Cortland Road, McLean, New York
Sites found and recorded in 1986
McLean Beautification committee
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Row 11

Chancy G. WILCOX	

In Memory of, who died 19 December 1851  Age 32 years 8 months 25 days

Epitaph: "There remaineth, therefore, a rest to the people of God."

	Hebrews:  4th Chap. 9th verse 

Heber - Son of Heber and Lucy FOOTE

Died 27 February 1849 Age 26 years, 2 months, 23 days


Gravestone shattered (in several pieces) In half of 5' x 8' pit

Lucy FOOTE Wife of Heber FOOTE	

Died 31 March 1861 Age 78 years, 1 month, 10 days

Buried:   6 April 1864, Age 78

Epitaph: "I have fought the good fight."

Rector:   T. Applegate

Note:  In half of 5'x 8' pit

Row 10

Edwin FOOTE		

Died October 25, (two years showing 1852-1857) Age 35 years, 5 months and 25 days

Epitaph:  	"Thy doom is written: dust thou art, to 

		Dust thou shall return."

Notes:  Stone broken in two pieces - buried

   26 October 1857, age 35 - rector - E.  LIDSLEY

Footstone - DEE

James FOOT 		

Died November 18, 1851 - 1854 - Age 53

Epitaph: "When gathering around to view and days are dark and friends are few.  

	In Him I lean who not in vain experienced every human pain.  

	He sweetly soothes and gently dries throbbing heart and streaming eyes."

"Blessed is he that considereth the poor and needy"  Ps 41:1

Footstone, J.E.

Harriett ROBERTS, Wife of A. K. FORTNER Daughter of John B. & Phoebe ROBERTS	

Died 29 August 1871, Age 49 years, 5 months and 19 days

Epitaph"   "Thy Will Be Done."

Footstone:  H. F.

Eugene GRAY		

Born Lansing, September 20, 1825

Died:  Plymouth, CT., June 12, 1867 Age: 42

Footstone:  E. G.

(3 ties monument largest in cemetery)

Phoebe, Wife of John B. ROBERTS		

Died 11 April 1857 Age:  72 years, 1 month, 12 days

Epitaph:  "Her children rise up and call her blessed."

Proverbs 31:28

Arsinoe FOOTE		

Died 16 February 1873 Age: 77 years

Buried 19 February 1873, Age 77

Missionary:  J. FOSTER


Slotted base only


Slotted base

Footstone A. F.

Row 9

Helen FOOT		

Died: December 22, 1852, Age 65

Epitaph:  "Rest, laborer, Rest"

Footstone:  H. F.

Justin FOOTE		

Died: April 21, 1851, age 38 years

Footstone:  J. F.


Sarah Ann FOOTE, Wife of Justin FOOTE	

Died: October 3, 1851, Age 31

Celia, Wife of Alexander WELSH

Died June 1, 1849 Age 35 years, 4 months, 17 days

Footstone:  C. W.

(broken) - Gravestone broken in half

Alfred WETMORE            

Died August 17, 1866 Age 50

Buried 17 August 1866, age 50 years

Rector - A. W. Cornell  

Footstone:  A. W.

Unknown name

_____am, _____y   H	(Broken piece)

Epitaph: "So fond desires are of live cross'd and parents hopes in death are last."

Gravestone - shattered, several pieces missing.

Unknown Name		

Footstone:  L. F. 

Notes:  James (and wife Pamela) FOOT were original owners of lot #88 homestead 

situated to the right of Zion Cemetery.  Zion Cemetery so called in original deed dated 

June 29, 1852

Row 8

Pamela ROBERTS, Wife of James FOOT	

Died October 4, 1883, Age 80 years, 40 months and 23 days

Epitaph:  "Blessed are the dead who died in the Lord, for they rest from their 

	Labors, and their works do follow them."

Buried: 4 October 1883, Age 80 - rector: A. Robinson

Footstone: P. F.

Row 7

Joseph MIX		

Died 20 February 1874, Age 77 years

Footstone:  J. M.

Note:  Wife on reverse

Ann, Wife of Joseph MIX	

Died 7 October 1852 Age:  49 years

Epitaph:  "Therefore be ye ____also such an hour as ye of man cometh."

Stonecutter:  R. Terpenning of Dryden

Footstone: A.M.

