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South Danby Cemetery

Also known as: Old Episcopal Cemetery and Episcopal Hill Cemetery

Located at: Peter Road, South Danby, NY
On Rt. 96B, travel south through the Town of Danby 2-1/2 miles to South Danby Road. Turn onto South Danby Road and continue 2-3/10 miles to Peter Road (on the left). On Peter Road, cemetery is on the right hand side, about 100 yards from the corner.
Town of Danby, Tompkins County, NY.
Cemetery is inactive.

Unless old church burial records are located, this cemetery is now as complete as possible. Although many headstones were missing and could not be compared to the old record, additional headstones for Banfield, Birch, Bogart, Howard, Jennings, Rittenhouse, St. John, VanKleeck, Wilcox, and Wright were found and have been recorded here.

(Photo by Cathy Knauf)
(larger photo)

Please use Notes as a guide only!

Surname Given /Maiden Name Birth Date Death Date Age at Death Epitaphs, Notes, Corrections
Adgate Eliza D.   Sep 19, 1862 68y 4d w/o Luther Adgate
Banfield Moses Apr 1, 1785 Jan 1, 1862 75y 9m s/o James & Tabitha (Jones) Banfield.
Came to Danby in 1802 from NJ.
Married Grace Beers abt. 1806.
Banfield Grace Beers Nov 22, 1786 Mar 8, 1869   w/o Moses Banfield.
d/o Joel & Phoebe (Osborn) Beers.
Born in CT.
Banks Alanson   Apr 30, 1891 87y  
Banks Lorinda   Dec 9, 1891 88y w/o Alanson Banks
Banks Moses   Nov 3, 1860 32y old record did not have da. of death
Banks Henry   Aug 16, 1870 43y  
Bennett Cynthia   May 9, 1834 31y 5m w/o Walker Bennett
Bennett Walker   Feb 6, 1842 46y 11m 12d Headstone was previously read as age being 16 yrs. Recent reading
clearly indicates age as 46 yrs. Walker Bennett, b. 25 Feb 1795, son
of James Bennett and Anna Cable, and brother to Aaron Bennett buried
Danby Rural Cemetery.
Bennett James   Dec 27, 1829 80y 1m 22d "Sacred to the Memory of James Bennett Who Died";
Thou tomb shall safe refrain
Thy trust sacred
Till life devine
Reanimates his dust
Believe this to be the father of Walker & Aaron Bennett.
James Bennett m. in Weston, Fairfield, CT, 4 April 1776, Anna Cable,
b. 4 Nov 1750, d. 13 Sept. 1826 at Trumbull, CT. James had a known
brother, Aaron, b. 11 Mar 1755 Fairfield County, CT, served in the
American Revolution and was pensioned; d. 27 Mar 1835, Catharine,
Schuyler Co., NY, buried Agard Cemetery with his wife, Ruth who
d. 17 Mar 1832. Aaron died leaving no widow or children and only
heirs being two nephews, Aaron and Walker Bennett of Danby.
Birch David 1826 1899    
Birch Rachel P. Wesley 1828 1910   w/o David Birch
Birch Maria     1m d/o David & Rachel (Wesley) Birch.
Old record has yr. of death 1865.
There is no date on headstone.
Birch Mary 1856 1865   d/o David & Rachel (Wesley) Birch.
Old record has yr. of death 1856
but viewing the headstone it
is clearly written that
birth year is 1856 and
death year is 1865
Birge Augustus   Aug 1, 1843 50y  
Bogart Jacob   May 8, 1872 55y 3m  
Bogart Mary L.   Mar 15, 1887 60y 2m 17d w/o Jacob Bogart;
old record did not have mo. of death
Bogart Infant   Jan 26, 1857   d/o Jacob & Mary Bogart
Bogart Wellington   Sep 29, 1864 6y s/o Jacob & Mary Bogart
Bogart Alton R. Jan 17, 1906 Mar 27, 1906    
Bogart Phebe   May 16, 1874 78y 7m 6d w/o John Bogart
Bogart Levi   May 8, 1883 58y 8m 18d  
Bogart George C. Jun 7, 1862 Apr 17, 1909    
Bogart Isabella   Feb 5, 1887 17y 9m 9d First w/o George C. Bogart
Bogart Lydia   Jun 26, 1891 31y Second w/o George Bogart
Bogart Mary C. 1832 1905    
Brock Polly   Jun 4, 1874 72y  
Comstock Sarah   Aug 1/13, 1842 46y 7m 10d 2 separate records on
death day listed in old record.
Headstone not found in 2001.
w/o Elisha M. Comstock
Comstock Cynthia   Jul 25, 1881 19y 27d d/o Elisha M. & Sarah Comstock
Cool J. J.       Old stone; unable to read dates
Cool Malinda   Mar 7, 1857 63y 7m w/o J. J. Cool
[old record had w/o T. J. Cool]
Cool Anna   May 31, 1890 71y w/o J. J. Cool
Cooper Price veteran's flag ca 1756 Jul 16, 1827 71y In Memory of. Flag at grave;
A Soldier of the Revolution, PVT CT.
Cooper John       No dates
Cooper Henry   Jan 18, 1884 87y 3m At Rest s/o John Price Cooper.
Cooper Chloe McDaniels   Nov 30, 1869 67y 6m w/o Henry Cooper
Cooper Alanson   May 14, 1861 61y s/o John Price Cooper
Cooper Ann Bush   Aug 24, 1877 66y w/o Alanson Cooper
Cooper Lyman H.   Feb 7, 1891 63y 6m 22d  
Cooper Esther Ann VanGilder ca 1837 Apr 26, 1928   w/o Lyman Cooper
Denniston George   Jun 28, 1868 60y 9m 8d  
Denniston Dorithy T. Smith   May 31, 1891 77y w/o George Denniston.
Given name as spelled
Dickerson Mary   Sep 29, 1838 48y 7m 29d Stop passenger as you pass by
As you are now so once was I
As I am now so you must be
Prepare for death and follow me

