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Miller Cemetery

Located at 183 Breed Road.
Town of Lansing, Tompkins County, NY

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Cemetery is inactive.
This record is as complete as possible at this time.

Copied by S. Haring & Isabelle Parish Oct. 10, 1952.
Re-checked by Janet M. Nash & Cathy Knauff March 29th 2004.

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Please use Notes as a guide only!

Surname Name Birth/Death/Age Notes
Armstrong Phillip d. Mar. 10, 1907  
Baker Elbert d. Dec. 4, 1899 ae 1yr 11mo 7 da  
Boice Diana dau. of Samuel & Sophia Boice d. Feb. 18, 1850 ae 9 mo 14 da (See Boyce)
Bowker Jackson M. flag 9th N.Y. Heavy Art. 1849-1877 "Father" (name on monument and headstone)
Bowker Harriet E., wife of Jackson M. Bowker 1846-1899 "Mother" (name on monument and headstone)
Bowker Nellie E., dau Jackson & Hattie Bowker July 7, 1872 ae 1y 1 m "Nellie" (name on monument and headstone) 1871 - 1872
Bowker Infant -1894- (on monument with Jackson & Harriet Bowker)
Bowker James M. b. May 30, 1816 d. Mar. 24, 1904  
Bowker Elizabeth Miller wife of James M. Bowker b. Feb. 18, 1812 d. Apr. 1, 1884  
Bowker Clinton d. Aug. 9, 1883 ae 31y 9 da  
Bowker Sally, wife of Madison Bowker d. Nov. 27, 1883 age 74y 3m 24d  
Bowker Madison d. Mar. 17, 1838 age 29y 11m 21d  
Bowker Henry M. son James M. & Elizabeth B. Bowker d. Apr. 27, 1848 ae 10y 15d  
Bowker Nora D. "Infant" d. April 2, 1869 age 1 yrs, 6mo  
Bowker Cora B. d. Oct, 2, 1869 age 6 mo., 2 days  
Bowker Estella dau. of J. & E. Bowker d. Feb. 22, 1872 age 4y 3mo 23 da  
Bowker Jefferson d. Jan. 7, 1871 age 26y 5mo  
Bowker Deborah, wife of Daniel Bowker d. March 28, 1838 ae 37y 1m 1d  
Bowker John d. Sept. 16, 1855 ae 84y  
Bowker Margaret, dau. of John & Eliza Bowker d. June 23, 1864 in 19th yr  
Bowker Clara dau. of John & Eliza Bowker d. Aug. 9, 1875 ae 16y 3m 16d  
Bowker Madison son of John & Eliza Bowker d. Feb. 1, 1856 age 16yrs  
Bowker Catherine dau. of John & Eliza Bowker d. Apr. 19, 1866 in 22 yr  
Bowker William H. son of John & Eliza Bowker d. May 15, 1851 age 1y 3mo 20 da  
Bowker John d. July 19, 1879 age 57y 2mo 30 da  
Bowker Eliza wife of John ______ _________no dates could be read  
Bowker Catherine d. Sept. 16, 1855 age 64yr 6 da  
Bowker James M. b. May 30, 1816 -  
Bowker Elizabeth, wife of James Bowker b. Feb. 18, 1812 d. April 1, 1849 Elizabeth (Miller)
Boyce James R. d. Sep. 28, 1865 in 34th y may be Sept (25?), (1855?) in his 34 year
Boyce Sophia, wife of Samuel Boyce d. March 4, 1870 age 64 yrs., 11 mo. (This headstone was read by another transciber as Breed)
Boyce Diana, dau. of Samuel & Sophia Boyce d. Feb. 8, 1850 age 9 mo.  
Breed Harriett d. Sep. 24, 1899 ae 52y 10m 22d  
Case Lucy A., wife of Adam A. Case d. Aug. 27, 1865 26yrs  
Case John R. d. Nov. 25, 1890 age 81y 4mo 16 da  
Case Sarah wife of John R. Case d. Jun 21, 1851 age 41y 6mo 15 da (Sarah Learn, dau. of John & Elizabeth Freece Learn)
Davis Pomeroy d. Jul. 29, 1869 age 46y 2mo  
Davis Charlotte d. Jan. 23, 1849 age18 (yrs or days) unclear
Davis James L. d. Oct. 2, 1880 age 7 yrs., 3 mo.  
