Town of Enfield, Tompkins County, NY
Cemetery walked and recorded, 1980 & in 1997 by Mary Rumsey, Enfield Township Coordinator

From the corner of Rt 79 and Rt 327 (Millers Corners), travel south on 327. Turn right on Trumbulls Corners Road. The cemetery is on Trumbulls Corners road, across from Rumsey Hill Road. It is up in the cornfield. "Or" from Rt 13 (south of Ithaca) and Rt 327, turn right on 327..go up the hill 3 miles. Turn left on Trumbull's Corners Road. The cemetery is across from Rumsey Hill Road.

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Allen          D (etched, worn rock)

Butler,       	Jane C, daughter of ___and Catharine Butler 	d. Sept 20, 1862 age 11.4.11

Caywood, 	Martha A., dau. of Elam & Hannah 		d. Sept. 16, 1847 ae 20d

Caywood, 	Myron A., son of Elam & Hannah 			d. Aug. 11, 1864 ae 8y 1m 16d

Caywood, 	William H., son of Elam & Hannah 		d. Jan. 9, 1846 ae 21d

Caywood,    	John      (lays flat 1997-very bad shape)	d. Sept ____

Fodner,		Eliza E.					d. June 30, 1816

Fowler, 	Almira, w/o Harrison 				d. Aug. 2, 1863 ae 40y 2m

Gray,          	Lou R., wife of Adam Gray 			1853-1931

Longcoy,     	Charlott, wife of Abram Longcoy 		d. May 14 1855 in her 78 year

Longgoy/Longcoy, William "In the year of our Lord"	d. Apr. 3, 1875 ae 68y 8m 11d

Longgoy/Longcoy, Sally Ann, w/o William  "			d. Mar.16/26,1860 ae 49y 8m 15d

Miller      	Mary (rock) 					deceased Sep 4, 1830 24y 8m 15d

Nobles, 	George H., son of Squire J. & Hannah 		Mar. 10, 1819 - Sept. 20, 1821

Nobles, 	Joshua, son of Squire J. & Hannah  		July 1, 1827 - Aug. 8, 1826

Nobles, 	Jane Ann, w/o Charles R. 			d. May 18, 1865 ae 40y 1m 6d

Nobles, 	John 						d. Jan. 19, 1832 ae 79y 11m 11d

Nobles, 	Elizabeth, w/o John   "diseased"		d. Oct. 3, 1827 ae 75y 3m 5d 

Rumsey, 	Betsey 						Apr 23, 1787 - Jan. 27, 1864

Rumsey, 	George 						1808 - 1898

Rumsey, 	Martha, w/o George 				1816 - 1846

Rumsey, 	Eliza, w/o George 				1816 - 1889/1898

Rumsey, 	Rosie D. Gure, adopted dau. of G. & E. 		d. Dec. 26, 1879, ae 15y 6m

		"Our dear little Rosie is gone, but not forgotten"

Rumsey, 	Alice, dau. of H. & E. J. 			d. Mar. 24, 1863, ae 1y 10d

Rumsey, 	Dellia, dau. of H. & E. J. 			d. Jan. 24, 1874 ae 17y 19m 19d

Rumsey, 	Horton 						d. July 16, 1861 ae 36y 10m 10d

Rumsey, 	Isaac N. 					d. Jan. 7, 1856

Rumsey, 	Isaac, infant son of Isaac N. & Maria		d. Sept. 6, 1856

Rumsey, 	Margaret Jane, w/o Isaac 			d. Mar. 10, 1842 ae 37y 3m 28d

Rumsey, 	Jacob 						d. Apr. 6, 1857 ae 58y 11m 20d

Rumsey, 	Sarah, w/o Jacob 				d. Mar. 1, 1879 ae 77y 11m 17d

Rumsey, 	Cyrus B., son of Jacob & Sarah 			d. Sept. 16, 1849 ae 1y 11m 11d

Rumsey, 	Warren, son of Jacob & Sally 			d. Aug. 16, 1821, ae 8m 10d

		"Sacred to the memory of"

