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McLean New Cemetery A-Fo

Contributed by George Totman
Secretary of McLean Cemetery Association
Transcribed by Terry Donlick, Groton Township Coordinator

McLean Records FR thru MI
McLean Records MO thru T
McLean Records U thru Z
Plot Owners Book
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Name Death Date Age Place Miscellaneous Info
ADAMS, Ada Sophia 05/07/1923 61y3m7d    
ADAMS, Aurilla A. 09/22/1915 60y    
ADAMS, Charles 06/07/1934 68y8m    
ADAMS, Caroline May 06/07/1934 68y8m    
ADAMS, Glen L. 02/16/1960 66y Groton, NY Lot 5 SE ¼ Sec. E
Lot Owner-Lottie J. Adams
Lottie & Ruth Buxton Cremated
ADAMS, Glenn S. 05/23/1972 76y Sempronius, NY Sec. F, Lot 41 S-H owner - self
ADAMS, Claude 02/25/1968 81y McLean, NY Sec E, Lot 6 S-E ¼ owner-self
ADAMS, Grace E. 01/20/1987 95y Groton, NY Sec. E, Lot 6 S/E
owner-Claude Adams
ADAMS, John W. 11/21/1947 75y4m12d Homer, NY Sec. F, Lot 41, South ½
ADAMS, Floyd 09/8/1978 79y McLean, NY Sec F, Lot 11, West ½ owner-self
ADAMS, Jay E. 05/16/1937 75y    
ADAMS, Leonard Vain 12/31?/1995 79y Cortland, NY Sec. Lot 10 Lot owner Helen Adams
ADAMS, Mary 03/16/1989 99y Cortland, NY Sec. F, Lot 11 W ½
Owner Floyd Adams
ADAMS, Sylvia Anna 04/13/1973 72y Cortland, NY Sec. F, Lot 41 S-11
Lot owner-Glenn S. Adams
ALLEN, Florence Midred (Miss) 08/20/1971 79y Tomp.Co.Hos. Sec. F, Lot 57
Lot owner-Oliver Frank Allen
ALLEN, Henry C. 11/5/1919 78y10m27d    
ALLEN, Emma D. 07/30/1947 92y6m23d Hempsted, NY  
ALLEN, Oliver F. 10/5/1929 79y7m20d    
ALLEY, Joseph H. 02/1/1946 60y Manilla, P.I. Sec. F, Lot 44
Lot owner-Stoyell Alley
ALLEY, Lillian F. 10/18/1947 69y7m Manilla, P.I. Sec. F, Lot 44
Lot owner Stoyell Alley
ALLEY, Lydia 04/__31 68y    
ALLEY, Stoyell S. 04/28/1953 94y3m19d Groton, NY Sec. F, Lot 44-Lot owner-Alley
ALVORD, Hazel L. 09/15/1968 71y Robt. Packer
Hosp. Penna.
Sec.E,Lot 6 SW ¼
Lot owner-Elmer & Hazel Alvord
ANDREWS, Raymond W. 02/26/1968 56y Dryden, NY Sec. F, Lot 20-Lot owner-Manley Button
APPLEBY, A. J. or ? 08/15/1953 80y5m23d Ithaca, NY Sec. D, Lot 73-Lot owner-Appleby
APPLEBY, Carl 02/9/1962 47y Cortland, NY Sec. D, Lot 73
Lot owner-A.J. Appleby
APPLEBY, William 01/26/1948 70y4m14d Preble, NY Sec. D, Lot 74
ATWOOD, Bettie B. 07/24/1950 80y5m27d Groton, NY  
AVERY, Effie E. 07/6/1935 64y8m    
AVERY, Fred Eugene 06/2/1949 50y7m26d Groton, NY Sec. D, Lot 175
BALDWIN, Charles H. 05/02/1958 72y2m16d Dryden, NY Sec. F, Lot 3, Lot owner-self
BALDWIN, Marjorie L. 11/21/1962 44y Cortland, NY Sec. F, Lot 3
Lot owner-C. H. Baldwin
BALDWIN, Olive 03/22/1995 85y   Sec. F, Lot 25
Lot owner Charles E. Baldwin
BALDWIN, Susie 03/05/1971 81y Dryden, NY Sec. F, Lot 3
Lot owner-Charles Baldwin
BALDWIN, Francis 12/21/1994 73y Dryden, NY Sec. F, Lot 3
Lot owner Charles Baldwin
BALDWIN, Mary E. 01/05/1924 77y6m23d    
BARRETT, James 12/29/1994 75y Cortland Sec. F, Lot 21, NW ¼
Lot owner-James & Pearl Barrett
BARRETT, Pearl 11/26/1984 61 Cort.Hosp. Sec. F,Lot 21 NW ¼ owner-self
BARON, Mary Ellen 02/15/1993 70y Cortland,NY Sec. I, Lot 12 SW ¼
Lot Owner Robert A. Baron
BARRON, Mae I. 06/18/1957 75y11m26d Troy, NY Sec. A, Lot 47 N ½
Lot Owner Ralph & Mae Barron
BARRON, Ralph H. 05/04/1947 72y7m11d Troy, NY Sec. A, Lot 47 N ½ owner self
BARTO, Charlotte L. 03/09/1915 75y    
BARTO, William Henry 01/27/1929 92y    