Dean Emma d. June 24, 1882 age 5 yrs.  
Dean Helen no dates "Daughter"
Dean Rebecca no dates "Daughter"
Dean Wm. A.flag b. Mar. 3, 1837 d. Feb. 10, 1877 Sgt Co C 75th Regt NY Vol
Dean Mary A. Patterson, wife of William Dean b. Feb. 14, 1834 d. Mar. 23, 1902 (dau. of James & Diana Naylor Patterson)
Edsall Elmer d. Aug. 15, 18__ age 47y 2mo 4 d  
Edsall Eleanor d. June 15, ____, age 47y 2mo 4 da Dear compaion thou last left me Here thy loss I deeply feel.
But 'tis God that hast ____ me. He can all my sorrows heal.
Elsen John d. Mar. 17, 1905 50yrs  
Elsen Hattie Jacob d. Mar. 10, 1899 age 29 8mo 16 da  
Gower John 1816-1885 "Father"
Gower Polly Bowker, wife of John Gower 1818-1898 "Mother"
Gower Lyman son of John & Polly Gower 1856-1878 "Lyman"
Green Jared 1827-1905 "Jared"
Green Lucy Miller wife of Jared Green 1826-1891 "Lucy"
Green Betsey E. Gunn wife of Jared Green 1825-1899 "Betsey"
Green Emma, daughter d. 1856 age 7 yrs She has a single marker & her name is on the monument
Green Ida May, child of Jared & Lucy Green 1864-1875  
Green Letty, child of Jared & Lucy Green 1865-1866  
Green Emma, child of Jared & Lucy 1855-1856 She has a single marker & her name is on the monument
Harris Laura 1852 - 1922  
Hulse Lewis 1834 - d. June 24, 1854, age 19yrs 10mo 2 da  
Huson John d. Feb. 16, 1900 age 92yr 10mo 27 da  
Huson Jerusha wife of John Huson d. Feb. 10, 1882 age 69yrs  
Johnson Frances A., wife of A. Jacob 1847-1917  
Johnson Fred d. May 24, 1885 age 26 yrs., 11 day (believe there is an error with the dates of Fred & Linda)
Johnson Linda A. d. May 24, 1885 age 26y 11mo 6 da (believe there is an error with the dates of Fred & Linda)
Jones Robertflag 1836-1876 Co. H, 6th Regt Heavy Art.
Jones Jane wife of Robert Jones 1824 d. May 7, 1907 (dau. of James & Diana Naylor Patterson)
Jones Arthur J. d. Oct. 24, 1906 (son of Robert & Jane Patterson Jones, married Mary Elizabeth McCleary b. 1872 d. 1937) their child: Harold, Earl, Archie & Fred.
Jones Diane 1872-1879  
Kelly Patience wife of Nelson Kelly d. Apr. 22, 1854 age 19y 8mo 27 da  
Kratz Daniel d. Dec. 30, 1851 age 77yr 5mo  
Kratz Elizabeth wife of Daniel Kratz d. Dec. 21, 1863 in her 86th year  
Krotts Elizabeth Ann, dau Jefferson & Elizabeth d. Apr. 23, 1849 age 2y 8mo 1 da (Surname could be Kratts)
Lain Elizabeth, wife of Daniel Lain d. May 25, 1841 aged 67 yrs., 7 mo 17 dys (Believe the headstones of Elizabeth & her son Charles were moved here from the Lane Cemetery on the old Lane Homestead) Elizabeth Robinson, dau. of Daniel or David & Mary Raynor Robinson)
Lain Charles, son of Daniel & Elizabeth Lain d. Aug. 4, 1817 age 20 yrs. 1 mo. Charles is believe to be buried in Lane Cemetery, and his headstone removed to here.
