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1892 Town of Danby Census, Third Election District

Part 1, By Household

I, Charles H. Ostrander, Enumerator, duly appointed to take an enumeration of the inhabitants of the
Third Election District of the Town of Danby, in the County of Tompkins, N. Y., do certify that the
accompanying return consisting of Six pages, contains all the names of inhabitants residing in said
election district on February 16th, 1892, and that the same contains a true, accurate and complete
enumeration of the inhabitants of said district, as required by the provisions of Chapter 5, Laws of
1892, to the best of my knowledge and belief. /s/ Charles H. Ostrander, Enumerator.

Transcriber's note: The Column for race was not used in the original census and I did not use the citizen or alien column
as all inhabitants were listed as citizens. I've only recorded the country in which the inhabitant was born
when it was other than the United States.

RYAN Patrick M 58 Ireland Farmer  
  Julia F 57 Ireland    
  John M 22   Farmer  
SIGLER Rosa F 58 Ireland    
  Anna F 17      
DORN Fred M 28   Farmer  
  Minnie F 22      
  Grace F 2      
Brownel M 62   Farmer    
  Hannah F 61      
FREDRICK John E. M 29   Farmer  
  Nellie F. F 21      
  Archie L. M 5      
  Earl A. M 4      
  Susie M. F 1      
ALLEN Jerome M 29   Laborer  
  Anna L. F 24      
  Lewis E. M 9      
  Grace L. F 7      
  Frank W. M 6      
MILLER Sarah V. F 72      
  James O. M 32   Farmer  
  Flora A. F 21   Teacher  
GRISWOLD Charles W. M 24   Laborer  
POST Thomas F. M 40   Farmer  
  Elsie J. F 35      
  Earl F. M 12      
  Robert L. M 10      
  Harry L. M 8      
  Susie C. F 3      
  Hattie C. F 1      
VOSE Alfred M 69   Farmer  
  Elmira F 69      
COOPER Festus M 69   Farmer  
  Elmira F 68      
  Lewis E. M 26   Farmer  
  Ella L. F 26      
GUNDERMAN Jacob G. M 79   Farmer  
  Collins R. M 40   Laborer  
  Rebecca L. F 31      
GILBERT Mary A. F 71      
  Abner M 28   Farmer  
MILLER Ebenezar B. M 49   Farmer  
  Mary E. F 41      
  Arthur S. M 21      
SWARTOUT Lula M. F 18      
MILLER Lena M. F 18      
  Pearl E. F 13      
  Julia A. F 7      
  George W. M 4     middle initial might be H.
  Ebenezar L. M 2     given name as spelled
MARTIN Maria F 76      
  George P. M 42   Farmer  
O'CONNOR Michael M 51 Ireland Farmer  
  Ellen F 50 Ireland    
  Nellie A. F 24      
  Katie F 22      
  James J. M 21      
  Daniel M. M 15      
  Mary F 14      
TROY Michael M 51 Ireland Farmer  
McFALL Doras M 40   Farmer given name as spelled
  Jennie E. F 39      
  Olin H. M 7      
  Orin D. M 4      
  Archie J. M 1      
RICKETTS William M 67 England Laborer  
  Mary A. F 69      
  William H. M 36   Laborer middle initial could be W.
  Charles J. M 12      
McFALL James M 33   Farmer  
  Agusta L. F 35     given name as spelled
  Frank W. M 5      
  Addie E. F 4      
  Harry B. M 1      
GREEN John B. M 66   Farmer  
  Catherine F 56 Canada    
McFALL Mariah F 68      
  Seth M 46   Farmer  
  Ida B. F 7      
POWERS Patsey M 46 Canada Farmer  
  Anna E. F 45      
  Frank M 22   Farmer  
  Ella M. F 20      
MONTGOMERY Adeline L. F 64      
SMILEY Avaline L. F 71      
MOSHER Alice C. F 33      
CALEB John M. M 43   Finisher  
MOSHER J. B. M 2      
CUMMINGS Agustus M 53   Farmer given name as spelled
  Margret E. F 47     given name as spelled
  Edgar C. M 22   Farmer  
DAKIN Edgar M 84      
SMILEY Edwin M 68   Farmer  
