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Bower Cemetery

Also known as: Bower Farm Cemetery

Ulysses, NY
Located in the Town of Ulysses, Tompkins Co., NY,
on the west side of Trumansburg - Waterburg Road
Cemetery Records found in handwritten papers belonging to Marian C. Davenports
Donated to the Tompkins Co. NYGenWeb Project.

photograph of cemetery

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I Horace A. Bower of Waterburg, Tompkins County, NY do certify that;

At a meeting held at the residence of Horace A. Bower on June 15, 1898 for the purpose of incorporating the Bower Cemetery, pursuant to the following notice, which had been twice published in the Trumansburg, N. Y. "Free Press and Sentinel," there were present the following named persons: Alexander Y. Bower, Horace A. Bower, David Bower, William Bower, Ira S. Bower, Abner T. Bower, L. J. Wheeler, L. Jay Wheeler.

H. A. Bower was made chairman of the meeting and L. J. Wheeler Sec. A motion was made and carried that six persons be nominated to serve as trustees of Bower Cemetery for the term of five years.

Motion made and carried that the Secretary cast one ballot for Horace A. Bower, David Bower, Wm. Bower, Alexander T. Bower, James A. Bower and Thomas Bower Trustees of Bower Cemetery for five years.

The chairman declared the same duly elected.  A Motion adjourned.   L. J. Wheeler, Secy.

The following is a description of the property incorporated. All the tract or parcel of land.

Private Cemetery Corporations

Seven or more persons may become a private Cemetery Corporation by setting off for a private Cemetery includes real property to the extent of not more than three acres and by electing at a meeting of the proprietors of the real property so set off, at which not-less than seven shall be present, three of their number to be directors, to hold office for five years.  The chairman of such meeting shall sign and acknowledge and file in the office of the clerk of the county in which such real property is situated.  A certificate containing the name of the corporation, a description of the lands so purchased or set apart and the names of the directors - no such Cemetery shall be located within one hundred rods of any dwelling house without the written consent of the owners thereof.
Chap. 559, Laws of 1895.  

WEYBURN  Alfred 1808-1888
WEYBURN  George  died, 1864 age 83 yrs.
WEYBURN Albert A. son of George and Mary, died 1838 age 10 months
WEYBURN Caroline dau. of George and Polly WEYBURN, died 1831 age 7 yrs.
BOWER  Polly dau. of David and Jane BOWER, died 1828 age 11 months
UNKNOWN Daughter dau. of Alexander and Jane, died 1849 age 2 months
BOWER Alexander native of Haddington, Scotland,  died 1837 no age
BOWER Ann MATHER wife of Alexander BOWER,  1769 - 1845
BOWER Ann dau. of Alexander and Ann BOWER, 1805 - 1850
BOWER Jane dau. of Alexander and Ann BOWER, 1809 - 1851
BOWER Marion dau. of Alexander and Ann BOWER, 1799- 1857
BOWER Thomas  son of Alexander and Ann, Preston Pons, Scotland 1792 - 1874
BOWER Andrew died 1868, age 73 yrs., 8 months
BOWER Jane wife of Andrew BOWER  died 1848 age 48 yrs., 9 months
BOWER Helen M. dau. of Andrew and Jane BOWER, died 1845 age 9 yrs.
BOWER George no dates
BOWER David son of Alexander and Ann BOWER 1793 - 1844
BOWER Matilda wife of William BOWER and dau. of George and Polly WEYBURN, 
died  1843 age 39 yrs.
BOWER Jane wife of David BOWER, and dau. of George and Polly WEYBURN,
died 1837 age 30 yrs.
BOWER William  Preston Pons, Scotland 1796 - 1871
BOWER Jane 1818 - 1878
BOWER Alexander born in Scotland, 1801 - 1873
BOWER Alex. G.  son of William and Matilda (WEYBURN) BOWER 
born July 7, 1827 died Dec. 24, 1901 age 74 years
BOWER Susan S. wife of Alex. G. BOWER, died April 16, 1925 no age
BOWER William J.  son of Alex. G. and Susan BOWER, died 1863 age 9 yrs.
BOWER George W. son of David and Jane BOWER  1832 - 1856
BOWER Letty Ann dau. of William and Matilda (WEYBURN) BOWER 1836 - 1853
BOWER Charles M. son of Alexander and Ann BOWER, 1857 [unsure if this is birth or death date]

Thank you Eilene Ehrhart Guy for assistance in determining that Bower Farm Cemetery and Bower Cemetery are one and the same.

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