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St. Anthony Catholic Cemetery

Clarke Street Extension
Clarke Street Extension is off of East Cortland Street (Rt. 222) in Groton. St. Anthony Catholic Cemetery is located across the road from Groton Rural Cemetery.
Town of Groton, Tompkins County, NY.
Cemetery is active.

Map (Off-site from MapQuest)

We have not acquired the original records for this cemetery at this time.  We will post any updates as soon as they become available.

photograph of cemetery
Photo by Janet M. Nash
(larger photo)

Please use Notes as a guide only!


Name Birth/Death/Age Notes
Barry, Helen S.  (Slaight) wife of George E. Barry d. July 30, 1999 age 93 yrs [d/o Frederick & Harriett (Coan) Slaight]
Black, Alexander J. F. (A. J.) Apr. 26, 1993 - May 3, 1999 [s/o Martin G. & Vickey L. (Edwards) Black]
Boyer, Catherine M. L. (Hogan) wife of Charles Morgan Boyer d. July 27, 1999 ae 93y  
Boyer, Charles Morgan d. February 3, 1990, age 83  
Carey, Daniel James d. April 1, 1996, age 73  
Carey, Francis P. b. Nov. 27, 1926 d. June 8, 2001 son of Daniel J. & Marguerite Hatch Carey.  He was in the US Army.
Cleary, William H. d. May 14, 1999 ae 86y (married Helen McManus)
[s/o William & Rose (Schneider) Cleary]
Farrell, Joseph P. d. February 9, 1995, age 77  
Hamill, John d. May 21, 1945 ae 72y  
Hamill, Anna (Farrell) d. April 12, 1955  
Harder, Thomas Edward d. January 1, 1966  
Haskell, William E. "Bull" Dec. 9, 1930 - July 21, 1999 [married Mary Sullivan]
[s/o Elmer & Marian (Barnes) Haskell]
Heffron, Paul E. d. Aug. 5, 1953 ae 41y  
Kirby, John E. d. Oct. 23, 2001 age 83 yrs.  
Kratochvil, Jacob J. d. Sept. 19, 2001 age 88 yrs.  
Ott, Eleanor (Agrest), w/o Frederick J. Ott Sr. June 13, 1923 - May 30, 1999 [d/o Theodore & Helen (Kopcial) Agrest;
Frederick J. Ott Sr., d. Apr. 21, 1984]
Moon, Richard James d. September 1, 1981, age 71  
Moon, Ellen Elizabeth (Walpole) d. March 20, 1998, age 80  
Rowley, Gary-Joe E. Jr., infant son of Gary-Joe E.  Rowley Sr. & Holly L. Stauber d. March 26, 2002 (infant)
Sanchez, Anna S. (Sophia) b. March 25, 1921; d. March 10, 2001 [Name in parenthesis is her full middle name, but is not inscribed on her headstone, just the initial "S'. Anna's maiden name is Wakula.] (Wakula Lot)
Sanchez, Benjamin A. b. April 22, 1930; d. March 11, 1992 [Anna S. Sanchez is the Wife of Benjamin A. Sanchez.] (Wakula Lot)
Wakula, Sofia K. (Katherine) b. March 10, 1888; d. April 14, 1951 [Name in parenthesis is her full middle name but is not inscribed on her headstone, just the initial "K".] (Wakula Lot)
Wakula, Leon "Leo" F. b. 6 Apr. 1924; d. 13 July 2011 husband of Margaret Wakula
Wakula, Margaret "Maggie" (SEAMANS) b. 7 June 1930; d. 24 Feb. 2011 wife of Leo Wakula
Wakula, Joseph Thaddeus b. 19 Mar. 1919; d. 30 July 2011 husband of Helen Doris Wakula
Wakula, Helen Doris (SEAMANS) b. 20 July 1925; d. 8 Mar. 2012 wife of Joseph T. Wakula
Wakula, Iva M. (ANDREWS) b. 14 Oct. 1933; d. 20 Feb. 2011  
Walpole, Bernard d. May 31, 1925, age 56  
Walpole, Bernard d. June 16, 1991, age 96  
Walpole, Brian Robert d. May 16, 1998, age 19  
Walpole, Ellen Nora (Mullen) d. February 14, 1950, age 81  
Walpole, Florence Mae Elizabeth (LaLonde) d. November 21, 1973, age 78 SS death index states she was born: Aug. 16, 1895
Walpole, Johanna (Mullen) d. 1947  
Walpole, John Francis d. February 3, 1990, age 90 SS death index states he was born Jan. 11, 1900
Walpole, Kathryn O'Hara (Nix) d. June 15, 1954  
Walpole, Mathew J. d. October 23, 1954  
Walpole, Richard J. d. April 8, 1986, age 40 [son of John Francis WALPOLE]
SS death index states he was born Mar. 3, 1946.
Walpole, Rita d. April 9, 1995 SS death index states she was born Jan. 2, 1922
Walpole, Timothy Edward d. December 12, 1958  
Walpole, Thomas E. "ED" d. June 4, 2002, age 70 yrs. died in Zephyrhills, FL., Interment was with military honors

Thank you Tom Herson for updating these records.
Thank you Tom Wakula for updating the Wakula/Sanchez records.

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