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1850 Deaths in the Town of Enfield

As recorded in the 1850 Federal Census,
for the year ending June 1, 1850.
Taken from the 1850 Census Index and not
checked against the actual Census Schedule.

Name of Deceased Age Date of Death Native State Occupation
Allen, Delila 3 April 1850 New York  
Applegate, Harriet 21 August 1849 New York  
Auble, Rachel 56 September 1849 New Jersey  
Bross, Norma 42 February 1850 New York  
Brown, Richard 54 April 1850 Ireland  
Burger, Daniel (?) 83 March 1850 New Jersey Cooper
DuBois, Ellen 69 December 1849 New York  
Curry, Jesse 25 April 1850 New York Physician
Estle, Charles 4 mos. October 1849 New York  
Fish, Charlotte 5 October 1849 New York  
Fish, Julalia (Julia?) 3 October 1849 New York  
Gray, Elnathan 70 November 1849 New York Farmer
Ink, Philo 18 September 1849 New York Farmer
Merchant, William 2 October 1849 New York  
Newsom, Alvira Ann 19 May 1850 New York  
Prichard, Gilbert 44 February 1850 New York Farmer
Rumsey, Buss (Russ?) 1 September 1849 New York  
Rumsey, Marla 4 September 1849 New York  
Sawyer, Ruth 75 March 1850 New Jersey  
Talmadge, Hanford W. 31 April 1850 Connecticut  
Travis, J. Stephen 2 May 1850 New York  
Vale (Vail?), David 88 September 1849 New York  
Wafer, Mary E. 1 May 1850 New York  
Wafer, Thomas A. 4 June 1849 New York  
Williamson, Phidelia 4 March 1850 New York  
Williams, Samuel 14 March 1850 New York  

Material provided and transcribed by Cheryl Hall.

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