BATES, Lillie J. 11/23/1949 78y10m17d Homer, NY  
BATES, Otis A. 04/26/1918 83y    
BATES, Sarah Ann 10/17/1921 78y    
BATES, Lillie J. 11/23/1949 78y Homer, NY  
BATSFORD, Christina 01/24/1945 59y   Sec. G, Lot 21 E ½
Lot owner George H. Batsford
BATSFORD, Clair P. or T. 02/29/1964 51y   Sec. F, Lot 24, W ½ Owner Self
BATSFORD, George H. 09/21/1982 96y Cort.Hosp. Sec. G, Lot 21, E ½ owner-Self
BATSFORD, Louis Linford 02/08/1937 25y    
BATSFORD, Millie Belle 03/08/1920 49y    
BATSFORD, Wilma 06/05/1960 44y Sayre, PA Sec. F, Lot 24 W ½
owner-Clair Batsford
BEACH, Able Irving 11/22/1932 72y7m26d   Sec. B, Lot 27-Lot owner-Beach
BEACH, Allen C. 07/20/1957 67y25d Cortland,NY Sec. B, Lot 27
Owner-A. Irving Beach
BEACH, Anna E. 02/28/1963 71y Cortland, NY Sec. B, Lot 27-Owner-A.Irving Beach
BEACH, Eva Eliza 03/05/1972 86y Dryden, NY Sec. B, Lot 27
Owner-A. Irving Beach
BEACH, Lillie J. 06/16/1953 89y3m5d Groton, NY Sec.B,Lot 27-Owner-Beach
BEACH, Stacy Johnson 07/16/1962 68y Spafford, NY Sec. B, Lot 27
Owner-A.Irvin Beach
BEACH, Walter 06/13/1929 28y   Sec. B, Lot 27
BECK, Elizabeth 06/21/1974 78y Cort.Hosp. Sec. C, Lot 4 NW Corner
lot owner John Beck
BECK, I. Lorraine 07/05/1979 73y Cort.Hosp. Sec. F,Lot 22 SW ¼
Lot owner Martin Beck
BECK, John 09/25/1983 92y Groton,NY Sec. C, Lot 44 NW Corner
Lot owner-self
BECK, Martin 06/14/1991 93y Johnson City, NY Sec.F, Lot 22 SW ¼
BECKWITH, Chloe H. 03/12/1967 66y Niles,NY Sec. F, Lot 9 SW Corner
owner Mrs. C. H. Beckwith
BECKWITH, Dennis W. 07/06/1975 1y?9m17d   Sec. F, Lot 9, NW ¼
owners Donald & Janice Beckwith
BECKWITH, Ella 07/02/1918 52y    
BECKWITH, John 01/27/1965 65y Auburn, NY Sec. F, Lot 9 SW ¼
Lot owner Mrs. Helen Beckwith
BECKWITH, Melva 07/24/1974 84y Salina, NY Sec. A, Lot 26
Lot Owner-Ralph Beckwith
BECKWITH, Pansey Mericle 02/18/1959 55y Moravia, NY Sec. E, Lot 19 NW ¼
Lot owner Owen Beckwith
BECKWITH, Ralph Leslie 10/18/1965 73y Syracuse, NY Sec. A, Lot 26 W ½-Lot Owner-Self
BECKWITH, Roger 06/27/1967 Stillborn Cort.Host. Sec. F, Lot 9, Lot Owner-Chole Beckwith
BECKWITH, Owen 08/06/62 72y Buffalo, NY Sec. E, Lot 19 NW ¼-Lot owner-self
BECKWITH, Wellington 08/27/1934 74y    
BECKWITH, William 06/12/1919 57y    
BEGENT, Frank A. 04/27/1935 78y    
BELL, Helen T. 04/04/1988 91y Homer, NY Sec. F, Lot 21 NE ¼
Lot Owner Ray Bell Sr.
BELL, William Henry 03/16/1930 65y    
BEMENT, Ed 04/14/1916 58y10m16d    
BENEDICT, Ella 06/20/1930 79y McLean, NY  
BENEDICT, Fred H. 12/27/1947 82y   Sec. E, Lot 15-Lot owner-Self
BENEDICT, Gertrude Hurd 07/04/1971 75y Ashland, KY Sec. E, Lot 15
Lot owner-Fred H. Benedict
BENEDICT, John D. 02/10/1918 82y    
BENEDICT, Lena H. 08/29/1923 45y1m19d    
BENEDICT, Leon F. 1982 90y   Sec. F Lot 28
BENEDICT, Mable E. 1982 86y   Sec. F Lot 28
BENEDICT, Lloyd 10/30/1974 86y Kenova,W.V. Sec. E., Lot 15
Lot owner-Fred H. Benedict
BENEDICT, Mary Luella 01/23/1957 92y Ashland, KY Sec. E, Lot 15
Lot owner-Fred H. Benedict
BENHAM, Wilbur 03/14/1933 81y    
BENHAM, H. Isabelle 03/14/1935 78y    
BENJAMIN, Courtney W. 07/20/1963 90y Cortland, NY Sec. B, Lot 18
Lot owner-Benjamin Parry/Perry
BENJAMIN, Dewitt 02/22/1936 39y    
BENJAMIN, Goldie G. 04/08/1952 73y6m8d Homer, NY Sec. B,Lot 18
BENNETT, Marie 05/22/1984 88y Cort.Hosp. Sec. F, Lot 60 East ½
BENNETT, Marie M. 12/19/1995 73y Groton Nurs. Fac.
