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1892 Danby Census,
Second Election District

1892 Second Election District of the Town of Danby, Tompkins County, New York
By Household
I, Daniel M. Kellogg, Enumerator, duly appointed to take an enumeration of the inhabitants of the
Second Election District of the Town of Danby, in the County of Tompkins, N. Y., do certify that the
accompanying return consisting of six pages, contains all the names of the inhabitants residing in
said election district on February 16th, 1892, and that the same contains a true, accurate, and
complete enumeration of the inhabitants of said district, as required by the provisions of Chapter 5,
Laws of 1892, to the best of my knowledge and belief. /s/ Daniel M. Kellogg, Enumerator.

Subscribed and sworn before me, this 29th day of February, 1892, C. Van Kirk, Notary Public.

Citizen or Alien column has not been included as all inhabitants were listed as citizens. The Race
column was not filled in on the census. For the "In What Country Born" column I have listed only
the countries other than the US.

Note: The Enumerator's capital letters M, N, and W; and L and S were extremely difficult to decipher
and I am positive that I have not read all of these letters correctly in many of the names. I have
attempted to indicate the questionable names in the "Notes" column.

Last Name First Name Sex Age Born in Citizen/Alien Occupation Notes
BISHOP Truman M 46     Laborer  
  Anna L. F 31        
  Lizzie F 6        
BRUCE James M 66     Farmer  
  Catherine E. F 59        
  Charles J. M 29     Farmer  
BAYLOR Marvin M 41     Farmer  
  Ida F 38        
  Frank M 15        
  Lewis M 14        
  Mary F 10        
  Harry M 5        
VAN OSTRAND Peter J. M 56     Farmer  
  Lucinda A. F 51        
  Mary L. F 24        
  Bert M. M 20        
  Ada D. F 19        
  Jennie E. F 17        
  Peter J. M 15        
  Emma A. F 14        
  Grace M. F 9        
PETTY Lucinda F 70     Landholder  
SNYDER Archibald M 49     Farmer  
  Jennie F 45        
  Earl M 13        
LEWIS Fred B. M 34     Farmer  
  Carrie E. F 32        
  La Verne M 7        
  Byron H. M 3        
WORDEN Fred M 31     Laborer surname unclear
SINCEBAUGH Henry M 36     Farmer  
  Kate F 43        
  Henry, Jr." M 5        
SABIN George M 43     Laborer  
BRIGGS Mary Ann F 76     Housewife  
  Eno A. M 31     Farmer  
FULTON Eliza B. F 57     Housekeeper  
LINDERMAN John M 75     Laborer  
  Sarah A. F 56        
FREAR Hiram M 61     Shoemaker  
  Mary F 54        
SHEPHARD Almon E. M 57     Laborer  
  Nancy F 48        
  William M 27     Laborer  
  Fred M 25     Laborer  
MESSENGER Lorenzo M 25     Laborer  
  Lawrence M 18     Laborer  
  Frank M 14        
  LeRoy M 12        
BLAUVELT Joseph M 46     Laborer  
  Lucretia F 43        
  Fred R. M 18        
  Sidney M 16        
SHEPHARD Eva R. F 41     Dressmaker  
EMERY Charles M 43     Shoemaker middle initial might be M or N
  Della F 32        
  Ada F 12        
  B. F. M 9        
  Rosa A. F 6        
  Allen J. M 3        
RYANT Polly F 68        
THOMAS George W. M 53     Lumberman  
  Elsie F 50       middle initial V or U