  Lucy H. F 55      
MANNING John J. M 44   Farmer  
  Sarah J. F 44      
  Jane F 78      
ST. JOHN Permelia E. F 37      
BOYD Andrew B. M 60 England Farmer  
  Lucy A. F 42 England    
  Mildred J. F 3      
PIATT Charlotte F 56      
CRAPSER William A. M 63   Farmer  
  Catherine F 56      
  Melvin M 23   Laborer  
  Henry M 20      
  Merton M 18      
SNYDER Albert M 30   Farmer  
  Clara F 28      
  Bert M 12      
RICHARDS John W. M 81   Farmer  
  Judith S. F 75      
GREEN Arthur E. M 31   Farmer  
  Laura A. F 21      
PERRY James M 63   Farmer  
  Nancy M. F 66      
  Eva R. F 29      
  George J. M 27   Laborer  
SOULES William H. M 49   Farmer  
  Lucina F 47      
  Ida F 17      
  William M 20      
  Leona F 13      
  John M 10      
  Flora F 7      
COMPTON Silas M 94      
  Lewis M 54   Farmer  
  Mary F 47      
STRAIT Adelbert M 31   Farmer  
  Louise F 26      
  Lena F 8      
  Lydia F 4      
THORNTON Thomas M 27   Farmer  
  Annettie F 28      
DREW Lorenzo M 70      
THORNTON Olan E. M 4      
BEARDSLEY Hazlett J. M 24   Farmer given name as spelled
  Mary F 22      
  Hermon S. M 1     given name as spelled
CUMMINGS Charles W. M 46   Farmer  
  Sarah F. F 44      
  Willis C. M 17      
  Sillick M. M 13      
  John G. M 10      
EASTMAN Hannah F 68 England    
GENUNG Luther G. M 76   Farmer  
  Amanda M. F 62      
JENNINGS Isiac B. M 54   Farmer given name as spelled
  Emily J. F 46      
  Clara F 7      
CUMMINGS John J. M 46   Farmer  
  Susie C. F 47      
  Almus A. M 11     given name as spelled
  Alice A. F 11     twins?
HILL Lucy J. F 34      
  Bertha S. F 11      
  Jennie M. F 9      
  Iva G. F 6      
BEERS Lucian B. M 56   Farmer given name as spelled
  Bell A. F 50      
VAN DE BOGART George E. M 39   Farmer  
  Rosa F 31      
  Flora F 7      
  Arthur L. M 1      
HALL Willis L. M 37   Farmer  
  Della M. F 34      
  Hattie L. F 12      
  Harriet E. F 62      
CUMMINGS Acinda F 83     given name as spelled
HOWLAND Anna M. F 22      
OSTRANDER Rebecca A. F 47      
  Charles H. M 47   Farmer  
  Emma L. F 24      
  Jennie M. F 22      
HUMPHERY Robert M 76     surname as spelled
BROCK Edward S. M 30   Laborer  
  Sarah E. F 32      
  Iva C. F 10      
  Lee M. M 8      
  Jennie M. F 6      
  John M 66   Farmer  
  Martha T. F 56      
  Jennie H. F 22      
  Bertha A. F 14      
McCLELLAN Henry M 21   Laborer  
DIMMICK Elmer M 25   Carpenter  
  Cornie F 21      
  William M 1      
HILL Elbert B. M 26   Farmer  
  Anna F 26      
  Earnest B. M 5     given name as spelled
  Grace F 3     middle initial might be D.
WILCOX William M 51   Farmer  
  Mary F 44      
BUNN Grace F 12      
HILL Mark J. M 19      
DORN Havilla M 49   Laborer  
  Sarah E. F 42      
  Avery G. M 24   Laborer  
  Charles W. M 18      
  Orie L. M 17      
  Byron L. M 12      
  Vrilla F 9     given name may be Urilla
  Chester M 6      
GUNDERMAN Jacob C. M 37   Laborer  
  Joanna O. F 35      
  Harry H. M 9      
WILCOX James G. M 47   Farmer  
  Mary E. F 43      
  Ella A. F 16      
  Edith F 9      
ST. JOHN William M 79   Farmer  
  Mary C. F 67      
COOPER John J. M 52   Farmer  
  Sarah F 45      
RYDER Anna C. F 24      
COOPER Sarah E. F 18      
  Mary E. F 13      
  Archie M. M 9      
RYDER Ambrose C. M 1      

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Transcribed by Cheryl Hall, Town of Danby Coordinator.
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