Groton, NY
Sec. F., Lot 36 NE ¼
Lot Owner Robert & Marie Bennett
BENNETT, Robert Dana 10/09/1993 60y Syracuse, NY Sec. E, Lot 29
Lot owner Ennest Riese
BENNETT, Theodore Morris 11/02/1949 67y11m Cortland, NY Sec. F, Lot 60 E ½
Lot owner-Theodore Bennett
BENTLEY, Charles 11/27/1937 68y    
BENTLEY, Lillie M. 03/16/1955 65y Cortland, NY Sec. G, Lot 20
Lot owner-Norman G. Bentley
BENTLEY, Leonard Norman 04/20/1985 72y McLean, NY Sec. G, Lot 20-Lot owner self
BENTLEY, Nellie F. 11/25/1927 69y    
BENTLEY, Norman Gardner 06/07/1964 74y Cortland, NY Sec. G, Lot 20
Lot owner-Norman Bentley
BERRY, Clarence H. 05/09/1954 67y6m9d Cortlandville, NY Sec. E., Lot 5 NE ¼
Lot owner-Clarance & Mary Berry
BERRY, Cora Emma 09/18/1958 73y Ithaca, NY Sec. G. Lot 4
Lot owner-Duke Betts
BETTS, Duke T. 07/28/1975 85y Laconia, NH Sec. G, Lot 4 NW ¼ owner-self
BILLARD, Frederick 01/06/1997 83y Groton Nurs. Fac
Groton, NY
Sec. F., Lot 22 NW ¼
Lot owner Fred & Veronica Billard
BILLARD, James Davern 11/28/1944 6weeks Catskill, NY Sec. F, Lot 22 NE ¼
Lot owner-Fred & Ronnie Billard
BINGHAM, Hubert Boyd 01/09/1958 64y9m6d Johnson City Sec. E, Lot 17 S½
Lot owner Hubert & Harriet Bingham
BINGHAM, Harriet 07/12/1968 69y Cort.Hosp.
Cortland, NY
Sec. E, Lot 17 S½
Lot owner-Herbert & Harriett Bingham
BLINN, Ed C. 04/22/1937 83y   Sec.A, Lot28
BLISS, Clara Webster 05/14/1951 83y8m2d Cortland, NY Sec. A, lot 42
Lot owner Webster Bliss
BLISS, Henry R. 11/07/1928 69y3m8d    
BOLT, Mille E. 01/11/56 70y11m13d Ithaca, NY Sec. G, Lot 6 South ½
Lot owner-Walter Hughes
BOWKER, Asaph 08/18/1972 70y Cort.Hosp.
Cortland, NY
Sec. G, Lot 12
Lot Owner-Charles Bowker
BOWKER, Infant 10/21/1947   Cortland, NY Sec. F, Lot 5 - Lot Owners
Charles Bowker Sr. & Jr.
BOWKER, Charles Eugene 01/17/1936 62y4m   Sec.G,Lot12
BOWKER, Clayton 04/3/1982 82y Cort.Hosp.
Cortland, NY
Sec. F Lot 5 - lot owners
Clayton Bowker Jr. and Sr.