CRAPO Mary F 15        
STICKANE William M 24 Germany   Laborer  
  Lucy Ann F 29        
  Flora F 5        
McKNIGHT Charles M 50 Canada   Lumberman  
  Salina F 47        
  George M 22     R.R. Brakeman  
  Eugene E. M 18     Trackmaker  
  Cornelius C. M 16     Laborer  
  Clarence W. M 10        
DAWSON Orlando M 38     Laborer  
  Mary A. A. F 37        
SUTTON Charles T. M 68     Laborer  
  Sally N. F 67        
  Elmer E. M 27     Laborer  
HAYWARD Aden M 24     Laborer  
  Myrtie F 19        
BRUCE Peter M 57     Farmer  
  Susan F 54       Middle initial M or N
FOSTER Lot M 74     Millwright  
  Abba F 66        
CRANCE David M 58     Farmer  
  Ruth F 49        
  Earl M 10        
VAN OSTRAND Dell Gerry M 26     Machinist  
  Estella M. F 27        
CRANCE Marcus M 80     Farmer  
GILLOW L. N. M 42     Station Agent  
  Ella L. F 32        
  Claude M 12        
CRANCE John M 98     Farmer  
  Eliza Ann F 73        
  Fred J. M 32     Farmer  
SWARTWOOD Arthur M 19     Laborer  
CORNWELL George M. M 18     Laborer  
CRANCE Edwin M 41     Laborer  
ALLICK Charles D. M 24     Mason  
  Eleanor D. F 23        
  Jennie F 3        
FOOTE Anson W. M 18     Laborer  
SWEETLOVE Chauncey M 56     Farmer middle initial M or N
  Harriet A. F 52        
TODD Frank A. M 45     Farmer  
  Horace A. M 7        
FORSYTH Sarah F 62     Housekeeper  
TODD Joseph B. M 72     Farmer  
  Malona M. F 59        
  Florence A. F 5        
WORDEN Ambrose B. M 64     Farmer  
  Louisa N. F 54        
  Hannah A. F 19        
SWARTWOOD Wilson E. M 32     Farmer  
  Mary F 35        
THATCHER Jeremiah M 75     Farmer  
  Edmund M 58     Farmer  
  Mary J. F 53        
KENNEDY Polly F 46     Housekeeper  
THOMAS Chauncey B. M 31     Farmer  
  Mary E. F 28        
  Jessie E. F 8        
  Fred S. M 6        
  Harry D. M 2        
EMERY Jerry M 24     Farmer  
  Minnie F 23        
  Isaac B. M 2        
PAGE Frank J. M 24     Laborer  
  Alice May F 22        
MILLER Orla M 24     Farmer  
  Jane F 22        
SEELEY LeRoy M 30     Farmer  
  Lillian F 20        
  Gracie F 4        
  George G. M 2        
WHILE William M 35     Farmer surname could be White, but if so, t's are not crossed"
  Martha F 26        
HUDDLE Samuel M 51     Farmer  
  Chloe A. F 40        
  Grant M 20        
  Frank M 18        
FAULKNER Britton M 33     Farmer  
  Addie F 38        
  James M 36     Lumberman  
HOUSE Freeling M 46     Farmer  
  Mary A. F 47        
  Myron E. M 15        
DORN Seth D. M 57     Farmer  
  A. C. M 26     Carpenter  
O'BRIEN Martin M 71 Ireland   Farmer  
  Bridget F 55   Ireland    
  John M 29     Farmer  
  Pat M 26        
Farmer Thomas M 25        
  Mary F 23        
  Bridget F 19        
  James M 17        
ARMSTRONG Peter M 50     Farmer  
  Ellen F 49        
  Arthur M 17     Farmer  
SEARS Arthur M 31     Farmer  
  Ida F 23        
  L. F 3       given name unclear, but looks to be Louie
TAYLOR Jane F 81        
PARSHALL Gilbert M 58     Farmer  
  Fred M 27        
  Minnie F 24        
  Dolly F 22        
HULBERT Leo H. M 3        
PARSHALL E. M 53     Farmer given name spelled Elefis; Elessis?
