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Connecticut Hill Cemetery

Also known as Snyder Hill Cemetery.
Located on Connecticut Hill, Newfield, Tompkins County, NY

Directions: Connecticut Hill is misleading because there are at least two separate roads with that name. From Trumball Corners Road to Cayutaville Road to Connecticut Hill Road, into Connecticut Hill State Land Wildlife Management area (there is a sign), to the end of a seasonal road, the cemetery is in the trees to the left. At the sign that denotes that area as Wildlife Management, there is also a street sign that reads Boylan Road with an arrow pointing down the road.

photograph of cemetery
(Photo by Cathy Knauff - 2002)
The Whitney/Ingels Plot
(larger photo)

Please use Notes as a guide only!

Name Birth/Death/Age
Beebe, Orlando, s/o John & Lydia d. Apr. 3, 1840 ae 24yr 1mo 21da
Bonnett, David  d. Oct. 21, 1853 ae 63yr 5mo 4da
Brook, James  d. Nov. 5, 1823, ae 55 yr
Brown, Ann Eliza, d/o James & Sally Brown d. July 12, 1881 ae 29yr 1mo 15da
Brown, Sally Ann, w/o James Brown d. Mar. 20, 1856 ae 38yr 9mo 20da
Brown, Adelia, d/o James & Sally Brown d. Sept. 1, 1846 ae 3yr 1mo 21da
Campbell, Fanny R. w/o William M. Campbell  d. Dec. 1, 1837 ae 27yr 9mo 11da
Chapel, Lucretia R. d/o Joshua B. & Hannah Chapel d. Oct. 6, 1828 ae 2yr 2mo 8da
Chapel, John E. w/o Joshua & Hannah Chapel d. Jan. 9,1834, ae 1yr
Chapel, Joshua B. Born Montiville, Ct. on  July 15, 1787; d. Oct. 25, 1858
Chapel, Simeon  d. Aug. 13, 1841 ae 49 yr
Chapman, Warren,  d. Apr. 19, 1843 ae 75 yr 9 mo
Church, Almira  d. Jan. 19, 1890 ae 82 or 92 yr
Church, Simeon d. 1844 aged 49 years
Congdon, Edith M. infant d/o Charles & Adaline d. Aug. 17, 1856
Congdon, Maud only d/o of B.B. & E.J. Congdon d. Nov. 30, 1877, ae 1yr
Congdon, Charles R. d. July 13, 1888 ae 74yr 3mo 8da
Congdon, Adaline w/o Charles Congdon d. Apr. 11, 1891 ae 81yr 6mo
Congdon, Araminta, d/o Charles & Adaline Congdon d. June 30,1848 ae 5yr 11da
Cotton, Adelbert I. s/o Jacob R.& Harriet Cotton d. May 22,1863 ae 13yr 6mo 9da
Duncan, Betsey, w/o Henry Duncan  d. Mar. 29, 1870 ae 89 yr
Duncan, Henry d. ______stone illegible.
Duncan, Burnett, son of Henry Duncan d. ____, 1841 age ?
Hendershot, Samuel  d. June 7, 1852 ae 78 yr 6mo
Hendershot, Margaret, w/o Samuel Hendershot  d. July 21, 1851 ae 68yr 6mo
Ingle, Peter  d. Nov. 17, 1860 ae 83yr 8mo
Johnson, Amy w/o Adney Johnson  d. Nov. 18, 1843 ae 43 yr
Marsh, Woodward  d. Apr. 1, 1864 ae 66yr 4mo 9da
Marsh, Mary A., w/o Woodward Marsh d. Sept. 23, 1872 ae 59yr 2mo 16da
Marsh, Mary, d/o Woodward & Mary A. Marsh d. Oct. 14, 1834 ae 2yr 6mo
McKenny, William J. s/o John & Elizabeth McKenny d. Feb. 8, 1841 ae 4yr 5mo 25da
"Sleep my sweet babe and take they rest, God called thee home when he thot best"
Miller, Edith M.  1929-no date
Miller, Edward Jr.  1927-1988
Moot, Clarissa d/o Jacob S. & Ruth Moot d. Apr. 19, 1846 ae 20yr 29da
Powers, Charles  d. Feb. 4, 1842 ae 53 yr
Powers, Patty w/o Charles Powers  d. May 10, 1871 ae 78 yr
Reed, George, s/o Edson W. & Elizabeth Reed d. June 13, 1863, ae 24 da
Snyder, William  d. Aug. 4, 1862 ae 47yr 6mo 12da
Snyder, Sarah E. d/o George & Julia d. Aug. 23, 1848 ae 3yr 3mo
Snyder, George  d. Oct. 9, 1886 ae 81yr 3mo 25da
Snyder, Julia, w/o George Snyder d. July 26, 1874 ae 64yr 10mo 6da
Snyder, John H. s/o George & Julia  d. Feb. 28, 1847 ae 1yr 3mo 12da
Snyder, John 1817-1905
Snyder, Fannie w/o John Snyder 1826-1917
Snyder, William d. Aug. 20, 1860 ae 83 yr 4 mo
Snyder, Elizabeth w/o William Snyder d. Apr. 29, 1858 ae 77yr 3mo
Swan, Charles F. s/o Jabez & Sophia E. Swan d. May 2, 1838 ae 6 mo
Tracy, Vernet Duncan s/o Daniel & Martha Tracy d. Mar. 13, 1841 ae 1yr 4mo
Tracy, Vernet Duncan s/o Daniel & Martha Tracy d. May 12, 1844 ae 2yr
Tracy, Daniel L.  d. Aug. 21, 1861 ae 61 yr
Tracy, Martha, w/o Daniel Tracy d. Dec. 20, 1845 ae 36 yr
Tracy, Nancy d/o Daniel & Martha Tracy d. illegible
Tracy, Henry, son of Daniel & ? d. _______?  age ?
Washburn, Mary w/o Shurman Washburn d. Feb. 1, 1860 ae 36yr 1mo 10da
Washburn, William s/o Shurman & Mary Washburn d. Dec. 15, 1859 ae 3yr 23da
Whitney, Ezra  d. Nov. 28, 1870 ae 77yr 2mo 10da
Whitney, Elizabeth w/o Ezra Whitney d. Oct. 3, 1900 ae 94yr 11mo 15da
Whitney, Sylvester J. s/o Ezra & Elizabeth Whitney d. July 1, 1841 ae 11yr 5mo 1da
Whitney, Ruth Ann, d/o Ezra & Elizabeth Whitney d. July 17,1857 ae 22yr 9mo 27da

Darlene Desmond provided the update for this cemetery by walking the cemetery; Dec. 6th 1998 -
at that time the cemetery had been visited recently,
a few woven wreaths and a red silk rose tied to a tree stump were in the cemetery.
Photo taken 2002 by Cathy Knauff
At the time that the photo was taken in 2002 the cemetery had been vandalized and is in very poor condition.
Someone has been digging up graves. See photo of a grave dug up.
We are thankful to Darlene Desmond who took the time in 1998 to record the headstone inscriptions.
Transcribed by Janet M. Nash

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