Lane Freeman b. Mar. 9, 1800 d. Sep. 2, 1872 (son of Daniel & Elizabeth Robinson Lain/Lane) Freeman married 2nd to Anna ______.
Lane Margaret wife of Freeman Lane d. Aug. 11, 1865 age 62y 4mo (Margaret Learn, b. Apr. 10, 1803, dau. of John & Elizabeth Freece Learn)
Lane Effingham d. Wed. June 29, ____ child of Freeman & Margaret Learn Lane, this headstone was not found in 2004
Learn John d. July 25, 1867 age 88 yrs  
Learn Elizabeth wife of John Learn d. April 6, 1856 age 71 yrs 9mo  
Learn Linda wife of John Learn d. March 24, 1889 age 91 yrs  
Learn Catherine, dau. John & Betsey Learn d. Apr. 24, 1845 age 22 yrs  
Learn Infant, son of Adam & Lucy Learn d. June 18, 1851  
Learn Alice R. dau. of Adam & Lucy Learn d. Oct. 21, 1854 age 1yr 2mo 17 da  
Learn Mary wife of Daniel Learn d. Feb. 12, 1846 age 34y 22 da (Mary Miller)
Learn Catherine, wife of D.J. Learn d. Mar. 13, 1871 age 45yr 3mo 28 da  
Learn Amanda wife of George Learn d. Aug. 15, 1861 age 51yrs  
Lobdell Jonathan no dates "Father"
Lobdell Isadore, wife of Jonathan Lobdell d. Sept. 11, 1882 ae 41yrs "Mother"
Lobdell Clarence, son Jonathan & Isadora Lobdell d. July 9, 1882 age 10yrs  
Loun John d. Feb. 27, 1869 age 74yrs  
Loun James M. d. March 31, 1889 age 63 yrs  
Loun Elizabeth wife of James M. Loun d. Oct. 10, 1883 age 53 yrs  
Lowe Leander b. Nov. 6, 1832 d. Jan. 10, 1909  
Lowe Elizabeth Patterson wife of Leander b. May 2, 1835 d. Dec. 24, 1906 70 yrs (dau. of James Patterson & Diana Naylor)
Lowe John d. Feb. 27, 1869 age 74yrs  
Lowe James H. d. May 3, 1889 age 63y 11mo 21 da  
Metzger Charles 1841-1909  
Metzger Martha Jane wife of Charles Metzger 1844-1889  
Metzger Nelson d. Feb. 1, 1911 age 85 yrs (Age may be 65yrs)
Metzger James, son of Nelson & Rebecca d. Oct. 2, 1880 age 7y 5mo  
Metzger Emma dau. of Nelson & Rebecca d. Jun. 24, 1882 age 5mo  
Miller Henry son of Henry & Delilah d. Mar. 2, 1857 ae 3y 6mo 27 da  
Miller Daniel son of Henry & Delilah d. March or May 3, 1857 age 2y 5mo 4 da  
Miller Melcher d. Mar. 5, 1886 in 67th yr  
Miller Elizabeth J., wife of Melgher d. Jun. 5, 1887 or 1897 age 72yr 2 mo  
Miller Infant daughter d. Sep. 1, 1854  
Miller A. Jacob 1851-19__  
Miller Frances A. Johnson, wife of A. Jacob 1847-1917  
Miller Andrew d. Feb. 12, 1866 age 81y 5mo 17 da  
Miller Hannah, wife of Andrew d. Feb. 14, 1848 age 54yr 8mo 15 da (Note: This couple came in 1824 from Penn. and paid $1,800. for 100 acres close to Cayuga Co lines of John & Jerusha Bowker)
Miller Daniel d. July 12, 1854 ae 23y 8mo 5da  
Miller John Henry 1856-1908 (note: birth year could be 1865)
Miller Myra J. Weaver, wife of John Henry 1855- Feb 27, 1913 age 58yr 7mo 16 da  
Miller Peter 1821-1902  
Miller Mary Louisa wife of Peter 1832- April 16, 1905 (Death date may be 1915)
Miller Andrew 1847-1901  
Patterson James d. Feb. 12, 1883 ae 93yrs For more information on the Patterson family see Patterson
Patterson Diana wife of James Patterson d. Dec. 26, 1856 ae 56yrs (Diana Naylor)
Patterson William b. May 26, 1840 d. Feb. 19, 1907 (son of James & Diana Naylor Patterson) - [he married 2nd Cornelia A. Bartholomew]
Note: 2nd wife of William may be Cordelia, see 1900 Lansing Census and news items in The Genoa Tribune on
Patterson Mary J., wife of William Patterson 1841-1895 (Mary Jane Davis)
Patterson Janette dau. of Wm. & Jane d. May 11, 1869 ae 4y 3mo 21 da  
Patterson George son of Wm. & Jane d. Mar. 11, 1871 ae 1y 9mo 2 da  
Patterson child of William & Jane (Mary Jane) Patterson d. unknown date and age 5 children of William & Jane (Mary Jane)Patterson are buried here, they died of Diptheria) No markers where found for them.
