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Tooker Cemetery

Also known as: Fiddler's Green Cemetery, Sperry Cemetery

Location: Across the road in a hedge row from 89 Lansingville Road. This burial plot is across an agricultural field and cannot be viewed from the road. Burials are in the hedge row. The burial plot is on private property presently owned by Chuck Benson.
Town of Lansing, Tompkins County, NY.
Cemetery is inactive.

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Surname Given Name/Relationship Date Notes
Tooker Mary, wife of James Tooker d. April 14, 1817, ae 76y Tall slate headstone.
Not all the panes that e,er I bore
Shall spoil my futer peace
For death and hell can do no more
Than what my Father please

This location was the old Jonah Tooker place in the early 1800's. We are told that the foundation for a church is there and that some of the headstones may be in the hedge row, however a lot of them have been stolen. The cemetery has not been used since 1820. The ground is covered with wild apple trees. Only one headstone was found in October 2000.

Older members of the Beckwith family remembered at least 20 grave stones. This must be the Tooker family and neighbors. In the early days there was a settlement of perhaps 25 houses and a school house and store. There was always a room ready for the circuit rider and a stable ready for his horse.

Jonah Tooker and his wife, Rachel, are buried in the Ithaca City Cemetery.
Jonah Tooker d. May 12, 1824, ae 64y.
Rachel Tooker d. November 1, 1857, ae 81y.

A Sampler made by Maria Tooker in 1822, reads as follows:
Jonah and Rachel Tooker and their offspring
Jonah Tooker was born April 12th, 1760
Rachel Tooker was born August 29th, 1774
Manley Tooker was born May 28th, 1799
Lansing Tooker was born October 24th, 1800
Polly Tooker was born August 20th, 1802
Frances Tooker was born April 19th, 1804
Sarah Tooker was born February 28th, 1806
Henry Tooker was born November 8th, 1807
John W. Tooker was born May 22nd, 1809
Maria D. Tooker was born June 13th, 1814

Thank you Janet Nash for transcribing the original records into digital format (Apr. 1999), and for providing the burial information on Jonah and Rachel Tooker (Jan. 2003).
Thank you Nina (Christofferson) McAndrews for donating the headstone inscription for Mary Tooker (Oct. 2000).
Thank you Keith Tower for donating the Maria Tooker Sampler information.
Thank you Cheryl Hall for transcribing the updates to this record into digital format (Feb. 2003).

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