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1850 Census for Ulysses -- Part 1

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Note: These documents are old and faded, and the handwriting can be difficult to read, so there may be some creative name-guessing.

Number Visited Last Name Given Names Age Place of Birth Color Occupation Notes
1-1 Belknap Charles M. 26 NY W millwright  
    Margaret 65 NY W mother  
  Munson Sarah 14 NY W servant  
2-2 Creque Herman C(amp) 32 NY W farmer  
    Mable A(llen Pease) 30 NY W wife  
    Allen H. 10 NY W son  
    Andrew J. 8 NY W son  
    Helen N. 6 NY W daughter  
    Eliza G. 4 NY W daughter  
    Homer 1 NY W son  
  Kelly George 18 NY W laborer  
  Dussance Mary 18 NY W servant  
3-3 Waring James 45 NY W farmer  
    Sopherna? 35 NY W wife  
    Mary H. 13 NY W daughter  
    Sarah E. 10 NY W daughter  
    James H. 10 NY W son  
    William H. 6 NY W son  
    Lawrence 3 NY W son  
4-4 Valentine Mary 61 NY W widow  
  Lampkins Anna 42 NY W daughter?  
316-319 Lampkins Eunice 12 NY W granddaughter  
4-5 Gould Joseph D. 28 NY W carpenter  
    Emeline G. 25 NY W wife  
5-6 Heart Titus 29 NY W farmer  
    Lydia 22 NY W wife  
6-7 Jones Peter 43 NY W wagonmaker  
    Sarah 39 NY W wife  
    Hesikiah 16 NY W son  
    Milo C. 10 NY W son  
    Chauncy 6 NY W son  
    Milford 2 NY W son  
7-8 Page Lucious E. 30 NY W cabinetmaker  
    Amy A. 27 NY W wife  
8-9 Burch Egbert 33 NY W clothier  
    Mary 30 NY W wife  
    Ruth Ann 2 NY W daughter  
9-10 Creque George W. 33 NY W watches  
    Mahala J.(Merritt) 33 NY W wife  
    Sarah S. 8 NY W daughter  
    Rebecca 6 NY W daughter  
    Hamilton 2 NY W son  
10-11 Creque Francis 43 NJ W blacksmith  
    Ann 37 PA W wife  
    Elizabeth 84 NY W step-mother widow (of Abraham)
    Emeline 14 NY W daughter  
    Charles 12 NY W son  
    Abram 10 NY W son  
    Clark 6 NY W son  
    Francis 4 NY W son  
    Wilmot 3 NY W son  
11-12 Fritts Frederick 63 NY W carpenter  
    Sarah 63 NY W wife  
    Henry 15 NY W grandson  
12-13 Lovell Milo H. 27 NY W blacksmith  
    Mary C. 23 NY W wife  
    James (Milo) 4 NY W son  
13-14 Heustis Jacob E. 39 NY W miller  
    Nancy 37 NY W wife  
  Mizner Mary 18 NY W daughter  
    Caroline 16 NY W daughter  
    Ellen 13 NY W daughter  
    Andrew 12 NY W son  
    Jacob 8 NY W son  
    Nancy 4 NY W daughter  
14-15 Hageman Sarah 66 NY W widow  
    Jane 38 NY W daughter  
    Parthema 35 NY W daughter  
    John 43 NY W son  
15-16 Bancroft Charles P. 32 NY W cabinetmaker  
    Sally Ann 32 NY W    
16-17 Bancroft John O. 26 NY W farmer  
    Adelia 23 NY W wife  
    Susan 3 NY W daughter  
17-18 Morgan Charles 42 NY W wagonmaker  
    Elizabeth 38 NY W wife  
    Elizabeth 13 NY W daughter  
    Robert 9 NY W son  
    Paul 6 NY W son  
    Minor 4 NY W son  
    George 1 NY W son  
18-19 Chandler William 37 NY W chairmaker  
    Rachael (Fritts) 37 NY W wife  
    Lucinda F. 13 NY W daughter  
    Mary 11 NY W daughter  
    Sarah 9 NY W daughter  
    David 1 NY W son  
    Susan 5mos NY W daughter  
  Fritts George 22 NY W   brother-in-law, apprentice?
  Hull William 22 NY W   apprentice?