w/o William M. Dickerson
English Joseph   Apr 9, 1858 17y [or 77y]
9m 22d
old record indicates records for
17y and 77y have been found.
Headstone not found in 2001
Head Cora I.   Jan 10, 1872 15y 8m 12d d/o Lewis & Myra Head;
age looks to be 5 yr.;stone worn
Hill Lewis   Feb 22, 1864 32y 3m 14d old record did not have mo. of death.
Son of Andrew & Louisa (Landon) Hill
Hill Luther   Feb 21, 1879 61y 1m 16d Son of Andrew & Louisa (Landon) Hill. Luther married
Ruth VandeBogart.
Hill Andrew U.   May 21, 1876 87y 7m 24d Born abt. 1788, probably in Shokan, Ulster Co., NY
to Uriah and Mary (Swartwout) Hill.
Hill Louisa Landon   Nov 15, 1867 72y w/o Andrew U. Hill; born 19 Nov 1795 in
Salisbury, Litchfield Co., CT, to John & Louisa (Bingham) Landon.
Howard Hiram H.   Feb 23, 1854 46y 3m 26d  
Howland Seneca Feb 12, 1780 Jul 26, 1834 51y 3m 11d Born in Beekman, Dutchess County, NY
to Charles and Lavinia (Mosher) Howland.
Date of birth from family bible.
Howland Agnes King 1788 1859   w/o Seneca Howland
Howland Charles 1818 1900   s/o Seneca & Agnes Howland
Howland Maria A. Bassett 1826 1901   w/o Charles Howland.
Born in Ansonia, CT to
Josiah & Betsey Bassett
Howland Doct. John Mar 1, 1809 Apr 15, 1835 26y 1m 15d s/o Seneca & Agnes Howland
Howland Frances K.   Mar 3, 1878 70y 5m 18d  
Howland Clarissa Casterline Oct 22, 1808 Feb 10, 1888   w/o Frances K. Howland.
Believed to have been born in NJ.
d/o Joseph [b. Jul 10, 1779] & Margaret
(Atkinson) [b. Oct 10, 1784] Casterline.
The family was from Newfield, NY.
Howland Doty   Feb 7, 1860 3y 5m 4d c/o William & Louisa M. (Loring) Howland
Howland "Little Freddies Grave"     3y s/o William Howland
Jennings Charles W.   Apr 14, 1881 38y 7m  
Jennings Esther   Sep 8, 1839 49y 2m w/o Isaac Jennings
Jennings Isaac 2nd   Oct 9, 1832 10y 5m s/o Isaac & Esther Jennings
Jennings Wakeman   Apr 13, 1863 51y 3m 15d  
Jennings Abigail T.   Mar 5, 1896 87y 6m 15d w/o Wakeman Jennings
Jennings Mary E.   Mar 14, 1866 25y 6m Not dead but sleepth
d/o W. & A. Jennings
Larue Irving E. May 1, 1906 Mar 22, 1907   s/o O. C. & C. B. Larue
Manley Marandy   Sep 16, 1903 81y w/o John W. Manley
Manning Robert P. 1816 1900    
Manning Tassea Larue 1821 1900   w/o Robert P. Manning
Manning Joseph Nov 10, 1811 Dec 24, 1875    
Manning Jane Aug 12, 1813 Mar 14, 1893   w/o Joseph Manning
Manning Lavina Ann Howland   Jul 15, 1853 37y 6m 13d w/o John Manning;
d/o Seneca & Agnes (King) Howland
Manning Maria   Jan 15, 1875 88y 2m 21d w/o Charles I. Manning
Manning Mary Ann   Dec 23, 1871 60y 8m 17d d/o Charles I. & Maria Manning
Manning Martha   Oct 28, 1876 48y 1m d/o Charles I. & Maria Manning
Manning Sarah Melissa   Feb 27, 1901 80y 4m 27d d/o Charles I. & Maria Manning
Mead Cora L.   Jan 10, 1872 5y 8m 12d d/o Lewis & Myra Mead
(see note for Head entry)
Nelson Phineas   Jul 2, 1844 82y  
Nelson Hannah   Nov 25, 1855 94y w/o Phineas Nelson
Porter Celina St. John   Feb 3, 1847 40y 4m w/o Rev. C.S. Porter;
d/o J. St. John, Esq.
Rankin Thomas M.   Aug 11, 1883 52y  
Rittenhouse William M. Sep 10, 1821 Apr 7, 1876    
Rittenhouse Harriet A. Oct 27, 1829 Feb 8, 1899   w/o Wm. M. Rittenhouse
Rittenhouse Perry C. Mar 27, 1870 Nov 21, 1890    
Saunders Ann   Aug 31, 1871 55y 2m 11d w/o Z. M. Saunders
Smiley John   Mar 13, 1874 85y 8m 3d  
Smiley Polly   Apr 5, 1875 81y 6m 13d w/o John Smiley
Smiley Cornelia C.   Sep 26, 1847 15y 5m 9d d/o John & Polly Smiley
Smiley Angeline A.   Mar 31, 1890 79y 4m 4d  
Smiley Susan Banfield   Jul 8, 1862 42y 7m 2d w/o William Smiley;
d/o Moses & Grace (Beers) Banfield
Smiley Avaline L.   Jan 14, 1907 85y 7m 1d  
St. John William H. 1813 1899    
St. John Mary C. 1826 1899   w/o William H. St. John
St. John Theron   Jun 8, 1883 28y 1m 8d old record had mo./day of death transposed
St. John Alice J.   Aug 27, 1877 2m 19d d/o T. & M. St. John
St. John Timothy   Nov 26, 1883    
St. John Hannah   Mar 10, 1873 87y w/o Timothy St. John
Steenberch Little Mattie   Oct 2, 1880 4y 5m 3d Folded to our Saviours breast
Our darling child has gone to rest