BOWKER, Francis aka Marian 04/03/1997 93y Cortland, NY Sec.F,Lot5-Lot owner Clayton Bowker
BOWKER, Linnie 09/13/1955 78y8mn8d Cortland, NY Sec.G,Lot12-Lot owner-Charles Bowker
BOYCE, Francis Eva 05/18/1958 82y Moravia, NY Sec.A,Lot24-Lot Owner-Boyce-Francis
filed with Albert Morace FRANCIS
BOYCE, Bert 09/20/1934 60y6m17d    
BOYCE, Charles Andrew 11/12/1918 63y   Sec. A, Lot 24-Lot Owners
C.A. Boyce & A.M. Francis
BOYCE, Isabelle S. 10/10/1926 77y    
BOYNTON, Polly Frances 06/09/1924 90y    
BOYNTON, Clarence 05/25/1932 58y    
BOYNTON, Ella L. 10/23/1953 76y1m10d Cortland, NY Sec. B, Lot 32
Lot Owner Clarence Boynton
BOYNTON, George M. 04/26/1947 75y3m7d Dundalk, MO Sec. D, Lot 151-Lot owner George Boynton
BOYNTON, Mabelle L. 10/22/1956 82y5m Ithaca, NY Sec.C,Lot6-Lot Owner-Self
BOYNTON, Mildred Louise 04/14/1915 0y4m21d McLean,NY Sec.B,Lot 32-Lot Owner
Clarence D. Boyton
BRECHT, Shawn Wayne 10/5/1971   Tomp.Co.Hosp. Sec.F,Lot 46 N ¼-Owner Ruth Steele
BRIGDEN, Sarah 03/31/1930 82y    
BROWN, Ellen Morrisey 04/12/1962 74y11m10d Dryden, NY Sec. E, Lot 3-W ½
Owner-James S. Brown
BROWN, Everet Joseph 06/27/1916 17d    
BROWN, Frank A. 02/15/1952 82y6m4d Groton, NY Sec.F,Lot39 NE,Lot owner-self
BROWN, James S. 05/24/1951 64y8m26d Cortland, NY Sec.E,Lot 3 W ½
BROWN, Minnie C. 07/24/1967 97y Moravia, NY Sec.F, Lot39-Lot Owner-Brown
BROWN, Ruth L. 07/08/1924 1m    
BROWNELL, Ida Margaret 07/12/1963 89y Moravia, NY Sec.G.,Lot 20-Owner Norman Bentley
BROWNELL, John Adam 08/11/1959 87y Dryden, NY Sec. G., Lot 20
Owner Norman G. Bentley
BUCK, Beth Marie 02/14/1993 26y Syracuse, NY Sec.K, Lot 6W½-Owner Don Mays
Note: Beth Marie Mays Buck
BULDUC, Jennifer Lynn 10/04/1996 16y Twn. Otselic Sec. L, Lot 5 SE Corner-Lot owners
Ronald Bolduc & John Hajney
BURROUGH, Adelaide 06/22/1971 78y Cincinnatus
Cortland, NY
Sec.F,Lot 19 SE¼
Lot owner-Adelaide Burraughs
BURT, Daniel Owen 08/25/1956 54y Cortland, NY Sec.A., Lot 40, owner-Elmer C. Burt
BURT, Edwin L. 04/24/1918 27y24d    
BURT, Elmer Owen 08/25/1956 54y3m21d   Sec.A,Lot 40, Owner-Elmer C. Burt
BURT, Elmer E. 02/04/1927 65y   Sec.A. Lot 40
BURT, Mary 03/07/1955 84y9m9d Cortland,NY Sec.A, Lot 40, Owner-Elmer C. Burt
BUSH, Marian K. 10/18/1985 76y Cort.Hosp. Sec. F,Lot 53-owner-self
BUSH, Seymour J. 02/12/1976 71y Cort. Hosp. Sec.F.,Lot53-North W ¼
BUSHNELL, George 05/17/1995 70y Cort.Mem. Sec.F, Lot65 N-W-quarter-Owner George Bushnell
BUSHNELL, Gladola 11/28/1991 72y Cort.Hosp. Sec.F,Lot 65 NW ¼
Owner George Bushnell
BUTTON, Manley Brayton 11/24/1965 61y Cortland, NY Sec.F, Lot 20 SE¼
Owner Manley Button Estate
BUXTON, Ruth M. 01/27/1990 69y?7m7d Lake Placid, NY Sec.E., Lot 5 SE¼
Lot owner Florida Glen & Lottie Adams
CALL, Harlie 06/6/1971 84y Cort. Hosp Sec. F, Lot 59 W ½ Lot Owner-self
CALL, Janette 12/1/1956 69y10d Cortland, NY Sec.F, Lot59 W ½ Lot Owner Harlie Call
CALL, George Allen 08/13/1991 71y Cort Hosp Sec. F, Lot 60 W ½ Lot Owner-self
CALL, Leonard George 12/17/1957 6y7m13d Ithaca, NY Sec. F, Lot 60 W ½
Lot Owner-Mr.& Mrs. George Call
CAMPBELL, Edgar 04/3/1914 67y4m2d    
CARL, Rose E. 08/1/1933 73y   Sec. A, Lot 44
CARNOY, Robert
01/21?/1996   Leesburg, FL Sec. A, Lot 23
Lot owner-John H. Hill
CARPENTER, Fred 08/22/1947 52y8m29d Cortland, NY Sec. F, Lot 29-W ½
Lot owner-June Nolan
CARPENTER, Mary 01/4/1952 75y10m6d Fairport, NY  
CARPENTER, Willard 02/2/1931 33y    
CARR, Alta 11/15/1974 76y Cortland, NY Sec. G,Lot 23-Lot owner-Ed Carr
CARR, Edward Ivan 11/24/1954 61y8m13d McLean, NY Sec. G, Lot 23-Lot owner-self
CARD, H.H. 10/20/1935
or 1975
CARTER, George 1943     Sec. F, Lot 12
Lot owner-Charles Dutcher
CARTER, Vedall E. 11/17/1969 79y Cortland, NY Sec. F, Lot 12
Lot owner-C.M. & Charles Dutcher
CASHMAN, Carl C. 03/19/1953 72y7d Cortland, NY Sec. G, Lot2-Lot owner Carl Cashman
CHAPMAN, Howard M. 10/15/1975 78y Cortland, NY Sec. E, Lot31-Lot owner Harry Chapman
CHAPMAN, Harry Gilbert 08/14/1951 68y10m15d Cortland, NY Sec. E, Lot 31-Lot owner Harry Chapman
CHAPMAN, Robert 11/06/1990 62y Cortland, NY Sec. F, Lot 66, SW ¼
Lot owner Thelma Chapman
CHASE, Ralph 05/12/1991 77y Cort.Hosp.
