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Van Nortwick Place Burial Ground

On Caswell Road, Dryden, Tompkins County, NY.
Located on the North Caswell road which runs north and south from the West Dryden Road to the Peruville Lansing road or # 34B. Going west on the West Dryden Road from Freeville - Peruville/Groton Road, it is the second right hand turn from Rt. #38. Proceeding North one will find the intersection of Bone Plain Road and North Caswell road which runs east and West. At that point you have gone probably 100 feet beyond the path that goes back toward the east to the VanNortwick cemetery.
Town of Dryden, Tompkins County, NY.
Cemetery is inactive.

This record is as complete as possible at this time.

photograph of cemetery
(Photo by Rob van Noortwijk)
(larger photo)

Please use Notes as a guide only!

  Last Name First Name Death Age Notes
View stone Bills William, son of Daniel F.and Mary d. Aug.12, 1846 ae 5yr 2m 21d  
  Bush Mary, daughter of Charles & Eleanor d. Mar. 11, 1821 ae 15m 1d  
  Bush Samuel D. d. Jan.27, 1817 ae 34yr 7m 28d  
  Covert Mary, daughter of James and Alche d. May 31, 1828 ae 1yr 6m 19d  
  Covert Alche, wife of James d. Oct. 13, 1848 ae 57yr 11m 20d  
  Covert Asher d. Mar. 19, 1856 ae 73yr 19 d  
  Covert Eleanor, wife of Asher d. Oct. 4, 1838 ae 46yr 21d  
  Covert Hannah, dau. of Asher & Eleanor d. May 27, 1849 ae 17yr 3m 25d  
  Covert Mary, dau. of Asher & Eleanor d. May 9, 1848 ae 19yr 9m 1d  
  Covert James d. Dec. 5, 1813 (?) ae 59yr 3m 26d  
  Covert William, son of Asher & Eleanor d. July 13, 1841 ae 21yr 7 m 3d  
  Hamilton Sarah, wife of W. A. Hamilton d. Aug.19, 1840 ae 20yr 1m 1d  
  Hamilton Sarah M., dau. of Wm. & Sarah M. d. Sept. 2, 1840 ae 14 dys.  
  Johnson Eleanor, wife of Peter Johnson d. Mar. 16, 1840 ae 70yr 6m 3d  
  Johnson In memory of Peter d. Oct.1, 1827 in his 59th yr  
  Johnson Joannah, dau. of Peter & Eleanor d. Mar. 5, 1840 ae 30yr 6m 3d  
  Kelly Abraham, son of John & Sarah d. Apr. 1, 1828 ae 27 yr  
  Luddington Andrew, son of Andrew & Sarah d. July 31, 1827 no age  
  Luddington Asa d. Mar. 2, 1831 ae 51yr 2m 27d  
  Luddington Polly, dau. of Asa & Sarah d. Sept.25, 1829 ae 25 yr 8m 19d  
  Luddington Sarah, wife of Asa Luddington d. Jan. 8, 1858 in her 82nd yr  
  Lunger Andrew, son of Andrew & Sarah Lunger d. July 3, 1827 ae 18 yrs 11m  
  Rosa In memory of David Rosa d. May 28, 1833 ae 34 yr 1m 5d  
  Thompson In memory of Nancy, wife of Moses d. Nov.28, 1833 ae 46 yr  
  Van Nortwick In memory of John, s/o John & Sally d. Oct. 1, 1831 ae 5 yr 1m 15 d  
  Van Nortwick In memory of Polly, w/o John d. Aug. 31, 1823 ae 27 years  
View stone Van Nortwick In memory of Rebecah, w/o Simeon d. Oct. 18, 1817 in her 56th yr Rebecca HENDRICKSON
View stone Van Nortwick John, son of Simeon & Rebecca d. June 11, 1840 ae 46 yr 2d  
View stone Van Nortwick Rebecca Marie, d/o Simeon & Sarah d. Sept. 8, 1842 ae 21 yr 3m 21d  
View stone Van Nortwick Sarah, 2nd wife of Simeon Van Nortwick d. Nov. 4, 1857 ae 81 yr 1m 29d Sarah GILES
widow of Benjamin FULKERSON
Married 2nd Simeon Van Nortwick
View stone Van Nortwick Simeon Van Nortwick d. Apr. 17, 1842 ae 76 yr 7m 4d  
  Waldron Mr. John Waldron d. Jan.22, 1830 ae 53 yr 7m 11d  
  Waldron Elizabeth, dau. of John & Mary d. July 25, 1827 ae 26 yr m 21d  

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