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Dryden Census 1880

Whose usual place of abode was, Upon the 1st Day of June 1880, within the ? of Dryden Enumeration District of the 9th Supervisors District of the State of New York Comprising *_____________of Dryden, made by and in compliance with the Sixth Section of the Act of Congress approved April 20, 1880.
Signature of Robert M. Smith, Enumerator

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Allis Ziletis W M 78
Tabetha W F 78
Albright Aaron W M 54
Ella W F 56
Allin Truman W M 22
Duane W M 34
Allin David R. W M 51
Sarah W F 52
Edward W M 24
Aldrige Mineroy W F 84
Alvord Harriett W F 57
Allin Hamilton W M 68
Martha W F 58
Ashby William W M 54
Harriett W F 77
Albright Elizabeth W F 82
George W M 38
Alden Luther W M 25
Allin Norman W M 18
Albright Harrison W M 43
Pamelia W F 43
Andrews Isaac W M 3
Charles W M 38
Wesley J. W M 61
Allin Betsy W F 56
Sarah E. W F 16
Andrews Eliza W F 37
Eugene W M 17
Mertie W F 11
Lucy A. W F 52
Minnie W F 10
Allin Jane W F 74
Barnes Victor W M 17
Brimage William W M 16
Ballard Edward W M 17
Beckwith John W M 55
Barns Brown W M 32
Lottie W F 30
Adelbert W M 10
Baldin Adelbert W M  
(Per Deb Sherwood, this family is Baldwin. Dorah is short for Eudora.) Dorah W F 30
Birty W M 8
John W M 6
Leroy W M 3
Nie W M ?
Beckwith Alma W F 5?
William W M 23
Arther W M 8
Barrett Jacob W M 83
Be. Henry W M 30
Butts Phila W F 46
Burch Chester W M 36
Ida W F 36
Birch Frank L. W M 10
Abigail L. W F 70
Jania S. W F 28
Butts Abraham W M 55
Rowana W F 42
Bailey John W 28
Ella W F 25
Susie W F 2
Harison W M 27
Harriett W F 20
Charles W M 20
Eva W F 12-Jun
Beckwith Polly W F 70
Brown J. W M 23
Martha W F 21
Daniel W M 10
Minna W F 8
Bower David W M 41
Ellen W F 38
Bartholmew Lee W M 27
Mary W F 27
Bauaus William W M 28
Kate L. W F 28
Julie M. WW F 1
Bouton Clinton D. W M 37
Allice W F 35
Baucus Nettie W F 19
Georgia W F 17
Cora W F 15
James W M 13
Burchel George W M ____
Bunn William W M 19
Ballard Carly W M 11
Beam Charles W M 20
Brigham Frederick W M 36
Ella W F 22
Ballard John W M 60
Leydia A. W F 55
George H. W M 18
Polly A. W F 5
Sarah A. W F 79
Budd Gilbert V. W M 41
Brown Fannie W F 21
Benton Ada W F 16
Bates Jane W F 65
B______? Jerome W M 24
Otis W M 45
Sarah H. W F 37
Jay L. (?) W M 11
Charles W M 9
Emma W F 6
Nellie W F 4
Lottie W F 1
Bailey George W M 60
Sally W F 55
Clara W F 17
Bloomberg A. W M 73
Ester W F 62
Booth Mary W F 16
Barney Polly W F 66
Barhite Anthony W M 52
Barnum Ralph W M 58
Sarah J. W F 42
Benham Charles W M 28
Belle W F 23
Brown Angaline W F 69
Mary W F 33
Carrie W F 14
Harra W M 12
Bliven Albert W M 34
Celia W F 33
Charles W M 9
Frank W M 1
Bentley Andrew W M 40
Anna W F 33
Burt W M 11
Irene W F 9
Earl W M 2
Bentley Stephen W M 73
Burton James H. W M 36
Lusitta W F 37
Mary E. W F 11
Babcock Frank C. W M 32
Maggie W F 33
Bartholmew Daniel W M 56
Cora D. W F 49
Mary W F 21
Daniel P. W M 19
Bailey Armida W M 55
All W M 19
Clarence W M 16
Harvey W M 7
Jessa W M 70
Almon W M 68
William E. W M 63
Browning Liza W F 60
Eliza W F 14
Barrows Lavanda W F 36
Lyman W M 81
Ballard Sarah W F 54
Jennie W F 21
Bradley Manda W F 48
George W M 19
Ballou Mary W F 56
Asa S. W M 11
Burch Levi H. W M 20
Baker Albert J. W M 54
Hellen W F 54
Mary A. W F 31
William W M 21
Albert W. W M 12
Branes Evaline W F 63
Bennell Earnest W M 26
Eudepike W M 24
Eliza W F 65
Baker David J. W M 85
Samantha W F 75
Brown Mary E. W F 26
Briggs Isaac S. W M

Transcribed by Ina Sutfin.

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