  Celia F 45        
  Ed M 24        
  Addie F 19        
  Millie F 9        
BELL John M 81     Farmer  
  Matilda F 88        
GREEN Rufus M 38     Farmer  
  Emma J. F 33        
PIPER Horace M 31     Farmer  
METTLER John J. M 55     Farmer  
  Dorothy F 62        
  Lucinda F 37        
  Carrie F 25        
  Mary E. F 16        
MIDDAUGH Permelia F 73        
MESSENGER Henry M 54     Farmer  
  Mary A. F 54        
SWARTOUT George M 28     Porter in Hotel  
YOUNG Delia F 42     Farmer  
  William E. M 17        
  Mittie A. F 12       "given name unclear, might be Millie"
  Warren J. M 9        
  Ray M 6        
SEARS Sally F 72        
METTLER Charles F. M 39     Farmer  
  Estella L. F 37        
  Flora L. F 15        
  Harry E. M 12        
  Clyde F. M 2        
LOOMIS Dwight F. M 65     Farmer  
  Frank J. M 40     Farmer  
  Rhoda F 38        
  Lena A. F 19        
  Everett J. M 12        
  Maggie F 10        
  LeRoy D. M 3        
BOARDMAN Alonzo M 65     Farmer  
  Sarah F 63        
  Harriett F 28        
METTLER George M 55     Farmer  
  Martha F. F 48        
  Fred M 21        
  Frank M 21       twins?
WILLSEY Jacob M 51     Laborer  
  Frederick G. M 10        
WEED H. Chester M 48     Farmer  
  Augusta F 46        
  Myrtie F 23        
  Delos M 18       middle initial M or N
  Jessie I. F 11        
HOUSE Sarah Ann F 67     Housewife  
SWEETLOVE Wayland R. M 41     Farmer  
  Ellen F 37        
HOUSE Sidney M 68     Farmer  
  Caroline F 67        
LOTZE Hartman M 56     Farmer surname unclear
  Nellie F 15        
SMITH Lewis M 62     Farmer  
  Lovina F 55        
  Gertrude F 7        
DUTTON John M 42     Farmer  
HULBERT William A. M 68     Farmer  
  Mary L. F 50        
  Frank M 19        
  LeGrand M 17        
  George M 15        
  Burnice F 10        
SQUIRES Henry D. M 65     Nursery Salesman  
  Mary A. F 66        
  Henry W. M 32     Farmer  
ROSWELL Samuel M 57     Laborer  
  Eliza C. F 53        
  William M 18     Laborer  
PERRY Melezar K. M 32     Farmer given name unclear, maybe Nebezar?"
  Jennie F. F 31        
  Harry J. M 4        
  Rebecca F 62        
MYNARD Cortland M 52     Farmer surname as spelled
  Anna E. F 46        
PATCHIN Ira M 67     Farmer  
  Mary Ann F 58        
  Wilbert I. M 28        
REED Albert M 38     Laborer  
  Mary Ann F 31        
  Nina F 13       middle intial M or N
  Addie A. F 11        
  LeRoy M 9        
  Mary H. F 7        
HUTCHINGS Henry F. M 43     Farmer  
  P. L. F 40       given name unclear, Palmer, Pelmer
  Ona C. F 17        
  William F. M 15        
  Fanny L. F 4        
WEED William M. M 72     Farmer  
  Fanny F 70        
  Charles J. M 37     Farmer  
PATCHIN Libbie I. F 31        
  Albert W. M 7        
BEMENT Harriet F 74     Nurse  
  Fran(e)? A. F 48     Housekeeper  
  Hattie F 34     Housekeeper  
WORDEN Alonzo D. M 37     Farmer  
  Fanny P. F 40        
  Nora D. F 15        
  Mand L. F 14       given name unclear
  Bert D. M 12        
SNYDER Christerpher M 83     Farmer given name as spelled
  Perthemia F 63        
  Libbie F 32        
  Andrew J. M 31     Farmer  
  Charles D. M 27     Farmer  
  Clara F 24        
  Henry M 23        
  Arthur M 18        
LEWIS Alfred A. M 68     Farmer  
  Mary M. F 62        
  Edith B. F 18        
  Edna G. F 18       possibly twins
TODD Ellen F. F 43        
CORNWELL Charles M 41     Carpenter  
  Margaret F 30        