Cortland, NY
Sec. F, Lot 61 SW ¼
Lot owners Ralph & Beverly Chase
CHASE, Willard Dudley 08/06/1926 68y    
CHEESBROUGH, Jannett 12/30/1929 81y   Sec. A, Lot 48 S-H
CHURCHILL, Clyde W. 10/24/1962 60y Cincinnatus, NY Sec. F, Lot 10 E ½-Owner Self
CHURCHILL, Myrtle B. 06/15/1948 47y3m28d Scott, NY Sec. F, Lot 10-E ½
Lot Owner-Clyde Churchill
CLARK, Elwyn F. 06/29/1925 68y8m24d   Sec. A, Lot 36-Lot Owner E.F. Clark
CLARK, Enoch 11/11/1915 78y3m24d   Sec.A, Lot 49-N ½
CLARK, Leslie 09/14/1967 66y Cortland, NY Sec. C, Lot 24-Lot owner Leslie Clark
CLARK, Mary E. 01/01/1917 55y    
CLARK, Rosa F. 01/29/1989 76y Cortland, NY Sec. 24, Lot 24 S ½
Lot Owner Leslie Clark
CLARK, Ruth 10/26/1930 25y   Sec. C, Lot 24-Lot owner Leslie Clark
CLARK, Sarah H. 12/26/1920 76y2m8d    
COATS, Franklin A. 01/22/1917 65y    
COATS, Nancy M. 05/23/1916 52y    
COCHERAN, Hannah Amelia 05/30/1923 85y    
COCHERAN, Sarah 01/07/1925 65y    
COCHERAN, Samuel 03/22/1915 65y    
COLE, Anne 01/10/1921 17d    
COLE, Claude Edward 11/27/1970 62y7m7d Cortland,NY Sec. C, Lot 44 E ½
Lot owners Claude & Lyla Cole
COLE, Cora M. 11/24/1923 46y8m28d    
COLE, Dorothy 08/13/1991 71y Cortland, NY Sec. C, Lot 49
Lot Owner Orville & Dorothy Cole
COLE, Dorothy F. 05/24/1976 68y Cort. Hosp.
Cortland, NY
Sec. B, Lot 9 - Lot Owner John Cole
COLE, Elizabeth 04/12/1996 77y Vill Brotou?? Sec. C, Lot 44 W ½-W-H
Lot Owner-George Cole
COLE, Frank 04/19/1932      
COLE, George W. 10/29/1986 74y Cort.Hosp.
Cortland, NY
Sec. C, Lot 44-W ½
Lot owner George Cole
COLE, John 04/07/1951 78y10m20d Cortland, NY Sec.B,Lot9-Lot owner-Cole
COLE, Lyla Nebinger 10/13/1995 81y Cort.Care.Ctr.
Cortland, NY
Sec. C, Lot 44 E? ½
Lot owner-Claude & Lyla Cole
COLE, L.G. 03/19/1933 52y    
COLE, Orville 10/26/1968 68y Oneonta, NY
Sec. C, Lot 49 E ½
Lot Owners-Orville & Dorothy Cole
COLEGROVE, John T. 03/16/1921 64y    
COMFORT, Henry 03/10/1999 82y Cort.Hosp.
Cortland, NY
Sec. J, Lot 1 West-Side-SE ¼
Lot owner-Henry Comfort
COMFORT, Iva (Sally) 03/22/1994 79y   Sec. J, Lot 1-West-side-SE ¼
Lot owner-Henry Comfort
CONANT, R. Leander 02/23/1916 87y    
CONKLIN, Josephine 03/21/1947 80y10m9d Ithaca, NY Sec.G.Lot5-S ½
CONRAD, Alice M. 12/28/1924 70y    
CONRAD, Minnie L. 05/15/1960 74y Ithaca, NY Sec. B,Lot 16 - Lot Owner Alice M. Conrad
CONRAD, William 02/11/1916 64y    
CONVERSE, Herbert 04/12/1979 57y Cort. Hosp.
Cortland, NY
Sec. F, Lot 48
Lot Owner Elaine Converse
COOMBER, Kenneth 07/20/1998 61y Univ.Hosp.
