of Moses Tyler,                     d. Dec. 31, 1862 ae 78y 10m

Underwood, 	Clara A., d/o John W. & Eliza J. Underwood,   	d. ae 5y
Underwood, 	Conklin S.,  child of John W. & Eliza J. 	d. ae 12y
Underwood, 	Eliza J., wife of John W. Underwood,            d. Mar. 4, 1846 ae 27y 2m 17d
Underwood, 	Emma L, d/o John W. & Eliza J. Underwood,   	d. ae 7y
Underwood, 	John W., son of John W. & Eliza J. Underwood,  	d. Sept 15, 1846 ae 6m 20d

Updike, 	Lawrence,  (wife Elvira)                  	b. Aug. 17, 1804 d. Apr 6, 1869
Updike, 	Eliza Jane,	wife of Isaac Updike,		1831-1866
Updike, 	Isaac,						1829-1907
Updike, 	_______ ?, second wife (Isaac Updike?),		1831-1902 
Updyke, 	Willie R.,					1865-1866

Van Barren,	Anna M., wife of Moses Van Barren,              d. Nov. 1870 ae 58y 7m 21d

Van Nortwick, 	Nancy (Mineah), w/o Giles Van Nortwick,     	d. Mar. 18, 1874 ae 44y

Virning, 	Mary E., dau. of Artemas Virning,               d. Oct. 4, 1860 ae 2y 10m 26d

Wager, 		Edwin, (his brother)                       	d. Feb. 17, 1834 ae 1y 2m
Wager, 		Elizur, son of Daniel & Content Wager,          d. Oct. 15, 1827 ae 1y 4m

Walradt, 	Ida May,dau. of Peter & Amy Walradt,		d. Sept. 8, 1885 ae 30y

Waters, 	Newell J., son of William & Sarah Waters,       d. Feb. 17, 1864 ae 4y 1d
Waters, 	Sarah Jane, dau. of William & Sarah Waters,     d. Aug. 22, 1871 ae 17y 7m 20d

Webster, 	Jeremiah,					d. Apr. 6, 1846 ae 2y 8m 2d
Webster, 	Sally,	wife of J. Webster,			d. May 8, 1869 ae 71y 5m 1d
Webster, 	Warren,	son of J. & S. Webster,			d. Sept. 4, 1831 ae 1y 6m

Weeks, 		Mary (Butts), wife of Timothy Weeks,            b. Aug 27, 1829 d.June 11, 1862
Weeks, 		Timothy M.,                 			b. Jan 30, 1826 d. Feb 15, 1900

West, 		Alpheus                                  	d. June 22, 1864 ae 68y 7m 22d
West, 		Lucretia (Alvord), wife of Alpheus West         d. Feb. 6, 1875 ae 70y
West, 		Mary, wife of Elijah West,                      d. Dec. 27, 1843 ae 87y 6m 20d

Wetmore, 	Alfred,						d. Aug. 15, 1866 ae 50y

Whipple, 	Alvin M.,					d. Dec. 22, 1862 ae 16y 1m 20d
Whipple, 	Moses,	son of D. & P. Whipple,			d. Oct. 27, 1827 ae 20y 6m
Whipple, 	Naum,	son of D. & F. Whipple,			d. Jan. 19, 1832 ae 9y 8m
Whipple, 	Polly L.,dau. of D. & P. Whipple,		d. Dec. 3, 1842 ae 17y 10m 10d
Whipple, 	Polly,	wife of David Whipple,			d. July 9, 1864 ae 74y 4m 15d
Whipple, 	Josephus, son of Ithaman & Lydia Whipple,       d. Apr. 7, 1823, ae 2y 20d
Whipple, 	Polly, dau. of Ithaman & Lydia Whipple,         d. Nov. 1, 1842 ae 27y 11m 20d

Willcox, 	Bridget,wife of Job Willcox,			d. Jan. 26, 1837 ae 69y 10m 11d
Willcox, 	Catharine,	wife of Albert Willcox,		d. Jan. 7, 1854 ae 27y 7m 17d
Willcox, 	Chancy G. (or P),				d. Dec. 19, 1851 ae 32y 8m 25d
Willcox, 	Clark,						d. Apr. 25, 1851 ae 60y 6m 5d
Willcox, 	Irab,	son of  Clark & Sally Willcox,		d. Aug. 18, 1832
Willcox, 	Nancy,	dau. of C. & S. Willcox,		d. Nov. 25, 1830
Willcox, 	Sally (Mason), w/o Clark Willcox 		d. June 5, 1836, ae 40y 8m 8d
		(d/o Paul & Susanna Mason)

Williams, 	Dewit Clinton, s/o Jedidiah & Harriet 		d. Dec. 16, 1841 ae 11m 21d
Williams, 	Allie, son of Jerome & Harriet Williams,        d. Feb. 14, 1874 ae 10y
Williams, 	Caroline, wife of Barnabas Williams,      	d. Aug. 23, 1864 ae 61y 3m 11d
Williams, 	Eunice Maria, wife of Barnabas Williams		d. Aug. 21, 1878 ae 62y
Williams, 	Jedidiah,                             		d. Dec. 20, 1840 ae 67y 7m 26d
Williams, 	Jedidiah, Jr.                                   d. Sept. 30, 1842 ae 40y 11m 3d
Williams, 	Jerome                                          d. Oct. 27, 1822 ae 45y
Williams, 	Mary Fidelia, d/o Jedidiah & Harriet Williams,  d. Aug. 13, 1832 ae 7y

Wood, 		Henry T., son of William H. & Jane Wood,        d. Dec. 12, 1857 ae 9y
Wood, 		William A. (a soldier), s/o William H. & Jane 	d. Aug. 28, 1862 ae 19y
Wood, 		William H.,                                     d. (no date) ae 64y

Woodruff, 	Gedor,	a Soldier of the Rev.,			d. June 16, 1842 ae 81y
Woodruff, 	Sarah,	wife of G. Woodruff,			d. Jan. 9, 1845 ae 77y

Wormer, 	Elizabeth, dau. of Lawrence Wormer              d. Aug. 9, 1853 ae 51y
Wormer, 	Lawrence,                                    	d. Jan. 22, 1874 ae 56y 5m

Wright, 	Wellington,                                     d. May 15, 1829 ae 13y

Thank you Janice Falvey for transcribing these records into digital format.

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