d/o Theo & Esther J. Steenberch.
Swartout Georgie L.   Feb 27, 1882 5y 8m 20d s/o B. & M. E. Swartout
Taylor Mertie   Apr 24, 1881 2y 6m Of which is the Kingdom of Heaven
d/o Walter & Mina Taylor.
old record had age as 6m
Tripp Mrs. Phebe   ______, 1830   from old record: w/o ____os Tripp.
Headstone not found in 2001
Tripp James   Apr 29, 1877 84y 10m 20d old record had given name
incorrectly as Ames
Tripp Harriet   Nov 5, 1876 82y w/o James Tripp
Tripp James S.   Jan 10, 1896 73y  
Tripp Rachel A.   Sep 27, 1892 69y w/o James Tripp
VandeBogart Martha   Apr 29, 1844 66y 12d w/o Frances VandeBogart
VandeBogart Flora L.   Sep 22, 1853 5y 3m 29d d/o Peter & Delia VandeBogart
VanKleeck John M. Feb 9, 1805 Jun 21, 1892    
VanKleeck Amy Jane Brock   Oct 30, 1877 69y 7m 18d w/o John VanKleeck
VanKleeck Phebe A.   Mar 16, 1863 23y d/o J. M. & Jane VanKleeck
VanKleeck John J.   Mar 28, 1867 39y  
VanKleeck Ann M.   Jan 10, 1908 78y 10m 6d former wife of J. J. VanKleeck
VanKleeck Anna   __T 5, 1846 58y only "T" remains in month
VanKleeck Jane   May 14, 1884 74y 2m 22d  
VanKleeck James L.   _____ 29, 18__   Mo. possibly March;
year may be 1863
VanWoert Alfred H.   Sep 30, 1864 7y 5m s/o L. B. & Irene VanWoert;
old record had left off father's initials
VanWoert Jerome T. 1874 1912    
Wall John T.   Mar 21, 1884 66y 4m 8d Father
[Wilcox] Avaline [Hoyt]   1888 72y stone cracked; w/o Wilco[x]
Wilcox Sheldon Nov 17, 1807 May [11], 1879    
Wilcox Mary   Feb 28, 1884 61y 1m 3d w/o Sheldon Wilcox
Wilcox Lewis H.   Sep 4, 1872 3m 24d Little Loie's Grave
s/o Gaylord & Mary Wilcox
Wilcox Ira   May 19, 1891 88y stone broken
Willcox Janna   Oct 16, 1833 78y surname as spelled on headstone
Willcox Sibil   Jan 9, 1829 61y w/o Janna Willcox.
Surname as spelled on headstone
Williams Eliza Ann   Feb 27, 1844 24y 9m 8d w/o Ziba Williams
Williams Augusta   Sep 11, 1851 27y 4m 10d w/o Ziba Williams;
old record had ae 27y 1m 10d
Williams Esther   Feb 20, 1858 74y 9m 2d w/o Daniel Williams;
old record had ae 71
Woodruff Timothy T.   Aug 7, 1873 73y 7m For me to live is Christ
But to die is gain"
Woodruff Eliza A. Apr 6, 1806 Mar 23, 1895   w/o T. T. Woodruff
Woodruff Lucy E.   Nov 4, 1865 16y 5m d/o T. T. & E. A. Woodruff
Wright Charles W.   Feb 23, 1830 39y 1m  
Wright Mary N.   Nov 7, 1872 79y 11m w/o Charles W. Wright
Wright Abby B.   Jul 27, 1845 23y 9m 13d d/o Chas. W. & Mary N. Wright
Wright Isaac veteran's flag Mar 20, 1759 1842   Born in Canaan, CT, Isaac was a Soldier of the Revolution,
enlisting in December 1776. He was with Hazen's Congress Regiment.
Veteran Marker placed by Cayuga Chapter DAR.
Wright Sally   Aug 16, 1839 75y 1m 7d In Memory of,
w/o Isaac Wright