Syracuse, NY
Sec. K, Lot 2 SW quarter
Lot owners Martha & Kenneth Coomber
COOR/COON, Arlene 05/25/1990 67m?   Sec. E, Lot 9 NE quarter
Lot Owners Malcolm & Arlene Coor
COOR/COON, Malcolm LeRoy Sr. 11/22/1983 63y   Sec. E, Lot 9 NE quarter
Lot Owners Malcolm & Arlene Coor
COOPER, Ida K. 10/27/1957 72y Cortland, NY Sec. G, Lot 6 N-half
Lot Owners-Frank & L. G. Cole
COREY, Michael Robert 02/06/1978 1d Cort.Hosp. Sec. A, lot 25-Lot Owner-J. G? Nye
COREY, Wm. M. 05/26/1926 93y    
COURT, Charles 07/06/1914 8d   Sec. A, Lot 67 S-half
Lot Owner-Mrs. Fred Court
COURT, Fred 02/14/1975 82y Cortland, NY Sec. A, Lot 67 S-half
Lot Owner-Mrs.Fred Court
COURT, Fred 1899     Sec.A,Lot67, S-half
COURT, Katie E. 09/28/1971 78y Cort.Hosp.
Cortland, NY
Sec. A, Lot 67, S-half
Lot Owner-Mrs. Fred Court
COVERT, Clara E. 10/09/1931 43y    
COVERT, George B. 04/06/1947 49y7m22d Onondaga, NY  
COVERT, Harold not listed 21y    
COVERT, Mary M. 08/22/1927 72y   Sec.B,Lot43-East-half
COVERT, Sanford 02/12/1963 82y Trumansburg, NY Sec. B, Lot 43 E-half
Lot owner-Mary Covert
CRAIG, Grover C. 06/03/1969 67y Ithaca, NY Sec. G, Lot 28 E-half
Lot owner-Walter Mineah
CRAIG, Michael Joseph 05/31/1971 24y Syracuse, NY Sec. G, Lot 28
Lot owner-Walter Mineah
CRAIG, David Patrick 10/31/1969 21y Endicott, NY Sec.G,Lot 28 E-half-Lot Owner-W. Mineah
CRAIN, Grace Davidson 06/17/1964 74y9m4d Cortland, NY Sec. F, Lot 26-Lot Owners
Olin B. & Grace D. Crain
CRAIN, Olin B. 12/14/1947 62y5m13d Ithaca, NY Sec. F,Lot 26 - Lot Owner-Olin Crain
CRAIN, Wilbur C. 08/11/1948 90y Binghamton, NY Lot Owner-Wilbur Crain
CROSS, Helen 02/07/1993 1m   Sec. A, Lot 19 N 1/2
Lot Owner Harry Tucker
Comments - one baby buried lot.
CROSSGROVE, Rose Marian 04/16/1934      
CROUCH, Joyce Anna 11/26/1996 60y Dryden Sec.I, Lot 6, NE quarter
Lot owner-Robert Crouch
DARBY, Nathan P. 03/22/1916 78y3m20d    
DARLING, Arnold Clyde 05/06/1962 65y Dryden, NY Sec.C, Lot 15 N-half-Lot Owner
Arnold & Mildred Darling
DARLING, Charles 08/21/1990 51y Cortland, NY Sec. F, Lot 64 NE quarter
Lot Owner-Rich Darling
DARLING, Kenneth 03/04/1973 53y Dryden, NY Sec. C, Lot 15-N-half-Lot
Owners Arnold & Mildred Darling
DARLING, Mildred Alice 12/29/1971 75y Dryden, NY Sec. C, Lot 15-N-half
Owners Arnold and Mildred Darling
DARROW, Lillian A. 05/25/1962 51y Syracuse, NY Sec. F, Lot 24 W-half
Lot Owner-Clair Batsford
DAV, Lela G. 1970 87y   Sec. G, Lot 25-Lot Owners
Gertrude Gross? & Fam.
DAVIDSON, Charles 01/28/1914 61y1m24d   Sec A, Lot 61-Lot Owner
Mrs. Charles Davidson
DAVIDSON, Della Bellis 08/06/1954 68y Wilkes-Barre, PA Lot Owner-Davidson
DAVIDSON, Frank 01/25 or 26/1923 66y    
DAVIDSON, Gail Hart 10/31/1962 86y McLean, NY Sec. A, Lot65
Lot Owners-A.J. Hart
DAVIDSON, Herbert Earl 02/28/1951   Tunkhannock, PA Sec.A, Lot 61
Lot Owner-Charles Davidson
DAVIDSON, Harry T. 05/12/1962 83y10m22d Cortland, NY Sec. A, Lot 61-Lot Owner
Mrs.Charles Davidson
DAVIDSON, Martha Frances 08/18/1920 64y4m21d   Sec.A,Lot 61
Lot Owner-Charles Davidson
DAVIS, Genevieve 03/10/1990 74y Groton Res. Ctr.
