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White Settlement Cemetery

Located Dates Rd. in Lansingville.
Believe Inman property.
Reportedly Abigail Howe Young, the mother of Brigham Young, is buried here. Burials are from 1811 to 1842.

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(Photo by Cheryl Hall, May 2002)

photo of cemetery
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(Photo by Cheryl Hall,
May 2002)

Copied by Isabelle Parish July 16, 1952

Surname Given Name(s) Death Notes
BROOKS Mary, wife of Daniel BROOKS d. Sept 16, 1859 aged 43 yrs. 5 mo. 12 dys  
BROOKS Sally Jane, dau. of Daniel & Mary BROOKS d. Aug. 1, 1835 age 18 yrs 10 mo 21 dys Infant dau. of Daniel & Mary BROOKS
BUCHANAN Prudence, wife of George d. Aug. 30, 1830 ae 78y 3m 18d  
MOORE Abigail relict of Daniel MOORE d. Dec. 11, 1835 in her 80th yr  
HAMILTON Thomas, In Memory of: d. Nov. 18, 1829 aged 77y Pvt 10 PA Regt Rev. War
HAMILTON Lydia wife of Thomas HAMILTON d. April 8, 1834 age 70 yrs. 16 days  
HAMILTON Dana F., son of Nathaniel HAMILTON d. March, 1, 1842 age 18 yrs 3 mo 16 dys God, my Redeemer, lives
And even from the skies,
Looks dkown and watches all my dust
Till he shall ____it rise.
HAMILTON Sally Ann, wife of John HAMILTON, d. Jan. 13, 1853 age 38 yrs 3 mo 26 dys  
MOON James B.   [sunken, and unreadable]
------ ------ aged 79 or 74 yrs 1 mo 22 dys  
BAKER John d. April 27, 1836 aged 37 yrs 3 mo 12 dys  
BAKER Sarah wife of Rev. James H. BAKER d. June 10, 1838 age 38 yrs 5 mo 22 dys There, all our toils are o'er
Our suffering and our pain
Who meet on that eternal shore
Shall never part again.
- J. H. Baker
PICKARD Jonas born: July 6, 1788 died: Dec. 27, 1812 age 24 yrs 5 mo 24 dys Stop, dear youth, as you pass by
As your are now, so once was I
As I am now, so you must be
Prepare yourself to follow me.
PICKARD Lucinda d. Nov. 30, 1816 age 1 yr 3 mo 20 dys  
SMOKE Anna, wife of John SMOKE d. Dec. 4, 1811 age 35 yrs 8 mo 14 dys  
REEVES James son of Joshua & Abigail REEVES d. Sept. 15, 1811 age 68 yrs 3 mo 16 dys  
CHEESEMAN Ezekiel d. Jan. 7, 1813 age 47 yrs  
CALBORN John d. Oct. 3, 1816 age 75 yrs (his son A. Mormon or Norman, married a local girl - BROWN)
FAULKNER Emily, dau. of T. & A. FAULKNER d. June 8, 1831  
----- Gilbert or Sibert, son of Isaiah & Fanny WIXSON d. Feb. 4, 1812 age 19 yrs  

From the records of Isabelle Parish:

Orin DRAKE (86 yrs old in 1963) told us he has seen the gravestone of Brigham YOUNG'S mother here in this cemetery. It was back in a low spot, he thinks it is covered with dirt and leaves.

Albert and Daniel WHITE in 1795 settled one half mile west of Lansingville (called Teetertown in old days) and so the settlement was called White Settlement. They were brothers of the Rev. Alvard WHITE who was on this circuit in 1794.

A class (Methodist) was formed here and a log Church was built early in 1797 on the lot adjoining J. W. HAMILTON'S farm. This log church burned down in 1801. James KELSEY taught school in this building before he started preaching. A frame church was built in 1802 (34 by 36 ft.) and was the first frame church built in the Genesse Conference. This church was used until 1833 when a new brick church was built in Lansingville. The old church was sold to J. W. HAMILTON and the figures 1802 were plainly seen a year or two since (1879) but the growing tooth of time have removed them. It is now used as a barn after having held in its walls three annual conferences. The first July 14, 1814, Bishop MACKENDREE presiding; the second July 16, 1818, Bishop R.R. ROBERTS presiding; the third July 26, 1824 Bishop HEDDING, or HARDING, and Bishop GEORGE presiding. (Taken from History of Four Counties 1879)

There were five houses in that mile in 1868.

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