Wright Isaac D.   Aug 27, 1873 73y 6m 7d Son of Capt. Isaac and Sarah (Douglas) Wright.
Isaac's second wife was Emaline.
Wright Betsey   Mar 20, 1847 40y 7m Betsey McCumber, w/o Isaac D. Wright
Wright Isaac D. Mar 20, 1843 1853 10y 2m 5d Son of Isaac and Betsey (McCumber) Wright
Wright John Ferris   Jan 31, 1842 3y 9m 7d s/o Isaac & Betsey Wright;
old record incorrectly listed him
with surname as Ferris.
Viewed headstone in 2001 and name is
clearly John Ferris Wright.
Wright Luther I.       Possibly the first son of Capt. Isaac & Sarah Wright named Luther
who died in infancy
Wright Luther A. Feb 2, 1810 Dec 29, 1831 21y 10m 7d Youngest s/o Capt. Isaac & Sarah Wright
Wright Bessey   Dec 29, 1831   Possibly this is Elizabeth "Bessey" Judd, w/o Orson Wright,
oldest son of Capt. Isaac and Sarah Wright. Her last child with
Orson, Charles Wright, was born about 1829. She died before the 1850 census.
Wright Narcissa   Sep 4, 1854 28y 1m 4d d/o Zebulon & Esther (Manchester) Wright.
Zebulon Wright died Jun 10, 1831 and it is believed
that he is buried in this cemetery. Esther was still alive
in the 1850 census.
Wright Apalonia D.   Apr 17, 1842 20y 2m 28d d/o Zebulon & Esther (Manchester) Wright
Wright Charles L. 1828 1899   old record had birth year as 1829
Wright Phebe 1829 1880   w/o Charles L. Wright
Wright Lydia 1835 1902   w/o Charles L. Wright

Small stones from old record:
M. M. near Manning burials
M. N. W.
L. I. W.
J. M. near Manning burials
S. H.
J. H.
A. B. L.

Some of the headstones for the Wright burials were missing in 2001. Much of the information in this record is taken from the old record.

NOTE: Additional information (in brackets) on Wilcox burials is from "The Crewdson-Rockwell Family History" by Ernest Crewdson, Fort Collins, Colorado, 1990.

Thank you Elaine Wright Mount, a descendant of Capt. Isaac & Sarah Wright, for providing corrections and updates to the Wright family information (2008).
Updates to Hill family information (2008). Updates to Bennett family information (September 2006)
Thank you Georgia Whitson for providing the additional Banfield family information.
Thank you Roger Howland for the update on "Little Freddie's Grave", and for providing the additional Howland family information.
Thank you Debbe Hagner for transcribing the original records into digital format.
Thank you Janet Nash for updating these records.
Thank you Howard Kriezek for updating the Wilcox information.

This cemetery was last updated and recorded by walking it in the months of June and July 2001 by Sarah (Christofferson) McKane, Nina (Christofferson) McAndrews, and Cheryl Hall. Material transcribed and donated by Cheryl Hall.

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