Ebenezer NOYES	

Buried 20 December 1859, Age 84

Rector:  E. Lidsley

Lucy, Wife of Ebenezer NOYES

Buried 13 February 1864, Age 87

Rector:  C. Percival

Erving Henry QUINN	

Age 6 years, 30 months, 12 days

Broken piece "loose"

Buried 24 June 1863, age 6 years

Rector: E. Percival


Broken off stone

Footstone - unmarked

Row 6


Died June 12, 1862?{ written in pencil with question mark April 1, 1864? } 

Age: 37 years, 6 months

Buried 14 June 1862

Footstone L.F.G.

Rector:  C. Percival

Unknown Name		Footstone:  A. M.

Row 5

Shattered base only

Row 4

Broken off stone

Footstone - unmarked

Row 3

Sylvester CRAIN		

Died 21 May 1847, Age 65-62?

Epitaph: "Weep not for me (dear friends)' 

	'Tis Jesus bids. Why weep that           

	_____and I am called home."

Nelson CRAIN		

Died 17 December 1848, Age: 33 years, 8 months 2 days

Eliza CRAIN		

Died 4 October 1851, Age: 29 years, 9 months, 21 days

Epitaph:  "The best of friends must part. 

	The grave must be our home ____

	with ____then until___Blessed, Jesus Comes."

Footstone:  E. C.

Sally - Wife of Sylvester CRAIN		

Died:  August 20, 1850, Age: 65 years

Epitaph: "His gentle ____way to dwell with God in ____day."	

Flora or Flura, Son of Wm. And E_________SEANTON?  

Died 31? September 1852, Age 18 days


Stone severely weathered

Elizabeth DUNHAM, Wife of Wm. BRADFORD

Died April 5, 1859, Age 29 years

Epitaph:  "Sic intur ad astra"

	"Resurgam" (on reverse)

Buried 8 April 1859, age 29 years

Rector:  E. Lidsley


Shattered base only (common w/no's 2,3,4,& 5)

Note:  No explanation was given for these numbers

Row 2

Unknown Name		Footstone:  M. H.

Row 1

John, son of Henry And Emma MOORE

Died 11 August 1853 Age 2 years 8 months

Epitaph: "He will gather the lambs with his arms and bury (carry) _____

		Them in his bosom."

Stone - severely weathered

Mary, his cousin John MOORE, And Daughter of Edwin And Emily HOOD	

Died March 1851, Age 3 years

Epitaph: "He will gather the lambs with his arms and carry them in his bosom."

Stone - severely weathered

Unknown Row

Loose pieces

A- 2 broken pieces

B- 1 piece of gravestone

Epitaph "But freed from sin & sorrow to dwell beyond the skies."

C-  Two footstones 

    End pieces


10 weeks October 26, 1873

* This inf. was on a piece paper found in the burial records book  

Rector:  J.P. FOSTER            

Mary  A H

April ? 1875 * This inf. was on a piece of paper found in the burial records book

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The following pages are Burial records only. No gravesite or stones found Burial records from Episcopal Diocese through Courtesy of Homer Episcopal Church.

James DIXON		Buried 24 September 1883, Age 76

Jane DIXON		Buried 28 October 1867

			Rector: A. W. Cornell

Grace DUDLEY		Buried 22 April 1878

			Missionary: J. FOSTER

Mary Emily GOODING	Buried 28 March 1863?-1865?, Age 46

			Rector: T. Applegate 


Louis Burgess GROSS	Died 14 December 1900, Age 54


			Died of Spinal disease in Ithaca, New York

			Buried 17 December 1900 in Zion Church Cemetery, McLean

			Pastor: W. Way

			December 17, 1900


			Buried 18 March 1859, Age 67

			Rector:  E. Lidsley

Daniel M. HARA

Or HARD		Buried 25 April 1865, Age 84

			Sept 25?

			Rector:  G. Teller? 


Caroline WILLIAMS	

			Buried 28 August 1864, Age 61

			August 23?

			Rector: G. Teller


Or WILSON		Buried 22 December 1867, Age 80

			Rector: A. Cornell

Transcribed by Terry Donlick, Groton Coordinator, Tompkins County Genweb.

Note: In a quick perusal of a few stones, I recorded Sylvester CRAIN, Sally w/o Sylvester CRAIN, Nelson CRANE and Elizabeth __________ w/o of Wm. Brigefort,? this is probably the Elizabeth Bradford listed above.

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