Rumsey, 	James 	"Sacred to the memory of"	d. Aug. 22, 1842 ae 83y 4m 18d

Rumsey, 	Martha Horton, w/o James 			d. June 11, 1827 ae 61y 5m 15d

Rumsey, 	James 						d. Feb. 11, 1869 ae 76y 9m 12d

Rumsey, 	Polly, w/o James 				d. Oct. 20, 1825 ae 26y 7m 11d

Rumsey, 	Sally L., w/o James 				d. Jan. 19, 1846 ae 54y 7m 19d

Rumsey, 	Jonathan 					d. Dec. 10, 1872, ae 88 yr

Rumsey, 	Mary, w/o Jonathan 				d. Dec. 20, 1862 ae 78y 8m 15d

		"My children dear assemble here, a mothers grave to see.

 		Not long ago I dwelt with you, and soon you'll dwell with me."

Rumsey, 	Joshua 						d. Apr. 12, 1862, ae 68y

Rumsey, 	Charlotte Rumsey, w/o Joshua 			d. Feb. 8, 1886, ae 87y 16d

Rumsey, 	Albert, son of Joshua & Charlotte 		d. Oct. 23, 1823 ae 2y 2m 6d

		"The lovely youth is gone. 

		The much loved object is fled. 

		Entered his long eternal home and dwells among the dead."

Rumsey, 	Alvah, son of Joshua & Charlotte 		d. Jan. 6, 1828 ae 11m 5d

Rumsey, 	Charles, son of Joshua & Charlotte 		d. July 18, 1830 ae 6y 1m 25d 

		"Physicians had not skill to save nor power to ransom from the grave." 

Rumsey, 	George M., son of Joshua & Charlotte 		d. July 21, 1840 ae 3y 8m 14d

		"Suffer little children to come unto me and forsed them n'ot for of such is 

		the king-dom of heaven." 

Rumsey, 	Mariah, dau. of Edwin M. & Ellen 		d. Sept. 26, 1849, ae 4y 21d

		"____calm are thy____, 

		___sweet little strangers, unmindful of sorrow, regardless of danger, 

		Thy mild spirit left thee, ____pure as it found thee, 

		____the cold cures of life, spread their darkness around thee."

Rumsey, 	Melissa J. Rumsey, w/o Herman 			d. Apr. 2, 1865 ae 23yr 4mo 4da

		"Gone but not forgotten"

Rumsey, 	Ambrose, son of Miles & Laura 			d. Sept 27, 1857 ae 14d 1.17.14

Rumsey, 	Orpha, dau. of Miles & Laura 			d. June 7, 1852, ae 5 da

Rumsey, 	Solomon 					d. Dec. 26, 1860 ae 63y 6m 16d

Rumsey, 	Saphrona, w/o Solomon 				d. Feb. 27, 1883 ae 85y 9m 16d

Rumsey, 	Squire J.  					Apr. 4, 1820 - Apr. 23, 1877 

Rumsey, 	Mary J., w/o Squire J. 				Dec. 21, 1830 - Jan. 7, 1891

Rumsey, 	Addie M., son of Squire J. & Mary J.? 		d. Jan. 16, 1865 ae 3y 5m 23d

Rumsey, 	Hanford S., son of Squire J. & Mary J. 		d. Feb. 25 1860 ae 25y 2m 8d 

Rumsey, 	Mahala, dau. of Squire J. & Mary J.? 		d. July 12, 1856, ae 4d

Rumsey, 	Mary E., dau. of Squire J. & Mary J ? 		d. Jan. 14, 1865 ae 1y 11m 14d

Rumsey, 	William 					1817 - 1897

Rumsey, 	William 					d. Apr. 4, 1854/45 ae 20y 11m

Smith, 		Charlotte E., w/o Oliver C. 			d. Mar. 26, 1860 ae 20y 5m 27d

Smith       	Marrilla J. w/o Bartemus Smith 			died Sept 16, 1853 age 47 

Snyder,    	Electy, wife of William Snyder 			died Oct 14 1876 age 59.4.8

Wilkins, 	Milley 						1817 - 1889

Wilson, 	Ephraim R. 					Sept 26, 1808 - June 4, 1874

Wilson, 	Anna Smith, w/o Ephraim R. 			Mar 17, 1807 - Apr. 8, 1887

Thank you Carl Hommel for transcribing these records into digital format.

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