  William A. M 17        
  Leslie M 13        
  Frank M 11        
  Grace L. F 5        
  Gertrude F 3        
  Ince E. F 1       given name unclear
THATCHER Joseph P. M 65     Farmer  
  Elizabeth F 58        
ENGLISH Frances A. F 67 England   Lacemaker  
MARTIN Calvin C. M 63     Carpenter  
DAWES Peter M 37     Laborer  
SINCEBAUGH Simeon D. M 59     Farmer  
  Minnie F 48        
  S. DeWitt M 19        
CRANCE Stephan M 61     Farmer  
  Emma J. F 49        
  Coy M 21        
  Minnie F 17        
  Hattie F 15        
MAGRAW Hattie F 17        
  Anna F 16        
DEYO Adelbert F. M 39     Farmer  
  Ida A. F 33        
  Harry A. M 14        
HALL Levi H. M 62     Laborer  
  Lamira M. F 57       given name unclear
  Will S. M 29     Laborer  
  Armina F 25        
MEAD Annis F 61     Householder  
  Alice F 31     Teacher  
THATCHER Polly F 63     Landholder  
  Ida L. F 38        
  Jerry B. M 28     Farmer  
  Lewis M 26     Teacher  
LEWIS John W. M 59     Blacksmith  
  Delia F 57        
POST Elizabeth F 26     Music Teacher  
ACKLES Ephraim M 33     Clerk given name unclear
BRODRICK Theodore F. M 46     Preacher  
  Kate F 44        
PRICE Lyman M. M 22     Clerk  
  Serena F 16        
KELLOGG William F. M 30     Merchant  
  Alice F 30        
  Irving M 6        
VAN OSTRAND Michael M 32     Farmer  
  Millie F 51       given name unclear, Nellie, Mittie?"
  Llewellyn M 24     Laborer  
  Arthur O. M 17        
  Eva E. F 13        
HEMMINGWAY Sarah A. F 60        
  Walter M 26     Laborer  
  Edward J. M 23     Laborer  
DUMOND Marcus A. M 40     Physician  
  Augusta F 38        
  Harry M 16        
  Juanita F 13        
BEACH Dwight A. M 34     Miller  
  Alice D. F 27        
  J. Raymond M 5        
THAYER Jane F 61        
BEACH Alonzo M 60     Lumber Dealer  
  Eleanor F 61        
  Ollie F 23        
  Merritt M 15        
McDANIELS Leuella F 24        
ALLICK DeWitt M 61     Mason  
  Charlotte F 58        
DECKER Chauncy A. M 39     Blacksmith  
  Libbie F 32        
  Mary A. F 16        
  Nellie F 14        
  Fanny M. F 13        
  Freddie B. M 9        
  Gilbert M 6        
  Frances F 4        
  Jerry O. M 2        
FAIRBROTHER Henry M 58     Laborer  
  Sarah A. F 53        
  Carrie F 30        
TITUS Albert I. M 32     Teacher  
  Mary D. F 21        
BRIGGS James I. M 66     Farmer  
  Cordelia A. F 63        
DAWSON Benjamin M 27     Laborer  
FAIRBROTHER Fred A. M 36     Merchant  
  Marietta F 34        
COOPER John M 49     Laborer  
  Catherine F 48        
  Bert M 19        
  Frank M 17        
WESTBROOK John M 73     Laborer  
HUTCHINGS Thomas J. M 48     Farmer  
  Julia F 43        
  Ralph H. M 18        
  Robert S. M 16        
  Roscoe J. M 14        
  Thomas J., Jr." M 11        
  Louise W. F 10        
  James P. M 8        
  Ruth C. F 4        
BEACH Marilla F 54     Housekeeper  
FLEMING Leonard N. M 72     Farmer  
  Celecta F. F 73       given name as spelled
KELLOGG Daniel M. M 53     Farmer  
  Mary A. F 48        
  Florence C. F 17        
  Harry W. M 15        
SNYDER Christerpher M 38     Laborer given name as spelled
  Nellie F 23        
  Eddie M 1        
HAYWARD Harmon M 21     Laborer  
  Clarence M 18     Laborer  
QUICK Flora F 38        
  Ray L. M 10        
  Mary J. F 8        
  Harold Fay M 6        
409 Inhabitants, Second Election District

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