  Morgan William 18 NY W   apprentice?
19-20 Weed Eliphalet 54 CT W shoemaker  
    Celina E. 43 NY W wife  
    Augusta R. 17 NY W son (died within a year)
    Ellen D. 13 NY W daughter  
    Sarah S. 9 NY W daughter  
    Eliphalet V. 5 NY W son  
    Celina G. 1 NY W daughter  
20-21 Vandermark James 38 NY W cabinetmaker  
    Juana 32 NY W wife  
    Freelove D. 2 NY W   daughter?
21-22 Treman Jonathan 60 NY W farmer  
    Annis (Trembly) 57 NY W wife  
    William 27 NY W son  
    James 17 NY W son  
  Grant Mary 12 NY W servant  
  Thomas George 19 NY W laborer  
22-23 Turner George 35 NY W boatman  
    Susan (Treman) 32 NY W wife  
    Willett 13 NY W son  
    Andrew 11 NY W son  
    Mary 5 NY W daughter  
23-24 Lampkins Hannah (Manahan>   NY W widow (of Newcomb)  
    Harriett 30 NY W daughter-in-law  
    Louisa 4 NY W granddaughter  
24-25 Wright Eli R. 34 NY W merchant  
    Sally S. 32 NY W wife  
    Eliza W. 14 NY W daughter  
    William C. 10 NY W son  
    Peter D. 8 NY W son  
    Helen H. 4 NY W daughter  
    Ledra R. 1 NY W son  
25-26 Creque Abram 33 NJ W wagonmaker  
    Nancy 22 NY W wife  
    Elizabeth 6 NY W daughter  
    Mahala 2 NY W daughter  
    Millard 3mos NY W son  
  Philbrick Alvah 20 NY W apprentice  
26-27 Creque Joseph 63 NJ W   retired?
    Sarah 65 NY W wife  
27-28 Treman Erastus 37 NY W farmer  
    Mary (Buck) 38 CT W wife  
    Orlin 12 NY W son  
    Dewitt 9 NY W son  
    Jerome 5 NY W son  
    Mary (McLallen) 82 NY W mother (widow of Abner)
  Hine Jehial 20 NY W laborer  
  Slaght Matilda 18 NY W servant  
28-29 Terry James 54 NY W miller  
    Anor (Hopkins) 51 NY W wife  
    Rebecca 18 NY W daughter  
    John 16 NY W son  
    Mary 13 NY W daughter  
    Abby 11 NY W daughter  
29-30 Trembley John 49 NY W farmer  
    Roxanna 45 NY W wife  
    Mary Jane 17 NY W daughter  
30-31 Colegrove Abram C. 48 NY W farmer  
    Lucretia 47 NY W wife  
    Silas 20 NY W son  
    Olive 16 NY W daughter  
    Bradley 11 NY W son  
  Bills Julia Anna 16 NY W servant  
31-32 Murphy John 38 NY W boatman  
    Mrs. 32 NY W wife  
    Mary 12 NY W daughter  
    Riley 10 NY W son  
    Eugene 8 NY W son  
    Catharine 6 NY W daughter  
    Louisa 4 NY W daughter  
    Susan 60 NJ W mother  
32-33 Thompson Robert 30 NY W farmer
    James 90 NY W father  
    Hannah 73 NY W mother  
    Jane 36 NY W   sister or wife?
    David 29 NY W brother, boatman  
    Cynthia 5 NY W daughter  
33-34 Reidy Charles 30 NY W laborer  
    Almyra 19 NY W wife  
    Mary 2 NY W daughter  
    John 2mos NY W son  
34-35 Van Dusen Milo 48 NY W merchant  
    Judith S. (Himrod) 45 NY W wife (she is dau of Gen Wm Himrod of Hector, NY)
    William Himrod 19 NY W son, clerk  
    Belinda 17 NY W daughter  
  Shephard Amanda 42 NY W servant  
35-36 Dumont David 30 NY W merchant  
    Emeline (Holmes) 30 NY W wife  
    Estelle 3 NY W daughter  
    Frederick S. 40 NY W uncle (his obit says he is born 1799)
36-37 Creque John M. 38 NY W shoemaker  
    Beulah 28 NY W wife  
    J. P. 14 NY W son  
    Mary 11 NY W daughter  
    Kingsley 8 NY W son  
    Smith 3 NY W son  
    Emma 8mos NY W daughter  
37-38 Murphy Asher   NJ W tailor  
    Mary 41 NY W wife  
    Elizabeth 19 NY W daughter  
    Edward 15 NY W son, carpenter  
    David 13 NY W son  
    Emma 11 NY W daughter  
291-292   Ann M. 15 NY W daughter (works for George Smith?)
