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1865 Deaths in the Town of Danby

As recorded in the 1865 State Census,
for the Period ending June 1, 1865
and prepared on June 8, 1865
Walter Hollister, Enumerator

Name of Deceased Age Sex Civil
Date of Death Native State or County Trade Disease or Cause of Death Where Buried, if Recorded
(Added by Transcriber)
Cornelius A. Pugsley 59 M M January 7, 1865 New York Lawyer Consumption Old Dutch Reformed Church Cemetery (Town of Caroline)
Ruby A. Jennings 59 F M April 28, 1865     Paralyzed Danby Presbyterian (Congregational) Cemetery
Jane L. Green 42 F M April 21, 1865 New York   Dropsy Green & Mettler Cemetery (West Danby)
Elizabeth Slocum 84 F   June 1, 1865 New Jersey   Old Age Adams Settlement (Mandeville) Cemetery
Mary Compton 59 F M June 1, 1865     Dropsy Compton Cemetery and Curtis (Danby Rural) Cemetery (listed in both)
William H. Slocum 26 M M October 27, 1864 New York Clerk   East Lawn Cemetery (Ithaca)
Frank Young 16 M S November 17, 1864 New York   Dyptheria  
David J. Johnson 12 M S May 29, 1865 New York   Dyptheria  
Charles H. Johnson 10 M S May 7, 1865 New York   Dyptheria  
Fred Hill 1y 10m M S August 1864 New York    
Sarah Carpenter 64 F M September 1864 Rhode Island      
Louis A. Nourse 4 M   August 20, 1864 New York   Summer Complaint Curtis (Danby Rural) Cemetery
Martin L. Nourse 2y 6m M   August 19, 1864 New York   Summer Complaint Curtis (Danby Rural) Cemetery
Betsey Birchard 62 F M September 6, 1864 New York   Summer Complaint Danby Presbyterian (Congregational) Cemetery
Z_______ Sabin, Jr. (unclear) 1y 2m M   September 1, 1864 New York   Summer Complaint  
Polly Everest 74 F M June 7, 1864 Connecticut   Old Age  
Mary E. Ockerman 4 F S January 4, 1865 New York   Dyptheria  
Henry E. Ockerman 2 M   February 9, 1865 New York   Dyptheria  
Richard E. Ockerman 11 days M   February 12, 1865 New York   Dyptheria  
Frank E. Thayer 11 months M   April 11, 1865 New York   Inflamantion of the lungs  
George H. Wise 18 M   April 28, 1865 New York   Dropsy of the heart  
Olive Roper 74 F   April 13, 1865 Connecticut   Apoplexy  
Carrie A. Allick 4 F   September 17, 1864 Danby, Tomp. Co.   Scarlet Fever Methodist Episcopal Cemetery (West Danby)
Cora M. Allick 4 months F   September 15, 1864 Danby, Tomp. Co.   Dropsy of the brain Methodist Episcopal Cemetery (West Danby)
Christina M. Eams (?) 9 F   September 24, 1864 Danby, Tomp. Co.   Scarlet Fever  
Agnes Randall 74 F S April 10, 1865 New Jersey   Old Age  
Mary O'Brian 3y 4m F   December 5, 1864 Danby, Tomp. Co.   Scarlet Fever  
Ellinor Dorn 57 F M February 12, 1865 Otsego, NY   Inflamation of the lungs  
Wellington Bogart 6 M   September 29, 1864 Danby, Tomp. Co.   Dyptheria South Danby Cemetery
Abby Beers 58 F   December 12, 1864 Connecticut   Drospy Curtis (Danby Rural) Cemetery
Mary Cliff 52 F   January 11, 1865 Danby, Tomp. Co.   Consumption  

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