Patterson child of William & Jane (Mary Jane) Patterson d. unknown date and age  
Patterson child of William & Jane (Mary Jane) Patterson d. unknown date and age  
Patterson child of William & Jane (Mary Jane) Patterson d. unknown date and age  
Patterson child of William & Jane (Mary Jane) Patterson d. unknown date and age  
Patterson William d. Mar. 25, 1866 ae 72yrs (brother to James Patterson above)
Robinson Israel d. Aug. 11, 1882 ae 82yrs  
Robinson Margaret Dates d. Jan. 26, 1897 ae 82y 6mo 4 da dau. of Abraham & Margaret Williamson Dates)
Robinson Mary A., dau. of Israel & Margaret d. Aug. 24, 1861 in her 8th year  
Robinson Ambrosia, dau. of Israel & Margaret Robinson died August 28, 1861 age 13yrs may be Ambrose
Robinson Ambrose, son of Israel & Margaret d. Aug. 28, 1861 in 13th yr may be Ambrosia
Robinson J. Clinton 1847-1904  
Robinson Martha J. 1852-1939  
Robinson Bennie son of J. Clinton & Martha 1874-1875  
Robinson Winifred, dau. of J. Clinton & Martha 1895-1897 birth year may be 1890
Robinson Jennie d. Jan. 1, 1903 age 9yr  
Robinson Jennie 1894-1904  
Ross Charles 1818-1895  
Ross Jane, wife of Charles 1826-1903  
Ross Jacob D. d. Jan. 3, 1865 age 59yr 13 da  
Ross Susanna, wife of Jacob D. d. Mar. 20, 1850 age 35yr 9mo 28 da  
Shaver Benjamin d. Oct. 4, 1852 age 75yr 25 da  
Shaver Mary, wife of Benjamin d. June 10, 1864 age 88yr 8mo 27 da (age could be 78yrs)
Snyder Peter d. June 18, 1849 age 82y 4mo 25 da  
Snyder Katherine Swartz, wife of Peter d. Nov. 1840 ae 32y 1mo 20 da age does not seem to fit with Peter's age.
Snyder Mary E. dau. of Abraham & Mary Ann d. Apr. 30 1846, age 2yrs  
Snyder Julius, son of Abraham & Mary Ann d. Mar. 27, 1840 age 18 da  
Snyder Frank A. son of Abraham & Mary Ann d. Sept. 9, 1853 age 3yrs  
Walker Daniel d. Sept 6, 1852 or 1853 age 31y 2mo  
Walker Hannah H. wife of William b. May 11, 1802 d. June 14, 1871  
Weaver Melvin d. Aug. 30, 1901 age 57yr 8mo 9 da  
Welch Amplia S., son of John d. Oct. 26, 1888 age 66yr 10mo 17 da  
Whipple Emma d. July 11, 1881 or 1831  
Whipple ? ____, 1818 - 1898  
Whipple Jane, wife of _____? 1826 - 1903  

Records on this page are from Isabelle Parish and Dora Pope Worden's records,
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