Groton, NY
Sec. F, Lot 51 NE-quarter
Lot owner Marie Sherman
DAVIS, Iva Lucile 01/17/1918 1y    
DAVIS, Mary E. 06/04/1919 78y5m13d    
DAVIS, Norris C. 06/07/1961 78y Cortland, NY Sec. E, Lot 5 NE quarter
DAVIS, Olive McVey 06/28/1966 82y6m21d Cort. Hospital Sec. E.,Lot 5
Lot Owner Olive Davis
DAVIS, Robert G. 01/08/1917 89y   Sec. D, Lot 108
DAVIS, Viola 05/15/1927 63y    
DAY, M. Louise 07/12/1971 83y Auburn, NY Sec. D, Lot 137
Lot Owner-Gidean Townsend
DAYTON, Ann Eliza 02/22/1918 74y    
DAYTON, H. Clay 02/22/1962 95y Ithaca, NY Sec. B, Lot 38 W-half
Lot Owned H. C. Dayton
DAYTON, Philena 04/07/1953 84y7m23d Willard, NY Sec. B, Lot 38, W-half Owner Dayton
DAYTON, James F. 04/28/1930 88y    
DAYTON, Robert C. 07/03/1987 70y McLean Sec.F, Lot 50 NE quarter
Lot Owner Robert Dayton
DEBARR, Mary Jane 12/04/1950 90y8m Cortland, NY  
DECLERCQ, Donald R. 01/13/1992 81y Cortland, NY Sec.B, Lot 43-Lot owner
N. Roy DeClercq
DECLERCQ, Eloise 07/15/1998 82y   Sec.B, Lot 43-Lot
owner-N. Ray DeClercq
DECLERCQ, Nathan Ray 08/12/1952 74y10m15d Cortland, NY Sec.B, Lot 43 W-half
Lot owned N. Ray DeClercq
DECLERCQ, Martha L. 12/18/1953 82y1m19d Groton, NY Sec.B, Lot 43
Lot owned-N. Ray DeClercq
DELLOW, Robert E. 06/23/1973 46y Syracuse, NY Sec.A, Lot 42
Lot owner-Webster-Bliss
DEMMICK, Sylvanus 03/29/1952 83y1d Norwich, NY  
DEVINE, Avis 03/23/1976 82y Cort.Nurs.Home Sec.B, Lot 28 1/2
Lot Owners Mr.& Mrs. Frank Devine
DEVINE, Frank 07/15/1968 80y Cincinnatus, NY Sec.B, Lot 28 1/2
Lot Owner Frank Devine
DEVINE, Frank Jr. 01/16/1948 18y7m16d Cortland, NY Sec. B, Lot 28 1/2
Lot Owner-Frank Devine
DEVINE, John 05/20/1986 71 Cort.Hosp. Sec. B, Lot 28 1/2
Lot Owner Frank Devine
DEY, Evelyn 08/16/1989 64y Cortlandville Sec. F, Lot 8, SW quarter
Lot Owner Evelyn Dey
DEY, John E. R. 10/25/1974 66y Cort.Hosp. Sec. F, Lot 8 SW Corner
Lot Owner-Evelyn Day
DIMMICK, Nellie Lytle 04/-31? 64y    
DIXON, Charlotte 04/15/1940 59y11m12d   Sec. F, Lot 54 South-half
Lot Owner-William Dixon
DIXON, William H. 01/22/1976 61y Homer, NY Sec. F, Lot 54 South-half
Lot Owner-William H. Dixon
DOLL, Mattie 05/11/1949 74y6m2d Rochester, NY Sec.E, Lot 12? South-Half
Owner-Arthur Doll
DONLY, Lula E. O4/25/1928 44y9m16d    
DONLY, Maxwell 01/07/1967 83y Genoa, NY Sec.G, Lot 4 S-Half
Lot Owner-M. Donly
DONLY, Winifred Mrs. 03/30/1968 80y Jasper, Alabama Sec. G.,Lot 4, S-half
Lot Owner Maxwell Donly
DOUBLEDAY, Ethel 02/17/1984 92y Lakeside Nurs.
Ithaca, NY
Sec. B, Lot 33 East-half
Lot Owner-Harry H. Perlee
DOW, Ethel May 04/10/1949 73y11m9d Groton, NY Sec. F, Lot 41, NW SW Lot Owner Dow
DOW, Hicks 02/21/1993   Marion, Fla Sec. F, Lot 41 NW SW
Lot Owner Edwin C. Dow
DUNHAM, Carl C. 09/19/1959 62y Cortland, NY Sec. G., Lot 1
Lot Owner-L.H.Dunham
DUNHAM, Carrie M. 09/15/1993 97y Loretto Ger.