38-39 Creque Abraham R. 43 NY W merchant  
    Elizabeth 38 NY W wife  
    Herman 14 NY W son  
    Sarah E. 7 NY W daughter  
    Susan F. 5 NY W daughter  
    Helen E. 2 NY W daughter  
    Freeman M. 8mos NY W son  
  Thompson Delila 24 NY W servant  
39-40 Bailey James E. 26 NY W wagonmaker  
    Huldah 26 NY W wife  
    Harriet 3 NY W daughter  
    David 1 NY W son  
40-41 Eastman Charles 51 NY W cabinetmaker  
    Elizabeth 49 NY W wife  
  Clark Abram B. 9 NY W step-son  
    Phebe Ann 7 NY W step-daughter  
41-42 Williams Henry 40 NY W blacksmith  
    Mariah 30 NY W wife  
    Theodore 1 NY W son  
42-43 Smith Oliver P. 26 NY W mason  
    Malissa 24 NY W wife  
    Mary J. 7mos NY W daughter  
44 Hearst Mahlon 29 NY W blacksmith  
    Kiziah 33 NY W wife  
    Lovia J. 7 NY W daughter  
    Samuel 4 NY W son  
    John 2 NY W son  
    Clinton 3mos NY W son  
43-45 Barton H. D. (Henry Disbrow) 60 VT W attorney  
    Frances (Halsey) 63 NY W 2nd wife  
    Mary 18 NY W daughter  
  Bush Catharine 21 NY W servant  
44-46 Fenner Urial 60 VT W wagonmaker  
    Hannah 60 NY W wife  
    Henry 20 NY W son  
    Mary 17 NY W daughter  
    Jerimah 23 NY W daughter  
45-47 Smith Nathaniel B. 30 NY W attorney  
    Elizabeth 24 NY W wife  
    Cornelius H. 5 NY W son  
300-301 Van Dorn Hannah 19 NY W wkg  
46-48 Sedgewick D. E. 37 NY W silversmith  
    M(ary) A. 36 NY W wife (she d. in Warrenburg, MO, Sep.1868)
    Charlotte 15 NY W daughter (w/o Rev. J. W. Newcomb, d. Apr 1868,sm place as mother)
    William 13 NY W son  
    Helen 11 NY W daughter  
    Emily 9 NY W daughter  
    Mary 5 NY W daughter  
    Frances 5mos NY W daughter  
47-49 Dickerson Gauntlet 76 NJ W farmer  
    Elizabeth 73 NY W wife  
    John 37 NY W son  
48-51 Van Dyke Herman 34 NY W shoemaker (d. 1854)
    Harriet (Cole) 26 NY W wife  
    John P. 9 NY W son  
    Grenfreas? 6mos NY W daughter  
49-52 Peters Sally 40 NY W widow  
    Catharine 21 NY W daughter  
50-53 Cuffman John 69 NY W farmer  
317   Sarah 59 NY W wife  
51-54 Demund Aaron L 45 NY W Innkeeper (d. 1860)
    Anna 43 NY W wife (d. 1856)
    Phebe Ann 20 NY W daughter  
    Mary 17 NY W daughter  
    Byran 13 NY W son  
    Henry 8 NY W son  
    Amy S. 12 NY W daughter  
    Leroy 6 NY W son  
    Dewitt M. 2 NY W son  
  Degaway Sarah 13 NY B servant  
  Auble George 40 NY W farmer  
  Wilcox Banghearst 35 NY W livery  
52-55 Clark Samuel E. 44 CT W physician (d. 1853)
    Wealthy C(rampton) 45 CT W wife (m.2nd Jared Treman)
  Wister Alvah 14 NY W laborer  
53-56 Halsey Jared S. 28 NY W farmer  
    Mary M. (Clark) 28 NY W wife  
    Sanford 1 NY W son  

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