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Friends Cemetery

Located behind the Hector Monthly Meetinghouse, at 5066 Perry City Road, just west of the intersection with Jacksonville Road, Town of Ulysses, Tompkins County, NY. All the stones were simple in design and similar in size, most about a foot tall and a bit over a foot wide. Many of the graves were planted with day lilies or irises.

Rows are numbered from east to west,
stones from south to north in each row.

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Friends Cemetery
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Please use Notes as a guide only!


1. Miriam KENNEDY, 1907–1991
1A.Carol M. K. MOHLER, 1951-2012
1B.Esther Christine Davi ROSENBERG, 27 Mar 2000–7 Dec 2000
2. Jessie Lena RUFF, May 30 – June 1, 1979
3. Charles B. OWEN, 1822–1902
4. [Three very short stones with no inscriptions. Directly to the east was another small blank stone partially imbedded in a tree. They did not appear to be broken off.]
2015: only one stone noted with inscription "S.O." No tree, any other stones possibly covered with leaves. See notes in alphabetical section, below.
5. Mary G. MEKEEL, 1825–1867
6. William MEKEEL, 1815–1871
7. Sarah Jane MEKEEL, 1854–1873
8. Elizabeth MEKEEL, 1838–1908
9. Isaiah MEKEEL, 1859–1918
1. Sarah Rose PHILPOT, Nov. 12, 1988 "Our little rosebud"
2. Mary E. WOOD, 1866–1909
3. Hannah W. WOOD, 1827–1890
4. Emma MEKEEL, 1858–1929
5. William E. MEKEEL, 1872–1959
6. Lydia B. MEKEEL, 1832–1920
7. Aaron MEKEEL, 1817–1903
8. Frelove PYLE, 1834–1920
9. Edward PYLE, 1837–1901
10. A.M.P. See notes in alphabetical section, below.
11. H.P. See notes in alphabetical section, below.
Helmut, 1906–1979
Cecilie Behrendt, 1908–1993
Edith Jerome, 1918–1971
Edwin Arthur, 1892–1989
Marjorie Murray, 1890–1982
"my eve was my dawn"
3. Mary L. MEKEEL, 1880–1962
4. Catharine Tripp MEKEEL, 1878–1944
5. Sarah D. MEKEEL, 1876–1936
6. Jesse MEKEEL, 1840–1931
7. Rebecca H. MEKEEL, 1849–1934
8. Elizabeth MEKEEL, 1873–1908
9. Anna MEKEEL, 1870–1886
1. Amy Grace MEKEEL, 1885–1976
2. Thomas C. HOPKINS, 1883–1965
3. Eunice Mekeel HOPKINS, 1890–1985
4. Mary Owen WILLSON, 1891–1914
5. Stephen R. WILLSON, 1882–1945
6. Lavinia A. WILLSON, 1841–1920
7. Stephen ALDRICH, 1812–1910
8. Elizabeth L., wife of Stephen ALDRICH, 1812–1904
1. W. Theodore OLIVER, 1895–1978
2. Sarah W. OLIVER, 1892–1973
3. Carol BEAVERS, 1957–1963
4. Edward WOOD, 1853–1936
5. Marianne V. WOOD, 1863–1940
6. H. Foster OWEN, 1845–1936
7. Jane C. OWEN, 1846–1933
8. Persis E. HALLOCK, 1830–1913
9. Sarah E. HALLOCK, 1834–1907
Note: there are two more graves listed on the Find A Grave site for which there are no stones:
Hester Bailey Mekeel, 1795-1846
Joshua Mekeel, 1795-1877
Friends Cemetery – Alphabetical Listing
ALDRICHElizabeth L., wife of Stephen1812–1904
BURTTEdith Jerome1918–1971
BURTTEdwin Arthur1892–1989
BURTTMarjorie Murray1890–1982
HALLOCKPersis E.1830–1913
HALLOCKSarah E.1834–1907
HOPKINSEunice Mekeel1890–1985
HOPKINSThomas C.1883–1965
MEKEELMary G.1825–1867
MEKEELAmy Grace1885–1976
MEKEELCatharine Tripp1878–1944
MEKEELHester Bailey1795-1846 [no stone found, listed on Find A Grave]
MEKEELJoshua1795-1877 [no stone found, listed on Find A Grave]
MEKEELLydia B.1832–1920
MEKEELMary L.1880–1962
MEKEELRebecca H.1849–1934
MEKEELSarah D.1876–1936
MEKEELSarah Jane1854–1873
MEKEELWilliam E.1872–1959
MOHLERCarol M. K.1951-2102
O.S.[Stone is next to Charles B. Owen. This may be a stone for Sarah, wife of Charles, who was enumerated with him in the 1870 census. Sarah was b. cir. 1819, d. bef. 1880.]
OLIVERSarah W.1892–1973
OLIVERW. Theodore1895–1978
OWENCharles B.1822–1902
OWENH. Foster1845–1936
OWENJane C.1846–1933
P.A. M.[Stone is next to Edward Pyle. In the 1870 & 1880 censuses he is enumerated with a wife named Amy M., b. cir. 1842. Frelove, on the other side, was his wife in 1900.]
P.H.[Stone is next to A.M.P., which is next to Edward Pyle. In the 1880 census, Henry Pyle, b. cir. 1873, is listed as a son to Edward & Amy.]
PHILPOTSarah RoseNov. 12, 1988
ROSENBERGEsther Christine Davi27 Mar 2000 – 7 Dec 2000
RUFFJessie LenaMay 30 – June 1, 1979
SIEVERTSCecilie Behrendt1908–1993
WILLSONLavinia A.1841–1920
WILLSONMary Owen1891–1914
WILLSONStephen R.1882–1945
WOODHannah W.1827–1890
WOODMarianne V.1863–1940
WOODMary E.1866–1909

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Updated, corrected, and photos taken November 7, 2015.
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