Syracuse, NY
Sec. G, Lot 1
Lot Owner-L.H.Dunham
DUNHAM, L.A. 08/29/1955 85y3m16d Ithaca, NY Sec. G, Lot 1
Lot Owner-L.H.Dunham
DUNHAM, Lena 05/25/1960 88y Ithaca, NY Sec. G., Lot__
Lot Owner-L.H. Dunham
DUNTZ, Permelia 06/16/1920 77y10m10d    
DUTCHER, Lotta A. 07/10/1969 83y Tomp.Co.Hosp. Sec.G, Lot 5, S-half
Owner-Elizabeth J. Conklin
DUTCHER, Mae E. 11/04/1950 91y5m23d Groton, NY Sec. F, Lot 12
Lot Owner-Charles Dutcher
DUTCHER, C. Marvin 1935     Sec.F,Lot 12
Lot Owner-Charles Dutcher
DUTCHER, Merrette? Judson 07/06/1984 76y Wilson Mem.Hosp. Sec. F, Lot 2
Lot Owner-Winifred Dutcher
DUTCHER, Winifred B. 03/13/1936 56y   Sec. F, Lot 2
DUTTON, Ethalene 10/25/1991     Sec.F.,Lot62 Owner-self
DWYER, Estella Mary 01/25/1930      
EBERHARD, Alvin 08/15/1966     Sec. C, Lot 39-Lot Owner
Alvin & Luise Eberhard
EBERHARD, Luise 11/24/1971 90y Moravia, NY Sec. C, Lot 39-Lot Owner
Alvin & Luise Eberhard
EDGECOMB, Helen 09/15/1917 80y    
ELLIOTT, Marjorie Mineah 05/03/1954 62y7m18d Cortland, NY Sec. G., Lot 28 E-half
Lot owner-Mineah
ELLIS, Alice Blinn 04/27/1933 76y    
ELLIS, C. 01/09/1908     Sec. B, Lot 1-Lot Owner-Leo Ellis & V. B. Gross (Comments - w/o William M. Ellis-8/31/1822-1/9/1908)
ELLIS, Leo 05/26/1932 46y or 47y   Sec. B, Lot 1 E-half Lot Owner Leo & V. B. Gross (Comments-1884-1932)
ELLIS, William M. 09/21/1897 73y   Sec. B, Lot 1 Lot Owner-Leo Ellis & B. Gross
ELLISON, Carl F. 11/19/1950 58y10m15d    
ELLISON, George 05/14/1935 70y    
ERWAY, Alice May 02/27/1953 53y1m3d Corning, NY Sec. D., Lot 97
ERWAY, Jonas 01/30/1922 25y7m29d    
ERWAY, Irad 08/23/1927 76y    
FETTERLY/Fettely?, Florence 10/10/1967 85y Marcy Sec. F., Lot 69 South-half
Lot Owner-Jenkins
FINTON, Alice 09/12/1994 66y Cort.Hosp. Sec.F,Lot53
FINTON, Henry O. 06/19/1972 93y Cort.Hosp. Sec. F, Lot 54 N-H 1/6 Lot Owner-self
FINTON, Irena May 04/20/1964 72y Cortland,NY Sec.B, Lot Y
Lot Owner Earl & Irena Bartz
FISH, Rowena E. 11/29/1922 82y11m12d    
FISHER, Henry 04/15/1922 78 abt.    
FITTS, George R. 01/21/1945 56y   Sec. G., Lot 17
Lot Owner-George R. Fitts
FITTS, Jerome Calvert 04/08/1950 90y1m22d Cortland, NY Sec. A, Lot 2
Lot Owner-Jerome C. Fitts
FITTS, Jerome E. 06/10/1955 41y3m18d McLean, NY Sec. G, Lot 18
Lot Owner J.P. Hart Fitts
FITTS, Samantha Dorcas 07/25/1925 83y10m7d    
FITTS, Lena E. 03/09/1916 53y8m13d    
FITTS, Marguerite A. 09/09/1974 85y Cort.Hosp. Sec. G., Lot 19
Lot Owner-Hart Fitts
FITTS, J. P. Hart 05/18/1951 64y9m24d Cortland Sec. G, Lot 19
Lot Owner-Hart Fitts
FORD, Baby 06/06/1947   Cortland, NY Sec. F, Lot 53
Lot Owner-Lynn Montgomery
FOOTE, George H. 03/23/1923 42y    
FOSTER, Perry Charles 05/10/1987 78y Cort.Hosp. Sec. F, Lot 49 NW quarter
Lot Owner-Perry Foster & Abbey
FOUTS, Anna Stumpt 07/23/1971 86y1m15d Cort.Hosp. Sec. E, Lot 9 SW Quarter
Lot Owner-Clarence Fouts
FOUTS, Clarence P. 02/12/1965 85y9m26d Cortland, Rd Sec. E, Lot 9 SW Quarter
Owner-Mrs. Anna Fouts
FOUTS, Floyd O. 09/26/96 89y Cort. Care
Fac., City of
Sec. E., Lot 9, NW quarter
Lot Owners-Floyd & Amelia Fouts
FOUTS, Jeffery 09/13/1982 11y Upstate Med. Ctr.
Syracuse, NY
Sec. E, Lot 8 W-half 3/4
Lot Owners-Bob & Sharon Fouts
FOWLER, Bessie Ladd 08/14/1955 70y11m15d Ithaca, NY Sec. A, Lot 61A
Lot Owners-Horatio Fowler Jr.
FOWLER, Horatio S. 10/26/1955 66y Detroit, Mich Sec. A, Lot 61A
Lot Owner-Horatio Fowler Jr.
FOWLER, Lester A. 01/27/71 49y Ithaca, NY Sec.E, Lot 20 North East Quarter
Lot Owner-Lorraine Fowler
FOWLER, Lester A., Jr. 03/05/1967 20y 310 Speed Hill Rd
Caroline, NY
Sec. E, Lot 26
Lot Owner-Ruth Stillwell

Thank you Jerri Rote for updating the Benedict family records.

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